Jobs Flail, Markets Sick, George Healthy

“Roll out the whiteboard and hand me one of them markers to huff, wouldjah?”

We begin with “refried markets” for breakfast.

In case you slept through Thursday’s column, here’s the part you could have taken seriously, this chart:

And, what did I tell you this picture of the pre-open gap Thursday might herald?  (I have academics that quote themselves, but it’s too early to wake my consigliere and get him to say something pithy.  Besides, lawyers like to “talk for money” and to us, that’s a strong case for silence).

At any rate, what I said was:

“What we think of as an indicator of “discontinuity” happens when the Global Aggregate runs off without its counterpart – the U.S. Aggregate – closely in tow.

Right side of the chart, we see how the US has blown upward and is well above trendline of the Global Aggregate.  Four days until the big calendar event from WW II where Russia beat the Nazis.  Could something big, ugly, and mushroom shaped lurk ahead?”

Now, let’s look at the ACTUAL GAP TODAY.

Skinwalker Market?

With a nod to the TV series (now in season 3, btw) we seem to have experienced Ure’s “disappearing gap” between land of the sukkah-fish *US* and equally absurd European markets.

Oh, my, the market is chillin, chillun!

Well, no shit Sherlock, of course it is.  For as we said Thursday:

“I would have figured on a day when the price of Oil was up better than five percent, the Supreme Court leaking “secrets“, more money coming for war in Nukraine, not to mention Buyedem proposing the largest family-busting income tax hike since LBJ wending its way through Crooksville on the Potomac, that the market should have been on its ass.”

Good things come to those who wait.  Although our 3.7 percent gain Thursday was abbreviated from its potential. Just seemed rude to show up for a cardiology appointment and reveal my maniacal day trading addiction.  So, I sold earlier than later, out of an abundance of caution (on early onset dementia!).

Leaving us this morning STILL headed in the coming month or several to head down to the orange circle in this:

Obviously, I didn’t take my anti-self-aggrandizement meds yet.  I’ll pop them now while we move on to the Fractured Fairytale called EMPSIT.  And you did see where Productivity decreases 7.5% in Q1 2022?  Go Brandon!

Key takeaway #1:  Markets are sick.  George is not.  Perhaps we can get together for a nuclear stress test in June?  That’s when we should see a rally as markets climb a wall of worry expected in there.  And while I climb a treadmill to hit 85% of target heart rate… I’ve got better odds of making my numbers than this pig of a market, though…

Employment Report

The set up here:  Great ADP hiring report Wednesday.  Layoffs creeping back up in the Challenger Job Cuts report.

Now slap that fellow over there and hand me the envelope for this morning, please?

“Total nonfarm payroll employment increased by 428,000 in April, and the unemployment rate was unchanged at 3.6 percent, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Job growth was widespread, led by gains in leisure and hospitality, in manufacturing, and in transportation and warehousing.”

To us – and I say this till I’m blue in the face, the only data that matters is the overall, total number of people working.  President Buyedem will be putting the screws on us via income tax increases in the second half of his train wreck.

The Big Lie – and media is complicit – is shown in the official data tables.  You have to be a crack-baby to believe “Total nonfarm payroll employment increased by 428,000 in April”

But, no, it didn’t.  In the government data set of total working we LOST 353 thousand jobs in April.

See how the Big Lie works?  By the government’s own data in the table, we are down 353-thousand people working this month compared with March.  (Still below Sept. 2019 levels, too.)

In reporting the gains in employment, how many of the new jobs were “made up” – having been estimated into existence by the CES Birth-Death model?  Well out of 428 thousand “new jobs” there were 340-thousand of them simply “made up.”

Which we led into this morning with the market trying to turn up before the data.

Employment gain claims like this are so thin and flimsy they ought to be in the Victoria’s Secret catalog, ISYN.

It’s like my late mentor Robin Landry told me “Be patient, the market usually “makes its waves.”  Which is how we made lunch money (and enough for jet tickets to any city for it) in the trading session Thursday.  (Domestic lunches only, based on cheapskate tickets and 2 small appetites, no allowance for a Saturday sleepover…)

We’ll finish talking trash about The Street, The Fed, and the Drooler on the Peoplenomics report tomorrow.

