Jobs + 1929 Replay: How M2V and RCA Kill Us

Breaking Data – just out from Labor…

The unemployment rate declined to 3.5 percent in September, and total nonfarm payroll employment rose by 136,000, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Employment in health care and in professional and business services continued to trend up.

Our two-bit analysis:  This is a LOT stronger than it seems on the surface because this month’s CES Birth Death Model subtracted 71,000 jobs from the pre-report data.  After the number, Dow futures popped up 50…and you’ll see this is precisely in line with out 1929 replay scenario which we will get to in a sec.

Main thing is unemployment is down to 3.5% and we expect the Trumpident to Tweet any second.

Labor participation rate held steady and the employment to population ration improved to 61%.  (Gee, maybe I could find a real job now, lol…oh, wait, I’m retired.)

What Really Matters, Though:

Let’s hold a short course in  Remedial Economics Pay attention, because this will “beat the economy within an inch of it’s life” shortly.  And after a bounce this fall, it will be “beaten down 2-inches further.”  The grandkids will read about this as “The Second Depression” except it will be global and worse than the first one (1929-1941).

Why? The M2V Crisis Is Here

Later this month, we will get new GDP numbers.  But we don’t “need no weatherman” for this one.  Here’s why:  The Velocity of Money at M2 (cash and certain time deposits) has cratered.  More importantly, it has gotten into a “ Help, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” place.  Pay attention to the turnover rate of money versus the GDP and here’s what we see:

Every time the Velocity is on the way up, the national mood is optimistic.  When it craters, the national mood turns ugly, hateful, and yes – even impeachable.  Who needs cause when you’ve got Digital Mob Rule  and fraud roaming the sold-out corporate news channels?

Now the Remedial Part

Dividend, divisor, and quotient time:

M2V (velocity or turnover of M2 money stock) = GDP / M2

Since (made-up example only, but with the real quotient)   GDP = $20-trillion and M2 is about $13.7258-trillion, Velocity is (this part is real) 1.457.

What this means:  If we look at M2, what would it take in the way of dividend change (GPD of $20-trilbucks) or divisor change (the M2 number) to move the quotient above 1.462 which it was in Q4 2018?

There are two possible solutions.

One is the dividend (top number, right?  The GDP) could go up dramatically.  However, when we look the available data, what do we see?  Well, there’s a Trade War, so our exports are down the shitter.  And that’s made all the worse by the Boeing Max groundings and sale collapse.  (I’ve heard people aas whether that means a “bankruptcy ahead?” too…  All of which would echo with carmakers and the Radio Trust collapses beginning in the fall/winter of 1929, but we’re getting ahead of the plot a bit.

The second possible solution is that the Fed could be raising rates ,  which would imply a smaller divisor which always (in this world, anyway) increases the quotient.

This one immediately goes into flushing device too, since a) the Fed has Donald Trump screaming for rate cuts (which would collapse Velocity further since it would increase the M2) while the Fed is trying like hell to walk the fine line between hyperinflation (the Zimbabwe outcome due to our piss-poor implementation of Modern Monetary Theory (let’s make up money) option on the one hand, and the collapse due to negative rates and the total death of consumer spending…which is the hemlock the European Union has chosen to drink.

As you can see, there are only two possible ways out of the box:  More GDP (toast! thanks in part to Pelosi and Schiff and the squad because they haven’t proposed a single meaningful economic stimulus because that would take time from witch-hunting) and we can’t raise (Ben Bernanke at Brookings now is right on L4L (lower for longer) but we can’t drop under the effective lower bound (e.g. negative rates) because then the specter of a 1929-like deflation settles in.  If that happens? People stop buying consumer goods because they begin think “Since prices are still coming down, I’ll just wait a while…”

Which is exactly what happened when?  Fall of 1929.  Except this time, instead of a market peak before collapse on 9/3/1929, ours came on 9/18/2019 and the Replay looks like this when you compare back-then with our Aggregate of the Dow, the S&P and the NASDAQ Composite, weighted for equal dollars on Jan 1, 2000:

(You will see today the market pop to the upside due to the job numbers and that is exactly what this chart says.  Amazing, huh?)

As this shows, there is a decline possible in our replay that MIGHT bottom TEMPORARILY 12,7% lower than yesterday’s close.  That would bring us to October…no, wait!  Let’s save the details for the people who care and pay the $40-bucks a year for our newsletter.

