Industrial Rev #3

If the first Industrial Revolution was water and steam power, while the second has been electricity and network-pushed, what will NEXT look like?  It’s not a silly question, at all.  And since the World may fall apart based on global economic consequences of War, Sanctions, Asset-Stripped Money, and  little side issues like a die-off and radiation, the problem seems pretty real.

Before we get into the details (and this could become another chapter of my book The 100-Year Toaster as a final, final, I promise FINAL chapter) there’s a new way of “future modeling” I’ve come to which I think you’ll find a useful thinking tool, as well.

First, a few headlines about the nutty market which is trying to figure out which way the Federal Reserve will call future interest rates this afternoon.  We think higher.

But after the ChartPack and some headlines, a “blocking and tackling” exercise in what the “world after all this shit” looks like.

Inspired and with a hat tip reader/subscribers LOOB and BIC who are tasked with answering to grandchildren those fuzzy and imprecise questions.

Like “What should I be when I grow up, grandpa?”

Spoiler alert: First, you need a World…

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82 thoughts on “Industrial Rev #3”

  1. “US troops on the ground in Ukraine”

    They’ll be home by Christmas. Unless they’re flanked by the Ottoman Empire. The 101 would be a dandy prize for the Ottos.

    NATO neutralized Germany.
    Japan is siding with Evil do’ing Russia.

    “The Japanese government has decided to remain involved in the formerly Exxon-led Sakhalin-1 oil and gas project in Russia”

    The world wants pre-WW1 borders.

    • “The 101 would be a dandy prize for the Ottos.”

      those that I know that still have friends in the 101st. say they are silent.. from those I knew.. that was when they were deep involved in a deployment…
      Will they get recognition for military time being there OR was this loaned out to the alphabets.. HMM.. knew a guy that was in thirty years went to retire and then discovered that over ten of those years they had been loaned out to the alphabets.. the congressmans best man did his damdest to get that figured out.. unfortunately the guy was homeless living first in a storage unit.. then in his car at Walmart parking lot for five years.. I said hey take your sleeping bag and camp on on that congressmans best mans floor until he can get the congressman to sign a dam piece of paper.. or have that best man ever sleep in your car with you for a few fifty below weather.. over five years.. and the guy finally died before they could get that one figured out.. . walmart was the one that was the nicest to him.. they let him clean up even gave him some out dated food..I let him stay in our home on the couch for the more severe weather days.. I even offered to rent him an apartment.. pride set in.. and he wouldn’t let me..

      • I think 911 was an inside job.

        Would the U.S.A. sacrifice the 101 to whip-up support for a ‘limited’ nuclear war? I think they will.

        Once the American troops are roasted Adam Smith’s invisible hand (unintended consequences) will point Turkish soldiers into Europe.

        NATO took Germany’s gas. That’s not an ally, it’s a former WW2 enemy.

        The Germans aligned with the Turks in the past. Less than a week after 1914’s WW1 was fired up and probably will again. “What’s old is new.”

        “The Germany-Ottoman Alliance was ratified by the German and Ottoman Empires on August 2, 1914”

        And we see Japan bailed on the Western WW2 winners for resource rich Russia. That’s a WW2 play, take Japans energy.

  2. Pssst – hey buddy,

    wanna see a secret,smuggled video out of Russia – from the Ukraine front .
    Secret Russian bear process of camouflaging their skinz, looks like an inter dimensional washing machine or something….wierd scheisse and scay bearZ, oh my..

    Down bubble Boyz, Gurlz and Wombat Typhooners down under..U know who U R – Lennster.

  3. Women who are educated have fewer babies. Free schools will reduce population. Of course, nuclear bombs are faster.

    • the school loans are the separators.. the costs on a school loan puts the person at or below hourly wage earner income levels..
      everyone should have access to an education.. I tell kids.. got to oxford or some other school over seas.. there you get an education and the only thing you have to pay for is the cost of living expenses.. even there the schools assist them..
      if the school is pay only then there should be no assistance from the public.. we pay taxes to support the schools.. and this should be given to private religious schools to.. if you are paying tuition then your school taxes should be going to that school.. so if a college charges tuition then there should be no money gleaned from tax revenue..

