American Values Class: Ike on the “Military Industrial Complex”

Tomorrow, our deep “Sunday Think:  Does Food Influence Language.”

Today, as a little grist for the mental mill, we offer the farewell address of President Dwight D. Eisenhower.

Because he was the first president in U.S. history to size-up the growing threat of a “military-industrial” complex.  A cup of coffee and ready for 16-minutes worth?

There were many aspects of this speed that fueled “conspiracy theories” – well beyond Ike’s supposed meetings with “extraterrestrials” during his tenure.  Unfortunately, no revelations about that…

But the warning of “military-industrial” complex is not only alive and well today, but it has expanded as well.  It now includes the pharmaceutical industry, as well.  The intelligence community has been key, as well.  They how hold more than one “seat at the table.”

While Eisenhower did not offer a “battle plan” to fight these new menaces’ to Freedom, that may have been impossible in his time.

We would even go so far as to suggest that when the following president, Kennedy, attempted to re-link the dollar with precious metals, and stood up to a military-industrial-intelligence cabal bent on a first-strike nuclear war against the Soviet Union at a time when America owned EMP technology, well, we know what happened to Kennedy in Dallas….

As in medicine, in order to properly treat a problem, one not only has to grasp the “correct diagnosis” which Eisenhower did, there must also be an understanding of the malady or disease’s method of action .

In Eisenhower’s time, what we refer to as the “K-Street Mafia” – as a catch-all for the huge D.C. law firms that “represent” various interests, it’s clear the “methods of action” today are sufficiently powerful to bend and shape the careers of those whose support the conspiring industries need in order to “bend the rules just so.”

We are appalled by junior members of congress who seem  all too willing to criticize, and yet when comes down to it, they themselves have been tools of powers much greater than they can comprehend.  And the yoke of control is as it has always been.

Some things to consider as headlines roll by that seem not to make sense.

Fools run by money, believing themselves superior socialists to the American Working Class, can only re3ap a bitter harvest of hate and division which is their only stock-and-trade.  Although the purchase of votes (and thus office) is supposedly against the law, we see telltales that between “control files” filmed on Lolita-type jets of the filthy (and rich) with the K-Street Mob aiding and abetting, circumstantial data supports and expands upon Eisenhower’s prescient warning.

Write when you get rich,

31 thoughts on “American Values Class: Ike on the “Military Industrial Complex””

  1. Ending remark:

    “All people will come to live in peace with mutual respect for each other”

    In my opinion, Ike was the greatest President of all. He “got it” unlike the hordes of greedy politians that followed him. President Kennedy & his brother found this out the hard way.

    His ending comment fell upon deaf ears, & greed & violence & mass amounts of money followed.

    “I Like Ike” & I still have that flashing pin from his campaigns.I was 12 at this time, & still miss him. He embodied America.

    • Did Ike ever issue a statement when JFK was assassinated? I’ve never read about it if he did. He lived through all of the assassinations of the 60s. I find it hard to believe the “Supreme Commander” of all Allied Forces in WWII would be so meek as to sit by and not say a thing as his country was usurped by the forces of Mammon. The sacrifice of all those under him throughout the war should have screamed bloody murder in his ears day and night as he watched it all happen.

      • Ike’s opinion of JFK:

        You can always tell a Harvard man, but you can’t tell him much.

        Eisenhower the President, William Ewald, pg. 315

        He also thought his father bought him the election. JFK’s father was basically a gangster, & sometimes that comes back home to roost.

      • It was customary for our first couple hundred years, that a retired President never spoke critically of another Administration or made any public statement which might be construed as a “policy statement.” This was a “gentleman’s agreement” amongst the CiCs (ret.) and also the Press. It ended when Nixon became Ford’s, then Carter’s liaison with the ChiComs, thrusting himself back into the spotlight.

        Ike was a gentleman.

        Reagan was the last “gentleman” to hold the office.

        What we have now, is the result of my last statement, to a degree both causative, and symptomatic of a general degradation of society.

      • ECS – anyone that would have a lobotomy preformed on his own daughter ought to have one done on himself first. Yes, as bad as JF and Bobby’s father was it’s amazing they turned out as well as they did. Now Teddy, however, …

        Ike was a gentleman, this is true in every sense. But the 60s were such an extraordinary time it seems Ike would have had something to say specifically about the assassinations at some point. I’m sure he talked a lot about it in private.

    • “President Kennedy & his brother found this out the hard way.” However, isn’t that the way one deals with enemi es, of one kind our other? Holding your other cheek only gets you crucified, as history has proven too often. It’s ALL our choices–it’s either them, or us. So be it! ;-((

    • “All people will come to live in peace with mutual respect for each other”

      ECS… you forgot the most important part of that quote that looks so familiar..

      ” when pigs learn how to fly.”

      • People who follow it can look back at their life with approval. Enter in by the Narrow Gate. You can only control yourself, but you can influence the young positively. We will eventually have to pay the price for our wrongs, but the good try to add a few rights in the mix.

