Last Thanksgiving – Bug’s Out. Futuring School

Oh, God.  This was supposed to be a simple column, few words, and a return to non-destructive pillow testing.  That’s toast.  Markets are edging back out on the ledge and for people not clear in the Big Picture, Complexity stands ready – jaws agape – to bite the world on its ass.

Today, some serious market timing indicators, why you’ll be lucky to eat, let alone turkey, next year.  From the top…

Market’s on “The Ledge”

Even if you don’t subscribe to our premium site, there are multiple charts that have changed dramatically since our Wednesday report.  What’s driving it is word of a Super Variant of the Covid-19 virus.

Basic details of which are laid out in New COVID Variant B.1.1.529, Which May Evade Immunity, Found in These Countries (

For more than 20-years on my websites. I have advocated a turn-down in international air travel. Because it provides a super-highway for bugs to spread around the world.  Kills more chances of containing them.

This first rose into consciousness when I was senior V.P. of an international airline.  I was coming into Miami from our home on Grand Cayman and one of our FA’s (flight attendants) went through the cabin with something like a DDT spray.  The U.S. didn’t want a particular fly coming into Florida, so all international flights from the warm countries (and islands) were being required to use fly spray.  Only lasted a while, but there was a lesson there.

“Modern contagions” are not so easily dispensed.  And the height of insanity is to allow continued air travel without quarantines at BOTH the outbound airport as well as after-arrival.  Yeah, sounds complicated and expensive.  But, compared with killing-off GlobalPop, maybe…just maybe…it’s time to set aside convenience and serious-up a bit.  Yah think?

Markets Go Manic

The least surprising thing today would be the Dow falling 1,000 points, or more.  Early Dow futures were down 789-points while the S&P was down 78.

Three subscriber charts are updated and shared because of things.

The first shows where we MAY be if the November 5 high in our Aggregate Index turns into being the all-time-high for this long wave economic cycle.  Remember, these are 42-100 year kinds of cycles, so very large-scale thing to consider.

If you’re still in turkey heaven, the red line is where markets open this morning and the blue trace is how collapse came calling in 1929.  Big problems will be here in January, screams this one.  And 2022-2023 could “suck bigly.”

Need More Holiday Cheer?

Try this:  The bigger zoom level of the current blow-off cycle with 1929’s.

I know…I know:  you’re saying to yourself “Ure, you must be some kind of whack job!  Things don’t feel anywhere NEAR that dire right now…”

Well, my little lambkin, even though the Fed is tapping brakes lightly, the monetary base over the past year is still up more than 28 percent.  As a result, even since the Second Depression really began (Feb. 2020, Rona-1) the Federal Reserve has been (cue Led Zeppelinbuying your stairway to heaven:

Give me almost $10-trillion and let me mail out checks to people and I’ll have the wool over their eyes piled higher and deeper than anything you can imagine.

The problem we have now – ahead of Monday – is if “authorities” cannot gin up some pretty good “false alarm stories” than both the U.S. (*red trace) and Rest of World (RoW) blue trace, will crash through the musical chair’s money-printers support line where we see the wholesale collapse of the global economy get organized.

It doesn’t mean that the whole global economic system will come crashing down around our ears.  But it will explain why in brutal terms I describe it as complexity biting the world on its ass.

Historical Context

Today, it is not a full-on BITE.  That’s still ahead.  Think of this as a “wake-up nibble” though.  And why Mr. Ure has been in something of a foul mood since seeing this kind of workout in the charts as being something to be on guard against.

Can we make money on it?  Sure.  But in regular stock accounts, remember that when things REALLY get sideways, it takes 3-days for a stock trade to clear and then toss in a day (or 3) depending on how crooked your bank is on handling incoming wires.

But what you can do in the meantime is make sure if you want to park some assets in TreasuryDirect or whatever, is make sure those are ready to roll.

Above all, however, remember that systemic Internet risks are rising as well.

This is something I’ve seen in future for more than a decade.  If your entire life is based on a working internet (and working cell phones and what-not) might want to review how things looked in my 2012 book Broken Web:  The coming collapse of the internet.

Last Turkey II, indeed?

Futuring School

Normally, I don’t roll with reader comments as content, but going to make an exception this morning.  Because with events beginning to roll, one of our readers asked a most pertinent question:

“Yes, Cliff High! loved these reports 20 years ago when you all were just starting out. New you were all on to something. Can we still access the old Urban Survival Half Past Human posts?”

My answer?  Long but useful I hope:

“No, sorry. Clif (one ‘f’ in name, website requested I don’t make them available and I have no disagreement with him on this. His I.P.

His use of (first) forum spidering and then (later) social media scouring for linguistic shifts was (and is) entirely his baby.

My involvement was minimal (occasionally on interpretation side of things) and then I went off (with Grady M. and Mike, a Msft MVP) and worked on how the language is also telling future through WFA (word frequency analysis).  Even now, I believe a triangulation algo would have higher accuracy than singular approaches, but not my call to make.

Although Clif and I have over time disagreed on some things (e.g. how widespread and dispersed future-telling technology should be, for example, or who should know future) I (perhaps delusionally) think we also have mutual respect on other points.

See, it’s hard to put the use of futuring technologies into words, but it’s a field fraught with moral hazard. If an aware person is serious about inferring the future, then there are many excellent sources of “key sights” out there including Clif’s work.

Studying the future is very much (big math, big data here) like walking into a crooked casino. Because the future changes (sometimes a little, sometimes a lot) when you INTEND and look at it.

So, for example, on the long end of the futuring spectrum there are sites like Stu’s That’s for the Nostradamus look-ahead fitting.

Also, on the look-ahead side, but much closer-in, there is Gerald Celente’s great work in Trends Journal. His work lays out trends clearly enough so you can apply basic technical analysis such as trend channels, cycles studies, and make very good inferences.

Then we come to the present-day depiction of and viewing of future. Clif’s work remains superb when applying computational horsepower to social media (now that forums have declined).

My own minor nibbles at future are another path (I don’t share much of this publicly). But markets are always “perfectly priced” and so we can make inferences not only about the general direction of things (Last Thanksgiving II), but we can also set some timing parameters because even though loose, cyclical economics is semi-predictable.

Finally, as you continue along the axis from the very oldest predictions to very newest, you next stumble into very short-term leaks of mass consciousness which has appeared to some of us as VERY precisely correct dreams about future events.

This is the futuring branch I started back in 2008 with the National Dream Center project which my friend Chirs McCleary (lt. col. rtd, 4 or 5 masters degrees and I think he bagged his PhD (*ED) as well has been evolving.

Thing, then leads us along the predictive spectrum a good distance in the direction of religious prophesy and contemporaries in this such as Manfred Zimmel’s great work at

Continuing (and expanding) work in this area, as was laid out in Peoplenomics in my Wednesday report.  I describe a coming technology to evolve people approaching death into (think of it as) transmitters and then work on ourselves as being improved “receivers” of information from those who have gone to work in other Realms.

This is the basis of the concept behind my idea for Its business plan was in the subscriber report Wednesday.

I hope this helps with your quest for better and more “aware living.”

For each of us in the development of these approaches, it’s a difficult task. Not unlike fishing.

Once you have “touched future” (as Clif has) or future has shown itself in dreams (as it has for me many times) it somehow changes you. Makes it difficult to live an “ordinary life.”

Dreams Telling Future?

Oh, yeah.  Virtually no question about it.  I don’t remember the precise number, but in the Bible (old and new test.) there are more than half a dozen times where “God spoke to so-and-so in a dream…”  Dream messaging shows up in virtually all religions.

Honestly, one reason I wasn’t at all surprised by the world of another pandemic breakout was a dream posted on Chris’s site 5-days ago:

“11-18-2021, 02:09 PM
“Zam Wesell
Shared with Your friends

Last night, I had an awful, crazy dream. I remember something being said about an Armageddon virus that caught like wildfire globally. Sure, it’s probably just residual crap about wuflu and how we’ve responded to the upheavals.
I did a search for giggles for Armageddon Virus, and I kid you not, this is what I found online. Is it a good info source? Most likely not, but how weird is it that I dream it, and find it? Original date is January 2012, but the online link is dated October 2021, no less.”

In this dream, whatever this was decimated world pop and the survivors developed natural immunity. It was definitely hereditary, such that you’ve have pockets of blood related families survive and their spouses or SO die. It was ugly and frightening. But as I stated above in the FB posting, this simply could be residual reflections of the “pandemic” that was foisted on global pop and gov reactions. Still, it is very odd to find out that this IS a real virus. I had no knowledge of it until after the dream and I did a search on it.”

Yep, real time stamp and this dream is on Chris’s site here.

Is Future “Religious?”

Should mention that one of the hardest parts of crawling around future is the matter of HOW we interpret what those of us “working future” come to expect – or believe will occur.

Clif’s work was (*and may still be, too busy to follow it too closely) respectful of religion but not endorsing an approach. (e.g., referring to Universe.)  Others, such as Zimmel, are strongly Christian in their beliefs.