    • “Free” schools also put the control of such squarely within the government’s grasp. We’ve been there for a long time already and the birth rate would be sky-high if it weren’t for abortionists. With the destruction of the value of human life – what’s the point?

  4. Investor sentiment is the at the lowest level since 2017. That means a huge rally in the stock market may be imminent, according to BofA.
    Contrarian investing is the basis of Warren Buffett’s famous quote: “Be fearful when others are greedy, and greedy when others are fearful.”
    If the Fed raises interest rate by only fifty basis points will we see a collective sigh of relief and a broad base rally of 10% ? Or, will a rise of 75 basis points sink sentiment even further and we have a large scale sell off?
    With stronger the expected jobs and wage data – it seems to be a hard lock on a 75 point announcement by the Fed.

  5. Just got my parking heater kit! Now I need time to assemble and test it! Kits are great for those with an excess of time, but productive people don’t have enough already.

    • Izzat a block heater (or radiator fluid heater, or oil pan heater, or battery heater/blanket, or dipstick heater…?)

      Dipstick is <5mins, the others are a half-hour to an hour – most of which are the time it takes to drain the radiator. The block heater can be a two-day job, depending on where the plug goes and how far you have to take the engine apart to get to the side of the block. I prefer the lower radiator hose heater, myself, but it doesn't work for everything…

      • Ray, this is an air to air diesel powered unit that’s intended for heating a cab, camper, trailer, or other enclosure. It doesn’t connect to the engine in any way and doesn’t need an engine at all. The units you’re thinking of are useful for maintaining block temperatures in the frigid north, but this one’s just for keeping the occupant(s) comfortable and safe while sleeping or just relaxing. George did an article on this on STS a month or two back, and I bought one of the same units. It’s a cheap Chinese version of an expensive design, at about 10% of the cost. It looks OK out of the box, but will require a few hours of assembly and testing, along with a CO meter for safety. Youtube videos on these are numerous and generally positive.

      • “Ray, this is an air to air diesel powered unit ”


        Yeah, it looked like something I’d find useful, but I’m waiting for a review from Ure’s site before I spend money on one.

    • speaking about that.. LOL.. I got a roll of copper pipe.. now to teach the kids how to make an infrared heater… or stove.. they can choose what they want.. I will get a couple of tuna cans.. and a couple of pop cans.. I already have some self tapping screws and some mesh .. it will be fun..

    • I bought the wife a plug in …she loves it.. I don’t have a clue on how all the components work in it.. LOL my boss says I would be to messy in her car.. ( who ME) LOL so I drive the buggy an old classic beater that cost me a whopping two hundred dollars. rusty .. a little messy in it.. ( I cart kids cats dogs etc in it ) I get almost thirty miles to a gallon.. but the engine has heart and carts me anywhere I go.. what I do like about her car.. is.. the radio.. yup.. sirus satalite radio.. that is awesome.. I have it for mine to.. they have a download program for your phone.. and I can plug my phone into the buggies radio.. set it on auxilary and go to town.. I do the same thing with audible audio books.. and the ebook reader will read the amazon books on it to.. love that thing.. I can drive down the road and listen to a book.. my favorite past time.. and enjoy.. supposedly the boss’s car does the same but it hooks up with blue tooth.. don’t know.. only time I am allowed in it is if we are going to an event or it is getting an oil change.. ours doesn’t cost us a dime to fuel up though.. we have solar power that charges it..

    • Yeah yeah for you ground dwellers… Blue Skies are Green BIC &

      EcoMax 120 mph, seats 3 passengers 1 pilot..cost all in about $1.32 per mile. whatwhatwhat
      Get the app (UAM)urbanairmobility- get onboard, and start taking visitors on 30 minute helo rides around Austin area or the Canadian stonehenge/medicine wheel in Summer time..”BIC’s green tours”

      Urbansurvival Air Mobility ! dual purpose- run it as tourist business( idiots in Austin will pay beaucoup bucks to take a green air tour). Emergency EMT – the green air cav.