      • all of it has been predicted..
        1 timothy 3 1-5
        1 Remember this! In the last days there will be many troubles, 2 because people will love themselves, love money, brag, and be proud. They will say evil things against others and will not obey their parents or be thankful or be the kind of people God wants. 3 They will not love others, will refuse to forgive, will gossip, and will not control themselves. They will be cruel, will hate what is good, 4 will turn against their friends, and will do foolish things without thinking. They will be conceited, will love pleasure instead of God,

  2. George

    The only question that I have is:

    Will the military stand with the people and the Constitution or will they stand with the elites when crunch time comes?

    When I was in Boot camp back in 1969 there were large painted signs in the barracks that laid out the rules for service members.

    One of the rules was to NOT obey an illegal / un-constitutional order!

    I wonder if those signs are still there?

    • Good question.

      “Oath Keepers” was established by a couple Ex-Mil types who thought the country was going down the tubes, and wished to create an organization for Mil, LE, and pols & jurists — pretty much everyone who “takes The Oath.” Their premise was: “You took an oath to protect and defend The Constitution. All we want is your solemn word that you will keep your oath.”

      I was surfing around a couple weeks ago, and noticed both SPLC (to which I give no credence, because Morris Dees was a Soviet disinfo agent) AND the ADL have labeled Oath Keepers “an extreme Right Wing hate group.”

      Apparently, The Constitution is a “hate document” now, so on which side the sojers would cast their lot, I honestly don’t know…

    • “Will the military stand with the people and the Constitution or will they stand with the elites when crunch time comes?”

      It’s not the “military” brcause they are just “hired help.” It takes but one (1) highly regarded officer and one division or batallion to make a change in our country.

      However, salary and pension benefits may be the final arbiter in your question. ;-(

    • R/Mike…

      Read Adolphs second secret book.. I think the original is in a Boston university library or maybe one of the presidential libraries.. scary book.. my newest scary book.. Buch %28Hitler%27s Secret Book%29_djvu.txt

      People are only worried about surviving.. adolph penned that the best way to get control of a nation was reach out get the people dependent on them.. then take it away from them and give it to the wealthy. You gain the support of the masses so that the wealthy can be imprisoned propell the one percent and control the masses..
      Tax breaks for the wealthiest Americans anyone.. this year I believe the dependence on social nm programs went to one in two are on a federal assistance program. Big corporate leaders gather more bonuses give less to the blue collar and give their jobs away to an economy somewhere else.
      We even built camps.. bought extra bullets and about our military personnel that’s been thought out as well.. we send troops from the east coast to the west and vice versa we also have un forces running around our country just in case theres some disagreement. ( I dont know if it’s TRUE dont really care but a favorite one anyway.. my grandpa during ww1 was sent to Germany to fight. He was sent to his grandparents hometown and was sitting at the table drinking coffee and eating strudel while the armistice was being signed) so for that to not happen you need troops without a family tie
      Illegal refugees .. you know the ones where rebel leaders openly announce that was how they would infiltrate our country. Build traing camps and slowly gather take away more jobs. We no lo get have the industry Schindler’s that look out for their employees they are long gone.. take our own Industrialist.. in a city where poverty level is a quarter million and levels of hate distrust and discontent are extremely hi takes off after a car.. in a car that would be seen as a vain throw it in your face car especially in a city so filled with poverty. He is one lucky guy to have survived that event. Most of the people suffering that are in a group that they have to fight to survive gang banger life style would take one look at the throw my good fortune in your face car and expensive suit and think one more gone what’s the loss.

      At this point it would take the changes a president has been fighting for to take place to stall the progression of the inevitable. Of course this is just my opinion I see the pieces on the board and wonder.. am I just imagining it or is that what our future really is.

      • Forgot to add !

        RM , I believe firmly that most members of the military will obey the constitution and their oath. Their dedication will surprise “them” if ever put to the test.

  3. “We are appalled by junior members of congress who seem all too willing to criticize, and yet when comes down to it, they themselves have been tools of powers much greater than they can comprehend. ”

    I totally agree.. … as my wife would say.. that is a dead horse issue… why drag it around.. its dead..

    we all know they act appalled over the control the special interest groups have.. each one will give you this long drawn out speech .. yet never do a thing about it.. God I hate to use this one as an example..
    but abortion.. great issue lots of sentimental value.. they will even put a tear or two in their eyes to emphasize how it affects them.. a new bill will be written up.. they will drag that dead horse around campaigning.. the horror of it all.. then table it never to be heard of again until the next campaigning season.. the same with the borders.. they will openly say we need to secure the border and our people even pass laws to protect the average american while taking away a little bit more of the bill of rights.. yet at the same time cry over the illegals entering and how devastating they are being treated.. Nothing will be done.. want to stop the drug cartels.. legalize and regulate marijuana.. how can you sneak something or use human trafficking that any farmer can grow. Want to stop human trafficing.. legalize prostitution and regulate it. that would leave the single mothers trying to make a living alone and open the whole legal system up to fight the true ugly monsters in this world.. it would open the whole system up for new products and new fuels as well.. ( I wonder if the oil industry isn’t trying to keep marijuana illegal as well.. the plant makes a wonderful oil substitute and cheaper )

