Lobbying the Fed, Job Week, and a Woo-Woo

I have so much “energy flow” going on, it’s ridiculous.  I mean, seriously nuts.  Up since 3 AM on a hyper roll:

  • Peoplenomics tomorrow is the first 3-thousand-word block of a book on Life Management.  Sure, everyone knows time-management, but what about all that shit shoe-horned into available time?  (Already, 5,000 words into it…)
  • ShopTalk Sunday column this weekend shows the build G2 and I did of an HF Radio manpack from start to finish.  Worked great – talked (voice, SSB) to Arlington, Virginia on 20-meters with 4 watts while walking around.  Longish but way fun!
  • And gobs and oodles of “things in Life” getting squared away – and  at the end of this morning’s column, a strange case of Woo-Woo,

For now, let’s go “Lobby the Fed” shall we?

Hey Fed!  

What were you thinking?  Use the ‘Rona as an excuse for an economic blowdown?  Then have a war in Ukraine to kick up the Death Industries?  Make up money while the value of the dollar is rising based on unsustainable (and maybe not even repayable) rates of interest?  WTF?

Lookie here, dudes:

What I think will happen today? 

We may see a sell-off early, but by this afternoon the market’s half-assed attempt to “lobby the Fed” might collapse.  Then with a rally tomorrow, we have penciled in a rally (which could be leading us to a buy-the-rally and then sell-the-news when the Fed raises tomorrow afternoon.  However, the market has an opposite count still possible (collapse into the Fed then an accommodative talk from the chair and a rally on hype following).

My sense is that the lower right corner circle above is just coming down to the Wave 3 expectation zone. Which is right around the (Aggregate Index) 30,000 area.  Or, if you forgot, I told you on April 25th where this looked to be going – just under 30,000.  For the trend to drop that far, we needed time:

Now that we have run the clock to keep the slope of the curves where we expect them, the wishy-washy can last a bit longer, but my gut (NOT TRADING ADVICE!) says we’re headed down 3-5% from here sooner than later.

After that?

A Relief Rally while the Fed pauses to watch the disaster of their own making (you’d stop at your own train wreck to watch, right?).  That will goose things skyward maybe around May options, perhaps?  We’ll see.  Maybe fireworks for the Bulls in June.  Patience and read the damn tape.

Money Not So Funny

More laps toward collapse popping up – only a month or three off our pace:  50% of market is in a bubble, Dan Suzuki warns as Fed gets ready to meet.  Oh, duh.

And more obviousness, if you haven’t had Ure fill yet: Paul Tudor Jones says he can’t think of a worse financial environment for stocks or bonds right now .

35-min to the Open, stock futures turned positive.  Still, could be an exit rally for the Big Players.  We’ll see by 11 AM Eastern, I guess.  Ure has a toe in shorts going into today.  But I’m and idiot and if you think that’s advice, you’re a fool to boot.

Big (but small) Items

Juris Leakus Supreme Court has voted to overturn abortion rights, draft opinion show.  The self-congratulatory liberal press will swing in this, but Ure sees a HUGE legal issue: Who leaked this and isn’t leaking that a felony?  Liberals of JustUs so don’t hold your breath waiting.

Oh-oh… Hurt media walk backward time:  Oliver Darcy on Twitter: “—@DRUDGE himself contacted @TaylorLorenz to ask for a correction after she said in tweets that a Drudge editor had harassed her.”  Potato Chip and the Drooler must have a “walk-back school on the web somewhere…

Did you pay attention to Ure’s Solar Panel Investment we stood up back in 2008?  Get Ready for Another Energy Price Spike: High Electric Bills.

OPSEC for Idiots file:  U.S. drone carrying guns intercepted after flying into southwestern Ontario.  “When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns” sound familiar, buddy?

Covid Testing Farce, I:  “OK, if you REALLY get Covid,” Covid ICS-400 son G2 showed me “You will see the wide second test line – like mine here, for months if not years.”  Which has us wondering how it is Kamala Harris tests negative for Covid and will return to White House on Tuesday.  So, her line went just where, where exactly?

