It’s All About Prepping, Remember?

Does a MILLION thirsty people mean something to you?

Word from my consigliere up in Ohio just came in…will be hitting national media today:  A whole city – Toledo – is under a water bulletin:

Real LIVE test as to how long a major city can survive withOUT water to drink or cook with!!
Toledo Ohio overnight issued a DO NOT CONSUME WATER bulletin due to toxic algae bloom contaminating the water which it takes in from Lake Erie. 
At present about 1,000,000 people are affected in Toledo and the surrounding area and bottled water supplies have effectively run out in the metro area.
There IS a treatment for this toxin that can remove it at the water filtration plant, but it is expensive to install and operate (a few smaller places in Ohio have had to install this treatment ability due to recurring problems with their water supply … notably those around Grand Lake St. Mary’s in the western part of the state which now faces this issue yearly).  The problem is caused by farm fertilizer and animal waste run off which creates a nutrient rich environment for growing algae in the shallow warm waters of Lake Erie which then produces excretes a neurotoxin.  The summer Algae Blooms in Lake Erie have been growing steadily over the last decade and are now creating NO SWIM zones even in much of the middle of the lake (the neurotoxins can be absorbed through the skin).
Probably a LOT of problems are going to crop up later today if the tests show the water is still undrinkable. 
Water IS the LIFEBLOOD of any city … and cutting it off cuts off what it takes for a city to live and exist.

The results of lab testing should be in by tonight  but it brings up a very fine question to be asking in these “interesting times.”

How much potable water do you have stored?

Meantime, stories like this one seem to be getting traction around the net.

More as developments warrant over the weekend… additional prepping notes from Gaye at who is also all over the Ebola risk and has some notes over here in case you missed them…

We now return you to your regularly scheduled weekend…  which ought to include a double helping of “Buy one, store one…”