“Mad Scientist” Monday: Trading Boxes & Sunshine

Massive relief rally early.  But after that…who knows?

As we begin the week, there isn’t much ahead until the Fed’s “Consumer Debt” report.  Wednesday.  Which they call consumer “credit” because they are  creditors.  We’re the simple-sap debtors...

To us, it’s a reasonable time to reload for the fall and what could be another round of virus issues.  All the while sitting on depreciating cash.  With a Fed Like this, who needs commies?

George Jumps Over the Candlesticks

I don’t mention the Japanese art of “candlestick” charts, very often.  If you don’t know what they are, it’s yet-another way of looking at the market – and very similar to the open-range-close charts.  A cheat-sheet on some of the major formations may be found over here.

In our work on the  Peoplenomics side, we have a little different approach to things as my own (odd) view of things has evolved.  One is to look at the markets as an  aggregate.  Because oftentimes, the Dow will be painted down while the Big Players are loading up.  And, when they figure “enough is enough” – they will “paint the Dow higher” to unload at a peak.,

Charting all this is, to me, made easier with “trading boxes.”  The idea is that while Elliott Waves and trend channels work as well (or better) than other forms of technical trading, using numbers and “boxes” to show a range of trading is visually pleasing and makes this OBVIOUS to a somewhat vision-impaired mad scientist.

Take this morning, for example:

Which Pattern Dominates?

The “major Down red boxes” to around March 23rd inform us as to the decline.  But there are two “solutions” to what’s going on now.

As you can see, the five wave boxes begin moving up with a thin green from the March.  Kind of hard to see, but it’s just above and left from the “5”.  A small red, then a larger green, and, as you should be able to see, the recently completed left-most Green) box is our “problem child” that could resolve today.

In the “Five Elliott Waves Up” view, while we might go  slightly above the closing high of June 8th (28,308.75) intraday, a close just the tiniest bit under that would be spec-frigging-tacular.  Oh, and as of this morning, early futures were painting the “World didn’t end over the holiday” rally was set to pop up to 28,245, or so.


(Let me drop into my Columbo/Peter Falk voiceover here…)

“Der’s did one ting, sir, and ma’am:  Ders dis A-B-C ting that couldha also been goin on…yeah…dats it.  Dah yellow boxes…see dem?”

The yellow boxes offer that a “grand all-time Fake-Out” of the bears would be an A-B-C rally which – instead of ending at the top of the smaller count 5 would end as a hyper C wave in an ABC corrective wave from the All-Time-High around February 19th.

I don’t offer investing advice…rather, I just look at markets and give you a point of view to roll around.  What you see/do/act on is between you, God, and your trading platform, although these last two often get confused.

Let’s Monetize The Sun!

With nothing to do (sitting on wallet until market resolves) we keep going back to the Media Inquiry we sent to the NOAA Solar Weather group up in Boulder, Co.  First couple of days of June.

Reason?  Well, NOAA has changed predictions about what’s ahead for the Sun. 

You may remember the .TXT data file (scrubbed as of July 1) held that the Sun was effectively “going out” and that a new Maunder Minimum looked possible.

Now that NOAA has “disappeared the .TXT” file and instead put up a .JSON file (.txt files never go out of data, but .KML parsing?  Kidding, right?) the NOAA PR people are free to sell “normalcy bias.”

EXCEPT – Notice the yellow area on the lower right of this chart?  The old .TXT data file said no solar cycle ramp until 2025 – yet the PR people have proclaimed it is so…

What we were wondering about was a) why the difference between projections…was there a meeting of grand solar poohbahs that we missed?  And b) if there was a change (*its obvious, right?) did Ure miss the press release?

Had a delightful note from research Patrick Geryl on point – been on my “meaning to get to it pile” for inclusion when the gap between actual and predicted began to get interesting (which is now).  Patrick’s take?

“Aha, yes, I know what you have seen. The observed flux for cycle 25 is lower then cycle 24, while this isn’t for the sunspot prediction. This is clearly a fault from the NASA guys…

It isn’t the only mistake…We found an easy formula to converse both numbers to each other. It can be found on ResearchGate. Mind: there is copyright because it was accepted by an astronomical journal.



Meantime, another “odd disconnect” in all this is the data noticed by ham radio operators, like me, who are frustrated as well about the lousy propagation and – if the sunspots were really rising, shouldn’t we get some sporadic halfway decent propagation?

(We can hardly wait for the floundering higher-end, over-priced paper peddlers in Higher Ed to offer degrees in “solar observation” since anyone who can count to 250-or so, could line up for research grants…)

In short, we are left with the Big Ponder:  What is the Monetization In Play here?  We only have a couple of choices:

  • NOAA is being forthright and sunspots will only peak in the 135 region in five years.  BUT if that happens, it means Climate Change could be exposed for what it is…  OR…
  • There’s a plan to incorporate The Sun into the next Big Fear Cycle.  Can you imagine the panic if there was a chance of a mega-flare from the sun?  Dig holes, get three days of oxygen and a big-ass air conditioner and such?  How many would survive the global firestorms?  (It’s almost as big at the Aliens Showing Up Model, lol…)

For now, I will sit here wondering…

  • “How many emails and phone calls to NOAA do I need to make?”
  • …”Why are there more openings on the 20-meter ham band for my antenna tests?”


