“Instantaneous Reasoning” in Hard Markets

Welcome to what we told you about last Friday – our little “crisis moment” Monday.  Which brings us to this morning’s “Turnaround Tuesday.”

The problem with “turnarounds” is no one waves a flag and says “Here it is, boys and girls!  Come make money from here…”

At its low Monday, the S&P touched 3,229.10.  Which even a skeptic would have to admit is a fair drop from last Thursday’s close 3,357.01.  If you can’t make lunch money on what was more than a 3% move with us waving our hands about it, maybe quilting would be a better use of your time?

Great Words of Gann

Making money in your investments is not particularly hard.  But, as I was pointing out to one old “Coot” over in the comments section this morning, you can’t take the “popularly held beliefs.”  You need to check back to the source.

See: Coot’s trade involved energy and he was expecting a mighty cold winter ahead.  But know what?  We don’t.

Because over at the NOAA climate prediction center here, you can see for your own use that the odds of the fall being warmer than usual are between 33 and 70%, depending on where you live.  Which is why I wouldn’t touch an energy trade (based on demand) with a 10-foot pole, or a 6-foot swede.

Information, though, comes in waves – and when it does, there is a time to adapt.  So if you’ve been reading the “cold, Maunder Minimum replay” crappe going around the net, time to update reality.

Already, the American Radio Relay League (ARRL.org) and other Sun cycle watchers, have estimated that the bottom is in and the solar cycle is on the rise now and will be through 2025’ish.    Although NOAA may not have been responsive to our media inquiries, when you look at their current data (here), you can see why we’re combining both the NOAA Climate Outlook with the Solar Cycle data, and staying as far as possible from the “Ice Sheets are Coming!” crowd.  Grist and fools for energy option sellers, as we figure it.

Not saying the Winter ahead will be warm.  Just saying we like to “bet with the House” and not against…

What’s “Trading Intuition?”

Since I passed along a great W.D. Gann quote to the Coot, here’s one that I’ve always found personally useful when considering markets like the conditions we’re in right now. I tend to trade somewhat intuitively, and Gann has a great definition of that to remember:

“The best definition I can give of intuition is that it is instantaneous reasoning.  It is that something that tells us we are right or wrong before we have time to reason it out.  The way to benefit through intuition is to act immediately, and not stop to reason or ask why.  That is what a good tape reader does…”

From Gann’s book “Truth of the Stock Tape…”

One of my “personal demons” is always second-guessing myself.  Should I have dumped my short position when the market was at Monday lows?  Yeah, sure, I suppose….

But when I looked at how things shaped up at the close last night – and then with futures pricing for this morning plugged-in  – there didn’t seem to be too much reason to run from the short side – YET.

Stocks Tell the Future – Sort Of…

We think  (but this is not trading advice!) that there is a case for the present market wave and channel structure to go something like this:

  • From the high at “e” we did a wave 1 down in the left yellow candle.
  • Then – right of there – is a somewhat normal wave 2 (a) up, (b) down, (c) to complete tghe Wave 2 bounce.
  • What happened on Friday and Monday was in the red candle.  So in Elliott wave terms, that means its likely Wave 3 (1) down is done.  Now – and with a brief excursion back to (even slightly above) the top downward trend channel arrow (red)  – we would like to complete Wave 3 (2) as a rally today or tomorrow.
  • What would fit the wave count nicely would be the bottom falling out late in this week.

Hold that thought:  big decline either later this week or early next….

Now – since I don’t stare at my computer all day, did I want to sell at the bottom of 3 (1) and spend 2-days or more sniping at the top of 3 (2)?  Anticipating 3 (3) which could be the largest move down, still to come (in theory)?  Hell no!  If you can’t handle your account value bouncing around a bit… I did mentioned quilting, right?

Plug and Play the News

Now that we know what the markets are “waving” for – all we need to do is scan a few headlines and see what’s rolling and likely to trigger the me-too financial press:

Today might turn into a Big Fat Nothing. Richmond Fed and some routine housing numbers plus the Chairspeak.

