This morning’s speculation is thanks to our Peoplenomics subscribers.  As I’ve repeatedly mentioned, they provide for the “Fortress of Solitude” where we go to work on what Cal Newport would call Deep Work  (Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World).   We have written extensively of this concept on the Peoplenomics side, though little on the UrbanSurvival site.  This is about a mythical organization we call “Directorate 153.”

This agency DOES NOT EXIST AND IS FICTIONAL but, by using fiction is in many ways as useful as “irrational numbers” and “dynamic variables” are in math.

In other words, they can get you to an answer.

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One of the best examples of this thinking is the Sherlock Holmes author, Arthur Conan Doyle said it best:  “Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.”

In the wake of last weekend’s tragedy in Las Vegas, we have been looking at mountains of data – and frankly it is not making sense.  There is, I believe, a “hidden hand.”

The reasons include the woman who reportedly told people not to attend because they were “going to die” – she was led away by security.

Why?  No one answer seems either clear or clean on that one.

When we look at events like Sandy Hook, Orlando, San Bernardino, and now Las Vegas, what were the common elements?

Oh sure…the guns part.  Of course.  But it’s all too pat.  Too many dead, not a fast enough response…it’s like someone or agency knew what was coming.

So let’s use the Directorate 153 concept for a moment – and then I will give you a theoretical framework for its existence, first published on the site in 2010.  Yeah…seven years ago.

This will seem unbelievable – but remember our methodology is what matters, not whether it can be proven true or false.

What is the Multi-Worlds Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics is right?

What if the “future” is constantly under revision?  That would explain why many events that are forecast as happening do not, or did not.  Like that global coastal event, for example.

What IF representatives of not one but TWO futures have been in contact with governments of Earth.  What if they periodically issue directives that are designed to ensure that their version of the future is the one that arrives, not that of a competing future.

Would it be possible for a time traveler – aware of the future already to show up in Las Vegas and be trying to warn people?

I’ll give you the answer:  It is possible yet highly improbable.  We (quite arrogantly) assume because you and I can’t do something like time travel, they, by gawd, n o one can.  But does that pass logical examination?

No.  It is possible, but our probability estimate is infinitesimally small.  As such, it is not likely, however.

Suppose that one of the reasons for the cyclical nature of these mass murders and such is 140 days (roughly) is not that it’s something intrinsic to the stars, planets, or drugs issued to people.  What if it’s something else?

What if, oh, the manifolds across which time travel would be conducted only line up on a periodic basis.  Stars for us, but in the Big Picture, it would be the space-time manifolds that allow traveling across time by moving between periodical adjacent spaces.

Put an “X” at the top of a piece of paper and a “Y” at the bottom.  The jump is impossibly big when measured in light-years.

But now FOLD the paper up, so that the “X” and the “Y” are sitting atop one-another.  Suddenly the distance is gone and it’s a minor hop.

This is why it’s so fascinating to us in the research for our next book Dimensions Next Door that rumors of things like the Philadelphia Experiment(s) and the Montauk Project(s) are so interesting.  We have a pretty good idea of how a mechanism MIGHT work.  Tesla and Schumann – and the Old Testament have left a lot of pointers.  Yet people mock those who would ask questions.

So back to point:

Suppose every few months, a time traveler shows up, delivers a “mission order” and an trans-national governmental agency sanctioned at levels above event the President, is delivered.

Which is why when the May “scheduled event” didn’t occur, we note the one before it was not in the US.  It was in Istanbul, Turkey where 39 were killed.

We could go further – and imagine that as work on reality-bending programs continues that not only as next-door dimensions opened, but also some of the doorways to higher and lower realms, as well.

What come there is leakage – of the sort that can allow demonics and such access to this world.

It’s clear from a bit of thought that while an individual might be mad, and so some crazy sh*t, it’s less likely so.  Unless, of course, there’s a new contagious demonic (and we can’t rule out extreme fundamentalism in this case) being afoot.