      Would be way cool if they enabled charging via landing bars/rails..imagine surfing top of high tension power lines in a electric helicopter ! just be using energy that would be wasted in transmission anyways.
      Arching and Sparking on some hot ass wires ! That good citizens sounds like an enlightening kind of experience..wonder how long it take to recharge? hmmm will be pondering this this evening as Ure Phightin Phils go for World Series victory number 3 in the city of Winning! Lets Go !

      ? Did youse feel the Phils game it last night ? See PennState brandywine – geophysics lab – Phillies phans rocked the seisomograph last night during the 7-0 thumping of Astro’s..where have you heard that before ? 7-0??? That would be Ure UN DE FEET ED E-A-G-L-E-S !

      • No need for arcing and sparking – an on-board induction coil should do the trick(if the weight was tolerable).

  6. “Meanwhile, the Russia-friendly press weighs in with reports of how far the American “war party” will go to topple Russia as RT reports US troops on the ground in Ukraine – media.
    What could go wrong?
    Besides their earlier report this week that US carrier strike group heading for Europe – media.”

    Hmm.. Ever played PEEK A BOO…with a child.. now I am not a military strategist.. Or even care.. I hate wars.. good people die.. maimed and their neighborhoods destroyed..
    so was this an anticipated event.. a pre planned event.. and what do the opposing forces think.. up till now we have only been feeding the flame by sending over arms.. now we are directly involved.. an act of war.. they didn’t march on the USA.. we had to make the first move.. I figured the first move would be supplying arms to the opposing side..

    • “I figured the first move would be supplying arms to the opposing side..”
      Even after the war broke., and sanctions were in place., Italy and Germany continued to sell weapons to Russia.., as they found a loop-hole in the wording of the sanctions. The loop-hole was closed about 60 to 70 days later.
      We don’t know how many., or where our troops are.., supposedly they are in the Ukraine to keep an eye on the weapons delivery to the Ukraine military – as there has been a lot of rumors of missing shipments and missiles ending up in Syria.

    • I know you get AVOW too, so I assume you got this blurb this morning, but others have not:

      “Two bombshell reports by the Associated Press and Washington Post have confirmed that the United States has boots on the ground in the Ukraine conflict. While at this point we could rightly call the Ukraine conflict a “proxy war” between Russia and US-NATO, all signs point to a steady slide into direct conflict. Now that the Pentagon has confirmed this, expect the White House to vehemently deny that this marks any level of an escalation as far as Washington’s direct involvement… again, despite the evident danger of American soldiers placed in “harm’s way” – potentially coming under direct Russian bombardment”

      AVOW is a LDS current events newsletter. I receive a frequent briefing, which they send out as a gimmick to get people to subscribe. Its newsletter content ranges from banal and boring, to utter church-sanctioned fear porn. With that as a qualification, it is a useful gauge as to where the “headspace” of the most-organized and oldest “prepper community” in the world, is currently located…

      • Yes I got that one.. phew.. that is really scary if you think about it.. I think Putin and Xi have just been waiting for us to commit.. so far we just have Joe and Kammy in their tutu’s and pom poms cheerleading along the borders..
        now that we are engaged.. it can be considered an act of war against the Russian and Chinese ..
        My concern is.. just how much have they anticipated this happening in previous years.. anyone with even a mediocre war games skill would have put some unknown surprise package in place and what several years ago they adopted the Club-K remote defense systems.. and they have full access to the USA through the ports… so far I see them playing on sloe joe and families greed and perversions.. to get what they wanted.. so did they make the other arrangements after viewing the progressive nature of NATO and the USA..only time would tell..

      • “it is a useful gauge as to where the “headspace” of the most-organized and oldest “prepper community” in the world, is currently located…”

        That is the truth.. what gets me.. is everyone preps to survive as one.. Every study that has been done to date says about the same thing.. YOU have a greater potential to NOT survive a SHTF scenario.. so I keep a little on hand for a storm.. unlike NOAH if I am still alive.. I will feed you and give you shelter.. if I am not.. and we didn’t make it then I hope the survivors can make head and tails out of my chicken scratches.. to move forward as a community..

