Jobs Report: It’s ALL About Manufacturing

One of the things beaten into my head in grad school back-in-the-day was to always look at Standard Accounting Ratios (SARs).

A fine example is when looking at long-term data, you don’t go back and look at how many people were working last month, or even last year.  You go back and pencil out the data for long, long ago – decades – because there are many changes in a society and an economy that “creep in slowly” over time.

Let’s talk demographics, for-instance:  When most “grays” (sixty-somethings) were growing up, the country’s racial composition was about 85 percent white.  Today, it’s down to 66 percent (and dropping at an increasing clip).  What this means (and no, this isn’t racist) is that consumptive habits are changing over time.

You see it in music and culture as reflected in Media.  Why, back-in-the-day, to see minority performers on the networks during the Lawrence Welk-era, was a novelty. But, then came the Rock & Roll revolution, R&B, which became Urban Contemporary, which begat RapPersonally, I’m stuck in late 60’s jazz and R&B…as my tastes run more George Benson, EWF (Earth, Wind, and Fire if you’re still in childhood) than, oh, Reba or Willie, for example.  I like ’em all, don’t get me wrong.  Just my wiring and upbringing in an egalitarian lower-middle neighborhood resulted in a really broad-spectrum appreciation for all.

As other cultures were forced into the “melting pot”  during our lifetime, we have seen other changes besides music.  Prior to the Vietnam War resettlement operation, Americans didn’t have any idea as a nation what Pho Noodles were. (Yum!) I could go on….but my point is Big Changes happen slowly.  Even so, displacements happen and that’s where social stress comes from.

We’re all humans, we’re all in the “same pool” and we each have cultural strengths to bring to the party.  The Scottish side of the family brought you know what adult beverage…(Haggis drive-throughs didn’t catch on…) while the Danish side brought pastries and a tendency to obesity and CHD.

Point is, as we change changed as a nation, we have not changed as much between the ears.  And our taste in leadership hasn’t improved an iota.  We are STILL buying into the same-old lies and BS promises the same-old way, and that results in the same-old lack of change and resulting the slow, painful death of American excellence.

Which has what to do with Manufacturing  and SAR’s?

Just getting to that:

Context of Manufacturing Jobs first:  Let’s go back to those “thrilling days of yesteryear.”  Let’s take a cold, steely look at the manufacturing side of America:

See that?  There is a broad peak that ran from about 1960 to 2002.  In this period of time, it was still largely possible for one personal working to support a household unit.

Manufacturing and Farming is where the real wealth of the Nation comes from.  Sure, sure, hats off to tech, but the real job growth in manufacturing has been in Asia and elsewhere since the Internet Bubble blew-up taking $8-trillion down the crapper in the early 2000’s.  Yes, some of the decline was automation-induced, too.

Today, here we are 20-years later and when someone sees the root problem and wants to do something about it, what do we get?  Here’s something from last month that tells it all: a Newsweek Video: Texas Teen Attacked for Wearing MAGA Hat.

Without manufacturing, all there is – is what?  The service industries.  And when that falters, politicians reap a bitter harvest.  Along the Mexico border, there’s been abundant economic “growth” in the illicit drug industry and, as a result, when things like black tar heroin show up in “sin city” (Las Vegas), the crime rate goes up.  Ripple, ripple, political stars…how you blunder what you are….,

You see, there’s a soft sequence in the data that goes something like this – in long term, slow-motion:

  • Manufacturing peaks
  • Economic displacement begins
  • Service industry grows
  • Service industry reaches saturation
  • Quality of work begins to fall
  • Number of work-hours to support a family increases
  • Economic crime (picking over the scraps) increases
  • Abuse, differentiation, and division rises
  • Public attitudes shift and consensus fractures.
  • Blame and division ramp-up more
  • Out come the demagogues to sell socialism etc.
  • If the cycle reverses, then manufacturing picks back up.  We are saved to go another long wave cycle.
    • If not, Welcome to Venezuela!