Sure, the market will run up a little bit today – ideally to the red trend line.  This hints that when J., Powell of the Fed speaks today, he will likely sell “cautious optimism.”

Remember just last week he was calling for effectively zero rates through 2023 – which means 2024…  Related on the same lines: Swedish central bank sees key interest rate at 0 for years.  Munchkin will be speaking, too.  (I’ll be looking for his strings…)

There is a chance that Wave 3 (2) finished with the rally into the close Monday, so we might start down as early as European closing time (by 1 PM central, or so).  But we’d like to see a bit more time-extension, and a kiss of the trend line, so we start to looking for predictable  “news” events to blame when things turn down.

Our leading nominees for mass disappointment?

  • Trump’s Supreme Court pick might do it.  Tomorrow would fit the wave count.
  • Massive fail in unemployment numbers – a spike in jobless showing up Thursday could do it…
  • And so would collapse of durable goods orders.

We can’t leave out “left field events” either, but this ought to sketch-out how an old news director can look at markets and plan “time off” for reporters.  Rewriting “Hints from Heloise” (who’s a Texan, by the way) is about as exciting as journalism may get until Powell speaks.  And by the Chart, only a major gaffe would speed us into Wave 3 (3) down…

Feeling better now?  Future on rails. With a little intuition or what Gann calls Instantaneous Reasoning.  Sure we can be surprised (the Big Quake, for example), but we needn’t go there.  Yet.

Fillers Not Thrillers

Only half an inch of rain in the gauge here overnight.  But down south of us? Tropical Storm Beta made landfall in Texas last night and could drop up to 20 inches of rain.

Oilman2 – ever mindful of how Tulip mania is replaying in cryptos – spied a great article over here on Zero Hedge about the rare plants market going nuts. So those this mean we are in a seventh Kondratieff wave of global madness basis ther 1620’s when it kicked up previously?

From news tipster Linda at the Houston desk:

“Houston is one historic step closer to having the nation’s first bullet train system

The Texas Central Railroad project reached two major milestones Monday, laying the foundation for the high-speed railroad system.”

Bullets?   Training?  Texas?  Why, who’d have thought?

Those “criticism – self criticism” post Maoists at work in : Ren Zhiqiang, critic of Chinese leader Xi Jinping, sentenced to 18 years on corruption charges.  Don’t diss & piss the boss, huh?

And if you’re spending time on a phone: Scam apps with 2.4 million downloads found on Apple and Google shelves…  dandy, just dandy…

Around the Ranch

Did an all-day crock pot corned beef Monday.  Tenderest yet.  Just a harsh look and it fell apart.  Luckily, though, it landed on fresh sliced rye and was immediately smothered in a sulfite-free artisan kraut .  Then covered up with baby Swiss…   Our stomachs don’t know we’re poor.  Red jug wine and 12-hours of snooze…..

Off to wait for that masked Fed Chief and agree with MarketWatch which summed up today as Stock-index futures struggle for direction after volatile session as investors await Powell testimony.

This is why we have hobbies like the shop and studio… Good day to snooze, too.  Rainy weather and all.  Somehow the 12-hours of sleep was busted up as Zeus the Cat woke us up at 1:15 AM to discuss some feline epussany *(cat epiphany).  He also complained he couldn’t get into the master bath shower to look around…sheesh.  Like a furry child intent on tripping us.

Write when you get rich,


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34 thoughts on ““Instantaneous Reasoning” in Hard Markets”

  1. I have not seen any glaciers on the horizon, but I haven’t seen much in the way of sunspots either. The ARRL soothsaying sounds like wishful thinking, but we should know for sure by spring (or maybe summer) thaw. I am pleased that someone is now predicting something positive, rather than spinning everything into yet another apocalypse. Real apocalyptic scenarios are a waste of time prepping for, because they aren’t particularly survivable. There are meds which work for both constant optimism and pessimissm.

