Housing Data Pending – Ure’s Next Book(s)

We will take care of “real news” first, today.  Down toward the end of this report you’ll find the “book news” and some research notes.  More tomorrow for our  Peoplenomics.com subscribers.

Today Plus 2

An abbreviated trading week and before the housing numbers, the Dow futures were down a bit.  Although we did a $60 “lunch money trade” Monday, there are simply too many ways the market could resolve in here.

  • Bull hopes are alive because we could see one of the trading boxes “fill” with a run up to about the same market levels of Feb. 19th when our Aggregate peaked out.  In the Bull’s corner is the complicit Fed, trying their damnedest to keep money in circulation.  And, despite our deep distrust of Marxist Monetary Theory, even Capitalists can see that an injection of “just-more-than-enough” ready cash, could reignite manageable inflation.  Which in turn would force dark pools of capital out of long-term instruments.  And that would kick-start the Velocity of Money at M-2 which is (for all intents and purposes)  dead.
  • Bear hope live on, too.  They can see that the virus impacts are not fully discounted, yet.  Companies are becoming more  massively over-priced by the day as revenues fall and people pull-in their spending.  Not only are foreign goods price increases showing up at stores, but the longer-term capital-intensive industries like travel, cruise ships, and all that, remain at risk.
  • Agnostics (like… ahem) are not above spotting short-term intraday action, and stealing lunch money from those who have “commitment to causes.”  Commitment is a good thing in marriages and to personal goals in life.  When comes to finance (which is always in self-optimizing flux)?  Not so much.

Before Housing, Dow futures were down 125-Dow points.  Pricing in Europe would suggest a bit of follow-through rally today.  But after that?  Who in their right mind would hold a substantial market position over the holiday weekend?  (Then again, what investor is truly “in their right mind” in this fox-uniformed world, anyway?)

Data Density Dance –  Pending

Tomorrow morning (for Peoplenomics readers), we will get a foretaste of the job numbers.  ADP will report the hiring side.  Challenger will have job cuts.  And all that will tee-up Thursday when there’s federal job data, along with weekly new jobless claims, international trade, followed by factory orders (about mid-session Thursday) and after the close, the (not really ) “Federal” Reserve will confess to their print rate which we expect will be in the vicinity of 90% annualized in the close-in data (table 2).


As the Drake-Chennault radio programming service used in Top-40 radio jingles back in the 1960’s put it And the Hits Just Keep on Coming!”   Which, naturally, leads to a long discussion about “staging” of recorded music.  And the intricacies that some broadcast organizations put into recording such classic jingles as the BBC Radio-2 series in 2013… but I digress.

So let’s stack up the virus stories and save the musicology class for later, shall we?

“And the dead just keep on comin…”  (Sheesh!)

Political Sniping Season

The report that “Following weeks of dismal polls, Fox News report wonders whether Trump will drop out” has us looking to see who on the GOP side would be doing a happy-dance.  Besides Romney…

Pelosi’s House of Fools is still wasting taxpayer dough on things with no hope: House passes ACA expansion bill largely as symbolic gesture.  Because no way in hell will Trump sign or the Senate pass…To us, they have to be among the stupidest uprights ever not to be able to see this.

The 7th Circuit is rational: Appeals court limits Wisconsin early voting to 2 weeks before election, stops voters from receiving ballots via email, fax.  Had this been to the 9th Circus in San Francisco, I’m sure there would be ballot distros just inside the border…

Foreign Policy” is Wrong, As We See It

When they headline the article “Tearing Down Statues Won’t Undo History” we claim the data says otherwise.  History is written by those in power.  The winners.

We have tons of historical revisionism running amuck worldwide and I’m shocked that  FP is selling such pap.  Marxists, socialist, and Antifa all want to rewrite history to their own agendas.  I mean come on,  FP, WTF?  Comes and goes?  No, it’s a history of mind control written by those who prevail in conflict.  Call it what it is.  Mostly, counter-revolutionaries.

