The LV Shooter-Airplane Mystery Deepens

You need some background before we get into the details of efforts to cover-up the LV shooter suspect apparently owning an airplane and apparent revisions to records to cover that up.  First from military affair contributor “Warhammer”…

“A few folks are doing some dirt digging into how the Vegas ‘fish barrel faux pas’ could have ever happened.  Idaho Republican Congressional candidate Michael Snyder asks some thought-provoking questions in this blog:


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One commenter to above article aptly notes the ‘only’ people targeted were those inside the country music venue – not one outside was shot – including police helicopters. Odd, to be sure, if valid.

Next, several witnesses of ‘additional’ gunmen or suspects have surfaced, such as this Australian guest who was in the room next door to Paddock:


Others on the street swear they say shots being fired from lower floors.  Were they seeing reflections from the street or from adjacent buildings?

Now the suspicious among us might begin to see what is known as a classic ‘false flag’ operation – essentially a deceptive covert maneuver.  If this were a false flag op, who is doing the deceiving?  What is the desired objective of the operation

There’s some interesting hints of ‘pre-emptive’ damage control amidst the American population at large.  I Googled two words – false flag – and nothing else.  Among the top ten hits I received the following headlines:

– Is Vegas Shooting Latest Deep State False Flag to Destroy the Second Amendment?

– Lacking Evidence, Some Claim Las Vegas Was a False Flag

– Hoaxes, Fake News About the Las Vegas Massacre

– Right Wing Bonus Tracks:  Las Vegas was a False Flag MK Ultra PSYOPS

It seems either lots of folks are Googling the shooting as a false flag operation, or Google (as they tend to do) pumped up the first page of hits with ‘sponsored’ content.  If one selects Google News for their ‘false flag’ search, all but one article on the first page of hits refers to the Vegas ‘fish barrel faux pas.

The last interesting tidbit – Paddock allegedly took his own life before the police SWAT squad could storm his room.  Since he was already dead when the SWATT team breached the door, how do they know he shot himself? This account is all we have:


One more comment:  Examine this seemingly senseless slaughter closely and 2nd Amendment advocates have reason to worry.  If an otherwise normal, well off guy with no prior criminal history can inflict such carnage, who’s to say it won’t happen again somewhere in America, perhaps in your town or city?  Consider Sandy Hook.  Now look long and hard at Vegas.  The argument would then be to make possession of automatic weapon conversion kits and certain semi-automatic guns illegal.

My take?  As with Lee Harvey Oswald’s role in the Kennedy assassination, I believe Stephen Paddock was involved in the Vegas massacre.  As for conspiracies and false flags, I’m too detached from the facts and lacking valid information to make a reasoned judgment.  But I do think from the start that the number of dead and wounded, confined to one crowded area only, seemed far too great and localized for one man to have successfully pulled the ordeal off.  Was one or a handful of individuals the ‘target’ and the massacre just a cover for that ‘hit?’  Maybe in time we will know.  In the meantime, think tactical.

Now the problem and hints at a larger conspiracy:

A few more headlines that are swirling and suggest there is a LOT more to this than has so far met the public eye:  For example, this page at FlightAware caught our eye:

According to the FlightAware data, which we expect to see scrubbed, the current aircraft owner is in Roanoke, VA. Oh my…

Do notice the name Paddock Stephen C is displayed as a previous owner for the aircraft N5343M.

But in the FlightAware screenshot things get odd because when I put the same tail number into the FAA database, guess what comes up for N5343M?

Deregistered Aircraft

Deregistered Aircraft 1 of 1
Aircraft Description
Serial Number15284547 Certificate Issue Date07/07/1998
Manufacturer NameCESSNA Mode S Code (base 8 / oct)51541026
Model152 Mode S Code (base 16 / hex)A6C216
Year ManufacturerNoneCancel Date09/06/2001
Reason for CancellationCancelledExport ToNone
Type RegistrationIndividual
Aircraft Registration prior to Deregistration
StateCALIFORNIA Zip Code92135

Although this seems to be a different aircraft – and maybe a problem in the database, it looks more to us like POSSIBLY someone has been engaged in federal records tampering for this reason:

Although the aircraft Type and ID (tail number) seems to have been changed, whoever is covering this up doesn’t know that pilots will check the transponder assignments.  You will see the FlightAware records show the same registration number AND TRANSPONDER CODES as the “deregistered” aircraft.

The story is starting to stink!

Since the FlightAware data is pulled from FAA records, we rather expect automated processes will “disappear” the data today or tomorrow as the FAA registration database is updated  at midnight daily.  And the San Diego address?  Well, when we Googled it…things got stranger.