Socialists (and their anarchist colleagues) and co-perps on social media plus those idiot sycophants in pop culture (who don’t think broadly or deeply) could do us all a favor with more emphasis in FIRST CAUSES.  Get a job, get a Life.

The data says the economic conveyor belt did its “heaviest lifting” in the period I’ve highlighted above.  Oh, and while we had a lot of inflation, we also didn’t have the choking-effect of compound interest on the National Debt.  Back then – and through the 9/11 fiasco, things were slowly, incrementally, getting better.

Then it blew-up.

Sure, St. Alan Greenspan lit off another of the famous serial bubbles with the no-doc loan-based Housing Bubble, but that blew up, too leaving us just now back to even from that cluster****.

The release of the jobs report today comes amidst the usual political distractions, but it boils down to this:

When a resource-rich country like the USA can’t (pardon this) make it’s own shit, we pay someone else (China, India, etc) to make it for us.  As a result, simple economic rules bite our butts…there are no retained earnings because we paid those out to these third-parties because we got lazy and because idiots (everyone face Washington) were too freaking dumb to grok that as we exported manufacturing, we exported our future.

One of the other “fall=outs” from this lack of understanding was that what capital was left had nowhere to go.  And that brings us to the second background chart.  The declining Velocity of Money at M2.

See what happened?  (Go look at the first chart and then this one…flip back and forth a few times).

As manufacturing peaked, so did the Velocity of Money.  Velocity is kinda like watching the electric meter spin.  The more of its own manufacturing a country does, the more money there is to invest.  People get along in such time because they are no longer fighting over an ever-smaller pie.  The pie’s getting bigger, so racial, gender, orientation, religious, and other differences begin to pale because we can all look forward to larger slices.  America – almost unbelievably – MAY have turned onto the road to recovery.

This is not to say the current administration has been perfect, You kidding?  BUT: it is extremely evident in the data that the globalist-socialist alliance that has included the minions of the rich in congress, has been slowed.  America is no-longer running straight down the Road to Ruin.

Is it a momentary blip of hope of a long-term change?  Too early to tell.  Politics can run us into the ditch – again – quite easily.

I’ve got plans to put a hanging sign on the front of a MAGA hat that will dangle down from the bill of the hat and it will read “Idiot Detector.”  If you don’t like the hat (and forget Trump, think of it as a Manufacture American Goods Again hat), you have the economic IQ of a doorknob.

Socialists are advantage-seeking lying pricks during all this.  They are never done as long as someone else has money or power.  When you try to corner them and ask them “How’s that really work?” – and especially if you cite use cases from Venezuela and the Former Soviet Unionthey’ll quickly call you names and move on.  You’re not fit to have the wool pulled over your eyes by ’em, so why argue the point, right? There are plenty of idiots to follow ’em.

I didn’t mean to get into a re-write of the Invisible Hand, nor a long discussion how Trump is trying to fire up the Virtuous Cycle in economics, but the data argues that until his presidency, the street signs to Venezuela (or, God-forbid, another EU-like dicktatership) were were getting closer.

The lefties in politics keep mashing on the Tax Cuts, but the data says they have begun to work – bringing money back into America.  And modest increases in the interest rates will – eventually – drive those bond-heavy dark pools of capital– back into productive use.  Building factories and a future.

The simplest way for any of us to participate is to dial down consumption of foreign-made goods.  But, we’ll save that rant for another morning.

It’s time to “read ’em and think” about the fresh job report.  Here’s what we’ve got…

“Total nonfarm payroll employment rose by 157,000 in July, and the unemployment rate edged down to 3.9 percent, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Employment increased in professional and business services, in manufacturing, and in health care and social assistance.

Household Survey Data

In July, the unemployment rate edged down by 0.1 percentage point to 3.9 percent, following an increase in June. The number of unemployed persons declined by 284,000 to 6.3 million in July. Both measures were down over the year, by 0.4 percentage point and 676,000, respectively.