As a writer, it’s hard not to just blurt it all our.  So one more concept:  RCA -[ Reverse Control Authority.  This is what happens when you set an airplane up in such a manner that pulling back on the stick doesn’t make the airplane go up as it does in normal flight.  Instead, it stalls and down you go.  Even with a screaming engine and, oh yeah, feels like your genitals are in your ears…  When economic controls work backward and the people in charge don’t know it, a crash is the natural outcome.

Did I mention the Fed is lost?  No,  they’re admitting it.  See: Fed’s Clarida says central bank will set policy meeting by meeting.

Meantime, you need to read up on the (Claudia) Sahm rule which will not give you much comfort.  A Reuters piece here (‘Sahm Rule’ enters Fed lexicon as fast, real-time recession flag) and study the paper she wrote over here with assorted deep-thinking colleagues: “From Transactions Data to Economic Statistics: Constructing Real-time, High-frequency, Geographic Measures of Consumer Spending (PDF)”  (Sahm things change, some don’t. but at least she understands the consumer spending paradox of deflationary expectations tied to spending and groks the ADHD-like behavior of consumers.

The tote board (You do know what a totalizer board is, right?  If not, you need to get off your phone and gamble more…getting married doesn’t count…) says Another Fed Rate Cut Is Expected After Weak Economic Data.

Which becomes a really long and interesting discussion:  How is it that households balance their books keeping up with the Jones (the original Jonesing?) facing deflationary evidence?

Meet RCA

The economy has now entered a region of such “reverse control authority” that I’ve written up several times in the past when we have experienced similar “near brushes with collapse.”  2000 and 2008, specifically.  Back then, however, the Fed still has some semblance of a balance sheet.  Thanks to just Making Up Money (MUM) and L4L we are now about to pass the part of the Economic Box Canyon (if we’re not through it already) where we can’t turn around anymore.  Even when we do, the RCA (reverse control auth. effect) will confuse all riders who want to turn left and find the horse will only do that if the wrong (right) rein is pulled.  Canyon walls, here we come.  Both say “Hyper” – it’s just one also says deflation while the other says inflation.

What could go wrong?

My late dad worked in a cigar store during the depression.  It was a time when jobs were being shared because there wasn’t enough work to go around.  Sort of like the present “gig economy” except instead of being able to find 5-gigs that can be pieced together into an apartment and rent plus food, there’s only 1-gig and that’s if you’re lucky.

That’s when the vicious cycle digs in.  Absent people with rent money, down come rents and landlords begin to go broke.  And banks pile up property like they did in 2009-2010.  Except the piles won’t begin until first the stock market collapses senior folks defined benefit plans and pensions, which will leave whatever Social Security has left, although since seniors vote, that will be one of the last “entitlements” to be cut.  It was never meant to be an entitlement – it was supposed to be pay as you go.   (SS has already been swindled by the lefties putting SS money into the general fund backed only by agency IOUs, but don’t start me on that discussion.  It’ll be more MUM to come…)

Which leaves us on the National Witch Hunt with open borders meaning American taxpayers are footing the bill for illegals coming in, making sure they get healthcare, food, and a place to live, while the modern analogs of Hoovervilles are popping up as Trumpvilles.

Through it all, the democrats are still lying through their teeth about “We have a plan to fix it” – which is such obvious tripe since the poverty rate is still virtually un changed since the Great Society scam of the Johnson era that simply busted up black families because of “income and job requirements” and…well, you remember who freed the slaves, right?  A republican…Lincoln.

I could yammer-on all day about this being how the cold global reality works, but to no avail.  When I figure the Replay path is unavoidable, we’ll buy up oodles of put options for….wait!  Another one for Peoplenomics readers tomorrow.  (Plus part 2 of building a time machine, by the way, just so we don’t get too seriously depressed.  Morlocks that we are..,   BTW:

H.G. Wells hinting Morlocks as being “…who were described and depicted in various writings as an archetype of “primitive people”, “backwardness”, “barbarism” and the like.”   Synonyms for “Morlock” include “your honor,”  “congressman,” and “pencil neck.”  They seem to have no regard for what they break and that moves us deftly back into the morning’s propaganda flow…  Nice view of planetary collapse from up here, though.

The Washington Witch Trial

Ready to “flick your Bic” next week?  Here’s today’s pile of kindling:

U.S. Diplomats Encouraged Ukrainian President to Investigate Bidens” but given the facts, sure looks like Biden’s kid was a payoff in our view.

