Is Aging a “Communicable Disease?” 9 ‘Cures’

(knock on wood) Elaine and I are blessed with amazing genes.  Most people take us to be 15-years (or more) younger than we are.

There’s a reason for this:  I am still very active.  Writing, ham radio projects, home improvement projects, the yard and – as we will get into next weekend – there’s also time for a lot of home ‘science projects.’  Easy stuff:  Free energy, time machine construction, using our light crowns and so forth.

Elaine is a fitness buff.  She is always standing in front of her “form mirror” in the dining room and repetitively lifting modest weights.  She makes it a point to get 9-hours of sleep, takes a fairly large number of supplements, and (like me) avoids stress.

We determined long-ago, when we were living on our 40-foot sailboat, that neither one of us likes stress.  Which gets us to the ‘clinical’ part of the discussion.

Flip to and wonder what a communicable disease is and you’ll find this:

“A communicable disease is an illness caused by a specific infectious agent or its toxic products. It arises through transmission of that agent or its products from an infected person, animal, or inanimate reservoir to a susceptible host, either directly or indirectly (through an intermediate plant or animal host, vector, or the inanimate environment).”

Hmm…let’s see how we can plug-in the terms and test.

The specific infectious disease is called Life.

The late George Carlin, in one of his earlier routines, points out death is “one of the few things in life that’s fair; everyone gets it once…”

As for specific infectious agents, the list is long:

  • Heart attack
  • Auto accident
  • Cancer
  • Stress
  • …etc…

Aging is (for most) the process of becoming more susceptible to the disease’s infectious agents. And the vectors are everything from plants, animals and people to mind-manipulation in media and so forth.

Each of these infectious agents, in turn, can be ‘diseased’ – preservatives in our food, wrong-headed politics in our associates, and hope our cats don’t get rabies.  You know the worry list well; everyone has one.

We know that “life energy” (chi of qui) is revered in Asia which has utilized subtle energy balancing methods (such as tai chi) for centuries.

But, in America, people have lost their ability to think clearly about Life as a disease avoidance game, so they become sedentary and this leads directly to the exit.

Today, how about we consider some ‘cures’ to extend your life?  Even with the cure, you won’t live forever, but no point rushing to leave, is there?

Ure’s Cures for Aging

#1 Be High-Energy and Active

I didn’t make a big deal about this little experiment when it began 3-weeks ago, but I stopped drinking coffee.  My morning routine of 1-2 cups and tea at mid-morning was replaced by simply drinking hot water, instead.

There was no difference in my energy level.

There’s a little ‘trick of the mind’ I discovered when I was still in high school:  The body gets tired, but the brain does not, unless you allow it to.  Some people let their ‘personal energy get tired’ along with their bodies which is nuts.

Try to remember this a circular reference  If your body AND mind are tired, then you can’t do things like dream work effectively.

Its of paramount importance, near as I can figure, to separate the illusion of body-mind being one.  When away, sure.  But the mind can do amazing things while the body is in the charger (sleep mode).  Mind, being an elemental energetic force can be recharged by just ‘plugging in’ to the universal source of all power.  Check your religion for the how-to.  If it’s not working, it’s OK to go shopping for a working mind charger.

Take some efforts to understand that things like Wilhelm Reich’s Orgone Energy may have some basis in fact.  Orgone is closely tied to sexual energy so work on keeping up your mojo.  It will keep you young.

It’s worth mentioning that if you know ‘PA’ means physical activity:

“The odds of reporting any sexual activity were increased among individuals who participated in moderate (OR = 1.64, 95% CI: 1.24?2.15 in men) or vigorous (OR = 2.06, 95% CI: 1.50?2.84 in men, OR = 1.42, 95% CI: 1.09?1.85 in women) PA at least once a week. Erectile difficulties were less common among men who were active (OR = 0.58, 95% CI: 0.44?0.77 for vigorous PA). Women who watched ?6 hours of TV/day had lower odds of thinking about sex frequently (OR = 0.69, 95% CI: 0.50?0.96) or, if they did not live with a partner, being sexually active (OR = 0.40, 95% CI: 0.22?0.72). Encouraging older adults to be more physically active could help to improve sexual relationships and, as a result, mental health and wellbeing.”

Was reported in February of this year in “Participation in Physical Activity is Associated with Sexual Activity in Older English Adults..

Lots of ‘circle of life extension’ potential in a work hard, sleep well, have more sex (repeat often) lifestyle.

#2 Keep Your Attitude Right

In addition to working out, active sex life, and sound sleep, consider your attitude.  There are many ways to modify it.

