Crashflow: “Who’s Coming for It?”

Calamity Cash Flow our topic, as promised, today. While it’s obvious that “If you can’t touch it, you don’t own it…” It’s also true that even if you can touch, doesn’t mean someone won’t try.

This is a problem when the “law” is on their side – so a discussion this morning as we rehash how to get the law on your side.  Of course, this assumes there a) is still law and b) it’s still acting as intended.

Which we might get to observe during Q1-2021.

Before that, some notes on down-conditioning plus a look at the charts.  Which popped just over our trend line at the close of turn-around Tuesday.  We’re actively scanning for “Market torpedoes” in the news scanner today.

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11 thoughts on “Crashflow: “Who’s Coming for It?””

  1. PreCog -G,

    Dude U hint at it, warn of the aftermath, but don’t mention Thursdays BIG Event ? Its gonna happen whether U or anybody else mentions it – SW-2020..INCOMING!

    Hope U got Ure Faraday cages loaded with equip. To late to order a EMP protection Module for the Auto/RV/Truck, perhaps throw a old metal screen from old door over the driver side front engine compartment, a hand crank pump for the gaz/diezel?

    More gristle for the grinder…

    “Oh say U cant see Sanguy, by the dawns early light”, or any other time of day.hahaha.

    Hopefully the NOAA scientists & forecasters got their Statistical Smoothing Algo ready to Exe. Otherwise that 3 month temperature forecast map, which just experienced a Snow Storm last week dead center of the hottest sector (A) on the map, is going to be “In-Bearskin”.

    For Ure viewing pleasure over the next 2 months, watch as Time Eats away at the coots CLR Nov 15 Calls “value”…”Im melting!”

    But who really cares ? In the midst of War on the Common People (1929 AGAIN)- that majority of people dont even realize they are UNDER ATTACKED Daily by “BIG BANK” via the covert19 plandemic to usher in The Great Green Global Reset..where is FDR and Fala when WE need them for goodness sakes?

    • Oh for God’s sake. Coot’s getting sucked in to 14,000 miles as an “event?” Someone hand him a thermometer, pleeze… (*thanks Lora-Fun for the clue, at least we have one…)

  2. “File this one away as useful: A healthy sex life boosts long-term survival hopes for heart attack victims.” Hormone cycling is good, maybe?”

    OTFLMAO…. that story brings up a cute story that happened this week.. a program called adaptive sports.. LOL LOL LOL… took my new friend in for his visit.. now the visual.. he’s presently in his seventies..doesn’t drive, pretty much homeless if it wasn’t for us..his wife suffered for many years with a disease and passed away almost fifteen years ago.. the hospital and doctors took everything and I mean everything..
    so his health is declining due to his age etc.. and the new program adaptive sports.. the questions pretty routine.. then came the big one… do you want to have sex.. do you have sex regularly and how is your sex life.. LOL LOL LOL the atmosphere was thick as a brick you could cut the tension with your knife type LOL ( of course no one ever askes me a great question like that.. I would first say.. standard sex male female.. oral or rectal because I am positive he feels like he was screwed regularly of by the hospital and doctors LOL) or.. if it is the new adaptive sport sign me up.. I would prefer having the first appointment of the day LOL LOL LOL LOL quick tweek my nipples to make sure I am not dreaming LOL LOL LOL LOL…
    after we left.. we get a couple floors away and he says.. what in the hell was that about LOL LOL.. I haven’t been laid since 1989 LOL LOL LOL….
    all i could say was its the new adaptive sports program.. LOL LOL then a janitor had a cart with a really squeaky wheel and as we passed he said.. OH JESUS.. to cut the tension from the questions she asked I said yes my son LOL LOL LOL…
    with hormonal changes in women and changes in men.. sex isn’t real predominant for the older gent or lady..which is why the little blue pill is so popular.. in his situation it was stupid to even ask..

  3. We come after ourselves.

    Look at the “Conservatives” going for the Fed-Bux. What can ya say? We expect that behavior from the “Libs”.

  4. Taking a sexual history in older folks was -should- be a routine part of a History and Physical exam. Was in 1976 when I got out of PA School. Yes I have had strange looks ever since. Sometimes its a clue to vascular disease. I have seen a 28 yo and 26 yo who had erectile dysfunction. 1 year later problem was gone and they had new life. Another reason is sexually transmitted infections, gonorrhea, HIV,. For a number of years the growth of HIV was highest in those 50 to 75 years of age… Taking a sexual history can uncover problems and prevent future problems,rampant HIV. Russia and Africa still have bad problems with it. Russia may lose a genrration to HIV and TB.. So sad.

  5. One of the things that surprised me about my location out here at the Volcano Ranch is that the county has limited bus service out here in the jungle boonies. Several early morning runs 20 miles into Hilo, where there are connections to the Kona side for resort workers. There is a midday gap in bus service here, and then several evening runs returning from Hilo. It’s perfect for a full-day shopping run into town and return in late afternoon. Nice to know if the vehicles fail. I know one old farm lady down the road that does this weekly for her shopping. The bus also stops at the nearby village only five miles down the road for local groceries and small stuff… and of course there is a Chinese food place for take-out. (They are everywhere!)

  6. The most important thing you can do to protect yourself financially is to get out of debt and stay out of debt. As long as you are a debt slave, you march on someone else’s treadmill. Debt and tax collectors are always in business, even when everyone else is bust.

    As I was writing this, my electricity went off, and all my electronics went down. When I restarted my comms, computer and my browser, my browser opened to this page, and the paragraph above was still there. WTF, how did that happen? I don’t have this computer on UPS. Something has changed. Is it Firefox?

    I think that for most people, the form of the looming financial disaster is pretty much set. Every time I think I should make a move based on someone else’s ideas, the markets, and the world, seem to move in opposition. There was a lot of that going on in ’87, as I recall. My investments aren’t too much different from where they were in ’87 in the month prior to the crash. I broke even in ’87, overall. I’m beginning to think that that is the only correct strategy to finish out ’20.

    The Fed is acting strangely, and the comparisons to the ’29 through ’32 period are starting to look like that they may have a real technical basis, rather than just dark nostalgia.

    The October ’20 Elliott Wave Theorist was released today. Prechter has a figure which compares sector peaks in ’29 with September ’20 entitled “Setup for a Deflationary Crash”. The resemblance in the building wave forms is simply uncanny. I have to wonder if “nowhere to run, nowhere to hide” is going to be the Street motto in in ’21. Finish your preps.

      • “Restore previous session” was turned off. There are some new network proxy choices which I may not completely understand all the implications of. I turned them off. I haven’t found anything else in the settings which looks applicable. I don’t store history, etc.

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