A Continuous-Yield Survival Garden Project (Part 1)

So this morning we put on our “project engineering hat” and begin thinking and planning a migration path from a good experience with basic gardening to something which could become a ‘daily activity planner’  resulting in a never-ending garden.  Meaning you might never having to worry about food again – ever.

We won’t be using wildly complex design theory.  This will be more of a “roll your own” although we will probably build-up a simple spreadsheet in the future to help us with the mechanics of timing of how such a garden would operate in most climates.  There’s much to the process.  Who said eating was ‘simple?’

We will ‘hop to it’ just as soon as we get through a few headlines about the LA quakeand, of course, a look at the charts…

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53 thoughts on “A Continuous-Yield Survival Garden Project (Part 1)”

  1. The engineered gardening systems like greenhouses and hydroponics look good for grid-up survival scenarios, but are questionable for a long-term grid-down scenario. One issue I have heard raised by others in this forum is that nomadics of the sort practiced by North American tribes will be necessary to avert starvation and predation. I know that when my ancestors showed up in Texas in the frontier era, some of them had pretty much gone native in lifestyle, just because that worked. The followers of Sam Houston weren’t particularly liked by the confederates. Later, the ancestors who weren’t killed off by the Civil War settled down, and became regular citizens.
    I think that hiding and caching of food and supplies may be the only viable strategy in the first year or two of a worst case scenario. Any nomadics will be limited to hopping between hideouts and supply caches. I’m not suggesting that you dig up your backyard this weekend, and bury all your survival supplies. What I am suggesting is that you be prepared to recognize the symptoms of a major die-off in progress, and start caching food before the looting gets out of control. At some point the revenuers will begin looting, and at that point, no home, no matter how fortified, is going to be safe. Scoping out hiding spots, and keeping materials on hand to support the lifestyle would not be too paranoid.
    Low intensity gardening of the type I am currently dabbling in, where garden spots with natural moisture are used, is applicable to all potential scenarios. When I was a youngster, we lived in a house for several years which had the over-flow from a small lake running next to it. Dad rigged an irrigation system which consisted of a garden hose connected to five gallon bucket used as a scoop, with enough elevation change to run water down to a rather large garden spot. The portable irrigation system could be hidden when not in use. We had a luxurious garden in those years.

    • Shear size of the hordes will be a problem. We see the quakes in California today. Let’s say the next quake is a 9’er and splits Boulder Dam.

      A lot of folks in Southern California are going to start walking toward George’s house. Sure, many will parish during the walk through Death Valley, but some will make it.

      What does George do if 172,000 people walk up to his house and nicely ask for a sip of water and a meal… and maybe a pair pliers for cactus spine removal. George has to be strong, and turn them away. That’s what has to be done. Grasshoppers.

      The only hope is landmines. Hide or join them.

      • Steve…

        I dot think George will have to worry about it..

        Way back..I mean wY back..my ex had one of those experimental medical devices. It was horrible caused all kinds of issues medically..(oh they went bankrupt so they didnt have to pay out for medical procedures) anyway on one trip home from the hospital the car blew up .. three a rod..anyway I ended up without a car and the only transportation I had was to walk..no snow boots or hat or gloves I would start out at 1 am walking the twelve miles to work in winter..two pair of pants on newspaper stuffed between them.. froze my feet and hands..
        You probably wonder where this is leading.. it was hard..I was harder.. today’s kids wont walk across the street much less hike to Georges.. they will do exactly like they did in the last few depressions.. they will move towards the masses..the cities

      • actually, if you fold a newer $50 Bill a certain way, it depicts the Hover Damn, with water gushing down the center with Radio active material in the sky with the damn cracking on the sides.. on a $5 bill it shows above the white house projector reels with what seems like tape being ran through it above the white house.

      • OoWSF

        LOL LOL LOL LOL now thats some funny stuff there….

        If George moves to civilization he might have some worries..I think they will more than likely head to Marks neighborhood first.. He lives on the Hill..were all the big money goes.. the little guys in the ditch below are gauking at his place thinking.. oh if an EMP hits.. thats where we are going they have everything we have nothing.. he uses a gold toilet we have to shizt in the street…. LOL LOL LOL LOL

        now this I don’t understand..
        why did the USA have troops from several other countries come to the USA to train for CROWD control.. yup chinese and russian troops were here training..

        why do we have UN troops doing training exercises in the USA..