      • ““Two bombshell reports by the Associated Press and Washington Post have confirmed that the United States has boots on the ground in the Ukraine conflict. While at this point we could rightly call the Ukraine conflict a “proxy war” between Russia and US-NATO, all signs point to a steady slide into direct conflict.”

        LOL what is funny is I had actually read all about that almost a week ago in foreign news.. so why did the post and AP wait so long .. maybe wait to make sure we were committed to a war with boots on the ground..

  7. “One of the occult doctrines amongst these leaders is called “plain sight.” Maybe you’ve heard the phrase “hiding in plain sight” or “operating in plain sight?” They believe that they must tell you what they’re doing, in many cases, because of the karmic power it produces.”

    They don’t even try to hide it anymore.. which is scary..

  8. “So we’re also braced for (and mindful of) the notion that the war party agents might pull off domestic terror to get the elections delayed…”

    I do believe that there are laws passed that would allow this.. send congress back home until the danger passes.. just to keep C.O.G. at least I read one bill that was passed that my interpretation was that this was available.. Meant for the cold war.. but hey.. the bill hasn’t been taken off of the books.. and those idiots don’t work but a few days a year.. they sure in hell don’t read the laws they pass..

      • yeah I read a bunch of crap in the middle eighties.. one I took that if a member of congress refused to leave when commanded.. he could be detained or made to move by any means to withdraw him from office during the time of emergency..
        when I read it.. there was a member from both parties on the news saying what a great bill it was.. OK… so if they had to drag someone out screaming and kicking.. or put them down..which one do you want to see beaten.. from which side.. LOL LOL LOL LOL can’t you just see one of them yelling club him again.. go ahead smack him good get it out of your system LOL. LOL LOL LOL LOL

  9. “And while processes like canning, dehydrating, and flash freezing can preserve the shelf life of underlying food, it does so at a tremendous money and resource cost.”

    Dam that reminds me.. I have a couple hundred pounds of beef that I have to retort can.. I did give thom a call and got some more bags..
    Nice guy.. we have been friends for a few years now.. great man to do business with..
    I have been giving a few of them away.. but I have some chicken to retort can to.. then I can fill it up with the new.. which should be next week.. or two..
    there is a company that makes re-usable retort pouches.. I inquired about it.. minimum order twenty five thousand pouches.. per size per order minimum.. OOPS.. guess they aren’t looking for any small businesses or home users LOL LOL LOL just one or two big users.. LOL LOL…
    what is funny is you can buy them for three cents a pouch from the manufacturer in CHINA… free shipping if you buy a case.. LOL LOL
    I want to do a whole prime rib roast.. I got some bigger bags.. but what I want to do is retort multiple sections.. then have a whole meal in one bag.. I have a heat sealer that will do run.. but can I do the seal in the middle of a bag..
    what is funny is that is probably the least used unit I have.. LOL LOL..

  10. First Amendment Free Speech / Freedom of Association – being protected?
    Arizona – Court rules armed men in fatigues at ballot boxes aren’t intimidating voters. [ The injunction to force these men to remain at least 100 yards from mail-in ballot drop boxes, was denied., based on this Judges ruling.]
    – No matter what side you are leaning to., seeing armed men in camo standing next to a ballot drop-box would be a little intimidating to most rational voters.

    • It’s also Arizona, where that stuff is normal dress and accoutrement, even in Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Tucson, in mid-afternoon. The Leftists have been pushing this idea for several months, now… ‘Cept their suggestion is for armed foreigners, in camo, with blue helmets, who have no clue what a representative republic is or how it functions (pretty much just like Americans who’re under 40…)

    • If someone is that concerned, just go to the county clerk’s office during business hours and give them the sealed ballot, and get a receipt. Watch them drop it into a box. No big deal.

  11. “3 pounds of halibut steaks along with 3 pounds of fresh Alaskan cod.”
    Don’t look now, but that’s $45.50 a pound and that’s before another 15-bucks of sales taxes in Texas. Flying fish deluxe.”