No dad, that happens.  You’re being paranoid..”


Farcical Demoncrats who don’t think we’re paying attention II:  COVID Alert NY: Cases Rise in City as Omicron Subvariants Spread.  Maybe the NE Liberal paranoid power-grabbers should snag fresh tests from the ‘Mala, huh?

ATR:  Woo-Woo is Driving

Elaine just past her 79th birthday.

We went in to the Texas DMV office several days ahead of time.  “Nope!  She needs to have a Birth Certificate on file due to XYZ REAL I.D. law…” we were told.

This wasn’t enough to phase me:  I anticipate life as best I can.  I whipped out Elaine’s passport.  “This should settle it.  Passport is a REAL ID acceptable form of identification.”

The (pleasant) clerk examined it.  “No sir, this passport is expured.”

We weren’t going anywhere, but this clerk was not running a border checkpoint, either,  so WTF?

“You will have to bring her original (emphasized) birth certificate in.”

Which was an issue since I had looked for it and nowhere to be found.

Ended up having to order a new original (Oregon) and even that turned into a train wreck:  Got an email from Vital Statistics out (in brain-damaged liberal land) “Before we can release her birth certificate to you, you must prove you are entitled to it.  Please provide a copy of your Marriage License.

OK.  Another bout of flying PDFs.

Finally, my buddy Justin the UPS driver got the overnight here late Friday, but I managed to book a Monday revisit with TX DPS.

The clerk was a delight.  Took a couple of pictures to get a great “look” Elaine was happy with.

On the other hand: a process that demands (*after tracking Elaine’s driving record for more than a half century plus in Arizona, Washington, Florida, California, and Texas) to prove she is a citizen despite an expired passport, DD-214 and student pilot license, is so seriously flawed it’s a JOKE.

Hell, the FAA STILL doesn’t put pilot photos on aircraft licenses – and I hold two such cards; one for the fixed-wing and one as a commercial remote vehicle (drone) pilot.

What kinda bullshit Stalinesque Kool-Aid are they serving in Washington?  No REAL ID for pilots, but for 79 YO former bunnies?

Stress abounded, but finally, Monday around 2:00 PM, it was finally done.

OK:  The woo-woo.

Elaine turned-in before me last night, but she left WOAI (Michael berry show) streaming on Alexa.

….so yeah, I’m 88 Michael, and DPS is demanding I bring in my birth certificate.  They’re doing this now with everyone in Texas who renews and is 79 or older…”

Could have pushed me over with a feather.

But the question demanding an answer is served:

What the hell reason is there for having people turn in birth certificates for the first time in their lives at Age 79 and above?

In a Google search, an 86-year old “White supremacist” is cited.  But I’ve got $20 bucks on he was suffering hard-onset dementia more than “supremacist” bullshit.

So WT actual F?

Seriously strange shit is afoot, brothers and sisters.  Really strange shit, my fellow tax chattel.

Write when you get rich (or click comments to offer answers)


51 thoughts on “Lobbying the Fed, Job Week, and a Woo-Woo”

    • Glad to know that Texas now admits that Elaine EXISTS!! Isn’t that great!

      Time to get her Passport renewed, even if you probably aren’t planning any trips soon. “IF” something happens to DC there is no way you will get that thing renewed or a new one issued for many years. Get a Passport Card too while getting it, if you can – there are some restrictions there – but when I did my last renewal I got one and when I got my sons their passports once they were adults I got ones for them too (while passports expire in 10 years for a renewal 15 years from issue date I believe is how long you have to get it renewed without having to jump through all the hoops as if you are getting a new one)

      btw … have YOU check both your Driver’s License and Passport recently? and do YOU have a legal copy (certified) of YOUR birth certificate? Again, if problems occur you may never be able to obtain in the future