One point of sanity: McCarthy calls on Pelosi to suspend Trump impeachment inquiry.  She won’t, of course,  It’s an axe Pelosi is grinding to placate Digital Mob Rule.  As we have explained, the Cornered Rat Party had to impeach because their own strong-arming is going to come out.  We look for this impeachment crap to end a day before 2020 elections.

Pencil Neck notwithstanding, Ukraine’s remaining honest (which will bite the dems) as their Ukraine top prosecutor says Hunter Biden, Burisma cases will be reviewed.  The dems are desperate that their impropriety not become the issue at the witch trial.

A son of Texas coming home, we hope: Rick Perry to step down as energy secretary by year’s end, NYT and WaPo report.  Hopefully, he’ll get here before Texas sues the FedGov for fraud, alleging the U.S. has breached its own Constitution that was sold to Texas as cast in stone (prior to the Douglas court) when Texas was an independent  (and real)_ republic.  If the electoral college goes (which the lefties are driving hard on) that would ice the cake.

Media Communicable Psychiatric Disorders, Part II

T’other day, I told you the media was now communicating mental disease and this would be manifesting shortly as insanity.  Doubt me?

Well, here you go: ‘Get rid of the babies!’: Distraught woman at AOC town hall urges ‘eating babies’ to fight climate change.  Pass the VisdeGrips, will yah?  It’s fall and I’m going to be pinching myself a lot this fall.

Facetime disease: Hong Kong Has Used an ‘Emergency Regulations’ Law to Ban Face Masks. Here’s What Happens Now.

Cattle chutes for sheep: Which fast-food chain has the fastest drive-thru?

See where Mayor resigns after pleading guilty to stealing $87,000 from a youth basketball program.  Better quit than being bounced, perhaps?

No, Boeing’s not going…at least yet: India’s SpiceJet could take more of Jet Airways’ 737 MAX planes: chairman.  Reminds me I gotta call my friends up at BCAC (is Roberto still there?) and suggest a MAX special.  “This month only:  Buy  30 MAX‘es and get a 747 free…”  (Honestly though, haven’t been invovled in a 737 sale since 1984…)

More down to Earth:  Hot wheels: Lincoln increasing production of $115G Continental with ‘suicide’ doors for 2020.

Wash your hands: PRO/EDR> Influenza (26): WHO global update, vaccine.

Time to chase eggs around a plate…more for Peoplenomics subscribers tomorrow…and more here, too.  Been using my “light crown” every day this week and cranking out 7,000 words a day is not difficult.  Even remembering to use the smell check…er… spell-chcker, too.

Write when you get rich,

51 thoughts on “Jobs + 1929 Replay: How M2V and RCA Kill Us”

  1. I’m flabbergasted that anyone would consider buying a car for $115k.

    I paid less for my 40 acre farm – a LOT less.

    I bought my 3900 sq/ft house in 1995 for a LOT less.

    This is ‘progress’?

    I do think that Pelosi and her cadre of career grifters have lost their collective minds. This is TDS at it’s finest and pure comedy gold. There MUST be something they all wish to hide (all of their ‘pay2play’ monies) because they are throwing their party under the bus and on record doing so. I mean, insisting Schiff’s comments were accurate? Insisting impeachment when they cannot articulate a crime? They already tried the ‘stripper payoff’ angle and a full scale DOJ special counsel investigation that produced vapors.

    No, they are literally throwing their own political futures onto this pyre. This is what TDS does to people I reckon. That and make them think they need to eat babies?

    A glance at their current net worth relative to their salaries going into office – that explains quite a lot, but it would take an army of forensic accountants to ferret things out most likely.

    And now the Fed has become infected with TDS as well. Even the BIS has contracted it….

    This is NOT investment advice, but I am very long on popcorn…

    • Speaking of which, OM2 – you’re welcome to bring some of that plum wine up when our consigliere is here around turkey day if you’re up at the farm…gathering of (byob) great minds – we do have the batch of Trader Vic’s hot buttered rum mix in now…

    • Sorry to bust more of your bubble, but 40 (good) acres in Texas for less than 115k? That would be a dream come true, unless it’s scrub out there near El Paso. From the Hill Country eastward, it’s 10k-90K an acre depending on where you are, the 10k being pastureland with nothing but dirt and grass on it with an occasional cedar tree.