Castle Doctrine Questions

…. galore as we read how “St. Louis couple who pointed guns at protesters saw threat by ‘bad actors,’ lawyer says; protester says he feared ‘blood bath’.  Might want to check your state’s “stand your ground” laws just to be informed.

Register Dogs, Not Guns

Why?  Well… Texas Dog Attack: Infant Mauled To Death By Pit Bull, Canine Seized.  Then there was the story over the weekend about how a Woman, 72, killed after being attacked by her own pit bulls: authorities.  And what about Iowa man used pit bull to attack others, killed dog when it turned on him, police say?

Seems to me that people who buy “killer breeds” ought to be required to take some kind of training beforehand.  This from a fellow (me) who owned a 125-pound German Shepherd at one time (“Bismarck!”). Until he jumped a five-foot fence and took down a neurosurgeon who was jogging by.  Unhurt (which averted bankruptcy potential) the dog “went away” shortly thereafter.

Ure’s Next Book?

Sketching up an outline, with a possible chapter on  Peoplenomics tomorrow.

The Mad Scientist’s Notebook” will be a collection of my (admittedly peculiar) way of looking at things.

For instance, I see patterns where there may – or may not – be any.

Like this morning:  Saw this email from USGS:

M 5.1 – 29 km SSE of Mina, Nevada

38.158°N 117.957°W
8.7 km

Which was very close to this “Presto Alert”

:Issued: 2020 Jun 30 0725 UTC

:Product: documentation at http://www.sidc.be/products/presto


# FAST WARNING ‘PRESTO’ MESSAGE from the SIDC (RWC-Belgium)         #


The in situ observations show the arrival of the shock wave, this morning at 01:24 UT. The magnetic field magnitude, currently about 6 nT, showed simultaneous increase with the solar wind speed (maximum value reached was 390 km/s), density and the temperature.

The solar origin of the observed shock is presently unclear and more will be reported later. Currently the Bz component of the interplanetary magnetic field is positive and no geomagnetic disturbance is reported (K=2 and Kp=2, as reported by Dourbes and NOAA, respectively).

Bottom line for us:

Here comes a blast from the sun and 8-hours later a quake.  Now, I find this sort of thing incredibly interesting.

The book is about much more than the expected (quakes, flying, light crowns, oddities in electronics and what have you).  It’s all about the inquisitive mind, how to ask questions without fear and be open to all kinds of answers.

A kind of “course on thinking styles” and how they can be applied across a wide-range of disciplines.

First chapter title?  NFOR:  The Noise Floor of Reality.

OK, off to fetch Housing data…

Write when you get rich,


24 thoughts on “Housing Data Pending – Ure’s Next Book(s)”

  1. judging by that psyoptic guruesque like comment “who would have a long position over the holiday weekend ?”… you are trying to rally the patriots .. notice rick ackerman is with me , schmuck , on all this debt ?inflation stuff .. and second apart from the jeering of short lovers .. do you really think we care? the longer wrong the righter we will be .. saying that bulls and bears make money , pigs get slaughtered .. don’t you think the troughs are full again ? maybe a real honest fed action affect is a more correct approach

  2. “Register Dogs”

    I agree. People should be required to carry liability pet insurance. There is also monetization potential.

    Unrestrained pets in vehicles? In a vehicle accident the unrestrained pet can double as dangerous missile shooting out of a windshield or flying out of a shattered moon roof.

    The pet owner traveling with their unrestrained pet crashes the vehicle and severs their jaw or knocks themselves out.

    Innocent bystanders or EMT arrive to help and the injured pet now wants to “protect” the owner. Great. Vehicular pet restraints please, there ought to be a law.

    What kind of control-freak even has to have a “pet”.

    This is what happens in the end:

    Detroit woman was secret hoarder. Nobody knew until she was found dead, eaten by her dog.

    For years, Sally Honeycheck, 80, lived in squalor. No one knew, until her cousin found her body.