More Contemporaneous Paranoia

That the George Floyd death and CV-19 have utterly jumbled American thought processes is becoming a distinct possibility. Wait, was Columbus a slave owner?  WTF with his statue going?  Marxist medley, brothers and sisters.  Especially when we read in Houston media how Protester killed on Seattle freeway was dedicated to cause.

Which happened because?  (At a loss for  the right words here) A solidarity demonstration was going on and a road was closed…  Hold it:  George Floyd died on May 25th wasn’t it?  So demonstrators closed a freeway, um, five weeks later?  What the hell?  Sounds like two-bit Marxists trading on Floyds memory, to us.

For the deeply paranoid, this story about the (alleged) perp will make must-read lists:  “Dawit Kelete, suspected CIA-USAID, ‘Playboy Assassin’ ”  Well?  Though nothing surprises us, anymore.


Oh God:  New guilt-crazed mush-headed buzz-term to watch for:  “Environmental equity.”  As in How has Indianapolis responded to climate change? This commission wants to find out.

So now, local governments will not provide effective law enforcement, but they will become involved in a mighty battle to make sure the heat impacts all equally?  I mean WTF?  OMG, it rained more on white people…everyone demonstrate!

…And the hype just keeps on coming (and it’s why we can – like the unscrubbed earlier data hinted – allow Global Cooling to get legs.  Because Societal attention toward extinction threats: a comparison between climate change and biological invasions

Meanwhile, where’s our Money???  Ma Jones is hawking “Could Paying Farmers to Store Carbon Help the Climate and Save Farms?” and the Ure’s could become fabulously wealthy off our trees.

And ANOTHER idiotic phrase:  Climate Karma – as in Mr. Amazon’s Washington Post touting how  “Arctic Oil Infrastructure Faces Climate Karma.” One sure sign of mass delusion from too much media?  Could be confusion over environmental animism  in lieu of simple economics.  Wait!  No grants, though…no new degrees…These people ought to have PhD’s in trans-domain sexualsocial cultural gibberish.

Not enough bullshit to amp you up?  Try this pulp-headed pap: “Climate change ‘fueling deadly India lightning strikes’.    Seriously?

Lightning hits the earth 8-MILLION TIMES PER DAY, people.  Get a frigging grip.  (or share the crack-pipe.)

Here:  Example of science versus bullshit for you:

Alarmist headline first:Climate crisis: Mysterious pink snow in Alps sparks fears over accelerated melting.”

Remember the big “Dust clouds off Africa story” a couple of weeks back?  12-days ago, NBC was linking CV-19 to dust storms by headlining “Coronavirus-stricken U.S. faces another problem: A massive dust cloud from Africa.”

Fast forward 2-weeks.  Guess what?  Shit lands somewhere.  Oh, and looks reddish brown.  But hey!  Don’t use science and logic.  Instead whip that paranoia about climate.  Yee-haw!  Get along little sheep!  (sound of whip cracking).

I know what’s let’s do!  How about we monetize being rational?

…aw, skip it.  It’d  never sell.  Ego-animism if a far easier ploy and we can all become gender-checkers to one another.  And think of the new tech that will be needed so we can demonstrate and gender-check while maintaining safe distances.  Welcome to the “Demon Haunted World.”  (You are the demon, lol.)

I’m going to lock the doors and eat breakfast now….

Write when something happens we can make a buck on, ‘cuz everything else is filler.


55 thoughts on ““Mad Scientist” Monday: Trading Boxes & Sunshine”

  1. ive already had 1 go today .. but need another go to thank you for somehow putting comedy and clarity to the madness that is the big spinning ball . congrats

  2. How much of the U.S. economy depends on persuading people to pretend that they are rich?

    • LOL…that is the dance of capitalism that most people don’t see: When everyone got food, then everyone wanted houses. With everyone off the street, we wanted cars. When all had cars, a second car. When second car payment note came in, we wanted second jobs.
      My, we are an odd strain of bacteria, aren’t we?

      • We watched “Apocalypto” last night. The story the old, one armed shaman/story teller told to those in the evening around the fire was a story of exactly that. Man always wants more and is never satisfied. Assuming the story was authentic and incorporated into the movie that means it’s an old, old story that spans the entire World.

    • Ozzie & Harriet, My Three Sons, even Leave it to Beaver…

      Pretending they are rich isn’t a problem. Television shows from the 1950s on have foist an overview of normality or “middle-classness” on viewers, which has no basis in reality. Dramas, sitcoms, didn’t make any difference. Mike Brady (The Brady Bunch) was an architect, Darren Stevens (Bewitched) was an advertising exec, Russell Lawrence (Gidget) an English prof at UCLA. Too far back? Archie Bunker was the receiving foreman at a tool factory and drove a cab, part-time, Howard Cunningham (Happy Days) owned a hardware store.

