In the Face of COVID-19…

Million case Thursday?  We may get there this afternoon.  Cases were up a little more than 10% Wednesday, and if it happens today, we could squeak over a million before midnight.

Against the grim, the only press releases we figured that would matter this morning were these:


CHICAGO, April 2, 2020 – Job cuts announced by U.S.-based employers surged 292% from February’s total of 56,660 to 222,288 in March. March was the first month to report job cut announcements specifically due to the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a report released Thursday from global outplacement and business and executive coaching firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc.
The March figures include job cuts announced by specific companies in the United States and tracked by Challenger. It does not include the hundreds of thousands of workers who were furloughed in March.
Last month’s total is 267% higher than the 60,587 cuts announced in the same month last year. It is the highest monthly total since January 2009, when 241,749 cuts were announced.
In the first quarter of 2020, employers announced 346,863 job cuts, up 82% from the 190,410 cuts announced in the first quarter last year. It is the highest quarterly total since Q1 2009, when 562,510 cuts were announced.
“The virus has caused total whiplash for HR, hiring managers, and recruiters. The labor data for February showed a strong economy with a tight labor market. Companies were fighting for talent across industries. Now, millions of workers have filed for unemployment, companies have frozen hiring, and in many cases, cut operations or closed completely,” said Andrew Challenger, Senior VP of Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc. “

This one left Ure gasping and slapping his forehead repeatedly:  With this, the Dow futures were up 359-points?

Then I went on to the next one:

Exports, Imports, and Balance (Exhibit 1)  February exports were $207.5 billion, $0.8 billion less than January exports. February imports were $247.5 billion, $6.3 billion less than January imports.  The February decrease in the goods and services deficit reflected a decrease in the goods deficit of $5.9 billion to $61.2 billion and a decrease in the services surplus of $0.4 billion to $21.3 billion.  Year?to?  date, the goods and services deficit decreased $19.7 billion, or 18.7 percent, from the same period  in 2019. Exports increased $1.1 billion or 0.3 percent. Imports decreased $18.6 billion or 3.6 percent.  “

Here’s the visual which is much easier to grasp:

All of which goes to demonstrate a couple of things, not the least of which is that there is only a “loosey-goosey” relationship between markets and Reality.   Even after both data sets, Dow futures were up 202-points.  Why is “Maybe I’m Amazed” playing in my head?

Don’t know about you, but our reality is a) not going anywhere, or b) not doing much in April.

Speaking of which:  Got a call from our favorite casino (WynnStar, Thackerville, OK) and the events coordinator advised us that our Beach Boys show May 1 has been moved back to November.  The casino itself is closed, too.  Although, they are hoping to re-open April 30, but we’ll see how that goes.  I appreciated the call, very much.

BUT. with this kind of thing going on, I looked again at the futures prices this morning and then proceeded to slap my forehead several more times.  Something isn’t making sense…. OK, most things aren’t making sense…

Talked to a well-informed source Thursday – who happens to know someone who runs a funeral home.  Had a “customer” come in and wasn’t sure about the death certificate,, so called in to the state.  “Oh, but put it down to COVID…”, olderly fellow, had come from a nursing home so I get that.  It was the case of the other customer (gunshot wound to chest) also labeled COVID that made less sense to my source and me.

My blood pressure is going up from all this “taking such reports with a grain of salt.”  If you skipped the pharmacy course, 1 gram is about 15-grains.  So figure my run-rate is about 3-extra grams a day of salt…

Other Unbelievable Stories

CDC and others are still promoting the idea of a mortality rate of COVID in the 3-1/2% range.  We ain’t buying in, and you might ask why.

Well, to begin with, long-time contributor Chris Tyreman sent in this simple view of the numbers:

On the other hand, we have (I think more accurately) decided to look at the mortality rate today as relating to people infected 5-days ago; about half the incubation period.  That number, though is still running over 6%.

Meanwhile, we’re a-twiddling our thumbs waiting for the distancing and shut-ins to impact results in a bigly or hugely way:

Yes, there has been some decline in the “rate of climb” in the daily data, but the virus is STILL (as of yesterday) compounding at 10% per day and over a week, that’s not 70% more cases.  It’s 94.87% more cases in a week.

In order for this outbreak to be considered anywhere near under control, we need to see some negative daily rates, not just back to the zero axis in change rates.  And, it needs to stick for several months.  Otherwise, old paranoid George,, you know?

With Cases at 952,171 and deaths up to 48,320Zeus the Cat has set up an office pool for Elaine, me, and the little girl kitty Z has been squiring about:  Extra kibbles for whoever calls the time right for 1-million cases or 50,000.  The pay-off for the winner?  Zeus offers “hunter’s choice” of bird for dinner.  Sick cat. Or, is he? Isn’t that what free enterprise is about?  Make a void and fill it?

Looking Ahead

As the U.S. goes down Mugabe Economics (as in Zimbabwe’s late hyperinflationary leader, and poster stiff for Modern Monetary Theory, also the “make shit up, they’re too dumb to notice” school of economics) we’re anxiously awaiting the market close today.  That’s when the new Fed H.6 money stacks report comes out.  (The “How Fast Can We Print?” report.

The balance sheet at the Fed would be the envy of Stephen and Tabitha (King).  I keep expecting one of them to come out with a horror story where a whole country is locked in and…what? On TV already?  Well, shit…that would have been a great plot line…

How about kids at home turning into cannibals when 5G is turned up?  No?  How about Bernie Sanders as Molotov Moses?  (Got a zillion book ideas, just not the time nor talent to do them all…where were we?)

