Beliefs as an Asset

Our usual Peoplenomics fare is a hardnosed look at data involving cyclicity in long-term market directions.  However, have you noticed that the Markets of late look like they may be taking our call of a massive third wave down collapse very much to heart? America is entering a “beliefs and values” crisis.

Today we discuss and odd bit of evidence, from outside the crooked worlds of politics and finance, which puts a new slant on  what’s really going on.  The behind the scene motivator is a huge change in everyday people’s values and beliefs.  When these change, the world changes.

One of our sources is a doctor and hospital administrator who has shared with us some data just collected.  The data is shocking and, frankly, scares the hell out of us.

We will delve into it after headlines and the ChartPack.  Not going to be in the least big “preachy” – but a war on “human spirit” is now seen in data.

What’s worrying? The data is also lining up with long wave cycles here, the Nostradamus work (over on G.A. Stewart’s site), and a few other regional outposts of sanity that remain on the compromised web.

What’s emerging is a world of spiritual warfare, where not only are “nukes in the wings” but my consigliere’s “collapse of NATO around year-end, and Stu’s “Collapse of the House of Seven” analysis have just locked.

Spiritual warfare is in play, now.

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53 thoughts on “Beliefs as an Asset”

  1. “plan on any year end rally.”

    That plan could destroy a lot of Boomers looking to make a last pass of grift to compensate for the recent inflation. They are the largest market players and hold the most hurt potential.

    I doubt there’s another round of PPP loans to save us and already posted Henies are going up 10.7% in 3 weeks.

    For Boomer births “The peak years were 1957 and 1961 with 4.3 million births a year.”

    1957 + 65 = 2022 entered peak transfer payments with 4 more years to go. Yesterday it was indicated there may be a ‘missing’ $65,000,000,000,000. Where did it go?

    • What is “missing” is $65 trillion in potential liabilities from currency derivatives not shown on balance sheets. No assets are missing.
      Many boomers don’t retire at 65 so I don’t think the timeline is accurate.
      Good story though.

    • Nothing is “missing”. That $65 trillion is in derivatives debt and due to a loophole, it is not required to shown on the books.

  2. From Collapse of The House of Seven …

    “The “Great City” of the United States will be destroyed by rockets, and the West Coast will be invaded by Asians, but they will be beaten back…”

    Makes me think I might be right about, east of Pennsylvania and protecting that farmland Gates owns.

    And maybe Taiwan isn’t China’s real target … maybe it’s just theatrics, eavesdropping and, it’s really us?

  3. FWIW, the stock market, as per DOW, will decline to abt. 32,500.oo and then resume it’s bullish stance because of inflation. IMHO!!!!!

    • You believe that the Dow will only drop 1,000 points ? .., and then resume the Bull run it has been on ? Is that what you are saying?

      • When the Dow closes below 32,500 my opinion abt. this will change. Thanks you for showing an interest ;-).

    • 32,500 is roughly 500 points above it’s 85 day MA. So.., you don’t see it dropping below that, before it levels and starts going back up?
      – That would be very contradictory to the current Elliott Wave count. I agree that “anything is possible”.., but that would be a very major, near historic, event / move. The current 3 down wave places the Dow much further down then it’s 85 DayMA.
      – How do you reconcile that? .., or do you not use / believe the Elliott Wave cycles ??

      • the Elliott Wave cycles are too complicated for an old guy like me ;-). My standard is the 200 DMA.
        My mother used to say very often that “every one wants a Mercedes.” So, when I’d earned my first real money I bought Daimler in Germany @ 50. When I sold @ 500 I felt very smart indeed. When I left Germany for good (because I foolishly still believed in the US “Founding Fathers” ideas), Daimler had climbed to 40,000 on a split adjusted basis. Ergo: Stocks may go to zero, but they may go to “very high valuations.”
        Just follow your own insights and what you have learned so far. It seems to me you’re doing O.K.

  4. I RGEa, identifies as a Conspiracy Theorist. My pronouns are Told/you/so -PIDS (post injection death syndrome)

    How could I not comment on da afterlife ???

    This subject has angered me to no end over the many years… since I first looked down the barrel of gun, sighted in my target, and squeezed off a kill shot.
    I have this same discussion with better half ad-infinitum ad nauseaum…Personally if I had no idea an “afterlife” I would have already cut loose on mass KILLING of offending nogoodniks…hello CIA/FBI/Obribe-ums, to name just a few P’s.O.S.

