J. Powell’s High Wire Act, Making up Money

Been up since the wee hours, working on the outline of my next book (which will be serialized on the Peoplenomics site for subscribers): “Super-IQ: Owning the Ambients.”

So the main feature today, other than the Dow futures being down more than 150 points ahead of the opening  (because China will retaliate with tariffs on $75 billion worth of US goods and resume auto duties) is waiting to see how many traders will bail ahead of the weekend?

Sometimes, going into a holiday weekend, you get a bump in markets, but with all the noisy news events, that’s looking like a long-shot ahead of Labor Day.

Fed Boss J. Powell will be keynoting at the Fed annual retreat at Jackson Hole.  Depending on how his mastery of ambivalence is, we could see the markets move/recover based on that and some housing data due out about the same time.

Meanwhile, however, we were interested to see the M1 print rate in the latest H.6 money stocks measure:

El Trump, in our view should STFU and let the Fed try to manage for stability because if he pushes them too far, they could crater the economy in seconds my just matching the rate of inflation and M1 growth rate.  No telling how China sees such rampant money-inflation.  Since they once bought a fair chunk of  US treasuries, the print rate means the interest paid back is diluted…

Boy, we could be over Niagara in just a few economic seconds if we don’t see someone blink…

Call it the MUM Economy

Short for “Making Up Money” and it’s the same pantload that took Robert Mugabe’s socialist government in Zimbabwe from semi-salvageable to the Weimar-squared outcome.  I continue to be a multi-trillionare (as measured in Z-bucks).  For those with impaired mental function, it’s all right there in Wikipedia:  Weimar Germany was not as bad as hyperinflation could get.

“Hyperinflation in Zimbabwe was a period of currency instability in Zimbabwe that, using Cagan’s definition of hyperinflation, began in February 2007. During the height of inflation from 2008 to 2009, it was difficult to measure Zimbabwe’s hyperinflation because the government of Zimbabwe stopped filing official inflation statistics. However, Zimbabwe’s peak month of inflation is estimated at 79.6 billion percent month-on-month, 89.7 sextillion percent year-on-year in mid-November 2008.”

As we’ve been writing for years:  the Fed and the co-opted loons in Congress are trying to inflate like hell on the one hand while the underlying economy lapses into a Depressionary/Deflationary funk.  They’re trying to out-print collapse and that’s one of the things keeping Bitcoins in the just over $10,000 range.  Everything would be coming down, except the money supply is going vertical so no one calls it out.

Sure, Bitcoins are just a “made up” idea, but tell me again (except for the tax liens and jail time for tax evasion) how that’s different from FedBux anymore?

Economic distortion is becoming more widespread as a reult. That’s why you can buy a refurb’ed curved-screen monitor on the cheap and yet not be able to afford the rent.

Speaking of which, with current local government runaway inflation of taxation well-underway, am I the only one to mention that high property taxes (and usurious penalties) are turning government into the largest landlord in the world?

I mean think about it:  Stop paying your property taxes and government will seize your property which means Americans are (we hate to state the obvious) “renting from the government.”

In rational times, this would be outrageous, at least to those who understand that the FedGov was founded on a shoestring paid for by tariffs.  Now, since the congress has abdicated to the bankster class, that leaves government holding title (effectively) to all property. The ONLY issue is how long before they get it all.  The socialist-communist outcome.  But if pulled0off slowly enough…  Mind-boggling, is it not?

Back to point president Waffle isn’t sure what to do, either, and near as we can figure he’s trial-ballooning everything in the policy arsenal to see what will garner the most 2020 votes.  Which is why the Washington Post this morning is looking at the possibility of a faltering economy and how Trump’s muddling it.

We may have to relabel democrats to something more descriptive – like dumbocrats – as “gotta-go Joe” is saying ““We should raise the tax back to 39.6 percent”  Self-administering political hemlock?

Same party is labeling everyone not of color as racists and supremacists which leads us to suggest democrats administer a little Stanford-Binet testing in advance of allowing anyone to announce aspirations for higher office on the party ticket.

I’d  toss-in buck or three to see Trump’s current score, along with Biden’s, and Warren’s (my money’d be on her, BTW) on this one issue alone… Testing of shamer Beto-scam, BS, and others?  Who cares?