Don’t believe in the Directorate 153 concept?

Here’s how I framed it for subscribers in 2010 – and even today, I think it’s still a viable thought tool to toss into the inventory.  Along with Boolean logic and irrational numbers.

From Peoplenomics January 31, 2010:

The “Art” of Social Engineering

I have only written about Directorate 153’s social engineering mission a couple of times previously; once when its existence could be hypothecated in the wake of September 9/11 (Peoplenomics #6, Dec. 1, 2001) and we covered the hypothetical hiring of a new fellow at the Directorate – an economics/applicant named simply Rick in our September 5, 2004 report #150.  As you’ll recall, we hypothecated that a new head of strategic economic planning for the world’s hidden perpetrators of ‘peaceful war’ had been hired from senior global banking ranks in order to ensure social engineering and orchestration of global banking went smoothly.  In today’s report we look at how that project has been going or late (hypothetically) and look ahead to future inflection points where terrorism/social distracters may again be desired by the PTB.  Let me emphasize again, this is all hypothetical.

Directorate 153: Backgrounder

If you haven’t had time to read the previous discussions of Directorate 153, let me give you the high level vision of what the directorate is and how it may have come to be.

Its roots may be traced back to pending fall of communism in the Former Soviet Union.  It was in the period of the mid 1980’s that small computers were becoming more widely available and the world’s foremost intelligence agencies began to use them not only to assess the power and positions of their opponents, but they also began intensive modeling and revisions to their power structures and command and control systems in order to begin managing the world’s conflicts in ways that would advance the agendas of the world’s super powers, while at the same time avoiding the global near-death experiences that could end ‘the game’ for everyone through a misstep in direct confrontations such as the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis.

Essentially, Directorate 153 was likely secretly agreed to by both the FSU and US because as Vietnam has shown the Americans until their exit in 1975 with the April fall of Saigon, and as Afghanistan was showing the Russians who had deployed their 40th Army into Afghanistan in 1979, there were (and continue to be) massive benefits to continuing moderate levels of war which accrue substantial benefits to the perpetrators.  With Total War off the table, however, the problem remained: How to achieve ‘war’ from a political control perspective while accruing economic benefits, yet not ending up in Nuclear Winter?

A Report from Iron Mountain on the Accessibility and Desirability of Peace, dismissed by some as a ‘hoax’ nevertheless made a convincing case that governments require threats of some serious nature, or humans will not accept the demands of governments which, although often merely monetary in nature via taxes and so forth, can also include mandatory government service (such as military or volunteer service) or may include forced relocations and specific labor functions as evidenced by China’s harder fist applied in various great leap episodes.

Specifically, Iron Mountain suggested war substitutes could take any number of forms:

“ECONOMIC. a) A comprehensive social-welfare program, directed toward maximum improvement of general conditions of human life. b) A giant open-end space research program, aimed at unreachable targets. c) A permanent, ritualized, ultra-elaborate disarmament inspection system, and variants of such a system.

POLITICAL a) An omnipresent, virtually omnipotent international police force. b) An established and recognized extraterrestrial menace. c) Massive global environmental pollution. d) Fictitious alternate enemies.

SOCIOLOGICAL: CONTROL FUNCTION. a) Programs generally derived from the Peace Corps model. b) A modern, sophisticated form of slavery.

MOTIVATIONAL FUNCTION. a) Intensified environmental pollution. b) New religions or other mythologies. c) Socially oriented blood games. d) Combination forms.

ECOLOGICAL. A comprehensive program of applied eugenics. CULTURAL. No replacement institution offered.

SCIENTIFIC. The secondary requirements of the space research, social welfare, and / or eugenics programs.”

