Housing Data and Christmas Horror Ahead?

We are beginning to wind down into the holidays.

Tomorrow, though, a very useful Peoplenomics report on estimating small house/microhome projects complete with spreadsheet to do the heavy lifting,

As a “mood setter” for this kind of project (son G2’s planning his build this spring) it’s useful to look at three things.

  • Overall direction of the U.S. economy.  We think down and so does anyone else with half an economic brain.
  • The price of lumber which, looking over here to the commodity side, seems to be in its own long-term decline.
  • Your available time.  Because when comes to small houses and microhomes, about half the home value is in labor savings for the DIY crowd.

Tomorrow we’ll outline a 400 S/F class mini home which can be built (Outback prices) for about $22,000 not counting land price and concrete work, though for $22,000 we can plan 200-year lifespan “ground screws” and be fine with that.

The way we figure it, such a home can be built reasonably and rented out for enough to immediately put the owner(s) in positive cash flow.  If you could rent something larger than a chintzy one-bedroom apartment for, oh, say $500 a month, you’d probably leap at the chance.

Sure, we’re not on prime waterfront out here, but even over a 20-year horizon for G2 it pushes out to $120,000 of cash (over 20 years) against out of pocket of $25,000 maybe?  Everything will float based on Inflation over time, but you get the basic idea.  Sweat equity is great.

Plus – since we have a reasonable chunk of land, you can fence up a garden.  Which, over time, is almost certain to become a new “Housing Feature” which will be sought after.  World population is now north of 8-billion, and given a choice between a $500 a month plain home or $550 a month with a 20×30 garden and water piping and fencing…  Take the bet.

To the Housing Data

All of which gets us into the mood for a little numerical grist to support our notions of empire.  Like this, for example.

Building Permits
Privately-owned housing units authorized by building permits in November were at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 1,342,000. This is 11.2 percent below the revised October rate of 1,512,000 and is 22.4 percent below the November 2021 rate of 1,729,000. Single-family authorizations in November were at a rate of 781,000; this is 7.1 percent below the revised October figure of 841,000. Authorizations of units in buildings with five units or more were at a rate of 509,000 in November.

Housing Starts
Privately-owned housing starts in November were at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 1,427,000. This is 0.5 percent (±12.3 percent)* below the revised October estimate of 1,434,000 and is 16.4 percent (±13.4 percent) below the November 2021 rate of 1,706,000. Single-family housing starts in November were at a rate of 828,000; this is 4.1 percent (±11.3 percent)* below the revised October figure of 863,000. The November rate for units in buildings with five units or more was 584,000. “

The housing completions in November were +6.1 percent, but these were locked when the interest rates were much lower.  Last train out.

The dynamic here is simple:  Interest rates have gone high enough, fast enough, that people who were into House Flipping may be seriously hurt because as rates go up, the “net to seller” shrinks quickly.

Over the longer term (yes, the U.S. will recover; or always has so far) the long-term gain on modest yet highly functional housing should be very good. 8-billion customers is a pretty good client base to be serving.

Christmas Horrors Ahead

How long ago did I propose to you that we ought to see a serious Big Mean Wave 3 down in this timeframe?  See if you remember this graphic from a couple of weeks ago:

How did our “look ahead” into an uncertain future work out?

Well, this morning at 06:10 AM futures pricing we had moved along to this:

There is ALWAYS an upside, of course.  And maybe the Washington bumpkins can pull their optical mounting platforms out of their behinds long enough… Butt (so to speak) it is too much to hope for, we fear.

Plutonium in the stockings seems the plan.  Which gets us to:

Christmas Horror 2

My consigliere is a measured fellow and way smarter than me.  So when he drops the occasional “new thing to worry about” I take it pretty seriously.

In this case it was the recent Putin trip to Belarus.  He’s gotten it into his head that when things light up in eastern Europe, the supply lines through Poland through which NATO pumps war materiel into Ukraine, will be targeted.

There are plenty of targets – including that floating natural gasification lash up off Polish shores.  Things that go “boom” and make very pointed statements.

My consigliere’s view of the Belarus trip was Putin going to “pass the word” (with no electronics, nothing spoken, and written on a single sheet of paper so there’s absolutely no chance of interception) about his nuke plan date.

He would have simply written it down, handed it to the Belarus boss to read, and have it handed back.  What would be implied is that “if there’s a leak, there’s a bullet because only one fellow knows.”