Other than “Usual Distractions”

There are still a few things worth noticing as headline roll by:

Eye Opener: FBI busts a global crime ring:”  No, not congress. Dammit.

Xi’s blood pressure?  Beijing Enraged After US Navy Ship Sails Through Taiwan Strait.  Will bumping tariffs help?  I don’t think so…

Mr. Foot-in-Mouth is on the move: Trump heads to G7 summit after insulting allied world leaders.  It’s not a Chinese saying, but could some WH staffer please remind the book “You win more friends with honey….”

Dead Bank Walking Watch: U.S. fines Deutsche Bank $16 million to settle China, Russia corruption charges. Collusion confusion, anyone?

Ironically, in Time today we’ve clipped “How Your Obsession With Short-Term Results Can Hurt You in the Long Run” for reading when we get to it.

Longish statistical read (our cuppa) isEquipment Leasing and Finance Association’s Survey of Economic Activity: Monthly Leasing and Finance Index  — July New Business Volume Up 15 Percent Year-over-year, Down 5 Percent Month-over-month and Up 3 Percent Year-to-date .”  Given the M1 print rate of an RCH under 10% makes us wonder if we’d really be in the 7% deflation range if the paper-runs out or the ink supplies get delayed…

Chernobyl’s Aweigh! Russia’s First Floating Nuclear Power Plant Sets Sail in Arctic. Things break when your “rushin'”

What a Way to Go: New York man crushed to death by elevator.  Seems he  was floored.

Continental Subsidence or Climate?  As to much hype, a story about Disappearing Louisiana island could create America’s 1st climate change refugees making the rounds, are we the only ones to notice that the continents are moving and the resulting subsidence is the more likely answer to most of the “sea level”claims?  You look at where marker were 20-years ago and where they are now…and the sea-level change evap[orates (so to speak) to the obvious subsidence as North America spreads out – and west.

Another environmental note: Amazon rainforest fires could devastate the fight against climate change.  Obviously, climate change  won’t be helped by deforestation…another oh-duh moment..  But, can a tax fix it?  If we use the tax-revenue to go Soylent Green, buy Greenland and Brazil…move all people into coops…

Fail to pay that kind of scammish climate tax and into the Soylent you go… Hell there’s a tax-incentive, huh?

Off to work on Peoplenomics – more tomorrow and a good article here on Urban:  “The Sunday Think:  Does Food Drive Language?”  Weekend brain food…

Write when you get rich,


46 thoughts on “J. Powell’s High Wire Act, Making up Money”

  1. Taiwan is Emperor Xi’s ‘shy little concubine” – reject his majesty’s divine advances and, in order to save face among his 1.4 billion subjects, he will have no recourse but to force himself that which is ‘rightfully’ his.

    • Exactly Warhammer. China wants Taiwan back & this would really test Trump’s huffing & puffing. Also, good post on 9/11 yesterday. The Conspiracy Minded will not accept the truth. I don’t think Bush or the Deep State would have gone that far to make some more oil profits or cancel our privacy. They were asleep at the switch.

      • or… the whole point of the Gulf wars was to establish a U.S. presence in the region and block Russian or Chinese influence. It’s not about oil or gas but oil and gas pipelines and where the flow goes. Remember the news last winter (or before) about how Russia controls the natural gas lines flowing into Europe and how the EU was at risk of freezing because Russia was not happy about the press it was receiving for the Ukraine? And don’t forget about Afghanistan’s immense untapped mineral resources.

      • Bush 2 was dumber than father Bush. Bush started an unwinable war in Afghanistan. Never thought it out. A country that is an expert on being invaded. Iran was to avenge his father. It is the result you would expect, when a Bush is in charge. Now Bush 2 realizes his mistakes, someone must have explained it to him, but he still does not get it when it comes to the real concerns of the common man.

