The CTLDD: Clear-Thinkers Low-Data Diet

Move over Keto Diets – here’s something more useful!  Some real clarity this morning as I had another one of those amazing dreams of the sort described in my book Psychocartography: mapping the human dream.

This one was  mind-boggling in its scope and implications and focused on  non-numeric mathematics.  It will be the “focus piece” on  Peoplenomics for subscribers on Saturday.

In the meantime, the notion of the  CTLDD (clear-thinkers low-data diet) which was also passed along from “the dream realms” was also very useful, so this morning, we will roll that one around because it comes amidst a hype-fest that we’ve been mentioning (at a background level) for several years.

I’ll show you what I mean:

The headline today being turned into a Trump-bash (like everything, seems like) is that not only has US Job Growth been  overstated by 501,000 jobs, but should we get the logically-linked outcome (the R word – >recession), nearly 70% of folks would blame Donald Trump to some degree.

While the Bureau of Labor Statistics has  always over-estimated jobs created by the CES (current employment statistics) Birth-Death Model, we were shocked by the “linguistic tell” in the phraseology of their press release which begins…

“In accordance with usual practice, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) is announcing...”

Since you haven’t enjoyed being a journalist for a couple of decades (as I have) it’s rare as chicken molars to see the phrase “usual practice” in ANY press release.

When it happens, there are only two extremes of thought that “plug & play” into the “What’s their motivation?” card-slot.  One plug-in is that “They must be doing pre-emptdive buttr covering so they don’t get fired….”  The second, and we think more likely version, is “This is a ‘play’ called in from the sidelines to work America into a recession in advance of the election…” which ought to be traceable back to the Deep State operatives who are “still on the string of administrations past…”

So yes, the phrase that pays in co-opted agencies is what?  “Accordance with usual practice…”

Fortunately, we can rule out paranoia, as our data-management skills keep us on the path of intellectual honesty.  Here, for example, is another CES story where ‘accordance with usual practice’ shows up from 2005.  The still-paranoid will observe this example doesn’t occur until page 3…

Same, by the way, holds true for a BLS 2014 press release where the linguistically meaningful phrase doesn’t occur until the 14th paragraph in over here.  But let’s not speculate as to movtives of the GS-14 and above world of the Deep (unfireable) State, shall we?

From an analytics perspective, we have warned many times over the past 20-years (UrbanSurvival has been on the web since 1997 in case you missed it), what matters is that every spring the BLS has annual “confessionial” in it’s corrections to the CES Birth-Death Model – which is jobs estimated into and out of existence via adminsitration “we think so’s…”

What DOES matter is the correction has been HUGE and never made the front of the  Drudge Report as it has today.  Example, take a look at the 2.9-MILLION jobs backed out of the CES estimates in January:

Well, my, ain’t that curious?  Why, when we had an annual adjustment of the “made up jobs” wasn’t a 2.9-million drop a Hugely Bigly in January when it was booked, but now all of a sudden  outfits like  MarketWatch find a lower rate-of-change annualized (about half the previous year’s rate) to be “NEWS?”

Well, now we put on the conspiracy of the Deep State/GS15+ tinfoil hats again.  If this is “normal” procedure at Labor, was there a similar announcement last year [2018]?  Or [2017] or [2016] or….is something else in play here?

Turn on the search machine, let’s roll into some results, shall we?

“preliminary benchmark announcement” +”” +2018

“”preliminary benchmark announcement” +”” +2017″

When you start to go through the results, you begin to see that is quite unique.

Or, is it?  One way to tell might be hitting the web archive ( and seeing if this page has ever existed before…

Ah!  Now we’re getting somewhere!  The specific address of the page for the latest annual CES change first appeared in 2014 here.

The second appearance of the page was in 2015 and, sure enough, the meaningful phrase “accordance with usual practice” does occur in this one.

Was it “front page news” from 2014 to now?  Well, not as I recall, but remember, I’m an addled old man.