    – She had been eaten by her dog and rats.

    • Steve,
      The dog ate her because it was starving. Humans eat other humans when starving. It’s the nature of the survival beast.
      As for what kind of people even want pets? Control freaks?
      Maybe, but I would like to think of pet owners as loving people that appreciate the animals that God has made for us to assist us on Earth. Yes we don’t use animals like the past but should the lights go out, a horse and mule will become very valuable as will someone that knows how to work with them and care for animals. After all, a lot of times we have to eat them so it pays to keep them healthy.
      Livestock will become very important in the near future. Animal lovers are not usually cruel people. But there are people that don’t care for animals, or other people.
      I am thankful I am able to enjoy animals and my pet Fila Brasiliero – https://g.co/kgs/VdSJ4g and African Grey parrot. I am thankful that God made animals. And I find that in the end, people are far more dangerous and unrewarding than animals.

    • So I was in the Lowe’s the other day. “Pet friendly,” it says. Turned the corner on a tool aisle and was met by a 120 lb shepherd aggressively barking and straining at the leash. I stopped and waited for the owner to regain control. He apologized and I commented, “This is why large animals should not be allowed in stores. I should not have to deal with a situation like this.” I didn’t see what I was looking for, and left to go look in plumbing.

      Couldn’t find the brass fitting (air) that I wanted, so I returned to the tool aisle. I stopped, peeked around the corner, saw the dog laying calmly on the floor right where I left them. I took a step into the aisle and the dog jumped up, aggressively straining at the leash and barking loudly.

      I calmly said, “Sir, I need to advise you that I am armed, and if your dog gets away from you I will shoot it and kill it.”

      He yelled, “You can’t do that my dog has not done anything to you.”

      I replied, “Like I said, if that dog gets away from you and attacks me, yes I can and yes I will.”

      He yelled, “Then you’d better be ready to shoot me, too!”

      I replied, “If you should choose to attack me, then I’m prepared to do just that.”

      He took a quick look at my waist (where my hand was hovering) and said to the dog, “Come on Charlie, we need to take a walk,” and left.

      I’m about 90% sure that was not the first time that the dog acted aggressively in a store. The owner probably thought it was cute and maybe even praised the dog.

      By the look on his face I am 100% sure that was the first time anyone ever told him that they were going to kill his dog.

      Dogs like that should not be in stores. People like that should not have dogs.

      The end.

  3. ” The investigations already under way will reveal the true responsibility of those who managed the Covid emergency not only in the area of health care but also in politics, the economy, and the media. ”

    quote from,, Carlo Maria Viganò
    Titular Archbishop of Ulpiana
    Former Apostolic Nuncio to the United States of America
    full letter from him to President Trump,, June 7 2020
    read it in this ,,,
    in this one line he connects the health care, politics ,economy and MEDIA

    • ThankQ OBD!

      On the health care front, I just noticed today that FAUCI spelled backwards is ICUAF.

      Makes for some interesting games with letters:

      1) ICU AF (check the urban dictionary if you don’t know what AF stands for…)

      2) “ICU” Anthony Fauci (with “ICU” as a sort of nickname)


      3) I C U Anthony Fauci ( #ISeeYouAnthonyFauci )

  4. We have two large German shepherds. “Hans”, the larger one, is about 120 pounds, and can be fierce. We have a buried electric fence around our 10 acres, and they stay in very well. We discovered that there are different qualities of electric dog fences available. The inexpensive ones just aren’t very effective.

  5. Hey G. That area around Mina NV. has been rocking and rolling for about a month now I have some mining property right there near by so I am curious to get up there and see how much damage has been done? Plus as the crow flies that area is right in California’s back yard (setting things up for the big one?)

  6. Suggested title for Ure knew book …The Neo Luddite’s Handbook. A Guide to Buggy Whips and other New-Fangled Tech.

    How about them digital tulips – still worthless at $9000 FRN’s per? CMaFR!

