Before we wander through this morning’s long list of interesting news, we need to say something about where the anti-Trump spin in coming from.  A lot of this was laid out in this week, but I wanted to mention it here, as well.

When comes to “fake news” it’s looking more and more like we have a global problem with piss-poor headline writing.

Take this piece in the Washington Post this morning, as an example.  The headline asserts “Some Trump supporters thought NPR tweeted ‘propaganda.’ It was the Declaration of Independence.”

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But in fact, when you read the story the only mention of  “Trump supporters” is when the reporter speculates as follows:

Some people — presumably still in the dark about NPR’s Fourth of July exercise — assumed those lines were references to President Trump and the current administration.”

You can see how this snowballs:  Journos aren’t supposed to be PRESUMING are they?  So how do they conclude (based on logic) that people commenting were Trump supporters.

THEN we need to ask how the hell it was spun into yest-another-Post Trump Bash by the headline writers?

You seeing how this stuff works?

Here’s another example.

Story hit Science Daily this week: “Extreme weather conditions and climate change account for 40% of global wheat production variability.””

EXCEPT that when you go back to the original source, it turns out the term “climate change” doesn’t even appear in the cited study.  The term was made-up by a PR Department to generate wider distribution of a story that otherwise simply said that when you have “climate extremes” (droughts and floods) too much rain damages wheat output more than too dry/drought conditions.

So here’s the challenge:  When you read the news – from any source, not just these two offending examples – take the time to notice the headline and then see if the headline’s contention is supported by the facts of the story.

Oftentimes you’ll find – as we try to point out now and then – that the problem comes down as we’ve stated before:  Too much “channel capacity” and “not enough data to fill it.”

All made even more dangerous because AI writing software ( and take the RSS feeds from news sites – rewrite them – and if the inbound headline says Climate Change then it gets parroted back to the output.

And once the Vicious Word Cycle (VWC) begins, it doesn’t break easily.  So where we are now is the climate radicals have planted the VWC and the hapless public is continuously brainwashed into believing that Climate Change is something we should throw money at.  So grant writers and researchers begin tossing the term into everything because with the VWC in play, they have to use it in order to get funding!

Donald Trump has the same problem – as the Post story demonstrates.  The reporter presumes and the headline writer repeats the lie without condition.

Think of the World as being like a carnival “Hall of Mirrors.”

Except we have a very special mirror (the media) that OVEREMPHASIZES TO THE EXTREME.

If you walk by the mirror and you feel pretty good about yourself, the excess feedback will make you think you’re the coolest human ever to make it out of the birth canal.

But, if you feel bad about yourself?  The mirror (media) will hound you toward suicide.

It’s all (as we’ve been discussing on the Peoplenomics side) part of the March to Transhumanism – the Man-Machine Merger.

Problem is, unless we quickly overdose on mental acuity we won’t make it:  Because on all topics, extreme over-emphasis can have unwanted effects.

Nuclear war escalation paths being among the more worrisome.

There…now as my Blood Pressure resumes normal, we press on into the (rest) of today’s slop.

Jobs Data

ADP’s monthly job creation data first:

ROSELAND, N.J. – July 6, 2017 – Private sector employment increased by 158,000 jobs from May to June according to the June ADP National Employment Report®.

SHOCKER!!!  Not a single new goods producing job in the ADP report.  All Services – all expendable!  Could this lead to Trumpble in the markets?

Then we have the Challenger Job Cuts report:


Employers announced plans to cut payrolls by 31,105 jobs in June, the lowest monthly total of the year according to a report released Thursday by global outplacement consultancy Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc.

The June job-cut total is 6 percent lower than the 33,092 cuts recorded in May*, and 19.3 percent lower than the same month last year, when 38,536 cuts were recorded. The pace of job cutting is significantly slower compared to the first half of last year.

Through the first six months of 2017, employers announced 227,000 planned job cuts, down 28 percent from the 313,754 cuts announced through the first half of 2016.

Tomorrow the rest of the data follows as the FedGov release BLS data.  In the meantime, market futures were down 70-ish and I’m feeling like a damn genius for blowing out of our sizeable long position when we were up 20o-ish Monday.

Leaving Las Vegas

A LOT of Casino jobs will be eliminated by robots – but then we knew that was coming.

With 2/3rd’s of the jobs automated by 2035, we’re wondering what will happen to the “world’s oldest profession” up there.

Put on your list:  VIDEO – In 60 seconds: The dark side of the sex robot craze.

Eclipse Watch

There was a 5.8 in earthquake in Montana Wednesday.

We are a month and a half from the August 21 eclipse that will come 103-years (to the day) after the eclipse of eastern Europe that followed the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand and set off WW I.

With Trump in Europe, let’s just say we worry about such historical rhymes especially when there was a very large armory theft in Portugal recently.  Such “coincidental timing” makes us nervous.

Fitness Rap Worth Reading

One reason most people think my wife Elaine looks 20-years younger than the drivers license is she works out all the time.

Since we have a new home gym being delivered Tuesday, we’re finding the Time Magazine “Science of Exercise” very useful.

Pope PR Probs

As a Vatican secretary has been busted at what some accounts are calling a “drug-fueled gay orgy” we have to wonder if the Vatican will seek outside PR counsel?

How many PR accounts come with a pass to the Pearly Gates?

No, Not Climate Change

Record cold in Greenland for July, says this story with one use of the phrase “climate change.”

And kudos to the L.A.. Times for not using the trite phrase of the year in their report on how temps into the low 100’s are coming to L.A. this weekend.

After Bankrupting States…

The Lefty grab for Cities is here!  …we figured (and told you this was coming) and that the Left would start trying to return to the old feudal city-state schemes of medieval Ure-up.

Sure enough!

We’re having an in-house discussion (dominated by Zeus the Cat, curiously) as to what’s going on.

The way the Cat has it figured, the motivation of the Lefties is  simple:  With no Hillary, there’s no patronage jobs and so people who were Hillary worshippers have no “Temple to Diana.”

To hear Zeus tell it there’s a pattern of socialists bankrupting everything in sight in order to hand out Free Lunches to their acolytes.  He argues that the escalation of the U.S. total tax burden is about to go parabolic (as in Illinois) and so the Left’s strategy is to get control of any taxing authority they can.

I countered that the City-State concept has already proven a bust in places like Texas where the analog is the Municipal Utility Districts have screwed the pooch in places like The Woodlands.  There, you get to pay about $8,000 a year property tax on  a $300K home.  Doesn’t sound like free lunch does it?  More like runaway government….which is what shitty-states would be.

Zeus points out that the MUD’s in Texas are nominally non-partisan but what’s coming will be politicized.  Essentially, his “Map of the new World” has high population areas like Bellingham, Washington through Seattle and down to south of Olympia being turned into a democrat City-State while the Outback areas of the country will remain semi-autonomous.

Democrats already have a city-state in California,” he explained:  “Los Angeles County.”  Democrat, too, if I understood him right. Bird-breath mumbles at times.

Like the Middle Ages, the rurals will control the food supply and natural resources while the shity-dweebs will control power and comms.

Well, except there wasn’t much in the way of comms back then, but ol’ Zeek meowed back that I was just having a bad morning.

“Naw, you stupid the Cat, I just want to live in Sherwood Forest.  Still a few merry men out hear. Say… You haven’t heard from Friar Tuck today?  Wasn’t he going to Rome?”