Thus the role of our hypothetical Directorate 153 would be to act as an independent moderator of global events, almost as a referee would act in sports, or as a review board would operate, orchestrating and coordinating global events at a very high level.  By acting in such a manner, our hypothecated Directorate would be able to minimize the loss of human life and destruction of property while serving as a third-party power-broker as world governments work through the process of commencing World Government, or what has become popularly (sic) referred to as the New World Order.

Operating History

The briefest of histories of Directorate 153 would reveal a work plan that blocked out as follows:

  • 1980-1986:  Joint US/Soviet discussions on formation and roles of D153.
  • 1986-1989:  Negotiate and implement change of form for Soviet Union.
  • 1989-1995:  Control of ‘peace dividend’ and renewal of conflict mentality.
  • 1996-2000:  Development and roll-out of global terrorism model of control.
  • 2001-present:  Management of ‘terrorism’.
  • 2006-present: New meme development/fractionalizing efforts such as pandemic disease and other subservience to government regimens.

Significantly the purge of ‘communists’ from the Former Soviet Union was most easily achieved by simply allowing the oilgarchy to climb to ridiculously excessive consumption levels and then impose  or correctly reassert state control – via ‘people’s trials’ social engineering which provided victory to Vladimir Putin’s faction which formerly had run the KGB

In same time period, the US was given a ‘heads up’ via its representative that while Russia was continuing to learn about ‘terrorism management first-hand in Afghanistan’ the US should beef up its war-making capacity in asymmetric warfare.

The US responded in a very professional manner upon advice from their D-153 representative and in 2000 (just to pick one example) as it evolved a number of public interest/DoD think-tank operations (*such as in CY 2000 ) as multiple Federally Funded Research and Development Centers (FFRDCs) while at the same time implementing asymmetric warfare training as a major component of  training at the US Army War College where: “The Basic Strategic Arts Program is an academic program taught at the U.S. Army War College. In the late 1990’s when the Army decided to create the Functional Area 59 Branch it selected USAWC as the institution. FA 59 Officers were used in combat for the first time beginning in 2001 with the onset of the Global War on Terror.”  The platform for the new socially engineered variant of war was then ready for roll-out.

Directorate-153 As a Meta Set

As much insight as I’ve gained with the concept of Directorate 153, make no mistake: It is a hypothecation only, although a good circumstantial case may be made for its hypothetical existence as noted above.

Its main use is as a strategic thinking metaphor to aid in timing of investment decisions.  In other words, when we look at the world’s ongoing sociopolitical and socioeconomic landscape, is there a ‘thought model’ which allows further precision in our thinking and may aid our entry and exit timing from various financial positions?

In this light, the objective ‘reality’ of D-153 doesn’t matter a whit.  More likely,  D-153 is in reality it is nothing more ‘mistaking as real and under intelligent control’ a more nearly chaotic collection of multiple State and Non-State actors behaving in more or less predictable self-interested fashion.  Still, the detached D-153 mindset allows us to ‘see’ the economic world in a very different way.

The “I Hate Math” Math

In mathematical terms, Directorate 153 allows me to think about the world control as a single term, rather than develop massively complicated definitions in Set Theory using tables of Set members ( ), subset memberships ( ), superset members ( ), interset unions ( ), set intersections ( ), symmetric differences ( ) and that’s even before we get into modelspace projections and entailments ( ).

Essentially, reality is complex to the degree that upon sufficient magnification things only look more and more complicated, and beyond that level of detail, then observer state influences take over in much the same way as Schrödinger’s Cat lives – or dies – based on the observer’s expectations about the cat’s outcome.  Which is why being a time monk is such a bitch – the least little bias in expectations screws up seeing what’s in the models of the future that fall out of Cliff’s work.

Rather than worry about maintaining an incredibly complex mathematical model of set relationships in something like the Shi’ite and Sunni subsets of Islam, and then the vastly more intricate subsets of relationships between these and the Wahhabi’s and then al Qaeda and how these all model up into families, countries, and conflicts, and did I mention oil prices? It suits my limited brain to declare all of the world as a simple singleton set (Directorate 153 is a singleton) and treat it as an entity which will work out a future for us with far less work and modeling time than an actual definitive model would require.