      Along about the late 70s things began to change. Laverne and Shirley were bottle-cappers, Mindy (Mork & Mindy) a clerk in a record store, Al Bundy (Married, with Children) a shoe salesman, Even Ann Romano (One Day at a Time), worked menial jobs, yet maintained a “middle class lifestyle” which seemed to convey (in retrospect) the idea that your job didn’t matter because you were going to be able to live the lifestyle, no matter what you did. (Seriously, in “Friends,” Rachel is a coffeeshop waitress, Monica an itinerant cook, and Phoebe, a masseuse, yet they can afford comparable digs to the main male characters {actor, museum paleontologist, and whatevertheheck Matthew Perry’s character was — some kind of suit?} I didn’t watch the show, but my daughter was addicted to it…)

      ‘Point is, the teevee has programmed us over the years toward an unrealistic opinion of wherein lies the center of the bellcurve, and an unrealistic idea of what takes to achieve it. People don’t “pretend” they are rich. They have no concept of wealth, but as long as Flybynight Bank will issue them a VISA card with a $100k credit limit and a $20 monthly payment, they can fool themselves into believing they can buy a $700k house and all the trimmings, on that thousand dollar a week job…

      The U.S. economy (and everybody else’s) is a house of cards. As long as we can both pretend and believe that everything is okay, for the most part, it will be. This is why EVERY financial talker and planner is an optimist. As soon as the first base-card falls though, the whole thing will come down. Whether it starts with Wall Street or not, once we take the tumble, every other nation will follow (sorry Switzerland, ya shoulda kept yer Franc indexed to gold…)

  3. Those wishing to install a dictatorship — or else a “Heavy Authoritarian State,” which they assume THEY will be the commissars and governors and block-watchers for — must first cause or enhance chaos sufficient to make the “ordinary people” desperate to have a Great Fearless Leader to decisively end, and restore Normalcy.

    Nothing else matters at this moment — just the prolonging and aggravating the chaos to the maximum degree.

    Since they are “right,” they will use Any Means Necessary, without restraint, to achieve that goal — and feel perfectly justified.

    If they rip down an incorrect statue, or burn out the occasional supporter — no problem, if the greater goal of High Chaos is achieved.

    Sadly, human history is replete with examples of this process.

    You’ll be watching today’s developments on tonight’s news.

    The only questions are, if you see it as it’s happening right under your nose or not; and whether you’ll make a choice or just let it over-run you, unopposed.

    History mostly tells us that we will watch and wait and worry until it’s much too late to do anything effective.

    • William, I’ve pondered what you’re talking about for a very long time. What, if anything, can an individual do that’s “effective”?

      I don’t do groups. I operate as an individual to the greatest extent possible. I do all I can to avoid being part of the problem and avoid mass delusions as best possible. To date, I’ve come up with very little that can help restore sanity, other than to become as stable and uninvolved as I can in my own domain. All good ideas are appreciated.

      • Sadly, I think the “Ordinary Person” (deplorable) such as me, has insufficient power to oppose it.

        ‘It” will merely find a way to crush individual opposition, one at a time, isolated, using any one of a number of official, media, or unofficial methods, and it’ll simply go unreported and unnoticed.

        The Game was lost 40 years ago when local public education was seduced and subverted quietly and incrementally, with two-job parents too busy and too tired to track what their kids were being taught. The USA raised two whole generations of politically left ignoramuses who don’t know what’s worth honoring.

        “Mr. Smith” went to Washington and by his pure heart prevailed.

        In RealLife today, he’d simply be quietly destroyed and left by the roadside for dead, and never even be noticed.

        The man who stood in front of the tank in Tiananmen Square has long since been “disappeared.” So it would be with any of us.

        The best we can do is survive as individuals and not attract the eye of the destroyers.

        (Be clear on this: what you’re trying to survive is a Maoist Style Cultural Revolution. Maple syrup with a suddenly politically incorrect mascot? Really? That’s what rises to the prominence of being worthy of many inches of column space, hysterical headlines, and Significant Media Panel Discussions and removal? Don’t look for logic on consistency or fairness.)

        Sorry. Not a “Hollywood” happy ending, but probably the repulsive reality of it..

    • I believe this as well, the more chaos the better for those that want to upend the status quo. I struggle with who or what group benefits and could be one put in power. It seems like the Fed, the 1%s, the democrats and republicans all make out like bandits in the existing system. Why would they want to help make the current system fall apart?

      So who benefits, who are the ones to watch out for that could gain a new power position. I am sure this is similar to what happened in Germany pre WW2. The collapse of the currency and rise of the Nazi party and ceeding power to end the chaos and violence. People seem to always vote for “safety” vs freedom. Those that are willing to use violence always appear to have a leg up over those, that just want to be left alone.

      Certainly here in Atlanta, we see the cop who shot the Wendy’s criminal is being railroaded. I don’t see any of the law and order followers having protests and riots to end that travesty. I completely agree we will make no difficult personal choice to protect our freedoms. We just say to ourselves these actions are not constitutional and just complain to each other and say at least is isn’t us our our families. I include myself here, I am not protesting the treatment of the police, protecting monuments, fighting off rioters. I want to live in a just and free society, but am personally not willing (yet), to give up my lifestyle to protect and fight for these things.

      Do we have any leaders on this side who are fighting? Not just writing a book or making a podcast, but is on the front lines trying to actually fight for these things? Who are those people and how can those of us that are passive by nature help?

      • “Do we have any leaders on this side who are fighting? Not just writing a book or making a podcast, but is on the front lines trying to actually fight for these things?”


        When the commies act up in the streets, they’re lauded. If law-abiding citizens stepped-in to stop the insanity, they’d be labeled as racist and intolerant, and locked up for long periods of time on some type of vigilantism charge.

