"Building a Real Time Machine" Part 2

We can’t stare at markets all damn day, every day. So, things like  thinking through how to build a working “time machine” provide a useful distraction.  A “wait” machine for the brain?  LOL.

Dual purpose, too:  Keeps the brain working which, in turn, makes what’s ahead for markets “come in more clearly..:

Some people, like me I confess, derive a Zen-like feeling from attacking the intractable and perhaps even impossible.  Very much the techno-spin on a Zen Koan.

Today, part 2 of time machines – after we size-up the week’s financial carnage, a continuation of the longish discussion from Wednesday, for which I apologize:  That one tipped the bifocals at somewhere north of 7,800 words, or about 1-10th of a novel.  I promise a dash of brevity today.  5,690 words isn’t too brief, however.

Ready for the headlines and the ChartPack, then?  Seat backs and tray tables in their up and locked positions? Click on in then…

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32 thoughts on “"Building a Real Time Machine" Part 2”

  1. I can’t see any direction for the market on Monday. It looks like a crap shoot either up or down. Too many variables & crazy polititions.

    At a Cortez town hall, one lady suggested we eat our babies to prevent global disaster. If they taste like chicken, I think I will just eat chicken.

    • NC,

      The baby eater comment was inspirational.

      Any one of us can show at any one of these rallies then go off script.

      Ask Biden to lower the age of consent.

      Explain to Warren you identify as Inuit and have great concern over what the North Slope oil drilling by products are doing to the arctic sea wolf penguin eggs. See how many times you can get her to say “sea wolf penguins” for you. The viewers will be looking up arctic penguins on their phones.

  2. G – It looks like A MEGAPHONE PATTERN..or for the mathematically inclined – “Inverted Symmetric Triangle”
    U know a Megaphone Ascending Wedge..Failures of which are Explosive in the OPPOSITE direction..ruhrow.
    Keeping in mind that during a “crash” EVERYTHING gets sold into a downward spiraling price vortex..Gold,Silver, Oil, UST’s ..oh the horror.

    The idea put forth regards Intention this morning is IMHO getting Warm.

    Again IMHO -when we die physical DEATH – the ONLY thing “U” take with “U” is Intelligent Energy..all the thoughts, good&bad people had/have of U, netted-out – thats it ! that b U ..Big and Bright /Dull and Formless/Dark and Clingy ..

    Can U imagine what the “Hilarion” is gonna look like on the other side..nasty piece of work that.

    What kinda life did U lead, what kinda thoughts did people have of/for you?

    – This Deplorable dont buy No Alien Savior gonna save squata – As a Man I make it right in the here and now – A virtuous mofo.

    – as the ancient Daoist saying goes “Virtue is the Foundation”

  3. Two things:

    1) Some of the best “explainers” of Science have been (in no special order) Steven Hawking, Carl Sagan, Michiu Kaku, Isaac Asimov, and James Burke. I think you, humble George, are right up there in that League Of Excellent Explainers.

    2) The time traveler’s paradox.
    I see no problem. The given example usually revolves around something like a guy going back in time and killing his father before he met his mother. This supposedly causes a “chrononclasm” or a catastrophe in Time.

    Not necessarily. Imagine the time machine is a booth you get in. When the machine activates it separates the interior containing the traveler from the current surroundings.

    You create a new and totally disconnected frame of reference isolated from the timeline world you were in. In effect, it’s a “bubbled-off” entirely separate Small Reality.

    You travel back, kill your father, who by definition hasn’t had time to procreate you yet, and then — safely DISconnected from the TimeLine(s) — you go back to where you started. You open the door to the booth, and step out — reconnecting your individual Frame of Reference to the current shared one — and, naturally, nobody knows who the hell you are!

    Of course. In that TimeLine you never existed.

    Your Frame of Reference was DISconnected to the timeline you left and then re-entered.

    It would seem the future Ministry Of Temporal Management and Modification will have to create a bureaucratic process to accept all its returning Field Agent Temporal Adjustment Engineers as they come back from missions. Only their own memories of their field missions will exist. They will have no confirmable “Legend” or identity as they step out of the booth; and no record of their mission will have existed as they departed.

    They’ll all return as Joe Ciphers.

    • In that “Ure’s new cosmology discussion” look closely at the example given of the “personal-line) attempting to “jump” to a new personal line via (in the example via prayer or intent).
      A portion of the time it works and some of the time it won’t.
      What I’d proffer is that time has a “file locking system” of sorts built into it. Very much the same as multiple user file locking works in Unix. (We don’t grock the CHMOD of all this, though, lol…)
      That being said, we can quickly see how the “personal-line” has a built-in file lock that prevents a jump to another’s personal-line (in a world-line) where an inconsistency would occur.

