Markets at Critical Support – News Roulette

Of course, the problem is always “Which way will this puppy break?”

While we never offer financial advice, we do – strictly for entertainment – have an interesting point of view on markets.  The first is how cyclically repeating they are when viewed in the long-term.  The second is that individual indexes don’t offer as much insight as a broader Aggregate of multiple indices, which is how we approach things.

On this basis, here’s how things look right now:  Critical Support.  Bottom of trend channel and overlap with a wave 1:

As you can see by looking at the early futures today, we are set for a minor rally at the open.  However, we also have seen – many times – that markets will make one, two, or even three runs at breaking below critical support before things give way.

For the Bulls, there’s a fairytale here, as well:  As you can see, we have complete two green “trading boxes” – our visual analog to Elliott wave counting – and if there is to be a third wave up, the time for a Big Surprise Rally would be right in this area.  The only “condition” on such a rally could be that it be at least larger than the first wave up.

For this morning, therefore, we’re looking at many aspects of news flow and given the huge downside potential discussed in our other work (on our Peoplenomics subscriber side) we’re left wondering what “Out of Left Field” event (shortly) would result in a 22 percent decline in prices over the next month, or two?

Unemployment is Rising

New U.I. filings are just out (if your idea of a good time is surfing economic data sets…).

You would never have guessed it from all the hype.  But there’s the data, and there’s the Dow holding onto a 100+ point gain in the pre-opening…

Playing News Roulette

Same stories, the usual replay of the human condition.  Just the names drift, party affiliations change, but in the end, there’s a mapping possible.  Step up to the wheel this morning and give it a spin:

Wondering where all the UKR money is going?  Thank God, the spend-o-crats go packing in two weeks. For now?  Still playing “hide the sausage” with our hard-earned tax dollars:  US lawmakers narrowly reject audit on Ukraine aid.  Our major fear is the RINO’s won’t confront the issues, either.

Ukraine is not enough?  The War Party seen pressing on Iran next:  US Senate announces further support for rioters in Iran. Although, this “news” source is owned by the “Islamic Ideology Dissemination Organization (IIDO)” so no telling how alliances and views work out.

Computational Warfare (and drones) are the digital trebuchets ahead:  AWS, Google, Microsoft, Oracle Winners In Pentagon JWCC Contract.

Notes from the Worker’s Paradise #1:  New York Times employees go on 24-hour strike, first major walkout in 40 years; here’s why 

Notes from the Worker’s Paradise #2: Manhattan renters face sticker shock with average rent at $5,200.

Is Biden channeling Hoffa, now?  Biden to announce $36 billion for ailing Teamsters’ pension fund.  Seems to me, public policy ought to take all pension fund failures, put them into Social Security, up those rates to livable and not go bailing out auto companies and labor chieftains.  But that’s just us. If a pension fund fails, Social Security should be it.

We’re Amazed: While giving away money, Biden is still pursuing democrat Open No Borders crap:  Biden Admin to Appeal Ruling Striking Down Title 42 Border Policy. Marx and Lenin would be proud.

Besides Money Giveaways, Open Borders, and American killing energy independence?  Care to guess who’s shopping for long-term energy as a result?  Xi Jinping visits Saudi Arabia as China looks to grow its Mideast footprint : NPR

Covering up Hunter Dept:  Questions must be answered on ex-Twitter lawyer James Baker’s role in censorship scandals. (You go, Miranda!)

World’s Most Expensive FPV Drone?  NASA Mars helicopter Ingenuity sets altitude record on 35th flight.  46-feet is an altitude record?  Well, on Mars, yes.

Leaks about Covid continue:  Covid: Congress poised to repeal Pentagon vaccine mandate for troops.  And one other to keep an eye on, because China has been so rabid about Covid lockdowns:  China’s Worst Reported Month Of Covid Was Nothing Compared To The United States (

Oh, and the Mask debate is back:  CDC’s call for people to mask up for flu, RSV provokes backlash due to thin evidence it works.  My own (limited) understanding on the mask debate is they DO work – depending on particle size.  But there’s something more important (still looking for the definitive study on this): Whether two people are wearing a mask, or one.  The reason this matters is that suppose a mask is 80 percent effective (but you can still get disease and die).  But now suppose (and my medical son G2 explained) that BOTH virus source AND the recipient are attenuated.  The one mask means 20 percent odds of transmission while with source and recipient masking, only 4 percent odds.

Obviously, if there’s any benefit, the effect is doubled in the source/recipient model and like I said, too simple, too obvious, and I haven’t seen that study, yet.

Crypto Crunching

We are, frankly, surprised it has taken this long for Bitcoin to fall into the $16-thousands from higher prices.  But nothing has changed our long-term assessment that Cryptos are a Ponzi Scheme.

Today, we’re pondering Celsius Ordered to Return $44M of Customer’s Custodied Crypto.

And here’s another story you might have missed:  Kim Kardashian and Floyd Mayweather crypto currency lawsuit thrown out by judge | Evening Standard. Not to spoil your enterprising and ongoing research, but the judge in this case is an Obama appointee in SoCal…  So let me irresponsibly speculate that a certain political party gets in bed with crypto… um, gee….

Seriously, though, we are continuously AMAZED that people would pour money into digital nonsense at the behest of Big Name Very Important People.  All kinds of personality monetizing Taylor Swift had talks with imploded crypto group FTX about NFT ticketing arrangement.

But maybe there’s a way for the public to make money, after all:  22 companies in Kyrgyzstan pay cryptomining tax.  Of course, that would never happen in America, would it?  I mean wouldn’t that deny the war party of money?  Think I’m joking?  Go back and read the recent The Democrats Have a Crypto Problem | The Nation.

Harsh Holiday Reality Check: Food Inflation is New Grinch’ as 70% of Shoppers Struggle to Afford It.

ATR:  A Word from Warhammer

Did I forget to mention Dec. 7th and Pearl Harbor Wednesday?  Tisk, tisk.  A note from Warhammer to set things right:

“As I prepare to turn in on another day in Western Pennsylvania, I take a moment to remember the significance of December 7th in American history.

I am humbled by the sacrifice of those who selflessly perished during Imperial Japan’s merciless attack on Pearl Harbor 81 years ago.  My father had already enlisted in the Army, and was in artillery training at Fort Sill in Oklahoma when the attack occurred.  He later fought on the front lines in France and Germany, awarded a Purple Heart for his physical sacrifices.  It was thru him that I developed my desire to serve the nation that gave me all the liberties and freedoms I enjoyed growing up in 1950s and 60s America.

America felt, full force, the power of evil on that fateful December day.  And the crazy thing is, the surprise attack motivated men, and women, from all walks of life and every ethnicity to enlist in the military to do their part to halt and turn back the aggression of the Imperial Japanese. When Germany joined the fray, Americans battled with pride, determination and purpose on a two-front war, baffling Hitler and Japanese War Minister Tojo in the process.

During the war, over 400,000 Americans sacrificed their lives for the cause of liberty and justice, in effect giving us the lives we enjoy today.  My wife’s twin uncles, both paratroopers, are counted among those who selflessly sacrificed.  One uncle was killed by a Nazi sniper and was buried in the Netherlands, the other perished in the Solomon’s during a beach landing, eventually interred in the Philippines.

Flash forward to the present. What would those veterans who sacrificed all during WWII think about the present state of our nation?  Would they feel that their deaths were worth it? Would they think that our present country was a worthy descendant of that for which they fought, and sacrificed their lives?

To this day, no nation on earth can militarily defeat America.  We can only defeat ourselves.  Our endless, seemingly constant self-induced political discordance is handily accomplishing what tyrants and despots in the past could never do.  We are literally tearing ourselves apart.  The sirens of despair are blaring, warning our nation that we are on a path of self-destruction.

Is this how America dies, thrusting the dagger into our own heart?  Without a cause or good reason to unify, with more political division than agreement being encouraged by media, schools and political parties, it appears this may well be America’s fate.

It is up to us.


Up to us to take the reins held by “we the people” and pull our elected government representatives back to an agenda where basic human values matter. America’s Constitution embodies human values like no other document before it.  Without strong and purposed adherence to the Constitution, without a USA standing true and firm to its founding Constitutional values, the nation lacks a moral rudder, ripe for tumult and mobocracy.

This is how America dies.”

And an Almost Forgot item:

Amazon is out with top books of the year, here.  Somehow, didn’t make it.

Write when you get rich,

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103 thoughts on “Markets at Critical Support – News Roulette”

    • Yes Indeed, Amen!

      Warhammer’s comments reminded me that my Father, Benny, served with the army during those very hard years.
      At the end of WWII he found himself and his M1 rifle amid the rubble of Germany.
      May he Rest In Peace!