Since Belarus sits on the Polish border, it might seem a logical place for a NATO “flashback” so we’re keeping an eye on civil defense operations all over the region.

Deep Conspiracy Dream

Things got even stranger when I went to sleep last night.  For some reason, Ure subconscious was gnawing on the notion of “What could “set-off” mRNA which vaccinated people may (or may not) still have in their bloodstreams.

See, what bothers me (deep brain) is that during this whole Covid/Bioweapon discourse, the nuclear angle has not been out there.  So this morning I went looking:

Radiation-induced translational control of gene expression – PMC (nih.gov)

The key pullout from the Abstract is the very first sentence:

“Radiation-induced gene expression has long been hypothesized to protect against cell death.”

See it yet?  (You may not be used to high-speed extensible thinking yet, so we will pause for a ponder:  What MIGHT mRNA administered to a population do, in say, the event of nuclear war on some level?)

Answer: “has long been hypothesized to protect against cell death.”

Now the scariest part (Are Stephen and Tabitha King available for a phone call? Need to pass on Christmas greets, too, while we’re at it…)


Imagine a scenario where:

  1. The government built a bioweapon
  2. The government set it off.
  3. But then passed the word to the “other side” that the bioweapon is a kind of “ultimate poison pill” because “If you nuke us, we now have 80 million Zombies…

And the hell of it is, there may be a speck of science off in that direction.

Fortunately, we are only talking novel plots for a horror story (at least, so far as we know) BUT that is one of the few reasons that my (nutty) subconscious could come up with that would explain why the West/NATO is pushing so hard of Russia.  If they go “boom” with the mushrooms, then our Zombies are born.

Movie is the message, right?

In the unlikely event either of the Kings call, I’ll pass on the feedback.  But really, this just screams for a Stephen treatment under a title like “Carnage.

Which is somehow all tied-in to why we keep enough silver around to make a few 9 mm, 7.62 and .223 rounds to hold Zombie hordes at bay.

(I have to stop drinking, or at least change brands!)

Remember: Movies are the Message, right?  You’ve read John Fraim? “Battle of Symbols: Emerging Global Dynamics” (A 2011 read for us.) Zombies…yep, is this all a well-orchestrated plan?  Sheesh.

Back to working out fine plot details:  Nasal antibodies decline nine months after COVID-19 infection, study finds.

NorK NorK Who’s there?  U.S. Flies Bombers, Stealth Jets as North Korea Threatens.  War and posturing precursors never go out of style.

And will it be more meaningful next year?  Biden weighs visit to Japan’s Nagasaki during G-7 summit in May – reports.

A More Reasonable Deep Think

With all the democrat BS about referring Donald Trump for criminal prosecution, seems to us that it may not bar him from holding the Presidency again.  Here’s the text of the 14th Amendment, Section 3 cited by the lefties at their choreographed media dance classes.  I have highlighted who CAN be banned in bold:

Section 3
No person shall be a Senator or Representative in Congress, or elector of President and Vice-President, or hold any office, civil or military, under the United States, or under any State, who, having previously taken an oath, as a member of Congress, or as an officer of the United States, or as a member of any State legislature, or as an executive or judicial officer of any State, to support the Constitution of the United States, shall have engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same, or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof. But Congress may by a vote of two-thirds of each House, remove such disability.”

It doesn’t specify President, per se and the term “officer of the United States” could refer to military officers, or who knows what.

Moreover, the House (partisans) cannot legally convict, so only upon conviction in a court of law could the argument even come up.

But, oh, God, what a time sink and worry pit, huh?  Let’s check with Venezuela (which dems have us fast-tracked to clone) and see how they would handle it.


(With a nod to James Burke.)

First read how a Mysterious shock wave CRACKS Earth’s magnetosphere | Daily Mail Online.

Then read how a 6.4 magnitude quake in US’ California; over 55,000 homes lose power.

Precursor to a Big One?  Remember, quakes seem to be strangely attracted to Holidays.  Boxing Day, Good Friday, and so on.  Or, is this aftereffects of Hawaii putting the plug back in the magna vent on Mono Lowdown?

On with the News!

Fakes and takes for shakes and wakes.

Reality on Trial file:  Kari Lake’s election fraud case WILL go to trial as she tries to overturn Arizona election result.

Better late than never, we suppose:  German court convicts former Nazi secretary, 97, of war crimes. But better never late.