        I don’t have any pictures of the ones I seen.. but the video above is almost exactly what I seen


        I find the above story funny as heck.. excuse me.. they build them for USA.. that one could just be an order waiting to be delivered LOL LOL LOL seriously do we the country that openly dumbs down our youth think that a country that pushes education and builds our military equipment for us isn’t smart enough to figure it out.. GMAFB

        those are just a couple of stories I don’t have the written reports and stories that I read of training exercises in the past years…. but back during the last administration.. the close encounters that we knew of testing our borders with planes and submarines were so many and so often that they could almost get frequent flyer miles..
        heck there was a submarine off the coast of California so close and for such a long time they could count the polka dots on a swimmers bikini.. we didn’t even know about it till it was gone..

        At the same point we to are doing the same thing..

        Then look back in the way back machine again.. to Rodney King…look how they closed down that whole part of town.. wasn’t that long ago a a resident was complaining how far they had to go to get to a grocery store.. excuse me.. didn’t you rape the owner of Rays groceries daughter and wife burned his neighborhood store that he had had there for fifty years to the ground while you were looting and burning your own neighborhoods.. steeling all of his merchandise.. hmm.. I sure don’t have a clue why he didn’t rebuild in the same neighborhood….

        and walking.. If we take the attitude of just the people around me..
        hey lets go to the store two blocks away.. jump in the car.. and drive over.. Really now why not walk across the street.. instead of drive.. work on the fiftieth floor.. hey take the stairs.. Nope not going to do that either.. there would be marshal law.. why get shot trying to walk fifty miles in a hundred degree heat with high humidity to get to someones place that may have supplies or may not.. and guns enough to kill anyone trying to take them..
        the masses will stay huddled around civilization or the places that everyone will migrate to..
        then take into account a couple of other things.. the ISIS leaders that for the last twelve years or so have been saying they will sneak warriors for the Kingdom into the devils country to slay the infidels all the time while we have been destroying their homes and neighborhoods their cities and villages.. do you think they are kidding.. my guess is they already sent them and they are already here.. and thirty years ago the Russian Klub K defense systems.. we don’t check containers hell we don’t own our own ports.. seems some idiot decided to sell them because we couldn’t afford to maintain them.GMAFB. the same thing with our toll roads.. give me a break.. that took some major droolers to make those brilliant decisions.. disrupt supply movements… then take a look at DOD reports on troops away from home..Yup we are in so many places for the puppeteers so they can get more crap than carter has liver pills we stand extremely vulnerable. the only candidates that seen this is DJT and the Pauls….. my guess is.. the minute the puppeteers decide they are not going to take no for and answer any more from the citizens not wanting to destroy someone elses lands anymore and send the rest of our citizens to do their bidding..all of this will come alive in full color horror.. we haven’t had a major conflict here in the USA how do you survive hell.. you have that place hidden in the hills.. traveling there.. hmm read the accounts of the Mormons or the Donner party and you will have a small hint of the hell of traveling to another area without major transportation.. and todays people won’t walk across the street much less hundreds of miles away….
        Now my question is this.. you take NK Kim.. he seen this and he is a wild card for sure…. he came right out and said go ahead come after my lithium.. you can take it destroy my country starve my people hate us to hell and back.. but.. I will shove one in your back yard before I go.. ever get curious why they started their testing back up right after a war gamer was telling how they were making dry scenario runs about NK..hmm… he knows who the real threats are and plans to go after the Puppeteers in their backyards.. they have historically always kept things away from home and their families.. could that be a wild card that no one is expecting.. the puppeteers have enough control in so many countries that they can manipulate most of them.. but it only takes one wild card to throw the whole plan out of wack.. then go figure.. so far every place that the puppeteers wanted to go after and send american troops into has been stalled.. Venezuela, syria, Iraq, Iran, NK,
        DJT has done his best to keep us out of their evil little plans..
        say what you will about our president…..I think he is doing a good job and I totally think he has kept us out of harms way.. I think the leaders of the other countries realize the severity of the situation that could erode is a puppet of the puppeteers gets in office..

        if you go by the studies of Nostradamus on Stu’s site..