      • “It’s not about oil or gas but oil and gas pipelines and where the flow goes. ”

        Joe you know what’s funny..
        6 months before 9/11 I was at work reading some old magazines and listening to george nory .. he had a war games game’s annyist on. The story I was reading was about Clinton touring the middle east trying to gain support for a pipeline to be put in by the company belonging to a politician at the time. The Taliban was dead set against the great devil putting in the pipeline.
        The annalist was talking about how they were actively doing war games and the consensus was that they would go after Iraq first then Syria and iran or North Korea..
        A friend that was still in the rangers had mentioned he had a choice of duty stations Kuwait or south korea…
        I was thinking at the time what an idiot.. why would you boast the war games scenario that you’ve been running..
        Six months later 9/11 we went directly to Iraq and the pipeline was built..
        Now if I… a no name idiot in the middle of nowhere could connect the dots.. what could the guy or girl trained to monitor the airways get out of that.. a coworker went to iraq wrote me saying it will be over in a couple of days.. I wrote back saying..silly they are letting us in..getting out is going to be the real problem.

      • ECS; you are simply naive about 911. There is WAY too much PROVEN info out there, which tells me, that you haven’t done your research. Granted, it is a lot of information to absorb, but it is easily done. Visit Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth. IF you do that, you will simply have your eyes opened. 911 was and still remains an INSIDE JOB!!! Bush Baby et al had 911 planned prior to his winning the nomination; he had already visited his handlers. Little ole Blair also had his marching orders from his handlers. This is all common right in your face stuff.

    • To paraphrase a chinese saying, “having won the war, they (Chinese) started fighting. Having lost the war, they (USA) started fighting.”

      • Hahahhaahhahahha!

        Fack China! No country in the world will escape this economic chicanery!

        1.4 billion mouths to feed??

        Shiiiiiiiit, yo!

        We of the 382 million can grow enough food to feed them and us.

        We should see a wold plague enter soon. I dont f*ckin like it anymore than you do!! It will apear like “allergies” but it will be more than that. Aids on steroids from my read of things.

        Im going to the gym to kick my own ass. I had to make a tough call today. Stay 30 more days in Palm Springs or get $12,000!
        Spititual development or money. I chose the higher ground. Insane as that sounds. Trust me! With the Dow caving over 600 points today, i chose to be poor financially and move sequencially to an alternative position. Fack! Cause it was the right choice. Arrrgggghhh!!! im working that Level like a mofo!

        Hahahah! See ya around.

      • It’s not only the gold,
        It’s not only the oil,
        It’s not only the mineral resources,
        It’s not only the drugs,

        It is the artifacts that give power to us the slaves if revealed

        Mostly as each artifact is unveiled it tells more and more about the very very ancient past of us and Earth , they do not want you to know..

        Why do you think when a spacecraft crashes They confiscated it immediately and publish a false story why do you think when a giant has been discovered the bones are laying there and they grab the bones and transport them and say it never happened why do they destroy the bases for your real thoughts you think and Afghanistan hey say hey it’s about drugs not really it’s about the alien among you that have antennal brain waves that connect with other people and they don’t want you to know about that

  2. George

    On a happier note 50 years ago today She Who Must Be Courted became She Who Must Be Obeyed AKA Mrs. Rocket Mike!

    It’s been an interesting ride!

    “Continental Subsidence or Climate? As to much hype, a story about Disappearing Louisiana island could create America’s 1st climate change refugees making the rounds”

    About 25 years ago there was a TV series on geology. One episode covered the south Louisiana area. It was pointed out that this area was sinking as it sat on the edge of a continental plate that was sinking. Between the sinking and erosion south Louisiana is in big du du! New Orleans one day may well have a sea side view of the Gulf of Mexico and be known as The Big Soggy.

    Hey! It’s time to go have some anniversary cake, Laissez Les Bons Temps Rouler you all !!!!

    • Smith Island lays in the Chesapeake Bay near the Maryland-Virginia border. It’s been inhabited since the late 1600’s. It is also being swallowed up by the rising bay. It used to be the landmark example for rising sea levels but is now overshadowed by more dramatic examples.

    • Fires rage from the Amazon to the Arctic. Since water won’t extinguish the Amazon, we hope the coming icy winter air will put the Arctic fire out.

  3. Really George, ” hows that different from FedBux anymore?” red herring right?

    #1- UNSTOPPABLE DECENTRALIZATION, but more importantly for the Tree Baron of Palestine (come up to Wood Cnty to see real east Texas tree farm)..

