Job Report, and a Real Anti-Aging Idea

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Breaking News

Jobs Report Still Up

Just out from the Labor Department:

Total nonfarm payroll employment rose by 145,000 in December, and the unemployment rate was unchanged at 3.5 percent, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Notable job gains occurred in retail trade and health care, while mining lost jobs.

This means in the past year (Dec. – Dec.) almost 2-million more people are working.

The main numbers we look at are the total number of people working, because all the rest can be moved around by simply lowering a denominator.  The other key is how many jobs were estimated in existence by the CES Birth/Death Model.  This month, 60,000 jobs were subtracted in the model.

After the number, Dow futures were up 34.  Click here to see the NY Fed Repo deals.

Bitcoin earlier was $7,841 and the Fed dumped another pile of repo’s into the market this morning, handing out $ -billion.

Lawyers vs. Docs in MASS TORT

Note from my consigliere implies the cost of doctor’s malpractice insurance may take another moonshot, depending on what happens in the opiod trials.

“The Opioid MASS TORT litigation just picked up a few thousand more defendants… individual Doctors.  The drug retailers just sued the Doctors who prescribed the Opioids in their pending litigation for the 2 lead cases scheduled for trial later this year.

The lead cases against the national Pharmacy chains are the twin cases filed by Cuyahoga County Ohio (Cleveland area) and adjacent Summit County Ohio (Akron area).  The major opioid distributors, except Johnson & Johnson, settled their cases with those two counties mid last year.  (virtually all opioid cases nationwide against the manufacturers, distributors, and retailers, have been consolidated into the same US District Court, North East Ohio for the opioid litigation).  Next up are the retailers… And now they are bringing the local Doctors who wrote the actual prescriptions into the battle.

And depending on disposition of the legal wrangling, Doc’s are going to face even higher malpractice insurance not to mention ungodly C.E. requirements… which might be used to learn instead, more about medicine, not law!  My consigliere’s measured view?

Mass Tort Litigation, and the medical profession, will never be the same if the retailors make their lawsuits against the individual Doctors stick.

We can’t be far from the day when this will be said by a new doc somewhere:  “Yeah, I just finished my residency in tortious avoidance…”  Bet me?

Weird Anti-Aging Idea

Don’t do this, don’t try this.  We’re just kicking it around, alright?

While I was using my “light helmet” this morning a novel thought wandered between my ears:  Is there a link between the Breastplate of Aaron (Biblical) and the long-term de-generation of the thymus gland?

Before going further, we need to remember that THIS IS NOT MEDICAL ADVICE.  I’m just looking at a novel idea, right?

Here’s the deal, though.  The Breastplate was something with 12-stones on it, each representing one of the tribes of Israel.  As I noted in my book “Dimensions Next Door” seems that one of the reasons jewels were of such value in times of antiquity, was they were light filters.

Seemed to me that original “crowns” in ancient times likely had “open back” frames (later crowns)- thus letting a particular mix of light strike the head.

I already know, experientially, that placing different lights over various parts of the head, can change levels of mental acuity. A “speed crown” for example uses red, green, and blue LED arrays.   There are numerous devices presently in trials which you can find on the government’s website.  Look up “light therapy” and you should get 7,000+ results.

Anyway, back to point, I’ve been looking at the role of T-cells in aging, and wouldn’t you know it?  T-cells are critical to fighting inflections, and even cancer.

Problem with the thymus gland is that it reduces to a kind of mushy, fatty gland by the time you get to 50 or 60 years of age.  Wears out.

Now to the novel thought (which Elaine and I are adding to our daily light regimens):  Would turning a mix of 700/850 nm deep red and near infra-red light on the center of one’s chest for a few minutes a day slow the T-cell functional decline of the Thymus?

Apparently, I’m late to the party.  The idea is covered in a 2018 paper turned up when I went into full-on research mode.  On the website, the paper is “Aging of lymphoid organs: Can photobiomodulation reverse age-associated thymic involution via stimulation of extrapineal melatonin synthesis and bone marrow stem cells?

Reading over the paper, occurred to me that taking a bit of melatonin at night (so it’s at a high bloodstream level compared to normal (whatever that it) and then applying the red/NIR light for a few minutes (10, or so, but depends on light amplitude, so looking at about 4.5 Joules worth just pulling a wild guess out) might yield interesting results.

