As you’d expect, my consigliere and I have been talking almost non-stop since his arrival, with occasional comments from Elaine.

One of our topics Wednesday involved genetics and whether there are genuinely “good” and “bad” people.  My consigliere explained that early in his legal career as a public defender he became convinced that genetic do play a major role in how people turn out.

He reported seeing examples of people with serious criminal backgrounds adopting out kids to well-funded, upstanding homes.  Thing is, he pointed out, often the child – upon reaching adulthood – would be drawn to the same kinds of behaviors as the (biological) parents.  They run off the rails similarly, in his experience.

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This is not to say adopting is bad…but it led to another topic:  Haters.

We’d been  rehashing some of the Eric Hofer book The True Believer: Thoughts on the Nature of Mass Movements and how it applied in present times.

I think the three of us came to a general consensus that for whatever reason in today’s world, there are just plain haters.  These are people who just have to hate someone, something, some cause.  And usually for unfathomable reasons if you could just talk them through the logic of what was being said.

But, you can’t, of course.  The True Believer (turned Hater) has lost the capacity for introspection, self-criticism, and critical thought.  You’d think it would have left them with more time to be productive in other areas, but that time is swallowed up with hate related tasks.

How many people do you know who can’t stand not to bash Trump, these days.

I trust you saw the story on the News Busters website that had this dandy quote in it about a CBS lawyer fired for – well, you’ll understand when you read her reported comments about the LV shooting Sunday night:

““If they wouldn’t do anything when children were murdered I have no hope that Repugs will ever do the right thing,” wrote Geftman-Gold on Facebook, perhaps referring to Sandy Hook. “I’m actually not even sympathetic bc country music fans often are Republican gun toters.”

What makes this so interesting to us is that she must have felt OK to talk/think this way right there in the midst of CBS.  This caused my consigliere to wonder “Did she feel this was an OK thing to post because of the water cooler atmosphere of CBS?

A fair point.

Hate drives ratings.  We have seen plenty of that in the monetization of racial and sexual differences, now politics, too.  So again, we return to the too much capacity, not enough real news to fill it problem.

[I will skip the mass trashing of the MSM anti-Trump campaign and won’t ask why people like Piers Morgan was ever allowed to be an anchor in America…but we sense that there has been a long-term slow-growth trend of rising anti-Americanism within the (nominally) US mainstream.  Where this shit comes from, I have no idea, but it is evidence that someone or organizations are pimping the anti-American spew at the highest levels.  We do wonder how many embeds are left, however…]

So back to point:  Haters are out there.  And when you find one it’s easy to see:

You will be talking with something, like, oh, sports.  And then they will suddenly turn the conversation into an exposition on American racism.  Oh boy…

Or, you will point out that the reason aid didn’t get distributed faster in Puerto Rico was the local truck drivers didn’t show up for work (80% stayed home) so the relief supplies (10,000 containers) just sat on the docks.  In the midst of this, the genuine haters will turn from the recovery differences between cultures in Puerto Rico and the USVI – and suddenly it will be about Trump.

Now, if you ask a person who’s a Trump hater, if Bill Gates should show up to reboot your computer, they will laugh and explain for weeks how stupid you are.  “Gates is the company president – he isn’t expected to turn on everyone’s computer.  People have to do that themselves….”

What the haters don’t realize is that the same President who has continued to be admired by millions in Texas, for example, and it getting high marks from the State on recovery efforts, is the same guy who is dissed in a pseudo-state where the containers were stacking up for a lack of drivers.

But that’s just one angle of how the hate game is played.  But ;like genuinely good, and genuinely bad people, I’m beginning to thing that yeah, some portion of the population has a very bad case of the True Believer, True Hater disease.

The one we don’t talk about…

Divorced Dad Notes

Like me, my consigliere went through a less than optimal divorce experience some years back.  Turns out despite the spousal biasing, he’s now got a great relationship with his elder son – 28, or so.

The younger son is coming along, too.  Age 22 and seven years after the break-up.

Comparing notes on how such things work, we’ve concluded that “normalization of father-son relationships” may be a decade-long process, or age 25, whichever comes later.

Asked if he’d ever consider marriage again?

Well, I have only one requirement in a new wife:  Her jet has to have standing headroom.”

Elaine and I are 3-months from 18 marvelous years together and it doesn’t seem like more than a few days.  Magic.

Perhaps, third times are charms.  Or, we were all just much slower learners than we ever thought possible.

Super Phone Deal?

Since he’s going to Mexico from here (Cancun area) he went shopping for a cell phone that would allow calling in the US and Mexico.

Said the best deal he could find was the one you may still be able to snag at Wal-Mart.  The WM is phasing out of T-Mobile, but their deal was a 4LTE plan that was one GB of data per month (not much!) but unlimited calling in the US and Mexico.  (Sounds like telecom zillionaire Carlos Slim did his countrymen a solid on this plan)  $22.50 per month with a direct billing agreement discount.  Not sure how much longer it will be available.

It’s called the “Simple Mobile” plan – and sure, maybe Skype and a hot spot works here…but Cancun?  Seemed like one of those things to pass along.

Mexican workers not only are often skilled craftsmen but also skilled shoppers…

OK, time to size up markets….write when you get rich,

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