Tomorrow!  We get the “offishul” jobs numbers.  Prepare to be confounded.  (He slaps his forehead again, noticing it has turned into a red welted mass…)

Arouond the Ranch

Got up at 2 AM Wednesday to work on Peoplenomics for Wednesday.  Funny thing, that getting up early stuff:  Had the afternoon martin and “ran over to the office for a sec.”  Awoke, still sitting in my chair, mouse in hand.  Only my neck hurt like hell from dozing off in an awkward.  And, it was 9:30 PM….

Latest load of lumber from the local handy-bastard emporium is mostly being swapped out today.  I ordered (and paid) for #2 grade.  What was delivered was discovered to be (under the roofing tin on top) to be stamped “Standard and Better.”   “Well, that’s what we call #2 about here…”   Bullshit.  Texans ain’t stupes.  Good news is they promise to make it right today.  More on this breaking news but if anyone asks, #2 does not have areas of bark or 2-inch wide wanes leaving a 1/2-inch surface on one of the 1-1/2″ faces…  Like you wood be interested in more than plane topics…

Order what may be the last of the “heavy iron” for the shop.  I’m figuring that when the current in-stock of machine tools is gone, resupply will become dicey.  So, forget toilet paper (made here and in Canada).  Look for a 4 amp-hour oversized drill battery not made “over that.”  (No “George plays with his tool all day…” jokes, please…)

The Big Ponder

Instead, I look at data.  And if all these people are dying of Coronavirus, how soon before the population clocks, like the one at Census slow down and run backwarfds?

Off to indulge in a breakfast of champions…

Write when you get rich,

76 thoughts on “In the Face of COVID-19…”

  1. George

    “OK, most things aren’t making sense…”

    Computer – Reset Holodeck for post 1954 America – run program!

    If only I could!!

    • I remember 1954 – Grandma was 74 and lived in a studio 1.5 blocks from Winandsea Beach in La Jolla CA for $25 a month. No freeways…paradise! my Dad built houses in South Laguna for $20k and sold them for $60k. He bought a 1962 gold Lincoln Continental convertible and a mercury station wagon at the same time…life was good!

  2. yes something don’t add up brother George .. I had 2 hours of the deepest sleep in a decade .. woke calm , came to silver screen of happiness and read yours truly you .. something mighty strange .. love yah

  3. Huh!?!?

    In one paragraph you complain (with example) about case inflation, then immediately use admittedly inflated numbers to run up the death rate.

    I repeat, Huh?!?!

    • Not following what you think would be better to create some estimates. He mentions rumors deaths are being attributed to Corona when perhaps it was not the cause. Locally I hear from hospital nurses that deaths caused by Corona are not being counted (perhaps death was from some other existing issue and person was also also positive on conona test). I think the best an outsider can offer, is to use the public numbers and assume there is error both ways in the published data. I assume you want to lift the economic restrictions because the death rate is not so bad? We all can hope the death rate is over estimated, however if we are wrong, and we lift the restrictions, that will be a lot of bodies piling up. I think it is to late in the timeline now, as a depression is coming either way, but perhaps we can keep the body count to a minimum from the virus. The body count from a depression is kind of an unknown. I think we have more control of taking care of people that need food/shelter, vs keeping people alive from being infected.

  4. Yo G –

    “theres a little black hole on the Sun today
    its the same ole thing as yesterday -King of Pain/Police
    Welcome Sunspot #2579 – where the hell have U been?

    George – does Ure Casino have a Sports Book for making Bets online? I am looking for a On-Line Odds Maker who his “making book” on Suicides of Famous Classholes.

    I would like James howdydoody Comey for $100 at 10/1 – that might be high/wishful thinking regards the Traitorous Coward..

    -“Evil thoughts and Evil doings
    COVID, alone U hang in ruins
    Thought that you’d escape the reaper
    You cant escape the MASTER KEEPER” -suicide solution/Ozzy

    Big weekend coming up – No Sports betting due CXL – so its watching the Suicide Lotto for this Deplorable – now what exactly are they Interdicting in the Caribbean?

  5. —-Something isn’t making sense…. OK, most things aren’t making sense…—-

    If Money is being printed Mugabe Style, then it goes somewhere and the markets are stabalized.

    Need Inflation (food, energy) and Want deflation (McMansion, fancy car, vaca) is stepping forward.

    More cases are showing up, because people and government realize the need to test and understand where the dis-ease is. It has no symptoms in most people – so the case count spiraling upward as more mass testing is taking place to ensure that the sick are not infecting the at risk.

    Singapore had a flat growth curve, until people returned from outside Singapore.

    Our thoughts end up effecting what is happening in the physical hologram we live within… so ponder what you dwell on. You yourself are dwelling on a market collapse and hyperinflation. Both are at odds with each other, some companies will no longer exist, the ones that remain will be worth tenfold their original value – so the markets on face value appear to be rising.

    Visualize the virus being impacted by a worldwide meditation (occurring this weekend) to remove it from this plane of existence.

  6. Love your sense of humor, George. It’s what helps during these times. Maybe it’s time for another C to C appearance for you? Keep up the good work….

  7. @ George

    could you comment in an article your findings for the following….thanks

    (1) what are the total normal deaths nation wide daily….
    (2) why not 1 funeral seen on any news station rona related
    (3) why not 1 funeral home manager interviewed about being..overwhelmed…

  8. “Oh, but put it down to COVID…”, olderly fellow, had come from a nursing home so I get that. It was the case of the other customer (gunshot wound to chest) also labeled COVID that made less sense to my source and me.”

    Have you considered that states use these inflated COVID death numbers to increase their handouts from the feds? The more COVID deaths they can report, the more money gets sent to their states for relief.

    In that light, it makes perfect sense.