There’s a Lesson in All This

Actually, a bunch of lessons:

  • Don’t trust “estimates” because they are bigly/hugely misleading as being off 2.9 million earlier this year demonstrates.
  • But also be skeptical of reportage of such “data” stories especially when they play into a changing left-side political narrative designed to keep Trump from a second term by sending America’s self-talk negative which will slow retail and thus spending and resulting in a slow-down prior to the election and that will increase whichever lefty’s chance of winning the WH.

The Low-Data Diet?

Follow the simplest numbers as a basis for your thinking.  Forget old friar Occam/Ockham.    When it comes to the US economy the truth is right there is plain sight if you care to run the one number that matters which is the total number of people employed.  That number’s pretty robust.

From this, you can – using the US population estimate – come up with your own “Labor Participation Rate.”  But now we need to use our new-found CTLDD (clear-thinking, low-data-diet) to see what some of the extensions of such direct thought can be.

For one, we KNOW the BLS data is simply “made up” (using complex three-card Monte statistics) for reasons we can see in the highlights below from the most recent Employment Situation Report tables;

The first highlight which is obviously bogus is statistical assertion that the US population was only up 188,000 over the last year.  We know this is  bogus because the  New York Times reported in March “Border at ‘Breaking Point’ as More Than 76,000 Unauthorized Migrants Cross in a Month.

Even if we assume that ICE and CBP get the upper hand, certain a 50% reduction from the peak (which pencils out to 456,000 additional people in the US population, and that’s before the outcome of screwing and resulting “babying” by existing residents” just doesn’t square with reality.

Now, to add to this illusion, this also means the second highly (the employment / population ratio can’t be right (since the population assumption is toast).

And all of this means we have no idea, except in most general terms, about the number of people working because in this 456,000 load of people, what portion of working under the table and so forth?

The CTLDD (clear-thinker’s low data diet) is simple as hell and anyone can follow it.  Pick a few meaningful metrics that are simple and may be tested.  Then, do the simple thinking yourself and you’ll have a much more realistic view of America than policy makers (and breakers) would have you but into.

TMI/TMD  (Too Much Information/ Too Much Data)

Examples resulting from excess “news” channel capacity which has resulted in the MSM having to “make up shit” to hoax eyeballs into ad dollars for their corporate masters.  Hey! This is stimple!

Our point is simply that this is useless news UNLESS:

  • (in story 1) You’re the father
  • (in story 2) You’re the second highest-paid
  • (or, in  story 3) You’re a recording engineer who will master the re-recording gig…

Otherwise, wholly useless crap.

What DOES Matter?

Well, there are some things that matter, for sure:

Well, there’s the morning acerbic/acid, huh?

Off to breakfast and then writing-up the latest dream-recovered lesson on graphic, non-numeric mathematics for PN subscribers…

Watch your “news intake” and remember: key data measured against logic, and cut out the junk stories.

Write when you get rich,

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  1. A lot of action lately to make you think the downturn is over, but the 50 day moving average still hasn’t been broken thru yet, which is bearish. All indicators are bearish. I still don’t have the ka-whona’s to buy SQQQ.

  2. Figures Lie and Liars Figure..

    Hey George – any idea how many “holes” it will take to fill Jackson Hole today?

    Is the Taliban aware of The Mega group?
    Bethca those towelheads are well aware of the ZIONasties behind 9/11, prolly 1 reason why “the chosen 1” is negotiating a withdraw of US troops from “Trashganistan”, since his family never had a piece of the Opium trade(new england famlies), no need to protect that business with US blood and Treasure.

    On a lighter note..”always best to begin with White light(natural) or colored filters with sunlight, absorbed photo-syntonically are far more effective then artificial light sources –

    4 da peepers – from da book..

    Green general/Kondrot optical syntonics:

    682.666 enc. Hz – pulse tone F. color Green
    787 Hz, eyes General
    1365.333 enc. Hz – pulse tone F. color Green
    2730.666 enc. Hz – pulse tone F. color Green
    5461.333 enc. Hz – pulse tone F. color Green” – Buchanen

  3. Of course, “fake news” abides everywhere. As an NRA member and a gun owner, I paid the most attention to the Trump and background checks story.

