Target Year Life Planning

As COVID-19 sloshes around, we suggest some serious movie-watching as a tonic.  Not that we’re not fans of high drama or spaghetti westerns…it’s period information we’re after.  Because out present-day period is going away.  Which year we “land in” will matter.

“Duh movies” seems like an easy way to pick up a lot of historical “knowingness” which seems like anything but a waste of time…everyone’s gotta have their motivation, so our eyes will be on the bit players.

More to the point, we also ask is MTM?  Is: “Media The Message?”.

Around here, if you don’t already see the parallel to “12-Monkeys” or see our addiction to “thingness” (as my UPS driver explained) as a mirror of the addiction problems in the movie “28-Days” you’re not paying attention.

Not a flick-fan?  OK, then to the radio…

Why, it’s Baltimora!!! Once famously recorded, how we could all be Living in the Background”.  But, relief is ahead…

“I’ve come out of hiding by and by

(Been all alone)

Cause I’ve been immobilized for so long

(On my own)

Slowly emerging from the dark

(It’s just day by night)

I feel like I’ve wasted so much time 

I’ve been living in the background….”

After the updated forecast, and some hints of relief in the data, a look at the ChartPack, and some comments on topping off supplies, we’ll consider “movies as keys to our future…”  You tracking, Pilgrim?

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68 thoughts on “Target Year Life Planning”

    • I just got notification of a shipment. Will I have to wear a respirator in my living room?

  1. My trip to Wal-Mart last night confirmed my supply chain concerns. It is breaking down, just not sure how bad. Some areas are still OK. Future visits needed. Store was not busy, very unWal-Mart like. Large screen TV’s well priced as George previously mentioned. No improvement in critical areas from my last visit. No toilet paper, but had bread, milk, & eggs. If you prefer dog food, you are safe, plenty of dog food on hand. Fresh meat wiped out, frozen dinners still amply available. The pastry & donut section was well stocked which will make the grand kids happy. Plenty of fresh fruits & veggies, & the deli is well stocked. Last week Aldi”s had seedless grapes for 35 cents per pound & strawberries 99 cents a quart & mandarin oranges for a dollar a bag. I stocked up, the grand kids love them.

    • Stocks close below 10 day moving average. Not a good sign. Dead cat bounce over? Odds say YES.

    • Went to town today for hardware cloth (BTW it’s AMAZING how fast & easy it is to cut with a high-speed angle cutter — first time I have not cut it with a pair of aircraft snips — won’t be the last time.) Driving past WalMart I pulled over to let the four screaming cop cars go by on their way to WalMart. Pulled over again when the fire truck passed me, and again when the ALS ambulance went by. COVID? Dunno, and I’m not in any hurry to find out. There’s nothing in any WalMart that I will need for at least a year…

  2. Today’s post should double the size of Mark’s already swollen head. Although he forgot to mention the source of the virus & the need to reduce our dependency on China which will lead to higher prices (inflation), & reduced consumption by the American people since their purchasing power will be less. We no longer can be the dropping zone for goods to satisfy our unending desires. We must stop over consuming. And yes, this will not be good for the stock market, which needs ever & ever increasing consumption to survive. Back to the 1950’s folks.

    • Who cares about the market,the markets been a fraud for at least the last 40 years,when Greenspan was on with the other shysters that make up the Fed. he put it right into their face that the market was a fraud,and every administration has played along with it.

      As far as the dependency on China, don’t tell us tell the business banking sector, for they are the ones in their greed that created that puppy,now I have yet to find where it was documented that this virus originated in China,been a lot of propaganda even coming out of the oval office but that fails to make it a fact,and now of course they are all rushing to blame what was baked in the cake anyway, the 40 years of fraud that is destroying the financial system.

      And growing up in the 50’s those were mighty fine years compared to what we have today,the only thing different is you no longer have the freedoms that we had back in those days,and your going to have a lot less as tighten down the screws on the people,enjoy the today’s because the tomorrows don’t look that great.!!

    • We will never reduce our dependency on China until we reduce our dependency on material wealth. Westernized countries like profit, progress and have an addiction to new tech, toys, togs, tidbits and the next big things…but All countries in the Western world would not be able to afford any of those items if they were made here in the United States. That’s why we were forced to seek out cheaper labor costs elsewhere. China opened its arms and Western Countries flocked there to take advantage.

      Remember, this is not a government thing…it’s a corporate decision. Even a company as all American as Wal-Mart had to stop their 90’s campaign of made in the USA, when it was revealed that an overwhelming majority of their goods were made in China and Mexico. I know..they were my account in my old career. Today…over 90% of their goods are sourced in another country. Why? While they gave up the Made in USA campaign…the one slogan they will NEVER GIVE UP is “Lowest Prices Everyday”.