Remember, Elaine and I lived in San Diego, circa 2001-2001 and my “spidey sense” is the address for the aircraft isn’t around anymore.  Lots of construction and building/address changes around the SPAWAR facility down there.

In the spook business this would be called a “cut out.”

Still, if you’re a San Diego reader and can figure out the odd address…

Meantime,  FAA records indicate he was licensed as a private pilot with instrument rating:



Medical Information:

Medical Class: Third  Medical Date: 2/2008


Certificates Description

Perhaps this might explain this headline:

“Las Vegas Strip shooter targeted aviation fuel tanks, source says.”

But again, being an old-time reporter, this is starting to smack of a much, much broader conspiracy than has yet become public.

Even the Voice of America reports “Sheriff: Hard to Believe Las Vegas Gunman Planned Attack Alone.”

Meanwhile, the NE press seems intent on turning this into a Trump-bash.  See this column for an example.\

Still, we’re focused on the FlightAware /FAA records discrepancy. Luckily, we have the FAA IG’s office on speed dial.

Still, Trump Needs to Think THEN Speak

Because his current modus results in stories like this one:  Trump said he wants to bail out Puerto Rico.  His budget head says he didn’t mean it

Job Cuts?

Improved in the Challenger Job Cut Report just out:

“Job cuts announced by U.S.-based employers fell 4.4 percent, from 33,825 in August to 32,346 in September. Last month’s total was 27 percent lower than the 44,324 job cuts announced in the same month last year, according to a report released Thursday by global outplacement and executive coaching firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc.”

Dow futures up 15-20 so far this morning.  Bitcoins around $4,300./

International Trade Deficit Better

A bit smaller this month:

“The U.S. Census Bureau and the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis, through the Department of Commerce, announced today that the goods and services deficit was $42.4 billion in August, down $1.2 billion from $43.6 billion in July, revised. August exports were $195.3 billion, $0.8 billion more than July exports. August imports were $237.7 billion, $0.4 billion less than July imports.

The August decrease in the goods and services deficit reflected a decrease in the goods deficit of $0.9 billion to $64.4 billion and an increase in the services surplus of $0.3 billion to $22.0 billion.

Year-to-date, the goods and services deficit increased $29.1 billion, or 8.8 percent, from the same period in 2016. Exports increased $84.9 billion or 5.8 percent. Imports increased $114.0 billion or 6.4 percent. ”

A $1.2 billion swing is nice but watch the 3-month moving average.

Hurricane Update

As you know, my consigliere has been visiting.  And looks like his plan to depart for Cancun Friday morning may have to be reworked:

Fortunately, looks like it will take a right before getting up into Texas and will veer over toward the Louisiana/Mississippi line, instead.

Sun Continues to Under-perform

As shown in the latest from the Solar Weather Prediction folks:

See the red “idealized trend” line?  With the Sun underperforming we rather expect some exceptionally cold weather this winter and next.  Plan for it…

29 thoughts on “The LV Shooter-Airplane Mystery Deepens”

    • I redacted the Volant data from website display because they are not “public figures.”

      We have queried the FAA and FlightAware. Specifically we’re asking the FAA
      1. Who can change a/c registration records?
      2. When was the last time the Stephen Paddock a/c record N5343M was changed? (Date & time, please from the audit trail fields)
      3. Who made the change to the C-150 from the SR-20 record and under whose authority?

    • yep.. it is way harder to hide devious deeds when there is so many that are being observant…

  1. George: The video from balcony of a hotel shows the arc of fire. Which indicates one of the shooters was behind the crowd not in front of it.
    Looks like a classic overlapping fields of fire ambush. Lost of folks where shot in the bACK.

  2. The “Lame Stream Media”, as I think of them, keeps pushing this story of “bump stocks” turning semi-automatic rifles into machine guns; is just so much media hype. Yes, these stocks do increase the rate of fire for some semi-autos, but to use these effectively, with any accuracy requires a lot of practice. That being said, most military rifles also have a three shot setting, because it was determined that full auto was difficult to control due to “muzzle climb”. Muzzle climb means that the end of the barrel moves upward with each shot due to recoil. Well trained individuals can learn to compensate for this effect, but not novice shooters. As to the “bump stock”, works best for shoulder fired weapons; but not so sure it will work well, if at all, for a rifle supported via a bi-pod. The bi-pod does not allow the weapon to move freely, which is essential for a “bump stock” to be effective. I personally have never seen the worth of a “bump stock”. I always considered them a novelty item to waste time and ammunition.

    I told my wife right after the first reports of this shooting came out, that the info we are being fed does not pass the “smell” test. Reminds me of the old Warren Beatty movie, “Parallax View”. Things are not always as they seem or are portrayed.

