A Non-Numeric Mathematics Lesson

Today’s report may read like something out of a sci-fi book. But, I assure you it’s real.  Today we’ll be walking through an extremely odd  “teaching dream” I experienced Thursday morning in one of my “other lives.”

“Other Lives? AYFKM”

I warned you of the sci-fi angle, right?  If you haven’t read my book Psychocartography: Mapping the Human Dream” it won’t make sense.  But trust me, there are a few of your fellow humans around who have worked diligently on “remembering their dreams” and often, the recall is so good and just so damn crisp (in a “going to IMAX way) that upon waking into this shared “reality” it takes a day (or two) to get your feet back on the ground.

I think when you read this “trip report” you’ll understand clearly what “non-numeric mathematics is about and here’s another warning for you:  This may change how you think about history forever.

But first, the weekend “housekeeping items” including our headlines, a look at the markets through our “Aggregated markets” viewer, and then we’ll jump into one of the most instructive dreams I’ve ever experienced.  And that’s going a good ways…

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19 thoughts on “A Non-Numeric Mathematics Lesson”

  1. It is said that much of our DNA consists of “junk.” Leftover shards and bits or formerly functioning sections that are vestigial now.

    Some thoughts.

    1) Nature is efficient. Leftover stuff isn’t carted around, it’s jettisoned. DNA would edit out the “junk” as it replicated and — dare I suggest — self-correct check.

    2) How does a bird know how to build a nest? It’s instinctive, says Science. Really? It’s a fairly complex task, often showing some Real Engineering and some Real Knowledge of Materials and their properties. Is such instinct in the bird’s DNA? Is he born knowing how to build a nest when the time comes? Can those nest plans be thought of as being “recorded” in the bird’s DNA somehow?

    3) How does an inventor suddenly happen to have a Brilliant Insight? Do incoming ideas and events trigger a recording in the DNA to suddenly play back? If there was no Edison, would somebody else invent the light bulb or the movie camera? Of course somebody else would. The needed recordings, triggered by the current events and environment are in other people’s junk DNA, too. Maybe…

    4) Who made the recordings? “Aye… There’s the rub…”

      • It’s true; thoughts can change one’s life. Changing the way one thinks can change one’s life. Learning about God and memorizing scripture (the word) can change a person’s heart, mind, and soul. Amazing things come from growing. Why wouldn’t DNA be affected by thoughts and feelings changed by love?

    • Nature is efficient. What if parts of DNA were actually pointers to scripts or patterns in yet another dimension? Such would allow for far less actual DNA and the ability to change the information and scripts on the fly without changing the DNA. Learning new things might add or delete pointers to remain congruent. Such a system would allow for global changes in scripting without having to change each individual instance.

  2. There is a good think article in the New York Post this am about Trump and China. Seems to coincide with Ures thinking.

    • Yeah – the NY Post is the more journo pub of Gothan than the NYT nowadays – the John Crudele’s and such have turned the paper honest… None of this 1619 white-shaming sales bullshit with an agenda front and center…We are all Americans first, after all…

  3. Wow! Great insight…why I have been following you for all these years.

    On manufacturing…you said..”… it really suggests Trump’s Trade War will be evolved to the point where America will actually build not only factories but also robust infrastructure to support them.”

    It will never happen unless we blow up the labor unions, our economy and set out to deflate prices on goods and services. American corporations took manufacturing overseas because our domestic labor costs cut into profits and it also helps control inflation.

    Trump may be trying to get us ready for those inevitable higher costs by “taxing” through tariffs, Chinese and other countries imports, but will the American consumer buy as if it was business as usual? No! We have had 30+ years of Wal-Mart, Target, Asian made cars. We like our low prices…we budget for those low prices. We are dependent on those low prices.

    The only way we can bring some jobs back is through robotics…and how does that really help the American worker? But, if we roboticize, so will China, Japan, Mexico and Europe. And soon, we will be buying and sourcing the robots from China, Taiwan, Japan and Mexico….And we are all back at the same place we have always been.

    • “It will never happen unless we blow up the labor unions”

      Yes, indeed, I do remember the past struggles, that no one likes to talk about anymore. Why are we in such precarious situation on the economic front? Labor unions that in the 50s & 60s NEVER could get enough. Someone has to say it out loud, because it would repeat.

    • Did I miss something. You praise George & then tell him why he is wrong.

      As is part of human nature, I am more concerned on how to profit from all this turmoil. There is a massive tech revolution coming…blockchain, Internet of Things, Robotics, AI, ETC that will propel US businesses forward, farther than ever before. After we sell it to the Chinese & they copy it, a new US led megatrend will begin, & it starts all over again. That is how we operate. Japan has never recovered from the financial lesson we taught them in the 1980’s.

    • It’s too late for what a reasonable person would think about a manufacturing Phoenix rising from ashes – the manufacturing that comes back to America will look and smell like that of China – lousy wages and lousy hours and lousy conditions – but we’ll all be EQUAL in our shared misery. Ain’t going to happen despite the Chosen One ordering American Company’s stop doing business with China – he has truly lost his s_it.

    • Americans have so much stuff that whole industries were created to store it. The American consumer doesn’t need anymore stuff.

      • PS- use to be a time when you’d see as many older and even beater cars on the road as you did newer ones. Now you see practically no older model cars and a rare beater. People are maxed out on stuff they neither need or use. They just have it because we’ve become an Ive got more useless stuff than you have society. Remember when we had maybe 2 or 3 tv channel’s and the tv repair man would have to come out to fix the tuner because it got wore out from all the channel changes? Now we have 100s of channels and we still aren’t happy. Stuff doesn’t make you happy.

  4. “For what its Worth.” ~Buffalo Springfield ~

    If anyone thinks any of this market decline is about a “trade war” with China? You’re trippin.

    The NIKKEI 225 INDEX has lost over 5000 points i less than a year. Thats 17.9% decline since last October.

    Fyi: Japan isnt in a trade war with China, silly. They are running NEGATIVE intrest rates.

    We are in a cash bubble!!!! What happend when the .com bubble burst??? What happend when the Housing Bubble burst??!

    Row, row, row the titanic gently on the sea of perversion.

    We are all Gullible fools!!

    Lol off to do a cannonball in the pool and hang with the Daisys who know more about life than me. have a great weekend!

  5. George, I was outside Albertsons sitting on the Bench and having a piece of Chicken. I met this super nice young lady who turned 92 today. She was sooooo funny and precious. Made my whole day. I asked her what the bigest and best thing she did in her life. She said marrying my husband, we were married for 70 years! I said oh my God that is Awesome. She said he died 6 months ago. I said im sorry for your loss. She smiled and said thank you. I will see him again soon. Still, after 70 years its is really nice not getting farted on in my sleep for a little while. Hahahahahahhhahahahahah!

    Get this. Her name was Daisy. :)

    Had to share.

  6. Only one person has the ability to change the charter of Corporations ,
    yes you’re right that’s President Trump

  7. While I should have been reading this article, I went to an airport, boarded a Cessna 182 and joined G-2 and that unique group of crazy people that jump out of good airplanes! There’s nothing quite like hanging from the strut in the windstream to recognize that life is uncertain, and nobody else can or will save you!

    It’s just another reminder that we all are totally responsible for our own lives. Total freedom requires total responsibility.

    Now I’m in the market for something cheap, reliable, and FAR-103 compliant. It also needs to handle high density altitude.

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