Personal “Useless Information” Filters

Looking for a simple path to a stress-free life in 2020? Bubba,  we gotcha covered!

First, though, our usual run-down of a few news stories that matter and a longish anti-aging discussion.  From there it’s on to our ChartPack.

The news that matters, you see, may not be Iran, Meghan, or Pelosi.  Could have more to do with with declining rail traffic,. science studying a new “strange Earth currents phenom” and latest evolutionary anti-aging science.

Meghan and Harry, though, is not entirely useless news.  The make a fine Examples o Personally Useless Information…”  More PUI as we drill into it.

To live effectively, tuning-up your BS filters is time well-spent.

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22 thoughts on “Personal “Useless Information” Filters”

  1. George, I don’t see the URE INDEX 1/10/20 closing price anywhere, you just stated “Friday close 1/10/20”. I have to look at the charts & guess about where it is now.

    I overlooked this before because I am not much of a trader, but we are getting closer to URE INDEX 30,666 & I have to be more diligent since I am exactly 1 year older than you. Thank you for your consideration. The time is near; like a thief in the night it will come!!!

  2. Dear George, I would not use antibiotics indefinitely. Instead, I use ionic nano silver solution. Either way, be sure to take the best probiotic you can find to keep your gut biome healthy.

    As far as Harry and Meghan are concerned, they should just resign and be done with it. Meghan has worked successfully, and Harry should have no problem getting employed as consultant for something. The whole ‘royals’ thing in the UK is beyond ridiculous at this time. IMO, Harry isn’t exactly royal since Charles is not his daddy.

    • You have Nailed it! William is Charles/Dianna son. It it is a continuation of the Royal Line. If Charles is not Harry’s daddy, then his progeny is no longer a continuation of the Royal line, and so all of his family is not eligible to sit on the throne (not the one in the bathroom). Could it be Harry “walked” when told he was not part of the royal line?

    • just do a DNA test if the curiosity is that much .. or paternity test.. its done all the time here in the USA.. I still think that the kids wanted to just get rid of the drama.. and why not.. newlyweds.. trying to make a start at married life.. new family.. we already know who is going to be king.. so make a getaway and have a nice healthy family life before all the media destroys your chances of a happy married life.. away from the drama.. ( have you read some of the crap that they print.. it is disgusting)
      if everyone would have just left the kids alone they probably wouldn’t have moved.. but they didn’t.. I sure don’t blame them for the move at all.. I still don’t know how DJT is able to keep things together.. the MSM is horrible and attacking everyone .. I am amazed they haven’t attacked his dad and mom.. You know how those headlines would read… Donald sure looks like the parents milk man…. just like Nasty Nancy.. the negative narritive will follow him everywhere.. day and night attacks on him and his family and everything he has done didn’t work.. so draw up the neative narritive then drag it till you know there isn’t a thing that will be done to clear his image….

  3. 1) For a long time now, I “info-triage.” I consciously don’t accept most incoming “information.” based on it’s title or what suspected content it may have based on whatever superficial evidence may present. Example: “The Harry & Megan Show.” Who cares? Not me. There is No Possible Way knowing anything about it can improve my life.

    Almost all “information” can be “recovered” once barred from my brayne, if it’s ever really needed. Don’t let it “in” in the first place. This includes most “News.” Anything Truly Important happens, somebody will tell you about it soon enough.

    This is a vast and vital “quiet mind” enhancer.

    2) When one has a workshop of any kind, one is most effectively countering one of my favorite of Murphy’s Laws. To wit: “Whenever you want to DO something, FIRST, you have to do something else.” Seems obvious, but it’s not.

    The most effective means of preventing several serial stalls, is to have facilities already staged and ready. A well-organized workshop, kept reasonably neat, means you can do that little sudden thing immediately withOUT first, cleaning up an earlier mess, OR having to search for a certain tool. The battlefield stands Ready, and the knights are already mounted on their horses and briefed and aimed at the enemy.

