Market Drop: Welcome to March 17, 1930

I warned you (before the Friday Open last week) that we would be seeing a “crash window” open this week.  And (try not to look surprised here) the Dow futures earlier were down more than 500 points.  And losses in Europe were in the 2 1/2 percent range.  Which might ‘cast down 700 – or more – today.

This is not a time to be a coward, however.  It is a time to plan carefully for a future that has become decidedly “unfriendly” for us “go-along-to-get-along” people.

When I looked at the Kitco feed of the price of gold this morning, I took this as a hint:

I apologize to  Peoplenomics subscribers for sharing so much “out here in the open” but I believe there’s a time to share in order to serve.  This morning has that “feel” to it.  Besides, there will be much more to talk about Wednesday – of that you may be sure.

The Future First

For new readers, some of the basic of the UrbanSurvival and Peoplenomics viewpoint:

  • We believe that while markets do not precisely replay previous times, there is often a definitive “rhyme about them.”
  • Then, because of intermarket arbitrage, you can’t be guided by narrow indices.  The Dow Jones Industrials are only 30-stocks.  Out of thousands.
  • To clean up analysis, we developed an Aggregate Index more than 20-years ago and have been accumulating data ever since.
  • Last – but key  – is that present data can be “normed” to previous market excursions.  Helps one remain sane in markets that are not.  With me so far?

Therefore, when we line up the 1920-1921 market lows and overlay this with the 2009 Housing Bubble bottom and subsequent action, we can see a dandy – and potentially useful comparison where we can pencil outlooks shaping up in the news flow.

To Summarize how the next 90-days MIGHT roll:

  • Historical data hints that the market will go down – relative to Friday – perhaps 700 points – and maybe more.
  • However, we anticipate a “turn-around Tuesday” because Fed chair J. Powell will be selling the “don’t panic message” on the Hill Tuesday and Wednesday.
  • This could even lead to a rally even into next week…
  • However we expect the replacement nomination for RGB on the Supreme Court will lead to some of the worst examples ever of “political stupidity” ever witnessed.
  • The chart shows selling may continue more than expected ahead of the election…
  • But, just before?  Perhaps a relief rally.  (“Thankfully this shit’s over…”)
  • But then – and no surprise to this – we ought to see a “combination of ingredients recommended by 9 out of 10 crash doctors…”
    • Election challenges in the courts.
    • Violence and rioting in the streets.
    • Threat of martial law.
    • Attack on Electoral College
    • Stacking the Supreme Court with additional jurists to water down a Trump Court and get back to a socialist-kangaroo model.
    • But if Trump “wins” the R’s will own the Depression that’s coming anyway because of consumer super-saturation and no new “gotta have its” to buy.”
    • Then we get Wave 2 (in Elliott it will be a 3, but media’s stupid on such things…)

Which means a terrible time for the economy into the foreseeable future.  Both parties will have blood on their hands.  (Cheerful,  huh?)

Why is it March 17, 1930?

Oh… that is easy.  And this is an auspicious day.  Because today – in our Aggregate work – a drop 50 points lower than the futures – will bring us back to the same levels as the All-Time-High on February 19th.  And that’s after tossing (pissing-away?)  $6-8 trillion is it into economic stimulus?

Let’s zoom in to the alignment of the all time high this year with the all time high in 1929 and see how Ben Bernanke’s L4L (lower for longer) really has worked out:

There’s good news – and bad – about the L4L approach.  The further good news is we are not in rioting and mass demonstrations in DC  yet and there’s something of “normalcy bias” on a roll.  People are still mainly in their homes and not out plotting neighborhood defense with the equally armed people across the street.

The bad news is that this has come at some terrible cost and frankly, we are expecting all kinds of public push-back next year come tax time, depending on how the post-election handling (milking?) of the public to cost-shift the pandemic and economic consequences onto the back of us working people goes.

The nightmare is a democrat sweep – which would be highly inflationary – because that is one of the few accounting solutions to massive debt that makes sense. 