    Of course, after watching the CBS (See BS) story, the use of could and maybe are key words.

    The current FBI checks are no better than the data the FBI is given. With HIPA regulations that don’t allow a Medical Doctor to report crazy ideas and/or actions to police authorities, Authorities who have to seal arrest records of an 18 year old who had had felony convictions for gun usage, School authorities who do not allow student criminals to be arrested as criminals, etc.

    And since many of the Democratic ideas involve a “red flag” piece of information that must be acted on without due process in the courts, many gun owners feel that their plans are solely designed to let hearsay take guns away from good citizens.

    Take away the Second Amendment and the rest of them will follow. Yes, the Founding Fathers believed that limits needed to be placed on Government actions. As President Trump said, Remove government loopholes that are preventing good data from strengthening the ability of the FBI to properly take away a citizens gun rights. You aren’t going to just take away the guns.

    Fake news at its best. CNN, CBS, etc.

  4. Here’s a conspiracy.

    Some people think the Simpson’s telegraph future events and wonder how the show could do so. The Simpson’s have done this accurately on more than one occasion.

    The latest:

    Did ‘The Simpsons’ really predict Trump would try to buy Greenland?

    Accuser Says She Massaged ‘Simpsons’ Creator Matt Groening in Epstein’s Private Jet

    • Steve, I hope you find that job.

      I don’t buy your alternate history Conspiracy Theory post, but this post has legs. I just discovered that Attorney General William Barr’s father hired Jeffrey Epstein to teach at Dalton College.

      I have a Website dedicated to Conspiracy Theory.

      I did not know about Matt Groening’s ride on Jeffrey Epstein’s jet. I read the linked story; yikes… you can’t make that stuff up.

      As far as I am concerned, if you got a ride on that jet, you were in the club.

      This fits in with the latest post I’m writing. So, I’m going to add this Breibart story and cite you as the source of my increasing disappointment with the Trumpster…

      Think John Lovitz Master Thespian… “Acting!”…

  5. The Truther Movement’s bizarre claims have been gutted by reputable architects, engineers and physicists. Those who still believe the entire event was domestically orchestrated by some all-powerful cabal are not grounded in reality.

    Interrogations with al Qaeda operatives detail Osama bin Laden’s lengthy planning of the attack and recruitment of the perpetrators. Bin Laden was an engineer by training. He knew that heat world warp the WTC’s outer support columns, resulting in an internal pancake collapse if an aircraft full of jet fuel should penetrate into the interior of the structure at the middle floors. Then think of the sheer logistics required to install squib thermite charges on all of the top floors to precipitate the free-fall collapse, married to the timing and coordination required to execute the blasts after the aircraft hit the towers. Yet no one noticed this alleged thermite installation process, which would have taken weeks to do and the charges would almost certainly be noticeable. Oh, and thermite charges would sheer the girders at the point of installation and produce pools of melted metal. Virtually no evidence of either was found in the debris. Finally, in the Pentagon, damage was localized to the immediate impact area. Why no planted charges and total destruction there? The debris field mapped perfectly to that structure’s composition, height and the jet fuel ignited after impact – just like it did in the WTC.

    • “Jet fuel” is simply very clean kerosene. So, how do steel columns/beams melt with this fuel?

      • Jet fuel was like the charcoal lighter for your grill. Office buildings are fu!l of flammable materials. Add a great flow of oxygen from the windows blown out and Bob’s your uncle.

    • Sorry, Warhammer, this is not your field of expertise, your comments leave out way too much proven details. Dig Deeper! Building 7 was NEVER hit by a plane and came down just like a controlled demolition, (it WAS pulled) just like Tower 1 and 2. Molten metal was filmed at Ground Zero for WEEKS. Oh, boy, come on….Nano Thermite WAS found…..BOMBS went off, were recorded going off AND people SAID there were bombs going off; even the news said there bombs! Get digging! Go to Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth.

      • Join Thousands of Architects and Engineers: “Together we are calling for a new investigation of the World Trade Center’s destruction.”

        Here is the link:

        These are the people the WHOLE world needs to get behind.