        http://www.theageofdesolation.com or take the circle of earthquakes and this small story..

        we don’t see the list of sensors anymore.. I asked a friend of mine professor what was up.. he said he couldn’t talk about why they were down..
        I have been waiting to hear from our friend Patrick in South africa.. that reads Georges site to weigh in but so far he is silent as well so far he hasn’t weighed in on it…
        so from chasing ghosts to volcano’s.. riots in the streets and marshal law.. George is sitting pretty swell right where he is now.. what he hasn’t done is figured out a way to cool his chalet from that heat index .. I will use a thermal chimney with buried underground pvc pipes.. ( copper or aluminum is to expensive) or a solar air conditioning system buy hey that is me.. put up a good steel roof and make sure it is grounded with some snap draggons just in case there is an emp.. for the solar panels.. thats a tough one.. because you and I will never know when it is coming..

    • “At some point the revenuers will begin looting.”

      interesting you should say that N_____…
      a few years ago I was in a conversation with a couple of friends at a local restaurant and the subject came up about what I seen coming.. I of course gave my version of what I seen as possible course of events..
      after we got done.. a gentleman stopped me on the way out and said.. I couldn’t help but listen to what you see coming and it is exactly in line with what we see as a course of events… do you have time for another cup of coffee… so off we went and had coffee..
      The gentleman works for a division of govt.. that happens to plan for such events.. and we talked a good couple of hours.. during that time he showed me a portfolio of residents..and what they had on hand.. it was pretty intensive and included stuff I never ever thought anyone would know.. or keep tabs on.. He was a world of help for what I was trying to do and helped me get things done I couldn’t have ever done on my own..

  2. George – killing it this morning..”China Lake…no telling” – Presactly! probably wouldn’t believe..anyway.

    Gardening seems to be one of the best activities a person can undertake to promote their longevity..food source (s) . grounding & connecting/touching the “flow” – bravo writing and sharing.

    *If the lights go out for extended periods, and the sunlight getting thru diminishes due to Volcanic/Nuclear “dustups” The Peeps will need to adapt rather quickly..

    * Bigu

    Tight stops..move em up as Underlying moves upward. The coot regularly loses % gains due to tight Stops – all good – hit and run to the next..

    • Coot: Do the tight stops cause you to get whipsawed often? Or do you just move on to the next target.

      • Have to move on..no emotion..”leave it!” Strict adherence to the “disipline” will enable you as investor/trader to thrive & survive another day.

  3. If there was on book I want to spread to everyone that reads your column everyday…it’s “A Course in Miracles”. I read it four years ago and it changed my life…it helped me realize that perception of the world around us does indeed have a focus, and to look straight into the present. My business has thrived and my reputation overall has soared to new heights by simply being a caring and loving person to all I have contact with.

    We also must realize that we must eliminate what Dr. Helen Schucman called fear thoughts, anxiety-provoking situations, “offending” personalities or events.

    This last sentence is why I challenge those that worship Trump. Trump represents the antithesis of what the aforementioned book is trying to teach. Trump and many business and political leaders live in a world absent of morality. He divides, distracts, and uses practices to disable free thought. Trump thinks he is sovereign and in a democracy, that is antithetical. Trump represents all that is wrong with the world…maybe a shift to a candidate like Marianne Williamson is what the world needs right now…It’s just that the evil powers that run this world are so powerful right now…with hate as their source of power, it will take a true, Full on. Purse in Miracles to overcome.

    • Mark, I too have been involved with the Course in Miracles on and off for more than thirty years.Your involvement is startling because you cite it as the reason for your insane, hateful anti-Trump rants. You have OBVIOUSLY missed the one of the main points of the Course, which is to realize that what you think you see in the world is really only your projection of your own thoughts and feelings, both conscious and subconscious. So you might want to consider what your useless and irritating rants say about yourself instead of about Trump.Perhaps you need to study the Course more thoroughly.

      • Wiretap
        Accused of impiety and innovation ,he was imprisoned ,condemned to death and forced to drink an infusion of Hemlock.
        was it trump ,nope
        it was socrates.
        I’m glad you’re not a judge .

      • Tumbleweed,
        One thing in the course though is to stand up for convictions that are in step with the course itself. We all thrive by letting those around us thrive in the teachings of love and peace. Trump takes away that. He promotes almost a Satanic message where he is the Sovereign power over all. Those that challenge him get the wrath of his powerful position. He is not a listener. He is a taker for the benefit of those that worship him and only him.