Remember the 1980’s and the Nuevo Peso is Mexico when they got into trouble?  Giv de the left-wingers in “The Squid” (sic) we wouldn’t be surprised to see that one pulled out of the hat in the 2021-2022 region.

Nuevo Peso School 

Extreme blogs all over the net yammer and fear-monger endlessly about a coming “Global Reset” and how it will all steal us blind.  Sure, it will, but within some bounds.  There’s much to be learned from a Wiki of Mexico’s experience 25-years ago:

“Throughout most of the 20th century, the Mexican peso remained one of the more stable currencies in Latin America, since the economy did not experience periods of hyperinflation common to other countries in the region. However, after the oil crisis of the late 1970s, Mexico defaulted on its external debt in 1982, and as a result the country suffered a severe case of capital flight, followed by several years of inflation and devaluation, until a government economic strategy called the “Stability and Economic Growth Pact” (Pacto de estabilidad y crecimiento económico, PECE) was adopted under President Carlos Salinas. On January 1, 1993, the Bank of Mexico introduced a new currency, the nuevo peso (“new peso”, or MXN), written “N$” followed by the numerical amount.[5] One new peso, or N$1.00, was equal to 1000 of the obsolete MXP pesos.[5]

On January 1, 1996, the modifier nuevo was dropped from the name, and new coins and banknotes – identical in every respect to the 1993 issue, with the exception of the now absent word “nuevo” – were put into circulation. The ISO 4217 code, however, remained unchanged as MXN.”

Ah…notice that last line?  The ISO Code didn’t change?  Because even though the NP was  not the same thing as the old – debt-logged one the Globalists have no interesting in being totally candid with “mere peeps.”

Remember how the NASDAQ wasn’t talked about four a couple of years when how many trillions of investor money blew-over in the DotCom collapse 2000-2003?  Poof – nothing to see here – move along.

Works every time – including times ahead.  Trust me on this.

A Few More Particulars

We don’t offer market advice.  I use all of these tools to manage our tiny nest egg. 

I mean, seriously:  Don’t take economic advice from a guy who lives in a double-wide mobile home out in the sticks…that’d be crazy!  (Even if the “double-wide”  has a recording studio, electronics lab, tons of solar, and comes with a very well equipped shop and equipment all oriented toward down-scaling and survival…  Obviously the owner of this output has a deep distrust of media which he was once part of…and government, too, since it’s now “urinalism” not journalism and in politics it’s all pay-to-play…)

Here’s how it looks to this kind of person nut – and it’s definitely not what you’re likely to see on the mainstream media – yet:

Let’s run through the Notes:

  • No 1:  All time high of market – Sept. 2, 2020.
  • No 2:  Wave 1 down low.
  • No 3:  Minimum Elliott downside (where 1=3)
  • No 4:  More usual Wave 3 where 3= 1.5  x Wave 1
  • No 5:  This low looks like 26,500 to 27,000.  We’ll be a lot more specific on the subscriber report Wednesday.

So there you have it.  Cherry on top.

With one final asterisk:  If J. Powell doesn’t get it pretty close to  exactly right on the hill, then the Crash scenario continues since markets don’t crash from their tops.  They crash when at bottoms.

Side of CFNAI

Chicago Fed National Activity Index just out:

“Led by some further moderation in the growth of production-related indicators, the Chicago Fed National Activity Index (CFNAI) declined to +0.79 in August from +2.54 in July. Two of the four broad categories of indicators used to construct the index made positive contributions in August, but all four categories decreased from July. The index’s three-month moving average, CFNAI-MA3, moved down to +3.05 in August from +4.23 in July.

After the data, Dow futures were still down almost 600.

Beta – Disappointment Would Be Good

Houston was supposed to be slammed this morning with Tropical Storm Beta coming ashore.  Little slow showing up – which is good.  More time to prep.  B

Up here, some 180 miles north of Houston, we still have our satcoms up and not even sprinkles yet.  Sure hope our friends in Houston don’t get too bad a dump.  Should get rolling after lunch sometime.

Know why it’s not here yet?  I washed out the rain gauge Sunday.  Whenever I get ready for real storms…bupkis!  We still have a forecast of a couple of inches, though:

(We’re in the “x-box”, so very fortunate for us.  We appreciate the soaking giving us a wide berth.)

