A Day of Chasing Airplanes

Been going through FAA records today to track the history of a Cirrus SR-20 once owned by the LV shooter.

Turns out the aircraft was sold to a person in Virginia, and that person then sold the aircraft to a Virginia LLc.

What makes the story interesting to us is that when the plane was sold, up through initial ownership by the Virginia LLc, it carried one tail number – which was reported by FlightAware, but which is now pointing to a deregistered Cessna 152.

Turns out, the Cirrus SR-20 is still flying and has been using its new tail number.

I’m not sure why the SR-20 tail number was changed – but people often change them to reflect things like their initials, for example.

For now, it looks like we’ve come to a dead end in this chase.  But we still find it curious all the data coming out about the [alleged] shooter’s “second life.”

And we wish law enforcement good luck running down leads…as this experience points out, it can be a tedious process.

More tomorrow….

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  1. “cheap ticket” Even the sisters are parroting that. It’s everywhere. The girlfriend and her family, sound like liars.

    • Don’t’cha know, retired millionaires always shop around or wait, until they can buy cheap tickets…

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