    One must realize that doing that “do-something-else-first” thing, is, itself a Thing, and SOMEthing will need to be done FIRST to enable doing even that pre-preliminary Thing.

    Fortunately, Mr. Murphy has an attention span, and is easily bored. So, while it seems the “do-something-else-first” effect may be endlessly nesting and telescoping, mercifully it’s not: and rarely goes beyond three levels of “do-first” hampering requirements.

    Having a well-organized and neat workshop results in Maximum Murphy Frustration, and efficient facilitation of getting stuff done. (Even Murphy is subject to Murphy’s Laws.)

    Logical as you may be, don’t for one second think Murphy is only a fanciful, ironic construct. The principle is Real, and baked into the experience we call Universe.

    • @ W 0f the RR

      I would like to disagree with you …but First, I have something else that I have to attend to…

    • And THAT, George, is the reason I try real hard to keep a neat workbench and put the tools away when I am done ‘fiddling’. The job is not done until the tools are put away and shop cleaned up. Lessons from High School shop class.
      Thank you, William. Nice to know I am not the only one who tries to keep a clean workbench!

      • If the job isn’t done till the tools are all cleaned up and back in place (and we assume floor shop vac’ed…_) then I don’t do as much as I thought around here, lol

    • …Also never forget Ray’s Corollary to Murphy’s Law: Whatever can not possibly go wrong, also will…

  4. George, another great podcast. HTML IS FINE & DANDY FOR THIS CROWD. In our fast food society, ultra-make seems to be going in the wrong direction. I would use the Ultra-make time for Time Travel research in the future. The future is where the money is. We already saw the past. Can we time travel in our mind or do we need gobs of electricity like Mad Man Markel? Does playing Chess on a 3 D level board make you any smarter?

    Hell has no wrath like a woman scorned…Pelosi on Trump.

  5. Don’t know if it is buried in your (understandably) immense email pile, but I found this image and commentary on what is happening with the big railroads. OMG Hump yards that used to sort car traffic now ‘mothballed’ and used as storage yards for unused locomotives! Be sure to read the comments… some from RR crew. I get the feeling from this that traffic may be down more than 10% as indicated.

    • Great pic. I would like to build an upscale Housing Development using Pullman Sleeper Rail Cars for Homes. Probably geared for seniors where outside maintenance is included, a restaurant, bar, pool, spa, & gym.

  6. George I reminded of a most excellent post of yours that I might suggest we ‘revisit’ this weekend for all who wonder WTF is going on in the crazy world of ‘illusion’ the normies call reality.

    Coping: With “Dancing Wu Li Physics”

    Jun 22, 2017 | 20 comments

    And for the stock market jitters and crazies – recall quantum physics is a wave function and reality is a mental hologram. No fear- a reminder to adjust one’s priorities. Perhaps a mantra for protection from the Wall St., D.C. Swamp, current dystopic global crazies-

    1975 wasn’t that long ago in the scheme of things quantum.

    Recall your encounter with the Man from Tibet:

    ” Beloved I am presence bright, round me seal your tube of light.

    From ascended Master’s flame, called for now, in God’s name.

    Let it keep my temple free, from all discord sent to me.

    I am calling for violet fire, to blaze and transmit all desire

    Keeping on in Freedom’s name, till I am one with the Violet Flame.”

  7. yep heard it all .. now record cot short positions are bullish for gold .. one of old saltys apostles on 321 .. a complete fool .. yep greed everywhere at any story any cost

  8. G. ; still glad for everything you put out for free. I just finished G.A.’s latest post [11jan2020] again I agree 100%. Take a trip back in time with me, pls.. march 1978 i joined the U.S.Army…age 17…then all this sh*t in Iran started, 78-79 pretty hot…I had seen the rise of the Ayatollah Khomeini,from his exile in France…the TRUE FACE OF EVIL, return to power with RADICAL ISLAM at his back…The young protesters/ter’s , in POWER NOW have somebody run a face recon. on the old video, would you b surprised who u c ? Their are a few faces from that time that grab me..Gen S. , Mahmoud Ahmadinejad…among others..42 years older…but just as BLOOD THIRSTY.. look for the current Ayatollah to be replaced by a Fire breathing dragon….Tell G.A. I’ll buy him a steak dinner…the GREAT UNITER IS NOT FAR AWAY ….the MAHDI is about to be seen ,…Everybody should be prepared to be MOBIL…..Peace & Love To All…

  9. Sir,

    Making busy? Spare a moment for a fool?