        In my business, in my personal life and in my my own self esteem …this book has changed my life. Ask George…he knows my success. I am grateful for George pointing that book out. I have been remiss in admitting that this book has been a game changer for fear of being labeled. Part of the process of growth of this book is realizing that we should not fear our convictions, beliefs and the opinion of others. Even in Northern California, and especially in the Silicon Valley where everyone is from elsewhere…there are skeptics and conservative values…Yet, thanks to George…Today, I had a breakthrough and “Came out” per se, on my dedication and belief in this book. On Monday, I will shout it out to my team and company!

      • Tumbleweed: Mark is only concerned with the “make more money for me” part of any miracle. He practices his Trump rantings here so he ready for business in San Fran, a noted hotspot of deplorable hatred.

    • The cited sentence is the reason also, to ignore the majority of your posts.

      BTW, this is not a “democracy,” it is a representative Republic.

      • No, not semantics.

        Words have meanings.

        Democracy is anarchistic mob-rule, republicanism is civil representative rule. The two are not dichtomous opposites, but [they] are such radically different ideologies that they can not be substituted, indiscriminately, without their meanings becoming obfuscated.

        When I hear these substitutions being made, if from a conservative, I assume (s)he’s ignorant or stupid; if from a liberal, I assume they’re ignorant or a Marxist. After 27 years, my assumptions on this point have yet to be proven wrong…

    • Mark, it would appear as if someone else is writing for you today; your text and writing style is not your normal one, maybe you are ‘off’ for the holiday and have a guest ghost writer sitting in for you? I suggest that you read, “There is a River,” by Thomas Sugrue. It will give you a much more well rounded and balanced start to your Search for God. From your post, I can tell that you haven’t gotten it yet, “no spark, no love.” We noticed that you tried to connect the dots to the evil powers that run the world….to Trump. Sorry, honey, those crumbs got eaten up with your hate filled rhetoric, back to the wickedness in the forest in your eyes for the trees. Back to the drawing board for you! Next time, pay more money for a better ghost writer.

    • @ mark

      For you to resolved your hatred of TRUMP…….you have to accept that HE is the result of a “MIRACLE”…….might be a chapter you forgot to read….in ..“A Course in Miracles”…..

      • Trump is the result in humanities loss of faith. Trump IS HATRED. He is the divider that we must fight against and tune out of our consciousness.

        To call him a Miracle is blasphemous.

      • “Trump IS HATRED.”

        @MARK…. Where in the world do you see hatred in what DJT has done… I see Narcissism, and I see arrogance,
        And He flaunts his success like potato chips.. but I sure don’t see hatred.. where I see hatred is from the PTB that have been so relentless in their attacks against him and his family working on overtime to destroy the USA and what is stands for ..
        I see decency… he may be a wealthy braggart but he is a decent man.. so he screwed a woman or two in his life.. what rich man with power doesn’t .. I have friends that worked as caddies at a country club.. best job they ever had.. taking care of the ignored women folks.. the stories about the cabana boys are true…
        His employees love him.. he makes sure they are well fed.. and paid well.. my guess is if you asked him.. he knows the basics about their families and their family situations as well..
        He has been the one working overtime that has kept us out of wars..
        If you paid any attention you would see the last seven or eight flareups were shortly after those countries signed treaties and asked for assistance from other countries to help their situation.. HMMMM let me put my swami hat on.. ooops no all I have is the ugly old mans hat.. but my guess is that DJT seen it was all just a ploy to send american men and women in to steal the resources coveted by the PTB ..they feel the desperation and loss of power with DJT being in office and wanted the USA to go in and show these other countries that they mean business.. a puppet ruler would have had us embroiled in a battle killing our men and women..
        He is a salesman.. and carries the stick with a carrot on it.. I don’t see hate.. not one bit..
        He is trying to bring back jobs.. could that be the hate you are looking at..
        He is trying to secure our borders from invaders.. could that be the hate you are seeing..
        He only wants to protect the usa the people and what few things we still have to have pride over..

    • Mark: Thanks for the book recommendation, “A Course in Miracles”. I bought the Kindle version on Amazon. So far a very good read.