I’ve come around now to the notion that one’s religious beliefs are sort of like selecting a lure when going fishing.  That is, sometimes the fish bite on one approach or belief set.  But they may not bite on a different day even using the same lure.

Which I think you’ll see if you consider the personalities of biblical prophets, then contemporaries (Nosty and Stu’s work) then trends after Celente’s work, Clif’s ongoing in social shifts and mine in markets, then off to the right you have direct dreams and precog events then to Zimmel and people touching future that way.

A final thought.  Several readers have asked what I think about predictions about Covid effectively ending late this year, or early next.

While I would love for that to be the case, mental scaling capacity has me worried.  Because if you think in the “zoom in” mode, then third wave is due.  However, when you zoom out a way, the case appears where the entirety or Covid so far has been only the “first time around the world.”

This MIGHT mean that if the South Africa strain turns into an equal or greater scale Grim Reaper compared with Covid-19, that would only be the “second time around world”.  Which would then leave the Third time around the world as a likely bioweapon release in the Global War that comes along shortly.

Regardless, last Thanksgiving isn’t conceptually far-fetched, as events are rolling.

Latest UK Data

Week 47 Covid data from the UK is out.  Officially:

Several studies of vaccine effectiveness have been conducted in the UK which indicate that 2 doses of vaccine are between 65 and 95% effective at preventing symptomatic disease with COVID-19 with the Delta variant, with higher levels of protection against severe disease
including hospitalisation and death. There is some evidence of waning of protection against infection and symptomatic disease over time, though protection against severe disease remains high in most groups at least 5 months after the second dose.

However, many demographics, the data shows that the odds of getting Covid are more than twice as high with a full vax load, compared with unvaxxed. although for Elaine and me, we’re three times more likely to die IF we don’t get vaxxed.

Source docs are here, this from page 33.

Self-Assessment Time?

Could I have collected a lot more paper wealth in my lifetime?  OH, sure.

But I’m rather more fascinated with understanding how Life works at levels that are non-apparent and being out of harm’s way totally in advance.

Which is why prior to the flashy mushroom farm, we chose that famous movie line:

“A strange game. The only winning move is not to play.”

Hope this helps you “get a grip.”

War Watch

Gee, the fun never stops, does it?  Ukraine’s Zelenskyy alleges coup will be attempted against him next week; Russia denies involvement | Fox News.  You’d expect Russia to admit anything?

And in Asia?   Deliberately pissing off China doesn’t seem like a good idea to me.  But, that’s why going to Washington isn’t on our agenda, either: US Lawmakers Meet with Taiwan President in Surprise Visit |

ATR:  What Turkey?

Short trading day ahead.  When over, I’ll be making a second pass at getting the turkey cooked.

I went to put it in Thursday?  Despite being in the fridge since Monday, our little 10-pounder was still icy.

The pot roast, however, was spectacular.  Besides, by cooking it today, and by doing the charts only after the close for subscribers, I can actually sleep for two days.

Which sounds like a damn-fine idea.

Write when you get rich,

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  1. and still at this time not a single lab sample of 19, Delta or NU has been produced … this is so convenient since the enormous increases in myocarditis, blood clots and cancers needs to be put on the back burner from the initial injections

  2. At 71,(unvaccinated)I got hit with the Delta variant on Oct.5th despite taking all the vitamins and minerals for 40 years.I also worked out over that time frame.My doctor told me that she thinks that it’s a biological weapon.My heart and lungs appear to be fine.

    Today,I’m taking ambien to sleep and have not much endurance.If I overdo it,I pay for it the next day.
    I’ve turned to Jesus,thinking that I must get right with him at last.In 7 short weeks,He’s given me a new caring for the world’s poor and sick.If I don’t recover,at least I believe that there’s a better place for me.

    • And George’s pg 33 stat of vaxxed testing pos for Covid (older age groups only) at a greater rate than unvaxxed also suggests that at weeks 43 -46 (from last vaccination – more than 6 mos) you better get your booster shot!!

      Zorro and Zeus the Cat have grown tired of ‘just the mask’ and will be adding a cape to their latest ‘lockdown’ fashion ensemble, watch for the new look being modeled on ‘the catwalk’ of Paris, TX (down the road from G’s place) this spring..

      New study suggests a vaxxed person just as likely to spread as unvaxxed, and YES! Keep the Mask On!

      Let me further stuff this turkey with condiment comments from the Elliot Wave Forecast and Theorist:

      34,115 is Wave 4’s line in the sand indicating when the entire bull market is DONE!! Get that Turkey out of the oven!!

      The historically over risen Souffle’s base is already thinned to the max…

      ‘the number of new lows among NASDAQ stocks at the current ‘all time high’ is higher (larger) than it has been at previous market lows’

      ‘only a few insanely priced issues are pushing up the most strongly rising stock index’

      It’s all ‘baked in the cake’, a small new variant of Covid will not be flattening the Souffle (as news sources so readily suggest), but rather the Fibonacci spice will be doing the gaseous bubble pops….

      • Still no research at this campus to test for antibodies of already infected persons resulting in natural immunity. It would appear if a person is asymptomatic with a positive test that they would have natural immunity. This article is representative of the cray cray propaganda going on. An eerie feeling of double-down witching spells. Get your vaccine, doesn’t work and doesn’t last, get another one, doesn’t work and doesn’t last, get the booster BUT believe us you won’t get as sick if you get sick!!!

        Where’s the study proving that?

        Is it where the studies have been done showing that 1, 2, 3 masks AND 2′, 3′, 6′ of social distancing don’t work?

        This is mind numbing.

      • “Still no research at this campus to test for antibodies of already infected persons resulting in natural immunity”

        Unfortunately ??…. if the way I understood what I read is true….
        It doesn’t make any difference.. The way I understood it was that it was made to be a clear cutter.. the vaccines are for components of the virus.. the actual virus mutates with another illness. Similar to the influenza virus that mutates every year this one will to.. the only difference is this one you cannot be protected from..the virus is designed to hijack cells of other viruses to create millions more versions of itself. So just considering this.. WHAT IF…. it infected and hijacked the cells of a patient with MRSA,EBOLA,or CRE as an example.. the genes from the AIDES virus are there to make it catchy and it is designed so it can be transmitted through the air.. because of the Aides connection that is also one reason why there are false positives of those taking the vaccine as having aides..
        With the SAR’s Portion they could make a vaccine for that .. but how would they deconstruct the lethal combinations of the virus that from all indications took years to construct.. to neuter it .. Here is something else to consider that IF it was let loose by some jerk that was upset because DJT wasn’t playing by their rules just to prove how important he was in the chain of authority and power.( they have no morals at all)…and these people go into a shelter thinking that they can survive until the virus dies off naturally.. wait and let the virus do its thing go dormant.. then come out.. Well the virus is still there someplace just waiting for a host to come back alive.. nope if what I have read is true.. it is one shitty virus.. and I doubt seriously that it will be gone anytime soon..
        the best options are Using the vitamin D,C,selenium, zinc and stay away.. similar to the ebola defense..
        Now I could totally be wrong.. but that is the jist of what I understood of the virus after reading the patents and documents on the virus and its creation..
        Now I seriously don’t think that Xi let this thing out.. I think he is being played as a scape goat.. it showed up right after we had military drills on a contagion.. my guess is someone that had access to it and the money had one of the idiots in the drills to drop a vile not knowing what was in the thing. Or it walked out on someones sleeve..
        Years ago one of my hats was a day labor job cleaning purging units for military pilots after they had landed from spraying biologicals in the atmosphere.. no one was told what it was that was sprayed. EVERYONE was betting on the morals and ethics of those in charge..
        What is scary about this one.. is from all the news stories and all the things that have been brought to light about the present administration.. I personally doubt that there are any morals or ethical balances left in the system that they wouldn’t be willing to put aside for more money.. the business model of those in charge appears to be.. F@@k everyone else in this country it is about our family..

      • “So wait…you cleaned chemtrailing tanks???”