Like the TV character Lucifer says:  “Tell me what are your deepest desires…”

Well, er, Let’s see if this pig can’t get off the ground and close strong into the close today – which could meet our greedy, grubby, licentious desires for more from the Book of Collapsing Human Follies come Monday.

I suppose I shouldn’t kick Bitcoin when it’s down, but under $36-thousand now and it should be lights out for that mania within 2-3 years.  Called this one from the start and STILL answer the “Did you own a crypto wallet” question NO on the 1040 filing. (Which was 139 pages this year.)

Silly Me, Silly Thee

LBGTQ (etc.) marketing has reached a new pinnacle:  Biden announces Karine Jean-Pierre will replace Jen Psaki as the new press secretary.  The marketing never stops.  Just try to remember the flapper era came to an end as America sank into the Great Depression.  Rhyme time Fiday.  Welcome to the media circus KJP.

Another sign of movement on the cancer front as Chili peppers could be the secret ingredient for beating all forms of cancer. We’ve added ’em to the grocery list under this song title.

The Coming War with Mexico?  How often do I have to state the obvious?  Low intensity conflicts build over time.  Some people get it (Trump Proposed Launching Missiles Into Mexico to ‘Destroy the Drug Labs,’ Esper Says), While some don’t.

“Let’s Play Chicken for a Billion Dollars, Bob:”  Bird Flu Outbreak Nears Worst Ever in U.S. With 37 Million Dead.  As we told you back in December, plant a garden this year or be pissy and hungry.  Ure call.

Yellow journalism meets Social going tits up, perhaps? My big boobs mean TikTok ridiculously takes my vids down for being ‘too sexual’.  Not news but click bait is what social is all about.

Meanwhile, speaking of boobs: Nude video latest scandal turning Republicans against US Representative Cawthorn.

Still peddling vaxxing?  How many people have died from the Covid-19 crisis?.  14.9 million.  Out of 7.8 billion.  Odds being, uh, less than 2% or 1 in 50.

ATR:  Follow-Up and Stuff

Main takeout following the meet and greet at the cardiologist’s office yesterday?  When I was working 18-hours a day in software, powered by coffee to get up, vodka to slow down, I had some PCAs/PVCs.

Turns out at 73, I still have the same thing.  Except, of course, it only takes 16-hours now.  Why, at this rate, by the turn of the next Century, I will be down to an 8-hour trigger point.

Won’t matter, though.  Environmental whackos have us all drowning by then…

This weekend ShopTalk Sunday is super long, detailed and useful.  Show you how to turn out a useful low-power HF radio manpack.

Just the charts on Peoplenomics tomorrow.  A mapping exercise of 1929 news event to present day may be along next Wednesday, though.

Off to prop up the still burgeoning squash plants in the garden room.

Write when you get rich,

68 thoughts on “Jobs Flail, Markets Sick, George Healthy”

  1. Still baffles me why you believe ANY government statistic. Too many cherries will give you a tummy ache. My mantra is “Lie to pollsters”.
    We prefer Oak Island to Skinwalker. They’re always just THAT CLOSE to finding the treasure of the Knights Templar. The cow that keeps on giving. That Aussie has got to go though.
    What if the Hokey Pokey is, in fact, what it’s all about?

      • Glad Ure heart seems to be OK! After reading the PN pdf Wednesday night, I figured it probably was.

        Does the total number of people “working” include those that work many hours a day on productive activities that are not reflected in dollars or economic exchange? It’s productive, but not “economic activity”. I do think this is the sort of activity that many more people learned to appreciate during the limitations of the pandemic(like building your greenhouse and growing food for eating). Tax free too! The Brandon proposed increase in income taxes will encourage this even more.

  2. Job Numbers…
    George, thank you for all of your insights. I am just curious on the job numbers. The government table number was a loss of 353k and 340k were made up – roughly even. Where did they come up with the additional 428K to take break even to positive?

  3. Glad you are OK! Down similar paths in my yute. Det må være en dansk ting.

    Making light of it after looking up cardiovascular-related acronyms for PCA. Favorite: Patient Controlled Analgesia.

    Best to you and E.

