The time had to come sooner or later.  We’re revising our publishing plans as our interests have evolved over time.

First:  I am selling off the website.  I will also sign over the Trademark with it.  It goes without saying that a younger person should take over the task.

Running a 29 acre tree farm is not a lot of work, but when we get things done, we like to kick back and not have to think about writing about it.  We haven’t done much with the site, but there it is.  Send me a note if you’re interested and make me an offer: is the email.

Second:  The “Coping” section which has been a regular feature of early morning’s for a lot of people is going away.  Instead, we will be publishing seven days a week now instead of four.

The problem is I’m spending too much time on some days writing.   And, although it sounds illogical, by going to one article per day I will actually be writing one column less per week.

Third:  Most of the Economic content will be migrating over to the website and the lead stories on Urban will get back to nuts and bolts “prepping” kinds of stories.  Not in one jarring one-day change, of course.’  We like to make changes slowly.  (Code word for when I remember ’em…)

Fourth: Peoplenomics will be doing ONE focus piece per week and the other day will be mainly the charts.

I like to present real quality work on Peoplenomics and with all the other “stuff”  it just takes a huge bite of time to come up with concepts and write them up so they make sense.

Fifth:  Peoplenomics content will be migrating to the WordPress type look because more than half our readers are on phones.

Sixth:  Over time,, the Peoplenomics library will be migrating over to .PDF files because they yield a much clearer view of the charts.

Overall, I like to think UrbanSurvival is still a great read – and it’s what I want to read when I get up in the morning.  Coping – as a separate animal is equally fun – but when I look at reader stats, the average reader only has the time most mornings to give a thoughtful read to one article.

Especially when I get “windy.”

By spreading back out to a weekly approach – but no separate labeling of Coping – I think the site will be less off-pettish for new readers.  There have been some mornings when I find myself asking “Who has time to read four-thousand words?”

It’s too much to ask.

So Urban will change effective today.  What was going to be a dandy Coping section is now an article for Saturday.  And what was the “Coping” article for Friday will appear Sunday, instead.

That means Monday or Tuesday can be devoted to the Peoplenomics article for Wednesday and the other morning will have a hole where I can write a “freebie” for Wednesday on Urban.

All of this is very flexible, of course.  If you have other ideas, let me know?  Always welcome to content ideas and the more the merrier.

So, seven days a week you have a reason to come back, if for no other reason than to see if I have been locked up yet.  I get to do 14.28% less work.

As always, it’s easier to ask forgiveness than permission.

Write when you wake up,

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