        Not the tanks we weren’t allowed anywhere near them.. what we cleaned was the purging units an eight hour job for five bucks an hour at a time when wages was under three…. it was a multi room tent.. the pilots got out of the planes.. into the dirty section.. uv lights in there.. and pure oxygen.. then into a shower section where they were hit with wather from three sides.. then into an oxygen room and UV lights.. then into another shower section.. then into the clean room where they would put new cloths on..
        The job I had was to clean the tents so they could be reused.. there was two of us.. (the same guy that I worked with making sea anchors and he designed the around the world balloon for Brahnson.. I painted hot air balloons for a while.. a lot of beer can’s…). It eventually came out in the News that this had been done in our area..
        What still hasn’t been brought out was the Radioactive spill that was cleaned up that I worked day labor for .. although I ran into one of the guys that I worked with in the day labor last year..his nephew works for roto rooter….the hot dirt went out on trucks.. neither time did anyone tell anyone what was really going on.. found out about the radioactive cleanup after we were done .. went to Howard Johnsons bar and was having a few drinks and I asked one of the guys in charge.. why he had the suits on.. he spilled the beans.. I said you could of at least gave us all one to wear.. LOL…


        we did all kinds.. but a lot of beer cans and bottles.. we laid out the design on a bed of nails.. dusted it with charcoal.. then laid the material on it to get the design.. then fill in the blanks..
        You would be surprised at what you will do if you are in a real tight predicament.. started out just trading labor for a sewing machine for the x wife.. then became friends with the guys that I traded labor for..
        Day labor you show up.. whoever is looking for workers picks a few out of who is there and away you go.. Blood tanks was the nastiest.. those things would travel across the US to deliver blood for things like DOG food and Makeup.. then back across the country to be steam cleaned.. dam.. I can smell it now just thinking about it..
        I tried to get them to put that one in for a show on the dirtiest jobs.. but they were smart and didn’t do it…. LOL LOL LOL but think about this.. it has been over thirty years since I did that.. and even today there is someone that does it..

      • “have grown tired of ‘just the mask’ and will be adding a cape to their latest ‘lockdown’ fashion ensemble,”

        Lol will that include the spandex tights lol lol lol ?

    • Very sorry to hear about your difficulties. Please don’t give up hope. You sound like a fighter.

    • Tom have you ever considered acupuncture for this? I have followed an M.D., who specializes in medical acupuncture here in AZ, for a long time & besides treating many issues he has also treated “long haulers” of covid 19 & has helped to restore their health by boosting their immune system. Please research & consider this.

      • “have you ever considered acupuncture for this? ”

        I totally LOVE acupuncture.. who would have ever thought.. I am very fortunate.. I am in the twenty percent that sees results right away.. phew.. the big problem.. is cost.. which is cheaper.. the twenty dollar bottle of an opium based pain killer.. or a two hundred and fifty dollar acupuncture.. and it doesn’t last.. it works about two weeks before another one is needed.. there is a spot even for your allergies and sinuses.. amazing stuff..

    • Amen brother. I had it and it lingers on in the form of a cold and hack. Sleep robber and cause of unrest and feeling uneasy. But it gets better slowly. I figure I am building antibodies. Blessings

    • Sure you have utilized this resource already..just in case – here it is again; – tests there will detect it and provide guidance as to what drugs should be used to reverse the danger.

      Good luck and keep up the PMA – “we’ll keep the lights on”.

  3. Back when I was in H.S., mother hosted a gathering of family, friends and neighbors so we could to meet individually with a popular local fortune teller. The woman was a palm reader. We met with her one at a time in our basement with each person in attendance. I’d always been fascinated with biblical prophecy and felt some were born with a talent to see potential aspects of the future. This woman held your hand when doing the reading, which I believe was her true modus operandi. The lines in one’s palm were simply her ‘cover’ for touching the person and tapping into and sensing ‘something else.’ Oddly, I remember more of the stuff that she told my mom, sister and sister-in-law than what was told to me. Funny thing is, as I look back at their lives, the fortune teller was in the ballpark wrt several events transpiring later in our lives. As I grew older, I majored in psych with an interest in child and parapsychology. I then took a few physics classes to try and understand the interplay between physical and mental/spiritual. I ws drawn, as a layman, to quantum physics. Not being strong in math, I read “The Tao of Physics” and “Dancing Wu Li Masters” to try and wrap my head around the spooky science, which led me to realize that with every action we take using our free will and choice, we open a door to an alternate future and an infinite web of branching futures from that one choice. Every choice we make every second of every day creates new paths to potential alternate futures. The same process happens for those around us. So for prophecy and fortune telling to be valid, the only reasonable explanations are that (a) we are doggedly pursuing the future of our own choosing (our own making) or (b) the future is set, predetermined, and like an episode ot the Twilight Zone, no matter what we do, we were pre-destined to do it (see “The Future Has Already Happened” here:

    We believe that we deliberately make choices and react to the choices of others. This process determines which futures which we step into as we depart ‘the now,’ – a predetermined future, or one which we form through our individual choices, choices which combine with the choices of the multitudes of other individuals to form one oddly shared path toward a common destiny.

    Or, it could all be just a dream.

    • Hi, George,

      I would like to reply to WarHammer.

      The spirit world is just as real as the world we here currently inhabit on Earth. I believe that coming to this world on Earth is often a difficult endeavor, in that it involves pre-destined relationships, like marriage contracts made in Heaven, life experiences both wonderful and horrible, and the choices we make. Sometimes, the veil between worlds can be so thin that one may see clearly people on the other side. I have not experienced this, but one of my best friends did when he nearly died in an avalanche. He was perhaps a minute from death by suffocation when he was located and given CPR. I have seen people and animal spirits on occasion, however, just not through the veil.

      Some folks believe in the scales balancing after many lifetimes, where one would inflict harm on others and have that type of harm given back in another lifetime, karma, if you will. Others might experience the hardships in a current life that they saw other beings experience in a previous life, be it war, oppression, or even poverty, to better understand that particular hard life. This could even happen in the same lifetime. Choice reigns supreme, but I wish it were love, instead. But, that is a choice, too.

      I believe that it does not matter what color or sex you may be, but what is in your heart. Your color and sex may change from one life to another. How you treat others does matter, as well as what you do with the life you are given.

      Regarding any communication with the spirit world, well, that can be beneficial or can be very dangerous. One needs to be ready for any spiritual warfare and keep the space clean of evil. However, receiving messages from loved ones who have made the transition from Earthly realms to the spirit world is a joy, indeed.

      One way of avoiding bad karmic relationships is to have them severed cleanly at the right time to an end, like a divorce or breakup. Those who pursue revenge only become more deeply entangled with the ones they should leave alone, and that leads to subsequent lifetimes of working it out. Some folks are so dead set upon revenge that it compromises their life and complicates it unnecessarily. Good opportunities may be missed with others if a revenge path is chosen.

      I have listened to a few psychics in years past and even attended a seance once, which was very interesting. Some folks have an authentic vision of the future. Many of us search for answers to help us make the correct choices in our lives. Just being alive here is quite the challenge.

      • “I believe that it does not matter what color or sex you may be, but what is in your heart. Your color and sex may change from one life to another. How you treat others does matter, as well as what you do with the life you are given.”

        AMEN NANCY……
        I tell the kids and grandkids.. be the blind man….a blind man only knows who you are.. he doesn’t care about how your dressed or how tall you are what ethnic race you are.. he only knows who you are in your heart..and how you treat others..

    • Ever notice how the media, when interviewing a Fundamentalist or Pentecostal politician will ask them to say how old the earth is? Ever notice how the same media never asked Sen. Joseph Lieberman (aan observant Conservative jew) the same question?
      The way too respond is to ask back “in what frame of reference?”
      Physics is founded on the frame of reference of the observer. One of the first Physics (acoustics) experiments was the Trumpeter on the Train Car.
      Were you on the Station platform or on the train car with the Trumpeter?
      So then you would have to explain they are asking an astrophysics question, and which frame of reference do they want to use? Newtonian Materium or the Quantum Mechanical?
      In Newtonium materium we guess the earth is 1.5-4.5 Billion years old. Of course that implies a range of 3 Billion and an uncertainty of +/- 500 Million, which means they experts don’t know either. As an engineer I use those numbers every day because that is the frame of reference I work in every day..
      In Quantum Physics it could be the same or it could be the 5700-5800 of Sen. Lieberman’s latest new Year Celebration.
      In the scripture Christ’s Transfiguration is described as he and the patriarchs glowing as if made of light (wave/particle/beam?) instead of the materium.
      I believe this is a demonstration of Gods showing man both frames of reference and the breaking down of the “wall” between the dimensions.
      This might validate Georges studies into crossing the dimensional planes as there is historical and spiritual reference to such crossing and in this case, proof of the existence of such dimensional planes.

  4. “If you don’t roll your sleeve, you can’t have any Stimmy!
    How can you have any Stimmy if you don’t roll your sleeve?!
    You! Yes, you, behind the exemptions, stand still, laddy!”

    – Pinky?

    • Sorry thoughtful captured a paragraph – but if you go to promed major financial backing from Soros, Rockefeller Foundation and the Gates Foundation – digital tracking of infectious disease – mers, Covid etc. site I found it on won’t allow me access now.

      • I get that with a few sites.. a few news sites that I could get on the phone I can’t receive them anymore.. the same with the thomas library.. I can’t get it on the home puter.. if I want to read a bill I have to go to the library..