Has Elon done a “troll trap?”  Majority of Twitter Users and Americans Want Elon Musk to Stay on.

Side of new “face plates” for brekkers?  New U.K. banknotes with King Charles III portrait unveiled.

Whale Watcher’s tour:  As BTC freezes around $16,800, Filing In LBRY Case Shows SEC Wants To Kill Crypto & Ripple.  Ure’s axioms are often slow to resolve, but we have told you since the get-go GOVERNMENT HATES COMPETITION, right?

And speaking of Whales – one for your movie list: The Whale Is Devastating, Dark and Raw.  Might not want to snack during this one.

ATR: Pre-Freeze

Off to town today.  Drive-by’s for groceries and meds plus a couple of additional 5-gallon jugs of diesel to keep the freeze off the greenhouse.

Houston Bureau snagged another checklist for you: Get these items out of your car ahead of freezing temperatures.  I just can’t see getting a fifth of vodka for windshield antifreeze, though.  Gotta be a better use for it.  Hmm…

Meantime, Sam and Sylvester (the two really feral woods cats) have taken to their newly installed outdoor pet heating pad,  Yeah, I know.  Softies.

Interesting teaching moment with Sam. Ever try training a feral cat?

Put a can of wet food in the middle of the preheated heating pad.  After chasing the can off one end, it occurred to him “Say, this ain’t bad…”  Paws were toasty. The next four hours had Sam napping on his Christmas present.  He’s a genius or sucker.

Also, he must work graveyard – takes off in the evening and comes back around breakfast time.  Can’t help but wonder what’s going on there… two-timing us?

Write when you get rich,


66 thoughts on “Housing Data and Christmas Horror Ahead?”

  1. I think Putin has warned enough. If he doesn’t nuke now he never will and has silently surrendered.

    Tomorrow’s Winter Solstice would be a good day for human sacrifices.

  2. “Overall direction of the U.S. economy. We think down and so does anyone else with half an economic brain.”

    went into my favorite store walmart.. and the first thing I noticed was that all the shelves were empty.. I asked one of the store managers.. did I miss something in the news today.. His response was we can’t get anything..
    so thinking about that.. HOW LONG DO YOU ANTICIPATE WE WILL SCREAM as we make that fall….
    only one person that I seen and the place was packed.. had something that wasn’t a necessity.. the rest all just had essentials in their carts..

  3. “I have to stop drinking, or at least change brands!” For God’s sake please don’t switch to Mad Dog 20/20 George!

  4. George, you threw us into a whirlwind here. Radiation/mRNA.

    Everything from UV sun rays, to EMFs to X-Rays. – Haven’t found a cellphone connection (yet) but damnit, I’m sure there probably is.

    You kicked off our day here like coffee never did. WOW !!

  5. I wanna see “Mushroom Christmas, and Mr. Magoo in the White House”, Trailer! Mr. Magoo does Mushrooms in the White House, Trailer. If it were only so funny. Getting firewood and chimney replacement pipe for the shop. Stay warm George! Mr. Magoo and Nuclear Football go on Christmas Vacation. Sorry stopping now.

    • with zellenski in DC tomorrow at the capital. what danger could there be..
      there was even a news cast asking for all of congress to come back to DC to see him..

  6. Yo GPops,

    C60 .

    why did NASA buy the main manufacturer of said carbon ? Ionizing rads got nothing on da purple power, Ure cells experience may differ ever so slightly..but the main point being protection 4 Youse and Ure blue jeans. https://youtu.be/b76kjd5nvMg

    BCN Dont do, sing or cry the blues, but making a point hear. Nor am I implying Youse be of the blue persuasion, let alone having been a “painter” of da blues…ala “Paint It Blue”..mk what?

    1st briefing tonight over at Farsight.org regards Disclosure 2023 and first steps on how to photograph, video and record UFO/UAP’s..be there or be squared. There are also free courses 4 for learning neural engagement/remote viewing over there at the Farsight.org community.

    Painting it Black..just like the Stones said..

    .”.Im as free as a Bitcoinz now, how about U?

    or is it “Boom, Boom Out go the lights” ?