    • I totally love a course of miracles..


      except for the hate rantings about a president that is trying to make some really needed changes.. it was a good post Mark…

      Tibettan monks have been teaching these things at least a year or two before I was born.. and I totally think they are right on the money..
      then there was a book written a couple years before I was born also.. and it is a mind opening awakening…Méditations Métaphysiques by René Descartes
      Cartesian coordinate system which I like because it gives me a way to weigh out each thing. the circular reasoning method…
      I can’t even remember when I was truly angry. I almost got there when the guy that tried to kill my daughter was let loose not even a traffic ticket.. I am sure all because his parents have money and political connections.. shoot he tried it two times before and they shoved it under a rug.. he will succeed one day though.. I wonder if mommy and daddy can get that swept away to..
      I do have dreams.. real life I am there dreams.. usually I am building something.. or someone will ask my opinion.. then it overtakes my thoughts.. but rarely any bad nightmarish dreams..more of I am an observer dream when I am viewing a calamity..

  4. Caught this from one of your site recommendations (Lunatic outpost,thanks!)…..
    Dutchsinese predicts it all and your ‘tiredness’ seems to really synch with the increased quake activity

    lengthy but a worthwhile listen….(I only made it past 12 min)

  5. Im getting the tireds again this afternoon. Just like yesterday. What was amazing I recovered full of energy right after the quake last evening. Couldn’t sleep for almost 3 hrs.

    • I wonder if it has anything to do with the quakes..
      when I have a seizure.. afterwards I have one of the best naps ever.. like the stimulation that it has on the brain wears me out.. ( they thought it might be that when I had that nice thirty foot fall and cracked my skull that that had something to do with it.. but nothing shows up on the MRI’s..just live with it)
      I am curious if it is a similar thing.. you get the brain stimulation then the awesome nap

      • when I fell it happened so fast that at the time is seemed like slow motion.. but what is surprising is I don’t remember much of it.. never was scared of falling.. what terrified me was the sudden stop at the bottom..LOL LOL LOL first wife packed up and left me to crawl for food and water.. had a thirty year old MRE sitting on a shelf LOL.. .. it was still good LOL.. gum was a little hard.. the lucky strikes.. dry and crumbly LOL.. If that ever happened again I would stay at the hospital instead of insisting on going home..learned a lesson.. I keep heat and eats close to the floor..and bottled water..you never know..
        last thursday though had someone come by.. and make a comment.. you must have a shopping fetish.. I said no.. I keep three months of chow on hand.. you never know when something will happen.. a storm.. or laid off.. we went a year without an income and the supply I had was what got us through..
        the church president says six months to a year of income.. you need to have at least a year to two years.. just in case.. and tradeable goods.. we got milk because I know how to make cheese.. I made my own beer so I could have an adult beverage when I wanted..
        they still didn’t know why it was important..

  6. Hell-0! Greetings to All of You Survivors of Urban dominion from The Land of Palm Tree’s swaying beneath the crescent moon at Betty Ford Clinic just outside Springs, Ca. Where I felt (first hand) the rolling earth beneath my feet not once but twice with latest series of Earthquakes. Here: Is where the rich, wealthy and famous come to face their demons. Here is where I find my latest adventURE in the LIFEscape of Andy.

    What a strange and wonderful place. The dining is absolutely amazing! Some of the best food I have ever had the pleasure of eating in my Life this side of mothers grill cheese sandwich and a bowl of Campbells Tomato soup after a long day of snow ball fights, building forts at the ripe old age of 9. FYI: T.M. is sill yellow and sissy and a rat for telling on me for stealing his dads penthouse and sneaking it out to the double – double – triple secret fort in the woods and for showing the adults where the double – double – triple secret fort is!!!!! where we all got busted smoking J M’S Moms Newports and drinking Peach Shnapps JB stole from his aunty deb June 16 1979 after school!!! This is my only resentment I have carried till this moment in my life. I still mad to this day. If I ever run in to TM again in my life, I will pee in his snow cone. As far i am concerned, He will never be a true member of The Rocketeer’s.