  9. “Something isn’t making sense…. OK, most things aren’t making sense…” your quote from today’s post. Let me help URE out here. The FED is buying everything period! Let’s use the example of the 1 Gold and 1 Silver shekel we both hold. Last check a while back paper gold over 200 to 1 physical. Gold silver ratio 111/1 as of a few minutes ago. Unreal! Try to find physical silver for immediate delivery, not happening. Gold same situation.
    Bottom line the FED has a printing press! And off that printing press comes what? Yep an infinite amount of paper! Even pre-65 junk silver juice is over 6 bucks if you can even find any. .999 fine, I’ve seen the spread the other day up to $14 above spot at some dealers. But let’s cram more paper at the CME and Comex market. Yep that’s going to work for sure. Not!
    This is just one market, same thing happening in all the other markets. The FED is buying it all! Hope this helps answer your above quote.

  10. The world has a death rate. Nobody has shown any numbers that it’s climbing. In the UK they have not seen an increase in the death rate. Have we? Has Italy? There are articles with actual data comparisons like this, sorry “actual data”, and there is no uptick in death.

    Show me the chart that compares 2019 Italy death rate to 2020 Italy death rate.

    On top of that they are showing numbers for the flu, over the same now months long period, again real data yesteryear with today.. no change. In fact flu beats coronavirus in some of these studies.

    At this point it looks like a scam. A takedown.

  11. George, would you please post a picture or two of Lady Elaine? In these times of stress and uncertainty, a photo of a beautiful woman would really be a morale booster. She’s just so darn pretty. Thanks to both of you.

  12. George. Yes. Estimates all over the place. But even 1% means 3 million deaths in the US. Am s hoping for a miracle.
    Btw. Have you done any calculations on how many extra deaths there’ll be due to [redacted for leftist blame placement -G] test kits? Best. Mike.

  13. What about all the videos showing no crisis at hospitals? And, statements from nurses and such about how deaths are written up as virus caused when it was something else? Something fishy is going on.

    • Yes, in Austin, I found this to be the case. Took neighbor to the ER. Upon picking her up, asked the nurse, what are the cases? He said that they are busy (not full) but they are NOT testing for the virus, so they don’t even know who has it, it could be pneumonia, the flu, a severe cold/bronchitis, etc., NO Corona data at all! SHOCKAROO.

      • Dude! I had to call the CDC to get in the hospital some Russian or Ukranian soundin lady answered the phone and I told her I was from Snohomish where it all started, I had a fever and I was coughing alot. She asked me my scocial security number, name and birthday. I told her and she said, you don’t have it. I said excuse me??? You got all that from my name, rank and number??? She said, Sir! You dont have it.

        I knew it was a scam then. They dont want us outside. They want us indoors and they dont want us meeting in groups. They dont want us meeting and praying together and they want us afraid.

        That is what this is really about. Lol

  14. Thousands, hundreds of thousands?, of cases not tested, not reported, not counted.

  15. I cant even mention the place in the open because my phone glitches out. And the last time the walls started slightly bowing.

    I sent ya an email. Afa the “vessel”?? I only told ya a little of what I saw. “They” were in such a hurry to get me back here. One them forgot to give me the amnesia program. Hahaha I heard her say, well if he tells anyone.

    When I woke up there it was as if I got hit in the head with an electronic sledgehammer and i felt it again when i got back here.

    I did have this thing like your light crown deal. A halo around my head made of tiny tiny little “beings” it was solid but looked like cigeret “smoke” in a dark room with the sunlight shining in on the smoke. They were all individually entities working in concert and they flashes different colors. It was so weird. I know the sun used to be purple and it was green at one point.

    She was right.

    I must sound like a crazy person! Hahahah

    I just never seen anyone mention it. And I have read 15,000 books in the last 12 years??? Maybe more on these topics.

    Off to get a root canal. Yay! Hahaha

    • Andy, maybe the sun was purple when there were purple-raced people on the planet, and the women had six nipples instead of two. Read this in one of Lobsang Rampa’s books. The purple sun, I hadn’t heard that before, but it would tie in with the purple-raced people. Just like the American Indians are called the Red Raced People.

      • What was that old book the Sages of.. I’m waiting to get my other tooth pulled. Asked for a blue tooth speaker or some LED lights in my grill.

        So I can have amazing smile and talk like Walter Cronkite.


      • Are you talking about the OEOHFPPE??!!

        The book is the Sages of Jeeves! Thanks for the reminder. I will go read it again.

      • George.

        *just hit a million. We need a woo woo chart.

        Events like this gem!

        This dude in LA tried to Hit the USS Mercy with a TRAIN in L.A.

        ‘Moreno reportedly said, “You only get this chance once. The whole world is watching. I had to. People don’t know what’s going on here. Now they will.”

        ““Sometimes you just get a little snap and man, it was fricking exciting . . . I just had it and I was committed. I just went for it, I had one chance,” Moreno said when interviewed by authorities.”

        Rumor has it he was seeing people that werent there. This is just one of MANY cases going on in the world.

        You think I’m nuts?? I ain’t ran this locomotive into a Military hospital ship nuts! ROTFLMFAO! I dated a few women like that in the past though!


        Anyway. Welcome to the End of the World everyone!!! Can I get a Hell Yeah???!!!

        Hell yeah!

      • “LED lights in my grill.”

        Don’t do it… the grill gets way to hot and would melt everything.. you sure dont want to be eating a bratwurst and end up picking wire out fo your teeth…
        I even think the smoker gets to hot as well..
        You might be better off having a lamp hanging above your grill…

        UNLESS. .

        Your like my baby brother that drives truck .. he hangs christmas tree lights all over the dumb thing.. cant ever say you didnt see him coming lol

      • Andy, I am talking about Lobsang Rampa’s books:

        Here they are FREE for people to read….”The Cave of The Ancients,” and “Wisdom of the Ancients,” in one or the other of those books is where the history of the earth is relayed. And the purple raced people.

