Hot Mess Monday – Tactical Market

We ain’t just “whistling Dixie” when we say “Hot Mess.”  (Has the song Dixie been banned by the ‘righteous’ yet?)

We got us a blue light special on Mess going, yes sir. Buy one and get a free “hot”.

Of course, it’s summertime, so what were you expecting?  Climate change?

Mess #1 – I-95

In this one, we have all the elements of a good survivalist series: Potential for shortages, PITA traffic, government fumble-bungle, and will that be paper or plastic?  Long commutes start after part of I-95 collapses in Philadelphia following tanker truck fire.

What we found odd about this one is how the contents of the “conflagrated” (New Word Monday) truck was quickly media was fed the term “petroleum product.”  This is exactly the same idjit-speak that pisses us off.  As in Pennsylvania Gov. provides update on I-95 overpass collapse.

See, here in the Outback, “petroleum-based product” could be ANTHING from sandwich bags to shaped charges to diesel, to gasoline, to stove oil, to…well, you get the point? We don’t hold idjit-speak politico’s in high regard.

No, make that we experience severe admiration deficit (SAD) in the presence of elected jingoists.  ‘Specially when we now have to ask “Was it some unspeakably dangerous “product?”

Mess #2 – The West Coast

A series of coincidentally timed emails from our Houston Bureau reminded us (again and in spades) why we fled the West Coast in the early 2000s.  Place was too cool to last.  And sure enough, if it can go wrong…

Take supply chains and Port issues, for example:  Port of Seattle closed due to ILWU labor strife.  Solidarity brothers.  PMA says US West Coast port workers shut down Port of Seattle; workers’ union denies claim.  Dandy.

Up I-80 and south a ways: ‘A portion of paradise’: how the drought is bringing a lost US canyon back to life | Colorado river crisis.

And the City by the Bay is even more “tilted” than used to be. San Francisco’s Millennium Tower’s tilt deepens as engineers rush to reverse lean.

With the report this weekend Meet 37-Year-Old Alex Soros, Taking Over a $25B Empire, we see the liberal “think-easy” mindset will afflict the other coast, too.  You can already see it, plain as day.

Seems like everywhere we look out West, there is either a commie uprising, drought talk, theft of Constitutional Rights, or supply chain friction.  Causes us to wonder if everyone west of Dallas has a screw loose, er, so to speak.

Oh!  Should mention I’m not the sole proprietor of this line of reasoning: San Francisco’s Decline is a Warning to Other American Cities (

Mess #3 – Angry People with Guns

Examples abound on any hot summertime weekend.  Sampling the gunfire:

The LOE (Liberal Online Establishment) is (typically) way off base.  Promoting anti-Constitutional pap like “Opinion: To reduce gun violence, it is time to repeal Second Amendment and regulate guns (

Let me help – because America has cognitive issues with overlapping concepts.  Seriously.

Loving, happy, values-based people do not need guns.

When we took values, morals, and ethics out of schools, and brought in racial division exploiters, sexualizers, gender bending marketers, tribal marketing elites, and shoved the 10-Commandments out (offering instead coupon books of “do-overs” for any juvie on the Raymond Reddington path…what DID you expect, exactly?

But when our own Government is arming up 87,000 IRS agents and buys arms for government agencies, the Constitution provides gun ownership as the ultimate defense against excessive government.

Excessive government, did I say?  Oh my: US capital sputters as federal workers stay home, yet the pay never stops.

As the weather continues to heat up, the shooting and the bum’s rush on guns will continue.  But, as a student behavioral economist, teaching hate and defunding cops sure looks like the New National Make Work plan.  Remember, crime is HUGELY stimulative.

Follow me here: for every crime you have one “primary worker.” Now, count the jobs: A cop, two or three maybe, a supervisor. a defense lawyer, a prosecutor, a judge, a probation officer, a halfway house, a halfway house regulatory agency, God knows how many drug testing outfits, a whole chemical industry to make the test gear for the labs, and we haven’t even started on the waste chain!

Key Monday Insight:  Guns and crime are HUGE businesses and account for the low unemployment rate.  The Worse things get, the More Jobs we will have. Run the fucking numbers.