Herding the Sheep

Oh, God, here we go.  What can the news worry itself (and in turn us) over while they continue “Crisis Rolling” which is the key tactic of the “Down-Conditioning” strategy?

Who do they think they are, Portland, or something? Police detain over 400 during Sunday protests in Belarus.

Who do they think they are, Belarus, or something? Protesters gather at Unthank Park in North Portland, march to sit-in at Mississippi Avenue house.  Still, our hat’s off to this fellow: Black Man Rails Against Portland Protesters: ‘You Ain’t From Here’.

Beat the Clock? The TikTok and WeChat ban that wasn’t: here’s whats happening now.

Maybe we shouldn’t have done the Sunday feature on our sharpening bench: Hopefully only coincident with this South Bay story: Fremont: Fight leads to stabbing injuring four

News for Thinking People

Not all hype and BS though it sure seems that way at times:

Geophysical Survey May Have Found Secret Chambers In King Tut’s Tomb.  Akashic records?

And in case you hadn’t guessed: U.S. Medical School Applications Soar in Covid-19 Era.   My point?   Medicine:  It’s where the money is…

Off to watch my shorts now…er…so to speak!

Write when you get rich,

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George Ure
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  1. Well, we’re getting a little soaking all over again out West of your lo-cal. I don’t think the rain was in the forecast last night but here it is again. I was finally able to get around in the pasture again this past weekend but will have to wait on it again. At least we won’t be feeding livestock as I was afraid we would be about a month ago.

    Everything is red on my watch list of stocks right now. Glad I didn’t pull the trigger on a buy last week – it was impossible to get IN to the trading area it was so busy anyway which means I couldn’t sell either. We don’t depend on it for lunch money, though, so I’m not sweating anything.

  2. I wish I had copied and pasted it when I was reading it.. basically the story was a threat to the Republican party that if DJT wins this election they will go whole hog at disrupting the outcome..
    I don’t know but I thought that was what they’ve been doing since before he won the last time. He made the comment that there were people that should be in jail and all the gloves came off.. spending tons of cash to disrupt everything and using dome pretty despicable methods..

  3. Good morning. So the Market is set to dump on the Equinox? Huh. Wierd. Im sure its just a coincidence. *NSA Handbook Page 22, “There is no such thing as coincidence.”


    Got my rona travel results back this morning. Still don’t have it. I been studying like a mock. I mean i went to Mexico even when the border was shut down. I been Canada, up and down the west coast 3 times. Only sheltered in place one day. Only wore a mask to go in the store if i was asked to wear one. I worked out in 4 different gyms in 4 different states. Still, no rona. But i would say, You know, Hand of God and all. I think the big difference is, I roll out of bed to my knees and am grateful every morning. My Faith is in a power that can not be seen, smelled, heard, tasted, felt… by most people and is bigger than the Virus which also can not be seen, smelled, heard, tasted or felt. Huh, Go figure.

    Haven’t talked much about the future lately. A few people have asked me lately, do you see any nuclear exchange in our future? No. Definitely not.

    However, I have seen a recent uptick in reference to: 3 mile Island, Fukushima, cherknoble, China syndrome. Event? Not sure when. But it is coming through perceptually lately. That and massive tsunami on the west coast too.

    Im trying to be more positive. Lol

    I dont know everything. I dont see everything. I dont pay attention enough i spose. Lately if its not right in front of me. I dont care.

    One thing I do know is in the future seeds will be the currency in some places. Plant seeds. Like pumpkin,, romaine, cucumber,
    peas, beans etc. Worth more than 10 thousand bitcoin 20 years from now. I have a bundle of different seeds, I keep in secure container that always travels with me. I never not have them with me. Never told anyone that. I dont know why? Or how I know that. I just know, I always have them with me. They are super super valuable. Always in a dry and safe place.

    Rumor has it im going on a world tour. I have had 28 random people say that to me in the last 3 weeks. I dont know how that is going to happen. I have no plans about that. But i didn’t plan on going to Alaska today 2 months ago. So it could happen.

