Major Website Change Announcement

The time had to come sooner or later.  We’re revising our publishing plans as our interests have evolved over time.

First:  I am selling off the website.  I will also sign over the Trademark with it.  It goes without saying that a younger person should take over the task.

Running a 29 acre tree farm is not a lot of work, but when we get things done, we like to kick back and not have to think about writing about it.  We haven’t done much with the site, but there it is.  Send me a note if you’re interested and make me an offer: is the email.

Second:  The “Coping” section which has been a regular feature of early morning’s for a lot of people is going away.  Instead, we will be publishing seven days a week now instead of four.

The problem is I’m spending too much time on some days writing.   And, although it sounds illogical, by going to one article per day I will actually be writing one column less per week.

Third:  Most of the Economic content will be migrating over to the website and the lead stories on Urban will get back to nuts and bolts “prepping” kinds of stories.  Not in one jarring one-day change, of course.’  We like to make changes slowly.  (Code word for when I remember ’em…)

Fourth: Peoplenomics will be doing ONE focus piece per week and the other day will be mainly the charts.

I like to present real quality work on Peoplenomics and with all the other “stuff”  it just takes a huge bite of time to come up with concepts and write them up so they make sense.

Fifth:  Peoplenomics content will be migrating to the WordPress type look because more than half our readers are on phones.

Sixth:  Over time,, the Peoplenomics library will be migrating over to .PDF files because they yield a much clearer view of the charts.

Overall, I like to think UrbanSurvival is still a great read – and it’s what I want to read when I get up in the morning.  Coping – as a separate animal is equally fun – but when I look at reader stats, the average reader only has the time most mornings to give a thoughtful read to one article.

Especially when I get “windy.”

By spreading back out to a weekly approach – but no separate labeling of Coping – I think the site will be less off-pettish for new readers.  There have been some mornings when I find myself asking “Who has time to read four-thousand words?”

It’s too much to ask.

So Urban will change effective today.  What was going to be a dandy Coping section is now an article for Saturday.  And what was the “Coping” article for Friday will appear Sunday, instead.

That means Monday or Tuesday can be devoted to the Peoplenomics article for Wednesday and the other morning will have a hole where I can write a “freebie” for Wednesday on Urban.

All of this is very flexible, of course.  If you have other ideas, let me know?  Always welcome to content ideas and the more the merrier.

So, seven days a week you have a reason to come back, if for no other reason than to see if I have been locked up yet.  I get to do 14.28% less work.

As always, it’s easier to ask forgiveness than permission.

Write when you wake up,

44 thoughts on “Major Website Change Announcement”

  1. No complaints from me on your changes. This is your project, which I faithfully read, and, more importantly, it is your life.

    I now co-administer a site and have a better appreciation for what you have been doing. I am very glad to read that you will be posting everyday because Sunday has seemed somewhat barren without your witty writing.

  2. Your reasoning is spot on. Some mornings I read one article and other mornings I read the other. I rarely have time for both. Looking forward to 7 days a week. Keep up the good work.

  3. I have been a regular and faithful reader for many years, and I never can figure out when you sleep.

  4. Sounds to me like someone is finally going to take the term semi-retired seriously and good on you for it! It will most likely make the site better than it all ready is! Go George!

    • UrbanSurvival and Peoplenomics both hit about 8 AM Central 9 AM Eastern and the big hand points down if you’re in California

  5. George,

    I think having 14.28% more time to share with Elaine is great for you. Time to slow down a bit. Enjoy.

  6. George
    Thanks for all the information you have given us over the years. I first heard of you from an interview on Coast around 2008. I hope you keep up the investigations into the Woo Woo side of life! It’s good to know that I am not the only human who thinks on the Slant side of reality!

    • Thanks Mike – yeah, some of the woo woo will still be in the mix. Saturday we have “Inventing in your Dreams…:” Yes, another one of those odd dreams

  7. George:
    So, to be clear, it will still be Peoplenomics on Wednesdays and Saturdays, and Urban Survival the other 5 Days?
    I drop in every day, because I have seen you do additions in the late afternoon on occasion, and on Sunday Morning. I also like to check the comments throughout the day, and see where the discussion is going.
    Sounds like a Plan, we will be reading.
    Big Al

    • To be clear: Something on Urban EVERY DAY and Peoplenomics twice weekly.
      Only question for PN readers is “Do you want charts only on Sat or Wed?
      The Deep Thinking piece for the week should be on Saturday or Wednesday.
      I like to have the deep thinking stuff on Saturday, but may fit people’s lives better on Wed AM – so please let me know which way to roll on this one

      • Given that the aggregate charts are only accurate after close of market Friday, charts should be on Saturday.

        That would give Wednesday as big idea day and brainstorming on “if the charts say”.

      • My preference would be charts on Saturday and article on Wednesday for the accuracy of aggregate charts. I enjoy reading your articles, so will be following whatever you decide. Keep up the great work!

      • I’m thinking Wednesday for the in-depth, too….sort of spreads the high value stuff out…

      • George, I read the both US and PN religiously, including almost all the comments. This summer has been so hot for me that I do work early and read during the hot part of the day. I really value the “focus” pieces and the Coping stuff. Last Friday gave me clues on a couple of new ways to secure my place, though I’ll pass on the voice stuff. Thanks.