I’ll do this for a while (a month or three) and do an update over on the side of things.  Positive or negative.

Makes an interesting line of inquiry for thos who (like us) are always looking for ways to self-optimize via things like supplements and CBD oil and whatever other ideas that come along.  Like the 40-minute daily workout on the treadmill and weight machine I go through…

Wanted to pass it along, though, as of possible interest.  No one escapes Dead, but no point running faster toward it.

Gaming the Royals

Had a dandy note from warhammer overnight.  Since we’re likely in the
“spaces between Iran tantrums” got to keep the mental juices stirred up.  And what better way that trying to sort out the Royal Intrigue of the Meghan and Harry fleeing the Land of Kneelers to come to ‘Merica.

“Thinking about this royal mutiny of Prince Harry.  My potential reasons, from realistic to tin foil, follow:

– Megan and Archie mean more to Harry than his hereditary titles and honors

– Harry’s ‘real’ father is NOT Prince Chuckie, but one James Hewitt, the late Princess Di’s riding instructor, and the Queen and Chuckie know this.

– Harry is being relocated to insure the Royal Family survives potential hostilities or targeted attacks; the Crown may be acting to to insure survivability of the royal line in case the worst case scenario happens.

– Harry is on the verge of abdicating his royal title and responsibilities, perhaps due to vitriol between he and his older brother, Prince Willie.

– (putting on tin foil hat) Harry is the Beast of Revelations and Megan is the harlot of Babylon (Hollywood), with there being 10 Canadian provinces sitting above the U.S.(beast with 10 horns); Harry emigrates from England (of the sea);  England is historically connected to the Roman Empire, scourge of the early Christians.

Feel free to add more.  Fun exercise. ”

Well, I have been thinking about this (though a 100% time-waste, except for the infintesimally small chance they’ll by a 50-acre mansion up the road from our double-wide in the woods…).  Seemed to me:

  • They may be coming because of a HUGE Hollywood payday that awaits.
  • OR, Meghan and Harry may be serious foodies, and the UK is not the culinary melting pot America is.
  • OR they miss Wal-Mart and being able to mingle with real, actual people.
  • OR the Royals weren’t going to turn loose enough money to support the couple in manner to which they would like to become accustomed.

The future of royalty is clouding over, you see:  Are kneelers waking up?  Could there be a referendum on their future?  No Royal worries, though:  Since the UK still hasn’t finished BREXIT, appears to us the country is being run by banker forces that ignore everyone they choose to ignore.

With that, now I’m back to the “But who gives a rip?” part…  Unless the series Suits comes back, of course.

Useful to Know

Keep an eye on NGO’s (non-governmental agencies).  The Russians do: Memorial Human Rights Organization Is Fined 21 Times for Violations of Foreign Agent Law.

Hillary PFTE Cheers from liberalistas a “Justice Dept. winds down Clinton-related inquiry once championed by Trump. It found nothing of consequence.” comes out in the Washington Post.  Except, there’s no actual report yet…so is this just a pre-spin?

Washington sideshow:  Features 8-democrats who understand the Consitition and voted against the hair-trigger House reaction and resolution in response to the U.S. killing a leading terrorist.

Laughable Nancy:  While sycophant CNN calls it Impeachment impasse shows Pelosi’s power.  We beg to differ.  Impeachment impasse shows her utter arrogance and bloodlust for power.

In our Cyber-Security Breach du jour we haveHackers Cripple Airport Currency Exchanges, Seeking $6 Million Ransom” out of the NY Times to read later on.

Now hear this:  Does this sound like a nail in Boeing’s coffin? ‘Designed by Clowns…Supervised by Monkeys:’ Internal Boeing Messages Slam 737 Max.”

Where’s the Warming?  Where’s the Deserts?  Chart from NOAA sure doesn’t look like desertification to us:

Wettest year ever Meantime, it was only the second-hottest year for the whole earth, and except for a few states, it was nowhere near.

Still, brace yourself as in coming weeks, the climate alarmists will use terms like “pre-industrial levels” of warming and the like.  We hold to the simple notion that yes, climate has been getting warmer since the Laurentide Ice Sheet began to withdraw.  I’m reminded of the Hollywood fellow who said “I’ll be back.”