    The 1 inch Porter House steak I had last night with the crimson center you could cut with a fork was absolutely to die for. Absolutely 5 Stars!! Accommodations Absolutely 5 stars as well. My bed is the next thing best this side of a cloud and a harp. IF you ever have to go to Rehab and can afford or scheme or con or lie or borrow or have the best insurance in the world, because of my calculations it is about $27,786 a day to come here. I HIGHLY recommend it!

    so, odd being on an actual desk top puter. As I haven used anything except a cell an occasional tablet in the last 5 years to access anything on the interwebbs.

    ahhh to the point!

    A course of Miracles, has a few , limited, but Frew “golden truths” within it. Personally, I counted 209 uses of “Double Negatives” with the first 3 chapters. Even its author was quoted as staying it is a great deception. Her husband was working at the time of it creation for An apha pet agency Black Ops in concert with MK Ultra and the Tavistock institute. Remember a play from the NSA Handbook, “There is no such thing as coincidence.”

    I pose only one question for the A Course in Miracles, Once common sense question. Why would Any GOD or All Encompassing being NOT wake their Child from a nightmare such as this reality. IF all this is just a dream? IF any of my my children or any child that was not my child was having a dream that i was aware of that included death??? As the final destination???? I would wake them up instantly.

    There is many layers this reality. One that it is an Illusion or dream. That Time is plastic, Reality is Mailable and we create our own reality. This is true. HOWERVER, IT Is just ONE layer of the whole. Remember, Reality is mobius. There is many layers to it. Be They material, Non-material structure (See shadow), spiritual, vibrational, frequency, consciousness, subconsciousness, unconsciousness and internal reflection of external sensorium stimulation through phenomenal reality imput. One layer of reality everything is a solid. a fixed position. Here even “Time” and “Gravity” are solids. and everything is internal emanation of singular telepathic pulse. Again, this too is only a layer to the larger picture.

    I have considered, a 90 stay here, TO sit down and write my book. As it is, now. I am here for 30 days. To see about a what with a who at where in a when. It is an unexpected sabbatical, Like I said, my life is not my own, Kind of hard to turn it down. I am learning much and I well, i too am not perfect, have some healing to do and well, i have rambled on too much.

    i have a tan to catch and a beautiful 31 year old brunette waiting for me at the pool to discuss the infatuation ritual chaos.

    have a wonderful week!

    off to grab a ray of sun. :)

    • Try not to put on too much weight. Without the little monkey mouths to feed, you tend to ingest more yourself.
      Making an objective of striving for mental clarity over the other alternatives for life is a relevant goal.
      While you are living that poolside lifestyle, get in the habit of drinking less poisonous beverages, like unsweetened decaf or other beverages with similar characteristics, and stay away from any inhaled modifiers of any sort. In other words, get all those little simians off your back. All the little monkeys and their masters want your money and your time, and care not for your welfare. I used to visualize a puppeteer’s string tied to my hand with the other end being held by a guy in a Virginia high-rise wearing a $3000 suit, mouthing slogans starting with “Right to…” as he jerked my hand in to motion. While no one can stop you from indulgences, you have a right to say “enough”, and send all the monkeys and their organ grinders scattering. If you find this out of order, then by all means, speak your mind. Okay, so I still indulge myself with a non-alcoholic malt drink, but that might be a little advanced for you at this stage.

      • I believe Andy is entering the ‘coming to terms with’ stage of Life.

        You see, people who are very sensitive are often bothered by the lack of a ‘volume control’ and if you’re a sensitive person there are many ‘substances’ that may be used. The drugs, of course, but as you rightly put, the small monkeys, too.

        If I were able to find an ‘ideal volume’ control, I would have adopted it, I believe. But the ‘volume controls’ that are offered by most rehab operators come with their own set of issues.

        Some will sell a ‘belief system’ as being the ‘tool’ but these require you to change your thinking and if you’re a sensitive person, this weighs your mind down. Sometimes, a religion is sold/absorbed because it is so easily made into a toll road.

        Never done any rehabs in the formal sense. But, I went a year or so with no afternoon martinis and couldn’t tell much difference, except the dreams and visioning was then almost too powerful at time. Thus, over 50-years of experimenting to get it somewhat near ‘right’ two drinks 4-5 hours before bed is about my optimal. Any more and the next day as a ‘fog’ and any less, the ‘control in the Realms’ isn’t there.