  4. Hi George, 14.9 Million out of 7.8 Billion is 0.2%, or 1 in 500
    (14.9 / 7800 = 0.00191)

  5. If you haven’t already done so, I suggest very strongly that you buy a good AM-FM radio. One that runs on common batteries like “AA” batts. (NOT any exotic type.)

    “AAAs” don’t hold nearly as much juice, as “AAs,” and are in every food store, drug store, and home store on the planet. Even so, buy a pile of them — Amazon peddles “100-packs” for reasonable dollars. Stock up.
    They WILL quickly become unobtanium when the truckers “park ’em,” — and they WILL at some point.

    Don’t scrimp. An excellent AM side will give you coverage at night for many hundreds and sometimes thousands of miles.

    Ham Two-Meter coverage and NOAA VHF weather brodcasts are nice, too — BUT basic AM-FM will give you good intel when the plugs are out.

    Don’t over-buy, It’s all too easy to do that, but also don’t get a $2 cheapie that isn’t sensitive and selective enough to perform well.

    I have a TECSUN PL-660 (The ‘Zon) that works quite well. has many good ones, for decent but not cheap prices.

    Few things will be as important when the plugs go out.

    “Better six months too soon, than 10 seconds too late.” Get this done!

    Move out!

    • Bought this a couple of weeks ago – along with the Tecsun AN-48X Indoor Active Loop AM/LW/SW Radio Antenna., as a secondary back-up. I agree, it works very well. Very good reception. [ Need more batteries though.]

    • Except.. what if china and the usa decide to tussle.. seems the PTB want to tie one on with nato and usa.. they stop manufacturing or delivering to the USA we are screwed.. so to keep the power faster hun the games getting good
      Just think how many women say I have to diet

      • Gads! The shipping from China is almost as much as the equipment! All you need is an old car generator (NOT an Alternator) and an old bicycle to mount it to. An alternator can be used, but it requires input voltage to excite the field coil.

      • “Gads! The shipping from China is almost as much as the equipment!”

        [As someone who’s ordered a LOT of stuff from the PacRim] I can tell you the actual shipping is about $3US. A parcel which would cost $20 to send across the street using USPS Parcel Post costs 65 cents to send from Yanwen or Nancheng to the U.S. or Canada.

        The price would not be terribly out of line if that decorative artwork were sent from Japan because the only ways to get stuff from Nippon to Nashville which don’t involve a slow steamship or possibly a human-powered paddle wheel, and 3-5 months of transit time, are to use FedEx or DHL.

        The shipping is a scam. The mechanicals are chintzy and would not last a week under use, and the demonstrator hides the Li-ION battery he’s using to energize the alternator.

        Also, why on Earth would anyone build something like this that’s human-powered? These are much better when driven either by wind or water…

    • The best AM/FM radio you’re likely to come by is in your car already! Unfortunately, there’s little to nothing on those bands worth listening to, with occasional exceptions for CtoC and Ground Zero. I listen to WOAI hundreds of miles away when I can’t get anything worthwhile from ABQ at all. YMMV, of course. I’m sure that a better antenna, especially on AM would help a lot. Solar chargers for 12v car systems are readily available.

      Most home radios are absolute crap and many newer ones have even dropped the AM band. Weather, SW, ham, and other interesting bands are usually missing unless you pay for a specialty radio.

    • I use a Tecsun PL-600 with a home brew magnetic loop. The loop makes a huge difference on shortwave bands and is easy to construct for all but the most all-thumbs types. ~6-7′ of copper tubing or even the outer braid of cable coax and an old radio tuning capacitor is about all needed. Plenty of how-to’s on the web.

    • They make Alkaline Battery Rechargers!! (I have one and it works great)

      YEP … you CAN recharge Alkaline Batteries, of course the makers of those batteries don’t tell you that.

      The recharging units never sold well so after an intial flash they sort of disappeared from the market but the last time I looked you could still find them on Amazon. Mine was made by Everready, yep the battery manufacturer, and will recharge virtually all sizes, runs off 110 AC.

      This is NOT a substitute for regular rechargable batteries but does allow you to reuse the Alkaline batteries about 3 to 5 times.
      (you may want to get some regular rechargable batteries for your radio along with a self contained SUN SOLAR recharger that you can recharge them in – just put batteries in, place in sun for a day … and voila the smaller rechargable batteries are mostly recharged – will never get them past about 70%-80% but that is OK).