      The really really cool part of this is that once you acknowledge that OK< maybe Ure's right on the file locking schema of time (and a nested set of world-lines with time-lines- and personal-time-lines under all that) then immediately when "impossible futures lock" (as they do in the example where the cancer is not cured) then the travelers paradox also becomes nonsensical. You can intend all day to jump, but since time has onboard file-locking (which bars inconsistency) when the time traveler in the paradox goes back to "kill their father" another file lock is invoked so that they can not do so. Example: The gun may misfire killing them, leaving time intact. Or, both the time traveler and the parent are both killed by an earthquake such that the integrity of the time-line (and world-line above that) is maintained.This also (file locking, auto locking of some futures) explains why the MWI operates "much as a flock of birds" but with some variance between individual "personal-lines" and to an extent even the general "time-line"Time would "spill all over forever" were there not file locks to prevent inconsistencies in the system.Bet that's as clear as Yogi Berra, huh?

      • Oh, and just so we’re clear, the file locks may be acoustical or a yet-to-be measured side effect of low temperature plasma. Which gets us back to shoving function generator outputs into old fluorescent tubes and exciting them with RF coils in a particular arrangement to create a “time box” within which we may be able to use the instrumentation approach I outlined in order to come up with a measurable time anomaly.
        Do that? Then the “owning of time” becomes an engineering task.
        Problem with CERN and other such efforts, in my view, is they put too much emphasis on the money and not enough on thinking and asking the simple questions and answer ALL of them.
        Old saying “To a man with a hammer, every problem looks like a nail.”
        Which keeps old paradigms from breaking too quickly. Giving certain powers that be time to control and profit…

      • I wonder.. I’m not going to go on depth of my curiosity of the sublect.. bit I womder.. we know Crystal’s can store infinite amounts of data.. they generate power and can sort out changes in frequency.

        Then consider the legendary crystal power of Atlantis. That used it to change the weather..
        Consider today our atmosphere is spider webbed with frequencies of all types..

        The way I see it. It won’t be to long before we will all be able to buy our own cherry2000…


    • Gee Bill… you forgot Neil Degrasse … I have him on my bucket list of people to have a coffee break with before i expire..

      Ama ( he looks like amadeus Mozart ) is an awesome guy you’d love a visit with him.. although now that hes famous and no longer just an inspiring professor it’s only about money to visit with him.. but back in the day..it was a highlight .. just like urban survival
      his book the future of physics will definitely keep your mind busy.. you also forgot David Suzuki to..hes another one that will get you in the middle of a spirit able conversation.. nice guy to.. you dont feel time passing..
      I checked hom off the bucket list years ago..
      Another one was the man that planned the apollo space missions.. I think his books are still used in colleges.. he would get so upset because at the time I didnt care about quantum lol .. his favorite saying was..just think about it. We would sit out and have coffee and look at the stars at night lunch break..fascinating conversations. ( oh.. we went to the moon no question in my mind.. we may have faked a few photos but we were there he satisfied my curiosity on the theory )

    • My thought is a dual plasma vortex.. depending how strong the magnetic forces and the plasma charge. Could that open a window?? Or would it destroy the craft..just a wondering mind given a question I’ve never really contemplated

    • We choose our parents, so why not go back in time and choose not to be born? Or choose other parents?

  4. Does anyone think that a discussion of any “succubus” would be more interesting? It’s much closer to real life, IMHO.

  5. Just between us.. maybe this shouldn’t be shared since I think as I chew the odd happenings at the woo woo spots on the earth.. i wonder if this maybe on the cusp of understanding the secret of the Bermuda triangle and all the odd happenings

    Ok… I know I said I wasn’t going to delve into the curious nature of time travel…


    Consider the Bermuda triangle and the environment at the times of the disturbance and altered time reports.

    Two opposing sections.. one charged magnetic negative…alongside one magnetic charged positive..
    During a highly charged solar event.

    While in an electric charged storm where The craft gets an electric ion charge if it doesn’t hit the sweet spot you’d see instruments malfunctions..brain fog etc. But if it hits the sweet spot it would hit an extremely strong magnetic vortex both positive in one direction and one going the opposite direction..kind of like the lens one image up one down ..
    Think about it..two extremely strong magnetic envelopes in a highly charged atmosphere.
    Just a thought… what would happen in a situation like that with an aircraft boat etc.
    If you read the stories of the Philadelphia experiment that’s exactly what they did..