    Did they miss the starting gun or who gave the the imams a script error? How do you tell the difference after the fact between a Tr1, FN6, Stinger, or a Strela?

    While three now-deceased asylum seekers are being mourned by a widowed spouse along with co-residents of Werl according to the Soester-Anzeiger newspaper coverage, why have the ptb adjusted the nation’s fatalities in the incident to zero?

  10. IMO rail traffic can’t be just “raw-read” but needs weighting. For instance, coal loads will be down because of Obama’s “kill coal” initiative, and lumber traffic will be highly-influenced by wildfires, hurricane strikes and tornado outbreaks, for at least 6-8 months after the weather hits. Petroleum traffic will drop as pipelines replace Buffett’s BN cash-cow (but rise on fertilizer and plastics demand), and grain loads are dependent upon grain production.

    That said, I agree with your overall conclusion (Virtuals are growing, not tangibles.)

    ‘Been doing the “Horizon whole” thing for 8 years now. Daughter became milk-intolerant in her late teens. Come age 23 and living on her own, she told me she loved breakfast cereal but couldn’t eat it. A lactose issue didn’t seem logical to me, so I bought (and convinced her to try) Horizon Organic. End of issue, happy kid, and a billboard-sized warning that frankenfood may fool our minds into thinking it is fit for human consumption, but it can’t fool our bodies for very long…

    Keep your Doxy fresh. While most antibiotics are stable, nearly forever, Tetracycline and its derivatives degrade over time and become toxic. BTW antibiotic tolerance is not really a good long-term plan (see my Horizon comment.)

    “And after all the trying to blame Trump for the Ukraine jetliner crash, here comes “Iran Says It Unintentionally Shot Down Ukrainian Airliner.”

    …Still waiting to see the passenger manifest.

    ” it would be an attack on a civilian population.”

    Hezbollah, the I.G., even Hamas — (In case you need a line card: Hamas is Sunni terrorists, Hezbollah is Shia terrorists. They ideologically hate each other, but will work together against a common enemy, or at least they did under Himmler) they have no problem whatsoever, attacking civilians, innocents, children, you name it. What they have a real problem with is losing the propaganda narrative (i.e. the bleeding hearts who whine that “Iran hasn’t attacked anybody.”) Oh yeah, after last week, they also have a problem with possibly p!ssing off Mr. Trump…

    “After 1-year, I dump all the unused URL’s and emails that didn’t matter”

    I am utterly ruthless WRT what passes through my spam filters. The only mailing list E-Mails which don’t are ARRL and SIDC (sorry, eBay and Amazon…) “Business” goes into its own directory and is periodically sorted into contact subdirectories and culled for spam (forwards, chains, phishes, etc.) — ‘same with “Personal.” It’s neat, clean, and orderly, and contains nothing which isn’t useful…

  11. Good report this morning, George.

    I’ve got a lot of good anecdotal information regarding diet and exercise that I’ll share sometime. The main thing that anyone can do to improve their overall health is to cut as much sugar from their diet as possible and to push away from the table after one serving. Sugar is the devil.

    I’m working on some other data regarding health and exposure to RF energy. More on that once it’s complete.

    For podcasts, I’ve mentioned this before here, in passing, but I co-host a show called the Seven Ages Audio Journal. It’s science and history mostly and I think you’d like it. There’s no subscription and we’re on iTunes (5 Star Rating, btw) and all the usual podcatchers. We also have a website with our shows and original articles that we write.

    For the record, I don’t usually pimp the show on here, but since you brought it up I thought I’d share.

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