Tactical Market

Our eye on the market Friday hinted that we should see a bit of weakness today but then a likely rally as the Hallelujah Choir sings the praises of profits in advance of the expected rate hike Wednesday afternoon from the Fed FOMC hoe-down.

We would go into the logical decision tree here, but that’s part of the value of a subscription.

It SHOULD be obvious that IF the market blows skyward today or tomorrow on happy talk, that collapse from the top of the ascending trend line COULD follow.

Any way it rolls, we still have Ukraine, Taiwan, no Debt Ceiling (what a bad joke that was, huh?) and a Grime Family in power.

OH hell yeah – let’s all buy all of this we can afford!

I wonder if my deflationist pal Jas is ready to pull the trigger on his bond move, again?  Eventually, a recession arrives, rates fall, bond buyers of Now will be the Richer later.  Except no one knows where the Raise to Collapse will stop.

Client Note

My consigliere is back from a vision quest in the north woods for the past week and a half.  World is nuts as ever, he found on his return, but THIS was interesting:

Campi Flegrei Supervolcano edges closer to possible eruption.

A GLP Thread popped up on this … otherwise I would probably have missed it though I have tried to pay attention to this volcano over the years since it IS generally regarded as the MOST DANGEROUS volcano in the World.  Some good links in the thread … but forget the guy who posted links to every doom thread ever on GLP. 
A new volcano model was developed JUST FOR THIS SPECIFIC VOLCANO … and it has now been perking along for 12+- years with perfect accuracy (so far) and that is the model that is showing the potential for a major eruption.
Parts of Naples Italy sit right on top of this Super Volcano Caldera … about 340,000 live ON TOP of it, not counting those who live right beside it and over some period of time now the entire caldera (about 25-35 miles across) has been rising at a rate of 4″ per year.  
Anyway, go read the thread and read a couple of the articles in the science type magazines that are linked.  Like most science articles they underplay the situation but even underplayed it is SCARY!!
One final note:  One person says that THIS is what Nostradamus was talking about when he talked about a city being suddenly destroyed!! since at the time Naples was a “New City”.  Interesting take on the forecast by Nostradamus of the destruction of a city.

So, this becomes an “immediate forward: to G.A. Stewart of The Age of Desolation because he holds the key insights in anything Nosty as we figure it.

A Crackpot Theory for Stu

We might learn something about “time travel/remote viewing” if this summer really blows sky high.  Megacano and WWIII big enough?

My wonderment boils down to this:  Maybe a LOT of the unfulfilled Nostradamus outlooks DO ALL HAPPEN in a one-year (or less) timeframe.

Seems likely to me (having had some number of woo-woo events) that in alt. reality  (the more real ones) we are drawn to big emotionally impacting events.

Say you’re staring into a pot of black oil at 4 AM in some peculiar headspace and writing/channeling any Future you see.  Would your “projected attention” come to a specific point?  (Yes…attracted to flares in spacetime.)

Could we be at the Grand Finale part now?

Intriguing question and keeps driving us to reread Potential for rupture before eruption at Campi Flegrei caldera, Southern Italy | Communications Earth & Environment (

Can you imagine what a Krakatoa-sized (or larger) blow out could do to humans in an overly complicated world?  Massive pop drop, for sure.

ATR:  Hot Chicken

BBQ chicken (whole, on the rotisserie) Sunday.

Reader Hank (briefly on the mainland) sent us some fresh Hawaii peppers last week.

Took the whole chicken, made 1/4 inch slices in the skin all over, and installed a couple of dozen peppers.

OMG!  (We were just talking about volcanoes, right?

Talk about Warm!

Off to battle the Demons of the Day.  A list headed by the mystery of Centurylink email no longer working with Outlook.  Which, I suspect, may be from the odd disappearance of Brightspeed brand…hmm…

Write when you get rich, or when you figure out if this is going to be a “Buy the Rumor” or a “Sell the Rumor” week…

80 thoughts on “Hot Mess Monday – Tactical Market”

  1. re: Outlook. Maybe it’s a MS issue. I’m using an older version of Office and my URL’s imbedded in Excel worksheets are starting to fail. MS is not my browser. I sense MS is driving changes without asking for user approval anymore.