      And 115k for 3900 sq. ft? Another dream today unless your talking a 1995 mobile home. Anything intact and livable at 3900 squares will be 400-500K plus. Add some good land to that and you talking 800K plus.

      This is the battle I face today finding something out of the way and comfortable. Right now I’m looking for out-of-the-way with 1800-2500 square feet in good shape, at least an acre or three, and a tank or other waterfront would be great too. Anything affordable to me (under 350K is what I’ve chosen) is at least an hour or more out from my workplace (still have ten years left of that) and is usually quite a bit more that 350k. That long commute would eat me more alive than the 30-50 minutes I do now. Guess I’m spoiled, or at least would like to be. :) My current home is valued around 400K but not paid for, so I’m stuck here for a while unless the right things come up.

      My apologies if I’m too frustrated/cynical about this whole house/land thing. I’ve been looking for quite some time and haven’t found the right place, and I’m damned sick of HOA’s and 10K/year in taxes just so they can tell me of water restrictions and/or I can’t have a shop/shed in my yard over 8×10 and it has to match the house exactly nor keep anything in my driveway besides a car. (we get nastygrams if a trash can is visible from the street.)

      I do like my salary and 20% bonus though. It keeps me here and cussing in Austin. It’s the ONLY thing that keeps me here.

      I could sell everything of value and get out there, maybe, but there’d be nothing left afterwards. :) don’t want that either.

      On the plus side, the articles and comments here keep me entertained and sane. :) Thanks George and company!

      • East Texas is a steal. 28.82 acres, seasonal creek, lots of marketable timber, double-wide with added studio, about 1,750 SF as 2 bed 2 bath, Shop/office with 1900 sf, half under ac, 10×12 storage building, with tractor, implements and farm truck plus complete shop. We got it for just over $100K in 2003 and hasn’t moved much. Low taxes with ag exemption, too: $600/yr
        One year ago, price we were told was “Maybe $200,000.”
        No, OM2 is not kidding. When this place takes off, it will all go skyward. Priced 30 acre lots lately?

      • Best thing to do is find a plot of land and build on it yourself, cash and carry. Get the utilities (including sewer, septic, water and electricity) installed first to avoid nasty surprises. Do any work that you don’t need a license to perform yourself. Build small, and try to avoid escalating a cottage into a monstrosity you will never finish. Work weekends, holidays, and vacations. Use it as the vacation home until you are ready to move there full time. Family land is always a better deal than open market finds. Just get clear title before you pour a slab.
        Owning a home in the country and keeping an apartment in town when there’s work to be had is a lifestyle choice that a lot of people in cyclical jobs adopt. Transplanted Eastern Europeans tell me that’s how their families survived under communism. Maybe we should all rent Dr. Zhivago for the weekend matinee.
        Nothing that’s fit to live on sells for less than $10K an acre in Texas, and the smaller the plot, the higher the cost per acre. Water is usually the show stopper. You can work around a lot of other problems, but no water is a no go. Never assume that you can drill a hole and water will magically appear in a place like Texas. It may cost you tens of thousands to hook onto the utility district in some places, and in other places, there is nothing available. A lot of towns in West Texas died due to water contamination. Arsenic kills.

      • Here in East Texas, remember much of the county land isn’t controlled by a building department.

        OMs is down in Houston county. Neighboring Anderson where we are – ditto – no building inspectors.

        Both of us habitually over-build. OM2 from hard earned oil rig experience (last place you want an accident or fire) and me from having a family of firemen, including now my son. So yeah…we don’t screw with under-code NOTHING. If a wire up don’t use #12 w/ground, it doesn’t happen.
        The whole reason for regulation in the first place wace safety. And the biggest offenders are the mobile home outfits selling to people who don’t know to spec #12 and to demand 6″ sidewalls and the “winter package” that also kills it when comes to summer cooling since insulation works both ways.
        But you’re abso right: Build it Ureself.

      • Inspections for owner-builders is not a static situation, even in Texas. At the time I originally built, multi-stage full inspections were mandatory. Then I heard that all the inspectors got canned. Now, I’m not sure. Check out the local requirements before breaking ground. In some non-Texas locations, a buy-in by organized labor is required.

      • That would be in the socialist controlled states…one of our relocation criteria was “no regulatory bullshit” – Check with OM2, but I thinks we gots it..,.

      • “find a plot of land and build on it yourself, cash and carry. ”

        Been there done that.. luckily in the outback of texas land is pretty much free and tax free..thank god..