      • “Get a laptop, get a MAC Address spoofer, go to your local McDonalds…”

        that is true Ray.. get away from your web source to.. the problem is.. IF you are being limited or denied access.. Means you are on the radar of those watching.. and seriously.. like the thomas library.. IF the members of Congress aren’t interested in reading the crap that they are voting on.. don’t want to spend time in DC.. they are off on vacation you know.. or out on recess.. and with millions being tossed at them daily.. thousand dollar glasses of wine and meals fit for a king.. vacations to exotic ports.. what good does it make for some schmuck in the middle of the wastelands to care what they are unwilling to care about.. Its like our liberal Realtor if you don’t make eighty thousand dollars a week i don’t want to hear about it..
        My wife lived in and moved out of an apartment in eighty.. she shut off the services and the people that moved in called them up and said they were her to keep them on.. without her knowledge.. for years then over a decade later.. she gets a summons to court .. for unpaid delinquent utilities.. gets in court and the judge brings it up.. she says I moved out.. another court date was set she goes back.. shows the proof she wasn’t a tennant there and the judge tosses it out.. four months later they go to garnish her wages.. what.. down to the courthouse we go.. why.. well she didn’t appear for her court date.. what court date.. the collection agent had sent a certified letter to her in a town she had never lived in.. because she didn’t accept her mail they sent it back.. they penciled in the names of those that did owe the bill and hers at the bottom.. ( she had a job) another court date was made.. this time the judge was tired of seeing this come before them they asked is anyone else have anything to say about it.. I raised my hand.. what do you have to say about this and who are you.. the husband.. isn’t it fraud if someone pretends to be you .. she threatened to toss my butt in jail and we paid the bill.. went to the utility company to see a stack of letters from one month the size of a cord of wood.. seems that is a popular thing.. I went to get the laws changed and was told that if I had millions I could possibly get the laws changed to show ID.. but since I didn’t I had to suck it up butter cup and pay the bill.. we did…
        they don’t care and why should we..

      • LOOB, the “denial of entry” hierarchy is:

        numerical address at ISP
        ID cookie
        browser ID
        MAC address

        One can run multiple browsers (like I do) and a site will have to drop an ID cookie in each browser’s cache, or read each browser’s software ID, before they can slam the door. A machine’s MAC address comes right off its connectivity device. It is much more difficult, finding a MAC address spoofer that works with a modern OS, than it used to be, to find one that worked with XP (or earlier) and Trumpet Winsock. There are a few, but they’ve got to be tried on, to see which one works.

        Mickey D’s is simply much easier…

  5. Yo Jorge, just a couple of tips for the gardening crowd in Ureland. In my experience (40 yrs) the key to gardening is soil preparation and supplementation. All those leaves in the fall make great compost over the winter, (one exception is black walnut, ((juglan nigra)) toxic to most vegetable garden plants). I also use Leaf Gro, straight compost, available here in the mid-atlantic. This should not be confused with Com-pro which is human waste compost. No bueno, humans shed heavy metals. I also use lobster compost dug into the soil when planting tomatoes, shells provide calcium and in my experience prevents blossom end rot. Neptunes harvest fish and seaweed concentrate is the only fertilizer I use, pricey but a little goes a long way. I have found that making compost tea and using weekly makes for robust plants that will resist bugs and diseases. Lastly, every spring and fall I apply stone dust to the garden, available at most landscapers, 4$ a 5 gallon bucket. Stone dust provides remineralization of the soil with nutritive minerals. Ure results may vary…..

    • Com-pro – also we Huumans do not digest tomato seeds – volunteers galore when the weather warms up a skosh. Pennsyltucky being home to enourmous Mushroom Ag industry – readily available mushroom soil – cheap … straw, urea, water hose..’fermenting’ creates fresh “mushroom soil” – too hot for Victory Gardens, need the older – used stuff…smells like shit, workx like magic.

  6. Nice short(?) column this morning (LOL). Bonus stuff for regular UrbanSurvival readers but that regularly appears on Peoplenomics. I really hope that it entices more individuals to drop the 40 bucks a year (less than 40 cents per issue) on a Peoplenomics subscription. You mention Gerald Celente’s weekly Trends Journal column. It is very good and it covers a lot of the same topics you do but is more than 3x the cost of Peoplenomics.

    The added value of UrbanSurvival and Peoplenomics is the back and forth group banter. Not the echo chamber that is on other sites and I think all your readers are better for it.

    You might ask why a Canadian dives into the discussion of American issues like I do. Some might tell me to MYOB. Honestly, I feel a deep kinship with Americans (many relatives and American friends). Never mind the foreign enemies, I realize the fight for freedom against an internal enemy is on in your country and losing is not an option for any freedom loving person including me. My two close Canadian conservative friends died this year and I have lost that forum of discussion.

    Thanks for letting me express my opinion here.

    • Hi
      I’m going to make a prediction about Canada. Justin The Great going to triple down on Climate Change policy because BC voters are the only thing holding Canada together. Essentially Vancouver and Victoria leftists are the cork in the bottle. If Alberta and Saskatchewan had access to tidewater they would be a separate Country yesterday. Essentially look for Canada to fully implement a combination of the policies of Gavin Newsom and AOC with a dash of free spending cash in 2022.

  7. George, a day or three ago I posted that Clif’s Web bot reports were now downloadable on Jean-Claude’s website at J-C announce it during an interview with Clif so I’m sure it has Clif’s blessings and you’re released from your pledge not to publish.

  8. Holy Crap G-man – the frickin sky is falling..again. Never seem to tire from throwing virus propaganda shade on these pages. I think we can do a better job of pumping up the fear with some nu bullshit regards 52 total new mutations. Being a Holiday yesterday – Ure half assed attempt with a “Super Variant” ohhhhnooobee very afraid! Wonder why none of the African nations dont give a shit ?
    Heaven forbid showing the reality on the ground on the dark continent – No pandemic, no excess mortality rate year over year compared to previous years mortality rate ex- death clot shotz from the pharma bros. Those stats are truly frightful… and speak to “the cull” ..remember my previous mentions thereof?
    But hey the parasitical class needs all the help they can get from the “dupes” to try and hold onto their Losing narrative.
    WAR is here, has been here, at least some are slowly awaking to this reality.

    Dont think you have been living under WAR footing your entire life?

    What happened in USA in 1947 that caused the creation of CIA & NSA..when were ufo’s over DC sighted? same time as Ike was rumored to have met and denied peaceful overtures from visitors?
    One of the most dangerous websites on the net – and it is used/referenced here all f-ing time! Wikipedia IS Largest Communist Propaganda Machine in the world. We can look no further than back to the future – 1984 -that other G. Winston worked for “wikipedia” – destroying history to fit narrative (s) where have I heard that before??
    ? prior to past 2 years of STIMY$$$,repo/lower 4 longer ops’ – the private banking cartel (not federal) fed was/is earning $36 million an hour off Our backs , our Childrens backs and grand Childrens back. Gee thanks for all the Soul crushing debt oldsters – hey at least you all put a guy on the moon…eventually.
    * mentor always said to ECU “the most reliable way to predict the future, is to Create it – for those less inclined – U can alwayz get your knees and pray to alien savior, should be along any day now..

    “A turkey 4 U , a turkey me..” – the original “classic’

      • He needs to know not to buy Tulips. Because there is a terrible tax snare ahead many that we’ll go over on PN tomorrow.

        Buit he’s right about one thing: No Tulips for Ure!!!

      • See George Orwells’ book 1984 ..published in 1949 – who is Winston ? What does he do for a Job ? He told us our future, why ignore the facts on the ground? cleopatra syndrome??

        think about that date 1949 and what was going on 1947-1952 in US history. Published HISTORY 72 years before it occurs/occurring now.

      • I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks the irs has the book baited for all the hidden money in cyrptos .

    • No virus desolation in Japan either. Bus-ee-ness as usual. Africa, Japan… where else on earth has this man-made-lab-manufactured virus miraculously managed to avoid?

      • ??,

        I would suggest that we are at the mercy of what makes it through the msm filters, and the filters are up. Here is a blog of a surgeon in Durban, South Africa as he navigates his way through riots and waves of covid-19 with constrained resources. The blog ends abruptly as perhaps the doctor has returned home to Greece.