  7. “than a chintzy one-bedroom apartment for, oh, say $500 a month, ‘

    WOW I do believe you are underestimating the cost of this project…… even ghetto digs go for more than that in the wastelands.
    Low income apartments here start at eight hundred a month. for a one bedroom apartment.plus utilities.
    and for one about the size of a small garage or shed.. not counting water sewer electric.. the land is free.. but you still have to have a place to squat and drop you congress… do the constitutional paperwork.
    even with rammed earth.. the cost would be about that much after you were done.. the electric .. put solar up and the wiring.. what use to be a couple of thousand now would be double that.
    plumbing.. yup.. and a hookup.. if you have rural water and rural sewer.. than there is the hookup.. if you put in a septic tank.. there is three grand and that has no piping to it.. I would double that figure.. fifty grand..
    when I build our home I had to use cash.. the concrete footings and flooring was half of the cost.. you have a backhoe and a front end loader.. but prices have gone up in the last thirty years.. if you use raw green wood.. then you are looking at a lot of warping.. I would go down to lowes or home depot etc.. and get a garage.. or get a couple of grain bins.. one inside the other.. then foam in between.. or you know I will push rammed earth.. cheapest way.. and you can get the material for cheap.. well the cement to mix with it.. would still be around a grand.. give or take.. I spent five hundred just on a patch for our side walk.. .

  8. a little parody,,,
    Elon: hey Jared, you want to be CEO over Twitter?
    Jared: sure
    E: OK, let’s run a poll first, the lefty bots will vote me out and then we can listen to the shreeck and howl, when I name you as a replacement
    J: sounds like fun, lets do this!

    just a fictional wishful thinking
    Just my imagination running wild,,, zippity do da , zippity aye,,,
    while , everyone else sees dark times, I see the sun coming up, the Light is coming to shine on their evil ways, unelected evil doers and some elected ones are shitting their pants,,, got to charge Trump for Jan 6th,,, laughing my butt off,,, watermelon whine is due for a hanging over,,,
    well in the good ole western days, cattle rustlers were hanged,, we the people have been rustled a long time ago, before I was born,, hangings are past due

    • Amen Brother! ..watermelon whine

      Watermelon Mojito’s – the bane of my tropical existence..

      Go TGB – setting up another year end slaughter for crash de bandicoot – with house dough..Time to make some banging “market” cookies.

  9. Yes, the 14th amendment applies to the “Office” of POTUS. No, the 14th amendment doesn’t require a conviction in criminal court. It’s self executing. The house by 2/3 vote can remove the “disability”.

    Y’all should be careful of normalizing what trump did. You won’t like it when a democrat does the same and neither will I.

    • sunny ,, applying the 14th to a president is Quite debatable, and you still have to have a conviction, and before the House AND the Senate (of each house)can remove the restriction, by two thirds vote. Quit believing every thing the demon/RINOs try to fed ya.
      The demons have being TRYing every since Trump came down that escalator, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022. They can’t doit,
      “self executing”, what fucking lying lawyer came up with that bull shit? sounds like Lincoln project dis-information.
      laughing my ass off at you bait eaters ,, but you, ‘sunny’ seem to be more of a bait chummer, barkin away, believing they can keep Trump from running JUST because they label him, guilty against the 14th with out a trial. The 14th was a civil war amendment to keep the Confederate officers from holding office, that was a real reason, and proved. you can not him just labeled him guilty because you cry babies want it to be true.

      from 14th amendment,
      “section1 …’without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.”

      section3: “…’ . But Congress may by a vote of two-thirds of each House, remove such disability.”
      DESPERATE demons will lie about anything. Don’t believe them.
      The FBI paid Twitter 3.4 millon to coverup, delete and lie about the HUNTER laptop, along with banning conservative opinions they wanted to silence . That changed the voter outcome, by several different polls ! That is a real Insurrection !!! TREASON
      We have a problem in DC. the FBI and CIA.
      The last guy that tried to fix it got KILLED,,, RIP JFK, but Trump was prepared for them. He is still with US.
      And that scares the shit out of YOU.
      Normal times??? normalizing is not what is happening now, and neither was the Revolutionary War. This is a time that tests men’s souls.
      Wish ya ‘luck’
      It is lame duck season, but Daffy says it is ‘rabbit’ season, adreno and chrome, represent Bill Gates Microsoft products and a drug from tortured children, just a coincidence.

      • you really gotta speak with a therapist about your thoughts like this “but Daffy says it is ‘rabbit’ season, adreno and chrome, represent Bill Gates Microsoft products and a drug from tortured children, just a coincidence.” It’s not normal. Really. Seek mental health help.