    But it gets more ironic Kemosabe, ohh so much.. Recently underwent cervical disectomy (C5 &C7) and Fusion (ACDF). Day of Surgery – check in – they asked me my religious affiliation, to which I emphatically replied NONE! In take lady did not bat an eye, just smiled (Italian descent, catholic..wearing cross) poker faced.

    I am the Man, I answer for myself – NOBOBY and NOTHING comes between me the natural SOURCE..Direct Connected. I am indeed a Man on Fire..

    and just starting to Burn. ??

    What the hell does that mean, starting to burn”? At 2 week follow/check up, was asked if I had started to wean off the 5mg Oxycodone – to which I replied , “I havent been taking that shit since last Friday”, hell I have few left over tabs, which go into emergency med kit with left over muscle relaxers.

    PS – never took any Tylenol either, self medicated with 50mg THC caps. Saw a pamphlet at followup visit for the alt pain mgt program = THC..but the fees associated with “big medicines” plan were way high. nyuckyuck
    I have strange reactions to narcotics..they crank me up and I get very likey affects. Anyway soon after cold turkey the narcs, I all of sudden had the idea of extreme prejudice in my dreams..I consciously coach myself before sleep to “Drive” my dreams.
    For past week/ 10 days I been consciously coaching “Drive With Extreme Prejudice” Lo and behold – I have waking up feeling better than ever – well rested, feeling just great – no longer feeling like I been getting my ass kicked nightly. Seems I have “been Activated” and I am loving the feeling. Not to mention uninterrupted good 7+ hours sleep.

    To this entrepid seeker(spiritual – HKer) it is all about Mind Over Matter..I dont mind At all, so it just dont matter anyway.
    IMHO – this Life is the big sleep and as this dreamer wakes up – st peter best be on notice..long done “guarding” the bullsceisse, Im coming in hot, with extreme prejudice on my military mind.

    “High on the booze
    In a tent
    Paved with blood
    Nine inch howl
    Brave the night
    Chopper coming in, you hope”-Rapid Eye Movement

    Got Orange Crush?

    Z Return -is it a bird/ is it spirit..or a Messenger x12 (Pak-DA)

    • What we have here – for those confoozed by how I can chastise RGEa one day and consider him “brother in arms” the next, is that when you get to the trute (as I see it and I think he does too) that one of the biggest of con jobs on Earth today is made up of squads of self-apppointed do-gooders who claim Eternal and Almighty Power to act as our intercessionaries with the Dude.

      Bullshit, plain and simple.

      Only if you surrender to power of other humans can such hokum be proffered.

      Now, such criticism centers not on any one particular faith, it’s just acknowledgement that there is a special ability to draw power when one works directly with Big Dude. No one needs to buy help from the con artists. But self-honesty and hard critical thinking is required.

      Every so often you’ll come across persons who have what Dr. Earl Nightingale called “The Direct Line.” Figure Andy and many others here sport the same power connection, as well.

      And that this life – may only be judged after the fact by the Dude. It’s why Urban is a very special place. A kind of Tibetan monastery in the digital realms where occasional reflections of high purpose and light are reflected.
      Not a “hall of records” but it is where important matters of human spirit and liberty as God given rights are individually considered without a mob of group think of followers parroting false prophets.

      And so around here, when we hear things like the messianic news figures saying “follow me or get out of the way” we spot immediately another charlatan rounding up a flock to shear.

      We seldom speak so directly, as it’s easy to offend followers.
      As I quoted in PN today: (a freebie to think long and hard about)

      ““When economics becomes a branch of politics, it ceases to be economics and becomes messianic. It becomes an instrument of power whereby men play god and plan to use human beings as their raw material.” ~ R. J. Rushdoony”

      Might something similar said about the corruption of our Roots and Founding principles?

      Some of us simply can accede to purveyors of false self-importance and we sure as shit ain’t “raw materials.” If you can’t stand to be judge alone on your own core, time in the herd is not often the highest humans can reach.

      • “… one of the biggest of con jobs on Earth today is made up of squads of self-apppointed do-gooders who claim Eternal and Almighty Power to act as our intercessionaries with the Dude.”