      • “Thermite WAS found”


        I had a grill.. I totally loved that grill..I always lined up it with aluminum foil.. it was getting older.. but still one heck of a grill..
        Then one day I had a grease fire fro hell.. god that was horrible where in the world did all that grease come from..
        I got the fire extinguisher had a rough time nm putting it out..afterwards I was looking at it.. I hadn’t changed the Foil before I grilled.. it was al older steel grill..there was rust at the bottom the mixture ( I wont give the mixture for thermite just in case some crazy person reads it and decides to go ballistic) was perfect added to the grease propellant was what caused one of the worst grease fires I’ve ever had…
        All I’m pointing out is All the elements were there for the exact same thing happening on a grander scale than my favorite gas grill..

    • There’s also the pesky problem that the floors to a building aren’t numbered on the outside. And even if they were, would be really hard to read approaching at 350 or so knots.

    • Dude, I generally shake my head in disbelief at the naiveté I read in some of your posts. Sometimes I think you are a troll, but then again, it explains a lot of what I have to deal with on a day-to-day basis.

      Here’s some video of molten metal pouring out of the south tower after the attack.

      Then there are all those engineers and architects…

      My expertise comes from working in an advance Jet and Rocket propulsion lab for 14 years. Saw plenty of jet engines blow up and burn. Test stands made of steel, fed unlimited supplies of jet fuel did not melt.

      Physics 101… Jet fuel does not burn that hot – period!

      Stratesec had the security contract at the World Trade Center prior to the attacks. Marvin P. Bush, brother of George W. Bush, was a principal in the company as well as a Kuwaiti investment firm.

      Here are some pictures of the tower’s cut steel girders… most likely by shaped charges per a normal building demo.

      Thanks for spelling out your qualifications.

      • Sorry Warhammer, but you obviously haven’t researched the subject if that’s your conclusion. What’s your explanation for the collapse of Bldg 7? Looking forward to the definitive report’s release on 9/3.

      • Steel doesn’t melt at those temperatures…but aluminium does. And suddenly there were several finely shredded tons from the aircraft introduced into the middle of the fire. Eventually some of it would come in contact with water (bathrooms, break rooms, etc.) and react explosively, explaining the explosions some fire fighters reported at the site.

      • I’m glad you used the word “troll” before I did. I have often wondered about Warhammer and his strange (to me) ideas, but I’ve given him the benefit of the doubt because George considers him reliable. However, the litmus test among those who know what’s really going on behind the scenes is whether or not a person believes the “official” version of what happened on 9/11. Warhammer fails this test!

        • In warhammers defense, but also in order to put some science into the discussion

          The scientists thus established that the combustion temperature of aluminum in the mixture with oxygen was between 2,535 degrees Celsius (the melting temperature of molybdenum) and 3.400 degrees Celsius (the melting temperature of tungsten).

      • “George W. Bush, was a principal in the company as well as a Kuwaiti investment firm.”

        If I am not mistaken I believe along with the Bin Laden family.. and the Bin Laden family loaned money to Jr. for a failed oil drilling company..
        although in the Bush family and the bin laden families defense.. every family has that crazy cousin Harry and weird aunt alice.. you know who they are . . the cousin Harry like mine that got picked up for speeding on a 26 inch bicycle going more than sixty miles an hour in a fifty mile an hour zone.( that story isn’t anywhere as funny as the time he bubble wrapped a fighter jet for transport LOL) . also stuck his tongue on a flag pole.. the sins of the son cannot be held against the father.. otherwise we all with our past realitives would be guilty as charged..I have a really really famous granpa that was hated and disowned by the family for over a hundred years because of how he was…..

      • Your statement about jet fuel is both right and wrong. Take jet fuel and aerosol it add oxygen and you have something very different.

      • They’ve never heard of a MOAB…

        Skyscraper framing would be built from mild steel. Alloys make it stronger and harder, but also very brittle and inflexible. Aluminum melts at around 1220°F, mild steel, ~2450°F, but steel begins to lose both torsional and structural integrity at about 2000°. Because of its moisture content, concrete explodes at about 1000°F. Kerosene produces a fire with a temperature of about 430°F, hardwood about 1000°F, yet either can be fanned in a forge and the temperature elevated enough to melt iron (~2800°F.) These are scientific facts and are true and indisputable. Unfortunately, with respect to the WTC, they are the only known true facts.