    Dam and I thought ten bucks a pound at sams.. and twenty two bucks a pound for a ten pound box at costco was high.. LOL.. Now if you can get someone to catch you a carp.. then filet it out.. and retort can it for less than a buck a pouch.. and it will taste as good as tuna.. just like tuna.. put spices in it and you have kipper snacks.. We use tuna.. and to buy the frozen tuna steaks.. put in a little olive oil.. cut them down to the size pacage you have.. four ounce or half pound.. four ounce gives you a large retort size bag.. an ounce of OLIVE oil.. and a half tsp of salt.. then freeze it vacuum pack it.. then retort can it.. you end up with tuna a whole lot cheaper than buying it in the retort bags.. retort bags if you buy them run anywhere from a few cents on up.. then if you want a label or you can just do like I do and take a sharpie and write on the bag what it is..

  12. George, re: George C. Scott, Patton (movie)

    Another favorite scene comes to mind every time the markets seem prime for a turn. Patton enters his command cloister and shocks officers when suggesting they prepare to change attack direction because …

    “There’s absolutely no reason for us to assume the Germans are mounting a major offensive. The weather is awful, their supplies are low, and the German Army hasn’t mounted a winter offensive since the time of Frederick the Great. Therefore, I believe that’s exactly what they’re going to do. ”

    Or, “Crazy Ivan” … one or the other.

    ps – five minutes to Fed non-event. Or, is it? TBD

  13. D Lynn speaks wise words . From me the clown jester they always like to use as a whipping boy !!! Remember this !!! The initial move in any market after any FED meeting is always wrong . The opposite . All that is going on is the world is preparing for war and her fuhrer klaus the real president getting crickets and social credits ready for the jabbed der der der zombies

  14. Rejected the gann fan . Short short short short . Dump dump dump dump. Thanks bobby moriarty go back and play with that nice little French thing. Not tonite boys and girls . Oops glad I forgot to stop loss the market ones

  15. Sung to the monkees . Here we come walking down the street !!! Hey hey were the market crash better stop fooling around !!! The biggest one ever gunna destroy markets

  16. Das Fuhrer klaus is happy Jerome you have saved his beloved darth banks with yield differential.!!! Good boy Jamie !!! Now for those 3000 points .! Das fuhrer is stroking

  17. EARTHQUAKE 6.0 in the Pacific Ocean last night, halfway between Hawaii and mainland. No faults in area. Not a normally active area. WTF? Also, locally Mauna Loa summit continues to rattle with small quakes at surface. It could bust open with lava at any time, so we watch.

    For Eleanor & others seeking Ivermectin. This worked for me.

    • Yo Island Dude,

      See Dutchsinse -youtube last update 11/2/22 – looks like that “earthquake” was right on top of or very near data cables from Cali coast to Hawaii…earthquake weapons ?

      Tesla patent look up – Oscillator…plans for machine he attached to his building steel frame girders, where lab was located. Building started swaying..block started swaying..disconnected it from power – kept oscillating, couldnt stop it..Tesla had bash it with hammer to destroy and stop. Denied everything when authorities showed up at lab.
      On top of/aleady have a very significant heating up of the pacific ring of fire..fires breaking out alll over PNW around old/legacy volcanos..Rainer/st helens/hood….hotting up au natural.

      Unnatural ? Russia has been very “kozy” with Tesla earthquake technologies, very kozy indeed.

  18. Folks,

    Msm has reported that the President has spoken to the late Sir Frederick Banting KBE. One may be inspired to consider the possibilities if he is able to reach out to Mr. Tesla. Will the foxes pounce upon a visionary in our midst? “The truth is out there”?

    Best be getting back to the Left Coast. Mrs. Pelosi may be bringing down the Speaker’s Gavel on such irresponsible journalism.

    • Comrades,

      It would appear that Crimea’s Anti-Terrorist Commission will be evicting Mrs. Zelensky along with President Z. from ownership of her penthouse apartment near Yalta. The pad said to have delightful views of the sea is next door to Livadia Palace previously enjoyed by Tsars prior to the revolution.

      Location, location, location!

  19. “Just this past week, our fly-in sea food vendor up in Alaska sent us an “online special.”