        All of his books are quite amazing…just reading the first 3 pages of The Cave of The Ancients should set you and George ablaze with higher vibration…

  16. With more time on our hands…I recalled a conversation with Steve Bannon back in 2016 which went like this…

    “Lenin,” Bannon answered, “wanted to destroy the state, and that’s my goal too. I want to bring everything crashing down, and destroy all of today’s establishment.” Bannon was employing Lenin’s strategy for Tea Party populist goals. He included in that group the Republican and Democratic Parties, as well as the traditional conservative press.

    In January 2016, for instance, Bannon was quoted by the Washington Post‘s referring to him as “virulently anti-establishment”:
    “We call ourselves ‘the Fight Club.’ You don’t come to us for warm and fuzzy,” said Stephen Bannon, Breitbart’s executive chairman and one of its guiding editorial spirits. He adds, “We think of ourselves as virulently anti-establishment, particularly ‘anti-’ the permanent political class. We say Paul Ryan was grown in a petri dish at the Heritage Foundation.”

    While Bannon is anti-establishment, I am anti conspiracy theory, but as the architect of Trumps Presidency, the crashing down comment rings very true today. The system is crashing down…It makes you wonder if [redacted for lack of factual basis and politics – G] to combat this disease was Bannon still whispering in his ear to “wait…wait…wait…now do something”.

    My question is…and this is just conjecture…not based on anything but my bored gut…what’s the end game? Where does one go from there when the system theoretically shuts down?

    Bannon was a avid nationalist. He always wanted a closed trade, closed border, isolationist economy. That historically has never worked. China tried it and failed, Japan tried it in the 17th-19th centuries and that didn’t work out. Others like Cuba and North Korea were forced into isolation via sanctions.

    I do agree that our Ponzi scheme economy needs a big re-set, but we still need the global partners to help make the world whole.

    • The factual error being promoted by the communist insurgency/left is well-described in Kaiser Health News under the headline: “Biden Falsely Blames Trump Administration For Rejecting WHO Coronavirus Test Kits (That Were Never Offered) source:
      Similarly Politico and other left of center derangement monetization’s say things like “Mar 6, 2020 – The Trump administration’s decision to forgo a World Health…” and yet there was never a WHO offer.

      The communist/Hegelian dialectic is simple and we try to guard against it: Start with a lie then treat it like it’s real. Molotov cocktails if the agitprop fails.

      • Now George your old enough to know(the yonkers don’t and don’t want to learn) that its always was lets play the blame game,if you screw up why blame the other party if something happens blame some other country or its people,that’s the biggest reason I gave up voting got sick of the endless blame game.Now we learned very well from the Nazi’s tell a lie and repeat it often enough and soon it become the truth,or at least thats the way people see’s it.

        Now you take this virus thing and all the propaganda that comes from it.Oh China’s changing the numbers which prove what we have said all along, you can’t trust those Chinaman.yet Australia has changed their numbers 12 times and with out a doubt will change them some more as new facts and figures come in to make the old facts and figures obsolete,but yet it fuels the chattering class known as the people,maybe they ought to make gossip,misinformation and down right lies a federal crime with the same penalty as treason,hmm one can only hope but then again it would put the government out of business.!!!

      • deeper down the rabbit hole – is word that WHO original Test Kits were “tainted”.
        Not only were they reading false positive results – supposedly were infecting victims as well with virus – “white hats” knew of this. dam rabbits

    • Mark, you asked a very good question that sort of got lost in the politics:

      “My question is…and this is just conjecture…not based on anything but my bored gut…what’s the end game? Where does one go from there when the system theoretically shuts down?”

      That answer is quite obvious, and for the critical thinkers and mostly aware in the group, it has been unfolding for several years exactly as expected!

      The explicitly stated end game is to install a one-world government. It can’t and won’t happen as long as there is a Superpower, or a World’s Reserve Currency. Consequently, all currencies are converted to Fiat (since WW II) and then directly or indirectly tied to the US Dollar (Petro Dollar).

      Likewise, a Global Supply Chain had to be built over several decades, and that includes food and energy as well as retail/mfg goods.

      Next on the play list is to orchestrate a campaign to collapse the global economy, including the global supply chain and associated “dependencies” such as health care, transportation, the service industry, food production, and so on.

      If the Reserve Currency was modeled correctly, all the Fiat currencies will connect to the USD. In an orchestrated collapse, there will be a race to the bottom for devaluation. Once we get “there,” the USD will of course vaporize as well. Easy to see it coming.

      To keep the game play going on schedule, war/famine/plague/terror/etc are the normal tools used to get to the chaos induced end point – where there is no Superpower, and the Reserve Currency vaporized.

      Order out of Chaos, as mentioned elsewhere today. That’s the preferred use of the tools, and if you read the fine print on that motto, it says something along the lines of “And we’ll provide the chaos!”

      Heck even your Rockefeller/Rothschilds have loudly proclaimed that they will NEVER impose Martial Law in the USA. Rather, they will make Americans “Beg for it.”

      Once we get to the desired End Point of total collapse/exhaustion, then it is easy to install a one-world government and global banking system. As with the Martial Law option, Americans and everyone on the planet will “Beg for it.”

      Their 100 year playbook has this entire game scheduled to Play in the period between the 2020 and 2024 election. What we are going through now is simply the pregame show.

      Embrace that paradigm, and everything will make sense. Likewise, your next step and the ones after that will be crystal clear. Otherwise, you’ll just die all tensed up!