        I can argue either the official line or the conspiracy line equally well, using science and logic. What I can’t do is win a debate arguing either POV. ‘Know why? Because everybody has an opinion on the subject, based on political irrationality, and no one trusts the opinion they formed in their own mind as they watched the live camera feeds on their tellys…

    • I used to put a good bit of faith in what you’ve said here in the past Warhammer. But your statements here are downright bogus. It appears you have not done any real research on this topic at all. Are you actually a paid troll? Sure sounds like it with this message. I’m hearing the old Queen tune here; Another one bites the dust.

    • Warhammer?? Is that really you?

      Please provide pictures of the passenger jet’s pieces and parts that dove into the Pentagon. At the very least the tail section should have survived to some degree and there’s absolutely nothing. When the airliner was shot down in Europe which was headed to India(?) there were massive pieces that fell from well over 30K feet that were easily identifiable as aircraft parts – including the tail section. Where are all the witnesses on the highway next to the Pentagon the “plane” flew over? In all the reports I’ve seen when I was going through the information no one has come forward with their account of a jet passing over them. A missile could fly by fast enough so that no one would notice but not a jetliner.

      The alphabet agencies’ departments of dirty tricks could easily have used their operatives to perpetrate this upon us through al Qaeda to make it appear as they wanted it to.

      There was no reason for the towers to do a mushroom collapse all the way to the ground. They should have been two smoldering damaged towers that burned out when the fuel ran out.

      • Some years ago an airliner crashed into the everglades just.West of the airport. No identifiable plane parts, no identifiable body parts, no luggage, no seatsl

      • Mushrooming. Think Mcfly think Buildings are designed for floors to carry their own weight (read load) plus the weight of the planned activity for that floor (live load). When there is a catastrophic failure and a floor drops to one below the next floor will fail because it cannot support 2x it’s designed capacity. It’s an additive process that ends when it all hits the ground.

    • @Warhammer

      molten steel was certainly NOTICEABLE in the debris field at ground zero…many utube panning videos SHOWED puddles of molten steel at various locations STILL smoldering….and FF could not dose out….

      and the building WAS gutted and charges placed again documented on various utub vids…..

      and surely you know that steel can not warp or melt in the ‘burning flames of JET Fuel since the Temperature is NOT high enough 1300 t0 1800 d f and that steel needs …>2300 Deg F…to melt ….

      and the Pentagon….NO seats luggage bodies…papers..or Photo IDs ANY where at the pentagon…or for that matter in the hole in the grounf in PA…NO REMAINS or wreckage anywhere…..

      all verified by news clips and vids

  6. Below is a link to a seven volume Google Book.

    The gist, Fomenko believes the chronology of history that was told to us is wrong. He’s cross-referenced everything.

    This is a very dry read.

    History, Fiction Or Science?: Chronology 1

    By A. T. Fomenko

    Jesus Christ was born in 1153 AD and crucified in 1186 AD. Unbelievable? Not since the release of the first volume in seven of History Fiction or Science? series. This series crowns 30 years of research by Anatoly Fomenko and his colleagues.

    In Chapter I readers are reminded of when the contemporary chronological scale was created, who created it, and that it had major critics. The Biblical Jerusalem is identified with the mediaeval Constantinople. The New Testament was written before the Old, both exposed as referring to mediaeval events.

    Chapters II, III and IV contain abundant astronomical proof from the ancient Egyptian zodiacs, Ptolemy’s Almagest, and the Apocalypse, demonstrating that all datings of ‘ancient’ eclipses are either medieval or fake. Chapters V and VI contain indepth descriptions of the research methods used.

    In chapter VII readers learn more about confusion of the Antiquity and the Middle Ages.