  3. You always talk about investments & making a buck. Bump fire stocks went from $99 to $400 over night.

    • The long play may be: OSIS
      Previous Close 92.94
      52-Week High 93.74
      52-Week Low 65.21
      Price Performance (Last 52 Weeks)+40.84%

  4. Well, before you guys get yourselves all worked into still another lather, this one about a false flag, why not take 5 until the evidence comes in. (Including the autopsy.) Anyone can conger up any story. Also, wouldn’t someone find the other casings? Plus won’t the police check the forensics on the bullets to see whether there are any unaccounted for weapons? (And if there are, wouldn’t they keep it quiet so as not to alert the other shooter?) And BTW, 92135 zip code is in Coronado, nowhere near Sparwars. Mike

  5. In addition to the obvious ploy to remove arms from public ownership, there is always “follow the money”. Who would benefit this way?

    It is being speculated that certain folks who have big stakes in screening equipment companies would benefit from a huge increase in sales to hotels, resorts, outdoor venues, stadiums, etc. The names Chertoff and Adelsen are being floated.

    It is encouraging to see that many are not buying the “official” version.

    • Remember when they had to replace the original backscatter scanners because of radiation concerns? Well they just found a new customer for all those warehoused machines. Sorry, it’s just bidness, nothing personal but we gotta get rid of these machines. Please visit our casinos early and often for your radiation dosage.

      • I won’t go anywhere within CONUS that requires the use of such scanning equipment. I’d have to have a damn good reason to go through one for international travel. I’d do so as little as humanly possible. I’ve not flown commercially since 2001 and don’t plan to unless it’s an emergency or TSA is brought to heel. If they want my business, they can earn it.

  6. George,
    One of the videos in your first link has been taken down by YouTube. Very interesting! From the very first mention of this shooting there are videos that show the croud and the Hotel. Nowhere in those videos can you see the firing from the hotel. I have looked extensively and the top floors are bot lit up showing a weapon being fired. These are the videos from the croud I am talking about. Something very stange is happening here.

  7. Never seen a Mode S transponder installed on a Cessna 152. Airliners, yes. Bizjets, yes. Low and slow, no.

  8. Superhuman senior citizen flabby old man, yeah sure, LMFAO!

    Takes muscle and lots of it to sustain fire from an auto type firearm let alone manage to hit anything with it but from the #32 floor shooting out and way down into the darkness? LOLZ!!!

    Inside a room? You would lose your hearing after several seconds let alone the pain from the deafening sound. Then all the smoke from burning gunpowder, gun grease, barrel smoking, you couldn’t see or breathe worth a damn.
    Now they are saying he planned to escape, yup, from the 32nd floor, LOL.

    Don’t pick a room much lower down to facilitate that thought, where bullets can skip off the surface and inflict damage like a rock skipping off water, shoot higher up where they go right into the ground.
    Haul 23 firearms up 32 floors along with all the ammo, mags, superhuman for an old man and no worries about being accosted by suspicious security with all those trips and big black bags, cases, etc.
    Go back to sleep, game over sheep.

    • “Haul 23 firearms up 32 floors…” he would definitely have had a problem if he had used the stairs (or maybe fire escapes) to go up or down. Instead I suspect he used elevators and had various staff to assist him (“bell hops”, or so I think they used to be called) to bring his luggage from wherever he parked to his suite. Maybe his age and old-man physic were noted (and perhaps he exaggerated being old and out of shape) and he was given extra help with his heavy luggage. Maybe he even tipped the staff…

      • where is the video.. casino’s video tape everything heck there are camera’s everywhere already.. and a truckload of ammo..
        this whole scenario stinks of something deeper and darker than a guy that went nuts.. when less than an hour he was down playing the games and doing things that indicated he wasn’t thinking about anything other than the future….Unfortunately.. he is gone and we will never know..
        why did he send money to an overseas bank.. was it because someone paid him to rent the room and he was avoiding tax laws.. his family and girl friend is totally baffled.. to many variables and no way to get the answers

    • Wasnt it the fire alarm that went off in his room from all the smoke from the gunfire, that allowed for the quick id of what room he was in?

  9. No one is buying the lamestream media propaganda on this foul act.AI/Google Works are the filthiest “mercs” in the business nowadays. Still like the FBI gun runner story of a deal w/ISIS gone bad..hence all the guns in the room.Who turned on the stage lights when the shooting started??Better to see your kill field with stage lights on,no?
    Coranado is home to Specwar Grp-1, Seal Teams 1,3 & 5 and a SDV team, and the Navy jump team, the best of the best, The Leap Frogs! Whoyaah!

