A “Life of Gods”

A synthesis of goal planning and time management styles.  Since no one has “enough time” in the world, most “time management approaches” don’t focus enough on how things end up being scheduled in daily life.

Apologies in advance – this morning’s report is a 60-page .PDF but after we go through MBO, Pomodoro, and all the rest, it’s really important to build our first pass at Life Management software from the ground (spiritual, holistic) up.

Meanwhile, I’m now happily using the system and am quite pleased with the results.

Which we’ll get into after a preview of today’s Fed meeting which – by early indicators – could be a “buy the rumor, sell the news” affair.

A few headlines first, however.  Can rush off into the day “empty-headed” now, can we?

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40 thoughts on “A “Life of Gods””

  1. Pizzle – – Haven’t heard this word since the stock yard sales where a gent had a pizzle cane.
    From the Urban Dictionary:
    A penis. This word dates back to medaeval times. Bull’s pizzles were sold as a delicacy, or dried and used as walking-sticks, or tanned like leather and used as whips.

    Sure hope that everybody’s “pizzle” is just fine!

    Hope that all the guys “pizzles” are just fine!

  2. Funny thing, where I live my wife is concerned that I don’t have enough to do, while we bank one of our social security checks every month.

    Couldn’t be that you are one of the folks monetizing the end of an empire are you, George?

    • EE – The Robber Barons flaunt their wealth as the peasants wash their clothes & cook their meals. What country are your excess SS funds housed in? The official Ecuador currency is the US dollar, so a collapse of the US Dollar makes economic collapse in Ecuador a certainty putting a target on the back of the Robber Barons. Good luck hiding out in the jungle.

      • Oh, bye the Bye, your wife is politely telling you to get up off your ass & do something. She is tired of your boredom causing her boredom which she doesn’t appreciate.

      • Has any of the gibberish uttered from the dicktaters mouth made any sense to anyone ? Same “droned” idiot in the whitehouse said “MAGA is an extreme idiology” today.

        …hmmmm the idea of Making America Great Again is extreme, wrap Ure head around that and chew on it for awhile.

        Next their gonna tell us outselling your competition, making smarter investment decisions, and generally outworking & out maneuvering (kissing ass) = FIRE – makes you a robber baron. hahahahah

        Yeah so wont get into a SS “means test” for all future recipients, ..nope nothing to see hear..

        PS ever hear of magic beans ? modern day equivalent BITCOIN !
        ..and yes ownership if known might be cause for concern as financial giants will surely bee eyeballing You for their next blood meal.

      • With the forthcoming bank holiday you’ll still receive your pay after the reset, however gasoline will be $8.50 a gallon for 87 octane. your COLA? 1%. Sorry gotta cover all those new digital wallets being handed out at the border.

      • Dems ALWAYS play the “Social Security card,” just like they always play the “race card.” They’ve played the latter since the 1920s and the former since the ’50s. As much as I hate Sean Hannity’s “push granny off the cliff” diatribe (because he repeats it three times a day, every day, from about the first of August until Election Day) he’s not wrong. Every election, the Democrats do the fear &or envy thing with as many societal subgroups as they can play against the Republicans, the Government, or each other. Dems sometimes have interesting ideas, but they never have solutions. Because of that they MUST deflect voters’ attention.

        W actually had a good idea — that of allowing a wage-earner to divert a couple percent of his(her) Social Insecurity into a private investment account, with the intent of increasing the divertable percentage to eventually privatize SS. The money you put in SS now is not yours. When you (or your last eligible designee) dies, the government gets to keep your fund. If it were privatized, upon death a person’s ineligible designees (offspring, charity, local animal shelter, or whatever) would receive the fund, as if it were an annuity or a whole life insurance policy with a monthly dividend payout.

  3. Much appreciated George! Expect an autorenew this month when PayPal gets around to it.

    Now I need to read the ebook so I can make time to read it! That’s a bit of a condomdrum of a pizzle.