      Recharging Alkaline Batteries is different than actual rechargable batteries, you can never bring them back up 100%. On first recharge you may get them back up to 80% or so of original capacity, 2nd maybe 65%, 3rd maybe 50%. Beyond that I don’t know about since I have never recharged mine any more than 3 times, but for most purposes that means you get 3 times the amount of energy out of an Alkaline for the price of buying just one.

      DO NOT USE DURACELL batteries! Their quality now is shit and every one I have now bought in the last 5 years HAS LEAKED!! Doesn’t matter the size or the fact it is way before it’s “Use By” date stamped on the battery, after about 3 years it has LEAKED!! Cheap chinese batteries last longer than Duracells … and virtually none of the cheap brands leak. NONE of the other major brands have leaked on me over the last decade or so. And to think … Duracell charges you MORE for their leaky batteries than anybody else charges!! Sheesh!!


        I buy these.. I had bought the rechargeable everady battery.. and these.. to compare.. for a night light that turns on when you walk past it.. the difference is amazing in comparison.. I only get half of the time with the ever ready and the harborfrieght batteries.. not only hold more charge.. but I get more charges into them.. so far two sets of these batteries have been recharged over ten years constantly..
        for the general toss out batteries I get their magnums gold.. the yellow are alright but only last half as long..unfortunately they are all made in .. oh heck all the batteries we get are made there so it doesn’t make any difference LOL..
        great batteries over all.. once in a while you will get a dud but the vast majority of them are amazing..

      • “unfortunately they are all made in .. ”

        Harbor Fright batteries are made in China.

        Energizer, Duracell, Ray-o-Vac, and Panasonic alkaline batteries are all made in the same factory, in (I believe) North Carolina.

        Until about 5-6 years ago, the Chinese batteries were measurably better. They have not improved; ours have improved tremendously, which is why the fancy-schmancy guarantees from Energizer and Duracell, now…

        I have several Civil Defense surplus radiation-detection devices. I bought them years ago and benched ’em (this is also why I own a radiation standard.) I simply could NOT get them to behave like they should. In doing a mess of research, I discovered they only work properly when powered by “carbon-zinc” batteries. (They were designed in the 1950s — decades before alkaline batteries were invented. It was when I was doing research on making alkalines work that I discovered the manufactured source for our name-brand alkaline batteries.

        BTW, I never did get the damn’ Geiger counters to work on alkalines. I’ve thought several times about contacting the folks at KI4U to see if they found a workaround, or simply pack their refurbs with Ray-o-Vac or Eveready (yes, they’re still around) Heavy-Duty batteries…

  6. Absolutely impossible to pick a single topic to comment on this morning George but from a 30,000 foot view, here are a couple of developments I see quite clearly.

    (1) Brandon picked a female black LGBTQ2++++ press secretary to cover all bases. If you criticize in any way, you are either sexist, racist, homophobic or all 3.

    (2) The Roe v. Wade leak was deliberate by Democrats to create a repeat of the peaceful burnings of the summer of 2020 and influence the mid-term elections in the same way they did the Presidential election of 2020. Target the evil Christian churches this time. Expect a very riotous Mother’s Day to kick things off.

    Note: these opinions have not passed the approval of Scary Poppins and her truth committee. Read at your own risk.

    • “1) Brandon picked a female black LGBTQ2++++ press secretary to cover all bases. If you criticize in any way”

      Which demonstrates that George Soros is still in charge (Soros selected Obama because he couldn’t be criticized, after losing bank on his investments in Gore and Kerry.)

      “(2) The Roe v. Wade leak was deliberate by Democrats”

      Of course. The Democrats have absolutely no accomplishments upon which they can run, therefore they need a really big diversion to take people’s minds off the fact we’re heading for nuclear annihilation and a financial depression that’ll make 1929 look like “the good old days.”

      My congratulations. You have demonstrated a mastery of U.S. politics which few of us can match…

    • I knew for sure that the SCOTUS leak was a dumbocrat/left setup when Schiff comes out and says he doesn’t care about who caused the leak (that’s a sideshow, he sez). “But we MUST expand the court!”