        Organized Religion has made a business model out of this idea for thousands of years. Trying to market our Holy ‘Itself’ as if ‘It’ were a product on a shelf behind a glass panel or a service that must be subscribed to through some self-appointed gateway is one of the great sins. But this will also can serve as one of the great personal liberations when one has realized that the notion of Almighty As Product was always utter Bull Leavings and the Truth WILL set you free.

        “… there is a special ability to draw power when one works directly with Big Dude. No one needs to buy help from the con artists.”

        Each of us is a fractal of The Divine. The proverbial drop of Divine Water in the full Ocean of Divinity. When one tones down the silly little foolish human ego and all the wayward self-identifications we make in Life that divert our attention away from our true Nature then we truly ‘Go back to Source’ and rejuvenate ourselves in the fullness of our Divine Nature.
        Like taking a warm and rejuvenating bath in Holy Waters.

        “And that this life – may only be judged after the fact by the Dude.”

        The Dude does not judge us in the traditional way we have to come to believe or been told. Near Death Experiences have told us that we will judge OURSELVES. Again sort of that thing about us being a fractal of the Divine idea. We experience and face and confront all the good and bad that we have been in our lives from every perspective and come away from the Life Review a changed Being.

        “… time in the herd is not often the highest humans can reach.”

        As countless animals in the famous Chicago Stock Yard would tell you (if they could)… the only thing that ‘following the herd’ will do for you is to end up in the great big pen and then later on someone else’s dinner plate in pieces.

        It is the beast that breaks away from The Herd and stakes his/her own path that lives and prospers.

      • Agreed, Well done Kemosabi !

        Just curious, Why do you on purpose misspell and mess up your sentence’s and grammar in this reply section ?

        Gotta good story / NDE about surviving a 175ft fall off of the Trail of Tears scenic overlook back in 1977, July 4th.

    • Haven’t taken a prescription pain pill in 17 years. The scripts interfere with your body’s endorphin production. Mostly I use diet, appropriate exercise, and low dose OTC (when absolutely necessary) to reduce pain. Treat the underlying inflammation, and learn to tolerate what pain remains. The scripts also convince you that you can do things that you really can’t, or shouldn’t, and you pay for it later.
      If the pain is too severe and goes on too long, your peripheral nervous system starts shutting down, and you start hurting yourself. The effect is a little like leprosy. That’s when it is time to crawl into the surgeon’s waiting room and beg for help. I hope things work out for you.

  5. George –
    I’ve been up to my eyeballs in work but with the outside conditions keeping me inside I finally had time to tiptoe through the news. Have you mentioned anything about the Brunson Case that the Supremes have sought out and put on the docket? It appears that the highest court has a couple of live grenades that they’re considering tossing into both Houses of Congress possibly this month.

    I know there’s little regard in this venue for “107” but in this video he drops all the usual story telling and concentrates on this case. What he has to say is a huge relief given the results of the past month (Hell, the past 2 years!!) even though it may well throw our country into turmoil for months to come. If SCOTUS decides in favor of Brunson then it could go a long way toward relieving the funk you talked about in today’s PN article – which was amazing as usual.

    Juan said in the “Remedies” section of the case documents there’s the option to dismiss the case altogether but I can’t find that in any of the documents regarding the case so far. I may be looking in the wrong places, though.

  6. Chart comment – “…and is waiting for the other shoe to fall” –
    Could that be the predicted Collapse of NATO by year’s end ?

    • perhaps PetroDollar collapse..

      – will spark the fire that burns down the beast system..

      sniff, that smoke I smell?

      Hello PetroGold !

      where U been putin Ure phyz ?
      Not in da unsafe deposit box at commercial no dont do it.
      back yard, pvc pipes in basement rafter/floor joists, pond/lake bottom via GPS/lock box/stuffed Animal door stops..”yea yea thats a brick in there alright” -dc
      ..personally I utilize multiple stashes..ya just never know.

      Beware the gold plate, it insidious.

  7. Today’s Peoplenomics column. Ass kicking, deep thinking top of the Net Journalism. Deep analysis of reality using logic and integrative thinking. It’s not just about writing when you get rich. Thank you George! The link to the Long Covid Psychiatric Risks article is a must for all to read.

    • Extra!! Extra!! Read all about it !!

      “Time magazine has listed Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky as its Person of the Year for 2022.

      Zelensky’s selection for the title comes after nearly 10 months of the president dealing with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Edward Felsenthal, Time’s editor-in-chief, claimed that the decision to name Zelensky its person of the year was “the most clear-cut in memory,” according to a press release.”