      • The only two ways sanity and common sense can prevail are if the kiddies learn the meaning of the history they’re trying to destroy, or if society degenerates to a full-blown (un)civil war, and they’re all killed off.

        I don’t see either of these happening, which means we’ll degenerate into a Venezuela or a pre-Reich Germany, and take the entire world with us.

      • @Joe Dish

        those that want to rule over you….are the ones that those of us that stay away from the maddening mob fray, are going to hold accountable…they may be harder to bring to justice….BUT..’thy will be done’….and there will be no courts involved….as it was once said..’ vengeance is mine’…say the Lord….But , justice …..administered to criminals is NOT…’ vengeance’…it is step one in..rehabilitation….getting them ready for their ‘makers’;…….VENGEANCE……Semper Fi

  4. “Protester killed on Seattle freeway was dedicated to cause.”

    And this morning’s news about an eight year old girl being shot by peaceful protesters because the mom was going to park the car in a parking lot..
    Of course no police because they are currently cutting back.. when will the insanity end..

    Climate change.. dam.. everyone forgets the farmers comments on climate.. it’s to wet, it’s to dry, to cold ,to hot, winters to early dam it’s coming to late. If you don’t like the weather now wait ten minutes it will change.
    Pink snow .. I was going to get sand for my blocks and for the kids to play in..everyone is saying it blows around.. lol lol well the sand is coming the kids can play in it .. I’ll wear my mask for the dust..I’ll only complain if a neighbos cat finds it..

  5. George, don’t know. Was a great theory!!!, but:
    Looks like your 10+ year prediction of imminent economic collapse is not arriving. I mean if a pandemic with greater downdrafts than the Great Recession didn’t trigger it, what will? Looks like ‘Can’t fight the Fed’ is the controlling factor here. And could just as easily be another 20 years for the US national debt to reach critical mass — in spite of the Conservatives’ penchant for loading it up. Best, Mike.

    • You did miss the part where the Fed has doubled the money supply this year, right? Liberal financial cover-up engineering at its finest…

      • George,
        Nice use of the word liberal, as if to imply the liberal party has something to do with the Fed. If there is an issue, let’s all work together to find a solution. It’s such a cop out to play the blame game…which is what the top down is doing…and that has an affect on how others react and so on. Right now the entire nation is playing the blame game and NOBODY is saying

        ”Let’s all put our collective minds together and work this out.”

        No..that doesn’t sell ads on TV or social media. Like everything else..the blame game is a business model.

      • Actually, on this one Mark, the data is on my side.
        I know a fair number of Big Firm financial engineers.
        Not a republican among them. All very liberal, know-it-all’s, and a fair number of egotistic pricks.
        They just happen to be really good at math and programming and fast-talking.
        So why isn’t anyone at the SEC trying to end HFT on the grounds that it’s just “fast robbery” – marking up what every custom pays a tiny bit…and thus, the little people never get an even break…

      • The ghost of Marty Zweig haunts me day and night.

        If the Fed doubles the money supply again next year and the year after, and the year after………… where/when does it end?

    • Both parties are equally complicit in screwing up our heritage. Both parties inflate, and both parties infringe on individual freedom of action far beyond what’s necessary to keep the peace and economic order.

      If we have another version of “the virus” allowing a serious second lockdown, the economy, and especially food supply will be severely affected – far beyond what we’ve experienced.

      What indicates depression? Famine!

      • NM Mike
        First of all, Confederate statues are NOT our heritage. Most were erected during the Jim Crow days as a middle finger to Civil Rights…which should disgust us even more.

        And George…you aren’t serious about Columbus are you? He didn’t even discover America and was the father of American slave trade. This man‘s horrible acts of violence and greed was sanitized almost immediately due to his immediate brutality of the docile and friendly Arawaks that happens to be adorned with Gold Trinkets and Jewelry.

        He was chronicled as saying in a letter to King And Queen of Spain…

        “They do not bear arms, and do not know them, for I showed them a sword, they took it by the edge and cut themselves out of ignorance. They have no iron. Their spears are made of cane. They would make fine servants. With fifty men we could subjugate them all and make them do whatever we want.”

        After forcing the indigenous people to show them the source of the gold to send back to Spain (Columbus had a contract to keep 10% of the profits)..Columbus sailed to other is;ands and found more gold and encountered more indigenous tribes…One youngCatholic Priest, Bartolommeo de las Casas wrote…

        “There were 60,000 people living on THIS island, including the Indians; so that from 1494 to 1508, over 3,000,000 people had perished from war, slavery, and the mines. Who in future generations will believe this? I myself writing it as a knowledgeable eyewitness can hardly believe it.”

        So tearing down ALL of Columbus’s statues and eliminating Columbus Day should have been done long, long ago. Not doing so is a middle finger to all indigenous tribes and shows our Insane hubris for Allowing it to happen in the first place.

      • Mark, The Confederacy was part of our heritage, as was Columbus, whether we like it or not! Statues were placed by various folks and they’re an important part of the continuity of our culture – whether or not we like what those people did. Nobody is perfect, and there are skeletons in everyone’s closet. Having an imperfect history is far better than having no history at all. The destruction of statues and history is the hallmark of a communist style insurrection, and it simply cannot be allowed. The next step is generally genocide. By all means work toward equality of opportunity and the dignity of all men, but not at the cost of allowing an opportunity for totalitarian overthrow. IMHO, though not a happy thought, the destruction of Germany’s history including everything Hitler was a serious mistake. It won’t stop the rise of another potential Reich, but it will prevent the German kids from really learning their heritage.