  2. Saw one report about the truck carrying the “petroleum,-related product,” and the
    piece I saw has a last line that said, “…the
    exact diversity status of the driver was

    As I chuckled at this over-inflated language, I wondered, “unknown to whom?”

    The “..exact..” part of the status is also pretty
    fuzzy. Can it be somehow in doubt?


  3. I understand you need the add blockers on but the adds been driving me nuts. Then last week I had a thought on how I could handle it. I quickly looked up string bikini. The best idea I have had in years really makes a old Men perk right up in the morning. Although it dose cause me to lose my place and train of thought more.

    • I’ve been doing that for years now everytime I’m on the interweb I’m bombarded with everything bikini related. Pop-ups everywhere if you know what I mean.

  4. The I-95 collapse was OBVIOUSLY caused by a BOMB!!

    As “proven”by conspiracy theorists, to those of us with limited brain power who couldn’t believe it at first, the WTC collapses on 9/11 were done by BOMBS, not by a fire weakening the structural support structure of the buildings such that the weight of the building from the floors above would cause the weakened steel to lose it’s strength and cause the buildings to collapse.

    (of couse I still wonder how they could identify the exact floors the planes were to hit so they could place the bombs on those exact floors) (building 7 across the street was a separate and stanger situation)

    Obviously the steel beams on the I-95 bridge could NOT have lost their strength to support the road above it by a mere fire … ie: it HAD to be a BOMB that brought that bridge down!!

    Now that we have that settled, that it was a BOMB that brought down that I-95 bridge, all we need to do is to identify the likely suspects.

    Any suggestions as to WHO did the bomb planting on the I-95 bridge?

    • Not to put a damper or dissagree on the idea of some horrible people doing that.. but the bridge inspection report.. which I can’t find it right now.. but the road inspection report didn’t give it many stars it was failing ten years ago .. wasn’t that the reason why we printed up so many trillions to focus on the USA and repair its infrastructure.. they even printed up two trillion more than what the estimated repair costs were going to be.. hmm I wonder who is taking care of that money distribution.. so it could just be the combination of the vibration and the explosive power of the tanker blowing up.. like domino’s when it starts putting more stress on the many weak links.. the whole thing would go down..
      the vibration of so much traffic could be the final straw.. Tesla had a four ounce weight and almost took down a skyscraper.. mythbusters did a segment on it as well..

      • “so it could just be the combination of the vibration and the explosive power of the tanker blowing up.”

        The tanker didn’t blow up. There was no explosion at all. The tank ruptured and caught fire…

        • hmm..I didn’t know that..but it still could have been the vibration from heavy traffic and with as many weak points of the bridge.. once one goes they all start failing as in dominoes or jinga..
          instead of violence and needless wars to profit the very few..maybe we should spend a little of those funds printed up for destroying someplace else use it instead for failing infrastructure..
          more jobs no violence and a stronger economy..
          cue in the song..

          what’s war good for absolutely nothing …

    • I was reported to HR for having a ring tone that played Dixie. Seems I had created a hostile work place.

      • well don’t feel bbad.. one night a cute blonde came up to the desk telling me about her HOT new tears eve date..
        I laughed and said..
        the viper next to me turned me in for sexual harassment by indicating that she wasn’t fouch-i-able ..
        the vipers got the young blonde fired because a young college boy was attracted to her and the viper was attracted to the college boy..

    • I’m not convinced the bridge falling was bomb related.

      There’s only so much money to go around. Pensions get paid first. Rebar and concrete second. That’s the way it works.

      In Detroit people fall through holes in pedestrian bridges. Any explosion under the bridge and it’s dust.

      I could post more.

      4/2022 -nobody cares.

      Detroit official explains why hole in bridge went unreported to MDOT

      Detroit — A gaping hole in a Detroit pedestrian bridge that injured one man went unrepaired for nearly a week because Detroit Public Works Department employees didn’t listen to voicemail messages from police, city officials said Tuesday.

      Detroit resident Ely Hydes said he was walking to a Detroit Tigers game at Comerica Park on May 9 when a portion of the Spruce Street pedestrian bridge gave way under his feet.