    • What’d he do that wasn’t normal?
      Normal like it is now?
      It was waaaaayyyyy better under Trump. Everyone knows that unless they’re not able to admit it. We’re on a crash and burn. President Trump would have diverted or at least put this off. We would not be looking at a possible nuclear exchange but since he brokered more peace deals in his term than anyone ever we would be making money right now instead of expecting a crash of the economy. Now we’re about to lose everything. And some believe it will go away if we persecute the first decent president we’ve had in most of our lives. Cancer grows unless it’s cut out or starved. Look around is it better now or during the previous term? I don’t get all the hatered for a man that did what he was elected to do. The only way to find dirt on him is to frame him. Like the shitshow now we all know is more gaslighting of the public. What does it take or are you a troll? Cuz there’s mostly sensible folks here. So what did he do?

      • Framed? Really? Sensible? So now it’s your turn to prove that trump id what he was elected to do. Please post two links of your favorite legislation that was passed under trump.

        Federal court approves $25 million Trump University settlement

        Trump Organization convicted in executive tax dodge scheme

        Israel Said to Be Source of Secret Intelligence Trump Gave to Russians

        Trump heard on phone call urging Georgia officials to “find” enough votes to overturn presidential results

        Ukraine aid blocked soon after Trump’s phone call with Zelenskiy, emails show. Trump acted about 90 minutes after the ‘do us a favor’ phone call behind the scenes to freeze aid from the Pentagon

        Everything We’ve Learned About the Mar-a-Lago Raid and Its Aftermath

        Since the 2020 election, the former president and the Republican Party have refunded more than $77 million after donors unwittingly opted in to recurring payments

        The 26 women who have accused Trump of sexual misconduct

      • All of your sources are compromised and hardly creditable. You keep listing personal issues completely unrelated to his presidency. His business practices can be questioned but not the Biden crime family? or anyone else that desires to serve the common good? is there any consideration for the people of the US out of the current administration? As I said, it was so much better in our country under president Trump. He is no longer president and focusing on him, or any man while it falls apart around us is insane. You just fiddle while Rome burns.
        All I know is Trump policy was way better for us small folks than whats going on now. So you concentrate on pussy grabbing by a billionaire who worked hard and keep ignoring the pedophile you have as a leader now. Feel better?
        This is all judgement on us for our wicked ways, both as a nation and as individuals. We need mass repentance and reestablish our relationship with God as of old. Wake up you’ve been duped. Blessings

      • steve – are you saying the trump foundation wasn’t shut down due to fraud? that trump u wasn’t shut down due to fraud? that trump’s business wasn’t convicted last week? that trump didn’t take documents? that 28+ women didn’t accuse trump of sexual misconduct? that trump didn’t call the secretary of state of georgia to find votes? that trump didn’t try to extort zelensky? that trump and the RNC didn’t have to refund $77Million to donors that they screwed?

        if you liked trump’s policies so much then it shouldn’t be a problem to talk about two pieces of legislation that were passed under him. i remember a lot of fails. and i remember most fails occurred because trump got involved at the last minute right when a deal was struck – infrastructure and health care come to mind. trump showed he was a deal breaker, not a deal maker.

        you live in an alternate universe.

      • Sunny, I’m saying I don’t care about all that bullshit. It’s all a personal attack on him and unrelated to how he attempted to run the country, lets not forget all the adversity and hurdles he encountered while trying to perform his duties. He has so many corrupted enemies because he doesn’t play the game of fking the people for profit. He was already rich and lost a large amount of his fortune to serve as president. Every other president b4 him enriched themselves on the backs of the people. Look how much the Clintons and Bidens increased their wealth while in office. But saying women let me grab their pussies is unforgiveable. Taxes were lower and life was good while he was trying to do his job but had so many folks like you in his way.
        You really don’t see the gaslighting and the lies and coverups? You really don’t see the transfer of wealth? President Trump wanted the rest of the world to pay their fair share. You really don’t see how bad it is right now and it has nothing to do with President Trump, who by the way; he’s not the one running the country into the shitpit right now? You can point out all the garbage on him, but the only crap they can come up with to prosecute him with is total garbage that the presidents b4 him did in much more severe circumstances. I get it, you hate DJT but it’s not about that, it’s about the duties executed by him in office. Our house and senate were complicit in stonewalling his every move. If he molested so many women, why no prosecution? Shit even Bill Cosby got prosecuted. It’s all bullshit and gaslighting. You think shif for brains is justified? I have no more to say on the matter. You need to wake up. Blessings

  10. Just enjoyed my initial interview for General Manager local telephone & internet cooperative. Forgot to ask about majic jack though.

