Markets, Magic, and Woo-Woo

In the Friday morning “Coping” section on I proposed something outrageou, even for us.
As readers know, we have been collecting a huge “bubble” of anomalous-event reports in the past week, including several “far-out” events rights here at the ranch in East Texas.

But, this morning we take it further and expand on the inquiry between the market “decision to bust out on the upside” with the arrival of this “weird to woo-woo” event-cloud.

Coffee up…we’ll get into that after a few wake-up headlines and the chart pack…

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23 thoughts on “Markets, Magic, and Woo-Woo”

  1. In your Friday woo-woo article you asked for readers to post a report if anything odd happens in household. Thursday evening at 6:00pm I set my two cuckoo clocks as I need to do twice a week to keep them reasonably accurate to the true current time. My two clocks are almost perfectly in sync and tend to be fast by 7-8 seconds per 24 hours.They cuckoo from 8:00am to 8:00pm. That evening the two clocks cuckooed as usual at 7 and 8.
    The next morning at 8:00 am no cuckoo. Both clocks did not cuckoo until 8:01:31-32;losing one and a half minutes in twelve hours.Making sure that nothing changed on the pendulums,I reset both clocks to the current time and both clocks are keeping time just like before.
    It was certainly a head scratcher but after
    reading your post makes you wonder if there is such a thing as a time slip.

    • Since both cuckooed 1 & 1/2 minutes late, it says that you set the cuckoo clocks off by 1 & 1/2 minutes at 6:00 pm, or the source you used to set the cuckoo had a time slip or malfunction of 1 & 1/2 minutes before the 6 pm resetting of the cuckoos.

  2. The problem I see with a UPS & Fedex merger is that UPS employees are mostly unionized & FedEx employees are not. So a combination of the two companies would result in much higher labor costs. I assume UPS would be the survivor. Also, what about the FedEx Cup.

    Also, did Amazon buy the Washington Post Newspaper, a dying breed of media to harass President Trump, or obtain political favor for their Aerospace business.

    • Answers in reverse:

      Amazon/Bezos bought the Post to push his point of view and make money from his lobbying instead of paying for it.

      Re: FedEx Cup: Such a merger would no doubt be dramatized as “Two Corps, One Cup”.

      The merger would be renamed “FedUP”.

      It’s better than “ExUPS”.

  3. If the study of synesthesia clarifies one thing, it is that human sensory perceptions are not an objective reproduction of reality, but instead an inference that the brain draws from the signals it receives.

    Dr. Daryl J. Bem of Cornell University has carried out a successful series of “retroactive facilitation of recall” experiments demonstrating that the future can influence the present and the past (in the case of the studies by Dr. Bem, students studying for a test after the fact improved their performances on a test already taken – that is, classic retrocausality, or effects occurring before their causes, was demonstrated).

    As in the case of “the entangled diamonds”, the experimental physical evidence – in this case light pulses travelling at superluminal speeds and actions at a quantum level reaching back into the past – helps supply a theoretical foundation for psychic or paranormal phenomena that, although well attested to by competent researchers, are generally dismissed by mainstream scientists.


  4. This has nothing to do with your excellent column today, but in lieu of a contribution I made last week, a follow up in today’s Chronicle shows the benefits of California’s booming economy. It also shows the sound and fiscally conservative mind of Jerry Brown. Yes, he gets a bad rap sometimes, but has steered this state to a budget surplus for the past 4 years. This years is a record high..and he wants to stash it away for a rainy day…or maybe he reads George’s column and is preparing for an economic relapse of sorts. Either way…it’s smart. Here is the article.

  5. A note: Having been a Chi Energy Practioneer for over 20 yrs I am finding just today that my energy is very erratic compared to my normal practice. May have been off the last several days and just didnt notice. If I had your writing skills could have written a book on all the strange things that have occured. Something is happening! Lets hope it is positive.

  6. Another convergence of woo. Bryce reported in a recent post that he & a friend in 2 separate areas of the country saw cryptocurrency both up & down for the same amount at the same time. George I had emailed you 2 screenshots in the last 10 days or so showing one of my stocks in my account Down for the exact same amount it was showing Up in the market simultaneously. At the time I chalked it up to fuzzy math. This was before the spate of woo thats being reported.

  7. Ge..Orge:

    You were way late to recognize the Trump election and or tax bump….Think you be late once again…Stop ruminating upon bezoars and jump, jump ,jump to it..As Aretha once said…

  8. Almost all the ice covering the Bering Sea has melted, throwing Alaska communities into disarray

    • not true, but it is lower than the short term averages

      At least have the balance to also note that “A satellite-based data record starting in late 1978 shows that indeed rapid changes have been occurring in the Arctic, where the ice coverage has been declining at a substantial rate. In contrast, in the Antarctic the sea ice coverage has been increasing although at a lesser rate than the decreases in the Arctic.”
      Which points to the ice pack as a result of extremes of the pacific oscillation extremes.

    • One can always rely on good ‘old’ George to set these issues straight. ;-) Wonderful!

  9. Starbucks has a new bathroom policy. They’re available to anybody regardless if they’re a customer or not.

    Told a friend of mine who is a significant part of his portfolio in Starbucks stock about their new policy and how it will be every junkies safe space for their next fix. His response (modified version), “Was at Starbucks by XXX, they had to call campus security , a woman was in restroom and wouldn’t come out, I heard security guy say there is s**t everywhere.”

    Hey liberal activist, hope you like using those bathrooms at Starbucks. I wonder if Starbucks employee’s will get hazard pay for cleaning up after some junkie has sprayed blood all over the place?

  10. Dear George,

    “S” is for swarm.

    Regards to Zeus, and with all due respect to Sol, our attention was directed to ESA’s Swarm satellites. Staring at the core – not a Swank movie – attention gravitated to the alleged South Atlantic magnetic field anomaly upon mention in Mitchell’s recently released “The Spinning Magnet”.

    Good luck pointing the AE-35 unit, George! CQ CQ CQ, CQ alphabet progeny. Was the FCC message copied? Please respond via Monolith 153.

    Uh-oh, the juice is running low; let’s talk about patented architecture for “the five principles of swarm intelligence in robotics” another day.

    Woo Woo! Woo Woo!
    The train is leaving the station – All Aboard !!

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