      Hydes, 36, fell nearly 15 feet onto the shoulder of the Lodge Freeway, just feet from traffic, and incurred multiple scrapes and bruises. Hydes said a Detroit police scout car pulled up, and he alerted the officers to the fall and bridge collapse.

      4/2023 –
      Driver captures video of gaping hole, exposed rebar on old freeway bridge

      Don’t forget the Pittsburgh bridge 18 months ago.


      Pittsburgh bridge collapses, drops city bus into ravine

      “The collapse came hours before President Joe Biden arrived in the city to promote his $1 trillion infrastructure law, which has earmarked about $1.6 billion for Pennsylvania bridge maintenance.”

      • Bridge, smidge. Personally, I like the photos of the Detroit-area streets which spontaneously collapse and leave a building-sized hole in the pavement, usually at an intersection. ‘Bout 5-6 years ago, Google routed me through one of ’em. I stopped and looked, then hastily GTFO…

      • yes I read status reports years ago on the bridges and water supplies.. the report said it was extremely critical then.. instead of vital repairs we went to iraq…and Afghanistan. the aquifer supply line for NYC was close to collapse then..imagine when that sucker goes it will collapse a city..
        doing something for the people of the usa has always been the last thing a politician is interested in tackling..
        even now doing something constructive is the last thing on their mind to be done..
        like our grid it’s designed for making profit not for security.

  5. “government fumble-bungle, and will that be paper or plastic? Long commutes start after part of I-95 collapses in Philadelphia following tanker truck fire.”

    Hmm.. imagine that.. they only printed up how many trillions to fix the crumbling infrastructure… Hmmm

    • WTH !
      Two guys got into a fight. One lost. No big deal. What’s all the apocalyptic furor about?

    • hmm.. I wonder how the media will report this..
      vulnerable black male successfully defends himself against a white supremist..
      I knew a guy that delivered in a neighborhood.. two guys murdered someone in the alley he called police and they got angry that he was in that neighborhood at night no one would go there till morning.
      a friend working security alarm company was telling me the cops would not go in to a building with an alarm going off

  6. ““Campi Flegrei Supervolcano edges closer to possible eruption.”

    that sucks.. seems all the super volcano’s lately have been doing some weird things..

  7. As George has so eloquently laid out for us this morning there’s a lot going on in the world today. Rampant insanity, bridge collapses, super volcanoes and who knows what else. Some of those are potential problems for all of us and some of them are someone else’s problem. No action required on your or my part.

    We know this mess is going to get much messier and painful. The trick is figuring out when and what to look for, but also how to prepare. If you bet on one flavor of collapse and you get another your prep might not be right. For example, you were betting on toilet paper apocalypse and you got no indoor plumbing apocalypse instead. Now what do you do with all that toilet paper? It won’t matter. You’ll probably be dead anyway.

    Our big problem is that We The People aren’t working towards something as a group. Societies that live with productive intent keep their shit together. We could’ve been halfway across the galaxy by now if properly managed, but here we are arguing over the meaning what’s in people’s pants. Such a waste. I often wonder if we have failure baked in our collective cake to keep us in our own yard.

    The super volcano is definitely interesting. We could wake up one day soon with a whole lot fewer Italians on the planet. That also could cause some climate change that you can believe in (If you’re looking for a lefty political slogan, here you go). Our task masters wouldn’t like it though. You can’t monetize it and we’d rediscover just how much we need those fossil fuels afterall.

    • “Our big problem is that We The People aren’t working towards something as a group.”

      MARTIN ARMSTRONG: Federalism is once again the enemy and civilization forms when everyone comes together for a mutual benefit. Once you begin to impose the will of one side upon another, the very reason to stay together in civilization comes to an end. Just listen to history. This is the driving force behind the rise and fall of every civilization.

    • “Now what do you do with all that toilet paper?”

      the tools and things I have if I am one to pass on the not for myself..but for those that find it if I am gone.. with each the ceb brick press..has the instructions in it..several different recipes that cover having modern building materials or scavenged materials..
      people prepare to survive any diaries of those that crossed the prairies it takes a community.. the stone soup story told to all children

      • “with each the ceb brick press..has the instructions in it..”