      • amen.. one of the gents we hD living in our spare room..landed on D-Day..crawled through the mud.. and helped liberate the prisoners at Auschwitz..watching a movie one time showing the liberation.. he shook his head and said.. they didn’t look like that.. they couldn’t eat but a tsp of food..
        years before I took care of a woman that was in Auschwitz.. little gal…maybe fifty pounds soaking wet.. loved Oreos.. I’d bring a package and she’d have a pleased look as she gobbled them down.. you never woke her up to check on her..she’d hit you with those fifty pounds.. and you knew you was smacked.. three doors down.. a guard from Auschwitz..he had been a POW in the wastelands..
        took care of a whose husband and three kids escaped the ghetto to.. they would hide in culverts etc..some nights you’d check in her and she’d wake up thinking you were the nazi’s ..I’d have to call her daughter.. the horror these people talked about was real..the sad part was..they were pro adolph before the terror..

    • Lynn ‘Buck’ Compton, one of the members of the Band of Brothers, made an appearance at my youngest son’s grade school back in the ’00’s. He was living in Western WA at the time and a parent drove up and picked him up. I didn’t want to miss this opportunity and attended the event, too.

      What Buck had to say was pretty astonishing and literally questioned what had it all been for? He admitted he didn’t recognize the country and ideals he had fought for and even lamented the fact that you couldn’t even smoke a cigarette in a bar anymore without receiving some sort of chastisement. The freedom this country once had had become an illusion. Of course, the kids were too young to understand what was being said, but the parents certainly knew, and many were not happy with the message.

      Not very certain that this country has the intestinal fortitude to turn things around…..

      • it’s a totally different world from when I was young to..stuff that was under the table deals is now right up in your face deals… we have shady stock deals .. open bribery through the constitution…
        makes you wonder what happened to make Sadam and Gomorrah go bad filled with evil..
        the bad thing is the evil is accelerating..

  1. Cmon man – its not that bad….bwahahahaha.

    It is way f-ing worse than anyone can imagine. No need to think and use Ure imagination, zombies/the zombified cant, the virus shedding is FACT and found in pfizers own research docs. Not only is it shedding and messing with other (VIOLATION) Human beings, but how can Youse ignore PostInjectionDeathSyndrome(PIDS)? Links?

    Say hello 2 Victor Bout! – newly released and still VERY pissed off about “his” nukes being used by zionazi’s in “twintowers” op…very pissed.

    More blatantly obvious warmongering by redshields&rocks..look at All the US/Nato weapons POURING into the dark continent. So when I tell you that roosevelts real middle name was VON, not delano youse will have a better idea of what really is going on behind the scenes.
    Did anyone happen to see the patches pinned to German police officers involved in the coup raids yesterday…WEF ?????

    Zionazi’s -bee HIDING behind Judasim = the darkness that enslaves this planet currently. See pedo joe on knees before I____s PM in DC office(literally).

    Its the HOLIDAZE – Cheer up and celebrate another year of “soft slavery” (it aint so soft) with a new version of this Christmas classic ..The 12 Jabs of Christmas..enjoy.

    No Bitcoins & No Peace for any “Slaves”

    – 4 it must bee Earned.

      • NATO Theater in the 80’s [ and all that attended those deployments] was a total blast !! Literally. Thanks for that BCN.

    • BCN,

      I don’t know if the Wikipedia entries that Victor Bout is an ethnic Ukrainian are true. However one imagines if he re-ignites his air cargo business then there would be lots of merchandise to move.

      I was somewhat taken aback to read the CNN take on things that Putin had shown weakness in the prisoner swap. Certainly the event offered opportunity for a WH photo-op reflecting an embedded VP behind Mr. Biden’s right side. It’s kind of too bad they didn’t wait until the released basketball player convicted in Russia of carrying a drug, also illegal as far as I know in American federal jurisdiction airspace travel, to return to the US before having staged the presser. Anyhow at least her second wife was able to represent the family in her Pride Red festive season fashion statement outfit.

      Sure is a busy week for the Administration. The Trump era charges for Iran sanctions violations against a daughter of Chinese 5g tech giant Huawei were dropped days ago. Don’t be too hasty throwing out Huawei products in case they don’t become orphaned after all? Hip hip Hu…

      Okay, back to the laptop.

  2. “Biden to announce $36 billion”

    Keep working hard Vs find a shortcut onto a .gov teat. Work later if the teat goes dry. Free time now.

    Did you read about Britt being traded for the Merchant?

    The perceived value difference between Britt and the ‘Merch makes me believe Britt is a government asset.

  3. Again on masking: yes, donor and recipient of virus both masking makes the most sense. Common sense: surgeons having been masking since time immemorial and dentists since AIDS. They are not stupid. Nor are they debilitated from oxygen deprivation. Anecdotal evidence: my daughter-in-law supervised a covid ward for two years and evaded the virus using hourly mask changes and complete gowning and gloves. She caught covid while on vacation, probably unmasked in a restaurant.

      • Note in the Zerohedge article this statement of limitations in the linked Annals of Internal Medicine study:
        “Potential acquisition of SARS-CoV-2 through household and community exposure, heterogeneity between countries, uncertainty in the estimates of effect, differences in self-reported adherence, differences in baseline antibodies, and between-country differences in circulating variants and vaccination.”

        Seems to me fairly good evidence that N95 versus “medical masks” worn at work don’t make a significant difference in infection rates among healthcare workers. But what are the subjects doing while not at work? We don’t have a clue.

        As for the DANMASK study of mask versus “no mask”, I read it soon after it was published and concluded it was so poorly controlled for compliance that no conclusions could be drawn.

        Far from being the last nail in the coffin of masks, the Zerohedge article presents some creditable evidence, but the plethora of reasonable alternative hypotheses leads me to caution. On flights, crowded concerts, and waiting lines I’m still masking. At the grocery, at work, and among friends — not usually. Others may read the evidence differently and make different decisions, but it is important that the evidence be examined carefully rather than blithely accepting blanket statements by (often politically motivated) anti-maskers.

      • ““Potential acquisition of SARS-CoV-2 through household and community exposure,”

        Yup @MarcR… I hear it attaches to some fabrics to.. such as the fabrics used in womens clothing.. which is why I am going to put in a sign saying all women must strip before entering our house LOL LOL
        LOL LOL now that would be a hoot to see the president and all the staff walking down that hallway on television naked.. LOL LOL LOL you cannot get ahold of anyone at social security now because of federal mandates.. . LOL LOL LOL

    • Masks are about as effective as a screen door on a submarine. Here’s the latest:

      What masks are all about is authoritarian rule, just like lockdowns and all the rest of the Covid 19 mRNA clot shot biz. Whenever I see a person walking down the street by themself with a mask on. I hear this sound:

    • My understanding for surgeons wearing masks is to keep blood out of the mouth or shooting up their nose during operations.

      • then think of CRE.. @JAC… cre is one of the worst.. I truly believed it was the plague of the century.. quiet.. you don’t hear much about it.. one guy came home from afghanistan .. was doing great.. then he got sick.. and sicker and sicker and sicker.. till he had to go in.. it was cre.. they had never seen it before..
        anyway.. that is how it started.. when I was asked to take in a cre patient.. I asked G2 for advice he said.. you cannot deal with that at home..I talked to floor workers in several countries and read over ten thousand pages on it.. talked to the guy that first discovered it.. oh my.. we treat it like a contact viris..they treat it like it is the worst of the worst.. one patient.. the doctors and nurses stay on the wing with the patient.. the full spectrum of cleanliness and disposal.. in the usa we send some janitor or housekeeper to spray a little disinfectant on it and wipe it down and walk out..
        Now from that one person in the usa that just got sick out of nowhere.. it has spread to every state in the union.. fifty percent die right away.. twenty percent linger and thirty percent.. ( the hospital staff ) do not know they have it.. until their immune system is compromised.. then they get sicker than they have ever been.. in israel.. they would modify shipping containers into mobile high infectious wings.. the nurse and doctors live in one .. cleaning station in between with all the crap.they were tested weekly to see if they had contacted the disease at which point they moved from the clean side to the dirty side… ( or this is how they did it when I had visited with them.. ) the patient cannot be buried.. they cremate them..and everything in the wing is maintenance spraying a little disinfectant.. get rid of that crap.. you and I probably know one or two that are infected with this and don’t know it.. heck.. I know one nurse that worked with it.. and for all I know it could even be lurking in my body..
        what is funny is.. marijuana.. helps cure antibiotic viral and bacterial infections..
        there are some very interesting studies that have been and are being done on how this works to stop antibiotic resistant strains..
        but until congress can get away long enough from the feed trough of lobbyists and actually use that hat rack they have for something it was meant to do.. ( THINK) .. it will always be illegal.. those using it for recreation will still be using it for recreation and our doctors will be still be pushing cocaine drugs that are way more hazardous to the human body..

    • At the danger of being labelled a flaming liberal imbecile (George and one or two others on this site know I’m not), I’d like to put my two cents worth in on masks.