      Now we could make those items in the US, IF American workers would take a pay cut down to Chinese wages…oh wait…that wouldn’t work either…our cost of living is too high…

      And, if not China, we would be going to another country with equally low labor costs…like North Korea. The thing is, China already has the infrastructure in place…Factories, shipping ports, Air Freight etc. We would be starting over with another country. We are stuck in China…unless we go backwards as a country and stave off capitalism and consumerism and …that’s not in Americans DNA.

      • “Today…over 90% of their goods are sourced in another country. Why?”

        Because they have virtually no choice, if they are to carry that particular good.

        You don’t take into consideration the cost of sending China boatloads of material, and receiving back boatloads of finished goods. Take George’s venerable Vice-Grips f’r instance. They were made for years by Petersen Manufacturing, in Ohio and Nebraska. Irwin bought Petersen around y2k and closed the Ohio plant. In 2005 a pair of “10WR” (the most popular V-G by far) was ~$6.50 in a mom & pop hardware store and around $6 at WalMart. By 2008 Irwin had offshored the Vice-Grip to China, and it’s cost at WallyWorld had bumped to ~$12. A 10WR is now ~$18 at WalMart, or any other “discounter.” The steel is crap quality, the construction less-precise, and the cost has trebled at retail (which implies a 3x to 4x bump in manufacturing cost.)

        The forger or hammerman, die-sinker, and toolmaker in Nebraska were probably making about $20/hr each. They’d now be making about $30/hr each, if they had jobs, and would be cranking out a superior product.

        If you can, please tell me how WalMart (and every other retailer), Irwin (and every other manufacturer), and the consumer public, did NOT get conned into accepting China as the end-all, be-all, of manufacturing and production…

      • Ahem… since I was involved in a company which did a roll-up in a marine segment, what Irwin did was roll up a lot of small companies and then they owned the supply side.

        That meant they could charge what they pleased! It’s graceful, though anti-human. But it works for a lot of companies with consumer products. Roll up competitors, own a segment, screw the consumers.

      • @ Mark

        I am going to remind you about 1 thing..

        Prior to 1965 the USA produced most items that were bought and used INSIDE the country…95% made here and CONSUMED here..AND manufacturing workers were the HIGHEST paid in the world…that is a searchable FACT…the big difference was 1972 off the gold standard…which allowed the value and PURCHASING power of the US Dollar to diminish….AND the final nail in our coffin..NAFTA…..Agreed to by George H. W. Bush….1992 and signed into law by Bill Clinton 1993,,,,,,the rest is history…….some might say the in your face start of the NWO……

      • “what Irwin did was roll up a lot of small companies ”

        …Which wasn’t even difficult. I’ve never been to Petersen, but I know it was a family “tool & die” shop (and I’ve been to a number of those) whose patriarch passed away and da kids (or grandkids) were less than enthusiastic at the prospect of running a dirty old factory. I’ve seen this a hundred times — happens often in the “manufacturing East” and the rust belt. The descendants of the owner (who’s usually also the person who invented the product the company produces) are more-interested in spending the Old Man’s (or Old Woman’s) fortune than using it to make their own, so they liquidate and sell extremely valuable patents and trademarks for a song.

        It still sux when the jaws on my Vice-Grips strip, instead of gripping, because the Chinese have very few metallurgists and even fewer qualified QC inspectors…

      • Thanks, Ray, you say it better than I can, mark’s argument is wrong, it’s quite slippery, but wrong…it’s the same ole con. There are millions of products that Americans made that STILL WORK, and I can’t say that about the Shat I have purchased from CCCH CCCh CCCh CCHCH, CcChCh, Cha, China!!! As a matter of fact, I make it a point when I go treasure hunting to buy the items that still say MADE IN THE USA….cause they are out there, hardly worn, and loved by the older generation that is getting ready to leave the earth, still doing their duty, still worth having and passing on.

      • Thanks:

        Mark isn’t wrong. That’s sad, but true.

        Understand, before he started peddling overpriced Bay Area housing, he was a (probably MadAve) advertising exec. This is still his “wheelhouse” (as it is that of Ecuador Expat, although EE hasn’t posted here in several months.)