      • @ RBI

        how many scumbags that have planned and profited from this agenda ,do you have on your ‘short list’…gotta be ones close to you..cause ain’t nobody going back out again….this ain’t no drill….as we will finally see come july….NO jobs coming back….they are gone just like the ones the scumbags shipped overseas…now we might see what those of us that like to frequent bars..have to say about all of them staying closed…Speakeasy’s will not suffice as they did in the 20’s….as a wise man once said…” I love the smell of gunpowder in the morning”….The NWO elites will not go without a fight….nor will we….as many NOW are realizing since the past 3+ years have shown us thei evil intent…now IN YOUR FACE./ duck and hide anymore…they will not let us…God’s speed…Semper Fi

  17. Hey George, had to slap myself in the head today too Markets up with all that bad news, ?????? Been wondering if this is another False Flag event?? Is this virus a cover for crashing the whole economy?? One of your commenters the other day said 400 people a day die in N.Y every day normally, Looked it up sure enough, then the nightly news said 400 people died that day from the virus, ????? You said today the funeral home directer said 1 old guy and one gun shot victim listed as death from virus???? So are the lists of the virus deaths real or are they adding all deaths???

    • Layoffs have always been positive news for Wall Street. This indicates that corporations are minding the profits. Don’t be surprised to see more layoffs and as a result, an uptick in stock prices for those companies.

      • @MARKX


  18. Headline: TRUMP COLLUDES WITH PUTIN… Russia flies in Medical Equipment! (LOL!) OMG the irony is delicious. Now what I wonder is what will be flying back to Putin in that big Antonov?

    • “Russia flies in Medical Equipment!”

      In our neck of the woods an action like that says… He’s a GOOD NEIGHBOR…
      Reaches out to assist where its needed..
      Give the man a high five..

    • @ Hank

      some would like to see…pelosi,schumer,schiff,nadler,biden,waters,warren,graham romney..and many others board that plane going to SIBERIA,RUSSIA…….for their yearly fact finding paid for vacation by the taxpayers…Hope is in the ‘air’

  19. I received my Corona Card in the mail today. You?

    If I recall correctly the last postcard I received was for GRID.

    Keep the postcards, they could be worth something in the future if we get one.

  20. The coronovirus must be a “busimess” model. A used car is what it is. Life is what it is. If it looks like a pig, smells like a pig,acts like a pig then…?
    Today news sounds like one big psy-ops. Information, disinformation, intelligence,counterintelligence- the retired NSA guy( who knew four Chinese dialects) I met at Coushatta Casino agreed it’s difficult to know the truth.
    Discernment or wisdom is priced higher than gold.
    Like Jackson Brown sings gather up your possessions and- “forget your heroes,you won’t need them anymore, the next voice you hear will be your own” as you walk off into the unknown.
    The goods news is the voice inside your head is often right and if we are still and quiet enough we find peace in the puzzle.

    • Mindfullman

      “Yes” to your business model statement. Discussed quite well yesterday in the context of proof of a definite Business Agenda from the observation that we’ve destroyed 1/3 of the global GDP, Wealth, Employment, etc.

      The news sounds like one big psyop, because it is! With trained eyes and ears, it really isn’t that difficult to discern what is really going on, and what is the end game objective. It has been in plain site for decades, although it does take a little skill to recognize the information flow. But everything you need to know is in the public domain.

      From my old and tired eyeballs, seasoned with combat experience in Iraq about 30 years ago: We waged and raged a soft war with China that ran pretty hot for all of CY 2019. Huawei, 5G, corporate espionage, military espionage, bioweapon theft, Spratley Islands, Trade Agreements, and Fentanyl were hotly contested on both continents.

      About mid-2019 it appears as though a decision was made to go “Hot” with the War against China. The decision maker doesn’t necessarily imply the President of the USA or his chain of command. Just KNOW there is a decision maker and this was very deliberate.

      Huawei CEO wasn’t extradited from Canada, while a “student” was caught with a load of bioweapon material in his luggage (made the news again yesterday). Two Chinese doctors (Qiu and her husband) on loan from Wuhan BSL-4 Lab and worked at the Canadian BSL-4 Lab were escorted off the premises and sent home last July. (Theft of bioweapons…) Sept was Hurricane Dorian that coincidentally (LoL) took out Epstein’s place as well as the Chinese port at Abaco Island in the Bahamas, where way too much Fentanyl was entering the USA – trespassing on someone else’s turf. Oct was the Event 201 and Chinese Military World Games in Wuhan. About Nov the war went “Hot” with China.

      By Dec the Chinese Gov KNEW what was going on and began to aggressively fight the Corona Virus as well as cover up the event. If you read things in real time, it was obvious how the bioweapon got loose, and it didn’t have anything to do with a wet market or animals.

      Speaking carefully here , but imagine if you wanted to solve all of your major issues with China with One Plan. Thinking like a military commander with combat experience, I would have simply tweaked the Corona Virus to target initially people with the Eye-Fold Gene (Asians). Then I would have placed it in the Canadian BSL-4 Lab and …. waited for Dr Qiu to steal it and take it back home to Wuhan.

      That way if the Chinese discovered how it got loose, what could they do? Admit they stole the weapon? Likewise, admit their program was vastly inferior to America’s? If you understand their culture, it is a resounding “no” on both questions.

      The Chinese absolutely refused to let any Americans come to China to “help” in Dec and Jan. Eventually they allowed the UN Team to enter, but without any Americans on the team. Makes sense?

      Jan 28th, Dr Charlies Lieber, Harvard Chemistry Chair, was arrested. He was being paid $50k per month by the Chinese, plus had been given $1.4 million to build a private research lab inside the Wuhan BSL-4 Lab. He of course could speak to the issues that connect the story with an intelligence agency. The other recognized expert that would be able to speak to the intelligence features was Dr Frank Plummer. He of course dropped dead one week later on Feb 4th. Makes sense?

      Where we are now? Right at the threshold between phases of our War with China. In other words, it is about to turn into a shooting war – and soon! Perhaps as early as this month. If so, I would expect the US Secretary of State to issue an order for all Americans to return home. Immediately! (see yesterday’s headlines…)

      I would expect a lot more events to ratchet up travel restrictions and get everyone and everything in place in the USA for Martial Law. Sigh… “Medical” Martial Law if you want to take it in stages and do the slow boil a frog technique.

