Missing “The Revolutions” Are You?

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Missed Revolutions are popping up as something to be thinking about.

The Biggest News Story of the Year is virtually ignored by the mainstream media.  It’s the Consumer Debt report from the Fed out Wednesday.  And, after screaming up at an 8 percent annualized rate in October, spending went negative 2.7% in November.  After the close today, look for the federal balance sheet, another important but non-urgent report.  The Mainstream Media sells urgency.  We sell important.

Next month’s consumer spending report (about this time in February) will help us better re-calibrate what the future holds.  Everything is based on you spending money.  Because the American consumer is the foundation of the Global financial bubble.

Revolutions that matter are underway:

People are “missing ’em” because they are distracted.  Which is what prevents recognition  of some of the longer-term issues.  Fortunately, using our odd  intersecting matrices world-view, it all comes into “retina” resolution when you just stop and think about the data you already have…There are Seven Major Systems and the movement is most revealing.

Food:  Two big changes are underway (covered-up by the political divisiveness and the expansionist birthrates of competing ideologies):  One is cellular technology which should keep meat production up and at higher quality levels.  The other is the “green revolution” that quadrupled food production globally between 1960 and 2010 is getting long in the tooth.  Some of the costs are coming home to roost in things like the Round-Up settlements and such.  In our opinion, the time’s coming when owning your own food source will begin to “take off” as an asset.

Is “Peak Meat” actually here? Plant-Based Meats Are Eating More Menu Space And It’s Not Just Because of Veganuary.

Shelter:  While there’s been an increasing focus, especially from the liberal quarter, on jingoistic “housing inequality” (example thinking over here), the issues in such inequality really have little to do with economic position in life, race, or any of the other “victim-assignment” qualities.  No, has more to do with “what’s between the ears” and social traditions. You can put a lazy slob into the best house on the block and presto!  Within five years or disregarding and neglecting, it won’t be the “best house on the block” any longer.

Communications:  Short of a telepathic implant, is there some logical upper limit to information?  Maybe so.  5G is coming, there’s too much money on the table to stop it, but we have to raise the sane question here, are the health risks of the greater-bandwidth and higher duty-cycle really the best investment?  (Short of causing health issues which will increase demand for specific healthcare workers…..yes, Everything’s a Business Model, including ill health…Though we trust you can round-up such conclusions on your own…)

Transportation:  Boeing is one of the most interesting “Canaries in the coal mine” but then again, so is the Uber/Lyft side of travel.  One thing is for sure, Time is of the essence so fast travel is still needed, yet old-line online video conferencing like Skype and Zoom can usually accomplish most business functions at much higher efficiencies.  Meanwhile, the future of autos is another curious gamble.  Uber and Lyft drivers increase the utilization rate of autos, but as the utilization goes down, what happens to the 10-million people who depend on low utilization of vehicles for both sales and service?  The utilization revolution in the sky and on the ground will show which way the future will arise.

These are only a few of the Seven Major systems that are always in flux.

The Environment is totally over-worked, but that’s because there’s lots of Grant Money and grantsmanship is a Business Model, especially when the end deliverable is hard to quantify but scares people by the millions.

Energy has moved out of the central focus thanks to fracking.  But as my friend Oilman 2 is fond of pointing out, depletion never sleeps.  To those who mindlessly deny (citing abiotic – really abiogenic oil and such) the problem is we can’t wait 500,000 years for the reserves to recover some of their capacity.  For now, we’re partying like it’s 1929.

Last is Financialization

One reason I was able to write in July of last year “The Blow-Off Begins? 1929 Chart Says Yes!”  (although there were plenty of asterisks) is that among these Seven Systems, there are usually one or two that are ascendant and one or two in decline,  When a couple are getting ready to peak, it’s a good time to start re-imagining life.

Financializatrion is when the usual needs basis of economics becomes secondary to the “making up money” aspect of finance.  That’s where we are today.  The only reason to have money (above $50-million, or so) is to make more money.  That may not seem absurd, but it’s in the same league with “growing food to feed food to feed food…”  Which is when “Peak Meat” can occur.  Similarly, building housing to house more housing?  Well, yeah, that might be a peak of a Housing expansion.

Today, we are living an illusion that most economists don’t write (nor talk) about.  That is, we are in “tech overlap.”  That’s where new demand is coming up while old demand hasn’t yet filled all its market niches.  We would likely already be in a declining jobs world, were it not for a handful of “obvious factors.”  These all come down to artificial demand.