      OH … and if you can’t find an official Social Security Card on your next visit to their offices you should order one up!! Here one needs an OFFICIAL Social Security Card when upgrading one’s Drivers License to the higher standard of a Real ID. (fwiw here they will still issue one to the lower standard without all that extra crap, which is OK for driving but NOT OK for flying or getting into a Federal Building)

      (now I must admit I have NO IDEA where my Marriage Certificate is, think the ex got it, and NEVER had a Certified Copy of my Divorce Decree. I need to get both of those and put in with my important papers, just in case. Lost my Baptismal Certificate long ago, darn)

  1. Hooo-ly Heck, George! Birth certificates for anyone born earlier than 1943?? It’s just another way to marginalize the senior generations. Time to bury your state “representative” in letters and e-mails. I guess the people in Austin think all people over 75 are in nursing homes or died from Covid. Plenty of “Blue Hairs” driving in my lane around here, and I sure watch out for them, but it’s their roads too – they’ve paid more for them than I have so far!

    If, God forbid, this unbounded energy decides to take a hike, George, does G2 have any aspirations of taking over the website? He seems to be the one kid that’s most like you. Or perhaps I’m too addicted to your site.

  2. No worries the long covert19 blez, Kemmosabe, kam the sham be a changed man these dayz – please note the similarities and dis-similarities when “it” next appearz..https://youtu.be/gRi2T6mgH3Y

    Still managed to keep the “look” that so many looking out their boxed-in lives are enamored with……”baack, baack, dude looks like a lady!”

    I imagine urbansurv. comments section is not long for this world, as stepford bribem new minister of truth soonly will be cracking down on FREE SPEECH.
    Unlike that fat assed coward of a man – Don t RUMP, who did absolutely Nothing – regards Rioting of the Law, as he instigate BLM animals 2 further destroy inner cities, furthering their impoverishment. Hammering the inner city “folks”, and scaring the shit out of a peaceful populace..truely a WEAK POS, Israhell’s personal “bitch-goy”.
    As Elon just quipped in reference to the new cackling hyena of truth. “Oh well, alls well that Orwell”

  3. Hi George, FWIW
    You need to slow down, yes you might think the no sleep
    is great, I used to be the same way, but ended up like you with heart
    issues. I am your age. I used to go like hell myself. Always meeting a “dead” line. We are not invincible. Our time has come an gone to change the world. Relax enjoy more time with the kin folk.

    Been a member for the long time, want you to be around for a while.
    The Old North Michigan Farm Boy
    Take Care

      • Yep, the schedule – that schedule is a brutal taskmaster. As someone who has been forced into an almost perpetual “life review” by an energy sapping illness I have found that the video playback of “all that was and all that ever will be” is not quite what I expected.

        My heart recalls only those fleeting moments of bliss and wonder that slipped by almost unnoticed – the warmth of the sun after a cold ocean swim, a smile, a warm hug, a riot of flowers in the desert.

        And you can’t consciously try to create those moments. They disappear as soon as you to try to hold on to them. The bliss lies in the vast emptiness between the blazing stars that we see as our successes.

        And no matter how mundane or small your life, those moments will be there for you at the end.

        “Life is what happens to you, While you’re busy making other plans” (John Lennon)

    • From what I understand (very little!) if you have covid the line can take months to years to wear off.

      \But if it goes quickly you might have been exposed and reacted if away OR is could be false positives due to something else.