      Likewise, if you have psyop weapons at your disposal, I would certainly turn them loose. Those things require a feedback system so you can tell how well they are working. In this case, with Americans getting laid off and the supply chain disruptions, and the real possibility of facing a massive famine in a month or two: I would insert a psyop and see if I could get everybody to run out and buy toilet paper.

      Likewise, if I had certain people I wanted to target internal to the USA, I would run another psyop about medical supplies and ventilators (etc) running low in an overwhelmed health care system. And hopefully not to many people would actually go out and film the hospitals, testing centers, emergency rooms, etc., and discover they were mostly empty.

      If that happened? I’d simply move up the schedule for the war to to “Hot” with kinetic weapons. Certainly there will be plenty of computer, satellite, internet, etc., type attacks as well, but the most urgent need is to get the WMDs in play and get the next stage of the war and economic collapse going. One of the strategies in a military operation is to keep everyone off balance, and prevent them from being able to respond and prepare.

      When you see America in the gunsight as part of the bio and kinetic war, you KNOW the decision maker is not the US President. Suffice it to say the destruction will be Biblical.

      Note how the entire story simply told itself? No wild and crazy theories, and not a stinkin’ word about Republicans and Democrats? Makes sense?

      • very well put RBI.. Most people overlook parts of a puzzle because they look like small insignificant fractions.. you laid them out in a nice neat concise order..

        what makes me think that it wasn’t either of the govt’s.. is that the one associated with the virus from both labs made the initial call to beware and the negative propaganda pushing the it was them agenda trying to get something started…. it cost her her life to warn everyone but she did the right thing..
        even if it doesn’t escalate into a conventional WMD war.. the virus will take down humanity in stages. what was Nostradamus prediction of the plague was it seven years. I have to run back to http://www.theageof and check.. . the virus doesn’t have any boundaries.. those that went into their bunkers right away are probably the only ones that will be there since you cannot take the virus this caustic without a cure down into the sealed bunkers.. leaving the virus to take its tole on anyone no matter what their status and the huge bunkers with thousands of miles and supplies available to any future survivors..

  21. what is the global death rate post virus vs pre virus, I was just wondering how many covid-19 deaths would have died anyway, without the virus

    The term conspiracy theory was coined by the bastards(CIA) that shot President Kennedy, to throw attention away from them. The conspiracy is real and they are in a bit of trouble now. Our military is on the attack againist the drug cabels (adrenochrome) dealers. USS Comfort and USS Mercy are on hand for the victims(children). It is and has been a worldwide crime syndicate and Marshal Trump has them trapped. But like a good movie, you have to watch it to the end, it is not a book where you can jump to the last chapter,,,unless your name is Andy. Boy does he have some interesting posts.

    • One last post and I’ll quit. Other Brother Darrell, you might read a little bit more of G. A. Stewart’s posts. He makes a pretty convincing case that Q is a psyop. Let me follow up on that logic with a little bit of analysis.

      If President Trump wanted to round up the Pedos and put them in prison, all he has to do is sign a piece of paper. There is no requirement to destroy one-third of the wealth of the global economy, nor conduct biowarfare in 194 nations. Nor lock down the USA. It is just too big of a pill to swallow to fit that storyline.

      Yes, the CIA coined the term “conspiracy theory.” Their whole purpose is to keep people distracted or in some manner diverted from knowing the truth. Consequently, when you come across a conspiracy theory, then you KNOW there is a critical secret that somebody is trying to hide.

      Take the time to read and research all the facts, and let the evidence tell the story. Without any theories! In the process, you can indeed go down the rabbit hole and through the conspiracy theories. Until you reach a point where you spit out below, and are suddenly surrounded by FACTS. Zero inconsistencies, just facts. Then you know you’ve blown through the diversion and reached the truth.

      The entire Q story simply doesn’t hold water. Every time a deep or hideous secret is revealed about Obama, Clinton, Comey, Brennan, Holder, (etc), the investigating agency jumps in and destroys all the evidence. And nobody is prosecuted. I can understand taking the bait once in your life, but every IG/DoJ/FBI/etc investigation turns out the same! Zero prosecutions, all the while more theories pile on.

      If ANYBODY (Pedos, etc)was going to be prosecuted, it would have happened before the 2018 elections. Simple logic. Everything else (past/present/future) is simply left-right politics. Which is the biggest and longest running psyop in American History!

      • “If President Trump wanted to round up the Pedos and put them in prison, all he has to do is sign a piece of paper. ”

        Unfortunately that wouldn’t work if the story line has any truth in it. Acording to the story line it suggests that Theres way to much power involved in the structure and has associated with all high offices.. look at what DJT has had to deal with just trying to bring back a little. American pride and ingenuity. To break up a powerful ring of that power status that even went so far as to flash it all in your face with public posts then make it dissapear in the matter of a few weeks..
        I still believe that the ones that submitted the investigative material to Wikileaks was someone investigating and realizing he or she didnt have a chance and brought it to the general public’s view.
        Look what happened to the man going to give testimony or the woman investigating the Hati connection.. not to mention the multitude of others. Or what’s happened to julian.. before long we will hear about his deep depression and gone for. Eternity.
        A piece of paper..means nothing..

    • Ohio 330 k applied for unemployment 2 weeks ago. Last week 220 k and the system was down half the time last file for unemployment online wife a nurse laid off from children’s last week who would of thought. Me laid off from City Dayton water department 2 weeks ago. I’m a freeken electronic electrician (scada) . It’s nuts out there

  22. I’ll bet a lot of people are starting to think…I hope this virus hoax doesn’t implode before I get my check. Trump had it nailed from the beginning. Where are all these swamped NYC hospitals? Cuomo is a liar, he wants to be President. He doesn’t care about you or Chelsie Handler.