    Not sure when I will be back on here. My life is not my own. Everytime i unpack and settle in anywhere??? Im leaving shortly after to a new destination. Like im dancing to a different symphony. Crescending and release.

    Off to catch a 737.

    Have a great day.

    • Oh I do have a request. If I can get my grandfathers old Ham up and running next month in Alaska and get my Ham license? If Ure interested in connecting to me on the Ham? What is your call number? If ya give permission rto George to send it to me via Email or just post it on here if your comfortable. Once I’m up and running or *should the internet go down or for whatever reason, we can chat via Ham. That would be great. May come in useful.

      Sure be fun to tinker around with if anything.

      Try to write that book while I’m up there as well.

      I’m going to read up on geting my license while on the plane to Alaska this morning. I already know moris code. Lol and I already know just by reading this site about how to build a really good antenna.

      Thanks in Advance.

    • That is true that think tanks are owned by the one percent..
      What is also true is they play both sides. So they may have one spewing positive and one spewing negative . Then a little bit at a time slide their ultimate goal in between.. many newspapers do that to..( I know I dont have to remind me that they are controlled by the same people) but for a major democratic area their articles reflect on the area it’s being distributed in..
      It’s all about money and control..
      Anymore with the reach they have it’s very hard to distinguish what’s real and what’s not in the news.

    • Oilman 2, the reason I am NOT impressed with the think tank article NOR that TIME printed it, is the fact that this has been WELL KNOWN for over 30 years, even the after effects WERE well known BEFORE they could be documented by this think tank. AS THIS WAS AN AGENDA WITH A KNOWN CONCLUSION. What this really LIBERAL biased article’s push is the WHITE MEN that own all of the items in the 1%. They fail to differentiate between WHITE JEWS and WHITE CAUCASIANS.

      MOST All the software owners/leaders/news outlets, (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, ABC/CBS/MSNBC/PBS/FOX, the Hollyweird movie industry, porn sites, et al infinitum) are owned and/or run by Jewish “WHITE” men, which, of course, is an OXYMORON.

      In 1980, people made $10.00 an hour as a manager of a Gas Station/Convenience Store. In 2020, you can get hired on at a Gas Station/Convenience Store at $7.75, and work your way up to $10.00/hr. The difference is that in 1980 you could raise a family on that wage, in 2020, NO WAY!!!

      The Corporations have feasted off of the fruits of the mostly WHITE middle class for the last 40 years, while pulling in the minorities by the millions (legal and illegal). The COMPETITION from the minorities, allowed by both the Demoncrats and the Repukeicants, has also kept the wages LOW, and eaten away at the middle class, and pitted the races against each other.

      WHAT doesn’t SHOCK me, is that TIME MAGRAG, could have PUNTED for the AMERICAN CITIZEN long ago when they were heralded across the nation before the internet, yet, didn’t, cause it was one of the big guys, too, and it’s a LIBERAL RAG, which wanted all of the changes that have wrought our country asunder; most people don’t buy TIME anymore.

      All of them helped sell out our country, and keep the wages LOW, and have caused what we see all around us. They DARE to call it INCOME INEQUALITY (and of course racial and gender inequalities, as well) while they have shipped out our means of production, thus our WEALTH PRODUCTION. But they minimize the negative effects of globalization and automation!!

      I have to laugh at this article, sounding the alarm: THE ENGLISH ARE COMING, THE ENGLISH ARE COMING!!!! Long after the war is LOST!

      This artcle heralds the AARP!!! Hahahah, how many times have the AARP just sold out Mr. and Mrs. America????

      This article is a GREAT example of more wealth redistribution on the backs of what remains of the WORKERS OF AMERICA UNITE!!!

      For those that have eyes to clearly see.

      • You have pointed to one of the disparities evident to all, but you failed to “set the corner posst.” You seem to harbor something, so let’s get it out there:

        The difference between Jews and non is largely a dedication to learning and supporting their community. As well as strong religious and moral values backed up by a community that is cohesive and supportive of their culture. Learning is key, as well.