      After spending my whole life in the field of science, I was taught and tried to practice the study of evidence whether hard or anecdotal, and reach conclusions. I learned very early that bias often got in the way of reaching valid conclusions. “Figures lie because liars figure” type of thing.

      After reading some of the comments and direction to websites here, I spent a few hours on the internet after typing in “Do masks work?” To no surprise I found about as many that said they do as said they don’t. I won’t list the dozens that support wearing masks, although this is one of the better ones.

      I have asked all of my doctors (GP, cardiologist, neurologist) if and why they wear masks. They all do and not only when they are standing over a patient in the operating room so they don’t drool into an open wound. They wear them making their rounds in the hospital and in their offices when visiting with patients. They all say “Because they prevent viral transmissions.” I have deferred to their science background and told them when they quit wearing masks in a medical setting, I would too.

      One of my earliest science studies was based on the premise that poison to the human body is based on a dose-time relationship. The higher the dose and the longer the contact, the higher the chance of infection or damage, whether this is aerosolized viral particles or radioactive fallout.

      So after reading the many articles that masks don’t work and an equal or higher number that masks do work, adding in the wisdom of 3 medical specialists that I highly respect and my previous studies on time/dose relationship, here is what I have concluded.

      I will not wear a mask while walking down the street alone, or driving in my car alone (totally silly). I don’t wear a mask when I pop into a convenience store for a bag of milk or the post office to mail a letter. But, if I am in a medical setting (hospital, doctors office) where people are sneezing and hacking with flu, cold or other respiratory illnesses or if I am in a 10,000 seat indoor hockey arena as I often am, with screaming fans, I will wear my N95 mask.

      Finally, I do not believe in mask mandates, nor do I believe in vaccine mandates. But at 80 years old, I do believe in the personal choice to protect myself in situations like described above and not have “experts” on the “masks don’t work” side make fun of me or make sure they cough when they walk by just to show me how superior they are.

      Just an aging conservative scientist opinion.

      • Here’s what we learnt in Boot Camp, and again in GITMO. When you remove your mask, bad uncomfortable things begin to happen. To me if it works great, if it doesn’t no harm no foul, er um Foulchi. LOL, Im accustomed to it.

      • Almost forgot, you hit on the key point in your post. DURATION and EXPOSURE level in hot zones IS KEY.

      • I think that people who want to wear masks, should do exactly that. But, folks who choose not to, should most certainly not be forced to don them. Forced compliance, especially based on no or faulty science is no bueno. Unfortunately, this idea appears to be anathema to the Fauci-fetishists. Therein lies the rub. For me the “Because I told you so” basis for personal behavior modification lost cachet round about the age of eight. Logic, enlightened self interest, personal freedom and science move me more these days. It is increasingly clear that the “diktat by our betters” rationale is all the face diaper absolutists have at hand as a means to achieve mask compliance. That and the coercive power of the government, of course. Sic semper with tyrants (Cf. Gauleiter Gretchen, Gov. Gruesome, Handt Andy Cuomo and their fellow travellers in other democrat run states). There once was a country where the guidon was a document called the Constitution that was written to keep its citizens free *from* the government. Not sure what became of that place.

      • N95s are our family’s go-to mask when masks are required, in large part because our flight attendant oldest daughter has survived multiple transcon flights without catching covid while wearing that version. Other FAs on her same flights, wearing the two tone light blue ‘hand out’ masks, were not so lucky. But I honestly mainly view masks as a pandemic security blanket, putting folks around us at ease, knowing we take their fear of viral transmission seriously. Surface transmission is as or more of a covid transmission threat. Using hand sanitizers and washing hands (like mom always said) is the best possible defense under day-to-day social situations. In fact, coincidently, I went to my ophthalmologist today and no one in the waiting room and none of the staff were wearing masks. But hand sanitizer was liberally available and distributed at every turn. Still, I literally cringe when some slob sneezes or coughs in a public setting without covering their mouth and nose, at the very least with their hands if they cannot get to a handkerchief or tissue in time. Gross humans.

      • I believe in masks.. I also believe in the sneeze shield at the buffet..I have allergies ..when the elevator is blowing the dust out and when certain plays are blooming..I wear a mask..if people are sick..I wear a mask..I have a long time before covid.. I have positive air gas masks to.. I would paint and some of the chemicals in the paint is quite hazardous.. I bought each of the grandkids gas masks to..they were doing spray paint art..tyveck suits to..
        I am anal about other things to..manned security .. fire I keep 10 fire extinguishers ten fire hoods and ten fire blankets around the house.. three aed’s.. one for the garage one for the house and one in the buggie..and I hope and pray those are the most expensive tool I never have to use..
        is it overkill..probably.. 6 times in my life I’ve had to do emergency cpr. the masks ..paint fumes are horrible.. and for a child.. they better be wearing them and safety goggles.
        the masks do work..
        hand washing.. I’ve known threes incidents where not using clean room protocol has cost them their life and a loved ones life.

      • I am with you @JAC…. if you choose to not wear mask that is your choice..I would lecture the kids at work.. some would forget to washing between patients.. not gloving up.. and I would give them guff over it.. one surgeon went to africa to get a tax deduction.. he was one of the better surgeon’s in our area.. his wife went with etc.. he didn’t follow listed protocol and brought home to his wonderful wife one of the worst diseases I have ever seen.. nasty .. only three of us.. were willing to go in and take care of her.. it upset him so much that he retired from his surgical practice.. it was his fault.. he couldn’t bear to see her.. it would tear him apart..
        another was a surgical nurse.. it’s common from medical staff to work long hours.. and get rare days off.. the ones on the floor.. they get vacation but in my case you couldn’t take the vacation.. and get paid.. so every year I would give away my vacation to people that would get sick.. see if you get sick.. you loose your job.. you take vacation well I was a point five.. which means they only guarantee me five working days a pay period.. so if I took a week off.. I still got my five days.. no pay for the rest.. its kind of crazy but it is how they keep the floor staffed.. if you took two weeks off.. four of those fourteen days.. I would either have to come back and man.. or find a replacement.. which if you are the only one on the floor.. your it.. ( there are others.. but it isn’t their job to do my job and they don’t) which is why I like canadian hospitals.. govt. hospitals are fully staffed to.. but with all the federal holidays and the required time off for vacations.. they only work half time.. basically every other day off.. great gig and the golden goose Healthcare policy and retirement package.. payback for additional schooling.. it is the dream job.. I tried for over thirty years to get in a position at our local facility.. but there are times where they are not allowed to hire..
        wanna hear crickets.. walk into one of those places at three thirty LOL LOL.. I have many times looked to see if they are running to get to their cars.. LOL LOL
        the bad thing is.. they don’t run it like a regular business but a govt. business.. they have the talent.. every doctor you will see at the regular hospital works there to.. they do that to get rid of school loans..
        anyway back to masks and gloves.. change your scrubs.. yes.. one place I worked almost went bellie up.. ( they did anyway.. that one person on the floor.. they didn’t have a staff nurse working at pm shifts. and it is the floor tech’s job… had a vent that went bad.. LOL they had to call ask a nurse on how to deal with it.. LOL.. most of us old coots worked with them all the time and it wouldn’t have been an issue..but it was one person that didn’t have any experience and over a hundred patients.. ) but to cut costs.. and do away with the maintenance staff.. yup gotta get the bonus one way or another for the exec.. they put in carpet… LOL LOL LOL looked good.. but.. you work with sick people.. LOL LOL LOL LOL the spread became unmanageable.. it spread far and wide..
        one surgical nurse.. had a rare day off.. rushed and didn’t change scrubs just gotta get out and enjoy that rare weekend away.. got what the patient had .. and died two months later.. it was a sad sad thing.. see her husband from time to time.. One got a strep from africa.. one they were immune to but we weren’t.. they thought she had gout… nope.. we got a call from her landlord.. she was burning up.. then was walking in a dillusional state to go play lottery at the bar naked down the street.. she had caught that strep.. they had to get a specialist in foreign diseases to come in.. and was in critical care for almost a year..
        MRSA.. oh nasty.. you do not want these .. so mask up, It is your choice…for myself.. I have allergies so it is normal for me.. don’t like breathing in really cold air.. I mask up..

      • @Warhammer

        “Still, I literally cringe when some slob sneezes or coughs in a public setting without covering their mouth and nose, at the very least with their hands if they cannot get to a handkerchief or tissue in time. Gross humans.”


        I do not mask, unless I’m around sick folks (I always assume people in places like hospitals and clinics are sick.) I don’t wear a mask in a restaurant. However, when I am at the local (or not so) horse trough, should one fellow patron, or establishment employee cough or sneeze, I leave. If they are close enough to spray my food, or if they’re not, but cough or sneeze twice, I leave immediately, without taking another bite or gulp.