The NOAA look-ahead data still has the Sun asleep until at least January of 2023.  And, in the meantime?  Cooling atmosphere holds less what?  (Hint: it’s used to make coffee…)

Write when you get rich,

27 thoughts on “Job Report, and a Real Anti-Aging Idea”

  1. I think doctors that abused their agreed to responsibility to do no harm to their patients should be brought into the law suit. This issue I see are sets of doctors were receiving kickbacks for the volume of painkillers they prescribed. This kind of suit is very different to me to me the a baby still born or something similar and the doctor getting sued because folks are distressed about a medical outcome.

    In the first case the issue can be completely avoided by understanding and documenting your patients medication needs, and prescribing what will help the patient not lining their own pocket. The second is unexpected or random outcomes and justified for tort reform.

    Those opiate prescribing doctors are no different to me then those that work with ambulance chasing attorney’s signing off and getting kickbacks for law suit results, just more scummy people.

  2. George

    “Now hear this: Does this sound like a nail in Boeing’s coffin? ”

    On a happier note for Boeing America’s next Super Rocket the SLS was rolled out of the NASA Michoud Assembly Facility for the first time on January 8, 2020. The SLS Core Stage was positioned on the barge Pegasus for transport to Stennis Space center where it will be test fired. The Core Stage is about 240 feet long and 28 feet wide. Four improved Space Shuttle Main Engines are mounted on it’s aft end.

    It will be interesting to see if the engines are to be recovered after flight. They are mounted in a separate pod that is connected to the aft of the hydrogen fuel tank.

    An Upper Stage is to be attached to the Core Stage and and an Orion Capsule to that stage. The hulls for the Orion Capsule were also fabricated at the Michoud Facility by Lockheed then sent to the Kennedy Space Center for final assembly.

    The Michoud Assembly Facility located in the eastern part of New Orleans has been the site of many important government projects since it construction in 1940. It has been used to build military cargo aircraft, Patton Tank engines, first stages for the Saturn I and Saturn V and the Space Shuttle External Fuel Tank. The facility with a main building covering 43 acres and deep water access is the perfect place to build something as large as the SLS.

    Let hope that this event means America’s civilian space program is being revived!

    • May I suggest you check out the NASA YouTube channel presentation on the Artemis program.

  3. Back to yesterday’s aliens. One of the curses on the Israelites for disobedience was that “aliens / strangers will rise up among you and they will become the head and you “Israelites” will become the tail.”
    An alien among Israelites is a gentile.
    Deu 28 has 43 verses listing curses which are on them and their descendants FOREVER. Pharisees today who claim to be “Gods chosen” are in fact gentiles and have no claim to the land of Israel.

  4. Predictions I have interpreted from Nostradamus’ writings first published in 2010:

    1) The British government will help restore Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton to power.

    2) The British government will relocate to the United States when Russia moves in Europe.

    3) Nostradamus’ Armageddon hero, Henri Selin, is an heir to the French Bourbon monarchy. Therefore, the Dauphin did not die after Louise XVI and Marie Antoinette went to the guillotine. Nostradamus wrote that he would be born in America. As did Edgar Cayce.

    4) My research indicates that he could be related to the Scottish Stewarts or the English Stuarts.

    5) Diane Spencer was a Stuart.

    6) Like 2 Popes, like poor Donald J. Trump, the Obama sucker, the Masters of the Game are gaming prophecy.

    • Harry’s real name is Henry I believe. He could be “reborn “ in America as a leader. Also I remember reading somewhere that some prophecy experts say that the royal family will be decimated by death, including all of Williams’ side, leading to Harry perhaps having to be the one who takes up the mantle.
      Also re: M & H leaving England, Megan is a strong feminist. I somehow get the feeling that she now wants nothing to do with Prince Andrew and his “ties” to Jeffrey Epstein.

  5. Yo G –

    in light of the fact that U have the ability to envision things/objects/color/lights/ect in your minds eye – at least I would assume U have that ability – dreamover and what not – it says here that getting into a meditative state and Envisioning the various colored lights shining on your internal organs..Brain.. would be way more powerful and effective method – perhaps in combination with light crown therapy – Internal Method (s)/soft martial arts as it were works – dont know how or why – “what the mind conceive – the body will achieve”.