    I read a bill what in the eighties sometime.. that on the network news both sides were commenting on just how important that law was.. I was reading the dam thing.. and there was a part in it that I understood to be very ugly in how it would treat… THEM in some future scenario… My thought at the time was oh my god what idiots.. didn’t read that one.. lets drag him or her out on the lawn and really show them who is boss.. LOL LOL so why was that bill so important to those two idiots.. did the one hate the other and want him dragged kicking and screaming out on the capital lawn for justice to be done.. or maybe the other one hating the one.. or did they hats some of the other colleagues that pushed them into voting in that stupid bill.. My guess is they read the cliff notes on the bill.. you know the one hundred word paragraph that is written so a high school grad can read it.. and put the ugly crap inside in legal terms that would take a team of Harvard lawyers to decipher their true meanings..
    I have said for years.. if you want a bill then pen it yourself everyone read the dam thing and then decide.. give four years for tabling an issue before it has to be voted on yea or nae.. who cares if they wrote it.. lets face it they aren’t that brilliant to write crap and would write it in a language everyone could read and understand..
    OOPS I am on my soap box again.. dragging a dead horse around the yard.. sorry

    • They should be treated to excactly what you’ve been dragging around, except nobody has the guts to “really save” our nation, IMHO!

    • The problem with legalizing the so called vices is that criminals and con men will find something else to fence. In big cities, many gangs are switching from drugs to car-break ins. Once that is run it’s course, they will evolve into mass cyber theft. Once that is secured against, their parasitic minds will find a new crooked paradigm. In a way, criminals are no different from most multi-national corps. One wears a suit the other doesn’t. But both are focused on swinging the loot.

      • I think you are right on the money Mark..Unfortunately That is already happening..
        When I was in the service the safest neighborhood to go out and have a good time in the city was the one controlled by the syndicate.
        When we started deregulating and giving higher tax breaks and outsourcing jobs and industry. That forced mom to leave the home leaving our children open for those sources to be in total control. Civilization slowly has been moving away from the city leaving the inner city to be controlled by the seedy elements tribalizing the cities. each neighborhood is controlled by their own tribe…
        We gave up on family and neighborhood for higher profits to those controlled.
        Although you don’t hear of anyone sneaking drugs into Mexico.. instead you hear about the elderly flooding texas so that they can cross the border to get their drugs there. costs are down.. one of my medications is twelve hundred fifty dollars a month.. in canada right now it is way less that two hundred. but I cannot go and get it.. in mexico it is even cheaper.. I chose canada because the product is manufactured in the UK..
        My thought is through legalization the average citizen using the product would have legal stores where they can purchase the product that is regulated and tested. there will always be the back street market for drugs that are tainted with rat poison or some sugar. even now with abortion legal you still hear about the young lady that couldn’t afford a legal abortion so she went to the back street clinic where they use coat hangers.
        You live in a city where you haven’t even noticed that young executives making a lot of money for any other city are having to defecate in the streets living in burned out buildings and cars.. so bad it has been covered world wide. The truly sad part about that is I think it is a plan. by forcing even the young well paid executives to live that way will only gain their support when the time comes to take control.
        what is the percentage of people imprisoned for using marijuana personally sixty seven percent give or take.. the savings by legalizing it would be in the Billions.. and by legalizing it would generate how many trillions again.. a lot.. enough to help us pay down the debt.. well maybe not the interest on the debt has become its own life source. history has shown that those that are using it for recreation already are.. and it doesn’t make any different whether or not it is legal.
        I am not sure if Georges quote on Hemp is in the first address.. or maybe this is the one on Congress.. but it is a good read.. the quote I was thinking was the one where he states it would be the survival of our country..

    • Legalize prostitution at and above the age of consent – YES, but DON’T regulate it. Let it follow the laws of supply and demand and allow all parties access to the police and courts as necessary. If a guy doesn’t pay – court or cops. If a girl takes the money and refuses the guy – same thing. If she takes plastic, then you can let the CC company sort it out.

      Regardless, we have more than enough laws already. Working girls around the world want decriminalization without further regulation. Let them get a certification as clean if they want to, not a license from the state. Listen to the girls who live the life.

      Drugs need to be decriminalized, along with ways to prevent further harm. Gambling is already legal for the most part. Regulation generally creates at least as many problems as it claims to solve.

  4. Thank you for your timely comments and presentations, they usually spark some thoughts. Eisenhower’s original draft, his brother had it, of the speech was: “military, industrial and congressional complex”. Can’t do a damn thing without money.

  5. “Today, as a little grist for the mental mill, we offer the farewell address of President Dwight D. Eisenhower.”

    Few listened then, fewer listen today!! Humanity has a “not so silent” death wish, as amply demonstrated in present day’s politics and their acceptance.

    I’m always amazed how GU can take all of this with equanimity ;-). Congrats for this feat!

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