Besides, the underlying purpose of a detailed analysis of set relationships in a particular theater of operations is what?  Advance notice of action.  It’s the same for stocks, too when you think about it.

That’s why the Dow Industrials, the S&P 500, the NASDAQ Composite, or around here, my Aggregate Index are so dandy:  They are singletons in the sense that they are single measure proxies for complex set behaviors.  We have precedence.

Which is why Directorate 153 is a useful analytic tool.  Of course, it’s not real but because and this is key so listen up: Set Relations are not rapidly changing at a Macro Level so over time, our Singleton will self-define, revealing over time which of the PTB’s are playing and at what level…

Do we know how to have fun, or what?

Some Semi-Stable Sets

As an example, if there was really a D-153 as an unaffiliated third party, how would the current socioeconomic landscape look?  This can be represented in any number of ways, but the following map might be a starting point.

The salmon colored parties represent one way of organizing available data:  The RChild faction holding greatest sway in the EU, and particularly among the gnomes of Zurich.  Like the RFellows which have their roots in oil and are the more USA-based globalist faction, which holds greater sway among USA Banks, they too have globalist designs which leads to the RChild and RFellows courting both China and resource-rich third world countries.

What both are also no doubt aware of is China’s desire (and developing ability) to become its own power structure as it will almost assuredly do by 2020.

Projecting a Chinese victory when the current analog for war runs its course (circa 2020 when either budgets bust, a totalitarian super state emerges, or economic collapse takes hold) is not my idea of a ‘happy outcome’.  But since ‘happy talk’ is not our stock in trade, we press on…

Author Stephen J. Blanks writes of this direction of events in a Rand monograph “Preparing for the Next War: Reflections on the Revolution in Military Affairs” (RMA).

“The impact of this revolution and its policy requirements are widely debated, not only in the U.S. but worldwide. For instance, it is not certain that the United States can maintain its technological superiority without substantial allied contributions. War games conducted by the Pentagon’s Office of Net Assessment prominently featured advanced technology and systems in pitting China against the United States in the year 2020. Reportedly, the outcome of the game was unfavorable for the United States.”

The inherent difficulty facing political leadership of countries like Russia, the USA, and China is that control of the population occurs on multiple levels; religious, economic, social, and philosophical.  While concepts like “have a strong military” appeals to national country managers since it provides for ‘power’ as well as economic activity, it is nevertheless not suited to the new high information content world presently evolving.

The reason is simple:  New warfare is not based on set piece battles.  Instead, as we are seeing with the ongoing recruitment and training of militant jihadists, a kind of meta set theory is evolving right under our noses.

Consider, if you will, the large number of ‘sets’ you belong to.  You may belong to a religious or philosophical group, a political group, economic class (in some ways defined by your neighborhood, LOL) along with employment, hobby, government dependencies and family bonds.  All it takes for an organization to wield power or control beyond what would be expected for it’s size is for a group to deliberately evolve control or influence over two or more (or multiple) sets.

Two good example might be the ‘religious right’ and the ‘education lobby’ as diagrammed here:

Unfortunately, militaries whose main thrust is “killing people and breaking things” are not well-suited to what should be conceived more as social engineering’ tasks which can be used in subtle (or not-so-subtle) methods of controlling individual set memberships.

The Directorate 153 metaphor is most useful in this regard, since its mission is not to conduct warfare or in any other way ‘get its hands dirty’.  Instead, its role is to ensure the continuity of governance at a global level and to do this, certain deft manipulations of circumstances to achieve desired outcomes may be required.

