“How Can You Afford It???”

The Secret of Happy Retirement is what?

Reduce your operating costs in advance of retiring.

A number of readers have written in (a few trolls, I suppose, too) and have whined about my recent travel discussion, pictures, and so forth.  Sorry, that’s not flaunting – that’s sharing.

While it’s true that we do get out and play a lot, there and months on end when we are living simply and saving money like crazy.  So this morning a discussion about how to live well and below your lifestyle in  order to maximize your FQ – your Fun Quotient.

First, though, we stare into the markets and try  to see what is driving our Peoplenomics Trading Model and where things could go next…  And as you might expect, a rather eye-opening report on our hypothetical Directorate 153 and the sordid background of the Iran deal.

The background that no one talks about…

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5 thoughts on ““How Can You Afford It???””

  1. About a year ago California was going down the tubes, heading for a default. People were being paid with IOUs. Now there is no news. Did they make a magic recovery? What happened?

  2. >Reduce your operating costs in advance of retiring.

    “a man is rich in direct proportion to the number of things that he can live without.”

    Henry David Thoreau

  3. well SHOOT George, i really wanted to see the tips on how to save money….sad times we living in……hard hard….

  4. Pluto is not a planet, but he is a star!
    They just discovered Pluto’s image on Pluto.

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