  10. Of the videos I’ve seen with automatic fire sounds in them from LV I’ve heard very steady gunfire and I’ve heard variable rates of fire in the auto mode. If one or more rifles were modified for full auto then that can be attributed to the rifles with steady rates of fire. The variable rates can be either a bumpstock or there is also a crank-style trigger actuator that would produce this type of sound. I haven’t seen the latter advertised in quite some time, however, and may have been meant for a more conventional stock.

    • The last time I saw a crank actuator was on a pair of 10-22s — impressive! The shooter threw two 30rd mags of .22s at a fire rate of about 550/minute, each. Still, a novelty with no real purpose other than to make a UT vid.

      I still haven’t seen/heard much of any mainstream coverage (by intent) and the one witness clip I did hear which recorded shooting, the rate was absolutely steady, faster than a BAR or M-60 and noticeably slower than an AK.

      I’ve a nephew who is the SAW-man in his platoon, because he is the only dude in the unit big enough to shoot it. I’ve personally never shot a full-auto rifle, because I think they’re stupid and a waste of ammo, but I know from my nephew that the muzzle rise is not a trifling issue.

      I am doing my best to not get sucked in to a conspiracy mindset before sufficient information is available to tactically reconstruct the incident. With that said, I am trying to figure out several anomalies, namely:

      1. Why did Paddock have so many guns with him?

      A lone military sniper needs a maximum of three rifles and a sidearm (because the sniper’s principal weapon might jam); an urban sniper needs a maximum of two.

      Tonight’s blurb was that he had an escape plan.

      1a. If the dude had an exit strategy, why’d he have so many guns with him?

      I’m still waiting for a forensics report on the firearms. If they are of several different calibers, that means Paddock had to have ammo piles in each caliber, or someone used them as room decorations.

      2. Where’s da brass?

      11 minutes from the first 911 call until the first cops on-scene. Paddock should have gotten off 4000 rounds, minimum, if he had any experience whatsoever in swapping mags (heck, an experienced shooter could’ve gotten off 1000rds with a semi-auto hunting rifle…)

      3. Still haven’t heard anything about those windows.

      Suicide glass will break, with considerable effort or an assist from a glass cutter or diamond facet. It does make a rather obvious mess when it hits ground.

      4. Where’s the money?

      Again, if Paddock were wealthy, why’d he give the GF only $100k?

      5. If Paddock had an exit strategy, why’d he off himself when da police got to his floor?

      These things bother me. I’m keeping them in the background, but this inquiring mind is eventually going to require answers to the above…

      • What kind of exit strategy could he possibly have had? Down the stairs? Down the elevator? Out the window on a rope? Wear a security officer uniform and disguise himself? There was never an exit strategy as far as I am concerned, that made any sense, none at all, that’s a lie. So, did he do it alone, or did he do it with others? Who killed him? Or did he kill himself? Where is the brass from those hundreds or thousands of rounds? No where to be seen. Where are the pictures of the 2nd room with the glass blown out? Did the glass fall in or out of the room? What about the people hit directly into their stomach areas from another direction not facing the Mandalay? How in the heck did that happen? Unlucky bounce of bullets? Will there ever be any forensics of the bullets/wounds? It was carnage all round and no one taking charge. Now they have changed the timeline, why didn’t the security guard let the police know immediately what had happened to him so this could have ended earlier? Again, so many questions, not enough answers that make sense.

  11. Since most folks realize that a 32nd floor location far from the crowd is a poor choice for shooting, I’d suggest something else. Yes, some shots may have come from there, but I’m guessing most shots came from the overheads over the stage, and behind the lights. The angles would approximate the fire from the 32nd floor with far more accuracy and lethality, and the lights would hide both the shooters and the muzzle flash from the weapons. The noise from the stage performances and music would hide and obfuscate the real sound and location of the main shooters. It would amplify the sound for whatever the real purpose was. As already mentioned, it’s uncertain who actually shot the alleged “lone gunman”. There’s no evidence that he was alone other than CNN, et al. I doubt that an exact time of death could be pinpointed and published, and I’d never trust a toxicology report from a situation this FUBAR’D.

  12. Brisbane and the Gold Coast seem to have multiple tie-ins with LV tragedy threads. The alleged shooter’s girlfriend had lived there, and her sister and her partner live there. Visitors from the Gold Coast area to LV offered multiple gunman reports to media. The next door suite occupant of the alleged shooter leading up to and at the time of the tragedy was from the Gold Coast.

  13. Motive??? That’s easy, using the deductive reasoning of the the lying mainstream media these days, it’s obvious the man was a Liberal terrorist. His target was a group of mostly white country music fans. A mostly conservative leaning group. If it walks like a duck, if it talks like a duck and finally if it looks like a duck then it just have to be a duck a duck. Doesn’t it…

  14. George, Clyde Lewis, a radio talk show host, is discussing the aircraft connection as it relates to the LV shooter. You beat him to it.

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