  4. Holy cow, what a giant expanse of government power your propose, ban all trade outside your country? What does it mean to be a free individual, but the feds stop you from partaking in free trade with a citizen from another country. I am sure you realize how many raw materials come from outside our country. Or how many other countries rely on product from the US. Would certainly suck that companies like caterpillar or Boeing not be allowed to sell to outside markets. It is ideas like yours that politicians grab a hold of because of the nice quick news bite, such a thing can then destroy much commerce. Normally your logical thought process is much better then this. Of course we would have to import still more outside workers, because not many citizens are still willing to do mindless assembly line tasks for 40 hours per week.

    • Some ventures, like SpaceX, are inherently capital intensive! There would need to be exceptions for such things. Large scale(like Starship) is necessary for interplanetary ventures and desirable for closer in ones.

      Some things, like the specialized equipment for fine line semiconductors, are single sourced worldwide. There’s definitely a limit to how much we can make domestically, but the imbalance toward unnecessary offshoring needs to be fixed.

      Citizens are definitely willing to do “mindless” assembly work. They just need sufficient pay or other incentives. Income tax exempt work might be a start. The tax burden in our country is such that beyond a minimal yearly income, the marginal value of a dollar is limited.

      • I miss component level bench and design work. Alas, it doesn’t pay as well as systems, and the larger ” components ” comprising same. Still a hoot if you can place yourself where the demand is.

    • Joe,
      What you write with this is CURRENTLY true; “Of course we would have to import still more outside workers, because not many citizens are still willing to do mindless assembly line tasks for 40 hours per week.” However, the “citizens” that aren’t willing to do mindless work for a stagnant wage in these greedy, inflationary times still have NOT ever been hungry enough to realize what makes their ‘tomorrow’.
      Without a huge change in how we make things work as in,- your time (life) for their money (food, shelter) the lives of these refusing to work because, “they just don’t like it,” will only get worse.
      Being hungry enough will enlighten them to take jobs that Mike Rowe showcased for them in his “Dirty Jobs” TV show. They will fall in to line bitching and crying but hunger will win. Learn to grow-while there is still time…

    • “Of course we would have to import still more outside workers, because not many citizens are still willing to do mindless assembly line tasks for 40 hours per week.”

      Naw, just eliminate all forms of “Federal welfare” (welfare is not the job or province of the Feds, anyway, which is why it’s so mucked-up. It is always best and most-efficiently done by one’s church or community, and administered by their Elders or Township, respectively.)

      My son once told me he loved hiring pot smokers because they were the best workers (always broke, always hungry.) Once folks can’t afford food OR weed, virtually every citizen would be willing to work an assembly line (or pick lettuce, or shovel shit, or…)

      • ????????
        Maybe the younger kids wouldn’t do assembly line work @Ray…. they are all spoiled and have lived the life of luxury and the life of plenty….but I can tell you I have had some pretty disgusting jobs in my life and know a lot of other people all willing to do the hard mindless positions..I have worked jobs that even mike Rowe of dirtiest jobs wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole..
        If your hungry and have a family you do what you have to to make a living..
        Included in those positions.. were assembly line..

  5. Hi, George,

    What a fascinating read, very thoroughly researched. Thank you very much. Your brain is certainly on fire much of the time.

    I wonder if the Pomodoros could also include what I call “flow time”, the time required during the execution of an intense task. When I am faceting a gemstone, either a recut, a repair, or whether I am going from rough piece to a finished gem, flow time becomes essential. No interruptions. I used to be able to accomplish this while sitting for hours at my bench years ago, but now I find that I need to take breaks and stretch for a short while or sip some water. Must be my advanced age.

    I believe that writing lists and making notes on a calendar are very important, since I cannot remember every detail. I have done that for decades. Also, I do not throw away the old calendars.

    I had a wonderful dream this morning during the early hours, after 4:00am, which is usually the time for very intense dreams, whether good or bad. I was with a group of folks who were in the process of uncovering a very nicely built old log cabin that had become overgrown by trees. The cabin had been built on top of a short hill. We were literally pulling out trees and large tree roots by hand, amazingly enough. My boyfriend and I were pulling tree roots out with our hands on one hillside, and we were surprised that our efforts revealed beautifully hewn log steps under all the debris. Others were inside cleaning. It was a very pretty log cabin. I have no idea what it all means, if anything. Thanks.