  11. Maybe mRNA is a two-part poison. Get everybody to take the first “harmless” part, and then trigger the second part that does the killin’.

    OR! For a low, low price — your Obedience — you can get the Marvelous Annual Antidote from FedDome.

    Yeah. I know. Crazy. — Never mind.
    (Worked for Londo Molari, though…)

    • Would that mean making sure you get your OMNICRON Booster? Sorry thats just plain MORONIC. A warning label for those paying attention?

  12. Having rental property out of the west 40, might be a problem without “work”. Only a small handful of people can be influencers or retired that don’t need to go somewhere to be productive in exchange for some currency. You have a few alternate sources of income and maybe G2 does or you are willing to subsidize him to work for you. But most people cannot make a go of a small homestead where that supports their families “desires” without a steady income. The energy/time cost of travelling somewhere to work, can easily offset any housing savings. Many areas closer to areas of work also have home size minimums that prevent folks from building tiny homes. Tiny homes don’t add to the property tax per person, like more expensive shelters. Yet they still consume city/county resources.

  13. “German court convicts former Nazi secretary, 97, of war crimes.”

    Maybe we can get his longevity secret before he meets the firing squad.

  14. Hi, George,

    In my neck of the woods, we have rules and regulations that govern wells and septic systems. We are not connected to any city water or sewage installations out where I live. One real estate person, however, did convince a new home buyer in our area that the buyer was indeed connected, even though such connections miraculously passed under and over a 10,000 foot mountain. Real estate person lost that one in a lawsuit soon after. Such nonsense and more was seen decades ago before the rules and regulations on the books were actually enforced. The stories I could tell. Anyway, I advise anyone who is building another home dwelling on their property to check with their county regarding such rules for wells, septic systems, and gas hookups, as there may be new laws applied.

    A storm from the Seattle area will be spreading this week across the great plains , the southeast, and the northeast. I realize that that is what usually happens in wintertime, but the real danger will be wind chills well below zero in many areas. Just a heads up. Thanks, and Merry Christmas to all.

    • exactly.. here in the wastelands.. a father built a small home for each of his kids..if he had made them on skids there wouldn’t have been any issues but because he made them permanent ..they weren’t allowed..
      to hook up to rural water.. initially was a grand now it’s 7 grand.. to build a domicile there’s a 37 grand zoning fee..if you built a shed then convert it living nothing until you get caught.
      the kids just put a new roof on their multi story home if it was a single story it would be about the same square footage.. the cost for only materials was about 10 on sale.. steel was more..I put steel on my roof tears ago and it was a couple of grand for materials today it would be a lot more..like ten times that..
      around here materials alone for a garage is more than the estimated cost…concrete is expensive.. gravel packed then insulation moisture barrier for a floor.. then the concrete..
      now you could make a thermal chimney by placing duct work bow the concrete..
      I had to replace a furnace several years ago..I still owe 8 grand on that..
      with today’s prices.. my guess or rough estimate is 58 plus if you do all the work.. not counting water and sewer..
      rammed earth 20 not counting water and sewer at home depot prices… most of it would be roofing and plumbing.. sheetrock unless you like a natural finish and only use sheet Rock for the ceiling..
      I’ve built two homes. been there done that.. I can tell you the unseen expenses and the unexpected expenses are shocking.. because of one big one I still have one room that isn’t finished and probably never will..
      if your doing stick built.. do foam insulation..it’s the best.. if your doing concrete or rammed earth.. do foam to.. you won’t regret it .

    • Army Corp of Engineers built a new big lake near my boyhood area about 40 years ago. Some “sharp” real estate people came in, bought a bunch of land nearby, and started selling 1 and 2 acre lots.