Among the major worker groups, the unemployment rates for adult men (3.4 percent) and Whites (3.4 percent) declined in July. The jobless rates for adult women (3.7 percent), teenagers (13.1 percent), Blacks (6.6 percent), Asians (3.1 percent), and Hispanics (4.5 percent) showed
little or no change over the month.”

OK, now the Standard Account Ratios:

  • Overall population up 201,000
  • Civilian labor force was up0 105,000
  • Participation rate unchanged at 62.9 percent
  • The number of people employed was up 389,000 – which is a BIG increase and will drive sales on the consumer side as we see it.
  • Unemployed dropped by 284,000 which will cut the cost of government a bit.
  • Goods producing jobs were +170,000
  • And, Manufacturing jobs were +37,000.

Then there’s the CES Birth-Death Model that estimates new business creations and closures and what-not.  This contributed 146,000 jobs and the biggest gains were in professional services, hospitality and leisure, and in education and health.

In all, a fairly good report.  But down on Wall Street, only good for 50-points up on the Dow Futures.  We wouldn’t be surprised, though to see a +100 (or better) day by Miller time.

Passable Trade #’s, Too

Some of this was driven by people pre-buying from overseas to avoid possible tariffs…

Gun-Hating Socialists Dept.

I talked to a long-term friend in the PNW yesterday.  He’s a former USN Commander and a very sensible fellow: The socialists are at it again.  This time with an initiative (1639) that reads like this:

“Initiative Measure No. 1639,

AN ACT Relating to increasing public safety by implementing firearm safety measures, including requiring enhanced background checks, waiting periods, and increased age requirements for semiautomatic assault rifles and secure gun storage for all firearms; amending RCW (blah, blah, blah); adding new sections to (blah); creating new sections; prescribing penalties; and providing effective dates. ”

The Commander explains that under this new grab, looks to him like a .22 rifle could be called as an “assault rifle.” What’s more, looks like if you have a gun in your home and it’s not in a gun safe – and the gun gets stolen – you could be held liable for whatever crimes it is used to commit.

How would you like that applied to other things…like, oh, CARS for example?  OMG!  Car gets stolen and you’re responsible for the crime spree of the perps?  Who are these people?

The Commander also confessed he’s now criminal:  Last week, he drove in his personal vehicle with a plastic straw in his pop from a Renton drive-in hamburger joint up Rainer Avenue into Seattle where plastic drinking straws are a crime.

I may never speak the Commander again.  It doesn’t help our sterling reputation this consorting with known straw-criminals like him, regardless of past decorated meritorious service to the country.

I wonder if Amazon bans plastic straw shipments into Seattle?  You know there’s massive new “stainless steel straw” industry? FMTT.

ISYN, Seattle is nuts.

And in Other News

This distant planet is one of the best places to search for alien life.  No, Seattle is not a planet.

Stonehenge mystery solved, says breakthrough scientific study.

Small thaw with Russia here? For investors in Russia, U.S. sanctions will not pack the same punch as before.

Low levels of air pollution linked to changes in the heart.

And if you have a well-equipped home chem lab: Newly characterized molecule offers possibilities for novel Alzheimer’s treatments.

OK, more tomorrow…prepping articles on the weekend and Peoplenomics for subscribers where we get deeper into markets and long-term strategic thinks…

53 thoughts on “Jobs Report: It’s ALL About Manufacturing”

  1. George, what, no more Deep State? Now it’s the Socialists? Not the Chupacabra? OK. I’ll bite. So, were anti-monopoly rules socialism too? Or did they (and Teddy Roosevelt) save capitalism?

    Funny thing about a poker game: When all the chips end up in a couple of guys’ stacks, the game ends.

    The Trump Tax cuts were pure pork. A goosed economy. Pure deficit spending. Since Reagan tripled the national debt, the Conservatives have become the party of borrow and spend. A bunch of juicers. Same now. Since the Trump tax cuts, Fed. tax revenues have plummeted. Plummeted. (Google the FRED Tax Receipts and punch in 1 year and 5 years.)