  6. @ JoeDish…

    Well, TBH, if you don’t go to one extreme, then nothing will happen. The current polarization of the nation is a reasonable enough rationale to call out for zero international trade. The second reason is that by the time the bill wends its way through our byzantine congress, it will bear little resemblance to the initial bill – witness lobbyists and cronies at work on most submitted bills.

    By tossing this out there, it at least elicits discussion and reactions – on both sides.

    As a guy whose entire business was destroyed with sanctions, I only have fecal colored glasses when considering anything congressional. The US government has made it ABUNDANTLY clear that business concerns are far down the decision chain just with their incredibly arrogant and harmful sanctions.

    Crippling ‘certain’ domestic industries has been part and parcel of every administration in recent memory. This takes the form of idiot EPA, FDA and OSHA regs and mandates, which have long attempted to wring money from my industry and grow the industry of government. They attempted to use OSHA to push the vaxxes and met pushback, as one very recent example.

    I’m looking forward to the day the federal government becomes more widely ignored due to their irrelevance in areas outside of Twitter and media. Google “CFR” and see what people trying to do even simple businesses have to contend with. Perhaps as money value dries up much of this will simply become unenforceable…?

    Hyperbole is what drives everything these days – George is only laying out what ought to be considered, yet never will be due to globalists (Blackrock/Vanguard)owning everything.

    • Had a dream last night…

      I dreamt the conservatives acquired a supermajority in both Houses thanks to Mr. Biden, that come 2025, Trump got back in, and his first action was to eliminate every agency, bureau, and department, not authorized by the Constitution.

      I figure The Dude is telling me I should become a plumber, ‘cuz that was obviously a pipe dream…

  7. Curious is as curious does….dam curious this philosophy cramming moar work into lesstime. Like “flowing” with NRG, think its a waste. Reminds me of the Tibetian monks who do/did the “rainbowized” NRG transition from physical to “spiritual”. Yes video exists – yes you can clearly C the colorz/nrg lifting off in slow swirl motion upwards – a rather large waste/inefficiency of Ure highly intelligent, energetic spiritual “light”.
    Personal training regime involves gathering/collecting NRG’s , “Codes” and internally refining/processing this incredibly intelligent, faster than light “information” and “working” on it. I call the processing “bad benefits” – good for You, but often uncomfortable- painful implementations”.

    Unprepared – untrained will trend to “burn-out their meatsuits- liquid cyrstal brains, without good regulation – training/practice. Caution advised running on NRG “flows” ….The Idea is having the NRG do the work and thinking for U re – rather than acting like a candle in the wind.
    See story of the Monkey King in Chinese lit…He was (trapped-put there) under a stone mountain for ages – just laying there consciously absorbing Qi for very looong time. Goddess of Mercy (Quanyin) took pity on him and needed a Champion for a task at hand. Anywho it goes to the idea of collection/banking of NRG, internally.
    TaiChi practice promotes, enhances Ure internal Qi..whatever you got left. Subtle NRG collection occurs doing the movements. Hell just walking Tai-Chi steps back and forth in a room will act as nrg collection practice.
    Qi in da personal bank of Ure = script needed to tell da ferryman down river styx way to Shove Off..

  8. Comrades,

    Yesterday is let it be. Hope everyone read their red card envelope with map and checklists before setting out on the Wednesday morning long and winding road.

    Has anyone been hearing voices? Deutsche Welle has posted a report from their East Asia correspondent based in Taipei, Republic of China concerning matters in the covid locked down city of Shanghai, Peoples Republic of China. There has been an ungodly racket from pots and pans of residents protesting their plight in viral social media sensations like “Voices of April”. Mainland Chinese censors are being overwhelmed by the tide of social media posts requiring edit.