  23. Someone posted; “Now we learned very well from the Nazi’s tell a lie and repeat it often enough and soon it become the truth, or at least that’s the way people see it.”

    Please don’t blame the Nazi’s, because it had been used >2000 years ago, already. Somethings will NEVER change, IMHO. ;-}

    • …And was developed into an art form by US. Goebbels didn’t create propaganda or its use to either distract or unify a People, he merely tweaked Bernays’ work. Bernays didn’t invent propaganda either, he agglomerated the EXISTING means and methods of influencing masses of people, then organized them into a comprehensible treatise.

  24. As relayed to me:

    “Talked to a well-informed source Thursday – who happens to know someone who runs a funeral home. Had a “customer” come in and wasn’t sure about the death certificate, so called in to the state. “Oh, but put it down to COVID…”, older fellow, had come from a nursing home so I get that. It was the case of the other customer (gunshot wound to chest) also labeled COVID that made less sense to my source and me.”

  25. Hey old dude. Keep your eye on headlines like this one.

    “KC banks prepare for mad dash for cash from SBA relief loans”

    “New York City Banks run out of Big Bills”

    “ATM’s run empty in Italy”

    Not doom porn, that is just from Google News.

    CNN has a really good article titled: “Do NOT take a bunch of cash out of the bank because of coronavirus” ROTFLMFAO!

    All you liberals make sure you listen to your good buddy CNN.


  26. More materials coming in. Should have everything ready for a trial of the micro-solar system next week. 2×120 watts of panels, an MPPT controller, 300/1200W 120VAC inverter, 505 WH of lithium ion batteries, all manner of DC outputs, and enough cord and converters to feed through a window. It also charges off 120 VAC. The system is small enough to fit in the utility trailer or car. Intended purpose is primarily for charging consumer batteries. Total cost- $1400 and some change. Total value: priceless when the lights are out.

  27. HAWAII 27 NEW CASES, ONE NEW DEATH. Latest stats from HDOH:
    Total cases: 285 (27 new)
    Hawai’i County: 18 (0)
    Honolulu County: 206 (24)
    Kaua’i County: 12 (0)
    Maui County: 27 (1)
    Pending: 20 (2)
    Residents diagnosed outside of Hawai‘i: 2 (0)
    Required Hospitalization: 15 (0)
    Hawaii deaths: 2 (1)
    Released from Isolation: 72 (3)

    “Stay at Home” orders. All air travelers quarantined 14 days, including interisland travel.

  28. George

    Is the Digital Dollar coming?

    If everything goes 100% digital then the Powers That Be can manipulate (cook) the books to do anything they like. But say people they can do that today. Not as easily or as totally occulted when it’s ALL digital. We have a mixed monetary system today. Some paper and some electronic. Much more difficult to control than all digital transactions.

    With a Digital Dollar the impending dollar crash could be made to disappear as can our total financial privacy.

    Made Up Money is just a click away the New Fashion way!

  29. Jobs loss…..

    New York (CNN Business)The March jobs report, which will be released Friday, marks the beginning of the post-outbreak US labor market. But it won’t be able to tell us just how bad things are likely to get.

    In recent weeks, companies have been laying off thousands of employees throughout the country and across industries — with the hospitality, leisure and travel sectors hit hardest as Americans stopped traveling or even leaving their homes…

    [ Redacted from here: Jorge a great post, but we try to hold potentially copyright material from sources to about 100-words, or so. The reason is that we can cite such a source and it qualifies under the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) but if we repost an entire story, then it becomes unauthorized use. Thanks for sharing – keep on sharing, in fact, but for all, please realize that although there is a new lifestyle paradigm being born, the old one – with lots of lawyers – is still with us – thanks and yes, we will have the Federal job report as the lead item this morning —G ]

    • Pile on to George’s redaction: This is why when I make a c/p post, I follow the format:


      The first sentence or paragraph which has anything to do with the contents. If not the first paragraph of the article, I’ll precede it with an ellipsis (…)

      If a second paragraph is necessary, it’ll go here. If it is not the second physical paragraph of the article, I’ll end the block above with an ellipsis, and begin this paragraph with another ellipsis. Similarly, if I whack garbage out of the middle of a paragraph or sentence, I’ll space between, and surround my edit with ellipses.

      I’ll then post a link to the original article,

      then place below the URL, any of my own smart, stupid, clever, witty, or caustic commentary.

      I’d prefer to post entire articles, especially from places like WaPo and Financial Times, where a casual surfer has to pay to read the article, but I don’t want to run the risk of getting either myself, or our host in hot water with the DMCA Gestapo. I’ve been doing this a long time. Sometimes the best way to game the system is to play your own game, but within the rules of the system…

  30. George,

    Just a thought, I wonder when the “official” devaluation of the dollar will take place? I can think of no quicker way to solve the U.S. debt debacle than a handy little currency devaluation of 50%. Grease up the printing press, we have a new credit line.

    I just hope my one silver coin will be worth enough to cover my property taxes; provided TPTB don’t confiscate real money, ala FDR.

    Our wonderful governor just issued a total travel ban, except for “essential” activity. Tennessee’s population as of 2018 was 6.77 million. To date we have roughly 2850 cases of Covid 19, 263 hospitalized, and 32 deaths supposedly attributed to Covid 19. Total number of cases grew by 263 from Wednesday. Hardly what I would call exponential growth. Most cases in our state are in the 20 to 50 age group, because these dumb asses can’t stay away from a party. But after all, when I last checked; Tennessee led the nation in per capita consumption of sugar and fat, so no one accused our state of being loaded with genius.