    Obviously the Tax Cut was Snake-oil, and 4/5 of the money went into the hands of people not likely to spend it. All that deficit hawking nonsense by the Conservatives when we were mired in the Great Recession, that was Snake-oil too. (With a bunch of racially tinged ‘blame the Others and the Takers’ to keep the victims distracted from the true game.)

    When interest rates rise, as they inevitably must from this massively increased government borrowing during good times, you can kiss this 9 year run of prosperity goodbye. And when the Great Automation Unemployment fully hits in another 5 years, after the staying power of the 90% has been additionally dramatically drained, and The Press sufficiently weakened, look for 1930s totalitarian European government to take hold. Don’t worry George, I’ll make sure you’ll always have a spot with the 1%-ers. Best, Mike.

    • 4/5 of the tax money went into hands who will reinvest it creating more jobs & spending. Even if it was just deposited in a bank, there is a multiplier effect.

      Result will be a greater tax revenue for the gov’t. I will agree, the tax cut did make the rich, richer but at the expense of no one since it will provide more jobs for all & an increased standard of living.

      What would hurt the economy, is if the Millenials stop spending beyound their limits.

      • Maybe he’s concerned the non working lazy won’t get something? This is how liberal-think works, you know. Speaking of which You see where the NT Times has added an avowed “white hater” (Asian female) to their editorial board? Pissing away of the Grey Lady continues…
        The soggy socialists call THAT “SATIRE.” When you or I use that excuse, it’s be racist for damn sure.
        Labelmakers, huh?

      • Sarah Jeong tweeted “oh man it’s kind of sick how much joy I get from being cruel to old white men.”

        Maybe she has a thing for us old guys. She is kind of cute.

      • The ‘lazy takers’ are a mere pittance. The big money is snaked out of the system by fat cats off the backs of the Rubes. And now even the Farmers have to pay the price of incompetence and bluster. You know, I take the Rube stuff back. It’s an insult to actual Rubes. BTW, note that Obama was sequestered and O-care was paid for. The big deficit was the overhang from W’s recession, plus his $8 trillion fiasco in Iraq. Please note that Fed tax receipts have fallen off a cliff again. Best, Mike.

      • No Mike – get back to accounting school. OCare was balanced by breaking the family budgets of the middle class – and it was a core objective of the obamanation FoD don’t you “get” why America elected Trump YET???

      • ECS, have you talked to any business owners? I did — as the tax cut was being debated. Not ONE planned on hiring people as a result of the tax cut. Seems business owners make hiring decisions based on being able to grow their business. Profits were already near historic highs, so presumably capital wasn’t the problem…

        But the cuts did give us something George isn’t talking about. Deficits as far as the eye can see, deficits of the $Trillion kind (coming in 2019). And here we sit at peak economic cycle. Wonder where the stimulus to dig ourselves out of the next hole will come from… Tax and withholding payments are down 1% for this year, versus a Trump admin prediction of up 0.2%… but hey, that’s only $40B a year. Treasury says borrowing for the 2nd half of this year will ramp to $750+B for the 2nd half of 2018, up 60+% from last year. I understand there is another $100B a year being planned in capital gains tax cuts (by inflation adjusting assets). I wonder what all that will do to interest rates. Maybe you’ll get lucky and a Dem house will be elected in the fall so you have someone to blame all this on.

      • Jeff: Give the tax cuts time to take hold & your business friends will all be calling & offering you a job.