      Voila .. BAD clay soil occupies the ground they bought and were selling and because of that the County Health Dept REQUIRED 4 acres or more to get a septic system approved!! People wanted to build so they then went to get the permits and learned they had bought a LEMON. Sure they owned the land … but they couldn’t build on it because they couldn’t put in a septic system (and the county wouldn’t bend even for the newer “active” type of septic system … THOSE were the ONLY ones that could get approved for 4 acres … older style systems because of the clay soil needed at least 7 acres) (same thing happened in many parts of Colorado back in the 1970’s and 1980’s … developers sold land that could NOT be developed because of water or sewage issues)

      Yep … when buying rural real estate do NOT trust what the agent or seller tell you. Do your own checking with local authorities as to what is REQUIRED to get a building and occupancy permit! Local county people have seen it all, scams included, and in rural areas will generally bend over backwards imo to help you navigate what you can and can’t legally do with a piece of land.

      Lesson? Talk to the local building and health departments BEFORE you buy or start construction on undeveloped rural land!!

  15. A Santa Claus rally in stocks will fizzle this year, and that means 2023 returns are at risk and any gains likely hinge on the Fed cutting rates.
    “When the index is down in the double digits as it is today, the odds of it being positive next year is essentially, nil. ” DataTrek
    – Morgan Stanley is predicting “a modest” Santa Claus rally.
    – When a reporter asked Elon Musk if there will be a Santa Claus Rally this year – he simply laughed. [ Have you noticed, that he does that a lot when asked a direct question. He has the answer – but its none of your business ?.., He doesn’t have the answer – so he won’t say ?., or – he hasn’t really thought about it before ? ]

  16. Personal observations on small owner built homes:
    – Put the utilities in first. Water & sewer go in ahead of everything else. You will want to commission the plumbing before anything else is complete at a remote site.
    -Execute the project in manageable bites. Expandable main structure goes first, then a garage or barn, and expand the main structure last, unless kids appear.
    -Have a space dedicated for electrical stuff. Use subpanels for the garage, for dedicated UPS loads, and for any expansion. Use the main panel for large AC loads, and for power feed to subpanels. Put the lights, comms, freezer, fridge and selected AC receptacles on a UPS sub panel, even if going solar is ten years down the road. That was a deficiency I regret in my home.
    -500 square foot is a one man cabin. 800 square foot can house a couple, if you have a large garage or barn to offload stuff to. 1200 square foot is for kids. But that can be an expansion project.
    -Read up on cool roofs, hail resistance, and the like. The HVAC and roof will be a continuing bottomless pit for money if you don’t do it right up front.
    -Read the FEMA windstorm manuals, and study the Simpson strong-tie catalog. You only get one shot at strapping it down right.

    I look forward to reading your project write-up.

    • if you put the solar in during construction it pens out to like 5 bucks a month on payments.. if you wait price will change and availability may not be there..
      I’ve told my kids that I would like them each to put solar on their homes..prices will continue to rise also have a backup heat source.. if this Ukraine war drags us into it physically.. the grid could go down..and they would be thankful for taking the expense at this point..if it doesn’t then the savings alone will pay for the system.. im still trying to talk the boss into letting me get a loan to put the backup solar put up ..she says no.. or get a bigger generator to cover the house.. but she says no lol.. it would over stress the budget.. even if the generator cost. solar paid for itself .. faster than I estimated.

  17. “This is 0.5 percent (±12.3 percent)* below the revised October estimate of 1,434,000 and is 16.4 percent (±13.4 percent)”

    WTF? George, I’ve been meaning to ask you for a while: Of what possible use are numbers with an error margin that large?

  18. “Fortunately, we are only talking novel plots for a horror story”

    For plot enhancement, I suggest you watch the first three episodes of “Fear the Walking Dead” and see if there’s anything you recognize from Dreamland…

      • Dawn Of The Dead (1978)

        Francine Parker: What the hell are they?

        Peter: They’re us, that’s all. There’s no more room in hell.

        Stephen: What?

        Peter: Something my granddaddy used to tell us. You know Macumba? Voodoo. Granddad was a priest in Trinidad. Used to tell us, “When there’s no more room in hell, the dead will walk the Earth.”

      • “Granddad was a priest in Trinidad. Used to tell us, “When there’s no more room in hell, the dead will walk the Earth.”

        the whole earth @JC?
        Here I thought that when there wasn’t anymore room in Hell that the brain dead walked the halls of the capital in DC..
        Notice that speech last night.. all those people clapping over talk of Killing and destruction.. sheesh.. what a world of horror we live in.. I would rather have seen a speech of people trying to work out the issues.. and STOP.. all the killing and Horror..