    • N____

      Get yourself some good bottles of wine or make some.. then when the inevitable hits you can sit.iut on the veranda and watch the fun.. during th he mad toilet paper dash.i got a chuckle.
      No need to get stressed it wont make any difference if your yanking your hair out running in circles or relaxing with your feet up sipping a cup or two..

      • That was pretty much what I was doing during the first lock-down, albeit with a non-alcoholic adult beverage. The lock-down was a terrible nuisance, but not even remotely apocalyptic.

  2. Here is something interesting to.. dumping more water on the table.. and seriously if the fed reserve keeps dumping the water on the table and JB makes it in to office and they dump the extra four grand to every family..theoretically could they keep the inevitable crash from happening. basically they are paying people to borrow and it hasn’t done that much.. so I am curious how long can they kite the economy and we survive.. I hate to mention this.. but I knew someone that kited ten grand successfully for a month.. I think it shortened up their life by ten years and that person swore they wouldn’t ever try that one again.. so how long can they kite the whole economy and monetary system.. they have to have a payoff in the very near future to do it.. when the dip hits it is just that deeper to fall..


    there was another interesting article to.. paying off a loan faster.. luckily I have a bank that allows that so I have done it many times through the years.. and I tell all the kids to check out the banks or loan organizations to make sure the rules that they have on loans..
    paying half a payment bi monthly.. splitting the payment up in two payments you pay off the interest before it is built.. get the amortization chart.. you will notice on your home loans that even though you maybe paying a thousand a month only five dollars of that loan is actually going towards the payment.. by adding an extra or making the extra payment of five bucks a month you actually made a months payment..cutting your loan drastically..
    Like on our car payment at this time seventy one dollars is actually going towards the car.. the remainder of the payment is interest.. a five thousand dollar school loan will be well over fifty grand by the time the loan is paid off..
    just giving the other bottom feeders a little tid bit from the bottom of the pile.. splitting the payment in two will by average cut one third off of the loan and by adding the extra tid bit will cut it down another third or so ..

  3. Man O Man O Shevitz G,

    The critique of the coots’ “intuitive” Trade yesterday is appreciated – critical review is a File to my “hardened steel” trade ideas. The Options trade was for 24 Nov 15 Calls at $1.30 ea. (2400×1.30= $3120+ small commission) with underlying Stock (CLR) trading at $13.50

    Stock trading Volume is light – Option trading Volume for that Month & Strike is very light so far – might be a Short the Stock & Exercise the Option scenario – if Market not there when I close it for a FAT AZZ Profit.

    CLR stock popped in last hour of trading yesterday – not sure why – maybe Urb Surv readers flocking into CLR for canklesaurous size gains ??

    Dont know if I ever read a book regards trading and investments Except for my Bible – Options as a Strategic Investment by Lawrence G. McMillan.
    – which I still refer to on a regular basis. Read plenty of bullshit in Business School, learned tons at the feet of Luis Rukeyser and the Elves. But the very best advice I ever received from anybody in the World of Finance is simple.. Buy Low – Sell High – and that is my SECRET!

    At least U drink the only Scotch approved for coots liquor cabinet – dont drink the stuff, but keep the good stuff on hand for guests – stop on by – shoot a little pool (9ft Narrangansett), drink a lil scotch/smoke a lil Blue Kush..never know what kind of wild assed ideas we could cook up!

    • Me, too old to give advice, but that’s where “standard deviations” would play a significant role, IMHO!

      P.S. I’d listen to GU’s hint abt. winter temperatues ;-)

  4. “if you’ve been reading the “cold, Maunder Minimum replay” crappe going around the net”

    Well, the globe does like to self modulate, but if you really want to know what’s coming — hot or cold– keep your eye on the Beaufort Gyre. It’s been on a much longer than expected cycle where it’s at and when it unloads all that stored up fresh water intothe ocean, we might be in trouble. Just a thought to keep in the back of your mind, G.

