How We’ll use eBay as a Depression Hedge

imageCan it be done?

Well, hell yes.  It’s not that hard.

All you need is a little common sense and the ability to step back from the crowd a bit and see into the economic future.

If you get to where you’ve got even a bit of confidence about what the future may bring, there is no reason not to use all available tools to make a little dough on the next Crash.

And you’ll read this morning, eBay may be a key part of that strategy.  After some employment numbers and a check of the slippery National Debt to the Penny….

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5 thoughts on “How We’ll use eBay as a Depression Hedge”

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  2. I’m not a subscriber to your blog so I’m not able to read the entire article…but it would be a mistake to rely on Ebay for supplemental income… We’ve been selling there since 1998 and sales there have practically disappeared.

    Instead of becoming THE place to sell goods when the economy is down, Ebay has managed to alienate it’s small sellers with harsh seller requirements and high fees. In doing so Ebay has also alienated many of the consistent buyers.

    • This is exactly what the article is about – buying in bad economy, selling off unwanted stuff in strong economy

      • I read in a journal that many outsiders did that very same thing in the Wiemar when the Mark tumbled. Foreigners bought furniture, clocks etc for a fraction of the value and took the items back home for resale.

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