    I wonder..what effect that would have on a craft..

      • Dam.. here again I thought I was on to something just like the solar air conditioner.. and coffee inovation only to discover someone had the exact same thoughts prior lol lol lol oh well i am just to dam late again lol ..

      • Guess building a stargate will have to wait a little longer lol lol… back to reading and getting ready for the dip in the economy that’s headed our way.. lol

  6. Professor,

    What do you see on the dark side of the moon? Is there a flir in your bonnet? Four menoras came up with a shape of things to come. Perhaps adding some Bordurian dinars in the triage field kit will facilitate grokking the Kryptos?

  7. Hi George,
    I have a couple of suggestions for your continuing studies;

    1) There is a fascinating volume called “Chemistry by Number Theory” that you should be able to locate in the library of any university with a chemistry department. It has a lot of mathematics, but just by reading the text, you will learn that the 4-dimensional curvature of the universe is a 4-D Fibonacci curve. Fitted into this, chemistry is best explained as a reality in 4 physical dimensions. What we see around us is a three-dimensional shadow of that 4-D reality–and this includes every molecule of our bodies.

    What would happen if we learned to project the 3-D Shadow differently? Would we show up in a different reality, or possibly in a different location of this reality?
    Here’s the journal citation:
    Boeyens J, Comba P. Chemistry by Number Theory. Structure and Bonding 2013; 148:1-24. DOI: 10.1007/978-3-642-31977-8 1
    © Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2013

    2) Read Joseph McMoneagle’s book, “The Ultimate Time Machine.” Here’s a google link:

    McMoneagle was a remote viewer for the US Military for something like 15 years. It turned out that, to successfully view a remote location or object, it was necessary to specify at least two out of three of ‘time,’ ‘location,’ and ‘object.’ You can view an object or location in the past or future as well as in the present–It often happened that targets selected for viewing were accidentally viewed hours to years in the past or future when the timeframe was not locked in.
    In one of his books, McMoneagle describes a method for picking the direction of the stock market. He used it to raise money for a PTA; The sponsor of the RV session chooses another person (who is not a participant) to select two target pictures. They are sealed in manila envelopes and a randomly-generated number is written on the outside of the envelopes. The sponsor flips a coin to decide which envelope’s picture means “market up,” and which picture means “market down,” but he has not seen the pictures and knows them only by their serial numbers.
    The PTA members are then asked to describe the picture in the envelope that matches (for example) whether the price of Silver is up or down in 27 days.
    The sponsor collects the descriptions, and compares them to the pictures in the envelopes. Lets say that the ‘Up’ picture is a picture of a toy wooden drum, and the “Down’ picture is a picture of a sheep in a field. Lets say there are 20 PTA members. Seven of the 20 seem to be describing a sheep or a field; one describes a drum, and the others have random descriptions. Because most of the matching pictures are sheep, you can predict that the Silver price will be down 27 days from now.
    Of this exercise, McMoneagle said, “You can discard all the results that don’t match either of the targets as background noise. If you get more results that match one or the other target, that tells you what the market will do.” In 27 days, you look at the Silver price, and see whether the “Up” and “Down” pictures matched the market.

    A dentist who was buying futures on the Silver market agreed to buy puts and shorts based on the picks of the PTA members for 60 days, and give half of his profits to the PTA, if any. The PTA (and the dentist) each made something like $100,000.00.
    So there’s a practical application of future viewing, easy enough to try if you have 20 friends who are willing to try it out.

    3) In this article, the makers of the D-Wave quantum computers seem to say that the function of these computers depends on the fact that part of the D-Wave computer must gain access to a parallel universe;

    Anthony A. Has the age of quantum computing arrived? The Guardian 2016 May 22 https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2016/may/22/age-of-quantum-computing-d-wave
    Here’s a quote:

    “Exactly how and why quantum physics adheres to these science-fiction like rules remains an issue of great speculation, but perhaps the most common theory is that the different quantum states exist in separate universes.”

    4) Unlikely persons and the Branching Universe.