        There will always be a segment of Enterprise which seeks to maximize profit at the expense of everything else. A “rolled-up” company ends up with a Wall Street type running both it, and a bunch of other companies of which they know little or nothing except what they see, which is the P&L reports. All they can do is maximize profit by any means necessary, hence the manufacturing exodus to China. The Wall Street dude(tte) doesn’t care that the ChiComs become legal partners in everything the company does, nor does (s)he care that they are putting Americans in the unemployment line, because if they do, THEY end up beside that toolmaker in the unemployment line, and are replaced with someone even colder and less-caring.

        Psychopaths make fantastic CEOs and Fund Managers. Unfortunately, their lack of ability to comprehend emotion makes them unable to understand the personal consequences of their corporate decisions. Psychopathy is why there are no Sam Waltons sacking groceries in one of his stores any more, except on “Undercover Boss…”

        When I need a reliable tool, I too hit the rummage and flea market circuit. We made a lot of junk tools and other products, so the “Made in USA” thing isn’t as reliable as knowing (or researching) a company and their reputation from whenever they began producing their wares. It is just a huge clue that the item you buy used, is more-likely to be of superior quality than anything manufactured in many parts of Asia.

    • One more thing NC…yes, we are led to believe that the source of the virus was China, but the next big virus could be here in the United States…Virus’s are not nationalistic. We can’t cut off China just because a virus started there. And we aren’t the only country that relies on China. All countries on all Continents rely on China.

      While there needs to be a health paradigm shift…the answer isn’t going back to the 50’s. That’s just plain stupid.

      • Wait until you can’t put that food on the table and see how good those 1950’s really look,what will people do without the sex,booze and drugs that infest this country today.I have little use for people that say we will never go back,as the old saying goes never say never for that’s where we are headed, and in my book a damn good thing,what will you do when all these corporate farms can’t pay their debt and start going under with small farms taking their place.One thing I was always taught and that is to hope for the best but be prepared for the worse,and that too is something I would suggest that all others do for we are headed for trouble.I see even Cali. has ruled all gun shops,shooting ranges are to remain open,now what do they know that you don’t that’s the question that begs to be answered.!!!

      • According to the World Health Organization, COVID-19 is the infectious disease caused by the most recently discovered coronavirus. This new virus and disease were unknown before the outbreak began in Wuhan, China, in December 2019.

        Mark – You speak with hollow tongue.

      • Well you answered your own question when you say “we are led to believe” that’s always been America drawback the endless propaganda.Truman once said “its a tribute to the American people that they have to be lied too,but its no tribute to them that they are so easily deceived”.

        Now I have seen no documentation that this virus originated in China and until I do I’ll keep an open mind,and yes I’m well aware that Trump has tried to lay it there,in fact the main item on the G-20 gathering was we wanted them to sign documents that China was the cause of all of this,of course the other countries told them to go and play with their kite,times are a changing.!!

      • I moved back to my hometown in the Midwest, a mud sized old factory town with high crime and low paying jobs, but a police chief who’s working extra hard to make things better.

        I’m thoroughly enjoying being back. Its not true about you can never go back, I did and it was the right decision. Its greAt to be with what’s left of my family.

        The West coast and in particular the pacific nw, is unrecognizable now plus way too liberal far left and I use to be that way.

        I look forward to a 50s life except people aren’t as hardy now. Lots of users and needy types. I remember when we ate with the seasons. How will the I can’t eat that crowd fare? Never seen such picky eaters as those on the west coast. Maybe it will be a good thing and the masses lose some weight.

      • Mark,
        Gee, we “can’t cut off China just because a virus started there.”… All countries on all continents rely on China.
        Too true! And now, all countries that rely on China are in the throes of a rampaging virus that originated in China. They are losing their older populations just as China is doing and will reap the economic relief of a population no longer obliged to maintain the health care costs of their elders without resorting to rounding them up in camps and forcing the oldsters into the “showers.” It appears that they just load the victims onto refrigerated trucks headed directly to the ovens.
        You just can’t seem to figure out that the Chinese government is playing for keeps and they aren’t really our friends. We have been infiltrated on all levels by agents of other governments and they play hardball.
        Here, the slogan could be “Lets make a deal” but over there it is “My way or the highway.”

  3. I’ll wager you’re just as glad you didn’t move to the greater Seattle area now, George. Being “remote” is a big plus for the next while, I should think. We’re not as remote as you are by a long shot, but we’re not in a city of any size. We’re in the Kernal of a lightly-populated central North Carolina county. I’m hoping it’s remote enough. I expect things to get Pretty Ugly during April and May. I’ll be relieved if things lighten up in June or July, and we’re still here.
    (I’m old with bad lungs and diabetes…. So…..)

    We’re decently prepped, but total collapse of the 401K, or stopping of SocSec would be disastrous.