    ABSOLUTE LIMITED SUPPLY of Bitcoin.-Gdam boomers cant just keep printing more – f-ing perverts(financial).

    FYI (no tax liens, no jail time) that’s all FUD -guess if it makes U feel good to parrot that crap – like “hammer’ parroting jet fuel conspiracy ..bwahaha

    The book to read for insight into why the DONALD is WINNING, and keeps on WINNING is the old classic – The Art of War by that masterful Chinese warrior/philosopher Sun Tzu..beware the “thunderbolt”

    The “coot” once again is getting itchy hands this AM, time to get Short stock mkt was yesterday, Bonds still got room to run..to 0% Yld with side of QE I (I = infinity). happy happyjoyjoy

    • Bank of England – Mark Carney ..shocking proposal today – just shocking!

      Hey G “who da thunk it?” ..

      Yeah yeah and JP5 melts granite!

      – Suggested reading ” The Most Dangerous Book in the World” 9/11 as Mass Ritual

      Time to wake up to the dark side, barely.

    • Donald Trump and many successful high level people read “The Art of War”. What we forget is that the Chinese wrote it.

  4. And yet you did not tell us WHERE to find the cheap curved monitors! Speak oh great one, cause I can’t seem to find an outlet and I’m looking for one

    • Amazon Samsung 32′ C32F397FWN Curved Full-HD Monitor (Renewed)
      No VESA mount though, so I am swapping one of Elaine’s 27s. Also the feet on the curved are wide another reason she scores the new mon is it’s fine on a desktop, but c an’t be larger than the sff computer on the ham radio desk. Big feet so Elaine wins…

  5. Hmmmmm. Flat earth tards are making their rounds again. I said to one yesterday, ” do you believe in global warming? They said absolutely!!!! I said if the earth is flat??? How in the hell do we have “globe”al warming??” They blocked me. Haha

      • Boy, Dow is taking another beat dow-n today. Quick! Look suprised. Expect another round of “alibis” fresh off the press from Corporate Media.

        Yes, you are correct. We are right on schedule.

        I look every now and then… but i more inportant stuff going on. I will be playing Volleyball later. Sh!t doesnt concern me.

      • Holy Cow George! I just had the most crazy intense lucid meditation about Revelations from the Bible. It was crazzzzzzy! I was sooo intense when i came out, I didnt know where i was at. Il

        I havent had that intense of a vision/travel to another relm exctept the time i woke up on the A.R.C.H. as a “grey” alien and was told i to go back to sleep because we had 1000 more years before we reached the New Earth and my body needed that much time to be transformed into human form.


        I wish i was normal sometimes. Ahhahahaha

      • No chance on normal – but welcome to my world. Now, try doing that every other night, or so…and the log it and “lesson it” and it will change your life…



    • “Flat earth tards are making their rounds again”

      I love it Andy… what is funny is NASA has live coverage from the space station regularly.. it is fairly obvious that the earth is roundish… LOL LOL LOL not a true exact perfectly round circle but close enough for this old man…LOL LOL
      I also seen something spectacular over forty years ago that I thought was amazing stared at if for hours the thought of it still amazes me.. I still don’t know why they don’t have that for everyone yet..

  6. Don’t look at Zimbabwe, look at Venezuela for the future of America. That’s why news of Venezuela is severely suppressed in the USA. Don’t want to spook the wildebeest (hoping the predators don’t focus on them) American population just yet.

    Being in South America, and actually interacting with Venezuelan refugees, the similarities with the USA scare the hell out of me.

    Keep in mind, that when interest rates go negative, the principles of economics no longer apply, even though people still act like it. You can probably say the same thing with uncontrolled printing of money, usually just a national issue. With that occurring with the world reserve currency, the ramifications are something that the average American will do anything to keep from thinking about it. It would not be such a threat for Americans, except it’s the same currency you use in your daily life. Which means when it turns, the whole world goes against you.

    With true inflation being at least 7% or more, even the highest paying junk bonds have been negative for some time. Stocks no longer give a return with dividends, only from playing the delta. And 99% of that delta is from stock buybacks using zero interest money and fraudulent accounting. Nothing today gives a RETURN ON, the best you can pray for is a RETURN OF your capital.