    Tick-tock, time to stop the clock?

  9. It has been my experience, there comes a point where you enter a perpetual state of what some people experience as singluar “events” or occurrences of what is known as “woo woo”.

    I entered this a while back. Where “miracles” circumstance events etc that bend the logic of governing principles the laws of Time, nature, and elemental laws perpetually with High Consistency. As I say all the “time” I don’t say everything I see.

    All the shock and awe wears at some point my reaction to such “woo woo” circumstance and events, experiences has become more of a cool approach. Like ohhh ahhh and well okay.

    I do at times when there is compounding mind bending and blowing experience on occasion do exclaim what the f or whooaaa. I have gotten to the point of ok, so this is normal for my path and experience.

    Example: last night at the Paul McCartney concert I was supposed to run the pass gate and be where Paul walked on off stage and walk him out to his limo. By chance I get moved to what is known as the “kill zone”. Which is the only area above where the star goes out on stage where anyone could jump the baracade or throw something etc etc. As I’m standing there and the fans trickle in. I’m chatting with them as they come down to where the stage is and introducing myself. We discover there was 9 other men in the “kill zone” named Andy including me. That sort of occurring thing is woo woo for the 8 Andy’s but not me. Then by “chance” Eddie Vedar from Per Jam comes down to me and says, can I say hi to the band. Another “woo woo” experience for all the other Andys, for me, this is normal. I say sure and all Pauls band recognisizes him and they say we will tell paul you are here.

    At the end of the show which he played Helter Skelter, let it be, and and the Birthday song. I qued Helter Skelter in my car to the show, I qued Let it Be earlier this week on Urban Survival and Birthday the day before Paul’s show. A “woo woo” for most anyone. I live in this “reality” so it’s not a surprise to me.

    As Paul turned to walk off the set. The crowd in the Kill zone. Ran to the baracade on that side. He looked directly at me, made eye contact, I pointed with my finger. Mouthed the words, Go the other way Paul. there is too many crowding the baracade, I won’t get them all. He bowed to me, made his hand like a pistol and said got you too and smiled. I smiled and said. said, I got you first. He laughed. Waved, Did an about face and walked off the stage on the other side. Away from “the kill zone”. Me and 8 other Andy’s on that side.

    Interesting to note. Everyone in his band came out to the kill zone at some point. Looked up to me while I stood there smiled and waved to me. This is normal for me as well.

    Nobody who comes to town to play does that to anyone else there working security. Like when tool exited the stage. They all looked me in the eye and bowed their heads. Two of the band put their hands together as if praying when they bowed their heads as they walked by. As I stood there next their stage with the symbol of the 4 corners written in chalk on the floor and the two boxes on the other side of me with the words mesa on each. As in the second mesa. Where the Jedi live.

    This example is nothing compared to what I see and participate in occurance daily, most days.

    It has been my experience at some point, if you seek and knock and woo woo enough? You live in the woo woo. Or atleast I do.

    And just Andy. Nobody really of notoriety… except I know and am friends with ~THE DUDE ~

    Like the dollar bills with 11108880 and 11108881 and all the other true stories of accounts I have told many times Here on Urbansurvival.

    It’s a different way of life than most experience, I think. Not the norm by most humans. However, it is my experience. My path. And I wonder what does all these famous people know about me to pay little old me so much reverence and respect, that I don’t know about me. It’s weird. But i accept it none the less and I’m very humbled at the experience. At some point , I will be able to manifest material wealth for myself. I haven’t yet. Or alteast I haven’t noticed if I have. I keep trying. Everything else is easy, except Wealth and money and a beautiful mate. Everything I can do as easy as breathing.

    I did get Paul’s personal Cell Phone number. Not many do. I have lots of really wealthy including old money’s personal cell numbers. They gave me their numbers freely as a sign of friendship.

    I don’t think Paul gives out his number to just anyone. Lol

    Truly, I am Blessed and Highly Fortunate! It is my hope, you are as well.