    …hoping it won’t be as bad as the darkest predictions suggest.

    • Gots to agree with you on all, brother Bill.
      We count our lucky stars every afternoon at cocktail hour. Takes a fair while.
      More lumber coming out for projects, including a major add-on to the shop, a 10X 12 overhang so I can do all-weather metal work out there.
      The potential for an “all systems fail” is why my manic-like focus on gardening and getting lumber – the house and property and all cards being zero’ed.
      But there’s always a financial IED ready to go off when comes to healthcare, so we might as well be in the Antarctic, ‘except’n its warmer.

    • William, pretty much in the same situation as you, 64 and on SS. I am well prepped and if/when my income stops so will my Outgo. My SS covers my mortgage and if that stops so will my payments to the bank. If things get to that point I doubt that the sheriff will be out to evict me, pretty sure they will be occupied with things more important. If they do come out – well I have been on this land for over 30 years now and don’t plan on leaving.

      • Not to be a d_ck, but why do you still have a mortgage after 30 years on the same property? This has been a point of Georges for at least a year, to prepare for this downturn. The username doesn’t match up… Get rid of your debt, cut your expenses. Not getting around property tax payment or the state will take your property, so it your taxes are tied up with your mortgage payment, pay that separately. It is probably easier to negotiate with a mortgage company vs a state/county government. Anyone completely dependent on SS certainly has not been preparing. That ponzi scheme will certainly have to be adjusted in the near future.

      • “why do you still have a mortgage after 30 years on the same property?”

        Because in many Counties, it affords the property owner tax exemptions, exclusions, deductions, and exemptions for which an unmortgaged property is not eligible…

      • @ Joe Dish

        Even if you Own your home outright…IT is not yours…your county were you titled it…has used IT for collateral in many bond issues thay have sold…so YOU never really own your home or property…
        When you buy a piece of land you don’t really own it but own the rights to it

        Well, that does depend on what you mean by own, doesn’t it? If by “own” you mean that your title is absolute, and no one else can occupy or use the land without your permission – ever, or under any circumstance, then no, you don’t own your land. If that were true you would be a sovreign nation, and that is not in the books. It’s just as well, really, since the coin of sovreignity is force, and the government can always come up with more firepower than you can.

        And if that fact bothers you, you may well be tempted to listen to those who offer “land grants”, “land patents”, “allodial title”, or other processes which promise to do what you want (for a small, let’s say, $10,000, fee, of course). At best, you’ll wind up listening to a real lawyer. At worst, you wind up in a standoff with law enforcement, and that never ends well in the long run.

        There are, in general, 3 ways you might lose title to your land: foreclosure, confiscation, or eminent domain.

        If you borrow money and use your land as surety (a mortgage), and you don’t pay what you owe, your land can be lost due to foreclosure.

        If you don’t pay property tax, or you lose a lawsuit, your land can be confiscated to pay your debt.

        If the government decides that your land is better suited to a project which benefits the greater good (traditionally such as road or railroads, although the Kelo case represents an alarming expansion of that power) the government can seize the land and pay what it (the government) considers a fair market price.

        There is no form of title which exempts you from these circumstances.

        If you like, you can try seceding. If you succeed, you will really and truly own your land.

        There was an entertaining South Park episode about that.

        It doesn’t end well.

      • Might the Fed end up owning every HOME in the USA..even Mark’s…..


        You still owe the taxes, not the King! That’s why you don’t own your property.

        Many Americans have not come to the realization that their homes, businesses, and properties are collateral on the federal debt, even if you have the deed and it’s paid for, in FULL! If the federal government defaults on its interest obligation, the private World Bankers automatically become the new “Land Lords” of every home, business, and property in the United States.

        Fortunately, our Founding Fathers realized the importance of property ownership. And there are laws structured to protect citizens against taxes and seizures.

        Today over 75% of Americans DO NOT have the highest form of TITLE on their homes, businesses, or properties. Instead, they have “Deeds” which are merely a “color of title.” To understand how the creditors or bankers qualifies your property, it is essential to understand one legal term, “color of”. “Color” is defined in Black’s Law Dictionary 6th Edition as “an appearance or semblance, as distinguished from that which is real; a prima facie, a deceptive appearance. “Color of Title” is defined as “that which in appearance is title but is not title in fact or in law.” Write v. Matron, 18 How. (U.S.) 50 “….color of title is an appearance of title…. coupled with possession, it purports to convey ownership. This is not to say, however, that it actually conveys ownership.” Rawson v. Fox, 65 Ill. 200 – David v. Hall, 92 Ill. 85.