  4. When I got out of the hospital last November my DL was set to expire end of the month. Still tethered to an O2 tank and against instructions of my Nurse Practioner daughter who said I looked somewhat like a corpse I cajoled her into taking me to the DMV to renew my license. We get there and naturally, the place is packed but NP Stephanie takes point leaving me in her car while she reconned the office. She contacted the nice lady sitting at the door and unbeknownst to me inquired where “my veteran dad who just got out of the hospital” with his big assed tank and hose in his nose could wait. She came back and said let’s roll sicky and loose the Stetson. As I stepped embarrassingly bare-headed through the door the masses parted kind of like when Moses parted the Red Sea I believe and NP Stephanie led me like a leashed goat to an area back in the corner. Barely got my cheeks on the seat when a lady clear the hell back towards the front of the building waved at me and says your next. So back up I get and the room parts again. It was really creepy this time. The question regarding the birth cert if I wanted my license to qualify as a real id was asked and I told the nice lady I don’t need that since I travel in my private jet parked at the local airport. No more questions and took my photo and away we rolled. I did ask the reception lady as we left if I cut in front of anyone and she said no all the other people were renewing vehicle tags and paying taxes.
    When I looked at the license photo I guess I did resemble a corpse.

    Stay safe 73

  5. I agree with Jim.., you should consider slowing the pace., just a wee bit. You’ve got nothing to prove to anyone.., and you possibly could be doing some damage.
    Early to bed and early to rise is a good, sound practice [ I did it for decades – until I found out I shouldn’t anymore.] but I think you are pushing it a little. ., and you may not even realize it until you plant yourself face-first into a raise bed.
    Note: email to G2 sent [ thanks ]

    • “Early to bed and early to rise is a good, sound practice” But early to bed and early to rise and your gal goes out with other guys! Couldn’t help myself Putin made me do it!

  6. Good morning to all . To George and all other 70+/ – that have health issues , I’d like to share a site that one of the commentors shared a while back . The site is Rasaji.com . This site has the ti chi gung exercises that will benifit anyone who practices them . All though I can not site any “great revelations” using these excercises , they do make a difference . I enjoy the reader feed back , and do learn quite a bit . You all pretty much “talk” over my head , but none the less I enjoy every post . On the Rasaji.com there is also healing frequency music ,– quite interesting , healing music for many ailments . Good Health to All . Again ,THANK YOU to the commentor who put Rasaji .com in the comments a while back

  7. I have a personal hatred for any form of ageism! DMV/MVD rules forcing older folks to renew for shorter periods of time, personal appearance required, and invasive medical inquisitions are not part of an egalitarian society. I’m not (yet) facing such a draconian situation, though time (in the DMV world) rolls on. In NM, nobody is required to have a “REAL” ID, and I keep my passport current, though that was a bit of a challenge when the covid mania hit. I’m of mixed emotions regarding getting a license upgrade and currently haven’t yet done so. I’m not sure if Texas is forcing the upgrade or not. IMHO, people are responsible for the consequences of their driving, not the DMV. In rural states, not having a valid license simply means you must become an outlaw or move to a city – and for many of us, that’s a lifestyle ending event. I recently demonstrated to myself that I’m competent for maximum performance endurance driving, though I doubt any MV employee would care. I’ll gladly endure incompetent drivers on the road for the comfort of knowing that I’d not be discriminated against due to age.

    Credentials of all sorts can be helpful – until they expire. Over a lifetime, I’ve acquired dozens of credentials and most of them have expired. Keeping them all current is not only time consuming, but it’s expensive! Right now I only keep those I really care about and those few that never expire.

  8. No birth certificate – no Problem. Walk over the Rio Grande and walk back in with all the ‘immigrants’ i.e., ‘invaders.’ You will get all the services needed – no IDs needed – for free!

  9. “Juris Leakus: Supreme Court has voted to overturn abortion rights, draft opinion show.”

    This is as serious as politics gets. The SC is supposed to be free from political influence. This stunt has revoked that supposition. The only way I see for the Court to regain it is to overturn Roe v Wade 9-0, then see the leaker escorted to solitary for life, without parole.

    What I expect to happen is a 5-4 or 6-3, and the leaker becoming a high-priced media darling, as we take a giant leap toward one-world communism.

