We find ourselves in an interesting kettle of fish today with the markets taking the Fed decision Wednesday NOT to move rates as a negative.  Forget the fact that most experts were predicting no move.  That doesn’t matter to a world “on edge” about the Middle East, trade discussions, and, oh yeah, the ongoing left-wing social media revolution aimed at dis-electing the properly-elected president of the US on the vaguest of allegations.  Good God…it just never stops, does it?

On this (miserable, long, drawn-out) debacle, the latest nonsense includes:

Of course, Me-Tooing and riding the “wave of hate” will continue tomorrow, and the day after, and the month after……as the Digital Mob/Digital Uprising (DM/DU) In America and Globally continues.  Doubt it?  Let’s roll with the data..:

The REAL goings on are a lot more devious than the standard RIGHT-LEFT crap spewed by the co-opted followers in the media and the rating slut consultants.

Fact is, we now have TWO GOVERNMENTS in America.  One elected and one pretending to power via the SOCIALIST MEDIA.  This is where we file stories like these:

We contend – and this is based on the data which we hold is very clear – that Social Media is more dangerous that automatic weapons and Bernie Sanders combined!.  More reasons for such an outlandish view?

In case you missed it, these are happening within – and without – these formerly United State.  Hourly if not more often, too.  The Social War is On!

We don’t need Mueller trying to finger more unprosecutable Russians.  Why, his team of Trump-haters hasn’t jailed people over the Clinton email server remains a Deep State Bermuda Triangle (the corners of which are Uranium 1, Foundation, and Servers – how soon the Seth Rich murder got lost in the septic system of the Deep, huh?) is obvious.

No, this is likely too much detail to fathom at this hour.  Instead, I just look to the business headlines and try to see the way ahead…

As the NY Times business desk summed it up: “Fed Holds Interest Rates Steady but, Defying Trump, Signals Increases to Come.”

In many ways, the Fed is right:  If – on the (we pray) small chance the GOP loses the House for failing to close ranks and support Trump, the Wall, cracking down on illegals voting and other  issues, the Fed will need to clean up another collapse.

These are, in longwave economics (which is my bag) quite predictable.  Most people miss them…confusing them with secular events.  The one around 1960 gets blamed on Vietnam.  1970 was over Boeing’s bust and anti-war protests.  Who knows about 1980, but the one in 1990 got us into the sandbox.  The 2000 Internet Blow-off and $8-trillion Tech Wreck was “covered” by the War on Terror showing up with uncanny predictability leading to LIHOP/MIHOP charges.  And then the Housing Bubble blow-up of 2008.

So when you look at the “heartbeat” of the economy, there’s a very clear pattern and the Deep State runs it all, which is why they figure Trump’s gotta go and the democrats have a ton of insiders who believe they are “doing good” for the country, even now.

The unavoidable conclusion is that there is no making the Market happy.  You see, if the rates had gone up, the market was of a mood to scream “Too much, too fast, economy won’t support it!”  But, with the Trump points on the board and a first-look at jobs being good in the ADP report for July (+219,000 jobs), the market went into the bipolar opposite which sounds to us like “What do they see that’s bad, such that they didn’t raise rates?

Down on Wall Street, the glass is always half-empty when you approach what to us looks like a long-term high, but maybe (in our work, anyway_)  until the middle-to-end of August.  I’ll hold the “We told you so” because the market will open down today, up tomorrow after jobs and then up through options a few weeks out, at least that might not be an entirely silly bet, for now.

But that does circle us around to jobs and the latest data du jour is the Challenger, Gray, and Christmas (in August, lol) Job Cuts report just out today:

As the press release goes on:

“The pace of downsizing fell to the lowest level of the year in July, as U.S.-based employers announced plans to cut 27,122 workers from payrolls during the month, according to a report released Thursday by global outplacement and executive coaching firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc.

July’s total fell 27.1 percent from the 37,202 cuts announced in June and 4.2 percent from the same time last year, when 28,307 cuts were announced.

Last month’s total was the lowest of the year, falling below the previous low of 31,517 recorded in May. July’s cuts were the lowest since November 2016, when employers announced 26,936 cuts.”

We will get some other data as the day goes on – Factory Orders come in at 10 this morning.  But the “half empty view” prevails going into the open with the futures down 160 points on the Dow, or so.

And in the morning’s Tulip check, Bitcoin is still around $7,560….

Good News – And Bad…

As Time reports Drinking Too Much Alcohol (And Too Little) Is Linked to Dementia.

Time to put on the Flak Glasses and go watch the Tweet-fire at the Social War Front.  Be safe and “Moron the ‘morrw…”

Comandante Ure out…

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