      • D; so this is why the American Indians couldn’t fathom why we owned land, and put up fences. No one owns land, it is a gift of the Great Spirit. One can see, once the Federal Reserve was created, and then the income tax and property tax were passed into law (not at the same time), we no longer ‘owned’ our property, nor the fruits of our labor.

        It is the big swap and gotcha! Gone With the Wind is a great novel to read so one can learn about a ‘nation’ in collapse and just how long you can own/or not your property when the carpet baggers and tax raiders sweep in; i.e. the NEW Power Brokers!

        Ah, isn’t life on earth just one scam after another….let’s see, what were they scamming in 10,000 bc? Hmmmm……oh which seed was under which shell again? And, how many of my pigs did you want for that bet I just lost?

        Oh, you want my wife??? Oh, now wait a minute – where’s my club!!!!

  4. G –

    Duck Soup!

    too much fun- my old man used to take me to see Marx Bro’s movies when I was lil deplorable.

    Mom could not stand that type of hilarity, so he would drag me along.

    One of my all time favorites – Night at The Opera –

    “ you know Americas waiting to hear him sing?”
    “..well he can sing loud but he cant sing that loud”
    the Contract Scene- “its alright, thats in every contract, thats what they call a sanity clause.”
    “Hahahahahahaha…you cant fool me, there aint no Sanity Clause!”

    Just watched “A Shot In The Dark” original pink panther with young Peter Sellers..”Kato – my little yellow friend”. Too funny..

    Unfortunately – seem to be at crossroads and could go either way – if we go back to old ways and “shooting” war breaks out..

    – then I would go original Mad Max Movie

    – hero has to have a dog..

    So A Boy and His Dog -1970 is the flick

    We have not had a “shooting war” in long time – lately its been “Wizards” battling for control of the Narrative..Sword = Word with a S nake..

    Rumor central – someone (white hat?)slipped the wrong Vial of Corona Virus (Chinee Fru) into synthetic andrenochrome out of Wuhan lab.

    All sources of Child derived adrenochrome dried up – as POTUS has been taking down all known sources and trafficking hubs – earthquakes in strange places(DUMBS)? No more shipping containers loaded with someones kids.
    Users desperate for their fix have turned to snythetic sources – story goes the Chinese stuff was “tainted” with COVID17 – much more lethal – but much harder to spread/needs fluids.
    Is April 4 “GoDay?” some airborne “Jarheads” have hinted at such with video post of “squad” on in back of C130 – door open – date on Ptouch label stuck to side operators watch/altimeter.
    BOOMBOOM Out goes Social..

    Yes I got a S-ton of popcorn ready – home grown/black kernals – pops white..yum..hunker in the bunker!

    • If I could piggyback on my comments from yesterday about making sure you are (now) living in and planning for the correct paradigm. Your “rumor” section at the bottom of your comments lines up quite well with whistleblower information – that also points to April 4th as being a rather important day to “Go” with news events.

      If that’s the case and it plays out like expected, then the movies you want to watch will be more of the futuristic Sci-Fi thrillers, and less of the period pieces.

      However, back to critical thinking inside the 2020 paradigm, which by the way carries forward the same wisdom that George often expresses: Everything is a business model.

      As such, the “business decision” to trash approximately one-third of the US Economy, GDP/Wealth/Markets, and Labor Force (etc) was NOT done for a one-off event. In other words, the only way to interpret events is to realize that we are in a multi-stage campaign to accomplish some specific business goal(s). Indeed, more carnage to come. And soon!

      With that perspective, April 4th and 26th become very important dates to watch. As does the Easter and Passover holidays and their respective themes. Sigh… did I say important dates to “watch?” LoL – I meant to say “participate in.”

      Translated: If you think COVID-19 is just a bump in the road, and that we’ll put everything back together and restart ‘Merica, then you need to go back and start over. Maybe from Grade School?

      • Definitely this is an opening move in a new play of some sort. Other than centralization of command and population reduction, I can’t think of any real purpose,

        This month has more than Hitler’s birthday, it has April 19th which has a history of infamy. Think Warsaw uprising, Waco storming, Oklahoma City bombing, among many other events.

        This is definitely a month to be aware of. It’s just sad to have to waste good work time getting yet more supplies. Not everything can be done online.

  5. Don’t forget “Contagion” (2011, Gwen Paltrow, Matt Damon, Laurence Fishburne, Jude Law). Good movie. Virus starts in China.

