Is Sales a Deprerssion-Proof Career?

Yes, another free eBook for subscribers.  This one comes for those who might have missed it before:  It’s a book covering the basic skills you need in order to become a successful salesperson.

Of course, there’s also that little matter of the market dumping 540 points in the lead-in to Trump’s State of the Union and the Fed decision this afternoon, so refill the cup and let’s see how it’s looking…

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30 thoughts on “Is Sales a Deprerssion-Proof Career?”

  1. Some dude over at Zero hedge said that the reason for the bitcoin decline was The Chinese are selling bitcoin to buy presents for the Chinese New Year. uhh what??!! ROTFLMFAO. You can’t make this up. Hahhahaha

    Now all the big boys are chiming in like it’s friggen choir rehearsal. “Imminent market correction”. Quick! Look surprised.

    Futures are up. I still see the correction happening. Maybe im right, maybe I’m wrong. But that is what was shown to me.

    With the big ralley in March on ward and upward.

    I suspect big pharma didn’t like the Trumps speech.

    Rich me!

    Have a great day everyone.

  2. I watch and listen to the speech only so I can evaluate for myself. I am competent to make up my own mind. I also don’t listen to media before and after the speech.

    As SOTU speeches go, it was average (been watching these for decades). It bothers me that these speeches now feature displaying military people and local heroes; smacks of PR manuever. I expect some grandstanding and got it.

    The Democrats shot themselves in both feet last night with their sourpuss performance and funeral dress code. They are even more stupid than I thought.

  3. Hi George,

    I watched the entire SOTU speech last night, and I never watch speeches. I noticed exactly the same things you did regarding bad behavior of the left side audience.

    I’d suggest that you watch speeches going forward on the channel in order to hear the entire speech without interruption and avoid all the slavish commentary about it. Intelligent people don’t need their native language interpreted for them – especially with bias aforethought.

    Here’s the SOTU replay:

  4. Oh I got Joe Biden running against Trump in the next election. If there is one. Lol Came to me yesterday. Just a heads up.

    • The exit price was $112.75 in a bunch of odd lots, but any time you can make >4% in 22-hours, that’s a dandy thing! Jeez, run that out compounding…omg!

  5. “OK, who is a great sales person?”

    Someone that’s willing to know the product and take the time.
    Similarly most companies have done away with the actual sales person. Big box stores are heading to the self serve instant sales.
    Just like my trying to locate a product at a store the other day. They can’t even beg the company to sell them the products they need. The problem is simple the edgimucated people don’t have the initiative to do the jobs. Not just in this sector but all career fields. I will never forget the young lady the sent with me to train. She had over a hundred grand invested in her career path.. After a half hour she said to me. I didn’t spend that much money to do this. My response was. What did you think the job was? She then said I’m going to sit in an office with books all around me.
    Technology has brought about the loss of incentives to work.
    I look at my grandkids and think there’s no way I can see them doing what I had to do when I was their age.
    Sales sure.. Just take away the technology give them the order books and a car and send them out to know their customers.
    A depression.. Oh my.. I remember not having a car and walking to work twelve they have to drive just to go across the street.

    • I use to get a huge thrill out of visiting a big box hardware time in I was looking for a simple ruler..this young genius looked at me like I was from another planet. I had to explain to him it was either a stick or a piece of metal with numbers on it..
      After that I made sure I located him with a new tool request..
      My favorite request was where are your bastards at.. He shrugged and replied.. Take your pick lol lol he just sends me to an older gentleman that knows his tools.

  6. Sales is the escalator I used for my upward mobility, aka American Dream.
    I had a couple (very) small local businesses in the bay area, both boat-based. Hull buffs, varnish, mechanical work. Then became a canvas man, and supported myself and a couple others with an industrial sewing machine (Juki DNU 241). Howsomeever, after meeting the girl of my dreams, and understanding what HER dreams were, I had to make mo’ money. I tried 5 schools, but ‘institutional learning’ just wasn’t my bag. After struggling a bit, a friend said ‘Hey man, come and sell copiers with me!’ ‘Copiers? Isn’t that like, one step up from used cars?’ ‘Who cares? You’ll make bank!’

    Two years of hustling 7-to-7, and my now-wife teacher and I were able to buy our first home in Alameda.