    Cue: ~ The One that I want ~



    • Yes, this consensus “reality” is an artistic rendering of a dynamic, shimmering, shifting, multidimensional (n-dimensional) creator/creation itself! Thoughts and feelings matter and change what is in all of time. While I’ve known this for most of my life, it’s becoming more obvious even in the absence of using extra-ordinary methods to do these things. As this existence for each of us circles the drain, we get to see a panoramic view of much more than earlier in life.

      Thanks DUDE!

      Thanks Andy, for the link and reminder of ONJ/Grease and a reality that I somehow missed much of in earlier years, though there were other compensations.

    • I call it ‘cosmic consciousness’, Andy. The synchronicity of events you experience is a direct result of your many NDEs and awareness shift, and your relationship with THE DUDE. I have experienced this… on a lesser scale… but I know how it feels. And you wonder why I call you a ‘Spirit Walker’ ?

  10. While I enjoyed reading your newly minted book, I feel that I must present some rebuttal arguments. I will make my arguments using cultural references, since I acknowledge that most personal anecdotes on time-management can be really lame if not outright pathetic.

    As a rebuttal to time management as portrayed in any reference, I present the following:

    I’m thinking Robinson Crusoe was just too busy.

    Second: Post-its, not cards, man. I present a cultural-reference for the use of post-its in the quest for God-like scheduling Nirvana:


    I eagerly await the full commercial issue of your book. Block out some time for binge-watching.

    • I can NEVER accept post-its as a replacement for the cards! Tiny curly sticky things that clutter up the world are no match for neatly arranged cards in a box or rack, especially when they can be re-used constantly. The addition of meaningful colors is a great idea.

      I generally arrange my life first by the weather and secondly by whether or not it’s daytime. Outside work is always the priority after the annoying red card events, though in the final analysis, it’s my life and I’ll do what I want!

      Last night I got to read the entire pdf(after dark). Great writing as usual, but immediately actionable too!

      • Generic post-its come in colors too; furthermore, they don’t require space hogging boxes to file.
        I was so enabled by G____’s work that I got up and cleaned the lavatory and tub before work this AM. OK, I’m over it now. Back to planning activities months in advance. If only I can remember where I stuck those post-its.

        • They bend, they stick, they wrinkle, too easy wrecked by sweat and life.

          Cards 5-thousandth’s – not the 003 cardstock if you can find em!

      • What I need most in life is is 39 more post it notes on my desk scribbled in my own hand writing that I can’t read 20 minutes later.


      • With lots and lots of exclamation points on them to emphasize how important the stuff that is written on them that you can’t read is.

        Just an idea.

        I’m really good at exclamation points. :)

  11. Comrades,

    Following a brisk after-dinner walk about the neighborhood in the constitutional monarchy, I munched on a banana seeking judicious thoughts for the republic. A light dawned. The public White House daily calendar is traffic light colour coded red, yellow, and green. Rather dictatorial don’t you think? Blue in lieu of green could be part of a tri-colour patriotic palette. (Correction: there is a blue for an unofficial Twitter account Potus_Schedule so no idea at all why that account is in the WH calendar…)

    Shall we take the lid off the whitewash and examine Thursday, April 21st? Ho hum, all aboard Air Force One from the east coast for a funding announcement in Portland, Or. followed by a “fundraiser for the Democratic National Committee…at the Portland Yacht Club”. My, my, the left coast has changed since Captain Ure sailed the blue waters? Then it was up and away to Seattle, Wa. to participate a “fundraiser for the Democratic National Committee”…at a private waterfront home. Ah, yes, do check if micro-steps softly open the gates of cash. The WH page links to Mr. Biden’s remarks about reducing the federal deficit by $300+ billion aiming for $1.3 trillion as well as creating 400,000+ manufacturing jobs.


    What’s left to do but fuel up AF1 and return east the next day. Your tax dollars are hard at work. File under blue skies ahead?

  12. On another note. The Seattle Sounders won the concacaf. They are the first American Team ever to win the Scotiabank Conacaf. This puts them automatically in the quarterfinals of the Biggest Sport event on the entire planet.