Open Borders, for example.  New arrivals need, well, everything.  This reliance of “imported demand by beggared humans” is what has kept the European Union alive longer than I was expecting.  On the flip side, the conumptive group is changing (and will continue to overthrow) Old Europe and replace it with an eventual European Caliphate – just extrapolating birth rates out a hundred years, or so.

Similarly, the cartels, which have made so much money on the South American drug trade, filtering a fair bit into American politics via intermediaries, have spawned the gangs that are already running initial insurgency operationgs in virtually all major American urban areas.  Europe may get a “chance to convert” but you, homie…not sure how ‘Merica’s gonna work out.

What we do know is that people panic easily – and forget just as quickly.  For example, Bitcoin saw a $500 price spike as the recent Iraq events unfolded.  And Gold and silver spiked, as well.  As the crisis passes, so does the panic buying to get out of paper assets.

Significantly, though, we noticed that the price advances preceeded the triggering event.  Which means a) either someone has a time machine, or B0 some big players were in on events to come.  (My money’s on the latter since my time machine project is still awaiting the [insert breakthrough insight here] moment.

Which leaves the stock market still going up – and idealized in our work, about 70-weeks from the low ought to doi it, so as of futures pricing this morning, here’s how things look:

Well, as you can see, at one wave count level, it’s OK for the bubble to pop any old time.  But, as we showed our  Peoplenomics.com subscribers yesterday, there’s a reason we have a tad higher to go.

The other aspect of this Run-away Financialization is that the U.S. Government is likely very afraid.  The reason is failing economies turn into economies that undergo radical liberalization from the “mob that must be pleased.”  An example is the victory of Roosevelt and we all know that the liberal “president for life” thinking didn’t end until the Amendment to term limit presidents to two occupancies of the Oval.

We’re at a place where that  could  happen – there is a liberal groundswell in America already – Bernie’s Biggest Free Lunches include such unaffordable treats as free college and more.  The good thing about liberalism, though, is it gives the remaining few of us inflation-hedging realists an easy way to make money.

Whether its a home, land, or any other asset, as the liberal spending water’s down the purchasing power of the buck, inflation will come, sure as day follows night.  You can use that to great effect if you can just play the game patiently.

Ah, but enough.  Tomorrow we get the official unemployment numbers (they will be great) and the market will put on a few hundred more towards the goals we’ve outlined for subscribers.

To borrow from George Peppard’s character on the A-Team:  “ I love it when a plan comes together.”

Who Cares Department?

Do you care that Meghan and Harry are coming to America?  If yes, then see how the Royals react to Harry and Meghan’s announcement.  We’ll skip it.

Do you care that a few RINO’s are second-guessing killing the Iranian terrorism kingpin this week?  If yes, then Mike Lee lambasts briefing on Soleimani strike as “worst” he’s received is for you.

In the heartland, did you notice Medical marijuana makes ballot in Mississippi?

And, wrote the geezer, “We’re still waiting for lingerie to take off…” as Victoria Secret’s parent stock falls on weak holiday sales and trimmed forecast.

Gas for the Market:  Fed Repo’s today:  $83.125-billion.

Time to go chase more of those dandy hash brown Yukon Gold potatoes around.

Write when you get rich,





51 thoughts on “Missing “The Revolutions” Are You?”

  1. DEEP STATE UNCOVERED. While in a half dream state it came to me. The DEEP STATE is a combine of powerful international corporate & political types, high level military personnel,  & select Blue Bloods who are all well connected. But who is their leader? Not any of them because they can’t be trusted, nor do they trust each other.

    But who can control this group. Only one group – ET’s or as some say ALIENS – since the ALIENS have the technology & more powerful weapons, they are in charge. The ALIENS are as morally bankrupt as the DEEP STATE & will crush them if & when they are no longer needed or they rebel. Rule by fear; the DEEP STATE can understand this type of leadership since it is their MO. To the ALIENS, Earth is a playground. A place to hunt & enjoy with no restrictions & no one powerful enough to stop them from doing whatever they want to. So Nancy Pelosi & her like are born. The game is afoot. It’s a hoot. As said in an earlier song, “ALIENS JUST WANT TO HAVE FUN”.

    • Then aliens must not have a Star Trekky “prime directive (aka General Order 1) that mandates non-interference with “the normal development on any alien life or society.” Perhaps they are more attuned with X-Files and that series’ covert alien takeover plot, prepped by viral mutation of the human race toward one more compatible with the visitors.