    • Mike.. I think you’ve missed the importance of what the President is trying to accomplish. He’s a shrewd businessman. Trying to erase fifty years of political incompetence and greed. He’s struggling with a political environment where special interest has the power to pull the strings and make them dance to their tune no matter how bad it is. On the same issue the politicians in office have a million requests and the ones whispering in their ears are the ones shoveling money at them.they live in a box and the only one that has access to them is the devil with the money and gifts. One once told me he had to know in the first minute if he needed to wine dine or get them laid or smother them with gifts.
      Spin around now and look back at the man and his companies. He has an extremely high employee retention level. In today’s world of me and mine that is very rare..I tell the kids if the level is below forty grab it.
      He has a deep love of his country and a devotion to the people here. To get support to move forward to bring jobs back and encourage the blue collar sect ( yup us bottom feeders) he has to have the support of those in power..( Or the hillbilly way of saying it.. Throw the dog a bone.)
      He may be giving a tax cut but on the other hand he’s taxing incoming goods and services with tariffs. He’s accomplished more without any support than any president in current history.
      The puppeteers on the other hand see what he’s trying to do and it riles them..why..because the more he accomplishes the more control they loose..where we fall short is we aren’t willing to flush the toilet.VOTE..NOT ONE ALL OF THEM

      • Your are entitled to your opinion…but you give this absolutely clueless President waaay to much credit. He is a puppet of his handlers and Fox News. He is not a smart person by any stretch of the imagination.

    • Mike..Tax cuts makes a lot of sense. If you want the dog to wag it’s tail for you or do what you want.. You toss it a bone and some treats.

    • Mike, 9 year run of prosperity you say? Well, actually it was the worst recovery in history. Remember that $2 trillion stimulus in 44s 1st term …now that was pure deficit spending AKA or “not as shovel ready as we thought”.

      You don’t think having some of the highest corporate tax rates might harm US competitiveness? Taxes always alter behavior.

      2 questions for you –

      1. what is used as a replacement for the profit motive as an incentive for innovation in your socialist utopia?

      2. Why do you possess fear that you are unable to compete in the system you rant against?

  2. George,
    Your data is missing one key component that makes manufacturing here in America a bit of an issue…Education…Back in 1960, only 10.5% of and 6% of women had a degreed college education. That means just under 90% of men and 95% of women (who were stay at home moms in those days) had a gray or blue collar job. They were the heart and soul of America’s strength in manufacturing. By 1970, those number of college educated men and women grew to 14.1 and 8.2%..1980 they increased to 21% and 13.6%…By 1990 it was 24.4%and 18.4%…2000 It was 27.8% and 23.6%…2010, 30.3% and 29.6% and today, women passed men up…men are 33.2% and women are 33.7%.

    When you triple the college educated workforce in men and more than quintuple the educated workforce for women…you have a big chunk of the workforce that got that education to AVOID a manufacturing job. My auto manufacturing line worker, preached to my dad and me…”Never settle for a blue dollar job. Get an education…Be the guy that pays my measley salary”

    As a result, you have a educated and dual income workforce that exponentially raised the standard and cost of living in America. Add to the fact that in order to keep a big portion of the populace from getting that education too and and to entice them to stay in the manufacturing sector, companies needed to sweeten the pot with higher wages. As inflation took hold, wages had to increase to keep the economy humming. Eventually, with the help or hurt of unions, those wages became so high that companies had to find other sources overseas for manufacturing.

    If we bring manufacturing back to America…sacrifices or subsidizing needs to be implemented…and that’s where we get into the dreaded socialist territory. Americans can’t afford American manufactured goods with Today’s American wages…unless we get back to the company town concept where the company owns the living quarters…just like in Communist China to keep wages low and cost of living expenses down. This is the unfortunate conundrum of success. This is a super Macro explanation I know…and George knows how to drill down even deeper…but while I like the Make America Manufacture Again concept..I am not sure it is sustainable in today’s world for us.

    • Mark, what you post makes sense. However, a “degreed college education” didn’t make the population smarter, because with or without a “degreed college education” people refuse to think (as amply demonstrated!). Our problem is world overpopulation of UNTHINKING people (readers of this section are excluded ;)) that need no explanation, IMHO, of course.

    • I hate to say it because that says a lot about American greed.. But I think your right.
      The transition is almost complete.

  3. “The simplest way for any of us to participate is to dial down consumption of foreign-made goods.”