  9. I am really starting to wonder about the mechanism of this bug.
    There seams to be no way to predict who will get it or how bad it will be.
    In my case I am surrounded by exposure points and yet (knock on wood) am not yet affected (infected?).
    I have been on a supplement program that came from Marek’s Sepsis work for over two years due to recurring cellulitis and other issues (venous insufficiency, lymph edema) that arise from a major wound over 35 years ago. When the CV19 started in 2019 I just read up on what to add to the pill salad I was already taking and proceeded accordingly. Marek was part of the FLCCC team coming up with the solutions. Even with Government interference if you were resourceful and persistent you could find a way to protect yourself.
    So far I have been uninfected even though about a half dozen or more people in my office, most sitting within arms length, have had the bug.
    Some have recovered nicely, others have longer covid, the guy next to me got monoclonal antibodies and recovered nicely but his wife unfortunately did not.
    So I believe the bug is a real thing, with widely varying effects on people.
    I told those laughing at my bowl of pills every morning that my goal was that if I catch it, I would not even know. That may have occurred.
    Meanwhile I am 68, controlled diabetic II (A1C 6.6 for over a year) and on the heavy side, but an ex-athlete so the BMI doesn’t really tell the story, 6′-1″/250. Since I am still working at a job site I walk a fair bit every day, and I am unvaxxed and will stay that way. I did find a cooperating doctor in my area, and have a prescription for Ivermectin.
    Looking at the way this thing acts, especially two people living together, receiving the same treatment, one lives and one dies, and the fact that we still are talking low numbers of fatalities guesstimating about 0.3%, and about the same percent of adverse reactions to the “vaccines”, I believe this is a pure terror weapon. We know enough about the spike and how it works, from flu and others, to know what to take (Vit D, Vit C, Vit B1, Selenium, Etc.) to prevent infections. If everyone was taking enough Vit D to have their system up above the minimum levels this probably would be a non-issue. But people being as they are, a simple solution is not going to happen. The people around me that have had the bug are a perfect 50/50 split of unvaxxed and vaxxed, so that isn’t the answer either.
    Who knows I may catch it today, but the main thing it to stop living in fear, and don’t let anyone stampede you into anything through fear.
    So i live in a state that is probably the most vax resistant in the US.
    I work in a more purple state, on a government project, but it looks like they are giving up too. Even after a $1000 incentive, the split of vaxxed to unvaxxed is 40/60 and the Government cannot allow the project to shut down due to international treaties.
    The Big Three auto makers, Ingalls shipyard in VA, and several others have announced a major “Emily Litella style Never Mind” this weekend and the same seems to be coming at my project as well.
    I believe the main thing is the public just getting tired of all the cies of wolf, and telling the kid in charge to shut up.

    • I’m pretty sure my wife avoided getting it while sleeping with me while I had it because she’s blood type O negative. That blood type has been shown to have a high resistance to this and other diseases. That being said she’s had the galloping crud for the past few days with sinus pressure and a croupy cough while I didn’t catch it. Go figure.

    • Thank you for sharing, Big Al Brown, your potocol noted and have set aside as needed; we are also just trying to go about our business as usual. No vax, no masks, D3 and C, plenty of fresh air, walking, interacting with strangers, as normal, and washing hands as usual.

      We don’t watch or listen to any MSM source or transmission which has kept the Fear Factor nonexistent.

      • Well that was hardly the entire list but the main thing is
        Big vitamin/phytonutrient stack (little pouch of pills morning/evening)
        And Additional
        Vit C
        Vit D
        Vit E
        Quercetin/Bromelain/ECGC (from red apple peal/pineapple/green tea extract which replace the zinc ionophore HCQ )
        Vit B1
        Ivermectin Weekly

        If anyone has additional items I’m all ears.

      • “If anyone has additional items I’m all ears.”

        You and me, about the same regimen:

        5000 iu Vitamin A daily (because it synergizes with D3)
        800mg Mg

        Not doing ECGC, but if I did I’d add a nitric oxide supplement.

  10. I read a letter from a doctor on the internet. Super reliable I know. It spurred some math thinking.

    The doctor claims that since we are coming up on precisely 1 year since vaccines rolled out en masse, that the die off would begin. I guess viruses and vaccines both have calendars and schedules.

    The letter went on to mention some real science data, that being 2,000,000,000 people would die by the end of 2022. It’s all the twos I think, along with the long string of zeroes that really set this data apart. It has to be legit if there are that many numbers and 2’s involved.

    So I did the math. That would be about 5.5 million a day dying from vaccines. Since the US has about 1/5 of the vaccinated people, globally, that would mean about 1,000,000 deaths a day soon in the USA, to help meet the 2 billion by 2023 deadline.

    Couple observations, 1 million dead a day means you don’t have to speculate whether there is an increase of deaths in the data. You’ll see the bodies piling up at crematoriums. Heaped in piles in the street I would imagine. There would be no way to hide this in “data”. You’ll see it. This is what I meant when I told you to ask your local florist how business is for funerals. Can’t hide from the FTD reaper.

    So here’s how it goes. A single rogue doctor writes a single letter that proclaims a math impossibility is “just over the horizon” and people believe it. How many of these hoaxes do you believe, dear reader? Confirmation bias is a helluva drug.

    • Yes – BUT – year over year Mortality Rates can now be compared with 2020’s covert19 dirty stats includede..minimum 10% Increase in Deaths in vaxxed contries, heavily vaxxed countries like Israhell the numbers are much higher. Dont believe the bandicoot – look at European Champions League Soccer and all the “healthy” athletes dropping Dead on the pitch..
      – Business models
      – Insurance Companies
      – largest underwriters Life Insurance – experiencing finacial stress ? Who is selling Tons Gold? Treasuries? Eyeball stock prices underlying securities.
      – Life Insurance Industy..NY Life, Northwestern, MetLife/Grp, Prudential, Lincoln Financial – Shorty short short Shortnin? I prefer Puts – more leverage/less equity. Like Lenny fromunda says – “short em if you got em”

      • Dow dropping that many points. Someone big or a group of someone’s is liquidating. Getting out before the Drop. It’s never the trading algo’s. Even if they are blamed. Trading aglo’s are programed with stop checks. Breakers. To shut down until Human interactions over ride. They are programs and don’t buy or sell based on feelings or hysteria. No matter what anyone thinks. Large 700 point drops are based solely on a whale or Pod (group of whales) liquidating assets. Bonus season is coming. That much is for certain.

    • 1MM/Day for 1 year gets the entire US (325MM).
      So it won’t get that bad. There is about 40% unvaxxed, remember?
      Could peak at that many in the Blue States.
      Of course my response in this case is Spiritual Al/Cynical Al.
      for instance abortion.
      I am against abortion as murder of an innocent, and while i cannot make anyone do anything in our free society I can work to minimize it and try to influence against it. Thats the spiritual side.
      Cynical Al says Whle I am against it, the idea of ultra-lib, radical, progressive women in big Blue cities in Big Blue States killing all their babies to spite me, well in the long run, say 20-40 years, that works for me just fine.
      Same for Vaxxed/Unvaxxed.
      If the vax is part of the plan to depopulate the planet, then the Globalists and eliminating mostly their true believer followers and will remain in a world of us knuckle-dragger engineers (and all our guns.)
      Again, works for me.

  11. “TreasuryDirect”

    Now that you mention it I don’t see any way to quickly move money into the account. In brief a buy has to be scheduled then wait for the process. The process could take a week or more depending on timing.

    Bailing out seems fairly easy.

    But here’s a puzzler for the “reinvestment” scheduling. For a nanosecond the funds seem to leave TD and bounce through the bank. I wonder what happens if the bank is out of money due to overnight repo freezing as the funds are bouncing. Will the funds automatically be bailed-in by the bank or will they bounce back out to the Treasury. I bet bailed in.

  12. George – if global pop is destroyed it will be because of the VAXX and not the so called ‘ZuLu’ variant of the ‘virus’ – or whatever the new variant of this scam is today. You are being played big time!

    Now, your suggestion that we stop air travel unless we have quarantine on both ends sounds:
    –Totally unnecessary
    –And….yes, ridiculous

    Are you best friends with Claus Swaab the globalist? Are you saying that the ‘diagnostic’ testing for the million and one variants are accurate?? Now, I know why our system of governance is so extraordinarily messed up – ‘intelligent’ and ‘educated’ people such as yourself come up with some of the most disastrous policies – and you are serious about it!!

    • I knew a lot of fine Native American people back in the day on the Nisqually.
      Ask them about international travel and small pox. Tempers your thinking.

      • So do intentionally Infected blankets distributed to natives – nothing to do wit travel..
        To review – Vit D3 Blocks virus from entering ACE2 recptors – Blocks the vector, pathway for getting into lungs/blood system – this is a blood disease. VitD3 needs Magnesium to work properly, and to build up adequate levels in Ure blood. Can take all the D3 you want, but wont build up in system without Magnesium supps. D3 toxicity? more bullshit..

      • In a rational world, those carrying the new variant would be quarantined to prevent it’s spread. But wouldn’t that just be part of the global conspiracy to imprison those whose refuse to follow public health advice?
        My body, my choice and bugger the rest you.

        • In a rational world, people would have enough education and common sense to self quarantine, is a better view.
          But with vax effects collapsing, this is another global economic con with global government lockdowns as a control mechanism for power transfer enforcement.

      • George – We are not Indians living on the Nisqually (an area, btw, that I have traveled through in current day Washington many times).

        Facts to know:

        1) We have had international air travel since the end of WWII.
        2) The population of the planet has grown tremendously since the end of WWII.
        3) The original Nisqually indians lived in a tribal enclave very isolated from other peoples – not even a mild comparison to today’s ‘mixed and matched’ populations (see point 4)
        4) Since you are in Texas, you are well aware of immigration – it’s been happening here in America forever – legally and illegally. Millions and millions of immigrants from everywhere dumping into the US population – like my Grandparents!
        5) Isolation of people breeds weakness – not strength. Nature mixes and matches – it does not isolate.
        6) The corona hoax is very apparent if you are willing to use even a modicum of intuition.
        7) Big Point – Freedom is joy and Joy = Freedom. Locking people down through ridiculous quarantines takes the joy out of life! No one in America (that I know of) wants to live a joyless life
        8) Big Point II – they will come up with ‘variants’ as long as they can find fools to believe in them. Do you want to be one of their fools??