      I’m sure most have read about Britain’s 1st astronaut (who happens to be a woman) unequivocally declaring that aliens exist and likely walks among us (disguised or modified). If so, are they scientifically studying us, or prepping for invasion? My bet is the former, although they may, knowing how precious intelligent life is among the cosmos, also be here to either protect us from ourselves or, like Klaatu in ‘The Day the Earth Stood Still,’ to protect the cosmos from us.

      • Um…isn’t General Order 1 the DoD prohibition on alcohol and pornography while down range? Scotty might have had a problem with the first part…Captain Kirk with the second…

      • Like ourselves, I think Aliens just want to make money & have fun. Why should life anywhere else be morally superior to us? Look at time & Earthlings who just get more morally bankrupt with time. Same with Aliens. The more time that passes, the more you learn how to screw the people.

        Aliens are like businessmen at a convention in Las Vegas. A little business, a Lotta fun.

      • A number of years ago there was a Charles J. Hall that put out a few self-published books on his early 1960s encounters with some kind of alien colony that has resided in the Nellis AFB practice ranges since before we were a country. If you can get around his unabashed self-aggrandizement the books are interesting – and if there’s any truth to them the implications are staggering.

    • While I agree there may be some alien influence a more probable line of hidden power is the Knights Templar blood lines. After they went into hiding during the purge of their organization by the Pope they insinuated themselves into many aspects of human affairs. They had the money, know how and a desire for revenge. How many Templar Houses control things behind the curtains? They don’t call themselves Templars anymore but in their thinking they are Templar. Remember they invented the modern banking system! Control the money you control everything.

    • “The ALIENS are as morally bankrupt as the DEEP STATE & will crush them if & when they are no longer needed or they rebel. Rule by fear; ”

      Are they. Or is it the evil from those that they share information with?





      It depends on what genetic makeup they have. Mankind is about the worst for being violent towards one another..

    • Now you’re understanding the triangular pyramid but some think it’s the rectangular pyramid where it all comes from who controls it and the forces that have been battling for control over this planet,,,x,,,,, and this Prison Planet will release our souls or Spirits souls from confinement here, but that’s not going to happen anytime soon not our lifetimes anyway ,,,,,,,, as long as we’re here and we don’t have a savior I’m not talking about Jesus,,,,,,, but we are talkin about alien and their technology and we are just A mere spec on the wall,,,,,, you want to cut the silver cord that keeps you tied down to this reality, give it a try,,,,, h Spirit soul weather should dog or cat or you your cow and some say even that big old rock that’s out there in the field ,,,,,,,how would you know if you’re a rock in the field.,,,,,,, how would you know you’re manufactured,,,,,,, you wouldn’t know that your manufactured unless someone told you you were manufactured like a parrot ET entity the says hey we wanted a child and there were three different ways that we can have it one was with sex,,,,,, 2 we just just had you and we don’t know how you got here,,,,, then there’s that other part where like we have no idea where you came from who you are how it happened but your hair now we’re going to use you to the best of our abilities weather we’re and Eskimos and we need a young child to fill in the gap whether you were born into a rich family and when you need you to take over or whether you were born put in two different timelines to create the past the present and the future fat we wanted to achieve under the big umbrella,,,,,,, so if you’re having fun reading this stuff or if it’s too far out there let’s get in this different stuff then,,,,, you need to be aware of the simplon pass near the Simplon tunnel in Switzerland and the Gotthard now is the longest tunnel that surpasses the simplon,,,,,,, when traveling through this underground 35-mile tunnel things happened to the eye,,,, called evolute ?

  2. Is anyone beginning to salivate thinking of 3x BEARISH ETF’s when URE INDEX reaches 30,666? 1929 all over again, or is this another Y2K non event? Your money wonders. Plan ahead.

  3. While I believe and use the 7 major systems as the framework of this life of retirement, I have recently added 4 more topics that I believe are of equal importance lest I become so cantankerous and grouchy that people will avoid me even more than they do now. Those are:

    Faster horses.
    Younger women.
    Older Whiskey.
    More money.

    Hmmmm. I think there may be a song in that.


  4. George,
    The problem for debt worriers like you and I is that when the Conservatives load up the national debt for goodies such as stock buybacks, it makes it really, really hard to argue with a straight face that the national debt should not be increased for the little things like, you know, hungry kids, sick Americans, clean water, helping out the middle class, etc.
    Best, Mike.

    • Back to the aliens comment higher up, maybe the common element among the conservatives, Deep State, and aliens is they are amoral — no religion, simply basic self-preservation, live for the moment kind of creatures. Happens in nature all the time; why should hu-mans be different?