    The appendices contain factual information to appease skeptics.,+Fiction+Or+Science?:+Chronology+1&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiSxM6-1JbkAhVDlKwKHXkvBjUQ6AEwAHoECAAQAg#v=onepage&q=History%2C%20Fiction%20Or%20Science%3F%3A%20Chronology%201&f=false

    • Well, aside from obviously conflicting with generally accepted chronologies that support one another and originate from a myriad different sources, Fomenko’s work flies in the face of accepted hard science that supports the generally accepted timelines, like radio carbon dating and tree ring studies.

    • There is a large body of literature, the “Patristics” that are well established to have been written well before the dates mentioned above.

  7. does FASAB Statement 56 play any role in any and all data coming from the .gov and the feral reserve? while the latter is not a government entity,,per se,, it is in a way part of the “national security” apparatus. are we all just navigating data on a different set of books for our analysis? what are your thoughts on this?

    • George, a couple of important notes are in order. My comment was factual and not an opinion. In the proper academic (and scientific) way, I submitted two relevant and factual evidences – one an actual court document filed in the United States, Katie Johnson v. Donald Trump. The other was an actual tape of Donald Trump and Jeffrey Epstein partying together at Mar-a-Lago, as I recall. In turn, you identified this as “Trump-bashing” (which is sort of a Marxist term) and “debunked” the lawsuit (your words, not mine) (you cannot “debunk” a torte, Sir, as a layman; that’s ridiculous; the charges have to be defended or refuted in a court of law) by submitting an opinion article from a website, which prides itself on being an explanatory or an “opinion” site, not an authentic news site. But, bully for you for trying! My hat is off to you!!!!

      However, if you only utilized a bit of common sense and got off of your high horse of supreme arrogance (for shame!), you would have been able to rationalize that this particular Epstein/Trump sex slave victim withdrew her suit in absolute terror the moment Trump was elected into office as the most powerful man in the world. If you cannot see that, you are devoid of empathy. You have my pity.

      In your fury toward me (along with your throwing away any sense of journalism objectivity), you indicated that the alleged victim’s claims were “felonious”. As you know perfectly well, the very usage of the term “felonious” is only associated with the criminal courts, but not the civil arena. You ought to know better, Sir.

      Nevertheless, it is your site, your blog. If you have decided to shut down any criticisms of the POTUS (p-s-s-s-s-s-t, I am a conservative and a Republican) i.e. “Trump-bashing”, that is your prerogative. However, the good people, the salt-of-the-earth people, who follow you ought to know that you have disbanded fairness and even-handedness in favor of a suspension of Free Speech. Free Speech (even debates and critiques) is, after all, guaranteed to all, a right, but never a privilege, so that Americans can talk freely with each other to ferret out the truth, no matter how disgusting that truth ultimately is.

      If you wish to continue to rally behind a man accused in a court of law of having sex with children, that speaks much of you, George. If you wish to silence Americans, who are having second thoughts about the man we elected, this also speaks much of you, as well as your agenda, Sir. Warmest regards to you. Again, what a pity. Katyn

      PS But, really? Arkancide? What is this? Grade school? You are blaming Epstein’s death on Bill Clinton, despite the fact that President Trump is fully in charge of the DOJ and in spite of the fact that AG Barr just visited the Metro a week before? And, in spite of the fact that it was Barr’s father, who hired Epstein as a professor to young people at a private NY college during the 70s, despite Epstein’s not even having a Bachelor’s? Did you know that, in a short period of time, Barr (Sr.) left the same college in disgrace, after having been accused of using one of the students at his home for alleged sexual activities? Should we, then, re-explore Acosta’s appointment?

      Uh-oh. I’d better stop now. Next, you’ll be accusing me of “felonious” Epstein-bashing too.

      • 1. I don’t have any fury toward anyone.
        2. So far, the claims are looking specious and part of Trump-bashing
        3. (and this is the one that matters) the spost (and this one) are not responsive to a story or line of thinking that is readily verifiable.
        Dated material (2016) is of no interest here and now.