    • Just because a virus is noticed for the first time in China doesn’t mean that it originated there. It’s quite possible that it did, but there’s lots of indications that it may have come from elsewhere. IMHO, designing and playing with such self-replicating and devastating agents is a crime against humanity and nature itself.

      I’m sure that there are many nations and/or organizations guilty of this.

      • I’ll be damned one with a brain and knows how use it.Thank You.!!!

        Now Indian CounterPunch has a very good article on the virus,which goes on to say that Moscow has informed Trump that they have found the parentage of the virus,and other information that Trump seemed to be unaware of,also expressed concerns of certain groups with in our government that were carrying out experiments of this type of warfare on their borders.Things aren’t always what they appear to be an open mind is the best course rather than hype and mis-information,which has been used to cover up the billions in stock that,s been sold by those in power.!!!!!!

      • Rumor: woman started talking said she worked with a Chinese guy, he said that the Chinese in America hate Americans because the Trump trade war caused factories to slow their work schedule and lives were affected because they didn’t work and couldn’t eat and pay their bills…that the Virus was released on purpose last Christmas and it was America’s Christmas present for the trade wars. This Chinese man was quite proud of the fact that his country did this to America.

        The reason this man confided in this woman is she looked Hispanic and had an accent, so he reasoned she was like him, an immigrant from somewhere else who hated America because of the border. She isn’t Hispanic, she’s actually from Peru, and she was born here and loves America! After this, she changed her hair color, and left her job because he scared her that much.

        Hey, just a rumor and this was told to me in late January, so take it for what it’s worth.

      • Rumor……
        I totally doubt that Xi or Trump authorized this virus being put out.. I don’t think any workers put it out either.. the fact that the chinese researcher at the wuhon facility placed her life on the line by warning everyone that this virus was loose says a lot about that in my opinion.. even though it may have cost her her life.. she did the right thing by warning everyone about it…
        I totally believe that if this thing got loose from the facility it walked out on the shoe of someone.. or the coat sleeve.. the fact that this stays alive and healthy and active on surfaces for an extended period of time.. If it was let loose on purpose.. I personally believe it was someone not associated to either of them that was trying to start a military action between the two countries just because they weren’t getting their way..XI loves his country.. he will do what ever he can for his people.. Trump loves his country as well and is trying to do the best for them to.. Even Putin is someone is trying to blame the russians again for something stupid.. Well I see him as a smart calculating man that also loves his country and will go the extra limit for them as well.. but.. I don’t see him as someone to do something like this on purpose…
        From my point of view it is either an OOPS.. or someone spoiled with an evil heart did it because he was having some sort of hissy fit temper tantrum because he didn’t get his way..
        Lets face it.. count back the months from the last false flag event and the timeline when they figure this thing ended up in the market.. it all lines up.. to all the other false flag events that have happened in the last three years..

      • One last comment for today. Lot’s of massaging on the stats, which apparently is what they were created for . Here’s a way to see what is REALLY going on by looking past the stats, deception, fluff, and confusion.

        Only two things that really count on the Corona Virus or any bioweapon, pandemic, etc. First, if 100 people come down with the infection TODAY, what is the status of (only) those 100 people 30-45 days from now, or whenever you would consider their status “Closed?” Here is one attempt at providing such information: (41%)

        Second, what is the R-zero (infection) rate. If it is above 1, then we are still in a geometric spread. Below 1, we are in the burnout phase.

        George, is there an easy way for you to crunch the “closed” numbers?

  6. Thanks George for not banning Mark. He is an excellent example of somebody with a severe case of [redacted because I’m unloading building materials and have no time and low tolerance for politics- If people aren’t planting, prepping or working, they’re not on the Big Tasks right now… G]… is not an extension of our own egos.

    • I was sorry the second I hit send. I apologize. My comment wasn’t meant to be political in any way. I was making an observation and I did it in an inappropriate manner and used inappropriate language which was uncalled for. Just because I am a subscriber, that doesn’t give me the right to be an asshole. I apologize to George, Mark and the other person I referred to in my redacted comment.


    Americans Will Have To Cure The Coronavirus Epidemic on Their Own
    By Bill Sardi

    People Dying Equals Coronavirus? An Engineered Virus?


  8. I may get blocked here…but I saw this story repeated on all web sites, both conservative and liberal….

    …At the first formal press briefing with his coronavirus task force on [Redacted! Month-old content..blamesmanship…good guess…also rteferred to the “biapartisan media…which does not exist…but more usefully…- G] the meantime, California has still the lowest per capita deaths in the country and a mortality rate of 2%. We had the foresight to act as early as mid February in the large markets.