  10. I’m in CA. Went to the DMV a couple of years ago for the ‘Real ID’, along with an expired passport and my original birth certificate. The certificate my mother handed over to me in late adolescence, with raised seal and hospital & doctor’s signatures. It had been good previously for many things over the years, including the expired passport. The goofball at the counter said it wasn’t good enough (backed up by the boss), and I would need to get a certified copy of the original from the state of New Jersey. At a cost, of course. So I purchased two copies of the document through the mail, and then went to get my passport renewed, a mail-in exercise with the State Department. Had to include the expired passport, and a certified copy of the birth certificate. I was assured both would be returned with the new one. Took several months, and the new passport had the place of birth wrong (it was right on the old one, and on the birth certificate copy). And they failed to return the copy. At that point, I knew it was hopeless. I’m 74 now. America is a mess.

    • There is a special agent that looks just like you currently on an airplane flying to foreign parts unknown to save the American way. While I can’t directly prove this, it does offer an opportunity for some nice daydreaming.

      • He should have stayed here. This is where the biggest threat to the American Way can be found.

  11. Meh, it’s not the age thing that matters. Real-ID is a generally good idea. The Trump Administration made a push to get States to stop their slow-walking of its implementation. My State will require that everyone who gets a Driver’s License or ID card after 1/1/23 to qualify for, and obtain a Real-ID — no qualify, no ID, and expired IDs will no longer be accepted – period.

  12. Yeah, the ‘Real ID’ laws are a pain. It was required in Hawaii several years back and we were advised in advance. I had to get an out-of-state certified birth certificate for that. Then when I applied for Social Security, my plastic laminated SS card I had since age twelve (back then they TOLD us to laminate them in plastic!) was no longer acceptable. So I had to apply for a brand new SS card. Ironically I will never have to show the new card to an employer, as I am retired now.

    The best comeback I heard for an ‘expired passport’ was: “But my identity has not expired!”

    • We live in a world were documents are created and assigned to us. Imagine if it were the other way around, documents were reused and the people replaced.

  13. Lots of the ID requirements also come from other Federal regulations about verifying a person is a citizen before employing. Of course this only applied to honest non cash businesses. But each time I change companies, I need two forms of valid photo ID. Like you I use passport and DL. Reminds me to check the passport… I keep all those important documents (IDs, licenses, titles, deeds etc) scanned and on my file server as well, though those may not be accepted as valid, it is nice for reference. And someone else mentioned voting. I believe that is very important and more states are requiring it (as they should), so we will have to live with a little headache to ensure our votes are not cancelled by a non resident or non citizen.

    • ” I keep all those important documents scanned…”

      When I had a CCW I kept a miniaturized copy of it under the grip on every pistol I owned. I figured in the [unlikely event] I was ever queried regarding my hogleg when I was NOT in possession of my wallet, the photocopy wouldn’t substitute, but might give me “benefit of the doubt” status and time to produce my permit, before being locked-up.

  14. “Juris Leakus:  Supreme Court has voted to overturn abortion rights, draft opinion show.  The self-congratulatory liberal press will swing in this, but Ure sees a HUGE legal issue: Who leaked this and isn’t leaking that a felony?  Liberals of JustUs so don’t hold your breath waiting.”

    I wouldn’t be to concerned over who leaked what about this…. DEAD HORSE ISSUE….
    The only reason they are dragging the dead pony around is to miss direct the citizens away from the more important issues..candidates ride this popular dead pony issue around because it is a popular issue with the people..
    Look at the right hand so you can’t see what theft is up to..
    Mmm…Let’s see.. what important events going on that they could they be miss directing the public from that should be concerning to everyone..hmmm..

    Like my wife says often… why in the Hell are you dragging that dead horse around again.. it’s dead nothing is going to come of it.. it’s a dead horse issue..