    My village Fish & Chips shop offers a five piece basket with criss-cut fries for $15.95. Choice of Mahi Mahi, Cod, Salmon, Ono, or Ahi (tuna).
    Three of the five are local sourced. The basked has enough for two meals for me.
    Fly-in fish freaks me out. At a buffet in ‘Vegas one time I observed allegedly ‘fresh’ ahi sashimi slices on ice… turning to leather like jerky.

  20. This “U.S. boots on the ground” in Ukraine is highly disturbing. I recall as a grade-school kid reading about our “advisors” in Vietnam. And we know how that escalated, sans nuclear weapons.

    • Yeah…

      Kennedy had 500.

      Right after LBJ became da Prez, we went from 500 to 5000, and a few months later, to 50,000. I hope Kammy doesn’t have any friends in the CIA or mob…

  21. Hey George

    Retract that last comment. I forgot it’s November. Lol !!

    I don’t see a 4000 point gain on the chart for the month.

  22. Thousands of protesters take to the streets in Prague to demand negotiations with Russia on gas supplies

    Thousands of demonstrators have taken to the streets of Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, to protest against the government of Petr Fiala and demand both early elections and direct negotiations with Russia for gas supplies.

  23. U.S. diesel shortage increasingly likely until economy slows

    U.S. diesel supplies are becoming critically low with shortages and price spikes likely to occur in the next six months unless and until the economy and fuel consumption slow. Stocks of diesel and other distillate fuel oils were just 106 million barrels on Oct. 21, the lowest for the time of year since the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) started collecting weekly data in 1982.

    • “Dem Congressman Says Arming Ukraine is About Protecting Woke Values”

      OTFLMAO…….. OK I will bite.. what values… LOL LOL LOL ukraine has been known for what .. being one of the most corrupt countries on the planet..genocide,child trafficking, Human trafficking.. money laundering having thirty of those illegal bio warfare lab’s.. several years ago a citizen of Ukraine told me on a game chat program that they even crucified a little toddler and set him on fire while alive because his parents disagreed with them..for just a few of the complaints by the citizens of Ukraine.. Now if those are the values they were referring to .. then I want nothing to do about.defending a country as corrupt as that… those are not values that they should be proud to be known for..

      • oh illegal organ harvesting.. is one to.. all sick perverted and corrupt.. all the things I detest and despise..

  24. “Not the kind of thing I like to think about – but it comes around to the point that we live in a world where there are off the shelf solutions to many of life’s problems, but it often takes looking at the problem through the eyes of another person.”

    Which reminds me, I was told a REAL off the shelf solution to a problem, the other day:

    Over the past two weeks, temps have vacillated between 26° and 85°, and ragweed pollen is about 11 on a 10-point scale. Accordingly, I’ve had several nosebleeds during this time. I had a (unrelated) doctor visit on Monday but thought to ask about the nosebleeds. His solution:


    Afrin is a “12hr nasal decongestant spray.” He told me to go buy a bottle, then blast my sinus when I got a nosebleed. He said the stuff would contract the nasal capillaries on contact. I was not impressed.

    This morning I suffered a nosebleed. NOW I’m impressed. It stopped the nosebleed instantly on contact.

    Afrin is oxymethazoline hydrochloride. I don’t know if the name-brand is better than the knock-offs. I also don’t know if this works for everyone, or just for old farts with hay fever, so YMMV. However,

    Perhaps this is something else to file away…?

    • I’ve been taking Oxy hits every night to keep my nasal passages open for a long time. Oxymetazoline has been the best thing this life-long allergy sufferer has experienced in a very long time and, yes, on very seldom occasions I’ll wake up just before the blood hits the pillow for no reason at all that I can ever discern. Guess it helps to be a light sleeper. Oxy does an exceptional job shrinking the nasal tissues.

      One thing about the pump spray bottles I found out (and this may apply to squeeze bottles, too) was that when you think they’re empty take a pair of pliers and unscrew the top and look inside. You’ll probably see a gel substance in there. I’ve found that refilling the bottle with clean RO water will give you just about another full life of use on that bottle as the first time around. They can be expensive so don’t throw good stuff away!