        We all need thicker skins and the ability to stare evil in the eye without flinching. The alternative has been re-created too many times in too many places to be allowed yet again.

      • @Marx

        How about we tear down YOUR house…Because it sits on land once owned by the INDIANS….
        Fair is Fair Columbus Must Go..so too then Marx’s house must go….equal justice as they say…

      • NM Mike — I’m waiting to hear Mark’s justification for the weekend festivities, which included the removal by commies, of the Frederick Douglass statue in Rochester, NY, which was erected at Kelsey’s Landing (where Douglass and Harriet Tubman had their stops along the Underground Railroad) to commemorate his July 5, 1852 speech, “What to the Slave is the Fourth of July.”

        Yeah, I’d certainly put Douglass in the same category as Columbus and a bunch of Confederate Generals…

      • Thats a bunch of BS, NM Mike. That’s like saying a wife that was beaten to a pulp by her screw up husband, should keep up photos of her husband in the house after she divorces the SOB. Any decent woman would burn them in a ceremony of internal cleansing.

        America is better than those statues..Get rid of them all. That’s not who we are nor want to remind ourselves of. This who live in the past…HAVE NO FUTURE!

      • I object to spending public money on fabrication and maintenance of statues of General Officers. The memorial plaques to fallen soldiers and the Vietnam war memorial are reminders of real American history.
        The tearing down of the statue of Frederick Douglass is a reminder that social justice is a convenient propaganda cover story for the leftists. It is also a reminder that the neo-nazi’s, klan, and BLM all privately march to the same Marxist drummer, regardless of their public claims of opposing views.
        The street freaks who do the leftist’s dirty work will be the first to go to the camps after the Left consolidates power, but not before they knock on your door for a little looting and mayhem.

      • “a wife that was beaten to a pulp by her screw up husband, should keep up photos of her husband in the house after she divorces the SOB. Any decent woman would burn them in a ceremony of internal cleansing./So tearing down ALL of Columbus’s statues and eliminating Columbus Day should have been done long, long ago. Not doing so is a middle finger to all indigenous tribes and shows our Insane hubris for Allowing it to happen in the first place.”

        Two biggies there.. I feel compelled to give my point of view.. I have seen hundreds of abused through the years.. many and most of them stay with the abuser.. to afraid to leave a very small fraction leave.. the statistics use to be one in three people but I think it is more on the order of one in two..
        Much of this is passed on through family history.. I was one of the fortunate ones that had two parents that cared and supported each other.. the most violence I seen in our home was.my father walking up behind my mom and swatting her on the butt.. then turning around and taking off with her in hot pursuit and hitting the door jam about killing himself LOL.. similar to our home now.. there wasn’t any arguing or disagreements.. it was nice and calm and composed.. major issues are discussed and decided on..
        My wifes last husband use to take her out after beating her and showing her where he was going to bury her body if she didn’t cow down to his every whim and wish.. the day she left was the day a loaded gun showed up under his pillow.. my daughters husband didn’t want kids.. in a weekly trip to his parents home she jumped in the car to get a gallon of milk.. when they passed the turn off to the grocery store.. he started to beat her in the head with a tire iron trying to kill her.. he restrained her in the car while she fought to keep consciousness.. all the while he told her how he was going to cut the baby out while she was still alive and burn it in a ditch then dissect her body and burn it to.. she got her chance and got one hand loose turned the key to the car off.. two states over going down the interstate at eighty miles an hour.. when he took his attention off of her she jumped from the car he grabbed her shirt and took it off dragging her down the interstate.. she got loose and got up and was rescued by a woman that seen the whole thing of her jumping from the car.. they rushed her into get cat scans of the brain from the trauma and discovered she had an orange sized tumor on the brain.. ( they wouldn’t have ever found it if he hadn’t have beat her trying to kill her.. all because she was pregnant) they caught him.. then let him go feeling sorry for him.. ( his parents have serious money) afterwards my daughter found out that his first two wives had had similar issues with him.. with the first one getting away when he tried to shoot her.. he then drove back and forth over her with the car.. the second wife she doesn’t want him to know where she is even living.. no one knows what he did to her..
        the difference between having money and not having money.. he won’t be put away until he finally succeeds.. he was going to get married for the fourth time and my daughter relayed what he had done to her.. when he started to show off his evil side she left before it was to late..
        sexual abuse.. we have heard a lot in the news about ancient slavery.. yet the back story to that has never been told.. I think the Smithsonian has a book that is digitized now.. about hugh crow and his journey to become the first slave trader.. just like today where one tribe hacks another tribe up with machetes.. that is how the slaves were captured.. seeing the fact that most of them would be put to death seen it as a business proposition and knowing he could sell the slaves to american merchants as laborers.. this is horrific and many got into bondage by evil people.. today you see bosses that have the idea that their laborers are worthless to and those that look out for their employees interests and well being.. The good ones that cherish the people that make them and their companies great..yet in many ways the hourly blue collar worker is in bondage to the whims of the employer and he is in no better shape than the slave owner with the whip that sees them as non existant..
        do we learn from these incidents.. I sure wish we did.. but we haven’t.. today over the whim of someone else and their desires we still bomb the hell out of someones home destroy their cities and country kill their people maim their children and families all in the name of peace.. just so some person or persons can acquire more wealth or gain control of their resources.. the march to war has been going on for thousands of years.. the stories all are similar..
        take Thomas Jefferson.. his slave Sally Hemming was a free black woman that wrote to him asking to become his slave and ended up being his concubine and he fathered many children by her.. the same with George Washington..he released his slaves only because he was concerned that when he was gone there would be a revolt. so do we blast their faces off of mount rushmore.. no they are part of our history filled with flaws of mankind.. the civil war even though it is bragged about as the war to set slavery straight was really a war over marketing of good.. the market war.. in the end the north still had five and six year olds working in factories to make the goods sold for pennies.. today they still do that but because of our laws they ship the goods off to another country.. from our medicines to our jackets and clothes.. .
        all of it bad.. but what were the options.. with the slaves of crow.. they more than likely would have been hacked to death.. for my daughter if she hadn’t been abducted by her husband and he tried to kill her.. she wouldn’t have ever found out about her tumor.. that has had drastic results on her life.. since it was close to her motor functions of her brain.. the grand baby is now starting school and the last I had heard her ex husbands parents gave up on him and he is now on the east coast.. even though he did try to get custody of the child.. (I believe that if he had succeeded the child would have vanished or had a farm accident)
        Pioneers.. during the pioneers.. after reading many diaries of the pioneers a common thing is discovered.. that if the mother passed on the oldest daughter took her place.. sexual abuse was a common thing.. children bartered off for goods.. the chinese the indians the irish etc.. abuse is everywhere.. Many of the abused in fact the really abused rarely complain about it.. the reason is their self esteem is so low that they feel they deserve it.. many come from homes where similar abuse is common.
        they keep their photo’s.. their children pass it on.. if we could just stop teaching our kids of our hate the kids would grow up learning to work together..