      • Pssst, no, you’re not. An actual “conservative” would know VOX Media is one of the most Marx-centric sites on the Internet, and is 100% anti-Trump, and would not have sourced anything from them. What you are is a “never-Trumper.” Any “conservative” would recognize that whether they like the Prez or not is irrelevant. They would acknowledge that his governing policy has been quite conservative and extremely healthy for the nation, especially when juxtaposed with what we’d have gotten with any of the 2016 alternatives to Trump.

        Citing a heavily-biased source makes your comment “factual,” in that you cited a source, but it does not make it valid or viable when the source lacks integrity.

        VOX Media is an amazing idea and a huge moneymaker. Unfortunately, in its current iteration, it is also an amazing example of an ideology-driven propaganda mouthpiece whose principal function is to further Marxism in the United States whilst playing hardcore Capitalism as intensely as possible.

        Real news sites report on policy, they don’t conspire to create it…

    • Yours was not a fair or gracious response, nor even an effort to exchange ideas i.e. debate. Yours was a narcissistic two-year-old’s temper tantrum. Shame on you.

  8. In reference to your mentioning of Arkancide, I just hate to rain on your parade, George. But, I will. It is true that the dastardly and felonious Bill Clinton visited Epstein’s various homes on a number of occasions. However, so far, none of Epstein’s tragic young girl sex slaves have indicated that Clinton participated in sexual activities with them. It appears Wild Bill still prefers busty young women, not underage girls.

    Contrariwise, the POTUS has been


    Poster related an easily debunked story making felonious claims about Trump which are not true nor pertinent.

    Please see VOV story The lawsuit accusing Trump of raping a 13-year-old girl, explained
    The anonymous plaintiff dropped her lawsuit against Trump, the circumstances around which have been bizarre. at

    Also at Politico Woman suing Trump over alleged teen rape drops suit, again

    This has all the earmarks of a Trump-Bash and is therefore trashed. It is making the rounds again in Trump hate circles and we will wait for responsible media reports on actual developments rather than publishing more innuendo.

    • @ George

      I KNOW you will not be ‘holding your breath’ for any ‘responsible media reports on actual developments’….

    • I will try Kaityn…sorry you were censored. These are not my words that will follow. They are the words of George Conway, the successful attorney and husband of Kellyanne Conway. You know that they do sleep together and share stories together. Yet George Conway still tweets stuff like this three to four times a day..

      “So, Mr. Vice President, members of the Cabinet, members of Congress, what’s it going to take for you all to acknowledge what you and we all know: that the President of the United States is mentally unstable and unfit to serve?”

  9. George,

    The ‘Low Data Diet’ must be in the air, so to speak.

    I’ve become something of a data-junky over the years and my main dealer has been the internet. Specifically, the social media platforms in recent years, but also the various ‘news’ sites.

    Recently, I essentially divested myself from social media and most news sites. There are a very few sites that are acceptable that I still include in my daily intel drag.

    The problem with all of the available info is that it’s low quality and mostly unactionable. It’s worthless noise.

    In the larger picture, I’ve come to realize that nearly all of our information source’s output creates and reinforces a worldview that is largely fictitious. The world outside of our daily firsthand experience doesn’t exist as presented. In a way, we really are living in the matrix!

    Another thing that people fail to realize is that nearly all of the information that comes to us through the matrix reinforcing apparatus isn’t designed to inform, but rather is designed to create a specific emotional reaction. That in itself is nefarious at best. Once that lightbulb goes off in a person’s head they’ll never view the world the same. They’ll see the matrix for what it is. A massive interwoven network parasites that exist solely for its own benefit at the expense of humanity.

    • Welcome to the real world…

      This is the reason I trace EVERY news article I read, which is of any importance or consequence, to its source, then research the source to learn its biases. It is why I discount any “news” for which the originating writer injected opinion, fantasy, fiction, or bloviation. It is why I discount any article or piece which relies on an “anonymous source.” It is also why I reject virtually everything related to “Trump.”