        The problem might be stated that the “waking state” is a kind of conditional insanity which is so widespread and so diverse that it’s denied as a mental illness. Yet, when we look at the world and the live people live, the goals people have, it’s clear there’s more than a little nuttiness out there.

        The dream states (and other spirit planes) are also a bit odd, strange and miraculous. I freely admit that I apply a small portion of alcohol for the same reason a locksmith will ujse a little graphite on a sticky lock: Makes things work better.

        Perhaps it’s because life (waking, in the slightly insane world) is quite addictive to the here and now and physicality. But people like Andy and this ‘old dude’ like to venture ‘off planet’ a good bit and there are only a few ways that are useful. A couple of big glasses of wine or two tokes (but no more). Once there’s a passing of the control threshold, then “Hello Houston, we have a problem.”

        Living life well is like going on a voyage. When you are young you’d swear you where Shanghaied. After you move up (Masonicly) through “the Chairs” in life, things come into focus, you adjust your angle and continue up. The whole process, though it iterative. Two forward, one back. Andy’s been working on the two forward for years and every once in a while, well, this is an impokrtant ‘one back’ because it’s all about learning your ‘control thresholds’ – a concept that ought to be taught in schools, yet it’s not.

        As I wrote in Psychocarography, we are all capable of living in multiple Realms, yet who does this except an incredibly small number? That’s because of the “spiritual stickiness” of the waking state, the society-wide ‘dream’ that this is all there is.

        People don’t look at Life very clearly because, as I’ve come to see it, it’s more like an “escape room adventure.” The idea “I don’t need to come back” and “I’m ready to make one of these World things on my own now, thanks for the training “Dad”

        The young of today can not change the world because they have already swallowed the KoolAid. They are hypnotized by whatever their screen refresh rates are. The physicality binds to a here and now that must be renounced so we can each move on into new dimensions, adventures, and love.

        Yet, how many people have done the work? You see, one reason Andy has an adventurer’s Life is he is seeking. But he’s doing something damn few people have the balls to do. He “listens’ for the voice of the Great Unspeaking” and, upon hearing it has generously shared some valuable lessons here.

        That’s why his visit will work. Because he’s already got the skill only 1 in a hundred and maybe even 1 in a thousand have.

        Which is to just STFU and listen. And be hard enough on yourself to ask many levels of question.

        Why am I here?

        What am I to learn? Does it bind me more to this realm than those of spirit, and if so, on whose authority am I forced to accept that which doesn’t work on my real growth needs?

        Must I learn it? Question ‘the authority’ Either that, or remember the Jungian/Freudian line: A ‘patient is deemed ‘cured’ when they agree with their therapist.”

        What then is the lesson?

        Can we cut out the meaningless dogma and just make this quick?

        Have a steak for all of us Andy. Everyone alive on this rock needs rehab if they don’t see global flailing for what it is. Glued to the ground, no one flies. But if you do fly, gotta own that ‘control threshold’ like your life depends on it.

        Because it does.

      • “I used to visualize a puppeteer’s string tied to my hand with the other end being held by a guy in a Virginia high-rise wearing a $3000 suit, mouthing slogans ”

        N____… yup I can totally see that to..


        Now.. I was assured by the manufacturer that even though the mask resembles so many members of Congress it was not made from their likenesses..

    • Andy, glad to hear. I quit booze and nicotine 6 yrs ago ,change my diet to the healthy side! No deep fat fried and my sweet tooth was given a time out. lost 50 lbs.
      Want to hear a good one or two? Mark (the RINO) thinks Camilla Harris is attractive, and thinks Trump is stupid, I cant wait for President Trump to tear her to shreds, if she makes it that far.
      Pedos going down ,Epstein anyone, Mark, is he a friend of yours? He has an island, great for your scuba trips
      This world is ruled by blackmail of the leaders and much has been written that even Chief Justice Roberts is a victim, hence bad rulings by him
      Cross dresser Gay Edgar Hoover kept files just for rule by blackmail, and the bastard was a hero of mine when I was school age and easily brain washed by our (lack) of education by our fine endoctorization programs

      • Jack,
        What was the point of that rant? So much anger. At least my rants are based on truth. Yours are all conjecture and mean spirited. Shame. And to what end?