    • I believe that because there’s been a lot of negative press lately about the dual standards between the haves and the have not and then toss it all in the publics face daily. basically saying let them eat cake press over the DOJ and court systems in the USA inability towards the severe dual standards of law between those in political power and the average wage earner..the 15% class separation has ended people see the idiocracy and are scared for their lives their livelihoods and survival.. adolphs second secret book and how he planned control over the people comes into play even more than ever..
      So to misdirect why not drag out that same popular dead pony out for a horse show … to make the people believe they are doing something for them and their wants.
      good lord knows to cover over this series of massive negative events going on it will probably take a lot of dead horses to show to keep the people’s attention way from what’s really been going on …
      And if famine begins.. they may dress up that dead horse to make it even more appealing..
      With the fall of every civilization there was a horse and pony show. Past civilization end events of the fall of their empires at the time had even more dramatic results once it started to crumble underneath them turning into an avalanche of despair..
      What’s surprising to me.. is where is the person in high power that will be used as a sacrificial lamb..

    • The issue isn’t Roe v Wade.

      It is the integrity of the USSC.

      EVERYBODY in the lamestream on either (any) side of the aisle is talking about abortion today.

      Abortion is the blue dress.

      Bill Clinton wasn’t investigated for a stained dress, he was investigated for perjuring himself on a sworn affadavit.

      I DEFY you to ask anyone — hell, ask everyone, why Clinton was investigated. If you ask 1000 random people, the odds are less than 1:10 that even one person can answer the question correctly, because the politicians and the media programmed us to glom onto the salacious and ignore the factual.

      Change the focus — change the narrative…

      • This is why I said earlier that the USSC needed to overturn Roe 9-0 — meaning the Leftist jurists need to see past their personal politics to recognize this leak as an attempt to influence (id est destroy) the Court, and then refuse to be influenced.

        Chuck Schumer threatened Gorsuch and Kavanaugh with physical harm, earlier today, should Roe be overturned. In an honest world, he would be in solitary at Riker’s tonight, and stripped of his Seat tomorrow. A 9-0 decision would tell the commies pulling Creepy Joe’s strings that they couldn’t use the ruling to pack the Court…

      • @Ray.. just watch how this plays out.. this is the blue dress… put a little lipstick or a blue dress on a pig it is still a pig.. this is the dead horse issue they always use because of its popularity…
        always before an election it is dragged out and pulled around the arena..
        It gets both sides all flared up so they are not focusing on the more important issues.. then as soon as the election is over.. they table it..
        Over and Over.. since I was learning how to shave.. this issue comes up one way or another.. look at what is going on in the back ground.
        We so many high level events going on.. they better put high heels on that pig as well.. then in their misdirection.. toss the shill under the wheels of the buss..

      • Maybe.. the attempt of putting heels on that pig in lipstick and a blue dress was by bringing up the possibility of the supreme court considering overturning roe v wade..
        With all the intense situations and questionable business dealings along with miss management of the countries economic standing.. I think that pig they are dragging around had better be pretty intense to keep the peoples interest ..

  15. re. “expired” passport:
    Read “I-9” immigration form very carefully. Where passport ID is valid, the line states “~passport unexpired~” then there is a line feed-carriage return and the text continues “or expired.”

    I had to show the personell manager of USSteel this issue around 1993, when mine expired. It is not normally “noticed” by average bean counters. Asking them to look at an “I-9”, they should produce their own so there is no question of its’ validity, and bring their attention to the interrupted line.

    A passport is literally forever as identification. I had some trouble a litte earlier(’86) when a bank teller demanded a US driver’s license and refused my (then current) passport to cash a payroll check. The branch manager was quite apologetic and quickly OKd the check before I could sue to own the bank. As an aside, I did eventually get a US driver’s license, at the time I still was using my “offshore” license.

    Supposedly, a birth certificate can be acquired with an expired passport. Mine was not yet expired in ’86 so I can’t say for certain. . . Same with a Social Security card. I had been out of the country several years and was restoring the usual pocket clutter.


    • The federal government seems to understand the concept of “forever” ID for a passport – expired or not. Many of the states don’t, and in many cases the bureaucrats make things up as they go along. A passport has been vetted and is far more secure than a simple birth certificate. It even has a photo, even if dated. The states, banks, and merchants need to catch up with reality.