    • Great info Ray. I’d not heard of this and have had occasional random idiosyncratic nosebleeds all my life. Next time I’m in the big city I’ll be getting some, even though I’m not normally allergic.

      • I KNOW, and neither had I before Monday.

        I’ve had this GP about 5 years. He’s a 60yo Iranian Christian who did his internship at Cleveland, so his background is slightly different than American physicians and his training may be a tad more esoteric. He likes me because I read labels — including labels of prescription meds — both their indications (and contraindications), and their potential side effects, and because I tend to be slightly less stupid than the average patient.

        A n y w a y, I’ve been around the block a couple times but had never heard of this before, and after the firsthand demonstration that it actually works, thought it was a tidbit of information which should be passed along…

  25. “We have no idea where the family-sized Stouffer’s Lasagna in our freezer came from originally, but we do know Stouffer’s is a Nestle brand so it has some connection with Ohio.”

    Stouffer was a Cleveland chef. The ‘maters would’ve come from Indiana but the noodles are Durum semolina which is not the most-popular wheat product on the planet. Most of our semolina comes either from Idaho/Montana or is imported from Italy. The cheese might be local, or could come from Michigan or Wisconsin and the meat, spices, and herbs would be local to Cleveland.

    When you have to watch everything you eat, you REALLY read every label…

  26. “At some point the population needs to be managed down which is why abortion rights is a big divisive issue, and little play is given education or morals training comparatively.”

    Which also explains the unnatural push of our children toward transgenderism. Children poisoned with gender drugs or hormones, or genitally mutilated, become sterile for life.

  27. I think it is somebody that I have respect for here mentioned buffet and contrarian . Well look failure at all gann lines all . Second can someone please show or tell me when it was written or told rate rises are good for economies .especially at debt levels unseen in history . Must be klaus and the digi cricket economy . Mmm . Baked crickets with vegetables

  28. “Go take a look at the Homepage | Tap the “We invented DIY.”

    To a surprising degree, they did. And when you look at their present offerings, the line looks pretty meager today, but look at the listings on eBay using the search term Heathkit.”

    ‘Thing is, Heath both engineered in-house and they occasionally shopped-out (or so I’d heard.) The story goes that Heath “kitified” both Hallicrafters HAM radios and Sarkus Tarzian TVs (and later, BSR) along with their Heath-engineered HAM radios and televisions, and sold them as kits under the Heathkit label. Their electronics were quite “high end” and their kits were often on a price-par with other manufacturers’ retail products. Buying a Heath-Kit enabled John Q. Ordinary to get his grubbies on high-end electronics for a more-affordable price, if they were willing to expend a little effort to build it themselves.

    My first Heathkit was an alarm clock, my second, a metronome. I still have them both and they still function as they should. The elements in the clock’s Nixie tubes are even still all intact and working.

    Heath’s real hooks were they sold a top-shelf product with an instruction manual which made even building a television or oscilloscope an easy task for anyone who could follow step-by-step directions, and a build manual which explained how to use a soldering gun or iron, how to install resistors, capacitors, etc. either point-to-point (between soldering strips or tube socket lugs) or board-level (on a printed-circuit board.)

    It was this combination of easy + desirable + fancy which really sold Heathkits. The trick today would be to “kitify” high-quality things people need, that they can’t get from China… Like a 100 year toaster.

    • Growing up knew a few people who built the Heathkit color TV’s and they worked fine, cost 1/3 to 1/2 of the manufactured TV’s at the time (Color TVs were EXPENSIVE in it’s early days). High build time but everybody seemed to get their’s built though for one guy it took an entire year.

      When I started out in Ham Radio all my stuff was Heathkit products. Novice: HR-10 Receiver, DX 60 HF Transmitter along with one of their “Lunchbox” 5 watt (?) 2 meter rigs for local work. All worked like a charm at a very very reasonable price (only so much I could afford with my newspaper route). Ended up with a HUGE assorment of crystals to put in the transmitters!!! LOL found a few more leftovers in a box just a couple of years ago

      When I got my General Class I had a better paying job and stepped up to an SB-101 which was a very nice mid range transceiver for HF work. Used it until I went to college at which time I sold it. Not as good as the Collins unit it almost looked like, but was damn good for the money it cost. (Collins unit was 5x to 8x the cost – beyond the reach of a HS kid)

      Heathkit could have gone big time if they had bulleted their product line into the Micro Computer biz. They started in that direction, and were ahead of virtually everybody else, but then walked away from the Micro Computer Biz … never understood why since for awhile they had the best micro computer product out there.