      So there you have it. No investigation because they already know who did it, and the redirection to action to pack the court. QED

    • The fact that she is the deputy press secretary has no bearing on her qualifications, huh?

  7. Here’s the money quote from the article about our new press secretary:

    “The veteran communications officer lives with her partner, CNN journalist Suzanne Malveaux, and their child. “

    • I couldn’t care less, her gender, pigmentation, or sexual proclivities. I care whether she can do the job, and whether the FOX (and independent) journalists can ask a question of her without being negatively labeled by the commie mobs.

      I have my doubts…

    • I don’t understand the prejudice, especially since you don’t know any of these people. Try your left hand?

      • Sorry. I can’t fix your lack of comprehension. Perhaps you should watch a Press briefing or two…?

  8. Esper does indeed get it. If you read the article, his account of Trump wanting to launch missiles onto Mexican drug labs is so awful, it’s funny. Trump said they would do it quietly so nobody would know who did it…WTF. Was Trump that stupid? (YES!) Who else has that type of capability in the western hemisphere as the missiles travel from north to south? YIKES!

    And…why do we care if the new press secretary is LBGTQ? She seems ultra qualified. SO many people think this is an assault on them personally. It’s not…But, I do get that it is important to address it upfront. Too many people have hang-ups on sexual orientation and the more we normalize it, the less it will matter and the less we will have to explain who is living with who. People are people…deal with it.

      • You miss the point George…Two things…Let’s get the stupid comments out of the way first…
        Trump says… he would fire Patriot missiles in to Mexico…Patriot missiles are surface to air. They can’t hit targets on the ground. The former commander in chief should have known that. Of course he knew and still knows nothing.

        Second…Read the responses from all of the major military generals and top brass. Nobody thought this was a good idea…You don’t fire missiles into another country that is our largest trade partner that long term, will have no consequences. And, knowing how drug cartel leaders kept kids and civilians close to their compounds for security, how many civilian lives would be sacrificed in such a launch? Didn’t we do that in Iraq and Afghanistan for over a decade? How did that turn out? The drug dealers will just build more drug labs, just like ISIS and Al Queda moved from one cave and town to the next. Plus, they are right next door to us…We bomb their stuff, they will plant bombs in our major cities right back.

        • 1) Drones are one of the preferred deliveries, so no problem with shooting anything and anything inbound without clearance to transit the ADZ without transponder on an pos. ID. Remember, I flew that area on our trips out west

          2) Any .mil person I would believe (and there’s a huge list) has been replaced by brown-nosers who might lose a fight with a paper bag.

          3) the intel agencies are hip deep in the drug trade – so an open border is a drug crossing.

          Bombs away.

          Sneaking in illegally? We defend OUR borders less than Nukraine’s.

          Join the rational middle. We miss you.

    • Mark. No one is questioning whether the new press secretary or any other appointee is LBGTQ or female or black or male or white or ??? People are people and we can deal with it. I have a grandson who is gay and he and his partner are warmly accepted by our family.

      What Is unacceptable is when sex, race, culture, etc. is deliberately used as a defense mechanism against anyone who argues valid points with someone or their support tribe who is female, black, LBGTQ. (e.g. you are sexist if you are male and pro-life. you are racist if you think all lives matter. you are homophobic if you think men should not compete in women’s sports. you are homophobic if you think sexual orientation should not be taught to kindergarteners, etc.)

    • Biden is way overboard with race/sexual preference being the primary consideration in hiring and promoting people. Take off your far left blinders, Mark. Most of us could care about race/sexual preferences unless it’s made THE topic rather than if a person is qualified for the job. And when very smart White kids can’t get into the “Ivy League” schools because of race, isn’t that discrimination? Or in your little world you probably think that’s good!

    • Maybe ole Amber Heard was just trying to help Depp be younger by leaving him a Pile of faecal (poo transplant) in their bed?

    • AG

      You should have mentioned this is related to Gut Bacteria.

      Gut Bacteria is showing up in a number of different studies as being related to all sorts of medical disorders. There are now some studies going on that show that certain types of serious depression are related to Gut Bacteria, and get rid of the “bad” Gut Bacteria.

      From the article:

      “…These findings show that gut microbes play a role in the regulating some of the detrimental effects of ageing and open up the possibility of gut microbe-based therapies to combat decline in later life….”