  • You can use a simple Seasonal Affects Disorder light system.
  • We use light crowns
  • Vitamin D is called the “sunshine vitamin” (we do >5000 iu daily, but talk to your doctor and read widely.  Papers like “Vitamin D deficiency is associated with risk of developing peripheral arterial disease in type 2 diabetic patients.
  • Read some of the literature on extremely small doses of lithium orotate.  It’s available on Amazon, but do read about the risks.
  • Turn of radio and TV shows that don’t agree with your values.  Control your personal inputs.
  • PMA (positive mental attitude) lectures are all over YouTube.
  • Don’t argue with people.  As much as possible, we try to make it through life pretending we are just visiting Planet Bizarro.  We play-act as visiting scientists researching and a peculiar series of madnesses has descended on the global mass consciousness of this planet… (BTW we’re seldom disappointed!)

#3  Learning Your Body’s DNA

Both of us had our DNA run by Knowing that we are both from the same genetic part of the world enables us to eat (guilt-free)  northern European/Scandinavian which is what our bodies are built for.  While we both like fresh, crusty french bread, it’s a once every week or two because too much wheat is not good for our chemistry types.  Read the book “Wheat Belly“: and see how reducing wheat can knock 5-10 points of my blood pressure.

#4  Run Your Own “Vitamin Lab”

We have invested a lot of testing certain vitamins to see which ones do us maximal good.

The process we follow is:  Find a new vitamin, take it for a month, see if there’s any noticeable change in anything.  If no, save money and on to the next one.

Here are some that I take (in moderation):

  • Swedish Flower Pollen.  Forget the hype about increase semen flow (it might, but that’s not the point):  What is does for me is make it possible to sleep all night without waking.  My ‘normal’ state is 4-5 hours of sleep, pee break, and then 3 more hours.  This produces much better dream content because I wake more easily (need to pee, lol) and can remember more.  But, the flower pollen is a ‘sleep through’ additive.
  • Huperzine-A.  This one increases mental acuity for some people – and I’m one of them.  Yes, adds to clarity and recall of dreams for some.
  • Lavender essential oil in a diffuser. . Lowers blood pressure.
  • Lots of Vitamin C.  I like chew-able C and Manuka honey   Taken with L-Lysine, good for the ticker.  Go read the Linus Pauling work.  The Pauling Institute at Oregon State includes this on its web site:
  • When we buy meat, we researched locally to find out who was selling the driest meats.  That’s because more and more Big Box Companies (like Wal-Mart) add water and chemicals to their meat.  Some places, when you buy a nice filet, you’re buying based on 20% water injections which increases the sodium content.  We have cut our beef consumption by 60 percent.  What we do eat is very damn good.  If we pay $24 a pound, can we have meat, not 20% water, please?

#5  Have Great Hobbies

Elaine likes to write, paint, and decorate.  For me?  Writing, ham radio, gardening and ‘mad science experiments’ are the main things.

These hobbies give us reasons to get up, get active, and keep learning.

Zeus the Cat is a hobby for Elaine.  Zeus has a girlfriend.  She’s a feral feline.  Elaine’s following their progress…

#6  Read Widely

Non-fiction.  My latest acquisitions have been coming from mainly eBay where you can find all kinds of old magazine collections on CD or DVD.  Cheap.

Your brain is like any other vegetable (:-)) – it needs fertilizer.  Non-fiction. To grow neurons and get them to bloom with new connections (ideas) you need to add new information, concepts, ideas, colors and sounds.

If you want fiction to read, try any of the political websites.  But seriously, not worth your time.

#7  Have a Toddy

No, we;re not ‘big drinkers’ and when we go out, I have a maximum of one drink because this ain’t the 1980’s.  Buzz driving is drunk driving.  DUI is a growth industry I want no part of.

But, around 4 PM each afternoon, regardless of season, here at the ranch, we have an hour (or more) with a couple of great drinks and conversation. Maybe listen to a stream, podcast, talk in the “ideasphere.”  Two drinks is unlikely to put either of us in the grave unless there’s a car involved.

#8  Do Something New and Crazy Every Day

If you ever find like getting boring, look around and put on your thinking cap.

If I get bored going to the story (a  13 mile drive) I have three different routes and each one has different visuals to check out, just for example.

As for Crazy?  Surprise Elaine with a collection of Sheb Wooley songs?  Predictable Partners get boring.  Nuts is part of being young and foolish.  As you age, it becomes an Art.  Speaking of which…

#9  Learn the Art of Doing Laundry

Maybe it’s from being from a family of fire fighters (son G 2 is now a volunteer fireman and EMT in Leavenworth, Wa.), but it’s the same “rig gets clean before chow” mentality.

Nothing pleases me more than everything being clean.  As I explained to Elaine when she asked why I was doing a load of laundry:  “This is magic.  I put dirty laundry in this machine, add soap and go write.  When I get back, the laundry is done.  Machines don’t care when they work…”

My shop may look like hell, but the machines are in ready mode.

But you know, strangely, people seem to forget this.  Cars and such get names and we have all kinds of little mental tricks and twists we make up to avoid simple things.  But, the dishwasher doesn’t care when it runs.  And it doesn’t care if there’s room for two more glasses or not.

Life is too short not to be in charge.  Life’s a circus.  Be the ringmaster.

