Our last mental enema of the week as we try to keep the unconventional UrbanSurvival mentality is to upload another cup of liquid speed and ponder that which the zombies (programmed by the Collapsing News Networks) are too stupid  – or too busy trying to get laid on Tinder – to figure out.

First let me explain a few facts of life that get the short-shrift in public education.


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In  other words, if you have a LOT of money, then you can have a lot of servants.  And all the toys on earth.  I speak this as a graduate of American Success University where the course offerings consisted of fast women, sailboats, Porsches, an airplane of your own and so on.

Without money?  None of it happens.

When you are trying to get hooked up on line, there is a simple, easy to use formula:  Lie and pretend to be rich.  Men and women (and lately other) are all looking for the Sugar Daddy, Sugar Momma,, or Sugar Other, so they don’t have to work to eat and not sleep in the park.

Money is something you gotta have and anyone who gets up on the moral soap box needs has a cranial impaction in the Charmin zone.


This a really difficult thing to wrap the old nog around.

But it goes something like this:

Money’s historical role has been as a STOREHOUSE OF VALUE.

Until, that is, the moneychangers who were “chased out of the Temple” in the Biblical accounts, figured out that the road to domination of their bankster leech class was to convince people that paper is as good as tangle valuables.

Tangibles?  Sure:  Food, cattle on the hoof, land that is deeded (so the Sheriff will kick trespassers out), and oh yeah – silver and gold.

These later are “precious” for a list of reasons that are both chemical (within the Platinum, Gold, Metals) for things like catalyzing reactions and in the case of silver while it does fine in photography, it is also key in electronics and increasingly antibacterial applications and medicine.  Look up monatomic gold sometime.

Run out of the Temple a few thousand back, the slow-motion scam has been to convince the populace that “paper is as good as gold or silver.”  Which it is not and which is proven by counterfeiters and ID thieves daily,

Worse, after getting kicked out of the Temple, the money-changers have been looking for a new place to set up shop and they’ve found it inside computers.

The notion here is provably workable because the bankster class has been enjoying the profits of online banking for years.

Here in the Outback, though, where life is slow and thinking faster, we observe the Great Rollover of Money that is in play.

Step 1.  There were only fungibles:  Cattle on the hoof, grains, and demonstrably precious metals for jewelry and medical/scientific uses.

Step 2.  Was to introduce a piece of paper (made up or “fiat” currency (a scrip accepted by officialdom) but lie to people about the “convertibility of paper back to silver…”  And thus, the US had the Silver Certificate and anyone could take such paper into a local Federal Reserve Bank and exchange it for some measure of silver.

Conspiracy theorists imagine all sorts of things about the assassination of President Kennedy.  But to me the most credible reason for his pointed removal from office was the Fed’s plans to  end the convertibility of Silver Certificates and their replacement with “Federal Reserve Notes.”

As Wikipedia notes on point:

Silver certificates are a type of representative money issued between 1878 and 1964 in the United States as part of its circulation of paper currency.[1] They were produced in response to silver agitation by citizens who were angered by the Fourth Coinage Act, which had effectively placed the United States on a gold standard.[2] The certificates were initially redeemable for their face value of silver dollar coins and later (for one year – 24 June 1967 to 24 June 1968) in raw silver bullion.

We don’t need to rehash the Kennedy killing, but we do need to acknowledge that the most powerful force in the Universe (Money) wanted out of convertibility on demand.  And they got their way.

Still, that didn’t make bankers stupid rich.  That would need?

Step 4:  Unlimited creation of “paper money.”  As noted, we have seen this in the monumental clusterf**k called the Federal Debt.  Essentially, the coopted Congress abdicated to banksters in the last Depression.  Corporate law’s crooked seeds were sown and today we suffer the fallout through rulings like Citizens United.

Step 5.   This was a no -brainer.  With computers and online, it was no time at all before computers were further nationalizing money to make it even more of an abstraction that it was on its face when the convertibility was ended.

Step 6 – and this is where the Greatest Fools may be found:  Taking notional (paper money) and turning notional PAPER into notional ELECTRONIC “money.”

Step 7 is what lays ahead – and it’s why our recent outlook on the Peoplenomics.com side, in which we rehashed and test-fitted events of the English Civil Wars (See Charles 1, Cromwell, et al.) with present-day happenings.

The progression is clear:  In the coming Second Depression, the government will DEMAND and REQUIRE that all financial transactions take place ONLINE lest those criminal users of cash (e.g. fungible assets) for the past 10,000 years, instigate an uprising to challenge the bankster scree.

What happens then, when the People on Top can dictate the lives of the People on the Bottom, is you have finally achieved corporate feudalism.

Yowza, yowza we’s all woikin for de Man!

So if you plan on being an UrbanSurvivalist, there are only three things you need to track:

  1. The progressive hollowing out and removal from autonomous use of “money.”
  2. The progressive victimization mentality upon which the co-conspiring media base false claims of the need for gun control.  It keeps the down-trodden, well, down.
  3. And last, but not least, try to see the assertion of transgenderism as a new “right” as only a stepping stone to Transhumanism.  (That’s the blending of humans and machines.  It’s let’s “Condition the herd up a bit” by running through gender morphing and such..” It will make machine-merging almost seem “normal.”

Final Free Thought

This one has been bothering me.

I don’t care if you’re a person of faith, a person of science, or like us,  understand there’s a long-term merger going on over in those Realms too.,.

Point?  I have awakened a couple of times this week with what I can only call an intrinsic knowing that the Bible is (old testament) largely a retelling of a civilization before the present run.

See the Vimanas – the ancient flying machines of the Jain Texts.

Bring me to a discussion I need to hae with Chris Tyreman up at www.thechronicleproject.org – where the original (Aramahic and other) lingo’ed words of ancient tests are slowly being retranslated.

Take their rework of Daniel V27, for example:

v27 And the sovereign, (Emperor Hadrian) ongoing, toward many shall invade. And the invaders arrows shall slaughter complete family lineages. And that which goes before (them) as a standard; wings (the Roman eagle). Detestable (to him) is that name of those (being slaughtered) and unto (that name) an end…”

Anglicized and put into current newswriting parlance it conjures up something like this:

“And the Sovereign will invade.

“The invaders (arrows) missiles shall slaughter family lineages. “

And it all seems to reduce in many ways to the work of G.A. (Stu) Stewart over at The Age of Desolation has a new book (out shortly) from his site http://www.theageofdesolation.com/ which is called Nostradamus: The Third Age of Mars.  (Note to Stu:  Send review copy!!!)

Maybe it’s because I’m aging (dang) or maybe I’m just seeing it clearer:  Many paths converging…but no peaceful way into that post-convergence future is in sight.  Because there isn’t one or because we’re too fascinated with the doom porn to get it.

Yet depletion never sleeps.  And the burning of Damascus?  How soon is that?

There’s a part in the Chronicle Project work where the Garden of Eden is described as guarded by what sound like laser-sword packing robots.

But the haunting question seems now whether the warning not to “eat from the Tree of Knowledge” was a coded messages to future generations:

Something like  Don’t do networking.  Runaway information is bad, very bad.  Life-ending.  See how Babel worked out?

Was Eve from Cupertino?  Home many Tinder young things are?

Time to compile and run:

Is the Old Testament a Michelin Guide to how the previous civilization blew up?  And to the degree it may be, how much of the grand replay of human folly can we sketch in on the fair chance we’re going down the same path now?

Screw it.  Deep philosophical questions like this can wait for Monday.

If you see bright flashes, it didn’t wait.

Have a fine weekend. Write when you get rich, and goggles for the Fall?