      • “common sense to self quarantine”

        While I agree I notice a lot of folks are broke. As pointed out in the past “Work-a-day lives”. JIT paychecks.

        Most disease is contagious presymptomatic.

        When I wake up feeling off I don’t take vitals. But maybe that’s the day to self-quarantine?

        “Boss, I feel off and won’t be in ’til Noon. I’m taking temperature every 15 minutes.”

        ‘OK, we’ll ask everyone in the drive-thru to wait.’

      • “In a rational world, those carrying the new variant would be quarantined to prevent it’s spread. ”

        Apparently not. On average, about 19.3% of the illegal aliens invading us on our southern border have COVID. We are quarantining none, inoculating none, and have moved over a million illegals to the interior of the United States (and Canada.) That’s over 200,000 known infected CV-19 spreaders, some coming to a town near you, and taking up all the spaces in your local hospital’s ER…

        ‘Better not break an arm.

  13. So much BS Doom Porn…You are what you believe and limited beliefs are fatal!

    As we head into the final month of 2021, I thought it might be a good time to do a quick overview of where my industry thinks the US economy stands. Yes, the economy does fuel real estate markets (and vice versa!) and plays an important role in what the future might hold for us. Here are some important touch points:

    1. JOBS. Without jobs and incomes, it’s almost impossible to buy homes. When people are jobless they pose a big stress on local and federal coffers for support. Last week there were 199,000 initial jobless claims — the lowest since 1969.

    2. SUPPLY – Wholesale inventories were up 2.2%, a notable improvement and a sign that the inventory shortages may be easing.

    3. THE DEFICIT: The trade deficit is shrinking: we went from a record-setting, close to minus $100 billion, in the high 90s, to minus $82.9 billion, a notable improvement.

    4. INFLATION: This has surged in the past year and surged higher, but not as high as economists expected. It is now annualized at 6.2%, the highest in decades. Energy costs have soared fueled by OPEC cuts and some US Government policies. Price-gouging is in the mix too.

    5. SPENDING. With almost 70% of the US economy reliant on consumer spending, things keep improving: Americans’ spending throughout October was stronger than forecasted. Retail sales increase 1.7% in October, Core retail sales accelerated 1.6% and manufacturing production rebounded 1.2%. Sales soared 16.3% year-on-year in October and are 21.4% above their pre-pandemic levels. (Reuters)

    6. US GDP GROWTH: Morgan Stanley economists boosted their estimate for US 4th quarter growth to 8.7% from 3% this week, citing “a wealth of data” that showed fresh strength throughout the economy. The Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta’s GDPNow tool, which uses data releases to adjust its estimate for current-quarter growth, rose to 8.6% on Wednesday from 8.2%.

    7. The US is experiencing labor shortages that are causing supply chain delays as demand has soared. This is also causing rising costs and inflation. Where are all the workers? There are many explanations why the US is experiencing a shortage in labor which is driving labor costs higher:
    * Covid related issues such as early retirements, those choosing not to work with bigger savings, people looking to do different jobs, health fears, childcare costs took a chunk of workers out of the workforce. Amongst the almost 800,000 who perished from COVID, many were working age.
    * Lack of immigrant workers: The Census Bureau estimates that about 1.07 million people immigrated on net to the US in 2016, while only about 480,000 people immigrated in 2020. Reduced immigration has had its desired effect by raising US worker wages….but now that is fueling inflation via labor shortages. Net international migration declined each year between 2017 and 2020. The US would have added about 2.1 million immigrants over those years. Many construction jobs are done by immigrants. According ACS the number of immigrant workers in US construction approached 2.8 million in 2019, accounting for 24% of the construction workforce, slightly below the 2016 record high share of 24.4%. Construction, transportation, warehousing, hospitality, and personal service businesses like salons and dry cleaners are industries currently facing the worst labor shortages. (Business Insider)
    * Trade tariffs implemented in 2018 were designed to protect US industries and jobs. They also boosted the cost of numerous materials and labor costs. Wages rose notably starting in later 2018/19 planned. Those higher costs have been passed on to the consumer by most industries.

    8. The DOW, NASDAQ and S&P 500 are at record highs fueling investor confidence. Many fear assets are over-valued, always a healthy thing to avoid irrational over-exuberance!

    9. SAVINGS: Americans were saving at an annualized rate of $1.322 trillion in October, compared with $5.764 trillion in March, when a fresh round of stimulus started reaching bank accounts.

    10. US DEBT is up past $27 trillion, up from $19.5 trillion 5 years ago. Thats up close to 40%!

    Altogether, the above speaks well for an economy in full recovery mode. There are many challenges though. Spending, inflation and debt are way up, and but overall rates should remain relatively low and demand strong. The above was mostly sourced from the Wall Street Journal, Barrons and Reuters.

    • Rational Rebuttal

      1. JOBS. Fewer people working today than in 2018

      2. SUPPLY – Collapsing – Port or LA unable to move cargoes, inbound was down 7.76% in Oct.

      3. THE DEFICIT: Trade deficit improved on a likely 1 or 2 times basis due to Port not moving cargos. Actual public debt to the penny is $28,908,675,219,435.89 as of few days ago.

      4. INFLATION: Monetary inflation continues over 28% on the Fed balance sheet. Visible inflation (around 6.7%) subtracted from monetary inflation (28%) means real deflation is 21.3%.

      5. SPENDING. Idiots are buying vote with money they don’t have. MMT adherents and communist trained financial “experts” are being installed.

      6. US GDP GROWTH: Estimates of GDP growth are meaningless with a) fewer working and b) dollarized measurement which distorts economic reality. Make up enough money and GDP is in a lunar crater somewhere.

      7. The US is experiencing labor shortages caused by OBiden free lunch and Pelosi free dessert.

      * Lack of immigrant workers: Non-existent. Made up numbers to cover up a socialist border-busting initiative. Invest in fake “damaged” separated children or border jumpers.

      8. The DOW, NASDAQ and S&P 500 are at record highs (because hedge funds are rolling on free money…whee!)

      9. SAVINGS: This hasn’t been an honest number since home equity was included as savings..come on, you know this stuff, right? When a $400,000 home goes up by monetary inflation (30%) it looks like a $120,000 increase in savings… But still the same house…same roof

      10. US DEBT is up past $28.9 trillion. All spending originates in the (democrat) controlled House of Reps.

      Yep – enjoy the monetary inflation until you don’t.

      Then a NuBug will be along to provide more cover, more bailouts to big Pharma…and to cover the still getting away with it…

      Oh, wait, isn’t that TODAY?

      • “In a rational world, people would have enough education and common sense to self quarantine, is a better view.”
        So, you’re saying that “self” was inadvertently omitted from today’s original post about the insanity of NOT having quarantines at both ends of a destination?

        • Self quarantines WITHIN a “free” society (*like Australia isn’t) are the right policy move.
          However, in transits between nations, the national security demands outbound and inbound quarantines…

    • Seriously, Mark?

      Please quit being so GD lazy. If your post is not a straight c/p from a communist propaganda site, but something you actually wrote, it is based on mainstream talking points which are mostly accurate, but have absolutely no basis in reality.

      Provided you’re doing some of your own work, try comparing today’s numbers from those of two or three years ago, since a comparison to any of last year’s economic numbers or statistics is like comparing the number of automobile accidents of 16yo new drivers with the number of car accidents they were involved in, a year previous.

      BTW, the trade deficit in the late ’90s was much closer to $100 million than it was, $100 billion.