    So, while I’m coaching my middle school daughters on the benefits of a formal degree, we’re also talking about skills (they can sew), sales, public speaking, and personal networks, which have all been more valuable to our situation than the degree(s) I was struggling to obtain.

    Thanks for the opportunity to share. Jibe ho!

    • I’ve been pushing the kids to learn real world trades where in the event of a depression skill can be traded for whatever. Plumbing,electrician,carpenter,doctors,etc. So far they’ve picked schools to learn trades and are advancing nicely. Engineer,opthamologist,dentist,air conditioning and the medical field,mechanic.because grandma and I resurfaced a block size parking lot by hand in exchange for the skills of a surgeon one actually has a fairly large construction company so we won’t have to do something like that again.
      Lol they actually came by last weekend to see what my summer projects are.
      A block retainer wall what they don’t know yet is it will be blocks made out of compressed dirt.

  7. Wait a minute….

    ” applaud the lowest levels of black unemployment EVER.”

    We just went over unemployment, 1/29.

    The link below says the USA is within about a half percent of generational low unemployment for ALL Americans.

    This was met with a qualifier, “no one counts the 62mm that have flat given up”.

    Did any blacks flat give up and if yes, Pelosi and the gang did the right thing by not clapping as many blacks were omitted.

      • Thanks. You’re right about the link. I ‘saved’ a couple clicks forgetting who I’m tangling with.

        If the unemployment trajectory continues, we’re looking at reliving the employment landscape of the 1960’s – a generation ago.

        We really do live in the best of times.

      • EXCEPT THIS IS OBAMA METHODOLOGY – so don’t blame Trump. Look: As long as that is not a recent change (it isn’t) it doesn’t matter.

        It’s like taking a temperature of someone with a thermometer that is consistently half a degree off. Doesn’t matter if you are talking trend. The temp is getting hotter or colder consistently…as long as the instrumentation offset is consistent (and it is in this case) the data is valid.

        W#e have this kind of misunderstanding about data quite widespread in our society. People confuse the resolution with the accurancy of instruments and big data alike. Obama used this methodology, so its another example of left-wing bullshit artists trying to make up talking points.

        The quartz article, like much of their work, leaves out the one meaningful detail (this is how its meen done long-term) and go off playing for people like you, the erudite center-left agenda (

  8. How to survive in your old age let’s say you have a place it’s paid for everything you have is an asset do you have no liabilities but you’re getting older now you know you’re retired and you can’t do the things that you used to so you have kids and you’ve helped them out and they’re successful because of the your thoughts and how to do that so now let’s move on so now let’s help other kids people what we do is we say hey free room half board is paid for in exchange for one hour a day helping this old person with their long-term goals.

    So now we have a situation here where young people are able to be supported by an elderly person with nothing in ill-minded going on that wants to further the projects that the male or female he or she has going and wants to portray to the younger person so this is how you know you scholarships work.

    So you have a purse young person hopefully it would be a Rihanna relative that wants to live in your place and you’re giving him free domain and you’re helping them out as much as you can but what you’re teaching and is whatever it is that you’ve learned throughout your life weathers a trade or a philosophy the thing is hey there their they’re going to help you and you’re going to help them.

    All right let’s reiterated again an elderly person has something to give to a younger person before the elderly person dies knowledge money property access.

    Normally this would not be an issue but our government has separated us intentionally they separated the elderly from the middle age and from the teenagers because

    • “hey free room half board is paid for in exchange for one hour a day helping this old person”

      The old people would be robbed and looted in no time. There is an Anna Nicole Smith type at every price point.

      It’s part of the human struggle.

      The children of the old people would be on FB bitching the ‘babysitter’ “stole my money” – when they weren’t looking.

    • “hey free room half board is paid for in exchange for one hour a day helping this old person with their long-term goals.”