    • I know very well of this internal light of what you speak. When, as a child near death, I spent some time in that “blue tunnel of light” and then much later (and healthier) working on tapping into the unlimited clear white (and extraordinarily powerful) white light, I came to sense that these lights are “of the spirit” and to “light the spirit.”
      But the other lights (everything from the Light-Eaters of Ra to the modern scientists trying to recover light medicine from the historical dumpster) the external light is co-creative with the internal.
      Recall that firing a neuron does drop off a photon. But what is the way to recover and re-energize what was stripped away?
      Yes, metabolism, but just as batteries have a “cycle limit” my sense is that there’s a cycle-limit of sorts here and only by taking “healthy light” can one re-charge. Ergo Sun worship and all these light technologies being tested.

      • Very mechanical that idea – I use a method involving Aether/Essence or Qi. Taken in thru the skin pores – circulatory system- lymphatic system till eventually it goes to lower abdomen – thats where the Lotus Light (s) from internal Lotus flower . My understanding is Humans do the conversion of Sunlight and Qi internally – again dont know how or why – just know. Sorry if that sounds too Yoda-ish – hard to describe the indescribable..

        Serious word of caution – Energy work absolutely requires practitioner to do a Closing – thats how “monsters” get in. Always Be Closing..even when not practicing..PS – I stay away from white light -seems angry – I like golden/purple and red.

  6. I’m big fan of supplementation. Here are the latest I am testing on myself: bitter melon for type 2 diabetes, bhb for keto state without doing strict keto diet (too tough on my body), and c60 for general health (someone I know has gray hair turning brown again and no need for eye glasses after using 2 months.)

    BTW, regular use of bilberry extract did improve night vision in my 74 year old eyes in spite of early stage cataracts. Vision last time tested was 20/25 left eye and 20/40 right eye.

  7. Another Prince Harry Theory: Meghan took off her wedding ring. Desperate Harry is trying to save the relationship. It won’t work.

    • She demands to be the center of attention. That’s what you get Harry for marrying an American Princess. Dash that Queen, my handsome Prince.

  8. Small thought:

    LEDs have “spiky” distributions of only a few energy peaks versus wavelength. “White” light from the sun or tungsten incandescent light bulbs consists of light of all wavelengths. (An over simplification to make a point. The sun and incandescent lights have spectra that are not balanced composites of all visible wavelengths — the sun has lots of blue and incandescents are tilted more towards the red end…)

    I wonder if a sharp selected spectrum, consisting of only a few sharply defined and emphasized “pure” wavelengths, has less of an effect than simply illuminating with full-spectrum white light, and let the biological elements accept what frequencies they “want,” and let the rest pass by, unabsorbed — perhaps to be absorbed by some other bio structure deeper in.

    Vitamin D production has been said to be best stimulated by simple sunlight.

    …just thinking out loud —

  9. George;
    As a Physician Assistant-Certified for 43 plus years,practicing all that time in the 1990’s the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare told us pain was the 5th vital sign. we had to HAD TO document we talked to pt about their pain measured it and prescribed PAIN medication to them. If we did not the Medicare/medicaid and insurance companies did not reimburse us. Also they started Patient surveys and if you scored lower you did not get paid much.Or got fired. They tried to force us to give everyone narcotics, at least that was the message.
    Now someone commenting that the MD’s or DO’s got bribed by Drug companies to prescribe their stuff is outright LIES.. Yeah some folks are corrupt but most MD’s,DO,s, Physician Assistants and Nurse Practioner’s just do our best to take care of folks and keep up with all the wonderful changes in medicine. Can’t stop the studies, knowledge grows fast every year. Now the Government after creating the problem are blaming the medical professionals for causing the Opiod epidemic.. Nope when we see addiction we refer to the addiction specialist, not every one will go. Heroin,fentanyl carbfentanyl all come in from Afghanistan,china, and the old Irontriangle region of southeast asia.. Mexican cartels very involved. 150 billion a year..
    Also some people do wake up every day and say I want to be a druggie today. Lifestyle choice. The criteria I have Always used in prescribing any medicine is “in the same circumstances would I give that medicine to my Mother or Father, My sister or Brother,My wife or Child.. If the answer is NO, then I won’t give it to that person I am treating.. I lost some of my PA positions because of Press-Ganey surveys cause I would not give Narcotics or Antibiotics when it was not indicated by the History,Physical exam of that person.. Every drug I prescribe is a calculated Risk. No drug (not even water) is safe all the time or under all conditions or if given while you are taking 1 or 15 other drugs.. The press people do not understand, the lawers do but want the giant fees they will get in a successful suite, and US the american Public will pay more for Drugs or drive researchers in new drugs out of america.. Most drugs are discovered Here all from USA in last 70 years.. 90% or more..
    Everything is a business model. Even Health care, Pharma companies, Lawyers.. I worked ina chronic pain practice, learned a lot,10 per cent were abusers and taking the drugs and sometimes the police would tell us which of our patients were selling them at the local bars.. Then we took action as per State medical society guidelines to get them help. They had to go get help from addiction specialists and find a new medical provider in 30 days cause we did not see them anymore. They broke the Pain contract they had agreeded to .. Very state and federal narcotic guys, state boards were looking at us all the time..Yeah we gots some bad actors but we prosecute them to full extent of law..Every time.