    (Dated 2018) https://www.pri.org/stories/2018-01-06/scientists-are-keeping-close-eye-beaufort-gyre
    (Dated 2020) https://www.thehindu.com/sci-tech/science/arctic-ice-melt-is-disrupting-key-ocean-current-may-alter-climate-in-western-europe-study/article30775637.ece

  5. “Instantaneous reasoning”, aka analog computing in the right brain. Also called “intuition”. All may have it but for many, it’s overridden by our digital side of logical stepwise reasoning. Here’s an interesting book on the subject:


    Some of us won’t make good traders for the same reason that we are limited socially – there’s a real delay when using left brain thinking exclusively. Yes, there are some drugs that can change this for a while, though none that are currently legal. Low inhibition types excel at this, though they may make occasional mistakes. It’s what allows exceptional athletes to do exceptional things. Our president does it with mixed results.

  6. Good morning from The Last Frontier. The air is soo clean here but I swear, gravity is stronger here. I feel and everything feels “heavier”. Reminds me of when i worked at Big Sky Ski resort in Montana putting mailine water,, sewer and storm pipe,, Hydrants, water and sewer services at 8000 feet above sea level. I was working 7 days a week 16+ hour days for 5 months. Blade the snow of at 5am with the D8 and be shirtless by 1pm and it would be 90 degrees out.

    Its cold up here. I was on the Flathead trail looking at the moon rise from the south over the cook inlet last night with the City of Anchorage down below.

    By the time I returned to sea level? Nobody could put pipe in the ground faster than me. I was used to pushing 400lb pieces of Ductile Iron pipe with a 50 digging bar in an environment with very thin air.


    Is there a Market Almanac? Of there is?? Another book on my must read list.

    I have thought long hard about my book for many years. Letting it rise and crescend, ebb and flow.

    It won’t be like a traditional book. I have been attempting through meditation to triangular a vector of perception 500 years in the future and look back. Analyzing not only life path inertia but country inertia and continent inertia. To place myself as one would be looking back on things and how “the train” of thought shifts and turns from then until now. Mahaps from a child’s perspective in one section, the perspective of a buisness man, a tribal leader, a blue collar hard working man, a mystic, and a teachers perspective. 7 peoples perspective of the last 500 years from their point of view. Philosophy, resources, thought on religion, life, tradition and culture.

    All culture, even ours now, can be mapped. If it can be mapped? It can be graphed as a future template based on the mapping.

    For lack of a better example.

    I used to read entire books from front to back. Like Bill Coopers, “Behold a Pale Horse”. Then at the end of the book, read it backwards. I have done the same with the Christian Bible (a few times) The Koran, The Myan PapVul (story of creation) The Law of One, The Art of war. The 49 laws of power to name a few.

    Along with planetary alignments and other things im not so versed in. But im a fast learner.

    Like a Collective Consciousness, humanities trajectory on the micro and macro scale, Almanac.

    “Instantaneous Reasoning”? Or Resonance or Renaissance?
    Never head that before. Thanks for sharing.

    Good stuff. Heading out on the Turn Again arm with a brief stop at the Portage Glacier. Have a great day.

    Not sure if I will be back for a while. I need some time to just, be in the moment.

    • It feels like gravity is stronger here. I dont how to describe it. Im very attuned to my environment. Especially the Earth. Its definitely more magnetic here than the desert of California. I can feel the earth pulling hard on my body. Its so interesting. I am physically moving slower too. Its noticeable to me. Which is odd. I never remember it being like this up here. “Thicker”, “heavier”, “more concentrated movement”, “will full action”. Hard to describe but very noticeable. Beyond beautiful tho. Its been over 10 years since I was here. I grew up, up here and I dont ever remember the gravity being so strong.


      Perhaps I never noticed? Or I became more sensitive? Or it could just be a change in me? Idk.

      Pretty trippy George.

      • About those lotto tickets. Lol. I didn’t look at them. I threw them in the garbage. Because if I looked at them? I wouldn’t have got on the plane to go up here. I dont know if they were a winner or not. I think they were. I just knew getting on the plane, was way more important than what they promised. It was a tuff call. So I threw them in the garbage because if I kept them? I wouldn’t be here. The temptation was huge, but where I’m at and what im doing here? Is the better.