      Wishful thinking. Unfortunately it isn’t realistic. When I first started caring for people it was just that way. The pastor would get up on Sunday and say Mr. Smith or the mother of Jane doe isn’t doing to well and had to be put in this or that care facility anyone willing to donate x hours would be appreciated. So you would volunteer men were orderly’s women or girls candy strikers. There wasn’t any pay and you worked with the daughters etc. It wasn’t unroll the middle 80’s that it started to change because of the recession and deregulation made it impossible for a one income household. you were being paid but it was mostly a low income wage and volunteers were still depended on. Nurses made five dollars an hour orderly’s three in 92 wages took a leap I went from three fifty to four twenty five in one leap. The nurses were upset hospitals decided to dump the nursing staff and move to techs. Leaving hundreds of nurses without jobs. Even today the majority of the positions are techs.
      Now to expect your kids to help out. Unfortunately they can’t change their life. Work a day society has many of the regular workers struggling to even survive. Most that I know live by plastic Or credit.
      They survive week to week while jobs and wages move to companies off shore.
      Elderly well for a seven foot by twelve half room your talking close to a hundred grand a year. Not counting your personal needs like clothes washing shaving cream depends etc.
      You can’t blame the families either. Mom or dad is there they get involved in the work a day world and pretty soon mom and dad are a pleasant memory.
      We step up and help out. A new friend of mine was not that long ago a pretty important man. He did a lot of important things. Today none of his six kids has seen him in two years his wife the same thing. The distance is to far the work a day world absorbs you. Except for a couple of extremely wealthy people most end up spending every dime.
      Ill never forget one gentleman. He was a very powerful lawmaker.. Anyway he was sad tears in his eyes and I asked. What’s wrong. He said at one time I made and wrote laws had a lot of pull. Now I can’t even get a bowl of cheerios without my kids getting involved. So i took orders and made sure everyone got what they wanted. It didn’t go over very well but heck. What’s a bowl of oatmeal or cheerios.
      Anyway in my normal take a short answer and make it long sort of way. They can’t do that our society has moved beyond that.

    • It’s great fun…you actually get to help people…really (an make a shitload of money, but that’s a fallout fro9m good service to people)

  9. Nuclear has been coming up a lot lately… I have been ignoring it. Was the train/garbage truck incident a false flag? A warning? It wasnt a dump truck. Dump trucks move dirt.

    Why are all the top GOP going to a nuclear safe place before the super bowl? And Trump was supposed to be on that train? Hmmmmm… I’m not trying to scare anyone. Just thinking out loud.

    Something is in play. Hmmmmm..

    Maybe im missing something. I will have a long hard think about this. Something doesn’t seem right.

    • There was a hugge pause and no Aplaus when Trump mentions upgrading our nuclear technology last night. And says something about “the nuclear threat is very real”

      Idk… Maybe it’s nothing. Got my wheels turning though

  10. As a general rule, I don’t do speeches, beauty pageants, or self-aggrandizing award shows, EVER, however, I was in a captive position for a good portion of the SotU speech, and so, had no choice.

    From what I heard, and assuming it is (as it is supposed to be) both a recap and a general policy statement looking-forward, I thought (strategically-speaking) it was between excellent and brilliant.

    Democrats have had no reasonable, static position on any matter of substance since the 1960s. They play political power games and use duplicity and obfuscation, or outright lies, during election campaigns, to gain office, and they’re very, very good at it. (An aware observer will note that some Republicans also use these tactics, or attempt to, but they’re generally very bad at it, and lose elections badly when they do so.) Who was it? Horowitz, I believe, who said: Republicans hold office, Democrats hold power, or words to that effect.

    • The Trump Administration has been very good for employment, the economy, the military, and every single ethnic demographic, irrespective of how the MSM paints him (and NO, illegals are not an ethnic demographic, so don’t even go there.) Directing his attention in the coming year to infrastructure, with an emphasis on inner-city neighborhoods (which, although unspoken, means “predominately Black slums” and everyone knows it), Trump is promising to put his nose in Democratic “strongholds” in the coming year, and the Democrats don’t like it.

      He has also outflanked them (and certain members of the Republican Establishment) on illegal aliens – giving them a carrot with a fixed number. Liberals hate fixed numbers, either with respect to people or money, and never allow themselves to be pinned to one. The Democrats, who are damn’ near ALL Liberals now, can take the carrot, or discard all illegals, or demonstrate to the voters in upcoming elections that they are anti-American. I suspect they will strategize for months or years, trying to figure out how to take Option 3 and spin it into something it’s not.

  11. G,

    Though, I am not in ‘sales’ per se.

    Thanks for the D/L – it was a fast read and concise.

    “The Best Book EVER about Sales”

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