        I don’t eat, scratch my butt, or comb my hair without washing, and I touch nothing in a public setting (except my food and the tools with which to eat it), after my hands are clean.

        We learned to do all this stuff from our grandparents, who grew up in a world where meningitis, polio, contact venereal diseases like syphilis, and tuberculosis were a daily danger and a life sentence, and soap & water were the best prevention. Between sanitation and inoculation our elders eliminated both TB and polio, and the contact version of the others. Our kids and grandkids unlearnt how to wash, and lookie what showed back up on the serving table of diseases?

        And then cometh SARS-CV-19…

        Humans are nasty — and stupid.

      • “Still, I literally cringe when some slob sneezes or coughs in a public setting without covering their mouth and nose, at the very least with their hands if they cannot get to a handkerchief or tissue in time. Gross humans.”

        Ditto. 2

        I use to cringe at a local restaurant… lol lol..the server had aids and so did the dishwasher lol lol.. and we cannot share their medical issues.. so both were pleasant enough good service nice guys trying to survive… but the server had a dry cough…and you could feel you hair waffle in the expelled breath…lol lol.. even though I knew it was ok..I would quietly cringe lol

    • At the beginning of the plandemic, I read at least five scientific studies on the effectiveness of masks at deterring viruses (they still claim it’s a virus, although with little to no evidence). Some were done years before Covid. ALL those studies concluded that masks are worthless for that task. Some went further and concluded that masks are not only worthless, but also unhealthy.

      Fauci originally said that masks didn’t do anything. Apparently TPTB then clued him in to the story they wanted spread.

      An interesting historical claim I recently saw is that “2300 years ago, Arabs discovered that forcing people to cover their nose and mouths broke their will and individuality. And depersonalized them. It made them submissive. That’s why they later imposed on every woman the mandatory use of a fabric over her face. Then Islam turned it into the symbol of a woman’s submission to Allah, the man owner of the Harem, and the King. Modern psychology explains, without a face, we don’t exist as independent beings.” I think this aspect of face coverings was the true objective of mandatory masking–just another step toward transhumanism.

      • Waaaaaaaay too much info-TRUTH in Ure post…must suppress this shceisse.

        Dont want the “Slaves’ waking up and taking notice of the dire & vile predicament (s) they are in.

        Cant believe Mr Editor (WEF stooge/controlled opposition) posted this ..”controlled opposition I guess predicates why he “allows” some truths to be disseminated here…

    • Amtrak got onto the dole over 50 years ago. Over 2/3 of an average American lifetime.

      Someone who got a job in 1971 @ 14 is now retiring @ 65 and has contributed toward Amtrak their entire working life. Some probably never saw an Amtrak train car let alone rode on an Amtrak train as lifetime rolled by.

      • The government wasn’t injecting any money until now. They just controlled the fund. See how good they are at that . Western stated fund is fully funded thank God. That’s where my money comes from.

  4. Ole Elon has been having fun, with the Pepe the frog meme,
    to see it,,, look here

    now if the NYT employees go on strike,,, what is the down side?
    Trump posted a bunch of main stream media doing lay offs,,, for me this is karma for the lying media
    my down side is them darn popcorn hulls getting in my teeth and gums, got to go Waterpic.
    George, the readership that you have gathered are , to me, a bellweather of Americans’ values and heart. you have done well Mr. Ure, and it gives to me,,, hope.
    The reactor of human awareness, as a whole, is reaching a critical point. Everyone talks about AI reaching self-awareness, we need to apply awareness to ourselves and not let the majicians led our awareness off into neverland, to be controlled and misled, wizards and warlocks. The majic wand of Tinkerbell

  5. My dad flew the bombers in the Pacific theatre during WW2. My mom was an Army nurse.
    And my maternal grandfather was present at a high-level confab in 1939, when the need to goad the Japanese into attacking was outlined by our Overlords. To get the public on board with the program. As Smedley Butler reminded us all, War Is A Racket.

  6. Yesterday was a trifecta – of sorts. On “My Aggregate Index” [ Daily Chart ] the 30 DayMA crossed above the 85 DayMA and the market closed within five points of that crossing. This has not happened before in the past three years, at least. So.., I am taking this triple as a sign from the Market Gods. The only problem is, like most Gods, their message can be rather enigmatic, hidden-within and/or confusing to us mere mortals. In other words – I have no idea what it actually means – but it does look kinda cool on the chart !

    • See RIO – these guys pay out CASHISH in a big way..currently 9% yield..but the chart ..oh baby does the coot luv a golden cross “pending” – it is time to Catch Da Wave…for it looks like kowabunga-time! See above ..remember they going to PAY You to own their stock! yes please and thank you.

      “Wealth Building , its not just an obsession, its a way of Life.”


  7. Greetings from beautiful Moore County North Carolina — yes, if you’ve been paying attention THAT Moore County of the power outage. We’ve been “off-the-air” until yesterday afternoon, and have survived — but it wasn’t an easy thing. Our backup heat source failed us badly — a 250 gallon buried propane tank and a set of fireplace gas logs. Should have worked. Didn’t Oh, it functioned all right, but the amount of heat was drastically ineffectual. I got into deep hypothermia, and was rescued by my insistent wife and some close friends who had a 3-bedroom house and a Kohler generator rated at about 10 kW. During three nights and most of four days, it ran 24-7, and quite literally saved my life. I still have a psychological Deep Chilblains affecting me — I had this once before, about twenty years ago in a full week-long ice storm caused power outage in Connecticut, where I had nothing in the way of prep at all, and the outdoor temp was just below freezing for a plugs-out week. From that experience I think this will take some months to completely wear off.

    The media is full of shit. (No surprise) Rumors — crazy rumors — were being reported as a sort of factoid “we can hint a bit, but not say out loud” What’s Really Happening. “Officials” were self-protective, and couched everything in hopeful but misleading euphemisms. Local radio outlets were VERY UN-informative. Most had no backup power, and were silent.

    Two large, beefy 4-door crew cab pickup trucks crashed the gates at from two to four electrical substation, and shot out the extremely heavy duty giant transformers — the kind as big as a small house, and arrive on depressed bed very large flatbed trailers. HARD to quickly replace. “They” STILL are not being clear and definitive if it was two or four “vandalism incidents.” Local rumors say four, Ass-hole media soft-speaks it as two. The strikes were only a very few minutes apart, and many miles apart. (Conclude as you must.)

    More tomorrow — I got a LOT to do. When an “incident” like this occurs, even when it’s over, it ain’t over. There’s LOTS to do in picking up the pieces.


    (What ever you’ve done in prep, it ain’t enough; and some of it will fail, and some will be inappropriate. The gas logs were only one dim spot….)

    • Condolences on the gas log failure. Every time a hurricane comes through Florida we find flaws in our planning. The last time a big one came through the Treasure Coast we evacuated but were scolded by good friends with a big generator for not staying with them and taking advantage of their foresight. Their generator had been tested and serviced a month before the blow. When the power went out, it wouldn’t start and eventually had to be replaced at great expense because codes had changed and the old one was too close to a door. Our failure in that storm was not refueling out of the storm zone as we returned home. Once in the zone we found that gas stations couldn’t pump gas without electricity. We made it home on fumes. Duh!

      “No plan survives the first contact with the enemy” (von Moltke.)

    • William, thanks for the warning and first-person report.

      This, to me, is the EASIEST way to take down our electric grid, targeting the electrical substations. Easy peasy, most of them have a metal fence around them, and are easily shootable from the fence; yet, your gang (s) drove through the easily transversed gates.

      Lots are in remote areas.

      Many NO cameras.

      So, someone has mapped them all out all over the country. And this has NOT yet been blamed on White Supremacists.

      WOW! Hey, that wasn’t hard. Where is the US government? State government? Has anyone done ANYTHING to protect our electricity grid?

      The gas pipeline substations outposts and gas/diesel pipeline substation outposts are the same; Main areas, many exposed.

      AS LOOB as commented on many times, these transformers, the big ones, are mostly MADE IN CHINA.

      Taking down our electricity grid(s) is EASY PEASY; getting them back online, is not an easy feat.

      We will be reviewing our preps inline with your report from the HARDPLACE of experience.

      I still think investing in a Fireplace that burns wood, even a small internal one that you sit in a corner, with fireproof walls, and stone tile underneath added, and an outlet pipe to above the roof line, could keep you warm in a pinch.

      If you do not have a fireplace in your home. Those small fireplaces, like stoves, also can be piped where the pipes as they come from the stove for smoke, are attached 2′ lowered from the inner ceiling, can also warm the room with the heat radiating from the pipes before the pipe goes out the roof. I saw that over 30 years ago in a very fancy house, and it was a 2 story, and that one little stove in the corner kept the whole house warm.