        I built two homes … my first one I had people volunteer to help was shocked that even team members of a national ball team came to swing a hammer..the house went up similarly to those built by the amish. A few years later the health insurance company for the state went bankrupt on our zip code.. I had to sell it to pay the tabs for a surgery for my daughter..I rented after that. I was amazed how much cheaper it was.
        Then I started to build the second house.. sewer water electric service. If your in the outback then you may have to pay to extend the service.. a mile or so of wire adds wind are your best bet .. batteries two grand a piece for two volt heavy batteries with enough amperage your going to spend a dime or two..
        Water.. drilling your own well is an option. And it isn’t that hard. The kids in engineering at BYU came up with an awesome solution for their mission in the Sudan.. the wagon wheel drill.
        So all of it is doable. If your going to hire your own companies to do the foundation electric etc. A word to the wise.. learned the hard way by this catfish..when you hire them go to the bank set up an account with a dual signature release. That way they have the credit to get financing to do the work..and your secure because they cannot get the money until its finished.. if you don’t you may be like myself and will be just like the USA and have a government hammer that costs ten thousand dollars. Got one..
        You can do almost all of it..I bought a two dollar fifty cent book at home depot and wired the house.. picked up an old code book and went to town.
        Now I didnt have the cash flow to live in one place build in another heck taxes is a dollar an hour of the spendable income alone..
        I seen my grandparents budget notebook of their years going through the depression. They took in 400 for the first two years..then 600. As the economy started to recover.
        A septic system..if you have the equipment to do the work..its father dug it in by hand..
        Your best bet is be a gypsy. Like most older people you can get a spot for a camper fairly reasonable. Joing a campground group.
        Rent..taxes on an apartment is cheaper so are insurance costs.
        I helped build a straw house the kids at the college did it in a day withought putting in the utilities. Very nice and warm in winter cool in summer I might add. There are pros and cons..
        My new friend.. had forty acres..breed raised and trained thorough bred horses when young..
        His fiancee worked at the hospital. She got sick with cancer. Of course they let her go..then after she passed the put hundreds of thousands of dollars of loans on the property. He was forced off and they took possession of the land and all his personal property. When I got ahold of him he only had the clothes on his back..
        His income everything a if you own your own place..they don’t care n…cant pay the taxes someone else will other friend from last winter retired from the military.. they lost his records or parts of his records lost his home was living in his car in the walmart parking lot..I tried to help he seen it as an insult and took off…get sick.. your screwed..but if you have a camper you can find a place to park it..if your on the coast get a boat..theres good and bad but its doable and cheaper.

    • its no different.. in 1972 that would have been what seventeen grand.. you could buy a really really good house for thirty grand…
      I think of what I paid for my home.. and what the kids are paying now.. and whats funny is.. wages haven’t really gone up that much..
      When I was forced to retire the wage I made has gone up.. but in the length of time its only gone up about five dollars an hour.. kids that made four dollars an hour then are making ten now…as the dollar weakens and it takes more to survive the dollar amount will have to increase per item.. a sheet of plywood for the cabinet company I worked for at the time was less than a dollar a sheet delivered..for veneered ply.. now they are using even cheaper materials than then but the cost is higher.. in ten years that 115 thousand dollar car could be worth several million.. well.. maybe that is what a loaf of bread will cost.. when I bought solar panels.. a bottle of pop was fifty cents that same bottle of pop is two dollars now.. when I was a kid it was less than a dime..
      for every dollar that a product goes up.. the consumer has to decide.. if.. his or her wages are not increasing the same percentage.. then if it is a necessity.. what do you cut from spending in another area..
      bit coins.. they are a joke.. LOL so is gold though to.. with either of them you have to be a collector of it for it to have any value..with bit coin.. cut the plug in off of your computer your screwed..
      with an emp.. as an example.. the materials to repair the grid was on back order over ten years….that was the assumption from a study done a few years ago.. what is it today.. and the countries that make it.. if communication is down.. how do you even get on the list.. also.. if the country that produces the products needed are the ones that cause the emp.. who is to say they would even let us have any..just saying.. we would be screwed back to the stone age in the blink of an eye and.. those bitcoins just a foggy memory..