      ROLMFAO !!

      • Pathfinder Bob,

        One can’t begin to envisage the voluminous measure of coverage the honored Mr. Zelensky has generated towards peace in our Time. Speaking of peace, it seems 33 members of the EU parliament nominated Mr. Z. for the ’22 Nobel Peace Prize. A dynamite oxymoron was averted as Mr. Z. was passed over in favor of a tripartite award that included the Moscow-based human rights organization “Memorial”.

        Happy full moon rising this evening to everyone!

  8. Folks,

    Three score years prior to Reverend Senator-elect Warnock’s ministering to the flock at Harlem’s Abyssinian Baptist Church, the great German theologian and eventual anti-nazi martyr Dietrich Boenhoeffer taught Sunday school there in 1930. He apparently found the new world theology wanting but the spirituals to be more on song.

    A cursory review of the “Urbansurvival” tome for mention of “prayer” has arguably risen above the average trend line since the inception of the Biden administration. In fact you could expect going on towards 200 “prayer” events since mid-2013 whereas around 110 are actually recorded.

    One might argue global prayer levels have been artificially adjusted by those within The Dude’s designates. Consider that amongst the most faithful tiers, those of the Jewish faith are called to pray 3 times a day, and Muslims 5 times a day. Prior to Vatican II, monastic followers of the Roman faith were called upon 7 times a day to pray. Post-Vatican II that structured prayer was watered down. Are the Muslim Imams trying to pick up the slack, but the tide is coming in too fast?

    All I know is each of us can only do our best. The Dude will handle the rest.

    • Folks,

      The WH released the transcript of President Biden’s remarks at the Arizona chip factory yesterday. He opened with a “slow” joke. The paragraph was annotated as being “positively” received by the audience. Also the President gave a shout-out to the spouse of the chip factory owner for being a member of his staff on his first Senatorial campaign.

      Speaking of coinkydoinks, I had no idea that cartoon character Mona Simpson was named for an author who was sister to the late computer genius and married an Appel.

    • Christians are to pray unceasingly.

      My son, a neophyte in the Buddhist tradition, has an inner dialogue going on incessantly.

  9. The NASDAQ100 broke below it’s 85 DayMA on the 2nd.., and is, as of this morning went below it’s 30 DayMA.
    The Dollar Index broke below it’s 85 DayMA on Nov 9th.
    BitCoin dropped below it’s 85 DayMA on Nov 7th.
    .., and the 10 Year Treasury dropped below it’s 85 DayMA a couple of hours ago.
    – It would appear that the over all market is setting up for a Big Move.., and if you base that “Big Move” with/on Elliott Wave cycles., then that “Big Move” is to the down side.
    – The questions appear to be: When & What triggers that “Big Move” ??
    – I believe it will be an ‘event’ that will be the trigger.

  10. President Xi Jinping will attend the first China-Arab States Summit and China-Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) summit in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and pay a state visit to Saudi Arabia from Dec. 7 to 10 at the invitation of King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud of Saudi Arabia.
    – Ohhh.., wouldn’t just love to be sitting in on those closed-door meetings ! The ensuing press announcements could be rather “fascinating” !!

  11. If the comment I just sent is seen as a reply, it was meant as a comment. I laughed so hard, I think I hit the wrong button. Lol.

  12. A break-down / history on the emerging story of the “missing” $80 trillion dollars and why it matters:
    This warning does not come from some headline-grabbing doomsayer but arguably one of the most respectable financial body, the Bank of International Settlements (BIS). This is a body of central bankers based in Basle, Switzerland., know as “the central banker’s banker”, an umbrella body for institutions such as the Bank of England, US Federal Reserve and European Central Bank.
    They are warning of a crash the scale of which we have never seen before, with a staggering $80trillion (£65trillion) at stake.
    To put that into perspective, the global financial crisis was triggered by the collapse of Wall Street investment bank Lehman Brothers in September 2008.
    That was the largest corporate bankruptcy in US history but its debts totaled “just” $619billion. That is less than one percent of the sums at stake today.
    Terrifyingly, the $80trillion-plus “hidden” debt estimate is greater than the total stocks of US dollar, Treasury bills, repo and commercial paper in circulation combined, BIS said.
    This $80trillion market is a massive concern since it does not appear on balance sheets and is absent from statistics. Effectively, it has gone missing., as no one single entity is responsible. They all are culpable. Pension funds and other “non-bank” financial firms have more than $80trillion of hidden, off-balance sheet dollar debt in FX swaps.
    BIS described the FX swap debt market as a “blind spot” that risks leaving policymakers in a total “fog”. A Dutch pension fund or Japanese insurer could use borrow U.S. dollars then lend them as euros or Japanese yen, before later repaying them. It is within these FX monetary swaps that the debt rides., and does not have to carried on the books.., and the amount of that hidden debt is staggering.
    The safe haven greenback dollar has rocketed by up to 18 percent this year making dollar debt more expensive. Dollar shortages would force foreign owners of dollar assets to offload them in a global fire sale if short of cash, contributing to a downward price spiral.
    The world would be helpless in the face of a meltdown on this scale, yet nobody has any control over that hidden debt market.
    – All the numbers are from: Markets Today & Investors Daily.., some verbiage is mine.

