Ebola Preps and an Electronics Class

This morning’s adventure – after the latest on Ebola prepping and my, what an odd coincidence –  involves a trip to the electronics bench for some on-the-job-training (in the wake of EMP) so you may be able to get a critical piece of equipment going again by being able to repair its power supply.

This is NOT a complete course on electronics, but by the time we’re done with this morning’s discussion, you should have enough knowledge to put together a “basic prepping” electronics kit that MAY be able to solve some of the problems that we’d expect on the “back-side” of Dark.

And what does this have to do with the economy and markets?  People did not always live on a diet of paper and plastic.  In fact, most of human history features people actually DOING stuff, rather thank getting paid for “thinking” which usually comes down to scheming.

So in addition to our view of the markets which we’ll review in our chart pack and Trading Model, it sure makes sense to use the available time to do the important things of life, like get our “poop in a group” when comes to prepping.

First, we’ll run through our morning rituals:  A few headlines, examples of how common-sense has gone out of style, then into the charts, and then Mr. Thumbs will show you how to fix a power supply.

You’ll find today’s report…er…shocking…

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