      On the other hand, I’m sure the Robin Hood stories are much, much older than medieval Europe.

    • Corporate stock buybacks are not part of our national debt, it is Corporate America investing in itself because they are confident about the future of the company & our sassighity.

  5. On transportation…with Boeing’s ongoing issues here locally and internationally with yet another crash in Tehran, are we going to see a shift in how we travel? It is interesting that China with the vast amount of geography like the United States, has put its money on Rail….and it seems to make the citizens very happy and maybe a bit safer. What happened to Trumps yuuge infrastructure initiative? Is America ready for a transportation paradigm shift? We still need air travel to go from coast to coast and country to country…but for regional travel according to my many Chinese clients, China has a very well run system in place. Here is a clip from news services about their latest innovation…

    The world’s first smart high-speed railway – a new 108-mile high-speed railway line in China connecting the capital with Olympic host city Zhangjiakou – has just entered service, cutting the travel time between the two cities from three hours to 47 minutes. The carriages are equipped with 5G signals, intelligent lighting, and 2,718 sensors to collect real-time data and detect any operational abnormalities. Each individual seat has its own touch-screen control panel and wireless charging docks. Though the high-speed trains on the route are autonomous, a monitoring driver will be on board at all times. The trains can automatically start, stop and adjust to the different speed limits between stations. Today, China is home to the world’s largest high-speed rail network – about 22,000 miles – and the fastest commercially operating train — the Shanghai maglev. Running at the top speed of 267 mph, the train links Shanghai Pudong Airport and Longyang Road in the eastern side of Shanghai.

    • There is a company on the East Coast lobbying state governments very, very hard to put in a MAGLEV train between Boston and Richmond. It is getting tremendous pushback from the public because most of the line is above ground and running through neighborhoods and precious green space. It’s hard to convince people that linking two cities hundreds of miles apart is important when the real problem of the day is the one hour commute travelling 20 miles to work and then paying a few hundred dollars a month for the luxury of parking near the office.

      • Yeah, one of the several big differences in public works projects in China vs the US is that you do have some rights when the government wants to exercise eminent. In China, you don’t own land, you obtain use rights, and the government can easily revoke those rights. George likes to say that you don’t own the land, you just rent it, and property taxes are the price of the rental agreement. In China, you really are just borrowing it, and they can change their minds pretty easily.

  6. My dad was in the oil business from the 50’s to the 80’s. He owned part of his own business out in the oil fields in Cali, Taft, McKittrick Area. He was a Geologist and Engineer. Got both degrees at USC. Smart guy. Worked side by side with J. Paul in Kuwait back in the hey day of oil. So he knew his stuff. He told me back in the 80’s we were runnnig out of oil. That there would be a time when there wasn’t any oil left in the world. Now we are in 2020 and I am hearing the same thing? We are going to run out of oil? But now the USA is oil independent? #1 supplier of oil in the world! We have resources and we have technology thats going to get the oil we will need. The Middle East is still full of oil as well. So NO I do not believe oil is an issue. Nor will it be in our life time or my childrens life time, or my grandchildren’s!

    • Maybe the risk is not running out of carbon fuels, but living in a world with diminished demands for carbon fuels. The oil companies can sell the first point but not the second.

  7. I use FF with settings set to maximum privacy. I have the DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials and AdBlock Plus add-ins, both set to max.

    This makes the Internet impractical to use. When I have guests over, they laugh at my speed. But I perceive as being safe. LOL

    To speed things up, like this site, I can toggle into Reader View which eliminates everything but the text, which is nice. But comments and everything else go too, which is not so nice. Again, impractical.

  8. On the environment…You know it’s a serious situation when a communist country hell bent on being the worlds main manufacturing region and succeeding based on its low cost and absent environmental regulations, that do drive up costs..are now in a pickle. Decades of environmental ruin have taken its toll and now China wants to reverse that trend…which will more than likely affect it’s hold on low cost manufacturing…thus, the reason why China started the Belt and Road Initiative in Central Africa and other developing countries. They are looking to build sourcing territories in those countries.