  13. Volcanoes: Two USGS measurements of the Mauna Loa eruption recently (days apart) were 180,000 tonnes and 120,000 tonnes daily of Sulfur Dioxide emissions. We are fortunate for the high elevation vent, which spews most of it up into the stratosphere and now blows west across the pacific (Think China will notice?). In 2018 the nearby Kilauea eruption at low elevation blanketed the landscape downwind with SO2 that required acid-filter respirators.

    I’m amused about the climate creeps screaming “CO2…CO2”
    Plant a tree or three, you idiots! Trees eat CO2 and make Oxygen. Where’s your high school science?

  14. Lots of meat in today’s column George. A real loss for those who don’t subscribe to Peoplenomics.

    “there is a kind of ‘creeping Darkness descending on America.” you write.

    My mom taught me something when I was very small and I’ve never forgotten. She took me into a room on a bright sunny day and asked me to find a lit candle. It took me quite a few seconds of searching. That night after dark, she did the same thing. Very different result.

    Her lesson. When things get dark and they will, be the lit candle.

    While Elaine is concerned about her approaching 80th birthday, I suspect she is the lit candle in your life. I hope she is aware of that.

  15. People becoming less religious…A point that is often overlooked is what terrible people some of the prominent religious leaders show themselves. Child molesters, home wreckers, conspicuous consumption. Just like the past few generations of political leaders, they loose the respect of the people they claim to represent. That kind of betrayal will cause one to review what they believe. Clearly a person does not need to be involved with organized religion to follow a calling, but if the people leading those organizations are such poor examples of what they preach, you will not become as involved as you might and also will not involve your children. I guess it goes in the same cycle. Good times make weak people, weak people make hard times, hard times make good people. Hard times also make for more religious peoples as they look for things that provide hope for the future.

    • In ure’s private circle of friends, few hold a specific (sold/marketed ) belief. Yet all are highly ethical and spiritual. It’s like the difference between equality and equity. One is a universal right, the other’s a complaint.

      If you can’t trust all the people in your circle with your life and fortune, what are they doing there?

      • Not a preacher but the answers to these excellent points from both Joe and yourself can be found in the Holy Scriptures. If you study the Bible there are many instances of just exactly those kinds of people who are religious and political leaders. But your final statement about being able to trust those in your inner circle is a huge solid. Was Jesus a leader of an “organized” religion? No, I personally don’t see it that way. He was a teacher. And how about Him being able to trust those in his inner circle? Like Judas Iscariot? Nope. I believe the more trust and faith you put into these so-called politicians and religious leaders is a quick path to disappointment or worse. I’ll put my money on Jesus, the Dude, or whatever you want to call him. A good place to start is the Book of Proverbs. 31 chapters, one for each day of the month. Pretty good how to’s for life.
        I could be considered a horrible Catholic, for among many things I don’t make it to Mass every Sunday, and sometimes what comes out of my mouth is pretty foul, and I can be pretty opinionated and sometimes downright mean towards those I feel deserve it, but I know I am trying my best to be what is expected of me.
        A Captain I worked for years ago told me, “In the end, there are no secrets.”.

        Stay safe. 73

    • JoeDish: “People becoming less religious…”

      To fine tune this a bit… People have been falling off the Organized Religion train since the 1960s. The Self-Exalted Class has lost their grip on most People (at least in the West).