      Interestingly, the Passport Office will only renew a passport if you include a previous one less than five years expired. Otherwise you need to make a new application from scratch, though the expired passport(any year) is still valid as an identifier and proof of citizenship and DOB for such a new application.

  16. Hmm.. the fun and games begin..hmm
    I might have to change my moniker fromm looking out of the box to azzhole hiding in the box.. or just fat azz hiding.. not sure quite yet.. visited with the cable company.. on my slash and burn efforts.
    The text messages are already started showing up on some of my beginning efforts.
    I am sure there will be wailing and gnashing of teeth before the phone goes dark at the end of the month lol.. but it is what it is..
    I believe they didn’t think I would cut things.. and the best is yet to come..
    The cuts in unessential services will happen like dominows… a staggered tiered event.. as paid subscriptions end they will drop by the side until another day..
    I suppose I should open and read the messages of dispair..

  17. Supreme Court Barricaded After Bombshell Abortion Leak, Leftists Start to Call for Rash Action

    The news is coming hard and fast after a bombshell leak out of the Supreme Court revealed a draft decision to overturn Roe v. Wade. RedState reported on the initial details, noting that it is misleading to treat the draft as the final result.


    Klobuchar: SCOTUS Literally Stripping Woman of Their Rights — 2022 Midterms About Abortion

    Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) said Monday on MSNBC’s “The Rachel Maddow Show” that if the Politico report that the Supreme Court has made a 5-4 decision to overturn abortion was accurate, they were “literally stripping the women of this country of their rights.”


    Defending Roe, Biden claims religions don’t say when life begins, despite Catholic teaching

    “The idea that we’re going to make the judgment that is going to say that no one can make the judgment to choose to abort a child based on a decision by the Supreme Court, I think, goes way overboard,” Biden said.


  18. BREAKING: Source Inside the Federal Government Reveals Suspected and Known Terrorists Walk Freely in the United States Following Biden Administration’s Pullout in Afghanistan

    The records obtained by Project Veritas confirm numerous suspected terrorists are currently living throughout the country, many of whom have work visas despite being flagged by the Terrorist Watchlist for violent offenses like murder and using explosive devices and arms.


  19. Ukraine’s Army Is In Very Bad Shape – More Fighting Will Only Destroy It

    From today’s ‘clobber list’ as published by the Defense Ministry of Russia:

    In total, 146 aircraft and 112 helicopters, 683 unmanned aerial vehicles, 281 anti-aircraft missile systems, 2,756 tanks and other armored combat vehicles, 316 multiple launch rocket systems, 1,234 field artillery and mortars, as well as 2,563 units of special military vehicles of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were destroyed during the operation.


  20. UK inflation rises at fastest pace in 30 years on soaring energy costs

    British consumer prices rose at the fastest pace in 30 years last month, fueled by soaring costs for household energy and motor fuels the latest grim figures as inflation surges around the world. Inflation in the United Kingdom accelerated to 7% in the 12 months through March, the highest annual rate since March 1992, the Office for National Statistics said Wednesday.


    Um, that’d be when George Soros broke the Bank of England…

  21. Ron DeSantis’ Strategic Strike on Disney Starts to Pay Dividends

    In private meetings and coaching sessions over the past few weeks, top business leaders have been asking a version of the same question: How can we avoid becoming the next Walt Disney. The fallout from the recent political spat between Disney and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has alarmed leaders across the corporate sphere, according to executives and their advisers, and heightened the challenges for chief executive officers navigating charged topics.

    The rest is behind a paywall, but you get the idea. After what DeSantis did, top business leaders are concerned that they could lose special tax benefits and other crony-capitalist arrangements that give them an advantage over normal people.


    IMO “crony capitalism” and other forms of fascist socialism cannot sustain a society, either economically or socially. The sooner we flush the idealism of Pierpont Morgan and return to Adam Smith, the more likely our grandchildren will live their lives in a free society…

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