    So it’s a bit curious when Trump rolls back the very EPA laws that China now realizes are necessary to maintain a sustainable life here on Earth. . And Smart American companies are cashing in…Tesla is taking advantage by ramping up its production in China…for China consumption. This is one of the main reason why it’s Stock has rocketed to $478…more than double than it was 6 months ago. Tesla is taking a bit of a hit today from takers after it hit over $490 yesterday. Another Bay Area company changing the world. Here is a story ripped from Fortune…one of many environmental initiatives it is implementing

    China implemented a ten-year ban on fishing along the Yangtze river—Asia’s longest river, connecting Tibet to Shanghai—on January 1. The decade-long ban is expected to affect 280,000 fishermen, who the government says will be provided with social securities and alternative jobs. But the move, aimed at reviving inland fisheries, comes too late for the giant Chinese paddlefish, which was declared extinct late last year, seen off by overfishing, river damming and heavy pollution.

    • Hold up there~ Trump doesn’t “roll back laws.” He can only influence regulations imposed by agencies. He also is smart enough to figure we went too far (driving offshore) while China didn’t go far enough – we will coexist, methinks, closer to the Middle.

      • But…he appoints the agency heads that are changing the regulations. I still think we haven’t gone far enough and it hasn’t anything to do with the climate change hoax. It’s all about pollution, pollution, pollution that affects our water, the air we breathe and the land we cultivate. We need to manage those resources, because the population isn’t getting smaller anytime soon.

  9. I think there are 3 major groups of aliens ..
    1. Those hostile to us (and maybe to each other),
    2. Those helpful to us, and by far the largest group …
    3. Tourists out to gawk at the silly natives.

    I think group 3 are mostly the ones who seem to crash all the time (which seems to refute the idea that they are super advanced. Space going Teslas?)

    • I’ve researched this thoroughly and there may be as many as 82 different alien races visiting Earth for various reasons. https://www.disclose.tv/these-82-alien-species-are-in-contact-with-earth-317842

      One race though stands out because they’re endeavoring to create a hybrid Human/Alien race and have been abducting Humans all over the world for the past 50 years. Before you scoff, a sec/gen of the UN and his bodyguards were witness to one of these in NYC!

      Dr. David Jacobs, a renown (and now retired) professor has bravely investigated this phenomenon and his research indicates these hybrids are currently passing as Humans and are awaiting instructions on “the change” which is supposedly forthcoming at some point in time.

      • I wish they’d hurry up. Ancient Aliens needs some new material. I remember a lot of it from the “In Search Of” series w/ Leonard Nimoy.

      • we will never know for sure until.. they decide to be up front with everyone and let everyone know what they know..
        the thing I wonder.. is..why.. most of the other countries have let everyone know that they have had encounters.. why hasn’t ours.. could there be a real reason behind why.. the old.. you can’t handle the truth.. or the truth would make you terrified..
        what makes me think there isn’t anything to be concerned over is.. every time there has been a situation that could boil into a really bad thing.. there have been encounters and the equipment fails or the power is just gone..
        then.. lets face it.. the next place that is remotely similar to our small planet..is a distance.. why would they let us destroy it without trying to stop us..

  10. I think it could improve life on earth in the longer run if there would be more intelligent talk about CONSUMPTION (in any form!) and their potential CONSEQUENCES for the future.

  11. Speaking of revolutions, the VA bill below is making the rounds. Virginia was an important place during the Revolutionary War and the Civil War.

    Virginia House Bill 567

    Bill Title: Indoor shooting ranges; prohibited in buildings not owned or leased by the Commonwealth.


  12. “Is “Peak Meat” actually here? Plant-Based Meats Are Eating More Menu Space And It’s Not Just Because of Veganuary.”

    Trendy… and sheeple hop all over trendy things. TVP can duplicate the taste and texture of meat, but it does so by being packed so full of additives that it becomes less-healthy than the meat it replaces. Speaking of, it is STILL vegetable protein, which cannot be made to have the same quality or density of the high-density, high-quality protein of meat-derived protein sources. IMO the function of frankenmeat is to lower humans’ life-expectancy.

    “Open Borders, for example. New arrivals need, well, everything.”

    For which they pay, nothing, under current migration/infiltration policies. Our government is essentially forcing us to finance our own demise…

    “Do you care that Meghan and Harry are coming to America?”

    I think it is awesome that they want to abdicate their royal responsibilities, but not their royal privileges… ‘Waiting with baited breath (and buttered popcorn) for that point to sink into the brains of the British subjects.

    “Do you care that a few RINO’s are second-guessing killing the Iranian terrorism kingpin this week?”