  2. Hey George,

    You mentioned you were using your light crown. I just saw a commercial for a product they call Capillus. I looked it up and it is a cap with lights in it that is supposed to help grow hair. You better be careful with your light crown you might turn into a werewolf…..LOL

  3. Thanks for report this morning. Me here in north Idaho had meeting yesterday about their mining laws that walk all over 1872 mining law. Ya see we make up as we go to obstruct convolute hinder why don’t you understand. So today’s report has been a help. Off to sausage eggs and coffee

  4. “Been using my “light crown” every day this week…”

    That explains it to me, because I thought * where does he buy his wits?* Great stuff, but almost too scary for an old man that had seen it before. Take care all of you!

  5. G – need some advice from the community and the Grumpapotamos hisself.

    How and where do U all think ED can find a BIGGER Raft? Being as how ED is a Raft Sane individual and want to maintain current level of sanity- a bigger “raft” is needed..

    Lowering Interest rates has Proven time and again (Europe/Japan)to Raise peoples Savings Rate – thereby decreasing amount of $ in the Economy..duuhoooh!

    [funny part, but had to redact, sorry…]

    2% yield on the 30 yr UST bond – and that is highest yield in the World.

    It is October – market near or at record high levels..sure it never goes down when the FED Put is in play..and and and BTC’s are only $8000 this AM arrrgggghhhhh

    Maybe if I can get AMA to change definition of Insanity – I will better be able to deal with all the F-ed up stuff the insectile satanists R currently serving us.

    Think I need a bigger raft G..

    • You had me all psyched up to buy cryptos as a hedge against, well, virtually anything and everything, and now you’ve lost money in play. It’s always something. Can you trade Bitcoins for beans, rice and a tent? Can you spare a Litecoin for a cup of coffee, Brother?

  6. I really don’t want to be “That Guy” and it has been 50+ years since I last sat in a math class, but isn’t it Numerator/Denominator?

      • Well, Ed, that’s probably why you still think straight. Not any more, bubba. NuMath changes all – part of the coup against thinking.

        Same people that changed self-explanatory “cycles per second” into Hertz and other such jibberish. Numerators (formerly top numbers) are now called “dividends’ *(which screws up anyone asking why equities don’t generally pay them much, anmy more…) see how this works? Besides, all these young edibles know numerators cause climate change.

      • Well I guess they needed a reason to justify a new addition of a$100 text book covering a subject that’s been around since the Persian Empire. And what do they mean you can’t be divisoring by 0? Have they not heard about black holes? Singularities? But then it’s okay to take the square root of -1? They must be biased against multi-dimensions. Hmmm, how can I monetize that?

      • “That last class was Calculus of N-Space. ”

        what is hillarious ED is I use to do moles and logs in my head without the use of paper or pencil…

        I did them all the time it was just look at it and spit the answer out.. then.. I quit doing them.. hadn’t done them in thirty years.. and a kid I was working with was doing them for a class..
        I said hey let me take a look at it.. and realized it is like riding a bike.. if you haven’t ridden in a long time it isn’t as easy as it was when you were younger and worked with it all the time… LOL LOL LOL LOL..KInd of like I went in for a lab test.. this old guy came out.. my initial question.. have you done this before.. oh I have been doing this for over thirty years.. He couldn’t find an artery if his life depended on it.. LOL after diging for five minutes I asked.. do you want me to do it quick for you… then I was saved a pimplie young kid came out talking about his date.. thats my man.. smooth as silk.. come to find out the guy hadn’t drawn blood in almost the whole part of that thirty years he worked behind the desk.. .
        Anyway I realized It had been a long time since I had done them and handed the work back to them and said.. OH I had better let you learn it LOL i’d need my slide rule now LOL LOL LOL

  7. George

    “Been using my “light crown” every day this week and cranking out 7,000 words a day is not difficult.”

    That and how many cups of coffee??

  8. The Trumpident, LMAO George. Is this a new category ??? Anyhoo, States may not decide to sue the Fed’s due to their federal funding being taken away. Never underestimate Nancy Pelosi’s ability to screw people no matter how unethical or illegal.