      “… In old mice, these detrimental changes in the gut, eye and brain could be reversed by transplanting the gut microbiota from young mice…. ”

      “… The researchers have also analysed the products which these bacteria produce by breaking down elements of our diet…”

      “… This has uncovered significant shifts in particular lipids (fats) and vitamin metabolism, which may be linked to the changes seen in inflammatory cells in the eye and brain… ”

      My own experience with the “Gut Bacteria” situation came about many years ago when Ulcers and their treatment was the MOST PROFITABLE part of the Medical Industry, both for Doctors and Drug Companies.

      I was on the edge of needing Ulcer Surgery when I read an article in the brand new edition of “The Economist” (a british newsweekly magazine) of a British NIH Study that had just been published that week. It confirmed the theories about ulcers and their CHEAP treatment that had come from a practicing Outback Doctor in Australia, not a researcher per se by any stretch of one’s imagination.

      Since the British NIH is NOT a profit making organization someone there read about this Doctor’s wacky theories and treatment and somehow scarfed up some British government funds to have the British NIH do a double blind study. VOILA … that theory was proved out and his CHEAP treatment worked like a charm. Since Britain’s health service is NOT a profit making entity that is probably about the only place that would have spent the money to investigate if this was real or just make believe.

      Well I was going in for follow up visit with my ulcer doctor with surgery on the NEAR horizon and mentioned the article I had just read the night before. WOW … he couldn’t say enough bad things about what a schlock terrible outfit the British NIH was, “uneducated pieces of crap who should never be allowed into any lab” I think are his exact words. WOW … of course if the Australian Doctor was right, now backed up by the British NIH study, he was going to lose his lucrative specialty since ulcer treatment doctors would NOT be needed in the future, the very very NEAR future.

      I left his office and drove to the nearby Krogers and got enough of the over the counter treatment that the Australian Doctor said was the treatment, now confirmed by the British NIH, went home read the directions and self treated myself with a two week course of treatment (the British study used 10 days as I recall). VOILA my ulcers WERE CURED!!!

      I had been paying the Ulcer Doc $60 per visit (mid 80’s) plus was buying some expensive prescription drug that I took daily, and was looking at an expensive ulcer surgery about 6 months down the road.

      For about $5 I was CURED!!! WOW …

      What was that treatment? Bismuth, a heavy metal taken orally. Taking Bismuth daily (spread out over the day) for 10 days, I went two weeks, and I was CURED!! Two weeks supply of Pepto Bismol (2 large bottles) had cost me about $5!!

      Of course since that was THE LARGEST profit maker in the entire medical field back in the early to mid 1980’s for both Doctors and for the Drug Companies they both fought that science tooth and nail for a few years in the US, though NOT in Britain which because it was a National Health Service system didn’t care about “profits” just results and it became their standard and very succesful treatment.

      Today everybody “KNOWS” that most ulcers were related to Gut Bacteria … but back when LOTS of people and LOTS of companies were making LOTS of money off of “their” treatment protocols they did NOT CARE ABOUT THE *REAL* SCIENCE!!

      Gut Bacteria has a larger impact on our overall health than most realize. Pay attention to the study cited by AG!! I think over the next decade or so they are going to find MANY things related to Gut Bacteria including some aging issues, some cancers, some heart issues, and of course the new studies about mental health issues for some people .

  9. *@&@%$#$^@&^@! Dammit G!, now Ure one of dem..SoaB!
    Moar impossible shceisse in the in-box before I even have time to wipe off the dried blood, from last nights’ adventures, let alone wipe krusties from eyes. On what planet in this hear solar neighborhood are BIG BOOBS not a Joyous thing – a sight to behold, pray tell?
    Sure I love motorboating” a large pair of “melons” – too much fun….”oohhhh make it go faster!” Sure yep faster indeed vrooomvrooom baby!

    In and of themselves Boobs are just that – mams” -natures best – for growing infants. The retarded thinking behind suppressing Big Boobs, and boobs in general – is same Anti – FEMALE – pro Patriarchal death cult philosophies that have so raped the scheisse out the planet and its inhabitants since the secrets to the tree of life were 1st given to Womenkind.
    Seems western governments going tits up together – we should all gather round the urban survival/Uretopia campfire this weekend and sing kumbaya 4 them.