    U dont even have to ask…. No,none,zero, bubkiss Bitcoin 4 U!

  7. “national coin shortage 2020”

    U-Scans by me are card only. It’s a conspiracy.

  8. An HEB grocery store here in West Texas is requesting the use of Debit or Credit cards because of a lack of cash for change. Can’t get cash from the bank. Where is all the cash?

    • THEY claim that we are hoarding it!!!! HAHAHAHAH! ALWAYS THE PRESTITUTES LIE TO FULFILL THEIR GAME~!!!

      Just search: “Americans are hoarding cash”…..read ALL about it!!!

  9. I personally know of four instances where a clients (seller, not buyer) pit bull killed a neighbor’s dog, latched onto a UPS delivery man’s leg, causing 30 stitches and 4 months of rehab, mauled a neighbors 2 cats and one case where two bit bulls mauled each other to death…The latter, I was conducting an open house for my sellers that had two bits bulls. The seller wanted to leave them in the back yard, while He took his family away during the open house. I said that would not be wise. Buyers don’t like seeing dogs of any kind in an open house. I suggested that they take the dogs with them, but the wife took me aside and said, she hates those dogs and then went to her husband and said, let’s just leave them in the detached garage. The open house took place and after it was done, I waited for my clients to get home, because we had received 7 buyer commitments to wrote an offer on the home. That was the good news…The bad news was that when the husband opened up the garage door, his two dogs were dead in a pool of blood, both latched onto each other, one at the neck and the other in the lower abdomen. The husband was devastated, the woman had a smile on her face, as if she knew this would happen.

    I have never understood why anyone would want a breed of dog that was bred to kill. No matter how you train it, the instinct to kill is there. Just like a lab likes to instinctively retrieve or an Aussie Shepherd likes to Instinctively herd…it’s bred within their brains. And of the maulings we hear about, it’s never ever with a labradoodle, or beagle..It’s mostly a Pit bull or occasionally a German Shepherd or Doberman. Who would want a dog that you have to constantly train, aggressively and forcefully to keep them from accessing that killer instinct? When my kids were growing up, we had a yellow lab…Now that‘s a dog…happy, friendly and full of character. Even during a bad day at the office or after a long, arduous business trip, When I walked in the Front door, he would greet me with a smile on his goofy face and one of the kids shoes in his mouth, that he placed at my feet, as if to give me a gift for coming home. My family loved that dog for 11 great years…his hip got so bad, he couldn’t walk anymore and when he passed, it was devastating for our family.

    I can’t in a million years see a pit bull giving me that feeling.

    • As a dog lover, I say put down the dog and jail the owner. All dogs are friendly and benign by nature, they get vicious because of the owner’s training or serious neglect. People that buy a pit bull or doberman are suspect of bad motives or compensating for their inadequacy, an attack just proves the owner’s intent. You can train a dog to do just about anything, owners are responsible for their dog’s actions.

      My last dog was attack trained; if there was an attack it would run and hide while I took care of it.

    • Well Mark, it is possible. My son had an American Pit Bull from a tiny little puppy. We called him Tank. He was the most affectionate and loving dog as well as totally obedient and did anything my son said instantly. He was strong and able to defend the baby but docile with her and she basically pushed him around. He was so tolerant of people but knew if a bad person was around and while not being aggressive, he let his master know.
      I have personally taken to a larger breed of mastiff dogs. While strong and large they are docile and loving with the family. But not at all friendly with strangers. But once again while my boys were little they pushed the dog to the limit and rode him and he never bit them once. He looked out for them like they were his.
      But yes, I have seen very mean dogs that I don’t know why they are even around. And it is usually the owners and not the dog. Being in service I have been bitten many times and I understand the behavior. But if I didn’t like dogs I would be bitter about it. I have seen labs that are not friendly and labs that are super friendly. Never seen a mean golden retriever though. Really sweet dogs. Blessings.