        Throw in a ton of hard work – and focus on outcomes while you’re at it – and yep, no surprise here: Jewish people I know are (on average) very successful.

        Take any other demographic group and let’s go through the check boxes: Dedication to learning? MIA. Strong religious and moral values? No, not so much, either. Hard work and always looking for a new and/or better way? That’s not what employer absenteeism data shows, now is it?

        White men of the sort that “own everything” typically “got it” by working at their craft – and, if like so many I know, changed their craft from being electronics designers, for example and instead became vulture capitalists, guess what? Their hard work and dedication paid off with higher rewards. And since they “contained” their “wants” they were able to save – compounding their gains.

        A friend who is “well off” – having sold his jet, just bought himself a top of the line, triple-black blinged out Denali. A hundred large, with options. His top floor, south Florida condo was refurbed into two stories in the great room where you can see the Atlantic one way and the Intercoastal the other.

        Worst of all? He’s not Jewish. Nope, Presbyterian. (I may know a few more One Percenters than you. Because I made some number of them rich – or helped them become more so.)

        People miss that. It’s not race. Brains and focus and sweat and risk…that’s the genetics. Bot black or white, Jewish or Muslim. those are red herrings.

        The core of white shaming and anti-Semitism is – the love of being lazy, shunning of harder work, and then being pissy about the hardest workers get the most cheese. Oh, and toss in addictions and conditioning into violence and laziness dating from pre-school on up.
        Always easiest to shoot at the front runners.

        The hollow calls of antifa for the “workers of the world unite” is nothing more than a call for generalized laziness and taking the cheese from the winners. Average everyone down so the losers can lazy=along more. Sounds great – but only to the lazy. Not to winners.

        While one community is tossing firebombs another is funding scholarships and tutoring. Gee, who would you put your money on? That’s the natural order in Nature, too: Slower animals are dinner. Faster animals are winners.

        You think there’s advantage to killing faster animals, huh?

        People fall back on religion, race and gender when they can’t talk about winners and the larger payoffs from hard work versus lazy and sloth.

        Ure is NOT a spectator and he’s competitive as hell. Race, gender, religion? Bring ’em on – as genuine competitors. No handicapping needed.

        Put-up issues for lazy people thinking. Slogans are for fools and idiots. And we don’t endorse lazy=-thinking around here.

        Because it’s not exactly the road to excellence and innovation, is it?

  4. ohh jeeze George – starting off the trading week with riotous laughter, sidesplitting guffaws.

    I feel like Muttely sniggering in the Dastardly & Muttley Flying Machines Show …Funniest line I have read in ages..” Global Reset will steal us blind” hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaa!

    The deadpan humor this early on Monday..dam dude.

    We have already been Robbed BLIND by “elites” and bot & paid4 politicians and media for at least the past 15years. CEO’s making 100’s of 1000’s times more than median salary. Politicians making $175k/yr, Net worths north $25 million on Retirement???? hello crazynancy/slappy maxxie/bugeyedshiftlessone/Creepyjoe/Hilarion..

    Have U seen the WEALTH disparity in this country – “they” R that ARROGANT “they” believe “they” are above the LAW – let alone The Daily STRUGGLE for $$$ most people face every morning.

    Burn The SWAMP!

    Now where is that extra Case of Popcorn I put away at beginning of the covert19 plandemic, seems the Coming Attractions portion of the SHOW is over..cue the opening credits, and fire the music

    * “Patience you must have , my young Padawan”

    • Hahahaha! Speaking of Ham radios. You remember the name of that movie, the one where the dude is talking to his future son through a Ham about catching a serial killer? Because of the Aurora Borialus tweeked the signal. That one dude who played the son also played Jesus in that other movie.

      Can’t remember the name of it. I saw it a long time ago. Popped in my brain since I’m gonna fire up my Grampas old Ham in the land of the Aurora Borialus.

      My life so weird, i believe it could happen. Hahaha. My grandpa always treated me good. Taught me alot of stuff, especially hard work, chopping wood and gave me my first splitting maul. How to start my own business at 12 years old.