        Could have just been a bunch of loosers? I just figured why tempt fate. Somethings money can’t buy. Like my life, my path and those upon it.

        I dont regret one second of throwing them in the trash without looking. Why not save them to look at them later? Because I know myself, I couldn’t do that. I would have looked when I got here and I would have went back there if I won. And I need to be here. Not there.

        • On the road in from Ft. Rich which is (or used to be)?
          Gun store, liquor store, convenience store, gun store, liquor store, convenience store, pawn shop, gun store, liquor store, convenience store, gun store, tattoo joint, liquor store, convenience store, gun store, liquor store, convenience store, gun store, liquor store, convenience store,gun store, payday loan joint, liquor store, convenience store, gun store, liquor store, smoke shop, convenience store,gun store, liquor store, convenience store,gun store, liquor store, convenience store,gun store, liquor store, convenience store, smoke shop, gun store, liquor store, convenience store,gun store, liquor store, convenience store,gun store, liquor store, convenience store, topless joint… (AK Bush Co, right?) https://www.anchoragenightout.com/bars/142355/great-alaskan-bush-company#!

      • “Gun store, liquor store, convenience store”
        Dam George you forgot a couple…

        Bar, Bank ,gun store, Liquor store, convivence store, fast food, gas station,

        when I worked grave yard at a convenience store.. they wanted me to do the daily count at two thirty in the morning.. excuse me.. not going to happen.. ok.. its your job now.. you will do it.. so I alone in the middle of the night opened the safe..( ready to get thumped for the money) and did the books.. every penny was there.. but it took them three days to figure out the books.. so I no longer had that as my job.. LOL LOL LOL LOL I was safe..
        we had a call network to check on each other through the night.. one gentleman wanted my location because it was next to his apartment.. we switched. the first night of the switch..he got thumped for twenty bucks.. when we talked he said dam I wished we had just waited one more day before switching.. LOL…

      • “About those lotto tickets. Lol.”

        Dam Andy I was sure because I lost so much at it.. that this time it had to be my turn.. unfortunately..

        NOPE.. LOL it wasn’t our region that was due anyway.. and we only hit every thirty years.. we are due to win in the next five though so I will buy one ticket a week.. did I ever tell you about the gentleman.. he was writing a program to analyze random information to predict an outcome.. anyway we were chatting and asked what I thought and I suggested the LOTTERY..so he wrote the program and it would make a prediction of ten sets of six numbers. I would buy the first five.. the bucket was at a quarter billion.. the sixth set of numbers was the winning string.. I unconsciously would buy the whole set of ten every lottery after that.. then it dawned on me.. there isn’t anything random about the lottery at all.. LOL LOL LOL we got a good chuckle out of it.. his program worked and is still working on some remote area analyzing random data and I took the stupid lottery analyzer off of watch list. LOL. the next time our region and area has a winner I will never buy another ticket again.. mostly because we wouldn’t be due to win until I am over a hundred years old.. and then what would I use that money for.. depends.. LOL LOL LOL…

      • LOB. Hahahahha! I ran game on this gold store back when I was 22 living in Florida and ended up with 3 gold Kugarans. I hated my neighbor this rico swavey columbian fella who slept with my girlfriend at the time while I was at work. So, I left a piece of his mail in the parking lot when I rolled out of the gold store. 3 days later when the Gold store figured out the play. These 3 huge Italian fellas showed and whooped his ass good. I just sat in the car and thought, well that was that. Hahaha

        I forgot all about that until you told your story LOB.


        They don’t sell Lotto in Alaska. I did notice on the old spur highway that Good time Charlie’s is still open. Only strip club south of Anchorage and they still have the trailers out back. Hahaha. Wonder of the same 3 Eskimo girls are dancing. Hahaha

        Well im off to get my step Dads old 1978 Chevy 4X4 truck running. Change the plugs, fuel filter and oil. Then head into town and after George comment, I probably should go to an AA meeting. Hahaha Its 42 degrees outside. It’s going to get, Colder than a witches Tet in a brass bra round here.