      Radio Shack made the same mistake wrt micro computers from the retail end. The Micro Center founders were two Radio Shack guys who tried to get Radio Shack to go heavily into Micro Computers, and when they got the final “NO” from the corporate brass they quit and started their own store. Micro Center now the best retail general public computer store chain around, about the only one left around, though their stores are only in the tech center cities. (they only have about 20 of them).

      I do miss the “build kits” … Radio Shack had some simple ones and I helped my older son build a couple of neat projects out of them including a basic crystal radio. He learned a LOT. By the time my younger son was old enough to do the same Radio Shack was GONE. (hear that a few stores are still open … somewhere … but not sure how much they stock anymore, NONE around here though).

      • “Not as good as the Collins unit it almost looked like, but was damn good for the money it cost.”

        I always wondered if one of the Heath HAM radios was a kitified Collins…

        Nephew has a “Radio Shack Outlet” in his store. You can buy resisters, caps, diodes, some knobs & switches, the RS knock-offs of the 40-50yo GE transistors, and basic RTL/TTL ICs. I dunno if they no longer do the more interesting stuff or finished consumer electronics. I know my nephew doesn’t carry any of them.

        Places like Jameco have dozens, perhaps hundreds of simple kits — A lot of the stuff RS had, and a lot they didn’t. (Sift through the links page I sent to George’s Ultra-Make website: )

        I believe Dynaco still offers a couple kits — probably nothing like their nearly-as-good-as-a-McIntosh preamps and amplifiers from the late 1960s, but a few things. Elenco has slowly replaced Heath/Zenith in the “electronics trainer” market.

        Speaking of which, I may have a couple hundred Heathkit electronics and computer trainers laying around. Their boxes are shit, but contents should be in sealed bags, and in perfect NOS condition.

    • “Kitifying” things would be only part of the trick. The other part would be writing a decent instruction manual, which I believe is a lost art. As a former technical writer (among other things), I’ve had to grit my teeth over the terrible writing that now passes for instructions. Even those written by native English speakers lack necessary details, clear graphics, and step-by-step logic. They’re a waste of the paper they’re printed on.

      • Did you ever read a Heathkit manual?

        This is a photocopy of the manual for the Heathkit AA-121 stereo amplifier, circa 1960:

        Later manuals (after PCBs became common) tended to be more-detailed, and with many more photos.

        The AA-121 manual just happens to be the first one I hit on from a quick & dirty search…

        Vintage Radio and ManualsLib have many…

    • Yes – genius ..see ETF DUST

      …now go long a lil , just a lil, dont be greedy .

      money in Ure pockets and smile on my face, Coot.

      All must be busted, broken and destroyed..that worm is turning..

  29. Either elections delayed or the seating of the newly elected delayed…just takes a martial law declaration for some excuse as simple as student loans or SCOTUS not allowing j6 farce to have T’s tax returns. Anything goes today. The excuse could just be one of these stupid fake lady bugs crawled into the needle hole on the back of 0’Bidet’s hand. Things are driving me crazy.

    As to the interest rates: got our call…was either going to be .5 or it was going to be .75 plus “a softening is seen in the future”. We got .75 and softening seen in the future. Wasn’t hard.

    Stocks will likely be back up soon. Today, Britain will raise their rate by .75% at 8am, US will have ISM PMI at 10am. Friday is non-farm payroll at 8:30am.

    Took GBP down from 1.1600 to 1.1250. Gotta love supply/demand boxes on the charts along with a sentiment indicator. GBP is already trying to head back up for it’s .75% increase announcement. I’d like a little more of a discount before entering long, maybe the 1.1188 area heading into the announcement.

    People seem to forget who hired Fedhead Powell and who said they were going to inflate the debt away.

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