    I mostly buy “domestic vodka” with a forethought ;-), that it will put bread on the table for my compatriots.

    Your column should run front page on every US paper!!

    • OTFLMAO… just give that one a try.. I searched a whole day to find american made socks…
      interesting though.. take food.. I can’t wait to see how the citrus crop does this year. my garden has ten billions blossoms.. no fruit.. no bee’s flying around this year that I have really seen.. another thing.. I haven’t had to buy any pest powder either. there hasn’t been any cabbage moths etc flying around..
      a few days ago a guy dropped by..( he is an angel.. he pulled weeds for me LOL) he has a company that sells hydroponic and aquaponic systems to ranchers and other places that want that kind of growing medium.. ( he was at a meeting in our area a few months back and next thing I knew he was over visiting with me ) anyway he wanted to know about my idea for a compact system that can be disposable etc.
      and he brought up something that really got my interest. He said that business has been brisk..( in big ranching states like Texas, wyoming etc..) the reason they can’t get enough to feed their stock and by putting up big hydroponic system they can grow enough to feed their cattle cheaply. but it was the bee’s that got my interest. ( the fact that crops have been coming up short.. GMO ) by altering the dna to obtain a chemically resistant plant for herbicides and pest resistance is killing off the bees and pests..
      Quick run to the store.. Hmm see anything interesting.. most of the produce we see comes from area’s that don’t allow GMO crops… lift one hand out of the goo drop the other one in.. now is this by design.. it definitely is a way to keep control over the masses

      • The suggestion I gave the manufacturer of hydroponic systems.. is it is a closed system.. a Quonset hut with trays.. so add a beehive with the only access being into the grow room.. its a two fer the honey by isolating them healthy bee population and your crops producing.. if he likes it and decides to sell the pocket hydroponic system.. great.. I just hope he gives me a few pounds of coffee as a thanks for the idea..if he loves it .. a couple of pounds of the Jamaican blue coffee.. preferably raw and un-roasted.. I will do that myself LOL..
        I had a guy get all excited the other day and he has been picking my mind since.. the subject of carbon graphene batteries came up.. and how much power they have.. I made the mistake of telling him the story of Benjamin Franklin and the key on a kite string. ( I know I know it is a false story but hey it is cute) and graphite.. the theory that the pyramids were a power source.. and the story of Atlantis and the magic crystal pyramids, tesla and his wanting to send free energy to everyone.. we have heard about the pierce arrow being able to drive on electric and the reason for lightning rods on your homes and the affects of an emp.. they are all together in one.. the free flow of electric ion’s.. we use ion filters to clear our air clean our water.. but few have put together that they are everywhere even as we use our cell phones and our television and radios or that spark as we walk across the floor and touch a door knob.. the thought of the pyramids is that static electricity was produced and also a storage of water for the dry seasons.. pyramids are on a grid system world wide.. gold was the top.. by having static electric ion’s and the gold as an emitter.. the same principle would have been what the crystal power would have been just more efficient.. graphine collects free electric ion’s and will channel them down to a battery.. or a generator can collect the energy and then distribute it via wire by towers.. tesla’s idea was to collect the power charge batteries then power a home simple well thought out and ancient in origin.. nothing new there..
        the same thing with his car.. nothing new there either.. the same thing with solar power.. ( did you know that congress chased new inovation out of the usa.. yup.. print a window for highrise.. mix I think is is titanium dioxide with black berry juice and make an ink of sorts print out the window tinting then charge the window with … wait for it.. ( graphine or graphite.. ) put a couple contacts on it cheap.. penny a watt.. oh well I digress.. sorry .. it just amazes me that like my acquaintance that is all excited over the NEW LOL.. batteries and how efficient they are LOL LOL.. nothing new at all.. but a definite reason to legalize a certain plant that shocks the hell out of me the more I learn about it..