    Some people (Like Nostradamus perhaps) are better than most of us at reading the future. This skill could be an artifact of the branching nature of multiple universes. Suppose that a new and slightly alternate universe springs up with each event of each of our lives. The average person accumulates a lot of branches in his or her future, and this presents a problem for predicting the future–Which future branch do you want to describe?
    Ten years from now, a lot of parallel Georges–George-1, George-1A, George-23, and George-5127908, will all remember how you logged into your trading site on Monday Oct 8th, but some of them will remember that you took a cash position, others that you went long on XYZ, others that you bought futures. One of those Georges made the best decision, and maybe a lot of them made a good decision. Its easy for all the Georges to remember sitting down to do that trade. You _can_ remember the future, but there are a whole lot of futures to remember, and that’s why its not so easy for most of us. Also, all the other parallel Georges from previous splits are also making more branching decisions, and the resonance from all their future branches is contributing to your muddy view of the future.

    Now, picture a different George. This George should have been dead about 9 times already. He was hit by a truck as a child, yet no serious injury. The shark swam away from him in the ocean and attacked someone else. He walked away from the wreck of his Cessna. All the enemy bullets missed him in the war, on and on.
    Actually, most of the parallel Georges in his life were already killed off and did not make any branches. Because only the three luckiest Georges are still alive in all the multiverse, there are fewer branches in their futures, and they can see them more clearly than most.
    If this model holds, people who have been very lucky in avoiding death should also be able to detect the future more clearly. The very, very old should be more clued in to the future…

    Best of luck in your ‘future’ endeavors George. Let me know if you want to try the ‘stock market by pictures’ method.

  8. What frequencies do the earth emit during an earthquake? I was sipping a cup of coffee and reading your column yesterday morning when time and everything around me stood still while the house shook. Time did not literally stand still, but I was sitting in my family room facing my view and my deck when a squirrel Froze in their tracks on the rail of my deck. An often fidgety neighbor cat was in sight and froze as well. I too, froze for a few seconds, trying to assess the sensation, the surroundings and the severity or lack of severity of the house making those familiar noises we get from time to time on those sub 4 earthquakes.

    I have noticed this before with other minor tremblers, but it struck me that I had the same convergence of thought as the animals at that moment..and what frequencies were broadcast to make us all react in such an intuitive way? If you look at the placement of the pyramids around the world, they are in areas of high earthquake incidents…Egypt, Mexico, the ring of Fire of Southeast Asia…even Cahokia, Illinois had their mounds, which is near the New Madrid Fault. Coincidence or a known portal of energy?

    • Hi Mark,

      Are you sure it wasn’t a white rabbit that you saw?

      I think that you are referring to infrasound frequencies that fall below the human hearing threshold. It will be interesting to see how the bell tolls on this tangent of yours from Zeus’ Guardian of the Kibbles because those frequencies are stock-in-trade of paranormal investigators too. Doesn’t the Bible tell us that when Jesus died there were earthquakes and Saints left their tombs and walked about?

      “The time is gone, the song is over,
      thought I’d something more to say.”

    • Mark here is something to consider. I don’t remember which war it was WWI or WWII.

      But with the invention of tanks as rolling canon platforms, certain objects all over Europe were removed, because they were considered tank traps or obstacles.

      What they were, were Octahedrons approximately 3′ high and planted in the ground 3′. Allegedly, they placed in position under the direction of Apollonius of Tyana.This link will get you some background on him. On the mystical side there is much more, if the rumors are true. https://www.britannica.com/biography/Apollonius-of-Tyana

      Reportedly, the Octahedrons were placed in the soil in certain patterns, and (some-times following lay lines) (but, not always following lay lines), the purpose being to balance the Earth Currents, thereby preventing earthquakes.

      I came across this information back in the early ’70’s in a paperback book I read. At the moment, I do not remember the title. But there was a whole chapter devoted to Apollonius and his life.

    • Mark, I suggest you find the book: We Are Not The First, by Andrew Thomas. Read Chapter 19, page141. Appollonius Met the Men Who Knew Everything. What I described is located there.

      And for George, Chapters 7, 9, 13, 14, and 17. Time travel, anti-gravity and much else is described. Excellent resource about ancient technology. well researched.

  9. George, the hummm you hear when you clench your jaw…do you also hear it softly and when you do not clench your jaw? If you do, then perhaps what you are hearing is the Sound Current. The Sound Current. Different Far Eastern spiritual teachings such as the Whirling Dervishes, Sikh’s & others discuss this inner sound, and say it is the Word of God. It is indicated that it originates at the center of All Creation flows outward, and as Souls evolve and hear this current, they learn to follow it back to its source. In the US Eckankar teaches about the light and sound. I know many people who hear it all the time.

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