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Before we wander through this morning’s long list of interesting news, we need to say something about where the anti-Trump spin in coming from.  A lot of this was laid out in this week, but I wanted to mention it here, as well.

When comes to “fake news” it’s looking more and more like we have a global problem with piss-poor headline writing.

Take this piece in the Washington Post this morning, as an example.  The headline asserts “Some Trump supporters thought NPR tweeted ‘propaganda.’ It was the Declaration of Independence.”

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But in fact, when you read the story the only mention of  “Trump supporters” is when the reporter speculates as follows:

Some people — presumably still in the dark about NPR’s Fourth of July exercise — assumed those lines were references to President Trump and the current administration.”

You can see how this snowballs:  Journos aren’t supposed to be PRESUMING are they?  So how do they conclude (based on logic) that people commenting were Trump supporters.

THEN we need to ask how the hell it was spun into yest-another-Post Trump Bash by the headline writers?

You seeing how this stuff works?

Here’s another example.

Story hit Science Daily this week: “Extreme weather conditions and climate change account for 40% of global wheat production variability.””

EXCEPT that when you go back to the original source, it turns out the term “climate change” doesn’t even appear in the cited study.  The term was made-up by a PR Department to generate wider distribution of a story that otherwise simply said that when you have “climate extremes” (droughts and floods) too much rain damages wheat output more than too dry/drought conditions.

So here’s the challenge:  When you read the news – from any source, not just these two offending examples – take the time to notice the headline and then see if the headline’s contention is supported by the facts of the story.

Oftentimes you’ll find – as we try to point out now and then – that the problem comes down as we’ve stated before:  Too much “channel capacity” and “not enough data to fill it.”

All made even more dangerous because AI writing software ( and take the RSS feeds from news sites – rewrite them – and if the inbound headline says Climate Change then it gets parroted back to the output.

And once the Vicious Word Cycle (VWC) begins, it doesn’t break easily.  So where we are now is the climate radicals have planted the VWC and the hapless public is continuously brainwashed into believing that Climate Change is something we should throw money at.  So grant writers and researchers begin tossing the term into everything because with the VWC in play, they have to use it in order to get funding!

Donald Trump has the same problem – as the Post story demonstrates.  The reporter presumes and the headline writer repeats the lie without condition.

Think of the World as being like a carnival “Hall of Mirrors.”

Except we have a very special mirror (the media) that OVEREMPHASIZES TO THE EXTREME.

If you walk by the mirror and you feel pretty good about yourself, the excess feedback will make you think you’re the coolest human ever to make it out of the birth canal.

But, if you feel bad about yourself?  The mirror (media) will hound you toward suicide.

It’s all (as we’ve been discussing on the Peoplenomics side) part of the March to Transhumanism – the Man-Machine Merger.

Problem is, unless we quickly overdose on mental acuity we won’t make it:  Because on all topics, extreme over-emphasis can have unwanted effects.

Nuclear war escalation paths being among the more worrisome.

There…now as my Blood Pressure resumes normal, we press on into the (rest) of today’s slop.

Jobs Data

ADP’s monthly job creation data first:

ROSELAND, N.J. – July 6, 2017 – Private sector employment increased by 158,000 jobs from May to June according to the June ADP National Employment Report®.

SHOCKER!!!  Not a single new goods producing job in the ADP report.  All Services – all expendable!  Could this lead to Trumpble in the markets?

Then we have the Challenger Job Cuts report:


Employers announced plans to cut payrolls by 31,105 jobs in June, the lowest monthly total of the year according to a report released Thursday by global outplacement consultancy Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc.

The June job-cut total is 6 percent lower than the 33,092 cuts recorded in May*, and 19.3 percent lower than the same month last year, when 38,536 cuts were recorded. The pace of job cutting is significantly slower compared to the first half of last year.

Through the first six months of 2017, employers announced 227,000 planned job cuts, down 28 percent from the 313,754 cuts announced through the first half of 2016.

Tomorrow the rest of the data follows as the FedGov release BLS data.  In the meantime, market futures were down 70-ish and I’m feeling like a damn genius for blowing out of our sizeable long position when we were up 20o-ish Monday.