        There’s a problem with that.

        What happens if the person who finds it can not read English, or any other current language?

        I have often wondered if hieroglyphics were created, not as a civilization’s actual written language, but as a language of symbols, independent of (and unrelated to) their language, the purpose of which was to leave an instruction manual…?

        • “What happens if the person who finds it can not read English, or any other current language?”

          lol I actually thought about
          the books are all .English.. like the voynich manuscript written in an old Babylonian Turkish script.. they would be needing an interpretation.. but the tools.. I have English and pictures on how it’s used..

    • The whole “working together” thing ended after WWII. External threat. Had to defeat the Axis – and there wasn’t even a general knowledge of the concentration camps until years after VJ Day to exacerbate the horrors of war. Warriors come home, start families, have a wide variety of goals and desires to pursue, a couple generations of spoiled kids pop out and all is forgotten before two guys get together and write “The 4th Turning”.

      “Cause and effect, chain of events, all of the chaos makes perfect sense. Welcome to Earth, third rock from the Sun…”.

    • “I often wonder if we have failure baked in our collective cake to keep us in our own yard.”

      I have often wondered this myself.

      Having heard and read of past civilizations, some perhaps as advanced as ours, I can’t help but wonder if Man gets to a certain point in its societal evolution, then intentionally destroys its society and starts over with stone mallets & loincloths, or pisses God off so much that He wipes the pieces off the board and does a reset…

      • or is it..human vanity.. when man was created were the genes that give us intellectual also the source of our demise .reading the rise and falls of ancient civilizations they all follow along the same lines.. vanity.. corruption the quest for more. to be considered better..
        I was a member if a group of people supposedly smarter..I got upset at them because they would razz me because I wasn’t as successful as they figured I should be..the thing is..being able to take advantage of the opportunity that passes each of us by.. someone from the ghetto has very little opportunity to move beyond their status..
        i believe tgat everyone is a genius in their own world..I could not survive on the streets I’m not street smart savvy..
        someone making 6 digits would have trouble living on a regular income..

  8. Sun rises in the East, Sets in the West .
    Water is wet .
    Grass is green .
    Sky is blue .
    In the northeast US #1 mess – I95 .

    Portion of I95 that burned and collapsed is/was a nasty piece of highway driving. Most heading north towards NY,CT,RI, Northern NJ take I76 to Jersey Turnpike(4 lanes & 2 truck lanes/each direction) and straight shot into NYC and JFK airport and points north.
    The section of I95 in question is considered a combat driving area – bumper to bumper at speed, on holey shitty roadway with haling ass big rigs interspersed throughout. Thankfully I drove a Govt tagged gray Tahoe with light bar and all the bells and whistles – when you see me in your rearview, ON Ure tailend, You move the fuck over, pronto quickly.

    There was explosion heard just prior to fire breaking out, also locally we informed early on it was 87 octane Gas that was burning.

    Anyone know what the “original” CE5 Protocols are ?

    How about – Vault 7 and Western Population Control Systems ?
    Please Advise .

    Words to the wizened – king Solomon, of the lesser and greater keys, was Not exactly Human .
    Yep – read it again, repeat, KNOW .

    Temple builders knew this secret – because it was to be a chamber that provided the necessary atmosphere for that “intelligence” to acclimatize after it found a willing host.. “invested” see black eyes of world leaders…
    Solomonic Workings – the greater and lesser keys.
    Goetia – the lesser key.
    Sepher Maphtea Shalamoh – greater key.
    master therion = Al Crowley.

    * Keys intended purpose – For inter dimensional consciousness to take up residence in Ure body, regardless of whether or not this is Ure intention .

    There – YOU have been properly warned!

    ** Only proper way to communicate with “entities” – Is hypno-gogical /lucid dreaming, when connected to higher information stream of the higher self ..BIG TIME IMPORTANT.
    Paying attention..?
    Because when connected to this information stream “things” cannot lie to you. You can literally trace their whole existence through MWI and analyze everything thought and choice they have ever made (Ures’ life movie review). Not to mention energetic signatures of higher order spirits is likely intense to Hear, without proper conscious preparation.
    lesson finished – It is my hope you can take something from the above..