      • Oh i didn’t steal those Kugarans. After they whooped his ass? I dropped them off through the mail slot in the door in an envelope and wrote two words. “Thank you!”

        He moved right out and i never seen him again. Never heard another word about it.

        Forgot all about that. The stuff we do when we are Jung. Hahha.

  7. Right now . You should have closed 15 percent of shorts. Sit and wait at old high to load em again . It ain’t hard . Discipline.

  8. I’ve always thought that Texas would be a good place for high speed rail. Dallas to Houston for lunch and back. And you still get to the office to work for half a day. Totally possible.

    If you ever go to Shanghai take the bullet train from the airport to town. 200+ mph. Safe and fast.

    • Phil E; back in ripe ole 1991 thereabouts, Ms. Female Mayor of Dallas hightailed it, with her crew, to Grand Paris, France, that is, and had a sit in with the Chinese for High Speed Rail. Spent thousands for that little priceless sit in discussing all that stuff WITCH she had no intention of ever doing as AA and Southwest Airlines had a nice little gridlock on the airline traffic between DFW/Austin/Houston. How could they allow an economical/logical solution like HSR???

      How do I know: I was a witness to her and her procession at The Grand Hotel.

      Ain’t never gonna happen…in our lifetimes….

      But, stick around, voting coming up in Austin, they only want a couple BILLION for their tunnel of disaster and other transporting/transforming teraforma and humanity heralding we are no longer the LIVE music capital of the world.

      We may tap into the deepest pit of fresh water, though.

      What’s a billion here and a billion there, just to go from here to there, just to ride that rail into the great stick em up, stick em up, WAAAY UP!!!

  9. In order to have a better Society the police need to have a higher standard in other words if they shoot you and kill you they need to face the death penalty and it needs to be upheld as an example so that police which kill a lot of people need to be held accountable so that next time they get ready to pull their gun they have second thoughts on what else they can do to diffuse the situation.
    Yes I agree when a citizen pulls a gun and start shooting at a police officer the police officer definitely has the right but if a citizen pulls a gun on a police officer to keep the police officer at Bay they have that right to do so just as a police officer does, so the question is and should be is who fires first should be the one facing the death penalty of course we all know if there’s different kinds of circumstances that get around too well they did this or he did that or this happen but the main thing is to change the rules instead of making it so that a police officer can get away with murdering you because he felt his life being threatened, change the tables if we change the tables that means the cops will have more respect for people and then tighten turn people will have more respect for cops but as long as the cops have the ability to shoot you and say anything they want to then our society is not going to be progressing in the way it should do you agree

  10. Too many people have been assaulted by police officers and they carry that with them throughout the rest of their lives.
    I’d rather have a police officer that help me save my dog then they have one that just came up to me and said Put Your Hands Up and then assaulted me, which star is a very large amount of people who are assaulted by police officers.

    The problem lies in one order of society drives the best cars , ,,it’s just the best and has knowledge and the complete opposite is the ones who doesn’t have a job doesn’t have proper clothes and is out in the streets and that person doesn’t have the knowledge and even sometimes when they do they’re still assaulted ,so that they take advantage of you ,
    if you’re on the low end of the pay scale they recognize that and they take advantage of your lack of knowledge but if you’re on the upper end of the pay scale ,you know what to say and they refrain from harassing you.
    That is why we need a universal change on if a cop kills someone they need to face the death penalty because most of the times there is an alternative to diffuse the situation, instead of the police officer being the prosecutor the judge,jury,and assassin.
    I sincerely hope Trump changes this situation I know he’s all for the police officers even though they have abused so many people,
    but this is part of his program is to support the police and then when the time comes he will diffuse and prosecute those who are needlessly killing the American population.

    And this brings up to mind the cryptocurrency blockchain where everything is recorded because so many police officers get fired ,go to another state to live and keep assaulting people ,files from the fbi have kept the main population from discovering this .
    But now this will be kept on the blockchain which will prevent officers from Taking Flight and continuing there harmful manor on the public.