      • “This who live in the past…HAVE NO FUTURE!”

        Those who forget the past, also have no future.

        The “past” is not a place to “live,” it is a learning tool, and a metric for social progress, or the lack, thereof. The Marxist-fascists, masquerading as social justice and racial tolerance warriors are the most racist and least just or tolerant of any members of our society.

        Their short-term goal is to remove our history and rewrite it as a pro-Marxist fiction, thereby eliminating any social metric or point of reference our progeny may have had.

        The long-term purpose of this goal is to force the United States into Marxist fascism.

        We are the most socially-advanced society in the history of Man. Folks have been trying to “progress” the United States toward some form of imperial feudalism for 200 years, because they can’t handle the thought of the unwashed masses having “freedom” and “individual property rights.” They want to manage your (and my) life by denying us liberty and property, because they assume WE can’t handle it either. Can you picture what Stalin or Hitler could’ve done with our present-day surveillance technology? I can, and it’s not a pretty picture. When the whiz-kiddies you’re selling houses to use it to institute their “progressivism” (which is actually “regressivism”) on American society at an individual level, you’ll be somewhere behind me, but we’ll both be in the line which leads to the gas chamber or firing squad (and so will they…)

        Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it. Our “past” isn’t “old enough” for us to repeat, so we will repeat someone else’s, probably Russia’s or China’s — replete with 21st Century refinements.

      • “The “past” is not a place to “live,” it is a learning tool, and a metric for social progress, ”

        AMEN RAY… WELL SAID .. my thoughts exactly with a few thousand less words lol

    • “First of all, Confederate statues are NOT our heritage.”

      When I read and see news coverage of the destruction of historical monuments it angers me.. It’s not any different than ISIS destroying historical sites.. it’s part of our history .
      When I was a little boy I saved a berry basket from the fire by hiding it..while photos and journals of my great great great great grandpa went up in flames. Today our generation sees his actions as heroic..
      Theres good and bad in all things..

      Looks like your 10+ year prediction of imminent economic collapse is not arriving. ”

      The only reason it hasn’t Mike is they are dumping water on the table to keep the noodle floating as its pushed.. Zimbabwe did that as did Argentina..
      The same thing was done just prayer to the weimer depression..

      Theres a cap on everything..believe it or not there no endless blue sky eventually iteads to the cold darkness of outer space..

  6. There’s a connection between the solar cycle, the weakening magnetosphere around the earth, and the increases in frequency & strength of lightning strikes. It has to do with cosmic rays – long known to be the causal factor for a lightning strikes. With solar activity being weaker, and the magnetic field of the earth being weaker (both relatively recent phenomenons i.e. in the last 30 years or so), we should expect to see an increase in lightning. It all makes perfect sense when the earth/solar system/galaxy/universe is considered from an electromagnetic point of view.

  7. If I were to look at news (I usually don’t) the S&P500 would need 5 motive waves up from the March low to a new all-time high to fulfill the Dems dream of Trump losing in November. Logic being, eventually it does need to get there & Biden is unlikely to make it happen (Yes, all of them praying for a crash to dethrone Trump have this wrong, since we got a W4 top in Feb and not a W5 top).

    These waves don’t look motive at all.

    I’m going with ABC whether it makes a new ATH or not, and my guess is SPX is close to done.

    Looking for the “C” wave down to test the bottom in the S&P and DOW, but maybe not in NAZ.

