Tomorrow, our deep “Sunday Think:  Does Food Influence Language.”

Today, as a little grist for the mental mill, we offer the farewell address of President Dwight D. Eisenhower.

Because he was the first president in U.S. history to size-up the growing threat of a “military-industrial” complex.  A cup of coffee and ready for 16-minutes worth?

There were many aspects of this speed that fueled “conspiracy theories” – well beyond Ike’s supposed meetings with “extraterrestrials” during his tenure.  Unfortunately, no revelations about that…

But the warning of “military-industrial” complex is not only alive and well today, but it has expanded as well.  It now includes the pharmaceutical industry, as well.  The intelligence community has been key, as well.  They how hold more than one “seat at the table.”

While Eisenhower did not offer a “battle plan” to fight these new menaces’ to Freedom, that may have been impossible in his time.

We would even go so far as to suggest that when the following president, Kennedy, attempted to re-link the dollar with precious metals, and stood up to a military-industrial-intelligence cabal bent on a first-strike nuclear war against the Soviet Union at a time when America owned EMP technology, well, we know what happened to Kennedy in Dallas….

As in medicine, in order to properly treat a problem, one not only has to grasp the “correct diagnosis” which Eisenhower did, there must also be an understanding of the malady or disease’s method of action .

In Eisenhower’s time, what we refer to as the “K-Street Mafia” – as a catch-all for the huge D.C. law firms that “represent” various interests, it’s clear the “methods of action” today are sufficiently powerful to bend and shape the careers of those whose support the conspiring industries need in order to “bend the rules just so.”

We are appalled by junior members of congress who seem  all too willing to criticize, and yet when comes down to it, they themselves have been tools of powers much greater than they can comprehend.  And the yoke of control is as it has always been.

Some things to consider as headlines roll by that seem not to make sense.

Fools run by money, believing themselves superior socialists to the American Working Class, can only re3ap a bitter harvest of hate and division which is their only stock-and-trade.  Although the purchase of votes (and thus office) is supposedly against the law, we see telltales that between “control files” filmed on Lolita-type jets of the filthy (and rich) with the K-Street Mob aiding and abetting, circumstantial data supports and expands upon Eisenhower’s prescient warning.

Write when you get rich,