    • “there is an alternative to diffuse the situation, instead of the police officer being the prosecutor the judge,jury,and assassin.”

      Dam Bryce.. thats a heavy question…. I am in total agreement in so many ways but then have to think of the alternative to making those changes..
      Many of these situations are happening in high crime area’s.. now I live in a really low crime area.. the police are super nice and are there to help joke around with.. as much as we hate to believe it.. we judge by appearance and the surroundings. Its the same in the work a day world.. How much does an employer offer someone for a job.. if he carries a piece of paper.. even if he couldn’t read the dam thing would be offered two to ten times more money.. It is why we buy the property we do the style and shape of the car or the clothes we wear.. keeping up with the jones.. the police officers are many times sent in six in a row just because of the area they are patrolling to keep themselves safe.. there are area’s I wouldn’t go near because you know you are in an area where you will probably not make it out alive if you stay to long.. was it Stanford or Harvard..I am not sure did a social experiment on this very subject by sending in students.. they would send in the opposite prominent ethnic group to the area they were checking.. over ninety percent of the time the higher crime slum area the group was ran out or had to be rescued.. this same thing happened with sixty minute news crews that were reporting on the newly established muslim area’s.. where crime has run rampant with the religion of peace group..
      as horrendous as the situations were.. we all still have to take a serious look at the conditions. laws are not written to control the controllers.. but they are written to control the average citizen which is why is seems that the affluent get away with so much in comparison.. the higher the education of an area the better the people act.. we have been on a journey to dumb down the citizens and the youth.. the instigators go away unscathed for their actions.. which lately has been suggested that certain extremely wealthy people that have gone out of their ways to instigate the atrocities we are seeing now.. politicians that talk as if they not only support these actions of violence crime and disruption but suggest that they continue..
      the article I read the other day where prominent politicians were suggested that if one party was to win they would go out of their way to further these disruptions..
      it was the same in other countries as well.. egypt.. another situation where riots were supported and instigated.. the officers walking into an area where these types of crimes are not only frequent but expected have to demonstrate a demeanor.. many time they wear uniforms to hide their identities so that they don’t have to worry about personal attacks when they are at home.. its a tough one.. and tough times.. I suggest we educate push education an educated person will think things out more than someone just going through instinct.. instead it will just be harder to find good officers that will be willing to patrol these neighborhoods..
      Heavy questions and thoughts and unfortunately the answer doesn’t fit the business model’s that are associated with those changes that are needed..can’t get rich giving it away..

    • thanks Bryce and LOOB; however, Bryce, many White people have been harassed, nicely dressed, educated or not by the police, beat up by them, women raped, and even killed over the last many years. People forget that when Whites were 90% of the population, WHO do you think the police were doing all that to? Just the minorities? No; the corruption in the police department goes WAAAAY back. AND it is still here today, against the White person, too, as well as the minorities.

      Just over the weekend heard a horrifying story. Man owns business, hires a woman to keep his books, knew her before he hired her, she had good references. Over 8 years, she stole over $400,000. When he finally twigged, called the local police. HER boyfriend was in the police department. That police department put one forensic investigator after another on the case, changed them out so frequently that the case could never be brought before the district attorney in SEVEN years, on the 8th year, they advised him to settle for a few thousand dollars and not put her in jail.

      This happened IN a county in Texas, present day. When one gets under the tarp, it is really sickening how pervasive the corruption is from high to low, across this country, and the world.

      It makes one weep to be cattle.

      The way I see it, there are 3 tiers in the USA:
      1) Elites, above the law;
      2) American citizens, legal resident aliens, most Americans, ALL THE LAWS APPLY TO THEM and the penalties;
      3) Illegals, get out jail free cards in all of the sanctuary cities.

      Justice is not blind, she’s just had her face smothered for so long, she can’t think straight!

  11. Should see the bs at moriartys car yard tonite . Gumbas working overtime talking up yellow dog . New old bull that deadpan moriarty . Working for fed

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