    • “Now someone commenting that the MD’s or DO’s got bribed by Drug companies to prescribe their stuff is outright LIES.. ”

      HUH……. OTFLMAO..Now that I found funny… well you must have missed the meeting LOL…
      I got in the field long before the position I worked in was paid for.. they had one that was upper staff usually a raisin ( nurse ap) or a phys. getting his floor training before he graduated. which is how I got to know my doctor and her nurse etc.. they worked side by side with me. the rest of us though were volunteers working to help out a family whose loved one was in the unit and the daughter or son couldn’t put the time in to be there for them….

      I got a great story about the volunteer from the mental hospital LOL LOL LOL LOL… still funnier than heck.. or the work release volunteer that went and used every patients phone to call a sex line LOL LOL LOL…

      I was totally out of line there.. because , well maybe you never noticed it.. since you didn’t partake of any of it… but.. if I am paying a thousand or ten thousand percent more for a medication here than what is selling for someplace else that that same company sells that medication at.. common sense says that they want that medication to be needed and perscribed.. its economical for them to simply influence those that work to want to perscribe their medication..

      because of the hours I worked.. I never made it to the manditory meetings.. instead though I could get my educational credits that were mandatory to have by going to other meetings.
      I always went to the educational lectures that the doctors went to..

      Pharmacy line up with samples LOL I still get my Kleenex down by the physicians lounge LOL… not to mention I would get the plastic toys they give out.. one year for haloween we put up a skelotin LOL I didn’t buy one plastic with good nylon ties and to spec…. my note pad holder right here beside me came from one of those.. what I liked was they had three day lectures.. comedians and a chef from every country around the world so you could walk around and sample everything dance concerts and a comedian.. there was cocktails and orderves and I was munching away as some of the finest shrimp I had ever had and the boss comes up and says in a whisper.. this isn’t dinner LOL….

      drugs.. they passed out samples to.. for bottom feeders.. they always try to give samples out of the more expensive medications just because they know that they cannot afford them..
      I don’t know about money kickbacks.. but heck.. a dance or listen to a concert set up just for them and their families.. .. ( I think the eagles was the last one that I knew about but since I didn’t work anymore.. I couldn’t go but a friend went and said it was amazing..) those things are not cash in pocket but it isn’t tiddly winks either.. not to mention there were a lot more.. like every january they have a cruise.. ( I never could go on it because I had to work my weekend and vacation was unheard of…) there are condo’s in florida as well.. there to workers are suppose to be able to use them ..

      Remember the old saying.. I am not to sure who said it first..but..


      from working in grocery.. even food companies bribe grocery stores to get prime shelf space..

      • It’s as bad as what our congressmen face day in and day out.. it’s hard to not take a bite from the apple

    • “10 per cent were abusers and taking the drugs and sometimes the police would tell us which of our patients were selling them at the local bars..”