      • “Never underestimate Nancy Pelosi’s ability to screw”

        That image has me shuddering … LOL LOL LOL LOL… oh no willie just whithered up and pulled back for protection like a turtles head going into its shell…… LOL LOL LOL

  9. George,
    This is said with love; I used to be a conservative, until Reagan tripled the national debt with this trickle down nonsense.
    -D’s not stimulating: LOL. Guess you missed it. We’re out of stimulus. The R’s squandered it in the good times on tax cuts 87% for the rich, ignoring infrastructure and immigration reform.
    Trump went in with the national debt at $19 trillion ($8 trillion of which is from the Iraq debacle — thank you Conservatives), and now it’s $22 billion. R’s are truly the party of borrow and spend.
    -Fed. Too late for them, unless they go negative like 6 points.
    -D’s hounding Trump: Looks like you missed him confessing yesterday.
    -Trade Wars: Imagine if by ‘tyrannic’ executive order, Obama had given away a $50 billion/year market to Brazil, and then had to put the Farm Belt on welfare? And disrupted all those supply and economic lines. Wow. But of course, Trump spent hundreds of hours studying that decision, reading economic reports, interviewing Nobel winning economists, consulting Chinese analysts, because well, that’s just how he rolls.
    -Brexit. Probably will trigger the big one before trade war. Another unintended consequence of that brilliant Iraq war. Thank you conservatives.
    -And climate change? Oh, right, a Chinese hoax.
    Best, Mike.

    • As an individual Conservative and/or Liberal how could one have stopped “the Iraq debacle” or how could individuals prevent the next one from taking place?

      One party cannot continue blaming the other, IMHO.

      • Yeah bruno.. your right you know.. both sides are controlled by the same people.. unfortunately I doubt there is anything anyone can do about it..

    • Mike please look up NASA admits climate change occurs because of earth’s solar orbit and not because of SUV’s and fossil fuels. You may find this information very useful

    • @ MIKE

      Might you mean BOTH parties have been trashing this country for THEIR own benefit…since I believe we ONLY have ONE PARTY…..bought and paid for by the SAME masters….here’s an example…while in power….4 – 8 years…DEMS run down the military ….spend on social programs, spend on Foreign aid,start undeclared wars …Republicans..Build up the military…spend on social programs , spend on Foreign Aid …start undeclared wars….BOTH ask for your donations to run their re elction campaigns…90% get re elected…and BOTH RAISE THEIR own PAY. and benefits..and INCREAS their STAFFS….which are hugh……while ‘debating’ other pay raises for Military,SS,Government workers….Still believe we have a 2 party system for the people…good luck…..

  10. Jed Clampett just tweeted from The Great Beyond:”I knew more about oil exploration than did Hunter Biden.”

  11. I beg to differ…”(SS has already been swindled by the lefties putting SS money into the general fund backed only by agency IOUs, but don’t start me on that discussion. It’ll be more MUM to come…)”
    The SS money was raped by your Republican friends to pay for a whole series of illegal wars that have bankrupted us but good. Over 5T and counting.

    • a date we should all mourne..

      what was it four trillion that would be fifty to a hundred trillion today.. a sad day to grieve..

  12. Been chawing over the thought of time and odd anomalies. When electrons leave one object that object becomes positively charged. … As the plane moves through the air, the electrons in the air build up on the skin of the aircraft, causing static electricity. When the airplane is in the air the static charges that build up tend to be on the sharper edges.(st. Elmo’s fire)
    space is just another feature of the gravitational field of the universe, so space and space-time can and do not exist apart from the matter and energy that creates the gravitational field.
    A solar flare on the other hand  occurs when magnetic energy that has built up in the solar atmosphere is suddenly released. Radiation is emitted across virtually the entire electromagnetic spectrum, from radio waves at the long wavelength end, through optical emission to x-rays and gamma rays at the short wavelength end.
    A geomagnetic storm is a temporary disturbance of Earth’s magnetic field typically associated with enhancements in the solar wind. These storms are created when the solar wind and its magnetic field interacts with Earth’s magnetic field.
    At the bermuda triangle as an example..People often talk about weird magnetic anomalies over the Bermuda Triangle.
    Could there be a correlation between the fact that the times of disappearance happen during the time of an solar event and.. an electro magnetic storm with a charged atmosphere..the fog..
    There are a lot of tales where st. Elmo’s fire have been noted..just before the talk of tbe feelings that they felt a loss of time and space..
    What was the temperature .. heavy humidity with charged particles. We know that emf can alter personalities and create environments of tension. But I wonder what it you were in a craft charged and enter an atmosphere where your literally in a charged fog.. put to same pull magnets together they push apart put two opposing poles they attract. The circuit has to complete.

    • Now ur into an area best not to go deeply into since we do happen to (ahem…) know there are us aircraft that use plasma genberators on their leading edges to modify their performance (I think that’s safe, lol).