So start the laundry and go have a great weekend focusing on your hobbies.  When you come back for a beer, toss things in the dryer.

Write when you get done,

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  1. “#7 Have a Toddy”

    1 ounce Southern Comfort
    1 ounce blue curacao liqueur
    1 ounce blueberry liqueur
    1 ounce sloe gin
    Splash lime juice
    Splash sour mix
    Splash lemon-lime soda

    My wife had a strange request last night. she mentioned that she has been wanting a purple viking for a while and wanted to know if I knew how to make curacao liqueur…
    ( its spendy like southern comfort and its not in our budget to spend money like that on fancy named liqueur’s.)
    Bitter Orange liqueur absolutely it is easy would you like to have me make some up..**LP+-+Shop+-+Herbs+%26+Spices+-+Bulk&hsa_tgt=pla-410631301907&hsa_acc=5389326775&hsa_src=g&hsa_cam=1057131294&hsa_net=adwords&hsa_mt=&hsa_ad=250393141896&hsa_grp=57395031328&hsa_ver=3&hsa_kw=&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIoY2Rirqg4wIVSr7ACh1oNQ6iEAQYBCABEgJUsfD_BwE

    here’s the recipe.. for making it..
    blend up 3 oranges peeling and all.. ( actually all you need is the peelings but I love the juice in it..)
    one ounce of bitter orange peel.. ( tangerine peelings work good in a pinch as a mock bitter orange)
    1 cup of vodka.. ( when I make up a liqueur I make up at least two bottles..)
    4 cloves ( this is a personal taste item)
    2 cups of sugar
    1 1/2 cups of distilled water..
    blue food coloring ( unless you are using it as triplesec then you can leave it clear)

    southern comfort …
    Old man’s personal recipe….
    Buttons and Bow’s
    “peach liqueur”. While their recipe may be a secret the original recipe is not, and there’s no peach to be found in this list of ingredients. After following the original recipe I found it to have too much of a citrus and cinnamon flavor, which overshadowed the cherry and vanilla. So, let’s give this a try:
    • 1 inch of vanilla bean, split ( or you can use two ounces of vanilla extract)
    • 1 inch of cinnamon stick ( this is a personal taste item.. I like the one inch of cinnamon stick.. the wife prefers a half inch)
    • 4 cloves
    • 12 dried cherries
    • 1 lemon chopped up ( I prefer one whole lemon.. but some prefer less like a half of a lemon..)
    • 3 small oranges chopped up ( I prefer three oranges chopped up some prefer one orange)
    • 2 bottles of good whiskey or bourbon if you like the charred oak tast or I use two bottles of vodka
    • honey (at the end, see below)or one cup of sugar ( I prefer two cups of sugar… corn sugar is the better but cane sugar is ok)
    • two large cans of peaches in heavy syrup
    • Mix give it a little taste to make sure it is to your liking you may have to add a little more sugar then let age for two months in a sealed bucket.
    sloe Gin the same thing.. luckily I have an acquaintance that teaches that sends me sloes from their blackthorn hedge around their home… if not.. you can get the small bitter plumbs..they grow quite regularly around the USA..

    Blueberry Liqueur…

    chop and cook four cups of blueberries.. put two cups of sugar in a container ( this is a personal taste preference.. I like two cups wife likes four cups) one quart of distilled water ( you are basically making a simple syrup if you hadn’t guessed yet) then add a bottle of vodka.. let it age.. at least a month strain…

    buy the cheapest working mans vodka on the market.. no need to buy the expensive potato or rice vodka..
    Brandy same thing..
    thought I would share how to make the things you love.. I totally love the southern comfort.. and home made sloe gin.. but I usually only make it before thanks giving and give away small bottles of it to friends and family and a family holiday treat..

  2. George

    “and (like me) avoids stress.”

    First kill all the lawyers or was it the politicians?

    Where did that book on Shakespeare go?

  3. I highly recommend the following, regardless of age:
    – Quercetin (flavonoid)
    – Fisetin (flavonoid)
    – Nicotinamide Riboside (NAD+)

    The first two are very reasonable, price wise. NAD+ is produced by TRU Niagen, which owns the copyright on the stuff, so it is a bit pricier (Amazon).

    NAD+ Primarily repairs telomeres, the ends of our DNA. Read up on it online. Lots of bonafide science supports it on reputable medical sites.

    The flavonoids reduce inflammation, decrease free radicals and have some strong evidence supporting a reduced risk of cancer.

    Always do your own homework, but NAD+, Quercetin and Fisetin are solid candidates for what the ancients called ‘the elixir of life’. Also, pterostilbene, CoQ10 and curcumin and good old (low dose) aspirin are highly recommended by many. And as George prescribes, live well, eat smart and exercise as your age and personal condition permits.

    FWIW, I enjoy 1/4 – 1/2 bottle of wine 3-4 times a week. I only imbibe when not driving or operating equipment/machinery/tools.

  4. Never brag about good health or genes. Good health one day can go to bad health next day. Don’t tempt fate.

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