    *Angels & Demons are one and the same in this current duality – careful out there, you have been massively gaslighted and lied to your entire Lives as have I.


      • E, the easiest way to get rid of em, make it leave Ure mind (brainworm) this is to just Ignore the Bad Thoughts.. aint that easy for weak willed types – no sweat for someone as strong as you.

        You will know they are bad thoughts/bad information the second the thought comes into Ure focus. Ignore them..keep ignoring them..within 24 hrs or so of Ignoring the bad info..they/it will leave. ya know thoughts like hurting Ure self, suicide..Your a bad ass Eleanor – that is compliment , but you are! No Fear, wary ? sure

        Now if Ure refering to one of the 72 or so Demons in the lesser keys like Aseroth or some other crazy “goddess”, no worries – dont bring either of those books into Ure house – I kid you not..those books are very “heavy” and if brought into your house – heavy and foreboding Ure feelings and house will be..

        Must be a mutual agreement, unlike Jim Morrison of The Doors – he got “invested”, unwillingly in New Haven Ct. at site of horrific car crash involving native americans/amer indians. Song titled Peace Frog describes the scene..”indians scattered on dawn’s highway, bleeding. Ghosts crowd childs fragile eggshell mind”. –
        Mr Mojo Risen claimed medicine man who died in the crash – his spirit jumped into Jims mind.

        * I have yet to meet anyone or know of anyone who has dealt with these entities, and not gone into drug addiction and or insanity, in the end. See OG hilary and huma
        Then again I dont formally know any higher ups in the masons,illuminati, or jesuits, nor do I ever want to meet one – as they are all built around homosexuality,pedophilia &darkness nowadayz-in modern time.

        Know, be confidant – You are a bad ass in this Universe( like hot shot rookies), with an ohhhh so valuable Brain.

        • Some time ago George wrote about those thoughts that creep into your mind which are all the stupid things we’ve done or said, things we SHOULD have done or said and didn’t, so on and so forth, whenever things are quiet and sometimes when they’re not. They pop into your contentiousness unbidden out of the clear blue and blow your concentration for a while. Doesn’t matter how long ago it was or whether you or someone else has already forgiven you and/or you’ve made up for it or just forgotten it in ages past – there it is like a big, stinky turd in your path staring you down and you have to deal with it all over again. Walking around it and ignoring it may work but sometimes those little idgits jump and you’re stuck scraping them off for a while. The mind is a strange place sometimes with many dark corners that multiply the older you get. It’s not unlike “The Backrooms” on YT.

      • we see evil all around us.. that’s one reason hack up and rape Sally shows won’t be on our television. what we watch your child can watch.. more than 120 rapes , murders, robberies, violence bushings etc. per hour on network television. gameshows that promote sociopathic actions to win.
        the adult presence is out working leaving children to television and violent games local gangs to raise them.. schools that are to afraid to stop bullying in the hallways..
        follow the DAO restor church.. ethics a nd morals..

    • “Sun rises in the East, Sets in the West .”

      not always did the sun come up in the east and set in the west…
      Paleomagnetic records tell us Earth’s magnetic poles have reversed 183 times in the last 83 million years, and at least several hundred times in the past 160 million years.
      if you lay out various areas where compass alignments is scattered..such as the burmeuda triangle.. at some points the magnetic vortex is so strong that equipment gets confussed.. it is but one of the 12 vortices that are present on the earth’s surface. Vile vortices are places where the earth’s magnetic pull is quite high and interferes with modern scientific equipments like the compass and the gyroscope.. that gets stronger during an electrical storm. some old legends talk of the sun rising from a different direction and ancient cities were laid out according to that.

    • “Temple builders knew this secret – because it was to be a chamber that provided the necessary atmosphere for that “intelligence” to acclimatize after it found a willing host.. “invested””

      or … was it a machine..
      if you take a look at the placement of pyramids around the globe you will see a grid pattern..