      If i talk to him? First thing im gonna say is buy AOL, Microsoft, Apple and Google stock. Sell AOL and short the shit out of the market in 1987, 2000, 2008. Leave me a check under the big rock out by the old fishin hole.


      If i talk to the Myans? If they have a ham? Maybe they do? Im going to tell them the head priest was dyslexic as hell and 2012 is 2021, dummies. Hahaha

    • The last program from Old America is bring diluted. Once SS goes over the falls I think bailouts will stop.

      “The payroll tax deferral went into effect on Sept. 1, following an executive order Trump had issued in August. It’s effective until the end of the year. Workers and employers each share half of a 12.4% tax to cover Social Security, plus a 2.9% tax to pay for Medicare.”

      – Sep 2, 2020

  5. So, Bo Pollney predicted an epic event on Friday, the 18th, and he delivered – the death of Justice Ginsburg. Now, some people may not think this is an ‘epic’ event as the death of a Justice is not exactly an unknown event in American, but as events may play out, this may be a very pivotal thing as most certainly the supreme court will be called upon to adjudicate a contested election.

    Trump wins in a land slide, but boxes of ballots from God knows where will show up. The play here is quite visible – nothing really hidden here. Just like the riots and violence are not hiding the obvious marxist coup going on, the election will be contested. The supreme court will be called upon to prevent a civil war. Another conservative vote may be needed to make this happen, but I do wonder whether the liberal justices do want to stop an obvious civil war from happening.

  6. Dude – Dr G, if U be disappointed in Ure Beta..

    I kindly suggest U select an Asset with a Higher Beta for “juiceier ” returns. rimshot!

    How is a Fall correction in Stock market a surprise to anyone at UrbSurv?

    How is Pedobergs death a surprise to anyone?

    Vile women been battling nasty Cancer’s for years – truly remarkable she lived this long ? or did she, rumors suggest she has been on ice for awhile trying to fake it thru the election..”yeah yeah just Send the Legal Briefs to over to the House”..nice not knowing ya judgeywudgey.

    Rip the Dip – for Hilary Canklesaurous size gains.

      • Does predictive linguistics reveal predictive programming or is it the other was around?
        How should we invest our remaining existence in the circle of time? Or how can we send a ripple thru the multiverse?
        Do we give to get or is the other way around or is it both?

      • Nahhh – wishful thinking Doctor.

        – If BTC were to go under $10k this week or next, it will be trouble – last line of support is $10,200, next stop could be $9000.

        coot would nibble at $9000, Chewing on it at $8000, and absolutely loading up the cheeks at $7000k – though unlikely – with $9000 being highest probability of the Buy the Dip point.

        But the PERFECT Buy The Dip price would be around $7000 in November as the 200 day MA is moving up into the 7000/7200 area.

        Speaking of perfect inflection points – me thinks SPY is at support (s) hmmmm

      • G – need some help/critical thinking and insight brought to bear on my genius trade today.

        Received information recently that Harold was acting Hammy, and buying up chunks of Stock in CLR. Then today Nat Gas Futures took a big narly dump down 10%

        So of course coot went Long CLR November 15 Calls @ $1.30 per

        So based the trade on FREEZING COLD Temperatures hitting CONUS in the near future – like before November Expiration (Nov.20), and the fact that Harry thinks its cheap.

        a)out of my mind
        b)just coot being crazystupidcrazy
        c)cheap lotto ticket for Climate Change Lottery
        d)All of the Above, and some

        • d) all the above.

          Betting on weather for a stock option trade? AYFKM?

          Ure’s happy to subsist on the smaller filets…so I like to keep by payoff matrix small.

          Mine is:
          Good trade Bad Trade

          Yours sounds like:

          Weather good:
          Bad trade on options Good trade on options

          Weather bad:

          Good trade on option (Whee!) Bad trade on options because weather didn’t matter.

          Ever read W.D. Gann’s “Truth of the Stock Tape”? Kindle $4-bucks and almost within Coot’s grasp. Wisdom simple enough for Ure. Not the least of which is:

          “A chemist may tell his most precious secrets to a carpenter and he shall never be the wiser.”