    In my daily efforts to be a better person, I am endevouring to be a BRA – I fully support Big Boobs for President in 24, and Big Boobs for Congress/ Senate/ and state Govs.
    Aint nothing matta with Big Boobs – big,medium, small, tiny..Speaking of support – there is fair chance that if the objects of my desire are “Big” – so is da booty !

    Heres wishing everyone a Hyper-sonic Glider free weekend..for a “bloody” full moon eclipse on the 15th of this Month, will be a Sign.

  10. TASTELESS JOKE for Another George…

    So, does that mean gay fudgepackers live longer?

    Sry – had to…

  11. It is quite possible that one morning, in the not-too-distant future, 260 million people [ number inside large city complex] are going to wake up with the stark reality that they could easily starve to death in the next couple of weeks.,
    In 1929., just before the Great Depression, 43% of the population was rural., independent and mostly self-sufficient. Today., it is less then 23 %. 77%, or roughly 260 million people are ‘urban’ and totally dependent on a fragile supply-chain system for their basic survival need.., food.

  12. Good column today. George respect fibulation. The great Mel brooks . Zero sugar and 1 only1 citrus fruit a day .

  13. “…on the 1040 filing. (Which was 139 pages this year.)”
    ANOTHER good reason I don’t trade anymore. The damn tax filings. Living simple on SS and a pension so small it is not taxable. My 1040-SR is the simplified one for elder folk.

    “Off to prop up the still burgeoning squash plants in the garden room.”
    Live and learn. Next time plan further ahead. I have a tangerine tree (more like a ‘bush’) that was whacked off years ago and resprouted lots of small bushy branches. It required many stick supports on the tiny branches heavy with fruit. It got a massive cutback this year after the fruit was done. My ‘raised beds’ are on the ground with only 24” walls around them. The pumpkin squash vines crawl over the edge and get support on the grassy ground surrounding. Yeah, I have the luxury of an outdoor ‘grow room’.

    • My new idle LOL That being said. It is very hard to be simple enough to be GOOD. BE WELL CONGRATS TO YOU!!!

  14. Yesterday ,and again today , at the end of the trading day ,the loses magically disappear. I wonder if ninety proof nancy is privy to when to stay and when to pull the trigger, just saying.

  15. Comrades,

    Hope everyone has had opportunity to place their umbrella in a pre-dinner cocktail. Gather around for today’s fairytale, “Scheherazade”.

    Italian financial police advise they have a search underway to learn who owns the $700 million superyacht “Sheherazade” which is soon leave Massa, Italy, for points unknown. Ownership suggestions have included a certain Mr. Putin. Like the fairytale, this story is to be continued another day.

  16. “Off to prop up the still burgeoning squash plants in the garden room.”

    Too much nitrogen…

  17. The bear chorus is gaining new voices:

    Still harboring latent optimism, I note. Once in motion, runaway credit deflation will defy central bank helicopter interventions. Composite knee jerks of the financially walking dead are quicker than digital printing presses. Elliott waves rule an unbridled mass panic.

    For the corporate brown shirts who can do no wrong, to become penniless losers will cause their dissociative disorders to go full corporate Ted Bundy. Sympathies go to their underlings.

    If you haven’t placed yourself in a low to no debt position, you might want to consider down-sizing to the debt slavery sidelines before the investments tank. From what I have observed, the wave counts are not favoring miracle overnight recoveries as a potential outcome right now. Decades of MBA looting and debt slavery posing as assets need to unwind, at your expense.

  18. Comrades,

    Details of S.3522 – Ukraine Democracy Defense Lend-Lease Act of 2022 which passed on Friday and awaits presidential signature is available on the Congressional website. The legislation allows weapon giveaways without payment or return.

    A couple of items may be of interest.

    1./ The Act includes Eastern European countries without naming them.

    2./ The Act was introduced by a republican Texas senator and member of the on January 19, 2022 more than a month before the Ukraine invasion began.

  19. Can’t help but think you have become careless and complacent. Shame but that’s life. Did they give you any meds. An adversion to the facts . Hubris and ego . Dangerous

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