    Lee and Paul are about the furthest thing from RINOs in today’s Congress. However, Paul is a Libertarian, and is ideologically against any military action of any kind, unless we are first directly attacked. Lee is butt-hurt because the Administration didn’t brief before pulling the trigger. What he fails to see is Soleimani has been considered a high-value target of opportunity for nearly nine years, and there is virtually NO POSSIBILITY Trump could’ve briefed the relevant Congressional committeemen without losing the opportunity to take Himmler out.

    BTW, the validating authority for Mr. Trump’s action would be the Constitution, where it designates the Prez as the CiC of the military (Article 2, Section 1) — not the War Powers Act. Congress can not legally limit the President’s power as CiC, WRT Iran or any other country, without a Constitutional Amendment. I bet’cha they’re gonna try, though. ‘Can’t have an outlier like DJT screwing up the plans of the MIC or the commies, now can we…?

    • The President has limited authorities but only Congress can declare war. The issue here is when does military action become an act of war?

      • “when does military action become an act of war?”

        ‘Beats me. We have not been in a war since WW-II, despite the hundred thousand (or so) flag-draped coffins flying back from every continent (save Australia), that the military has had to bury, over the last 75 years. We were in ‘Nam for 11 years, we’re still in Iraq and Afghanistan after nearly 18, and [we’ve been in] Korea for 68, yet none were “wars” and all resulted in a “brokered peace.”

        Since all these “police actions” were initiated by the CiC (or the State Department, which is a branch of the Executive) and funded without question or pause, or a formal declaration by Congress, I honestly can’t hazard a guess, what, in Congress’ eyes, would necessitate a Declaration of War…

    • “Is “Peak Meat” actually here?”

      I had one of those woppers.. dang thing was great..

      • I have a joke I played at the gas station.. LOL LOL LOL only one caught it but didn’t say anything.. she the clerk just gave me the look my wife always gives me…

        they sell great Brahts.. make them at the meat locker right next door to the station.. I think they have a half pound of meat in them absolutely delishious.. and they serve them on a sub roll.. LOL..
        a bunch of the old guys were sitting around drinking coffee.
        Someone said how are they.. I said.. pretty good except the weekend clerk always crys when she takes a bite out of one.. says the Brahts remindes her of the last date she had with her boyfriend that died in a car crash..
        LOL LOL..
        LOL that is as good as the time I was turned in for making comments about sex life at work.. LOL LOL LOL
        it was close to new years eve and the charge nurse was sitting next to me and we were busy charting.. this really really cute young blonde came up and was telling the charge nurse about her HOT date she was going to go on for new years eve..
        I said nonchalantly and sort of pointed to the charge nurse as I said it.. Better enjoy it while your young.. when you get to be OUR age if something like that happens you drop to your knees and praise GOD…..
        LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL the charge nurse got upset because I indicated that she didn’t have a sex life.. LOL LOL LOL LOL…

  13. BTW, totally o/t, but I feel like bragging:

    I just acquired my dream lathe – a Powermatic beast!

    I bought it from a high-school which cancelled and dismantled its wood shop and woodworking programs. The 40’x40′ classroom will become a classroom/workshop for developmentally-disabled students. When asked how many DD students were enrolled in the school, the admin told me: “None, but we need the facility, just in-case…”

    I am excited I finally landed a Powermatic, and it appears nearly new.
    I am thrilled that, counting petrol to go pick it up, the lathe cost me less than half the price of one from Harbor Fright.
    I am much less-than-thrilled that the school from which I acquired it is dumping $300k-$500k of top-shelf woodworking tools for, probably less than $5000, so they can build a lab for which they have no use, because some PC school board told them they had to…

  14. Times are”A-Changing.” Operative country motto used to be, “One for ALL!” By the PC crowd it has been appropriated to “ALL for ONE!”

    “Ask Not What Your Country Can Do For You” John F. Kennedy’s Inaugural Address, January 20, 1961. Succeeding politicians followed through with a revised version, “Ask What Your Country Can Do For You and Get Others to Pay For it!”

  15. “Do you care that a few RINO’s are second-guessing killing the Iranian terrorism kingpin this week? If yes, then Mike Lee lambasts briefing on Soleimani strike as “worst” he’s received is for you.”

    The Oxy of this is IF DJT and his administration didn’t act.. and Soleimani took out an embasy.. kill the people living there.. then It would have been the next Benghazi and he would have been blamed for not acting sooner.


      • Isn’t that a big surprise..

        I wonder what ever happened to julian Assange. The gentleman that sent the emails was mugged and killed getting coffee..I believe the investigator was mugged and killed to.
        everyone else committed suicide..
        I’m curious what happened to him..

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