    I am content to sit on my farm, when not working, and enjoy watching society destroy itself. I plan on being a survivor, not a casualty.

  31. The figures I am seeing tonight are, worldwide, [52,983 / (52,983 + 210,263)] x 100%= 20/80. All the other numbers are speculative optimism.
    Good luck on finding more solar panels.
    I will make a decision next week whether to get in line for some storage food. I’m not sharing the optimism right this moment.

    • I live in an area where weather makes some huge unexpected changes at times .. I think everyone should have at least three weeks of food in the fridge and pantry..

  32. From Sveriges Radio (Radio Sweden) – English broadcasts…

    Sweden tightens rules as numbers of coronavirus cases and deaths increase

    As the number of new cases and deaths from COVID-19 rises sharply in Sweden the government and the Public Health Agency have presented new measures for how people can further slow the spread of the novel coronavirus.

    Professor: Half of Sweden’s population could be infected in April

    By the end of the month, around half of the Swedish population could have caught the coronavirus, according to mathematician, Professor Tom Britton at Stockholm University.

    • A young lady I visit with daily while on the internet lives in sweeden and works at a grocery story as a personal shopper and delivering groceries.. they have even been spraying the products they get in the store to kill any virus that may be on the product packages.. and she said there is a stay at home rule except for essential personell. she will be on in an hour or so after she is off of work I have to ask her if they are changing the strategy there..

  33. Dear Mr. Ure,

    Every so often at work, a customer will offer an unusual observation. Today was one of those days. The customer completed a purchase and casually mentioned a recent earthquake. I acknowledged having perhaps read something or other about a minor earthquake in Quebec. Then the person said the magnetic pole was moving to Russia. He repeated himself and was gone.

    This evening I looked at magnetic north pole mapping paths. The nose-shaped wandering of the 1650 to 1950 period between 70 and 75 degrees north had morphed into a more or less straight line since 1950, and is now beyond 85 degrees north. The 26 mile per year pace of two years ago has increased to 48 miles per year last year. Separately, NOAA issued a WMM2020.

    There appears to be some goings-on in the way of research for magnetically directed viruses battling cancer. Also the 2002 study by J. Dobson into the magnetic properties of the human hippocampus may be of interest. Magnetite levels appear to increase in males with age compared to females. I’ll play the fool and imagine covid-19 of a like charge is more likely repelled down the pipes accordingly.

  34. I am sad… they didnt deliver my sweet apple cider..
    They are having a hard time getting it .

    So… I will have to make it .

    One gallon of apple juice minus one cup.. boil a cup of raisins blend and put in the apple juice.
    D rdd I’ll a hole in the lid to fit a rubber grommet. Make sure the apple juice doesnt have preservatives in it..sprinkle a pack of yeast in it. Then put a vapor lock on top as you would in making beer.
    Put in a dark place let it ferment.. when its finished pour the juice off leaving the sediment.. take one can of frozen apple juice thawed and add to your cider. Bottle.. now put a pan of water on to get hot. When It reaches 180 set your bottles of apple cider in it and let it set. This will stop the yeast from working and some of the best apple cider you’ll ever try . If you are looking for alcohol you’d have to add sugar to the juice..

  35. Has anyone bothered noticing if there is a difference between a normal deth rate and one with Corona. I’m thinking there will not be much difference then normal even though some people believe the death rate will be getting out of hand.

    Since the world is on lock down, and NASA reported Asteroid Atlas will soon be making a pass at the sun, has anyone wondered whether all of the countries in the world knew ahead of time this asteroid was making a fly by, and when given the code everyone was to go into lock down mode. How close will it be coming by and how big of a splash will it make in the sun. Supposedly its atmosphere is half the size of the sun. Could this be the reason all of the worlds observatory have been closed for a while now, so that no one could figure out what is ‘. If people are worrying about a virus that won’t be getting hysterical about an asteroid because they are not looking up.

    Just say’in.

    • Tom.. I don’t think it is the death rate so much as the speed of transmission..
      you can have it a few weeks and be spreading it and not even know you have it.. and the damage it does.. it takes out lung capacity and destroys tissue. the virus may take out two million this year.. but the twenty million that caught it and survived are now in a weakened capacity. some will need oxygen and inhalers etc.. similar to those with emphazema and copd.. then because of the mutation factors and the speed it moves fromone to another that is what makes is scary..
      I believe that the next round would be the one that takes them out of the picture. I use to think that the CRE was the plague of the future.. fifty percent die right away twenty percent linger and thirty percent don’t even know they have it till they get sick and their immune is compromised.. this one is more up front and vocal. I was just shooting the bull with an old coworker that the virus is now in their facility.. all the workers are terrified they will get it becaue it is so quickly spread.. and the hospital to increase bottom line profits cut … guess where.. Maintenance and housekeeping.. ( there are thirty year old face prints of mine on windows in the facility.. and we watched a piece of popcorn roll back and forth for five years.. I know the damned security guard picked it up LOL.. that is how I tested to make sure the guys in my crew were doing thier jobs. The reason I put face prints on the hospital windows was when I was working off my debt to the hospital one of my positions was in housekeeping.. one of the housekeepers made the comment.. we wash all the windows every week.. excuse me.. I ran cleaning crews.. that is a once a year job or if your really efficient a once every six month unless you hire it done from outside.. so I put a print up just to see.. then nothing happened and I put up another.. I hit every window in that building.. then they started cutting staff.. big time cutting staff.. and it became a joke just to see if anything was being done at all.. it looks nice but that is deceiving ) anyway that is what is scaring them to death..besides the hospitals policy that theres no excuse to miss work. on the plus side though the execs got some new vacation condo’s for the upper echelon.

      The asteroid has been known about for a long time as well.. just people aren’t really watching it because of the virus.

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