Leaving Las Vegas

A LOT of Casino jobs will be eliminated by robots – but then we knew that was coming.

With 2/3rd’s of the jobs automated by 2035, we’re wondering what will happen to the “world’s oldest profession” up there.

Put on your list:  VIDEO – In 60 seconds: The dark side of the sex robot craze.

Eclipse Watch

There was a 5.8 in earthquake in Montana Wednesday.

We are a month and a half from the August 21 eclipse that will come 103-years (to the day) after the eclipse of eastern Europe that followed the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand and set off WW I.

With Trump in Europe, let’s just say we worry about such historical rhymes especially when there was a very large armory theft in Portugal recently.  Such “coincidental timing” makes us nervous.

Fitness Rap Worth Reading

One reason most people think my wife Elaine looks 20-years younger than the drivers license is she works out all the time.

Since we have a new home gym being delivered Tuesday, we’re finding the Time Magazine “Science of Exercise” very useful.

Pope PR Probs

As a Vatican secretary has been busted at what some accounts are calling a “drug-fueled gay orgy” we have to wonder if the Vatican will seek outside PR counsel?

How many PR accounts come with a pass to the Pearly Gates?

No, Not Climate Change

Record cold in Greenland for July, says this story with one use of the phrase “climate change.”

And kudos to the L.A.. Times for not using the trite phrase of the year in their report on how temps into the low 100’s are coming to L.A. this weekend.

After Bankrupting States…

The Lefty grab for Cities is here!  …we figured (and told you this was coming) and that the Left would start trying to return to the old feudal city-state schemes of medieval Ure-up.

Sure enough!

We’re having an in-house discussion (dominated by Zeus the Cat, curiously) as to what’s going on.

The way the Cat has it figured, the motivation of the Lefties is  simple:  With no Hillary, there’s no patronage jobs and so people who were Hillary worshippers have no “Temple to Diana.”

To hear Zeus tell it there’s a pattern of socialists bankrupting everything in sight in order to hand out Free Lunches to their acolytes.  He argues that the escalation of the U.S. total tax burden is about to go parabolic (as in Illinois) and so the Left’s strategy is to get control of any taxing authority they can.

I countered that the City-State concept has already proven a bust in places like Texas where the analog is the Municipal Utility Districts have screwed the pooch in places like The Woodlands.  There, you get to pay about $8,000 a year property tax on  a $300K home.  Doesn’t sound like free lunch does it?  More like runaway government….which is what shitty-states would be.

Zeus points out that the MUD’s in Texas are nominally non-partisan but what’s coming will be politicized.  Essentially, his “Map of the new World” has high population areas like Bellingham, Washington through Seattle and down to south of Olympia being turned into a democrat City-State while the Outback areas of the country will remain semi-autonomous.

Democrats already have a city-state in California,” he explained:  “Los Angeles County.”  Democrat, too, if I understood him right. Bird-breath mumbles at times.

Like the Middle Ages, the rurals will control the food supply and natural resources while the shity-dweebs will control power and comms.

Well, except there wasn’t much in the way of comms back then, but ol’ Zeek meowed back that I was just having a bad morning.

“Naw, you stupid the Cat, I just want to live in Sherwood Forest.  Still a few merry men out hear. Say… You haven’t heard from Friar Tuck today?  Wasn’t he going to Rome?”

22 thoughts on “Jobs Data & Bashing Headline Writers – the VWC”

  1. Here is a good example for your readers George:

    When you read the headline, you expect some scientists to be “concerned” about this particular earthquake. What’s more, yo expect it to tie the quake into the Yellowstone SV.

    The scientists disabuse a link between the Yellowstone SV.

    This was an article sourced by “Tyler Durden”, the voice of ZeroHedge. Zerohedge gets money via clicks. The target audience prides themselves on being smart and informed. Alas, methinks the real Zerohedge readership has either left the site or else they have imbibed a substance that fuels cognitive dissonance.