      The Democratic Party is fielding a group of candidates who are, quality-wise, so far beneath the “bottom of the barrel” that every American should weep at their effort. They are devoid of rationality, self-respect, and beneficial plans or ideas, and running on the single plank of “orange man bad…” Their owners and handlers have been throwing mountains of mud at President Trump since before he won the Election, and will continue to do so until he wins the next. It hasn’t stuck, nor will it, but unless the economy tanks, the Dems have absolutely nothing of any importance whatsoever, upon which to run…

      There is SO MUCH ELSE in the world that’s actually newsworthy. ‘Problem is, we never hear it. AP and AFP are completely in the socialist camp, and UPI, Reuters, and the BBC about 80% there, so what’s left… Locals and a few overseas, and that’s it!?? Gimme a break!

  10. Is the market ready to crash now that The “Chosen One” has been elected to take on China. The others think they are the Chosen One but are afraid to say it. The problem is beware of the Trump China Waffle.

    • We’d bve really interested to learn how the FBI knew of such “communications” unless they were engaged in entrapment and/or illegal surveillance. My vote is for entrapment and the dept. of pre-cime.

      • The article (or other articles) says that tips were given to police & FBI by girlfriends, and friends or family members. Or the law caught the posts on Facebook, 8chan, etc. The El Paso shooter’s mother even tried warning the law that her son had bought an AK assault rifle.

        It’s a globalist agenda anyway:

        It’s a sad mark on your website that you so vehemently deny the racial and/or anti-immigrant viewpoints (expressed by many of the shooters), instead claiming they were set up (entrapped) by law enforcement. I don’t expect you to post this, stay in your blindfolded denial if you prefer…

        • I don’t deny the reality of either racism or white supremacists. BUT that’s not what’s driving this. Do tyry to remember the Ohio shooter was a dem from all appearances and young people? Phone freaks? Yeah, that has nothing to do with racism so much as social media conditioning by the radical uprisers of the digital mob. They’re all nuts.

    • Um, Fascism and Nazism are Left-wing.

      What part of “socialist” is EVER “right-wing?”

      Three commies, three nutjobs, and an unarmed kid, fantasizing…

      Oh, and a seriously agenda-driven piece of creative writing in “The Guardian…” {Look surprised}

      Sorry… Go troll somewhere else.

  11. George I want to ask you to be sure the fellow that had his cancer undiagnosed until was serious gets this missive. About 2 or 3 months ago Dr. Mercola interviewed a PHD hydration researcher. One of his conclusions was that Cancer cant exist in a fully hydrated body. He had a lab test that Dr. Mercola had never heard ov. Mercola took the test and found he wasn’t near hydrated and he is a health nut deluxe. The PHD told him in loo of taking the test just make sure your urine is as clear as you can get it. Easier said than done. About a month ago read another interview of a doc that was using hydration in his practice. Don’t remember what for. He had his patients take 4 oz every 30 min for 2 days. I did it just for heck of it and it keeps urine clear. My method was to urinate in 16oz clear measuring cup. Buy using this method you don’t get bloated up drinking to much at one time and then skipping time or two.. Now whether this will help or not don’t know but staying fully hydrated certainly wont contradict any cemo or other therapys they are doing on him.

  12. Dear Dream Weaver,

    Is something rotten in Denmark? Intrigue from the ghosts of the House of Godwin? Sorry to hear that Greenland is not for sale. It’s not Alaska, nyet!


  13. I received in the mail an advertisement “Turning $500 into $58,636 in 1 year using put & call options. Is it worth a potential $500 loss to give it a chance. Maybe, if you are alert, which I am not. With this volatility it seems to be a potential. Needs some research.

  14. Trumps comments today about Powell & China gave the market exactly what it was looking for to continue the downtrend. The lower Bollinger Band was starting to flatten out. Next week the market should slide down this band bigtime unless Trump waffles. Most likely the comments will only get worse & the decline worse.

  15. Please note, we are not heading into a recession. This is a normal market downturn (in today’s world). 72% of economists think we are headed for a recession, which is good because they are seldom right. Target & Walmart (actual busineses) do not think we are heading into a recession. Home Depot & Lowes sales are strong. Homebuilders, with low interest rates, cannot keep up with demand. Unemployment is low & productivity is up. These are not signs of a recession. But a downturn is needed to restock Wall Streets coffers. It’s is Las Vegas East.

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