      • Immediately following 911 I expected attacks on the major power substations and gas pumping centers by terrorists. When it didn’t happen them, it told me the foreign terrorist meme wasn’t exactly the true story, especially since we attacked Afghanistan and Iraq and the newly minted DHS didn’t do shit to harden our infrastructure.
        If this continues in other locations we’re in deep shit with the yayhoos running things at present.
        Stay warm, my friends.

      • “these transformers, the big ones, are mostly MADE IN CHINA”

        There’s no “mostly” about it. They are ALL made in China, in the factory ASEA Brown Boveri built in China in the late 1980s after pillaging the General Electric and Westinghouse MPT patent files, and buying out Siemens’ “massive power transformer” biz.

      • “these transformers, the big ones, are mostly MADE IN CHINA”
        There’s no “mostly” about it. They are ALL made in China, ”

        I worked a few days day labor years and years ago.. emptying the old ones getting them ready to be remanufactured.. the problem is .. we no longer do it the company is gone.. .. and they are ten years behind now on orders.. the same thing with batteries.. yup.. we use to make them nowall the scrap and everything is send to china.. one friend of mine has a business to process scrap.. and buy it.. it almost put him out of business.. then he had to make chinese ties to buy his scrap from him..

    • You now have a focus point. Bear in-mind when the mission is critical, the weakest link will always fail, so you’ve got to ensure that when the spliced link goes away, which it will, it doesn’t take other critical bits with it.

      Glad you made it. Enjoy the fact you’re still on this side of the grass while you get your head back together (it’ll take a while) and figure out how to make things better, next time. I got my torture test 20 years ago, when we got a couple inches of rain at 20 degrees below zero and lost power for weeks. It is a definite eye-opener…

    • When you get a moment, you might pick up a large inverter – even a “modified sine wave”, aka stepped square wave should run something like a torpedo heater. You can put heavy cables on the inverter and attach it to your car or truck via jumper wire clips. Just don’t run the battery down too far. Then run the extension cord inside the house for the heater. My last ditch high output heater is 135Kbtu, and I run it on ULS diesel cut 25% with gasoline. Yes, I will run it inside a house and it burns cleanly if it’s adjusted right. Don’t use red diesel for this unless you’re in a barn or drafty shop. Obviously, monitor CO, but mine burns clean to the point of not being concerned. Some people(women with sensitive noses) might complain about a bit of fumes, but it’s great to heat soak yourself so you can function. Use all care regarding fires – I do.

      BTW, I also have a woodstove and a pile of wood. For some folks, a pellet stove might work. They can throw an awful lot of heat, but they need power too. No utility can be trusted to be always on, and we’re on our own in any real emergency. Generators are nice, but they do break or have other problems. I like the idea of having one or more big inverters around.

      Lastly, I’d figure out why the gas logs didn’t work well enough. Propane is a good backup, but expensive. Perhaps a diesel parking heater in a small room with external venting might be enough. I only heat what I need to heat. Any of these approaches would probably offend your insurance company and agent, but it beats freezing.

      Good luck.

      • I thought about similar recommendations, but let’s think this through a bit.
        First, the typical small electric heater (on low/half power) consumes 750 watts/. Thus at 3.41 BTU per watt it means about 2,557 BTUs of available heat.

        Assuming a MSW inverter is typically 90 percent efficient, on the battery cable side, this is 833.33 watts

        Now, let’s consider the battery current and ignore consequential 1-5 percent losses in battery wiring and connections which further compounds our physics problem.

        The formula P-IE rules here:(P)ower in watts equals current in Amps (I) times (E)lectromotive force (volts).

        Such that even running at modest engine RPM (say 2,500 or higher) in order to begin 60 watts of charging at 13.8V (the typical setting for the diode triode field voltage regulator in a typical car alternator, P-IE rearranges to
        P/E – I
        Therefore 833/13.8 = 60 amps.

        60 watts at 12 volts nominal is 5 amps, so the MSW load merely slows.

        A group 24 battery is 70-80 amp-hours while a Group 27 around 100 AHRs.

        However, we become constrained by two more physics problems.

        First is that a Group 24 (70 AHR battery) is operating in the 2-hour discharge range. Remember, except for industrial batteries (6 hours rates) the typical well-constructed Group 27 liquid cell will lose a significant power of amp hours available due to near plate stratification of electrolyte resulting in a Peukert Exponent (effective capacity of battery reduction) in the (typically) 1.2 to 1.35 area (depending on plate area, thin plates in starting mode for higher terminal voltage under load or fewer, thicker plates for long deep cycling (outside the 20-hour rate).

        Thus, the CHEAPER and MORE RELIABLE option is the Diesel heaters covered in the ShopTalk Sunday column here:

        Two problems with this approach, however.
        First, in a 3-day period, you’d need to have at least 5 or more gallons of diesel.
        Second, you would still need to start up the vehicle (power source) because 8-hours of diesel heater will remove 25 AHRs or so.

        And last, but not least, is my eidetic memory failing me? Doesn’t WmRR have one of those Chrysler/Dodge family hauler boxes? Problem with these is when used for periodic power generation and heating, there is so much interior volume that it seems to take forever (and then some) to come up to a reasonabl3e (65+ F) temperature.

        Still the cycling vehicle, diesel heater option, would likely generate 25,000 BTU (10X the MSW inverter) while running in the 2-4 amp range which is the baseline cpu plus fans plus metering pump of the diesel heater.

        Making sense?

        Let’s consider the DC instrumentation work I participated in more than 20-years ago, because it lays out the Peukert (reduction of effective capacity) in very specific terms:
        (From: )

        “In a first preferred embodiment, the method involves the use of an electrical load circuit driven by an operatively connected battery, wherein such battery has an experimentally defined charge capacity (CCAP) substantially based on a predefined discharging current (I) during a depletion test of the battery. A fully-charged battery is provided. The battery has a CCAP and the CCAP is stored as state-of-charge (SOC) of the battery in an associated memory. A discharging current (i) drawn from the battery is measured with a current meter (i.e., ammeter) operatively connected to the load circuit. If i is less than or approximately equal I, then an effective discharging current (ieff) is set equal to i; otherwise, ieff is set equal to K·iP. Both K and P are Peukert constants which may be experimentally defined by changes of CCAP of the battery in depletion tests in relation to changes of i to satisfy the Peukert Equation. SOC is decremented based on ieff while discharging the battery.
        By another of the preferred methods of the invention, the method is also used for an electrical load circuit driven by an operatively connected battery. The battery has an experimentally defined CCAP substantially based on a depletion test, wherein such battery in a fully-charged condition is depleted over a depletion time period (T) while drawing a predefined discharging current (I) from such battery. A fully-charged battery is provided. The battery has a state-of-charge (SOC) which is set equal to CCAP and stored in an associated memory. In this preferred method, a value for an adjusted charge capacity (CCAPadj) is generated. The CCAPadj is substantially based upon one form of the Peukert equation:
        CCAP.sub.adj =T·I.sup.P [ 1]
        The character P is a Peukert constant which is experimentally defined by an equation:
        P=(log T.sub.2 -log T.sub.1)÷(log I.sub.1 -log I.sub.2) [2]
        In the equation, T1 and I1 are a period of time and discharging current respectively of a nominally first depletion test of the battery and T2 and I2 are a period of time and discharging current respectively of a nominally second depletion test of the battery such that I1 is greater than I2. Next, the value of CCAPadj is stored as an adjusted state-of-charge (SOCadj) in a memory associated with SOCadj. A discharging current (i) drawn from the battery is measured with a current meter and if i is less than or approximately equal to I, then an adjusted discharging current (iadj) is set equal to i·I.sup.(P-1) ; otherwise, iadj is set equal to iP. The SOCadj is decremented based on iadj while the battery is being discharged.”

        So we see how Peukert not only decrements the effective capacity reduction, but it gives additional insight into the falling (terminal voltage under load) as a battery is discharged faster than its published rates. And the problem is amplified because of the electrochemistry degradation based on voltage. That is, a battery at 10F to 20F WILL NEVER BE FULLY CHARGED. This is because the “nominal” 13.8 volts is a compromise. Works OK in Omaha in the spring and fall. In Phoenix, 13.8 Volts on a 115F day gases the shit out of a battery while in the winter MIchigan, for example) a battery is a throw-away every two years because it’s never fully charged 3 months of the year, leading to plate sulfation.

        That’s why in a REAL use of batteries, like in our solar system here, the charging voltages are controlled by temp sensors.
        WmRR needs something other than a MSW inverter on this one.
        Wood stove?
        Diesel heater?
        Credit card for air miles to Miami?