    But it occurred to me that another reason we have low numbers is that we have the highest concentration of nerds on this planet. That’s not a derogatory statement…I consider myself a nerd and I am sure George would too. But nerds are the ultimate preppers, problem solvers and self preservation group anywhere. They can McGiver any solution to stay safe develop ways to keep us that way. There has been a universal effort here to keep us sane and busy with new apps, collaboration tools and virtual group activities. It’s been quite remarkable actually. This is the upside of technology. It has kept us close as we stay apart. That’s how you beat a virus. Survival of the fittest…brain .

  9. The first shipment of last minute acquisitions just arrived. A new tiller was delivered to my gate. I have been threatening to upgrade from a bucking bronco to a pony for a decade. The time was right. This weekend looks right for gardening.

  10. This virus is prepping our country for the coming new tech industrial revolution…electric vehicles, driverless cars, robotics, work at home, new energy, & space travel to name a few. This virus has married the American Public to these technologies. We’ve gone through relative stability in terms of innovation and technology for nearly 20 years. We’ve only had incremental shifts. But now we’re talking about sending people to space, eliminating human drivers from cars and wiping out the energy infrastructure our country’s been building for nearly 100 years. These are not small things. These are massive things. And the market has only begun to price this into the value of their stocks. Tesla’s market cap is twice that of GM & Ford combined…88 billion vs. 44 billion. See my point.

    • Sorry friend but the market has just began the dance of forty years of fraud and your in the state of delusion,you have drank the kool-aid for these companies and corporation are only what they will bring on a sunny day at the public auction.For the real value of these same business ventures are only worth its value minus all the artificial value that’s been pumped into by the stock buy backs, value that never existed in the first place.Now from your postings you are one that believes once the virus is contained that the market will roar to new height,the same drivile I heard before 2008/09 rolled around to burst that bubble of the Dow going to 50,000,and where is it at today, and no not all that much has happened as far as new tech.or other wonders.They say coming back to reality is one of the hardest things to do but many are going to be making that long trip, for the market will never come back except back to its true value.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Well George, there’s your paradigm shift…

      I don’t really buy into this, but like the Markets, as long as everyone lives the same fantasy, the fantasy lives on…

  11. Is there anyone in our troupe of excellent commentators who want to comment on what would have been so bad had we let this (GOD’s blessing, IMHO! ;-)) run its course and recall 50%of the VIRUS that afflict our globe. Human beings themselves with excessive demands w/o considering the consequences of their individual actions.

    • What’s bad is your hating on humans and thinking we have overpopulated and destroyed this planet; this planet could shake us all off and out like fleas. We are meant to be here, we belong here, and we have a purpose. This 100 year stretch is a joke. So, no, culling 50% of the population is a criminal enterprise and done for evil selfish purposes. Don’t dare send me or the ones I love, or the world and people’s I care for, into that long goodnight ahead of our time!

      • Please don’t take this so personal, because perhaps more people may die of the economic consequences than might have from having culled the herd in a natural way, imho.

        I am NOT hating on humans!! I am NOT thinking we have overpopulated — just plain common sense dictates it?!!

      • Scientists say 90% of species that have existed became extinct for natural reasons. Humans seem to think that they are above natural events!

    • CV-19 doesn’t differentiate between “good” and “bad,” “virtuous” and “evil,” and although that 93yo 400 pounder saddled with emphysema and heart disease is a prime COVID candidate, there’s no guarantee that should they both get it, he’ll die or the 16yo honor student living next door will survive.

      • You are so right, Ray, but I had something else on my mind considering the long-term consequences for life on earth.

  12. Movies vs. Memories- my father worked in a local factory in ’63. He raised 4 kids and Mom had a short gig making slip covers from home. She could sketch and paint, I absorbed It all in. It just dawned me how that impacted my creative side. At 13 , I watched Dad rebuild the top end and replace piston rings on a ’57 Chevy. I ran the gunk bucket and the tools were cleaned and replaced by me. So his faithful assistant learned the right tool for the right job. Ask a kid now- what’s a 3/4 boxed end wrench?
    I remember the day Dad came home and said our country would be changed forever. He was unionized along side women who now obtained an equal pay gift of Congress. Dad remarked how pay was granted through need before unions stepped in. Management and co-workers knew his kids and
    went to school with Mom. The factory even created and maintained a gorgeous park. Very idyllic until the black soot covered everything. Yup snow turned black on white Christmas’s unless it was fresh.
    I could go on… But the point is at what price will we stop?
    Dad was right, women divorced husbands who had charge of her pursestrings, you have to balance pollution with losing your livelyhood. The nuclear family eventually was shattered.
    Staring down through the floor board of our old Plymouth at the rushing asphalt I wondered where we were headed.
    In those days my father paid dentist and hospital bills, and Dr. Hayes,who so intimately knew our cupboard and refrigerator, out of his pocket! And he bought and paid for our home with the GI Bill.
    I stilI replay the caisson on Pennsylvania Ave that carried our former Senator from Mass. ,a lot of people do. Oh ya, and the latest live Vietnam War filmfootage and body count.
    So now we await the future from LALA land, heck of a mess we’re in I’d say. Let’s go out and make our own movies, eh? My son does for his quarantined siblings.
    Last time I saw Clif High on video, the weight of the world brought him to tears.
    Maybe we should write our own predictive programming while on our knees? I wonder what sort of outcomes we could expect? Maybe only144,000 dialed in and die-hard need apply?