And now we get around to the point of this week’s report’s focus:  Since I’ve mentioned the curiously coincident timing of the 9/11 terror attacks as a possibly ‘social engineering’ project, let’s peak into a meeting between “Richard” who you’ll remember was hired in our 2004 report on hypothetical Directorate 153 activities and see what he and his staff may have planned for us.  The scene shifts to a corporate-looking conference room in a nondescript office building in Atlanta…


[later in that same FICTIONAL/THEORETICAL FRAMEWORK there is this:|]

Richard: “I don’t know how you figured a decline to 61.8% of the highest level. Here, let me throw something up from a paper I found on Google.  Ah…here it is… from David M. Rouse and Sheila S. Hemami at the Visual Communications Lab, School of Electrical and Computer Engineering up at Cornell University.  They write about “Quantifying the use of Structure in Cognition” and say…

“Modern algorithms that process images to be viewed by humans analyze the images strictly as signals, where processing is typically limited to the pixel and frequency domains. The continuum of visual processing by the human visual system (HVS) from signal analysis to cognition indicates that the signal-processing based model of the HVS could be extended to include some higher-level, structural processing.

A preliminary experiment was conducted to study the relative importance of structural (higher-level) and signal-based (lower-level) representations of natural images in a cognitive task. The results from this experiment suggest that signalbased representations are only meaningful to human observers when the proportion of high frequency content, which conveys structural information, exceeds a seemingly fixed proportion. This work investigates the results of this experiment towards the development of a rudimentary measure of visual entropy.”

“They didn’t get anywhere near that 38.2% decline level used as the threshold for turning loose the 9/11 attacks.”

Staff Analyst:  “Agreed, but remember their work relates only to the simple act of visual recognition.  What we’re dealing with at a societal level is something much more complex that sitting down and looking at a few blurry pictures to see what the thresholds might be where something starts to make sense.  This is not “spt the blurry airplane” – this is hints and bits ofs wide dispersion data that doesn’t collapse into a single expression like “Depression 2.0!” without a lot of gestation time.  And repetition.  So what if a few early-adopters catch on?

“In my analysis of the proper moment to set loose the context-changing events, we have to construct a multivariate approach because we’re dealing with multiple nonhomogeneous sets.  In other words, a few technical analysts were going to see the Internet Bubble breakdown leading to a second Depression as soon as the Aggregate broke below about 10,250, or so.  But they aren’t enough to bother with since there are only maybe 10% of market participants who know how to play that game effectively.

Then as we broke down more, say to the first excursion under our threshold level, there was still a good chance that this would be only a normal retracement from a much larger rally.  But, where things got to end game for us – and thus we had  to implement the Distraction Option was when we dropped below 8,000 and that happened the week ending 8/31/2001 when  the index dropped to 7,852.65.  That, you’ll recall from going through the reader file, was when our then managing director green-lighted the towers project.

Frankly, we took a guess, and as it turns out it was a good one.  The papers on cognition points may work for small study groups, but what really matters is when an idea starts to go viral – and it looked (and still does, by the way) like a 38.2% decline from a significant top is when we arrive at the dangerous ‘point of recognition’ where we would have gone over the edge, so to speak.  Especially when we’ve had a couple of years to marginalize early adopters and dismiss as crazy, anyone who speaks to that which we want denied.”

Richard: “So where does that put us?  We will surely this year arrive at yet to another Depression recognition point and we’ll have to implement a bigger distraction than previously.  Don’t we still have some room to coast on the last one we implemented – when we played the terrorist card?”

Staff Analyst:  “We’d like to think so, but seems not.  You’ll see that Primary Wave 2 which was our bounce in the markets got us up to the Aggregate 11,309 range.  If we take that times our Fibonacci number, we have to make a decision soon, since at the current rate of decline, we will pass our threshold level about the week of March 22, this year.  You know what happens there: We either “go early” or “go late” depending on how you want to call it.

Richard:  “This running the world from the back room stuff sure isn’t easy, is it?”

Staff Analyst: “No, but neither is having the whole frigging world devolve into a second Global Depression with nukes getting on the loose, the breakdown of all civilization and basically throwing away 400-years of human progress, either.  That’s what we’re here to manage around.”