      • Wow George! A Peoplenomics Focus section in a comment! Thanks for this, but my thought was never to run an electric resistance heater. I’m thinking of (and have used) a construction type torpedo heater while keeping at least a few five gallon cans of diesel in reserve. I cut it with gasoline for a more refined burn, but that scares some folks. The draw from the torpedo heater is 2.5 amps for the fan, ignition and controls. That’s around 300 watts for 135,000 BTU’s of heat, and FWIW, it has a thermostat too. It’s around $300 at the box stores or online and maintenance is easy – if you keep it running on clean fuel. Obviously, for best results, a battery bank is best to feed the inverter, and that can be periodically charged from any car or truck, ideally also diesel. Just watch the voltage on the batteries so it doesn’t discharge too much before recharging from a vehicle or solar if you have it. I have three of these heaters, two of which are ready to go and one that I’m rejuvenating. Often, they’re available on CL or other secondary market for a song, especially if they have a problem. There is info on youtube on maintaining them, and some folks have even tried running them on waste oil. I don’t, since it’s not worth the cleanup most of the time and the fumes are probably more toxic. They make a lot of noise, but when you’re freezing, who cares. You just need to heat soak so you can get back to normal.

        The Chinese diesels are far more complex and have a lower power and fuel consumption, but they do run directly on 12 volts and are better matched to a smaller space. I’ve had no problems with mine so far, other than when starting up, the exhaust tends to smoke a bit with unburned diesel. If it’s vented outside, no big deal, since it’s only for about the first 30 seconds. If I could understand the amazingly bad instructions, I could probably tune it better for my elevation.

      • @George

        “(sounds of clickbeats as George wanders off to the Chineseum torpedo dept at Amazon…)”

        George, don’t do Chinesium on this one. A mistake will kill you both.

        THIS seems to be the modern equivalent of mine:

        Mine has wheels and a handle, and the thermostat is remote. It’s also 35 years old… BUT it is multifuel, indoor-safe* and stink-free.**

        * No “salamander” heater is completely indoor-safe because it is 70,000+ BTUs in a very small, very efficient package (I’ve seen salamanders which put out 840,000 BTUH.) It can literally suck the oxygen right out of the air.

        **”Stink-free” is relative. It will smell like half-burnt kerosene or diesel for the first 2-3 seconds after it ignites, because the catalyzer plate, which will run red-hot to nearly white-hot, DOES take a couple seconds to heat up.

        The salamander or torpedo heater is kind of like a detuned jet engine, with a catalyzer-plate to supercharge the heat and burn off any fumes. I believe EVERYBODY in cold country either owns one, or is close friends with someone who does. It is THE go-to tool for thawing one’s pipes before they can burst, and will generally do the job in about 20 minutes. It is also why many Midwestern and Northern crawl-space houses have one waxed wood or cast-iron rectangular “access door” in their foundation along with the steel ones.

        I bought mine when I was a newlywed, and used it at least twice to heat my house (including the “live-in” attic) — set on a concrete block in the basement — before I began prepping for such issues. It ran fine off a 400w inverter and a 24F battery, and kept us safe & warm for days. Because they put out a lot of heat, and do it nearly instantly, to maintain heat in a house, a salamander will only run a few minutes per hour. (IIRC it ran ~25% @ -15°, or about 15 minutes per hour, and much less when temps were above zero.)

    • So sorry you’ve gone through this William. One of the 2 scariest books I have ever read is Vince Flynn’s 2020 novel “Total Power.” It describes an expanded nightmare scenario in the USA exactly based on your event. I couldn’t put the book down.

      With a wide open southern border and thousands of “gottaways” mostly 18-35 year old males from countries unknown, what could possibly go wrong?

      • I have a ten most scary books list.. you can get this book on audible or ebook from amazon.. it is one in my library.. the problem with out business model.. is its for profit business model.. not for national security of the grid business model.. to make sure that it will always be running.. look at the grid system of pyramids.. and if .. by par chance they were built to store and distribute energy.. then that is a smart idea.. which is a business model that I believe in.. could get into my age old rants about solar towers and pushing solar installations on homes to everyone.. but that doesn’t fit the for profit.and the business model of power and control..
        which is why the two hundred year storm that hit texas almost took out the central part of the USA.. our system is pretty fragile.. and we take everything for granted..everything.. most of everyone that preps.. preps with the idea that it will always be the same.. have the same power sources.. etc.. try opening a can once without your hands.. or wiping after dropping congress in the bowl without your hands.. the USA prepped for the absolute few the elite.. and not the people.. leaving millions vulnerable.. an industrial complex in shambles.. all sold for a number.. a hunk of shiney metal.. thinking it will make them happy.. you can be happy and have nothing.. its a state of mind.. we teach our children.. the love of self and a nose long enough to look down at those we deem below us..
        until mankind learns the real lessons of the alligory of the cave.. and the allegory of the long spoons.. it will always be the same..

      • About time for the second re-issue of the 1982 book by Amory and Hunter Lovins: Brittle Power: Energy Strategy for National Security. First re-issue was after the WTC attack. Scariest book I ever read, far worse than the EMP attack fictions. Currently OOP but available on Amazon for $66. If anything, our current situation is even worse than in 1982 because of our dependence on importing replacement parts from sources that may be unwilling to supply them and which, in any case, can not supply them quickly.

      • You are right on..
        what shocks me and really gets me all riled up.. is our lazy congress spends hundreds of millions.. having studies done.. to see what some of the affects could be.. and then doesn’t read the dam thing..
        I forget which one I was reading.. they spent a lot of hard workers money on it.. I read it.. and thought dam.. they should be doing something then the guy that sounds like daffy duck and the other one that reminds me of a giraffe.. got on television and told everyone the importance of NOT doing what the folks that think for a living suggest they do..
        clearly they had never even cracked the cover and spent millions.. My employer at the time Had us all in a huge meeting to discuss putting carpet or leaving the floors tile.. almost everyone said nix the carpet idea.. so as we were walking up the hall.. the truck was moving in and dropping off rolls of carpet.. I laughed and said.. well why did they even ask our opinion if they were planning this anyway.. LOL then they dowsized two thirds of the floor crew..
        I use to run a cleaning crew.. one of the things we would do is drop a piece of popcorn or put a faceprint on the windows.. so I dropped a piece of popcorn.. and put face prints on the windows.. for five years.. the security officer and I would sit and watch that piece of popcorn.. ( I know he was the one to finally pick it up off the floor) and today.. a few of the face prints are gone but the vast majority are still there.. the reason.. they almost totally eliminated the house keeping staff so that the execs could get a the govt.. run medical hospital.. they have a full cleaning staff.. if they actually worked the place as a business rather than a govt. system.. it would be top notch.. can’t do much when you only work half of the hours a regular worker does.. but the floors are clean the windows are clean.. I tried that there on a door and was sitting and the floor staff said dam who in the heck did that and washed the windows.. the difference between private and govt.. in the end it is all about their business model..
        govt.. has the model of money but lets get the hell out of here.. the other has the model of I WANT MORE.. what could ever go wrong with either of those models..

    • Fireplaces are difficult to get substantive heat out of. If you don’t have enough wood to justify a woodstove, a vented propane heater will get the job done, as long as the propane deliveries are still on. Putting the vented back-up heater in a smaller enclosed space can help extend the fuel. I managed a week without power after a massive ice storm with a sleeping bag and a radiant kerosene heater pointed at the couch. Take care.

      • >> Fireplaces are difficult to get substantive heat out of.

        IIRC the figures correctly (it’s been over 25 years now) a Canadian study concluded that the common designs tested had heating efficiencies of between 25% and -10%.

        Yes, the best of them sent 3/4 of the heat up the chimneys — and some others actually lost more heat than they created by burning the wood!

        That’s why I purchased (and had installed by the guys who know the details of installing them) a fireplace insert, and insisted that we drop the additional $125 for a blower. (That price has probably doubled by now.)

        The result is that, partly due to the layout of the house, it heats (almost too well) the side of the house it’s on, and we get an acceptable cross-over to the other side. Additionally, it generates a perceptible warm draft rising up the stairs which provides some help in the second-floor bedrooms.

        The thing I haven’t gotten around to (but should) is to come up with a battery bank and inverter (over-sized UPS, maybe?) to power the blower. That would require me to decide the length of time the batteries should power the blower. And that might result in locating that the battery bank eight feet below the fireplace (on the cellar floor), instead of burdening the floor joists next to the fireplace.

        • IIRC in my (lost in the divorce a billion years ago) house, we had a Lopi wood stove insert and trhe double squirrel cage tupe blower only used about 120 watts, or so. Fraction of a horsepower. Big UPS would last for a while, but maybe a couple of 100 ahrs would be better. Beats the cost of replumbing for broken/forzen pipes./

      • OH the kids all think I am just over reacting to everything.. that nothing is ever going to come to the USA from the morons running the show.. so I doubt seriously that they will do anything.. although I do have one grandchild that is seeing and fearing the same reprisals that I fear..
        we are playing with fire..
        Is Merkell admitting that this was all a setup.. you decide..
        will germany and france make a change..