  13. The newly released “Midway” movie rents for $5.99 on Prime Video. No can do, even though I would like to see it. As an alternative on Prime Video, I found the 2018 film “Battle of the Bulge: Wunderland”, at no cost for Prime Members. I don’t rent movies because In 24 hours I will have forgotten about it & moved on.

  14. A six month old baby in Conneticut has died. It seems CV is certainly nondiscriminating. I weep for that family. I understand that sorrow all too well.

  15. Latest report from the Islands ‘Petri Dish’:
    Total cases: 258 (34 new)
    Hawai’i County: 18 (3)
    Honolulu County: 182 (25)
    Kaua’i County: 12 (0)
    Maui County: 26 (1)
    Pending: 18 (5)
    Residents diagnosed outside of Hawai‘i: 2 (0
    Required Hospitalization: 15 (2)
    Hawaii deaths: 1 (0)
    Released from Isolation: 69 (11)

    • Wuhan, China doubters are burying their heads in the sand. Must be some racial thing; the Press has programmed your white mind to make you feel guilty. People, they are commies, that is why Chinese legal immigrants come here to live & prosper & we welcome them.

      Since the WHO said it started in Wuhan, China, until proven otherwise, it started in Wuhan, China. Even my 11 year old grandkid knows it started in Wuhan, but then, kids don’t see people racially.

      Even Dolly Parson said the virus will pass during an interview on Good Morning America. She said we need a new “F” word. FAITH. Thank you, Dolly. You are a good person.

  16. Fack!!!!! Arrrggghh!

    I dont know what to say. I dont know if I say anything. I just confirmed what’s going on.

    “For in the Earth we shall find relief from the madness that will be all around us.”

    That’s why there is tunnels from Walmart to Walmart. And why Baaron trump first adventure was underground. And why the hopi do their spiritual rituals underground. The 7 year tribulation is mentioned in the Hopi prophecy and when that comment is seen??? The poles are gonna reverse and the earth will spin the other way. Counter clockwise.

    People will go mad first with passions, uncontrollable anger, this is why meditation is so important!!!!

    If you dont have an underground bunker??? Fack! It’s so surreal.

    We got people disappearing around us here where I’m at. I already see lots of people loosing there tempers and even animals. I dont know what to tell you all. I really tried to help everyone and not be selfish.

    Read this. It validates much of what I know. Egyptian, sanskrit, norse, myan and chinese aincent writings. I had several visions and this is one exactly I have had occur several times durring meditation.

    “they will begin to vanish before your eyes like so much smoke” I touched people in my vision and they turned to dust and smoke. Just like that. That has happend atleast 3 times when I get a huge flaah vision!!! Where all reality melts away!!! And I’m projected into some other reality.

    Read this. This explains alot! This is strate from a Hopi indian.

    • Andy, what you are describing is the Destroyer.

      This is a GREAT accumulation of stories. This is what Zeta Talk has spent over 20 years discussing and expecting. Everyone who sees my comment, please take the time to read this one page of compilation. Why do you think they have chem trailed sunrise and sunset in vast parts of the developed nations for nigh on 15 or more years?

      The Kolbrin is quite an amazing book; have you read it?

  17. Hawaii Dept of Transportation says visitor arrivals are down 98.5% over last year. The remaining 1.5% incoming are mostly military personnel stationed here. Everyone flying in subject to 14 day quarantine, including interisland travel, with exemptions for critical workers or medical reasons. Life in the island petri dish.

  18. Hi gang . All good. I tell yah after 25 years these cots are really irritating. I think they are gone. Brace yourselves. I am fed up respecting greed. Cover NOW or prepare for oblivion . This I mean. No force majeur for you whoever you are. I DONT care

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