    • Ahhh….Mark, you are being racist and unkind about pit bulls, I mean one or two or three don’t make the whole bunch bad! They have rights, too. Just a misunderstood breed; maybe they need a new advertising campaign. “We will fight for you.” “To The Death.” “Until Death Do Us Part.” “Breed Em and Weep.” “Bites Are Forever, Pit Bulls 10.” “All Pit Bulls Are Guilty Until Proven Innocent.” “Pit Bulls Kills Humans, Pit Bulls Got Set Up.” “Pit Bulls Lives Matter.” “Pitt Bulls Are Life Savers.” “Pit Bulls, The Mighty Dog Matador.” “Two Pit Bulls and a Sheep are Voting on What’s For Dinner.”

      As the Bitcoin Nazi likes to say: “No Pit Bulls for You!”

    • To Mark: You wrote,

      “I have never understood why anyone would want a breed of dog that was bred to kill.”

      Well said…I’ve always voiced that very same statement about Pit Bulls!

  10. Give me a Border Collie or Aussie Shepard any day of the week. Our Daisy (BC) was so smart, when wiping her paws after a business trip to the back yard on a wet day, you could just state ‘Give Port… Give Starboard… Give Aft Port… Give Aft Starboard…” and wipe her paws sequentially. Throw 4 frisbees at once, she would mark where they fell, stack them up and bring them all back at once.

    14 years of joy, now her ashes and picture have pride of place on the mantle.

    … and I’m a cat person.

  11. Just a note to the posters on Pit bulls. What is not taken into account, is the owners of these animals and their treatment of them.

    Most of these animals were raised with cruelty and taught to attack. Then the media needs good stories, so they run with the scary Pit bull stories.

    Our neighbors had a Pit bulls named Cassie. She was super gentle and playful whenever she wandered over to our yard. We need to realize that the owners, 9 out of 10 times, created the attack dogs. No one realizes that Saint Bernards are tenth on the most dangerous dogs list, Malamute is #6.

    The lazy media then sensationalizes the breed of the year because it sells. If you are old enough, you know that every ten years, the demon dog changes. Pincers/Rotties/Shephards and the list goes on. You will notice that cute dogs never get attack stories, because they are too hard to sell. Pretty hard to sell Chow Chow attacks, even though they are on the top ten list.

  12. History does get written by the victorious. Evidence is our first Civil War. Although sold for years as being about slavery (which is very, very wrong), it had its’ early rumblings in a taxation issue. Seems Lincoln wanted to “piss away” the tax revenue on Southern cotton exports on his pet projects for the North. It became a slavery issue in late 1862 with the “Emancipation Proclamation” in order for Lincoln to make the unpopular (in the North) Civil War a social issue in order to get his sorry ass re-elected in 1864. Amazingly the Emancipation Proclamation only applied to the Confederate States. It wasn’t until two years after the Civil War ended that slavery ended in the North.

    I find it ironic that (in my opinion), the two most divisive Presidents were both first terms members of Congress from Illinois.

  13. I was looking at spaceweather.com on Friday and noticed something curious. On Tuesday “the magnetic field “oscillated like a sine wave” for 30 minutes. Observers both here and in Europe were startled because they could see no cause for the oscillation. There were no solar storms at that time. That was the same day as the 7.4 magnitude earthquake in Mexico. Looks like a pretty direct link.

  14. Special to the Comrades from the Horse’s Mouth,

    …- …-

    The BBC is quoting a Bank of England economist with a towering tall tale from The City, that really – everything is going to be ok – in spite of Bank intervention in the UK economy exceeding World War 2 or The South Sea Bubble.

    In other doublespeak news, one of the world’s largest jute exporters, Bangladesh, is shutting state-run jute mills officially because productivity has fallen to zero on the 60+ year old equipment. On the other hand, export demand for their jute has evaporated.

    Do not stand at the bottom of “the V-shaped recovery”?

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