      But… People never lose their hunger for the Spiritual. The ‘Why Are We Here’ and ‘How Can My Life Have Meaning’ stuff never goes away… even in those who don’t bother to consciously ask themselves those questions anymore. The ‘existential’ questions in Their spirit remain right there under the surface. And the hunger for authentic answers grows by the day like someone who hasn’t been fed for a long time and the hunger pains are severe.

      That’s why things are so royally effed-up these days. People are hungry and hurting and desperate for answers and spiritual relief. And those institutions that used to speak to such needs have utterly failed and are of no use to provide guidance and healing.

      So what do People do? They flock to whatever answers that State Media and their peers puts in front of their faces. False ‘Religions’. Stuff like being Woke and ‘Being a Race’ and ‘Being A Color’ and ‘Being a Political Party’ and ‘The Covid Cult’. But these are failed notions of identity and purpose that cannot provide the spiritual sustenance that People truly need and crave. In fact, these identities just carry one farther away from the Real Path.

      We humans have physical needs. We have mental needs. And underpinning it all is that we have Spiritual needs that provide a foundation for our entire Earthly existence. And when our Spirit goes hungry… we can’t help but feel empty and without good direction.

      But we are surrounded by Great Spirit. We can fully embrace that Nature any time we decide… or we can just stand on its shoreline and just look at it and complain that we don’t know what to do.

      You can lead a horse to Spiritual Waters but you can’t make him jump in.

  16. I almost got hit with that ‘funk’ when I turned 70 this year. It shattered my youthful outlook on life to realize I really was that OLD! But then I remembered how much work I was doing to extend my life as much as possible, and I had better keep an eye on that long-term goal. I wanna see how long they keep sending SS payments beyond my age 100. Tell Elaine to cheer up! She has decades ahead to plan for and enjoy!

  17. Soros Bankrolls 253 Groups to Influence Global Media

    Leftist billionaire George Soros used his charities to build ties with hundreds of media organizations around the world involved in news and activist media. The journalism and activist media groups Soros supports mold public opinion on practically every continent and in many languages.

    My research is better than Bozell’s. Then again, I’ve also been tracking that Nazi SOB a lot longer…

  18. EU President Ursula von der Leyen Announces Review of Protected Status for All European Wolves After a Wolf Kills Her Pony

    In September, a thirty year-old pony named Dolly, who happened to belong to loathsome EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, was found dead with grievous injuries. Today, we learn that genetic tests have established that Dolly’s killer was a wolf

    Two sets of rules…

  19. Dr. McCullough: mRNA from COVID vax transfers from jabbed to unjabbed, ‘changing human genome’

    In a recent interview, distinguished internist, cardiologist, and epidemiologist Dr. Peter McCullough shared how studies have indicated that synthetic mRNA from the Pfizer and Moderna experimental COVID vaccines may last permanently in the body, can also transfer to the unvaccinated, and is “changing the human genome.”

    • I don’t doubt that’s a possibility, but the body has natural defenses(IgA and IgE among other things) against foreign proteins and nucleic acids. The deep muscle injection(puncture wound) was designed specifically to bypass these defenses and create a saturated depot beyond the reach of these natural systems. Repeated injections will create additional depots, eventually potentially overwhelming the immune systems(both B and T). The HIV insert will no doubt accelerate this.

      To date, I’ve seen nothing on optimizing the immune system via nutrition, prudent exercise, supplements, or anything else from the mainstream press. I don’t doubt at all that there is reverse transcription of the mRNA to the genome in at least some cases, though there are cellular safeguards. In virtually all cases, inflammation is assured.

  20. George, Elaine has you! You both have the benefit of living for each other along with living for yourselves. Such a purpose is likely the reason that committed couples live longer and have a much higher potential net worth than most single folks. For Elaine’s reference, I knew a friend’s mother that lived to 103 and never visited a doctor. She died peacefully at home and cheated the death industry of her last dollars! Her son was investigated by SS for potential fraud because she lived so long and never used Medicare! Another guy I know is a friend’s dad and just celebrated his 95th birthday. He was the life of the party. He still uses power and machine tools and builds things for the community. His mind is super sharp and he’s still a good businessman. We get what we get in life, and we have the opportunity to make the best of it. Since Elaine is a dancer and likely always will be, you two might enjoy learning Milonguero style tango and dancing with each other in close embrace. It’s easy on the hips and I’m sure there’s an appropriate floor somewhere in the house.

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