          My point is that at every instant, all possible news is fairly priced into things like options. There is an old Peoplenomics report (there are something like 1,000 of them, so Coot may have missed it:

          You talk of PRICE but you didn’t tell me the quantity of options trading lately. If I have any sense about speculations it is that both price and VOLUME matter.

          For as in electricity, where volts times current is Watts (worth of work done), so too the price of an asset times the “current” (volume) tells you something about demand waves. That is, if the volume has historically moved up in winter (see long-term charts) then it’s an interesting speculation (though too complicated for me). If the interest in the options has just peaked.

          I would STRONGLY advise the Coot to stop reading web-based bullshit on click-baiter sites and instead consider the NOAA 90-day climate outlook here:

          Which, to my eye looks like 50% chance – or so – of a really warm next 90-days.

          When that changes? Well, THAT would be when Ure would bet money on cooler weather…not with all that “red – above normal” on the official 90-day view.

          But, hey, I don’t give financial advice. We try, however, to deal with reality and that means (gasp!) science.

          A bottle of Glen Livet at Christmas for what I saved you would be fine.

  7. George,
    -Great theory, except for just one little thing. This will stir up the Conservatives, and they’ll be rushing to throw $3 trillion in new money into the breach. Which will, inevitably, fuel another round of stock frenzy, and leave you crying foul for at least another 6 months, as we’ve seen for the past 10 to 12 years or so.
    -BTW, don’t get so high and mighty about election turmoil — it’s been your team pushing all the dirty tricks.
    -And oh, BTW, turns out that most of the Protest lawlessness has been incited by Trump supporters and white supremacists. Take a look at the Umbrella Man story!
    -How you guys could let yourselves get so emotionally distracted from the Virus, only the greatest event of our lifetimes, onto Law and Order is beyond my comprehension. Of course, if I had to admit that I had been emotionally had again by conservatism, I’d want to change the story too.
    Best, Mike.

    • Those of us with Eric Hoffer’s True Believer know it is futile to argue with a true believer. So I won’t. See Macbeth, Act 5, Scene 5, lines 17-28.

    • I will give it a try for you George.
      Mike you are the poster child for TDS. Distracted? Emotional? Law and Order as a distraction? Mike wake the hell up!!! Only liberals and Biden voters are in the streets of every city that has had the riots and looting. Along with the shooting and injuring of all the police, this entire summer. No one on your side was crying about “the Virus, only the greatest event of our lifetimes” when thsi was going on. They were encouraging it and participating in it, or ignoring it!

      The Virus is something that should have been controlled and handled in what time frame?? Your favorite President and the Dope he had for the Vice (now running for the job) didn’t give a whit about the H1N1. The only reason it didn’t get the kind of press it truly deserved, is because the first Black Pres was in office with his dunce of a VP who they had to mussled.

      Mike’s your TDS is going to go into overdrive after the reelection of the man you hate and loath. No one with a brain or who loves this country could vote for Harris, OAC, Pelosi, Schumer, BLM and Antifa. They will be running the show when Biden bows out, within the first 6 months. You have a losing ticket buddy boy and the left knows it. The only way they win is to stuff ballots, but everyone is wise to that. You are going to lose and lose big. History making.
      (Sorry to exacerbate your TDS, but hey you asked for it!!!) Also look that word up, its what the left has been doing the entire summer when it comes to “Law and Order”.

  8. “Obviously the owner of this output has a deep distrust of media which he was once part of…and government, too,”

    Aren’t both “media” as well as “government” just another bunch of people with individual names attached to them?

    If we could just terminate those people we’d have peace?

    May the Lord bless everyone ;-)!

  9. tips for shorters.. . sell only a minor part of synthetic shorts or close actuals .. say 15 % .. then let it all ride .. any lift to a point we started the truth ie collapse .. add back some shorts .. never ever short on way down .. if you miss a train never worry wait for next .. and gold .. that’s complete bs .. go to moriartys car yard or shitco if you want a new Cadillac or end of world stuff or aliens

  10. I’ve been away while, but I see that it’s still the end of the world and the left coast posters are still mentally ill. Carry on!

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