    • Concerning retail sales, supply and inflation: A note from a one man small retailer in business on the westernmost Main Street in CONUS for 25 years: Wow! Retail sales up 1.6% for month and 16% yoy? Many places were closed last year so up 16% may not be very meaningful. Inflation and supply? I purchase most of my “new” merchandise at big retailers and re-sell with mark up. Nearest Walmart and Home Depot more than 30 miles away, Costco 85 miles. Many common hardware and houseware items have increased much more than 1.6% just in the last month. Many commonly in demand hardware items always in stock at Walmart have not been available for much of the year or only sporadically. Try finding the small propane bottles for portable stoves, L brackets, hasps. Walmart had Gorrilla Glue for 4.88, one dollar cheaper than Home Depot or anywhere else. Last month at the newly stocked glue and tape section it was 6.88. That’s 40% up. Cheap black or white spray paint was 98 cents at Wally or Depot, now 1.39 if they have it in stock. Spray paint section is mostly empty at both places. I could go on. Price gouging? I’ve been raising the prices on my existing inventory to reflect replacement costs, if I can even replace it. Why should I sell for the same or less than Wally or HD? Certainly seems to be “price gouging” in Bay area real estate! I am seeing some increase in volume especially weekends when refugees from “Pugetropolis/Seattle area” escape here. With my low overhead (debt free property and vehicles, no employees including myself!, no insurance company will insure my building due to age and condition, saving me over $2,000 a year, plus tons of used merchandise of all kinds at mostly no cost) they see prices lower than the poor bastards trying to do business in Seattle/King County. Do the smash and grab robberies count as retail sales if they are insured? As far as workers out here; Clif is right (he lives in my neighborhood but has never been in my store) huge demand for construction/land clearing work out here because all available lots and properties are finally being bought up by people fleeing Pugetropolis. A robust recovery? Love to burst your bubble, but it’s too solid and I don’t care. If or when new merchandise unavailable, there is plenty of used “junk” out there

  14. Sorry to interrupt today’s doom porn circle jerk, but I have a couple of real world questions.
    An acquaintance was telling me that she extends the range of her Tesla by drafting behind semi’s on the interstate. My questions for the group are:
    1. What is the optimum distance that the drafter should be behind the draftee to get the best draft effect at various highway speeds, say 50, 60, 70, 80?
    2. Does the drafter have to stay on the alert or will the Tesla collision avoidance system save
    her bacon in the event that the draftee suddenly decelerates?
    3. Bonus question: What would be the effect of multiple Teslas doing the same thing in parallel across all lanes?
    Thanks. Hope to hear from you soon.

    • 1. What is the optimum distance that the drafter should be behind the draftee to get the best draft effect at various highway speeds, say 50, 60, 70, 80?
      From memory of high speed driving training, the closer the better.

      2. Does the drafter have to stay on the alert or will the Tesla collision avoidance system save
      her bacon in the event that the draftee suddenly decelerates?
      Pretty sure you’d need to turn off autofollow in order to draft but a good one for Mark…

      3. Bonus question: What would be the effect of multiple Teslas doing the same thing in parallel across all lanes?
      A rats nest of extension cords at mile marker 320. Touted 405 mile range – like the dreaded 404 error – means not found. Resistance increases as a square so mileage falls accordingly.
      My minor role in Peukert exponent correction of battery capacity at high rates of discharge decreasing effective battery capacity algorithmically is referenced in the patent summary here ( was always more of an inferred state of charge based on time-at-voltage kinda guy…but I digress…)
      (Absent published Dv/Dt data on the Tesla battery pack, I am unable to provide a higher precision estimate until the exponent can be derived for the Tesla pack. A 1 hour and 10-hour rate would be good is available because then we’d be able to very accurately tell you which mile marker to hang around when decremented capacity effects roll in.
      But no point getting to that until we get the 17 Cat D9’s with rock rippers and finish building a 400-mile dead-flat zero wind test bed…

    • Hmm kiting a semi. You can usually feel it when you hit the sweet spot.. just dont getting the drivers blind spot..if your kiting in his blind spot and he changes lanes your screwed..

    • “Sorry to interrupt today’s doom porn circle jerk”

      First of all, no you’re not, because you’ve done your part to feed it.

      Second of all:

      “1. What is the optimum distance”

      About 6 feet, at any speed above 47mph.

      “2. Does the drafter have to stay on the alert”

      Doesn’t matter. 60mph is 6ft in ~.07 seconds (which is about twice as fast as the best reaction time of humans.)

      “3. Bonus question: What would be the effect of multiple Teslas doing the same thing in parallel across all lanes?”

      Test track: No change.

      Real world: A donation to a PD’s undercover vehicle pool…

  15. Makes it difficult to live an “ordinary life.

    I was having this exact conversation with Wendy last night. An extremely and well known around the world gifted psychic that I’m very interested in. Potential mate? Unsure. She is delightful and “gets me” We are both similar in how we process things. Her vehicle (spiritual beliefs and understanding) is much different than mine. I’m a Christian. However, I just not the methods she uses, if they are different than mine, I look at her accuracy. Same with George and Clif and everyone else.

    I just want to be normal. I don’t want to be know as an angel or anything like that. Like my brother the Shaman I met from the Hopi Rez, he wants to be a Shamam Profit. I want to be just Andy. Wendy wants to be world famous forensic psychic. Fame and fortune. I want to just be Andy. Sometimes I feel like my gifts and abilities, at reading the grid grid future and all my other abilities (some i have never mentioned displayed for “demonstration purposes”) are more of a nucesne than a blessing.

    I was at a Thanksgiving dinner thing last night with a group of some friends and lots of acquaintances. I can literally see the patterns of conversation and movement in a group of 40 people and after 5 or 6 minutes understand the entire pattern of conversation and movement for the entire time I’m there. I can know who will say what to whome 30 min later because I spent so much time in quiet reflection watching the world around me move in nature. Sometimes it reminds me all of dancing and talking marionettes when I’m a group like that. Wendy gets that too. Same with the Shaman and The Alchemy wizard. Like focus group hive mind. To be active involved but understand from a different angle of thought simultaneously. It’s like a human honeybee dance. I get up move to this area in the room then watch as others move accordingly in conversation and physical movement and adjust.

    And it’s weird. They don’t see it. But I’m hyper sensitive and aware of such things.

    And nobody in the room is that aware but me. Unless on of the other Cosmic Gypsys are present.

    It is what it is. I don’t want to be a Prophet or Yoda or the 5th element or famous or smarter than anyone or any of that stuff.

    Just a regular fella. LOL which is how I view myself most of the time.

    However, THE DUDE’S will be done. And it is so.

    Key word lately: Event
    Coming up alot.

    I am aware. But my focus is on creating goodness and safety and security. More of Constructionn and not demolition. The same tools I have can build and create as much as they can destroy….and I spent enough time destroying things to see if I could. And some things needed to be destroyed. You have to till the soil to plant something new. Still with the gift, affected by stepping into the future…we are not ostriches. We don’t hide our heads I the sand. We adjust accordingly and move with Grace and ease through the crowds of people uncertain about their future. Subtlety shifting destinies, including our own. Aware,
    that a 1 degree movement of the rudder in a 3000 mile journey will take a plane going from Seattle to Hong Kong and put take the Plane to Tokyo instead. Only takes 1 single degree to do that..

    The Same 1 degree shift in destiny of peoples lives around us, subtly moving their destinys.. affects the population of humanity on big blue space ship… leading Humanity collectively, to a safer landing.

    As we lift up others,, we are lifted to new Hights. Hard to imagine that 22 months ago I was living in my car. I’m so far away from that now. God and his amazing Grace! Ya know? Now I staff a security army for every event in town. Enjoying this moment of quiet at Alki Beach, before Apple Cup (Huskies Stadium) and Trevor Noah (Climate Pledge Arena). Busy day for us. I pray for everyone on my crew to be safe and keep everyone at the game safe. I’m so honored and grateful to be among so many really good and gifted people who protect everyone at these events so everyone who goes can have fun and cheer on their teams. Stay Blessed! Go Dawgs!

    I am Blessed and Joyful as F! It is my hope you are as well.

    Cue: ~ Earth Angel ~
    The Penguins

  16. Prechter & Co. think we are on the first big economic roller coaster ride leg down, unless the Dow pops back up above the early November high. We have had a sea change in the Fed stance, an upgraded plague alert status, and a fairly stiff sell-off, all in a short period of time. I’m starting to look for the fourth quarter ’21 to finish as the bad surprise quarter for the balloon economy.
    Mark is beating the “there’s no need to panic” drum, which, of course, is a leading indicator that a general panic may be approaching. Kinda reminds me of Clif and his PM predictions. Glad to hear from you, Mark.
    My take on this is that Ure readers should always be ahead of the panic and sitting tight when it goes down. Preparation and planning, not denial, is the path to living free in a propaganda-ridden debt-slave economy. Reduce or eliminate your debt, stay on major-medical insurance, and live below your means, always. And if you are planning on walking into the wilderness some dark dusty day, buy your equipment before all the Wally World shelves are empty. The same goes if you are staying put.

  17. I know for myself, I spent alot of time using my GOD given gifts and abilities misappropriatly in the past. For self gratification, unnecessary battle self agrandisement, pride ego and jokes where I was the only one laughing. I understand now, that it was developmental purposes but I am embarrassed at some of the things I used my abilities for. Ahhh sweet humility.

    THE DUDE is very patient with me. I don’t judge anyone for using a different screen on the View Finder. What ever their methods of vehicles they use to perceive the future be it math and science, data collection of High Frequency word analysis or tea leaves or dreams. I do my best to learn others approach to aid in my own development and if it’s useful for me to grow in my own comprehensive abilities at seeing the future. Wonderful! If not. I don’t disway them from their own methods as long as they are accurate.

    It is my hope that I have outgrown the self glorification of my immaturity and can use my God Given abilities to aid others in their growing and developing. What so ever they may be. That is the reason they were given to me, not to be a glutton for pride. To build not destroy.