    Watch how shocked “Joe Blow Dem” (and maybe the Trump fans too) will be if this market is at a low in October & Trump wins,,,

    Corrective waves all over the place, including the US Dollar, which is making this market one big PITA to decipher. If Silver magically hits $19 and change, or better yet, $21, everything is toasty critters. Might be quite a ways off.

    I don’t have this sucker making a final top until around June 2023. If the whole political stage show includes Trump getting the blame for the final catastrophic turn, that would be about right. Any earlier (like before the election) their plans are in accelerated mode.

    • Typo. That should be W3 top in Feb, putting us in W4 now, unless March was the bottom of W4 (which I doubt).
      Gonna go by AstroMike instead, since there are other Mike’s here.

  8. Comrades,

    Prepare to see mountains moved. One imagines the ultimately disenchanted history between a lead sculptor and the Daughters of Confederacy prior to the former’s grand depression-era magnum opus at Mount Rushmore may in present circumstances require heads to roll.

  9. People will buy anything.
    Pet rocks, until shipping costs sky- rocketed. Keep up with the Jone’s – up here in Alaska my neighbors of hydraulic means place them at the driveway entrance. And we stack em’high. They say-I got big rocks- enter at risk of meeting the big kahoona, Or this could be your last big climb. Amazingly, some stacks make it through the earth shakes. Reminds me of the prisoner’s splitting rocks wearing zebra suits,ball and chain in hand. Laurel and Hardy, Spanky and the Gang, the Three Stooges, and Mutt and Jeff, Popeye and Olive Oil and Betty Boop.
    Subliminal programming me says. Rock solid ,Rock on,Rocky Balboa and Rocky Road ice cream. I need more rocks for my trail ,even the Lexus slip slides away. Heck the President thinks rocks live forever. Sane people talk to rocks, crystal allows people to talk to other people through the ether even!
    Don’t throw rocks at the Sun it may retaliate. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, atoms to rust.
    People pay the big bucks for crystal balls and flawless rocks to adorn their fingers and crowns. Rocks are like people. Imo. Can you really create an artificial rock?

  10. The Fed’s Consumer Debt Report comes out Wednesday. I’m going to take a flyer here: Wash, Rinse, and Repeat, Wash, Rinse, and Repeat. Anybody want to fade me on this? Plus it’s coming from the ultimate talking Heads, I mean Fed’s! What could possibly go wrong?

    • Other than the one-eyed former Navy SEAL, Dan Crenshaw, show me a politician that isn’t. But give that guy enough time and there’ll be an offer even a guy like him won’t be able to resist. Heck, I’d bet Ron Paul’s got a few skeletons in his closet that could be exploited.

  11. I don’t think trading systems work at all.

    Did Rumsfeld use a trading system?

    You have to have the information first be it 6 month ocean voyages or 6 nanosecond laser pulses.

    George W. Bush, a birthday boy today, told us Saddam knocked over the towers, before he didn’t. Imagine having all that info months in advance.

  12. Yo G-Man –

    Howz the BLM (BurnLootMurder) “protesters” treating y’all down thar in the Lone Star State. No matta the Splatta anyways Jefe – cause that big white ball in the sky is falling into a DEEEEP slumber – now like.

    Ms. Valentina Zharakova was 1 of only 2 Solar Scientists to correctly predict solar cycle 24 would WEAKER than cycle 23 – AND cycles 25,25,27 are predicted to be Weaker still! Can U say mini ice age commeth? how about medium ice age commeth?


    Grand Solar Minimums – cause mini ice ages, increase in Disease/Plague/Virus outbreaks versus “normal” times, Weather tends to go bannanas, crop failures, Floods…

    Speaking of which U seen any of the Sat photos of 3 Gorges dam? those giant ass cement blocks have already begun to shift/move. How is this possible ? easy DONT ANCHOR Ure dam into the bedrock.

    Who do U suppose approved those dam Design plans, not to mention rumors of corrupt (not in red china) Cement Contractors using substandard Concrete – did they even Slump test every single load?

    This is real “splatta” material – 100 year Rains have started to falling in China, all the rivers feeding into 3 gorges are ALREADY at Flood stage. How nuke power plants feed their cooling systems with river water? Already had landslide/mudslide issues upstream – thats how the low level release valves got blocked.
    And now 100 year rainfall records are falling, dam is already moving, and the Heavy stuff has not even really started – predicted July/August. Who is roughly 1000 miles downstream 3 Gorges ? Wuhan of course.. Karma?


    Ancient culture records and tracks solar cycles, ancient culture known to be very good at Mathimatics – its in the realm of possibility that knew/know what is coming and PLANNED to kill (HARVEST) a couple Million people – not biggie when U have been raised in and trained Mao (germans) are perfectly Fine with wasting Millions of Human lives – No Biggie sayz the chairman..

    Yeah Markets are going to LUV that RISK blowing up in their faces..buybuybuybuy

    or just get a lil Bitcoin just in case…oh wait I almost forgot..

    NO BITCOIN 4 U..one of the last of the “Mohicans”


    • Thar’ be gold in ‘dem red mining hills? One basks in the irony of a president who would otherwise be blythely at study in Oxonford, former stomping ground of William the Conquerer kin, Renebald.

      Why not plug into the matrix and make like a Kurdish blogger at university in former Iroquois lands of upstate New York appealing for the faithful to invest their Uncle Sams in a Turkish-fronted bitcoin operation with miners in Iran? Who said the kids are alright?