  4. Before vaccines, diphtheria, the worst statically, had a kill or harm ratio of 1 in 80,000 people.
    Right now in NJ, a male child has a 1 in 25 chance of being autistic.
    With vaccines too early and too toxic, plus many other toxins assumed to be safe, the trends in health seem to say we are doomed if we do not reverse course hard.

  5. “as we exported manufacturing, we exported our future.”
    What make you think that wasn’t the plan???

  6. LOL @ the tariffs.

    The latest –

    General Motors seeks exemption from tariffs for Buick SUV

    “General Motors is asking that its Buick Envision midsize SUV be exempt from a tariff increase, saying if not, the vehicle may be dropped from Buick’s U.S. offerings.

    The Trump administration has proposed raising tariffs on foreign-made cars and parts by 25 percent.”

  7. Reading many comments I ask myself what is “the pebble in your shoe?” IT cannot be our POTUS, really?! ;-)

  8. Gotta love that Sarah. She is what we are going to get with all these females going to college. They gonna out do us, eventually. Think blackwidow spyders.

  9. I guess George the question that needs to be asked of the leftie socialist crowd when they bitch about the rich is when was the last time they were hired for long term employment by a poor person?

  10. Venezuela is an example of what happens when a country manages to keep their elected gov longer than the USA wants (usually they just kill them off & replace them as any research into S America since the 50’s will show). Having not been able to do this, the world policeman, the US, blocked Venezuela from capital markets, essentially running the country & economy down. Venezuela is not an example of what happens under socialism, rather, it is another example of how America was once great & wants to be great again; imperialism. The US installed its puppets in S America for many years & plundered the economies & resources, to the detriment of the populations. I see they are trying it in Panama again now (H. Cinton’s baby, if I’m not mistaken). MAGA requires more imperialism, it’s how empires have always been “great”. The difference now is China, & to a lesser extent Russia, are countering this with their own imperial ambitions (they both invested in Venezuela, for example). As you have said yourself, it can lead to only one place, war. Yes, a war between imperial powers that all want to MAGA/ MRGA/ MCGA. In my opinion, buying the BS on Venezuela being a “failed socialist state” undermines any pro-capitalist arguments because it is not a citable example. Anyway, socialism & capitalism only exist in name, both are pure fantasy in the modern era. As all Americans can surely see (but still play along for some reason), Democrats & Republicans are essentially the same & “capitalist” America is, in fact, an oligarchy.

  11. “No Mike – get back to accounting school. OCare was balanced by breaking the family budgets of the middle class –”

    Boy George.. you said a mouthful there.. did I mention the nightmare budget cuts in spendable take home cash I am working on.. Phew.
    I understand the O-Care… but really they didn’t need a new law just enforce the ones they already have.
    No price gouging
    No discrimination
    Open the borders ( for us there is two even on Medicare suppliments it is limited to just a few)
    open the borders for medications.( heck they are all made over there anyway and really why should a drug that sells for 33 dollars cost an american 10,000.00) back when I was young everyone had insurance.

  12. You’re going to have to change the website some more bud I’ve been sitting here scrolling down for what seems like 5 minutes trying to get down to the bottom comment so what I would do since most people have Firefox is I reduce it down to the minimum that you can get it that way they can scroll it down with them for 5 seconds and then they can expand it themselves because this is utterly ridiculous scrolling scrolling scrolling and scrolling .

  13. When someone post something on some comment and then someone else second or third post on that it becomes narrower and narrower you know like only two or three words per line I mean I don’t know if you have a cell phone smartphone that works if you do try opening up with your smartphone one of those subjects that have 50 comments on it and then you’ll see what I mean

  14. I mean heck I can use my middle finger for better things than sitting here scrolling and scrolling and scrolling.
    to me that’s website has problems there are other websites that have the same problem you do one or two of them wear when you try to read what other people post it’s only like one or two words per line and you just keep scrolling and scrolling and scrolling so I don’t know what this is is it WordPress or whoever it’s no good it’s not going to work.
    I did a quick reading on it and it says you need to take some action on this thing here or your website will not keep up with the future.

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