    Fifa world cup. Where the top national teams pay for the world title in “football” and the Seattle Sounders will be the only US non national team to play in the Quaterfinals.

    World history in the making. That is forsure. Well done Sounders. I was there.

    Hmmm. Interesting night. The rest I will keep to myself.

    I will read peoplenimics report now and see what I see.

    Thanks George for taking the time, heart beats and breaths you spent for everyone’s benifit.

    Much obliged.

  13. Hmmmmm. I been being told alot lately from creation around me, you need no other teacher than THE DUDE and yourself. You owe no loyalty to anyone or anything except THE DUDE and your own integrity. Which is a foreign thought. Because everything teaches me something.

    Quite the pdf George. I may have to read it first thing I thr morning. As it is late and tomorrow morning I shift gears in a familiar direction unless THE DUDE says otherwise. No matter how much I love my job a the current rate of inflation in the world around where I am? It is not sustainable income. Ego and prestigious meetings and honors. Unfortunately does not put food on the table. If accolade and pats on the back for keeping everyone safe paid real material money? I would stay where I am. However pats on the back don’t buy a gallon of gas. And nods and accolades from famous and wealthy won’t buy a can of Pringles. No matter how heart felt they may be.

    But grabbing gears does. Quite well. And I need a sail boat. Because when you live on a boat? You don’t have lawns to mow. Like all the cows on the cul-de-sac.

  14. This is exactly what I’m talking about. What the odds that I walk into a store that I haven’t been in for a very long time. Over 4 months maybe longer. Grab a a go check to check a little box thing to grab something. I pull put what im looking for and attached to it is a note written by me from over 4 months ago. In my hand writing.

    You mean to tell me, that note I don’t even remember writing has been in the box at the store for over 4 months on the top of the inside of the box and nobody threw it in the garbage this entire time. Not only that. I know it’s my hand writing and it has my name on the note. Sitting in the top of an open box next the key making machine where they keep the flyers. And not a single person in 4 months took that note?

    Alot of people would think that a “woo woo” experience. Stuff like that happens everyday day in my life. Way weirder shit than that all the time.

    Well it appears I wrote myself a note at a store over 4 months ago. Left it in an open bin that everyone who goes in the store looks in. And it was still there 4 months later for me to find. And I don’t remember the last time I was at this store or ever writing that note. And not a single person who saw that note all this time thought to throw it out. They just kept putting it on the top of the stacks of fresh clean papers on that bin until I came back and got my note to myself. LOL

    Oh. Okay. Thanks.

    • It wasn’t even anything profound. Just a couple random numbers and my name. In my hand writing that I don’t even remember writing. LOL but I know my own hand writing and how I write my name. I definitely wrote it. Put in that bin in the top and there it was over months later. I quit tripping out about that shit. It’s no different than Getting a dollar bill with 11108880 then 11 miles and 22 minutes later another one with 11108881 or running into Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos or cuing the exact songs that are in Paul’s finale at his show the week before the show or thousands upon thousands of other examples like finding a CD case then being on the stage and taking the exact same picture as inside the CD case that I found 10 months prior, 8 months before I got the job and I found that CD case 4 months before Eric booked his American tour but I still ended up there at the same exact spot.

      So okay I found a note to myself. After the Sounders won the first championship ever by an American soccer team in history. The night after I hung out with the Richest rock legend in the world and Eddie Veder from perl jam and 8 other Andys in the Kill zone. Ohhh okay cool. Thanks DUDE.

      And people who don’t live in this way think whooooa man. That only happens to you. Lol. And i think, eveyone should be living like this or maybe eveyone is and they just aren’t aware of it. I don’t know. THE DUDE does. And if he wants me to continue hanging with Rock Stars. HE needs to visit my Ebenezer boss tonight and tell him to give me more money because shit is getting expensive. LOL

      Thank DUDE. I appreciate that.

  15. fark the world again tonite dikheads . king yada is off with the pixies . thinks hes a faking philsopher

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