    As Jim Sinclair said years ago, subconsciously realizing there was no longer economic principles in effect, its Management By Perception Economics. As long as they can control the perception, they can keep the middle class in the system and keep sucking them dry with the various predatory systems, property taxes being one of the minor ones.

    This perception control is like a Segway device or an aircraft that has no aerodynamic qualities. It’s all raw power and instantaneous controls that make them function. Printing dollars (QE) is the raw power, and the computer algorithms are the controls. If you want to know something shocking, look at the percentage of trades that determine the market numbers actually close, where the stock or bond actually changes ownership/control AT THE END OF THE DAY.

    If there really were economics at play, why would the federal reserve interest rates mean anything? If they were in play, interest rates would be determined by supply and demand. If a bank only wants to pay .5% on my CD, I will take my money elsewhere.

    Dream on.

    So with no economic principles in effect, and no fair elections, politics mean nothing. George, you need to squeeze down a little more on that “meaningless” news.

    Think about it.


    • @ ecpat

      You seem to ‘get it’….whereas many that live with in the usa..do not get it at ALL….or more troubling DO NOT WANT TO GET IT…unless it is ‘GIVEN TO THEM………which will be one reason to stay an expat….there is NO future for this country until it crashes and burns…as ALL democracies do…our Republic disappeared many decades ago…never to be seen again…as the current crop of wannabe leaders ‘show their true colors and ,what they want for the future of this country that they want to rule over….Which is a future that I will personally refuse to blend into…I will not go willingly to become a socialist…nor will I leave and be an expat…too many family members here to protect…and as the bible tells it tales…God’s hand is not going to help this country…since this country has abandoned GOD and HIS teachings and has become more interested in Man’s written laws and man’s hollow promises…FREE stuff for All….wtf

    • In the past it was The Depression created bye bye man now there was a situation created by man it’s not the same as the past situation now the future is trying to accommodate everybody because we are no longer workers we all all thinkers users hope the money system and the water are mineral metal so the next step is after this step coming up is no money we will have a ball to the point where we know we don’t need money and we have the ability with Rai computers to regulate population growth regulate the weather ideally for any situation we have the ability in the future to reduce volcano activity earthquakes I’m meteorites coming in not with bombs or nuclear energy or any of those primitive things

      Don’t get caught up in the suppression ,
      we have been given the knowledge to move forward and as you know it’s being repress ,suppress why some pretty demonic people not Angelic people but demonic.
      There’s people out there beings that have the ability to knock you right out of your your body and then come over take that that’s what you call spiritual soul capabilities,

      And the stronger Spirit Souls have the ability make you turn your gun on a friend or family member now you know what you’re up against you’re up against super Wicked evil spiritual Souls now you know why you each and every one of you need to develop your spiritual soul capacities so that when the time comes you can act like a capacitor and ward off these entities of evil spirits Souls.

      May all beings be lovingly fulfilled,financially fulfilled and readily fulfilled ,so be it.

      • I’d try to keep it a little more simple as you are combining ‘spirit’ – ‘spiritual’ – ‘souls’.

        You are really trying to say that a person can be possessed by a discarnate spirit, which can be evil.

        Is this possible, ABSOLUTELY.

        For Example: When a person gets sheet-faced drunk and lies there oblivious, negative discarnate spirits CAN enter in, as the body is unprotected.

        Also, a person has to be aware around the newly deceased. Another example: family members were in a private room in a funeral home praying with earnestness and love over a deceased relative. When the door to the viewing room was opened, a spirit FLED the room and directly hit another person right in the chest. Was this a possible evil spirit fleeing the corpse or the room and then found a new innocent host?

        Possible. All reports, yes, it is true and the person started exhibiting unnatural behavior.

        PRAY for each other.

      • And lest I state the obvious, yes, that’s why booze is called “spirits” and its why writers often use them to walk up to said “spirits” which are copied as “characters” in their books…it’s why in many cases they seem to “real”

  7. The disappearing island story led me to USGS Circular 1182 on land subsidence. Seems a lot of that is due to us humans busily sucking all of the oil, gas, and water out of the ground, so of course the land sinks. The recent flooding in Houston Is at least partially explained by land subsidence. It’s definitely due to human activity, but it ain’t all climate change.

    • So is the erosion of Nawlins.