  9. “Parts of Naples Italy sit right on top of this Super Volcano Caldera … about 340,000 live ON TOP of it, not counting those who live right beside it and over some period of time now the entire caldera (about 25-35 miles across) has been rising at a rate of 4? per year. “

    That is a HUGE inflation rate! I have studied the geology of our Kilauea volcano for decades before I bought the Volcano Ranch. I suppose I cannot fault the ancients who built Naples as they didn’t know about these things. But in Hawaii we KNOW where the eruption zones are. Legal definitions have been laid down as ‘Lava Zones’. Lava Zone one contains old craters and is defined as: “May erupt at any time”. Lava Zone two is defined as: “Subject to lava down flows”… right next to Zone one. Insurance companies have learned from the past, and one cannot get home/fire insurance in these zones. But people are incredibly stupid or ignorant of these facts. The Leilani Estates subdivision was built right on top of Lava Zone 1 in the East Rift zone of Kilauea. Craters there flowed lava in 1955 and 1960.

    So in 2018 an unfortunate homeowner had her back yard crack open and and erupt and swallow her two year old new home… paid in cash because you cannot get a mortgage without insurance. The TV clip of her was a masterpiece example of cognitive dissonance. Quote: “Well we knew it was Lava Zone 1, but we never thought THIS would happen!”

    My volcano ranch is in Lava Zone 2, built atop the “Lava Flow of 1840” from the geology maps. Zone 3 is only three blocks away alongside the subdivision. I am also upwind of the volcanic zones. When I bought the place, there was a long extended finger of lava threatening the nearby village and everyone was freaking out and selling out and moving out. You know the old saying ‘buy when there is blood in the streets’… or buy when there is lava in the streets? Boy did I get a bargain!! Three Bedroom, two full baths and 1/3 acre of lush jungle that grows everything, for $97k… in Hawaii !!

    I was five miles upwind of the massive 2018 historic eruption. I was watching red skies at night but suffered no damage.

    But George, I love what you did with the peppers I sent. I don’t have that creative cooking gene. “Volcano Chicken” indeed!

  10. “My wonderment boils down to this: Maybe a LOT of the unfulfilled Nostradamus outlooks DO ALL HAPPEN in a one-year (or less) timeframe.”

    Stu would know where I read this. but I o ce read that nostradamus wrote that the outcome of his predictions were not set in stone..but could be far it’s clicking right along but one minor change in the direction of a prediction could c hange or alter the whole timeliness of events..

    • I remember Stu describing the Nostradamus outlooks as a puzzle.

      If this happens, then this will happen after that.
      So certain things will happen, but only if something else happened first…

      Or something like that.

      • yes I believe I read that on stus site.. and it makes sense..
        I like George have lucid dreams..
        a week ago I had a lucid dream of a friend of my daughters that showed a horrific crash.. she was taking her kids on a short trip.. she thought I was just paranoid and there wasn’t any issues. her son took off to relocate in the SW .. and was in a horrific accident and had to be flight for life to Colorado trauma center..was it the accident I dreamed of .. or a worry warts dream of uncertainty of those you care abouts traveling .

        • Actor Treat Williams, 71, was ‘traveling’ on his motorcycle yesterday, somebody cut him off, and now he’s dead.

        • You never know when you wake up if this is the last night you’re ever going to spend in your bed. Dang good chance there are more to come … but …

  11. I personally bieve our biggest concerns have to deal with the one year mark.. we have a presidential election coming up. a weak president and congress. a pay for play political system and an open border to allow people from countr I es that swore vengeance a gains our country.. supposedly for a donation..
    if I was a leader going by the art of war..
    “let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt”?
    look weak when you are strong.. strike while they are weak..
    we cannot be every where at once..
    the poison pawn trap . a news report saying we are mounting on the Russian border.. means resources have to be moved there from somewhere else…
    if they are going to move I imagine they’d rather face someone that doesn’t have a clue that’s known to be forsale by anyone at all..than someone with reasoning capabilities and a few morals and ethics..

  12. I approach Nostradamus names, metaphors, and allusions as I do the crytoquote puzzle in the newspaper. Each letter can only stand for one other letter. You begin hunting for all the Es, because that is that most commonly used letter in the English language. If you see a propensity of Bs in the crytoquote, they are most likely Es.