      • If you have any kind of woodstove, you can just direct a normal portable fan at it to extract more heat(after it’s burning well). Most fans use little power and they make a big difference. One can be run on a cheap inverter – just watch inrush current to be sure it can handle it, and keep the battery voltage in a safe range. Just charge it periodically from a car if that’s an option.

      • “If you have any kind of woodstove, you can just direct a normal portable fan at it to extract more heat(after it’s burning well).”

        My father heated with wood.. @NM Mike.. what was funny was my father was a master wood cutter.. he cut and replanted weekly.. had tons of wood.. four cords a winter.. and he stacked wood.. it was amazing to watch him fall a tree.. and I am very proud of him.. for every tree that he harvested.. he planted a tree to take its place.. anyway.. the joke was with us kids.. is as dad got older.. the house got warmer LOL.. you would come in and next thing you knew everyone was down to their underwear LOL LOL LOL LOL sweating their tushes off.. and then dad would say.. time to toss another log on the fire. we would razz him about it.. and he would say.. just wait till your my age and need to take blood thinners LOL. LOL LOL LOL… he used a heat reclaimer.. and I can vouch for it.. those things work awesome.. sweep the chimney yearly.. what I like about the liberator.. is it gets hot enough to burn the exhaust.. leaving your exhaust less likely to build up a residue in the chimney.. you don’t have to have logs.. you can use sticks.. leaves chips, pellets or boards.. pretty much whatever you have around.. one of the most efficient burns you can get for a stove.. burns less wood than a conventional wood stove.. because of the reburn of the exhaust.. you get all the heat out of the unit..

    • You are so right william until you go without and taste the situation personally.. you have no clue……
      I had a friend.. scientist like that worked for darpa…use to tease me about the cost of my solar power system.. yes I paid ten dollars a watt.. not installed.. every hundred watt panel was a thousand dollars.. he lived in a gated community outside dc … then the hundred year hurricane hit the east coast.. he had backup generator.. after a couple of weeks.. it ran out of propane and no gas.. he went like everyone else to get some.. only to discover that the pumps worked on electricity.. he called me from his cell about two weeks into the power outage to apologize to me.. he could literally cook an egg on his counter top.. it about killed him no food in the freezer was good anymore.. and nothing moving..
      I have solar but unfortunately it is all grid tie.. my mistake.. I keep trying to talk the boss into letting me buy another smaller system with the battery backup but she won’t let me.. seems you have to have money for that stuff LOL and we live on a limited income..
      so I thought why not a natural gas generator.. same thing its cheaper but if the power is out it is out .. if the infrastructure is still good.. you can make gas.. but would it be enough.. the rocket heater liberatore.. it about the best design I have seen.. you can burn anything in that.. with super efficiency..
      price is cheap to for it.. free shipping and if you get one before the turn of the year.. twenty five percent off..
      the salesman for the company.. use to be homeless.. he doesn’t get paid as is half of the employees there.. they volunteer their time working out of a garage.. they ship fast to.. they do make a little bit.. but it is very little..
      the solar power kit I am trying to talk the boss into letting me over extend ourselves with..
      is this one..

      or the generator.. which is this one.. big enough to keep the freezers running and a couple of lights..
      but it is money we really can’t afford right now.. heck we are waiting for the boss’s paycheck yet LOL.. seems he has some issues.. but that is life we will deal with it.. sure am not going to go hungry LOL

    • “Every time a hurricane comes through Florida we find flaws in our planning. The last time a big one came through the Treasure Coast we evacuated but were scolded by good friends with a big generator for not staying with them and taking advantage of their foresight. ”

      that is the truth @MarkR….I have had three really scary setbacks in my life.. ( that I know of) and each one I seen as a learning experience.. what went wrong what went right..
      you cannot prepare for everything.. you can only prepare for the present.. Most only have enough food for a couple of weeks at most.. but what if.. the grid… five HEMPS and it is down.. doesn’t have to take it all.. just enough.. the hundred year storm in texas almost took out a third of the country.. and it wasn’t that big of an issue.. what happened and what almost took it down.. is what i have been saying for decades.. a cascade event.. and the USA has not prepared anyone for any event.. not backup systems.. no duck and cover.. its a free for all.. look how fast it took blm and antifa to destroy the USA do billions of dollars worth of damage.. the whole country was in a freefall.. over what.. one issue with a person that commited a crime in a high crime area.. he took a life.. and he is doing the time for it.. but.. none of those that were involved in all the pillaging damage,, rapes and violence has done any time for any of it.. instead we put those willing to work in a high crime area at risk..
      a freak ice storm takes out one whole section of a state for almost a year to get power back.. if five hemps went off.. over the USA in different sections.. it would set us back ten thousand years.. and since we love to tork off those doing the manufacturing.. well it is like spitting on a fireman and insulting him publicly.. then having a fire.. yup I am sure he is going to rush to your rescue..
      we put value in profit rather than our own national security.. big bucks bubba has to make coin.. and if we secured the grid.. and fixed the infrastructure.. well lets face it.. big buck bubba’s control and profit would possibly be at jeopardy.. then wait till all the old tool and die makers are gone or to old to remember and teach.. game over..
      we promote individualism rather than community..

  8. My Dad fought in the South Pacific during WWll for nearly three years as a Ranger. As he witnessed so many atrocities committed by the Japanese soldiers, until his last breath he hated all Japanese people and their culture. He never forgave them.

  9. Why Warhammer, what you describe is precisely why asymmetrical warfare [Lawfare, and using appropriations to funnel seed capital into 5th column agendas, etc.]. is being used to tear down the USA. It can’t be achieved kinetically, but it can be achieved from within using compromised assets.

  10. It is rather hilarious. The prisoner swap released two people who have nothing but ill will towards our country.

    • Ya never know. I have hopes for Brittany — Now that she’s seen what its like to stripped of all that privilege she hates, and locked in a gulag for nearly a year (and may never play basketball again ‘cuz her body has atrophied), perhaps she has a newfound appreciation?

      However, I had the same hope for Ariana Grande, after the Manchester bomber blew up a bunch of her fans, but that hasn’t panned out…

    • No there is plenty of us left.. the big issue is that we are dependent on their business model..
      we play by their rules of the game.. it doesn’t matter if they are cheating at all.. look at the hard drive as an example.. in the game rules .. that perv would be spending a couple of year in the cheaper resorts instead of a plush mansion with those sworn to protect running around as slaves….
      I took care of some people.. they wanted to play rummy.. now they were the only ones paying my salary.. one of my coworkers pulled me aside and said.. you do know they are cheating.. yes and who cares.. they pay the paycheck.. let them cheat.. we are the workers.. the people paying the paycheck openly cheat daily.. the dual standards of law.. our prisons are full of examples..
      we let them cheat because they pay the paycheck..they flaunt that they are able to throw morals and ethics out of the windows do what they want….
      why do you think that these few people doing this.. get away with it.. the only one that has ever thrown a threat their way.. is guess.. KIM OF NK and no one is messing with KIM.. he will toss a few up even if he gets his ass whooped.. the fear is.. what if he takes one or two of them out.. and god forbid.. what if he wins….. yup he said right up front.. come at me I have your backyard on my maps.. they gather at various times every year usually around pagan holidays to hone out their plans and no one .. shows their objections because they are just like the rest of us.. dependent on their business model to survive….

    • whats amatta, splatta ?

      This is “boomer paradise” – its a truly fine mess all you all have created.

      typical – the “karen” generation creates their own hell, then bitches&complains about it….at least all you all = boomers” got to the Moon..supposedly.

      Now U get 2 Eat it/Own it boomers – its called “just deserts’ and its ALL Ures.

  11. Warhammers comments are touching until you realize that the Japanese were forced into attacking because the USA shut off their supply of oil from China. And that a few years back, someone tracked down the radioman in Iowa who encrypted the message and sent it to the White House that Japan was planning the attack, 48 hours before it occurred. Allowed the USA to move its pacific carriers out of port. And allowed Roosevelt to force the USA into the war to save the city of London and its bankers.

    And then keep in mind that Hitler was financed into power by USA corporatists (including the Bush family). And that during the war, GM, Ford And IG Farben (DuPont family)plants were not bombed during the war. My landlord when I was in Germany told me when the air raid sirens went off, they all headed to the local Ford plant, stood outside and watched the fireworks as the bombs fell. Ford made trucks, GM made tanks, and Farben made munitions. The Germans lost not because they ran out of manufacturing ability, they lost because they could no longer transport matériel in a timely manner because the rail system was destroyed.

    • Yep, that’s the way I heard it went down. One other factoid on beating the Germans…I heard the Russians played a big part.

    • Thanks, EE.

      I was going to comment a bit on Warhammer’s comment (whom I respect greatly) as well as you.

      See, first of all, if the Banker/Gangster class had never decided to go to war with Germany, WW2 would never have happened at all. Then, they made a decision they wanted the USA in the war, so they used Japan to bring USA in. So, it wasn’t just that a warning was missed, it was all planned from the get go.