      Seems that in the “good” old days, the silt would come down Ol Miss and be piled up – but with the damn dams no such…so it seems to be sinking. But the cool pivot to look ahead to is turning Nawlins into Venice 2.0

    • Subsidence of the land can be due to many causes. Yes, extraction of water and petroleum can definitely cause subsidence and coastal margins can be part of larger regional subsidence due to plate tectonics. It can also be caused by compaction of unconsolidated sediment under it’s own weight. That particular problem can be exacerbated by the weight of human construction. Buildings, roads, parking lots, etc are HEAVY.

      So, since us humans love to build our dwellings close to the water on unconsolidated sediments we can expect to, over time, to get our feet wet. Sorry folks, ‘dems da breaks!

      • Don’t overlook man-made weather which has the ability to concentrate massive water from the atmosphere two particular spots on Earth.

        Don’t overlook variability Bryce that are far beyond our conception and knowledge that have the ability to destroy or recreate the ocean and the land and everything underneath the land as well as the atmosphere like I say we’re just learning.
        You and I are only here few hundred years old but there are records that are out there that are quadrillions of years old ,.so the question is do you want to know.
        Do you want to experience all the experiences that’s ever been made through those quad trillions of years .
        would you still be ,yes you would be but not the same being

  8. Folks,

    When it comes to climate change and related topics, don’t believe the hype. As I talked about in my comment yesterday, nearly everything you see in the daily propaganda feed is completely false.

    The most recent example is all the stories about the fires in the Amazon. Here’s some real news: The fires this year are very like the fires in the Amazon that happen every year! Here’s the data in the form a very fun interactive graph that’s updated daily: https://www.globalfiredata.org/forecast.html#elbeni

    So, why all the hype this year? Your guess is as good as mine, but the widespread coverage tells me that, whatever the reason, it’s a coordinated effort and they know most people won’t bother to fact check.

    Another fun topic is sea level change. There’s two basic sets of data: Tide gauges and the ‘satellite record’. The first is a relative measurement and the other is advertised as an absolute measurement. My opinion is that the tide gauge records are a much better tool because they measure sea level change relative to the land. Depending on whether your piece of dirt is sinking or rising, sea level changes differently. If you’re real estate is fairly stable then you should experience about 1.3 millimeters of sea level rise per year. If that’s you, and nothing else changes, then you can expect about 1.3 meters of sea level rise over the next 1000 years. That’s hardly an emergency that requires global communism to be implemented.

    If you’re the owner of a parcel of land that happens to be sinking (subsiding) then you may have a different situation. If you’re relative sea level rise (subsidence+sea level rise) is in the neighborhood of 3 times the global average (4 millimeters per year) then you can expect around 4 meters of sea level rise over the next 1000 years, if nothing else changes. Again, not quite the emergency it’s sold as.

    You can also tell a lot about what is and isn’t a real emergency in regards to climate by closely watching the behavior of other humans. Point in case, the recent real estate purchase of a plot of coastal land in Martha’s Vineyard by a former American president.

    So, in the case of the islands off of Louisiana, they may or may not be swallowed by the gulf. Either way, there’s not much anyone can do about it and it’ll sort itself out.

    Finally, the next time you see an article about how ‘hot’ it is in the arctic or how the arctic is ‘burning up’, I invite you, concerned citizen, to arm yourself with knowledge. A good place to start is here: https://earth.nullschool.net/#current/wind/surface/level/overlay=temp/orthographic

    Personally, I love this page. I think you’ll find that whenever a ‘record warm’ temperature is reported you’ll still find that the real temp is still well below zero!

    And for the climate true believers and zealots, yes, I am a scientist, so back off, man!

  9. How to setup your exercising room in your mansion.
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    How to setup your Exorcist room in this part of your Galaxy.

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    If none of the above apply then you better start somewhere. *+?

  10. George while doing your Dream Work see if anything comes up on using Emotions as power. Like 16 year old girl lifting burning pickup off of trapped dad or 90 year-old frail woman lifting car off of trapped people. Etc. Emotions may be an answer and am working on being able to generate strong ones on demand. I know from my chi healing work when high emotions from fear mainly have done some solid miracles. Please check on it. Thanks in advance.

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