The PAYG Economy

My consigliere and I will be sitting down today to spend some serious time on long wave economic issues and things going on around the ranch.

One of our top discussion items today will be what happens when the Pension Bubble blows up?  It is coming you know…

But first, a few headlines and the charts…

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12 thoughts on “The PAYG Economy”

  1. If you google the definition of consigliere you get:
    noun: consigliere; plural noun: consiglieri

    “an adviser, especially to a crime boss.”

    • Did I just read somewhere that Trump is thinking about giving Puerto Rico debt relief I also if he does that then that means he’s going to do it to us too .to have a reset

      • I dumped or better term would be i put it on hold fir 6 months my satellite today HughesNet they just can’t keep up with that 4G Wireless by Boost Mobile .
        Of course I have a booster with an antenna near a window, but it works fantastic and boost is almost unlimited for $50. A month

  2. I have had to close accounts to eliminate an autopay, but this is nothing new. It’s been an issue for over 20 years (search historical info on “AOL payments.”)

    In the event of an EMP “killshot,” all bank and county treasurers’ records for which no hard copy exists would disappear along with people’s bank-held assets. John Q wouldn’t have any money, but the county authorities also wouldn’t be able to prove he owed any.

    During the Depression, foreclosures were rampant for the first couple of years. Only after the ledgers ran out of room did banks suspend foreclosures. ISTM the “trick” would be to survive that first 2-3 years after a collapse. Of course this wouldn’t apply, if there were a nation not-hit by depression, because their citizenry would be able to “buy the World” at fire-sale prices…

    • The return of the carpet baggers. You know they are just waiting in the wings knashing their teeth thinking how smart they art.

  3. Jobs.. and the future of shopping..
    interesting curiosity that I have noticed in the past few months.. a new trend in personnel and management..
    what use to be was six plus check-stands open checking with fairly long lines etc.. Walmart.. Sams club for an example. lately if I need assistance on the floor for a product for customer service..I usually end up heading to the back room to find an associate since they did away with the intercom and now use personal radios..
    in the place of the checkers.. is a long line of self checkout lanes.. and pickup lanes with one person overseeing them.. I am not sure but just a rough assessment says they dropped the staff by almost half to two thirds..
    probably to compete with Amazon and all the other companies that have gone to online sales and pickups.
    an interesting concept. the savings they would make in parole should be quite substantial. The same thing at the hospitals.. instead of someone bringing the cart around with supplies.. they have done away with that position and replaced it with a computer programmed cart that drives itself.. when it gets to a wing the charge has a key to retrieve the supplies..
    for me this is a disturbing trend..

    • I was talking to a cashier at the local Whole Foods before Amazon purchased them. She though it would be a good thing – help them with all their problem area and stated that she wasn’t afraid of losing her job. We will see. I wasn’t about to say anything.

      • Much as I don’t like the self check at Walmart, I would love to see a change at Whole Foods. It is the slowest check out service of any store where I shop. There usually is a lot of chit chat going on that distracts the checker. Then, there usually is no bagger, so the checker then has to bag everything up after completing the check out. Something needs to change and Amazon’s demonstrated efficiency is bound to have an impact.

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