      Don’t know if anyone has every gone back and cross tabs solar storms to the Bermuda haps, though. Good idea and good logic to it.

    • I’m thinking somehow it is a magnetic vortex flowing in a isothermal magnetic field with a magnetic charged vessel entering the vortex in an area of heavy electrical interference..
      I am curious what the gravitational forces are in the area. We all have heard the phrase..there must be a full moon out tonight..
      I’m just curious now.. like a rail gun or a levitating train.
      Tesla once said he had been hit by a bolt of electricity from his coil.. and for a brief few moments said he could see through the veil. The past ,present and future..

  13. The way I see it, a financial system cannot function with negative interest rates.

    The moment interest rates go negative the value of physical currency goes to infinity.

    The EU central banks can have negative rates on their citizens because the € is a $ substitute. The EU’s negative rates are tribute to the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank.

    One day soon, before the zero rate, there will be a controlled “panic”. The financial system is going to lock and “they” won’t be able to fix it. This event is going to cut deeper than the 1929 event in terms of concessions, the biggest crash in history.

    Just like 911 had Saddam, this event has a pre-made excuse and scapegoat.

    The question is how close to infinity will our dollar value get before it’s called. The last time this happened, 1929, the dollar was backed, this time only by air. The “value” may mathematically go to infinity, but people laugh and don’t accept the currency.

    In the final analysis, all dollars will flow back to the government slowly through property tax.

    I don’t think Bitcoin should be trusted during the collapse. Just the other day the Internet was turned off in Iraq. The Internet is back on but now highly censored. It’s just that easy to control Bitcoin.

    Standard disclaimers.

    • what is funny steve is when I was a kid.. I visited with a few old people that had gone through the depression.. they had a lot of money the night before.. woke up and was broke..

      I think it will be the same way this time to.. go to bed a millionare and wake up as the catfish at the bottom of the pond.. but this time I am afraid the velocity of the fall will be much greater than it was during the weimer depression..

      women will be selling themselves to feed their kids.. heck its already like that in many area’s.. I helped a guy one time that had lost everything couldn’t catch a break.. they ate what their cat would bring in from the field..
      unfortunately the only way I could help him was he had to know who I was.. which sucks.. I hate to get drawn into the drama.. I have enough of my own..
      he delivered his children on the kitchen table.. many of whom are now professionals themselves.. ones a social worker.. one is a doctor and one is a mechanic..
      Bitcoin is a joke.. but then the dollar is to with them printing like no tomorrow.. LOL at least you can use it to heat the house or as toilet paper.. they should print it on softer paper though.. could get rough when it tanks….

  14. When a lava flow threatened the nearby village in 2014 I got my refurbished 3br 2ba home on 1/3 acre of jungle on Hawaii island for $97k. Senior homestead tax is $200/yr. Knowing the geology and historical outbreaks of the volcano is worthwhile. I was on the upwind side of the 2018 eruption by five miles. Now that the volcano is quiet and displaced residents are looking for places to live, my subdivision is selling well, and my home is worth twice what I paid. But I’m not selling. It’s paid up and I’m living cheap in my retirement.

    They are rebuilding the highway across parts of the 2018 lava flow to access isolated farm properties in lower Puna. A year after the eruption stopped, parts of the flow are still several hundred degrees at surface temperature, and they have had to delay paving as it was still too hot for asphalt. They expect to have the road open by year’s end.

  15. My big concern if things go south is property taxes – including school taxes. Things I’m forced to pay for that I’d never do voluntarily mean that I have to pay whatever they want in the currency of the realm every year. Keeping value in currency, banks, credit unions, PM’s, or anything else is always dicey, since one entity or another is always out to steal it – legally or otherwise.

    My taxes are relatively tolerable for what I have, but that’s only assured for this year. Going forward, anything is possible.

    • In a transition from a credit rich to credit poor economic environment, the ability to pay property taxes with the going cash of the realm becomes the difference between having a roof over your head with indoor plumbing, versus living in a tent by the roadside. Having a contingency plan set up to provide for payment of property tax is possibly the highest of priorities for the individual who owns their home outright.

  16. When I got back from viethell I bought 30ac in McKenna wa For $10.000 fully timbered with a Creek and pond that was in 1967 Now the value is over a Million. The State and Federals have raised Taxes yearly along with the power It is just more funny paper Hopefully when it crashes I will be with my buddies and miss all of the pain coming down the road.

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