  19. Russia hit by third huge explosion in five days after gas pipeline goes up in flames.
    Three people have died after a blast tore through a pipeline near the Russian–Ukrainian border. The explosion occurred just as crews were starting an “up-keep” on the pipeline. Gas has been shut off and the fire put out on one of Russia’s main natural gas export pipelines.
    This pipeline was the next to last one that feeds directly into the Ukraine.

    • More evidence to us of NATO/Neocons forcing Russia to use nukes.
      Germany should be paying attention to how their UKR “friends” are setting them up for the cold snap.

  20. ‘Twas the night before Christmas……It’s as if the World is watching, waiting for something…..

    I’m watching Israel vs. Iran for a possible escalation as well.

    Also as a bonus, for fans of the Book of Revelations the Euphrates and Tigris are drying up. This is largely because Turkey is filling a huge power dam. But once filled the downstream power dams in Syria need to be refilled. All of which adds up to the Tigris and Euphrates drying up. The Book tells us that this is to prepare a passage for the armies of the East to ford the rivers. Fun times.

    Double bonus, for fans of the notorious Graham Hancock, there appear to be caves and or storage facilities at the bottom of the Euphrates that imply the possibility that once upon a time the river was much lower. Naahhhhhhh. Must be a natural formation cut by the flow of water?


  21. Every thing was going good., until it wasn’t. I expected a mixed open across the Markets this morning.., a slight dead-cat bounce up.., then down for the day. And that’s the way it started., except the small bounce up turned into a steady climb ! Wild ride this morning.., purt-near got stopped-out., but it reversed and started down., again.., so I moved my stops up even tighter., if it climbs back up – which I think it will – I will go out a pretty good winner.., looks like the closing hour will be the main move. .., but there was no ‘move’. The NASDAQ100 ended down 12 points.., I am still up nicely., so I let everything ride for tomorrow.

  22. How can they keep on fining Wells Fargo.., and not slam their banking license, in some way. Ridiculous.
    – Wells Fargo to pay $1.7 billion in fines for “consumer abuse.”
    .., 30 to 35 billion in revenue.., couple billion in fines.., that works out pretty well for them.

  23. Patented research has shown that properly modulated sub mm 5G cell frequencies can produce the SYMPTOMS of any disease, and can be targeted by location, demographics, race, etc. right down to specific individuals. Graphene and mRNA in the system is just a plus for this capability, offering possibilities like (Manchurian like) mind control. Once the symptoms appear, then deadly treatments can be administered, like ventilators for COVID or Remdesvir. All in support of the agenda to reduce the population of earth as quickly as possible.

    Wuhan China was a flagship city with the highest coverage of 5G of any city in China. COVID hit shortly after the 5G was taken online. Wuhan is/was also the most polluted city in China, and airborne pollution is one of the seven causes of “COVID like” symptoms.

    One has to consider that perhaps the ongoing COVID situation in China has been at least partially caused by 5G.

    And the best kept secret in the world? Ivermectin is also effective against influenza. Lock ‘em down, mask ‘em to suppress their immune systems, deny proper treatment and the next thing that comes around will take them out. This debate about ivermectin is pure bullsh*t. My retired nurse wife says that 30 years ago every kid that was diagnosed with parasites was dosed with…wait for it…IVERMECTIN.

  24. Re: “Home Alone” feat. 42


    Quick, a storm is brewing on the shortest day of the year! Call your Senator in Washington to hurry up and read the 4,000+ page omnibus bill published 20 hours ago. President Biden needs that passed by the time the Servant of the People addresses Washington legislators tomorrow. Allegedly the Servant’s Christmas present, $45 billion, is in the pending bill.

    Speaking of storms brewing, forecasters apparently show Washington weather shutting things down Friday. Fingers-crossed legislators make it home for Christmas. Otherwise a Marine One airlift of the Presidential Turkey to the WH from an out of DC kitchen may become necessary.

    Speaking of hot kitchens, overwhelmed El Paso illegal migrant shelters…

  25. “Or, is this aftereffects of Hawaii putting the plug back in the magna vent on Mono Lowdown?”

    What was fire just days ago, is now ice! Helluva winter storm “Kona Low” ripped thru the islands Sun & Mon. Today I drove over the saddle to Kona and both mountains have snow down to the lowest elevations I have seen in my years here. The Mauna Loa summit and eruption field is now covered in snow! We have a white Christmas! Mele Kalikimaka !

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