Two Deep Thoughts

Both involve making money.

One has to do with our “heartbeat of the market” that we discovered hidden in the data recently.  Not perfectly regular, but close enough for trading.

So one deep though this morning deals with a new finding in the “heartbeat.”
The second is how we plan to play the Fed announcement today.

A few headlines?  Sure.  But let’s talk money.  Because despite the terrible bashing the anti-doughs make, we find buying groceries is easier than stealing ’em!

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8 thoughts on “Two Deep Thoughts”

  1. –Still, given I expect there to be (but this is not advice, yeah?) a turn in the market to the upside through about the third week of August – which is around when the average annual high comes in – you can probably pencil in how we will be playing the market at Fed-Time today.–

    As stated here and the long waves forum over a decade ago. The average high coincides with money coming out of investments and moves from monetary capital and into intellectual capital, coupled with the annual harvest coming in and while producers pay off their debts a lot of money gets tied up in commodities in the fall and becomes parked until it is consumed over the course of a year.

  2. George
    I assume from what looks like placeholder notes (I do that too) that the charts are coming later today after the Fed Announcement?
    Otherwise the charts are missing from my download.

  3. George, instead of hiding the GOLEM trading system, create a webinar for investors to attend with email marketing to invite them & sell it to attendees. You must have a ton of email addresses from your years in business. Or market it thru Affiliate marketing, ie Clickbank.

    • No, AS I said before, this is for subscribers and what’s been written about it so far I would venture is worth $40-bucks a year, don’t you think?

  4. My Deep Thought for Today:
    If you go to work for Samsung as a guard, are you a “guardian of the galaxy”?

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