    Tomorrow, when you use a search engine and put ‘supervolcano + montana’ into that search engine, you will likely get this article returned near the top. The result will be additional clicks for the ZeroHedge bunch. That is the ONLY reason for them to be the source for an article like this, where the headline contradicts the core reference in the article.

    This is pure, unalduterated doom porn my friends. Clickbait…and it absolutely relies on the fact that most people truly believe that a supervolcano will erupt without some telltale signs well beforehand. People get this notion from watching doom porn on the History channel or the National Geographic channel and not applying even a modicum of critical thinking.

    Truth? If the magma chamber fills in Yellowstone, the geyser complex will blow itself dry due to the temperature rising. The lake is likely to boil and dry up. The park will be closed and the rangers will leave, as will the animals, because the ground is growing too hot for comfort.

    As a further indication, the adblocker in my browser recorded 37 ads trying to get my attention on just this single page from Zerohedge.

    • Outside of financial, ZH is clickbait. I brought me here (I think) and to many other places where you can expand your mind. I agree, I think the original readers have long moved on, to bigger & better things.

    • “SV concerns rise” 3-4 times per year over Yellowstone… Generally occurs when there’s a dearth of ‘Net readership.

      Yellowstone is gonna blow. When it does, it will pretty much wipe out CONUS and the lower half of Canada, and the ash cloud may kill off the remainder of higher life forms on the planet (40 years without sunlight and a sudden global ice-age are not very conducive to growing seasons.) Ain’t gonna happen in our lifetimes, and since it’ll be an ELE, it is also not worth worrying about. Surviving an all-out nuclear war or the Christian Armageddon would be more-likely (and easier…)

      I’ve rarely read a headline in the last 20 years, which accurately described the content of the article following. Everything is agenda-driven or doomporn in some manner, even the stuff in highbrow journals. It’s annoying, that to glean any worthwhile content, one must temper the blather based on the political and social leanings of the author, dissect the article with a logical scalpel, then read between the 3-4 remaining lines.

  2. Onc e again, there you go, ignoring the fact that Trumps Business Model is going consumer direct and cutting out the media that gangs up on him.

    come on Jon, a little equality for competing (and did I mention demonstrably True?) ideas!

    • it helps to have daughters that communicates such things when they come over and says dad put down your phone and listen to this and I laugh and say okay

    • It just might revert back to the old pioneer days where the doctor came to see you and we have a few of those Across the Nation who are getting tired of all the paperwork from the government insurance companies so they just get into their economical vehicle and travel to the patients and they don’t use Medicaid or Medicare they use a subscription rate a yearly rate that you pay and it’s pretty darn cheap and they make out too because they don’t have to have a secretary they don’t have to pay all this other stuff no big overhead it’s just the vehicle every year or maybe by another vehicle every couple years and go see your patience who pay annually or monthly a lot cheaper and any government or insurance company can offer

      • have you seen how big an Immaculate these big hospitals are some places I mean marble this floors marble walls and expensive multimillion-dollar things just it’s like the banks you know course that is the bank is the medical profession you know on every Big Four Corners of bank that used to be service stations now its banks and how many you know units are they actually renting out in that big bang because they don’t use the whole thing for themselves and so it’s a big scam really it’s like hey we need to make all this money to maintain our high-rise Bank or medical building and we need a lot of write-offs to while we’re making big money for our profit shellers shareholders so you know like I said it’s the biggest scam used to be oil which still is but service stations on every corner for service stations on one corner and if you pull in the one they offered to check under your hood and if you allow them to do that well you know how some people wear their wedding rings will they have another ring on their finger and it’s got a razor on it and they go down and check all your belts and hoses and while they’re down there this razor ring they have on slices a few belt slices of you hoes not all the way through just enough to weaken it so when you go down the road a little way well now you’re broke down and you have to call someone tow truck to take you maybe back to that location or another local location big scam isn’t it sounds like it same thing with the medical profession they have moved and the bankers they all compete for the four corners used to be no gas then it became bankers and now it’s Medical now maybe any of y’all out there in the comment land of the world can tell me what will be the next four corner takeover business