    • “(germans) are perfectly Fine with wasting Millions of Human lives”

      That was all a way to loot and steal their assets with the approval of the people..
      Because of the horrors of the Weimar depression they turned a blind eye to the tragedies of war..
      It was the same thing with Russia. And with France. The old loose your head because you adopted the who cares let them eat cake attitude..it always opens the doors to let tyrants in to rule and loot and steal.. JMHO

  13. ”Why are there more openings on the 20-meter ham band for my antenna tests?”

    I’m gonna go out on a limb here and guess you mean “Why AREN’T there more 20 meter openings”? Well, as dumb luck would have it on late Friday afternoon I found a couple Californians doing tag-team contacts on 20 and managed to score an SSB contact with a two-year new ham who was thrilled to make a Hawaii contact. He will get the scenic QSL card.

    I was on 100 watts on the OCF dipole (balun & coax fed). I’m still planning to add that extra wire to the long side the next time the antenna comes down for maintanence.

    So 20 is out there… you just need to be on at the right time.

  14. Meanwhile, with lockdowns somewhat lifted here in Hawaii, people are getting careless and it is showing up in our resurging virus numbers. Family clusters, and even a bunch of Hawaiian Air employees who attended new flight-attendant training sessions prior to going back to work. Eighteen new cases among Hawaiian Air employees now.

    Cruised past the local beaches on July 4 and a single mask seen among many large family and friend groups mingling closely on the beach and street. Yes, we are starting to see the ‘second wave’ erupt here in Hawaii. Officials are disappointed, because “we’ve told you how to prevent it, but you’re not doing it”.

    All I can say is….. it is Darwin at work.

  15. I am going to remind all of you, you can’t eat greenbacks, precious metals or cryptos, but you can bite the bullet. The latest round of Covid stats has made storage foods from traditional sources a long delivery once again, if they will ever arrive. Best to get in line, but exploring alternatives is probably something you should consider.

    I am concerned that there may be another mass food panic in the the October – November time frame, along with other systemic disruptions. If nothing else, protein shortages are looking like a sure thing for the winter months. The economic incentives for mayhem look positive nationwide. Lefties do like to loot, and the right profiteers.

    There are alternatives. Plastic buckets with liners are probably preferable to #10 cans for home canning of dry food. I am finding bulk foods in 25 – 50 lb bags are more readily available than prepackaged storage foods. I had originally intended to stock up in the Fall season, but I think stocking with whatever can be had right now is probably the better choice.
    I have been picking up on the amount of legumes and grains in my diet, to avoid shocking my system later in the year. The effect has been favorable to the health, I think. I am still using stevia for a sweetener. Need to pick up more.

    • “The latest round of Covid stats has made storage foods from traditional sources a long delivery”

      I went to put in my two week grocery order…


      I put it in at one store.. they couldn’t fill the order.. I had to go through three stores before I could locate one that was able to get the stuff.. and a week for them to get it.. Now that is just half of a months grocery.. It use to cost us about sixteen hundred a month now roughly 2500.00.. and we are at the height of the crop season when things are plentiful ..

      a brother in law saturday asked what our grocery bill was.. and he was amazed.. then I asked him.. how many times do you eat out.. after he did the math he realized our grocery bill was a fraction of what his was.. for as many people.. I use to budget three hundred a month or basically thirty happy meals or thirty cups of capachino and a pastry.. this year it will be just shy doubling that figure per person..

      • I’m having cognitive dissonance with your grocery bill. I’m alone, don’t eat out, and don’t spend even 1/10th of your grocery bill. How many people are in your household? Is food horrendously expensive where you live?

      • One order I have had in since early April may ship this week, maybe, after multiple emails and telephone calls. A third of what I had originally ordered is now out of stock, and that gummed up the transaction.
        Better eyeball your receipt for items that look to be priced too high as well. Everyone likes to eat stuff that is familiar, but you have to be digestion nimble in this environment. Look for alternate sources.
        My gut feel is that we are headed for a winter where the wolves are real, not fairy tales.

  16. https://youtu.be/eDSDdwN2Xcg
    Some Idiots still believe they have to wear a mask, and this is a world global Earth problem, what other scams have you been sucked into. Now you know why Trump isn’t wearing a mask ,he’s leading all these scammers down into a big hole and he’s going to put the lid on them. Now the question is do you trust your doctor.
    Mark I hope you wake up before it’s too late.
    The person your calling a dumbass is a very good actor. And you have been led into the Trap,,,, you better reverse your decisions before the lid is put on you.

    May all beings be lovingly fulfilled. May all beings be financially fulfilled.May all beings be readily fulfilled.
    So be it.

    Now about all those governors

    • “Some Idiots still believe they have to wear a mask, ”

      I am one of those idiots.. I guess I wasn’t wearing one until I spoke with a friend that has it and discovered he was out and about socially… sicker than hell.. the reason because our govt.. said its ok.. even though he lost his mom with the disease..
      then knowing people working with people with it.. it just makes sense.. of course I wore a mask before that if I was working around stuff or dusty wind etc..
      what harm is there to take a few precautions.

  17. If you believe that Doctor Richard Bartlett is truly doing what he says he’s doing then why don’t you find the list of all the governors emails, and start sending instead of criticizing the president.

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