    • Good to hear from you, _0_. Enjoy, expand, relax, and please, if you or George ever find a universal volume control or attenuator in this existential plane, please share…

      • As Geoge Carlin said “just because you got the monkey off your back , doesn’t mean the circus left town”. A constant struggle…

    • A page for refreshment and a stairway to heaven: Your heart yearns for the dissolution of self within another yet you search for the answers within the mind and spirit; this has become a fight. Stop fighting. Many men are householders, like George, and can do both; so can you.


    • Andy…GodSpeed to you and your stay in SO-CAL. Inspired by your post.

      And George,
      Your response to Andy was terrific in every way.

    • As the Course in Miracles states the only meaning this has is what you give it. Sounds like your ego never got past the first lesson.

      • Expat, is the purpose of life; To place my ego on Trial for the crimes it has committed against yours? Is it the meaning of life to place your ego on Trial for its crimes against mine?

        The ego is not a thing. It is an imaginary entity, a scape goat for indeterminate

        Que The Music, Follow my lead….

        Put your left foot forward for all the places you are going. Put our right foot back for all the crack, smack and Cognac. Late night binges and dirty syringes that put the fuzz on the peaches and the sand on the beaches……MYYYYYYYY GOD! grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the thinks I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

  7. Recall earlier in the year I mentioned one of my Am Ex lines has been reduced – like 50%. Am Ex justified the reduction by indicating I do not use the card often enough/run it up high enough.

    Today I received notice by the same card that most of the terms are changing and fees are going up, up, up beginning August 15 – September 1. The term that drew my attention was the cash advance fee. It’s moving up from $5 or 3% of the transaction, whichever is greater to $10.00 or 5% of the transaction, whichever is greater.

    Either Am Ex hit an iceberg back there and are now throwing together a 4Q repair kit or they are going to have a bumper crop of 4Q earnings.

  8. Earth sheltered homes and hidey holes are comfortable in the heat of the summer, but are out of my price range. Staying out of debt is still at the top of my list of successful survival strategies. G____ could probably negotiate a good price for making a subterranean project a blog series, but then Out of work Steve F’s 172,000 walking live ones would really show up when G____ is just looking for a place to hide from all manner of heat.

    In the bad old days before rural electrification, folks here used to put in screened porches and sleep there in the heat of the summer months. 12 VDC ceiling fans do exist.

    Sol-Ark has an EMP hardening package for their solar systems. I don’t know if they would sell a kit for your installation, LOOB. Knowing how much military grade surge protection costs, the price adders on their site don’t look bad:


    It would help with lightning effects as well, for those in affected areas. The cloud to ground lightning has been unusually bad here this season.

    • You know sometimes, abj, we just get a ‘call’ to write in a certain direction. There’s no way to measure, plot, and plan. Just a little voice somewhere deep that says “Better rethink gardening and food stocks – ALL of us…
      As for the comments…yes…a bit out of our usual range, but then again, around here, nothing is ‘usual…’

    • One of my comments that I intended to place at the bottom ended up at the top due to stabbing the wrong reply button. You gotta read all the posts down to the bottom to make any sense of it. Sorry. On the plus side, the political comments seem muted this morning so far, which I think is a plus.

  9. Hey George, for gardening, if your in the right planting zone, consider planting a food forest of Moringa trees. These can be kept short as in a hedge too. Amazing, AMAZING nutritional value!

    For ‘noise’ control Lugols Iodine from Mother Earth Labs helped me tremendously. I also take Moringa which really help as well.

    The sensitivity to noise might actually be related to an occult (hidden) tooth infection from retained tissue from either a pulled tooth or root canal. (No nerve tissue no pain.)

    This is due to electromagnetic interference of the specific meridian that run through each tooth.

    For more info on how occult tooth infections affect health watch the documentary ‘Root Cause.’ Unfortunately it was taken off of Netflix. One might be able to find it on YouTube or Amazon.

    Dr. Jerry Tennant has a lot to say about this. He can be found on YouTube’s Thunderbolts project as well as others. He is in Texas by the way.

    • Hi georgianne I agree I bought a couple thousand of Moringa Seeds planted a bunch of them and they’re coming up some almost a foot to 2foot and I ate a few of the leaves raw and wowow they do give me a really good feeling

  10. George are you sure you’re not paying Mark $40 a month to comment so that it’ll bring you ratings up…..lol. lmao

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