      • Here’s another point that people should look at the Amish people was coming from a guy named I’ll man or a man or something like that her clothes Society who don’t use internet phones or anything knowledgeable they’re closed the restricted and there’s a lot of bad stuff that goes on because you have a bunch of man and you have young girls and older girls and probably boys who are taking advantage of and there’s nowhere for these kids to vent their problems where they’ve been taken advantage of so that’s one ended Spectrum the other end would be are high tech technology where’s this going to go what’s going to be the bad and what’s going to be the good about communities and Families with high technology any takers go for it

    • I’ll give you a head up heads up my daughter took me to Walmart took me out shopping all the places I need to go and I got tired and I really need to sit down and the only place they have to sit is in the shoe department you know place where you try on the shoes and I’m like this is terrible Walmart is making so much money but they can’t put a few chairs or benches in there and different places for the senior citizens and now you know that’s who we are mostly in my area is senior citizens in there shopping and you know in the old days in front of the stores and in the stores they had a place for people senior citizens to sit down and be part of the community and say hi as people walked in hey I like your hat yeah so we don’t do that no more we’re like well we don’t want you if you can’t walk in and walk out real quick we don’t want to have any Community contact with you that’s Walmart they don’t care about you like I posted before the corporations only care about one thing profit at your expense they don’t want to help you at all okay this other thing that I’d like to talk about is the charter of Corporations meant maybe someone will give president Trump a hint about this and maybe John R Sonny will try to understand this we have to change the charter of Corporations to where it was before the powers-that-be took over it used to be in there Charter that they have to satisfy the community first before they get a profit in other words they couldn’t take that business out of that community and they could not pay the shareholders first until the community agreed that hey they have enough money and yes there’s enough to support the shareholders

      • Now this could turn around real quick I mean we have the internet public media on this part if a store was to offer and that’s probably where the malls will probably go for the future is to say hey come here old people come on here sit down talk we’re here compared to Walmart which is in and out you know the new Mall’s will have to do that they will have to allow people to come in I mean because old people do like to get out they don’t have to be recluses all the time but they may not be able to walk throughout the whole place so that’s another service specially for old people who don’t have young relatives they can walk in and at least you know some way or another they can get there have a service for that have a service that says Hey will do your shopping for you what will help you with that you know something this is what the old days used to be about it used to be about everyone getting together and helping the elders and the younger people would do the work anyway this is the only way we’re going to get around Amazon is revert back just like the doctor’s come into your house

  3. Jon, you must be in a constant agitated state of mind. Do you really think you’re changing anybody’s mind?

  4. Regarding Las Vegas: It seems that the world’s oldest profession is illegal there. For some odd reason, it’s illegal to sin in Sin City. I fail to understand the draw to Lost Wages just to lose money in a casino, and I do think that if casinos doubled as brothels, there’s be a great deal more business.

    Sex robots will become fairly common, IMHO, as women become more self-contained and less needy of men. Men are socialized for a role that women no longer need, and women are getting socialized to a role where men are optional. While I don’t like it, perhaps this is to actually push the concept of sex robots as “the next big thing”.

    Anyway, FWIW here’s a 44 page report regarding the desirability of sex robots:

    • LOL – fine report
      And for the average Amer male? “Comes with a 2-minute battery, lol!”

    • I had a friend, years ago, who built drag (and street) racers. He told me: “If anybody ever figures out a way to make cars that can screw, our species will die out…”

  5. Hi George this is this one’s for you Rumor Mill News needs they say $3,000 a month to keep their s*** going I mean I think it’s a scam but anyway so they allow those people to post on her website and so there’s a lot of people pay a lot of money to keep that website at $3,000 a month so what I’m here with you getting into the groove of what you could do this damn same thing there you know say hey if you want to post with your name or researchable we want some money okay I guess you could work you know well you know like instead of me paying $100 a year for a website I could just put all my s*** on your page and everyone will go like well if we want to research whatever Bryce lazy porch Garden has posted we just punch into that because Bryce is paying $100 a year stead of a website so what you doing is your putting you’re giving people the opportunity to just post and have their own post site for a price instead of a website so I mean that’s a big undertaking but anyway rumor Mills is doing it for $3,000 a month

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