      WW1 was also an unnecessary war slaughter of over 60+ million people (oh I know, they say 40 million), all organized by the Bankster/Gangster class.

      The WW2 war dead (I am have family members that died on English side in both WW1 and 2) were all sent to their slaughter by these same demons who run the USA and UK government right now. They are the same demons in charge of Ukraine and NATO.

      That means if the USA government wants our last of the baby boomer’s kids in a WAR with Russia or China or Iran (etc.,) they will do it and they will not care about the slaughter to come.

      So, I honor the dead who were duped into defending all the countries fighting for ‘right’ because they were brainwashed by their leaders, the media, and the bankster/gangster class to fight these wars.

      Warhammer wrote: “Is this how America dies, thrusting the dagger into our own heart? Without a cause or good reason to unify, with more political division than agreement being encouraged by media, schools and political parties, it appears this may well be America’s fate.”

      Yes, Warhammer, this is how America is going to die, we are going to die because we have been LIED to about every single war we have been embroiled in. EVEN the current war between Ukraine and Russia (another lie) AND we are IN THAT WAR WITHOUT OUR government declaring war!!! When we send one penny, one weapon or one person; we are at war!

      Without the TRUTH we surely will die as a nation.

      As far as reasons to UNIFY: THIS IS DANGEROUS. We already discussed how American went to war in WW2.

      Did you hear about the lie that got us into Vietnam?

      Have you not read the report that got us into 911? The NEOCON DEMON report for a new American century. They needed a Pearl Harbor event to MAKE Americans willing to go to war in the Middle East? That UNIFICATION???? WE, with our coalition of the willing, injured and slaughtered millions and injured USA and other countries military, and many military veterans are suiciding themselves daily in this country for that USELESS lying war(s).

      This article is okay, it at least admits some mistakes with its 20/20 HINDSIGHT. You can see the run up, in all ways, the demonization of Iraq and other countries, our leaders lying, the push, the press, the BS, and then 911 was used to usher our country into these illegal disgusting wars.

      So, NO, NO MORE WARS for the Bankster/gangster class.

      Here is the PDF so you can read it for yourselves.

      I quote from this article: “What was needed for America to dominate much of humanity and the world’s resources, it said, was “some catastrophic and catalysing event – like a new Pearl Harbor”.

      The attacks of 11 September 2001 provided the “new Pearl Harbor”,
      described as “the opportunity of ages”.

      I want the citizens to WAKE UP and SAY NO MORE WARS for bankster/gangster DEMONS.

      Here is the Truth about Pearl Harbor and Japan’s entry into the war.

      And I quote from this article: “When the news first came that Japan had attacked us my first feeling was of relief that … a crisis had come in a way which would UNITE* all our people. This continued to be my dominant feeling in spite of the news of catastrophes which quickly developed.”

      From the diary of Henry Stimson, FDR’s Secretary of War.

      *I put that word in ALL CAPS.

      Again, no disrespect to anyone reading my comment.

      Thank you, George, for this medium to share and grow.

      • “was going to comment a bit on Warhammer’s comment (whom I respect greatly) as well as you.
        See, first of all, if the Banker/Gangster class had never decided to go to war with Germany, ”

        Hmm.. that would make war a business model.. to keep the ones pulling the strings in high finance more money and resources..
        that is probably why we are in ukraine at all.. the money laundering center of the world.. the number one child trafficing center of the world.. illegal organ harvesting from their poor and elderly.. then the thirty something illegal biowarfare labs.. hmm.. maybe they just don’t want to give it all up yet.. but why is the guy at the fast food cook or the clerk at the checkout lane the ones thea they expect to pay for it..

    • farben made 110 octane Gas from Coal – one of their big secrets.

      look around – the board of farben at the time was called ___________ _____.
      Ya dont think rockafellas wanted that formula…nah.

      They are still ALL still hear – reconfigured under new names – ALL “Zionazi’s” all the time..hello pfizer .

      • Hmm …the Fischer-Tropsch process…hmm
        actually you can make it from most carbon sources…lol..
        its not hard.. we dump approximately seven lbs of trash a day per person..most of which can be converted..the companies that produce the equipment cannot sell them in the usa..
        there are powerful people handing out candy to our politicians to keep the business model in place..weaken out grid and keep us dependent..
        you can make one easy enough.. you just can’t sell them or share it..

  12. Strange . So Arabic . Tell us something of serious nature regards Covid lies / rat juice . Then delay till Wednesday and only for secret members . Indeed once one of em always one of em. Genetic or environment shape character. I’d say a combo but basically a racially motivated behaviour. Thanks anyway

  13. Who bets who bets on Jerome !!!! What’s the chance they all get Covid and die of George’s mystery ailment . Maybe the FED guys share the same women and have contracted Covid thru group sex

    • Not really.

      WE have done a marvy job of spreading the seeds of death over the past few months, without him — nearly $200 billion worth, counting both Ukraine and Afghanistan. What could Bout possibly have done, that Biden didn’t?

      • @LOOB

        “just out of curiosity.. would we be living in a utopian society”

        We’ll never know. Despite their philosophers’ dictates, neither they, nor anyone else, lives by those dictates — never have, never will.

  14. Well with Viktor in prison who was the Ukraine Merchant of death in his absence? I mean someone was brokeriing 30% of all the weaponry sent to the Ukraine – aren’t we outraged by that?

  15. If Nov 8th of last year was the market high and the beginning of the fall – which I believe it was – then do to over-valuation, derivatives market, hyper-active currency swaps and debt-load we can expect at least a modest 50% decline in the markets from that date. A reasonable, history matching assumption. A quick dance on my T.I. Scientific shows we have at least a 14,000 point drop ahead of us just to match that 50% decline. If you go full-blown Fibonacci percentage then we have over 23,000 points to erase from the boards from this point forward. Ran this past my ‘Chaos’ friend and he came up a little under 26,000 points down. Yikes ! Any of those…, is gonna hurt !

  16. Folks,

    With the world seemingly careening from one crazy event to the next, one can take holiday solace in today’s Netflix trailer release of episodes 1 to 3 from the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Stills taken prior to their emigration from the Grade II listed Frogmore Cottage on the Windsor Estate portray a homely interior following a £2 million refurbishment. The green couple have all the interior lights turned on in the middle of the day. The Duchess does her own manicure seated beside an exterior entryway. An errant power cord sticks out of the wall as the Duke gazes rapturously upon the scene in stocking feet while simultaneously self-feeding himself yogurt from a bowl with a silver spoon. No servants are in sight. The Duke’s book is out next month. Can’t wait.

    Speaking of refurbished accommodation, it is suggested the world’s richest man may be flouting San Francisco residential regulations already burdened with underhoused citizens. Pictures of makeshift bedrooms in offices at the San Francisco Twitter headquarters built on a waterfront refuse landfill have apparently raised concerns at the city zoning office. This may be the most brow raising residency west of the Mississippi since Howard Hughes set up camp at Vegas’ Desert Inn in 1966 from which to rule over his financial empire.

  17. Re: fowled out feat. #46


    Spin ‘dat roulette wheel of history!

    September 10, 2019 – Tass quotes the spouse of Victor Bout speaking from the Russian consulate in New York. Basically Mr. Trump won’t release Victor Bout even though Russia allegedly offers FIFTEEN Americans in exchange.

    Now, 2022? Putin scores a 1:1 miracle shot! Unbelievable. America is hooped.

      • Hmmm. Skimmed both the gov’t report and the Newsweek article. Didn’t see reference to completely on-shoring the supply chain or putting multiple monitored perimeters around substations. Did see a reference to having adequate spare parts, but, hey! those cost money. Forty years since “Brittle Power” and what have we learned? Nada. My family is currently facing some confusing and potentially serious medical issues, but if those are resolved we’ll be going back to Costa Rica to look for an off-grid villa with a nice garden.

        In the meantime, I’ll be revising my one week without power hurricane plan to make us reasonably comfortable if the lights go out for a month. Unfortunately, my HOA doesn’t allow big propane tanks and there is no gas line (not that gas would necessarily continue to flow) so it looks like no refrigeration and certainly no air conditioning and laying in a bigger stock of canned and dry foods. At least in Florida we won’t have to deal with hypothermia.

        I’ve been “woke” by the Russian attacks on Ukraine’s grid. But it doesn’t take a guided missile–Moore County shows what a few .30-06 (or similar) cartridges can do.

  18. “The second is that individual indexes don’t offer as much insight as a broader Aggregate of multiple indices, which is how we approach things.”
    Indeed, wishful thinking!! Where is the evidence??

  19. “File most of this as “No point worrying, can’t do shit about it, but maybe useful to know…””

    Extremely good advice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    “We are still not planning on getting vaxxed.”

    Indeed, you’d have to pay me $1,00,000,000.00

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