      knowing something about this pain issue… YOU WILL DO ANYTHING ,TAKE ANYTHING TO GET RID OF THE SEVERE PAIN…..
      the bad part is.. the pain releivers that are legal to perscribe are highly adictive.. oppioids.. Heck I have roxinol in the drawer for a bad bout not to mention all the other bad boys of pain reduction.. I refuse to use them because I do know how highly addictive they are.. but I keep them for the day it hits me like a ton of bricks..
      I told the doctor that when it became legal.. I wanted the tylenol green with the cannabinoid oil in it.. they drug tested me.. I said are you kidding me.. why would you even do something that stupid when I have all the other crap already.. I only want the one that doesn’t have all the destructive properties for the when it happens rather than the crap you sell now when it becomes legal..
      I am definately pro legalization and regulation of it.. I won’t get into that or the studies that I have read on the plant..
      but once your under great deal of pain for a long time you will become addicted to that medication and the longer you take it the more you will need.. if that doesn’t cut the mustard.. then you self medicate..
      I found out I was taking to much prednisone.. my doctor and friend reminded me of the causticness of the drug itself.. and It shocked me.. here I am not one to have an addictive personality and there I was doing the same thing.. prednisone and naproxine.. a great combination..
      needless to say I quit taking both unless it is absolutely necessary and I have to be dying to before I will touch it..
      booze.. self medicators use that as one drug.. about selling it.. I don’t know anything about that.. but I am sure there are those that do..
      anyway that is my thoughts on the opioid crisis..

      • The other thing on the pain side.. I am a pretty compassionate person.. I am empathetic to those I took care of and their conditions..


        I ad many of the same views you do Jesse. Then it happened to me….
        Instantly I realized I didnt have a foggy clue what the patients under my care were experiencing. I was going by the same things we all were taught. Obviously all of the studies and govt. Rules and stipulations being tauught were written by people that has never experienced anything like that.

  10. Good call George on the red light. I have a Joove on my office desk that I use from time to time. It helps to ‘light-up’ the upper body once in a while. Btw, my experience was that I could overdo it by using the light for 30 minutes/day 5 days per week. I finally found my sweet spot at 5 minutes per day every other day – but your mileage may vary. Btw, each red light (my light has both infrared and near infrared) has a different power output, so length of exposure may vary by brand and model. Also, I found the information you gave on the thymus gland fascinating because when I first started using my light, I intuitively thought it was important to remove my shirt and make sure I hit my thymus gland (near the center of the chest) even though I had not read any reports on rejuvenating the thymus gland with red light therapy!

  11. yada yada yada .. gold , missiles , usd , robots , lies , but !! keep the big salami machine pumping out .. heard the joke about the bond market!!! even the Iranians are in on the deal !!! yep minnup from the little frog with the big shorts

  12. so how does ramping the gold price fix the mess .. like really what will that do ? get off the payroll and short .. if your a commie you will go blah blah blah , cecil b de mills dead ahead

  13. at the health club around these parts they have a sauna.. it pumps pure oxygen in and light therapy..
    I personally carry a rose quartz stone in my pocket.. have for years..each one of the kids has a rock that they feel is special.. our drinking water is filtered then is passed over a filter cartridge filled with rose quartz and opposing magnets on the side of the container.. before the tap.. ozone filter, UV, reconstruct ,degass out..
    I have belived in the chakra’s of crystals and light for years..
    Meagan and Harry.. I think they are trying to just get away from all of the hub bub.. its hard enough starting a family but then to be hounded day and night.. give the kids a break let them get themselves settled and figure out for themselves what paths they want.. in Canada.. they will be known but not to the point where they will be hounded like a fox on a hunt..
    Our latest movie star move in shops at the walmart I shop at.. they say he wears a disquise because he is afraid that people will recognise him and hound him to death.. but after years of working in health care and getting to know a few.. people will see them as .. god I know him or her from someplace.. but not put two and two together unless they want them to.. lets face it you wear a peacock hat and fish net anything with spike high heels on down the street people are gonna say look at that.. .

  14. “OR the Royals weren’t going to turn loose enough money to support the couple in manner to which they would like to become accustomed.”

    The “Royals” are State-supported, but are a net money-making enterprise for the UK, via profits from tourism, trade, and those silly overpriced tourist-trap nick-knacks sold by — damn’ near everyone.

    Meghan, an actress, reportedly “doesn’t like publicity, or having cameras shoved in her face.”

    Yeah, right!

    Put through a filter of 600nm common sense, the above actually means: “Meghan doesn’t like publicity or having cameras shoved in her face, for someone else’s profit or gain.”

    Perhaps, whenever they are in the presence of British Royalty, American divorcees should be required to wear warning labels…

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