Richard:  “I talked to the head of Action Section – I know you’ve never met her, because that would make you too personally knowledgeable about what we do and how we do it – but she’s outlined a couple of ways we could play this.

Our first option would be to move preemptively with a biological weapon.  The way we would handle that would be dispersal right at the very end of the Winter Olympics in British Columbia, say around the 15th of February or maybe the 16th.”

Staff Analyst: “I’m not too keen on that, since we’d have to make the call on release well ahead of the actual drop of our timing model by more than a full month…”

Richard:  “Unfortunately, can’t be helped.  The way this will work is that we will incorporate much of what we learned from the Swine Flu exercise, you remember?  We set that off with a built-in ‘burn-out’ to see how propagation would work and to set up the response networks.

Remember, we turned it loose in January of 2009 and it didn’t make it to Mexico city until March 18th.  From there it took a month till April 14th before CDC confirmed a first case, and the second on April 17th, which is a whole month.  Even then the response took months and this time with a different strain a higher kill-rate will be built in.”

Staff Analyst:  “OK, I grant you that the timing would work out favorably.  I can almost see the headlines now:  Canadian Flu or Olympic Flu…going to make fine headlines.

Do we have a backup option?”

Richard: “We do. Action Section says we have a pretty good connection into the jihadists and we’ve got a couple of nuclear devices including that one we got from the US Air Force flight down at Barksdale in 2007.”

Staff Analyst:  “Been meaning to ask you…was the timing of the speculation on 11/9/2007 – as in 11/9 as a reverse of 9/11 purely coincidental?”

Richard: (laughs)  “Why of course it’s not coincidental.  Remember, one of our rules is that everything we do around here has to be hinted at…it’s one of the constraints imposed on us – has something to do with secret societies, ritual sacrifice, or some such.  Never been really clear on the why part, but does make what we do pretty graceful for those that see it.

The Board would prefer the nonnuclear option, however.”

Staff Analyst: “…because…??”

Richard:  “You know that one as well as me:  A nuclear attack by ‘terrorists’ on the US give the US a good scapegoat for the markets falling apart, but it has some obvious shortcomings.  Remember, we want to do more than cover for Wall Street and Fleet Street in this.  We need something that will be a global ‘reset’ for all players and one that won’t change things too much from a strategic balance standpoint.  In other words, a nuclear attack on the US would change the balance in the Middle East a fair bit, it wouldn’t do anything in places like Russia except maybe a few hundred thousand premature deaths from cancer, so instead we’d like to just have something that a failure or pseudo-failure of global trade could be blamed on.

This would also give more impetus for global governance which is our whole agenda anyway – keeping the major powers cooperating at some level to move in the direction of planetary government.”

Staff Analyst: “Speaking of which: Think the ET’s will ever let us go back to the moon?”

Richard:  “Hard telling. The peaceful ones have made it abundantly clear that before we will be allowed to get off planet in anything other than a purely exploratory way, we have to figure out a new form of social organization and that’s what we’re trying to do.  But it’s a long and difficult task.  We’ve got all these damn countries which don’t see it and we have all this leftover nationalist crap.

Fortunately, most humans are really stupid and don’t see what’s going on right before their eyes.  People just don’t want to see history for what it is…a set of conspiracies with history written by winners with agendas.

Directorate 153 is a thinking tool. That how we were using it almost 8-years ago.  Today, we still use it when events don’t seem to make sense.

Just as we’re fond of saying Everything’s a Business Model, we have another axiom:  Things Always Make Sense.  If you’re on the distro list.

We’re not.  We’s juss the wage-slaves, massah.

D153 thinking is giving yourself the power to write FICTION but in such a way that it smoothly incorporates all evolving FACTS.

Eventually we’ll know.  If you get it right enough?  Well, let’s just say I won’t be getting up and writing any more.

Write when you get rich,