    OK, well off to help my crew get on point. Be a servant leader. Not the other guy demanding respect by title. Fuck that guy. Lol

  18. And to answer your question, because someone will ask it after my comments post. Save your breath.

    I am fully aware I will be at Tevor Noah (the comedian) to night and how that relates to “the days of Noah” written in the scriptures. I’m not inept in my read of things currently and the prophesies of others in relation to the manifesting, now.

    Infinitely NOW!


    • Aye,

      One dore closes, another opens.

      Dr. Hicks holds a Ph.D in Political Science from MIT…

  19. Farsight

    I spent sometime on this web site yesterday, most interesting. Fact or science fiction, hell if I know, but very interesting.
    Remote viewing, that shows us as being in a prison.
    I find it interesting because in my younger years I had dreams of flying(without an airplane) and I get caught up in a series of wires, every which way, not uniform, crisscrossing the skies, preventing my ascending higher or farther, waking me up, frustrating. That subject was touched on in one of the videos.
    More interesting than watching a bunch of idiots playing with their balls, duh.

    Hot Turkey Sammiches, good eatin, where’s the pumpkin pie and whipped cream, watching Black Friday at the market SPSX, up, DWAC, struggling,,,,,, it is in a balancing act for now between the two, might dump one Monday or Tues and buy more of the other, I let the market decide for me

  20. Anyone remember the perceived pre-WW2 uranium shortages?

    It wasn’t so much a uranium shortage as the supply was being secretly diverted to other projects.

    Perhaps there is no chip shortage. Instead the chips are being diverted into building out the MetaVersa.

    Some folk think cataclysm will be here soon. Perhaps true and the rulers may be looking out for our best interests as best they can.

    The rulers may have us living underground in MetaCells eating Cheeto flavored bug pastes. The struggle has sent humanity underground in the past. The ancient folks of Derinkuyu, Turkey did what they had to do.

    When authority tells about the ‘Reset’. Maybe it’s the big one. A Master Reset.

  21. “Yeah, sounds complicated and expensive. But, compared with killing-off GlobalPop”

    It depends on what their business model is.. it could be that they want total dominance and pop in a specific parameter.
    The puppeteers pull the strings of many nations to get what they seek.. the USA is mostly used because it’s just that easy to corrupt officials. You do notice that none of the puppeteers are ever targeted .. they pull our strings so we are targets while the sit in safety. I totally feel china was set up on covid..that the responsible party was upset that the past administration wasn’t playing by their rules.. wanted an edge to get their bought and paid for political parties in office..
    The real warning sign is if the puppeteers vanish all of a sudden and are locked down in shelters.. I think of theres a sudden absence then it will be game on..and time to seriously be concerned.

  22. Pilgrims,

    The journey continues. Oh, the WHO confounds all again. No sooner had msm correctly calculated yesterday evening that the Greek letter Nu was next in line in naming the newest covid-19 variant of concern, than the WHO made a left turn.

    Nu, the 13th letter, has been passed over. So has the 14th letter Xi (…xing). Omicron it is. “The Independent” published an interesting report last night updated this morning about the “Nu” voc which is now “o”. Mention was made about the unusual number of mutations perhaps being due to the virus being in an undiagnosed hiv/aids person for a period of time. Two UK health experts are quoted saying the new variant is worth keeping an eye on, but it is not of immediate concern.

    O kaaaay….

    Back to our regular Greek mythology soap opera where Zeus’s daughter-in-law Andromeda is about to be rescued from the clutches of Poseiden. Adventure promised! Might be a good idea to have Commissioner Gordon message the Dynamic Duo by bat signal for backup otherwise the whales may eat everyones’ dinner before the cobra sets out the cutlery.

    • Just a footnote about Andromeda and appearances can be deceiving:

      Paintings of her in recent centuries portray her as a caucasion queen of Greece. However she was from Ethiopia. She was probably Black.

      • Nein – reptilian (green/black/white/red)

        zeus was/is Enil – the marduke of ancient mythology who shot down quenn Tiamats mothership off coast north Africa during the “Battle in Heaven”

  23. This is Dr. Chris Martenson’s latest video on his Peak Prosperity channel on Odysee –

    It is very good and the second part of it is worth every penny of the $7 introductory fee that it costs to view. You can also download the second video for later viewing. Odysee allows him to speak very plainly but behind his pay wall he becomes totally candid about what is going on in the World our MSM blocks from our view and what you can do about it. The entire World is up in protest about the lock-step incompetencies the World governments are currently engaged in. You can also view any and all previous videos as well as videos to come in the next month.

  24. Military to Assist Michigan with Coronavirus Surge After Gov. Whitmer Seeks Help

    Okay, Steve (or any other Michigander): Whitmer is an idiot, but WTF? Did she chase off all the healthcare workers, or something?

    Gov. Kathy Hochul orders halt on elective surgery amid COVID spike, Omicron

    “We’ve taken extraordinary action to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and combat this pandemic. However, we continue to see warning signs of spikes this upcoming winter, and

    while the new Omicron variant has yet to be detected in New York State,

    it’s coming,” Hochul said.”

    Cuomo is gone, but New York is still leading the way. I’m waiting for her to close all New York airports, because there might be a plane crash… [:rolleyes:]

    Omicron COVID Variant Found ONLY in Fully Vaccinated

    All four Botswana Omicron variant patients were fully vaccinated

    Covid: US joins EU in restricting flights from southern Africa over new coronavirus variant

    Weren’t “flight restrictions” considered racist, xenophobic, and completely unnecessary when Mr. Trump imposed them?

    • Quick – the neighbors house is on Fire !

      We have spray down EVERY House in the Neighborhood Immediately, SAFETY dont cha know..

      EVERY HOUSE Mandate!

      Spray em down or go to re-education camp..

      -oh wait this isnt the Oz, and U aint bad.

      • The single best charity in North America (based on amount of donations which are actually spent on charitable pursuits, rather than “management and overhead” of the charity itself.

        It has been going downhill ever since it inherited the bulk of Ray Kroc’s widow’s liquid assets.

        With the “woke shit” it has hit rock bottom. I am truly disappointed. No matter how virtuous a church is with its giving, when it leaves its doctrine and philosophy behind and starts playing popular politics, it starts giving to the wrong places, for the wrong reasons, and I cease being interested…

  25. Why America’s Future ‘Depends’ On Thanksgiving

    “When you have a national day of Thanksgiving, you have to understand 1863 was really the heart of the American Civil War. There were Americans dying in the tens of thousands, a country that was at that point entirely torn apart. You had literally families that were at war with one another. It says a lot about the character of the nation that at that moment, they took a step back to give thanks for what they had as Americans,” Stepman said.

  26. Capitalism is the Ultimate Form of Humanism

    Capitalism has succeeded where all other economic arrangements have failed because it recognizes the basic needs of humanity.

    Marxism Rejects Humanism

    The offshoots of Marxism offer various forms of centralized economic control. Rather than allow humans to voluntarily interact… Marxism places individuals in boxes and attempts to orchestrate their activities from afar.

  27. Here in Michigan the hospitals are reporting that they are inundated with Covid patients who are not vaccinated. The press is calling Michigan the hot spot for all of the U.S. If vaccines are so bad why are people who refuse vaccinations the only ones getting covid? The British studies you keep posting about doesn’t support what is going on in Michigan

    • And who believes any if the data coming out? Most of it is pure propaganda. Time to wake up or perish.

    • Perhaps what you are being told the “hospitals are reporting,” is less than accurate? What the media is telling you the “hospitals are reporting” doesn’t jibe with the British studies.

      Do y’all see what happens when the “news” “media” becomes an unreliable source for true, factual information, or a principal source for State propaganda? Over the past 32 years or so, our “news” “media” has become both.

      M-Live may be absolutely accurate regarding their reporting on this. Michigan’s version of HEW may be completely honest and truthful in reporting the data to M-Live’s associated newspapers & media.


      Either could be lying through their teeth as each has both a political and an ideological motivation to do so.

      The Brits could be lying too, but EU members are statutorily required to publish information such as this, and it is required to be accurate. Since Britain is still extricating itself from the EU’s tendrils, I seriously doubt Parliament has had time to address bureaucratic minutiae like contagion-reporting protocols.

      FWIW I’ve been to multiple hospitals in both Indiana and Ohio over the past few months. ERs were packed with “COVID” patients. Waiting lines (to get into ER) ranged from 2-6hrs, however about 70% of the patients in Ohio didn’t have COVID, and about 80% in Indiana, didn’t. What these patients also didn’t have were United States Citizenship, or green cards.

      And yes, I’m all kinds of cynical WRT a report like this…

  28. I went to WMT yesterday. The place was not busy. The shelves and racks looked to be stocked as they’ve been over time. The same pallets of big screens and other assorted stuffs in the aisle.

    The motor oil shelves were pretty bare. There were only about 20 5 quart jugs spread across all shelves. Quart bottles were low too.

    The food section was hit, but has been all along. The turkey shortage meme was a lie. Scantless turkey dealers. Plenty of turkeys. Jack Link’s goes for $1 /oz.

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