        You must do what’s good for yourself and Elaine. To the extent you can, I’d hope the singular columns get the coping stuff folded in. The recent Peoplenomics content is very good, and I need to reread and digest it further.

        BTW, I bought a “smart phone” twice. Each time I returned it because it did less for me than a typical PC, and having the net with me when away from the ranch was almost pointless. I know what I plan to do when away and the net is ubiquitous anyway. I’d be curious if anyone else has a killer app that only a smartphone is useful for. I’m trying to justify one(so as to blend with the crowd and not date myself with a flip phone), but that’s the only real reason I can think of.

      • Saturday for the in-depth discussion. Gives you an extra day to review & plan your investment week. The action starts on Monday & you want to be prepared.

        Who starts their week on Wed anyway. Wed is hump day. Charts are enough for Wed to keep us updated & alert during the week. The weekend is downtime to prepare for The Monday uptime.

      • What I’d like to see:
        urban every day
        Peoplenomics Charts Wed Sat
        Deep Thoughts Sat so can sit and ruminate with them, follow all links, do a little research of my own on them, and thank about what I want to do the following week.

  8. Good luck with the change. It sounds logical and am looking forward to a A Sunday post as well.

  9. I agree with your plans.
    A story for you: back in the last decade, your thinking enabled me to use penny stock investments to finance my hobby–not many $thousand$, more like many $hundred$”, but it was “found” money. In 2008, while vacationing in Florida, I let my research slip a bit. I missed a “Ure Warned” message. I didn’t take the time to sell. Then, too late. Me bad. But, I’m doing much better in real estate. Thank you.
    I am grateful to you for your insights and humor. Keep going. Change is refreshing.

  10. Two things:

    1) Quality beats sheer quantity. Less IS more often. Yours
    has always been the FIRST thing I read every day.

    2) I suggest a small info-block at lower right bottom of the
    page with hot links to your numerous previously-operated,
    or sold off, or just your many friends’ sites. Every day
    at the bottom right, after all the other stuff. Limit:
    maybe 20 tops. Fewer would be more useful. The dream
    guy, the prepper lady, the pop-word-tea-leaves place,
    and so forth.


  11. Your decisions bear merit. I read it all every day, though I don’t respond much. Glad you can slow it down a bit, and I’ll still come by every morning. Thanks for all you have done, and continue to do.

  12. I have read both for years, but I consider your site a priority. I also am semi-retired, but my days are full. I spend 3 hours every morning staying abreast of world events and researching. and Urban Survival is on top of my morning read list. Most of the remaining day is spent writing, editing and promoting my books.

    I know you will be making good use of the hours you free up with these changes and I’m grateful for what you do. Keep up the good work, and thanks.

  13. I have been reading your words since 1998…and have gone through numerous changes on your site/s through those years. And I am still here, reading – 20 years later and will continue to do so, no matter what changes you make or in spite of the change your make. It is your column, your time – you can do whatever and however you want with it. But, I will continue to read your columns because, over the years, they have provided such valuable information. Thanks for all the hard work and time you put into this. Much much appreciated.

  14. As a longtime reader and multiyear Peoplenomics subscriber, I approve of your plan. They say less is sometimes more, and in this case it seems that more is actually 14.28% less. Amazing stuff. Thanks for your daily insights.

  15. more coping and less poly ticks plz.
    the dismal science and karca$hian crowd
    stuff is not helping me to live a better
    life either. not pontificating about the
    lamestream media and focusing on
    actionable content will save us all
    boatloads of time.

  16. George:

    I’ve a subscriber for some time now and I greatly appreciate your work. Your new schedule is fine with me; and I gain a reason to get up by 9:00 on Sunday (very difficult if I’ve closed the pub Saturday night).

    • God made Kindles and EyePads (as I call my eye doc;s, lol) so we could read in bed, lol

    • Insubordination, general orneriness, bad ‘tude, massive infractions against political correctness and the public Order. Reckless thinking, speaking, laziness, and I don’t dust the office often (year about does it).
      But I can’t tell you more because the Pun Police have the place surrounded again. A couple of martinis and they seem to disappear… (hand me some meds, wouldja?)

    • By the way, my high school ham radio mentor was (sk) K7WYK Robert Langley back in the day.
      Collins 75-S3B Johnson Ranger, Hi-Tower out back of his place on Queen Anne Hill and a T.O. Keyer. we both worked up to the 35-40 Morse range. My grades suffered (working DX was more fun than hitting the books) but he’s one reason I had a first class commercial ticket at age 16 and knew more than him on the tech side.
      Great guy and 24 Kt human. We should all have teachers like that.

  17. I’ll continue to look forward to our prose. Have always appreciated our insight, knowledge and humor. Been following you for many years and have been a subscriber for the past several years. No plans to stop until you do.

    Peace. 73

  18. I seem to remember back in the mid 2000’s when you used to post on the US site 7 days a week. I really enjoyed those days! I remember then sometime in 2010 you went down to posting only 5 days a week so I became a subscriber to PN to at least get Saturdays back. ;-)
    I look forward to having new content to read 7 days a week again–regardless of which site it is posted on. It just makes for a good morning routine.

    Thanks George!

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