    Thus, if Nostradamus uses the phrase New City in six different prophecies, all six prophecies must be related to whatever defines “New City”.

    In my system, Quatrain I-87 defines the phrase “New City”

    Nostradamus Quatrain I-87
    Earthshaker fire from the center of the earth,
    Will cause towers to tremble around the new city [New York]:
    Two great rocks will make war for a long time,
    Then Arethuse [Arethusa] will redden a new river.

    Only New York City can be said to truly have towers. Plus, we have an allusion to the Hudson River.

    Nostradamus’ used 1,321 prophecies to provide a coherent narrative for three periods in his future, Antichrist 1, Antichrist 2, Antichrist 3, and they challenge the Great Sterile Dame and her four children, which is a metaphor for Christianity, and its four major sects.

    Nostradamus was born and raised during the Protestant Reformation, and so the shattering of Christianity into many sects appears in many historical metaphors.

    Interestingly enough, you see a little Greek mythology sprinkled into Quatrain I-87, with Arethusa, the attendant to the mythological goddess Artemis.

    Consider this; the Greek goddesses Artemis and Athena are very similar. This comes from my 2013 book.

    After the War of the Titans, came the Gigantomachy. A second great age of warfare erupted between the gods when some of the children of Ouranos and Gaia rose up in rebellion against Zeus. Conspiring with her monstrous offspring, Gaia had the giants Enceladus and Echidna seek revenge on Zeus and the Olympians for their mistreatment of her children, the Titans.

    The giant Enceladus was eventually felled by Athena’s spear and then buried under Mount Etna in Sicily. Zeus spared Echidna, allowing him to live and to be dealt with by mankind in the future.

    And then we can also through a little Edgar Cayce into the mix.

    Edgar Cayce Reading 270-35
    If there is the greater activities in the Vesuvius, or Pelee then the southern coast of California and the areas between Salt Lake and the southern portions of Nevada may expect within the three months following same, an inundation by the earthquakes.

    Edgar Cayce Reading 1152-11
    Los Angeles, San Francisco, most all of these will be among those that will be destroyed before New York even.

    Edgar Cayce Reading 311-8
    When there is the first breaking up of some conditions in the South Sea (that’s South Pacific, to be sure), and those as apparent in the sinking or rising of that that’s almost opposite same, or in the Mediterranean, and the Aetna [Etna] area, then we may know it has begun.

    As I mentioned, the giant Enceladus, who rebelled against the Olympian gods during the Gigantomachy, was defeated by Zeus and then buried under Mount Etna by Athena.

    The short answer to the speculation of some large volcanic eruption in that part of the Mediterranean is absolutely, yes.

    Unfortunately, Italy has more immediate concerns, like World War III.

    Check my website by the end of today or tomorrow. I explain how my system works in the first chapter of a 600-page book that will be free to download.

    • Two great rocks will make war for a long time.”
      – Has ‘two great rocks’ been defined ?
      – Look forward to the book – thanks for your work, I have always appreciated the effort.

  13. Here’s a Detroit goodie.

    We’ve got Al-Hassan Aiyash managing a pirate gas station. One of the customers wants to buy $4.00 of stuff. The customers card is declined so the customer decides he’ll take the stuff and transitions into a criminal.

    Al-Hassan remote-locks the door so the now criminal cannot get away. The criminal threatens, “If you don’t unlock the door, your customers are going to get the gun.” Al-Hassan behind protective glass doesn’t care and says, “No.” to unlocking the door. The criminal follows through.

    ‘Please, man, don’t shoot us’: Witness says man shot 3 people, killing 1, in dispute over $4

    “After the men were shot, the clerk unlocked the door to the store, and McCray fled from the scene,” the prosecutor’s office said.

  14. Now.., would that be sorta “ironic”. Campi Flegrei going off. Pretty much the ultimate ‘distraction’., world wide weather changes., massive crop failures world wide.., millions probably starve to death.., Maybe Mother Nature will make the first move and show everybody what “power” is all about.

    • I was listening to Mark Leibovit today, and he said…

      Basically, our world is affected by a lot of things, besides a Trump indictment or what The Federal Reserve is doing or not doing, I have whole section in my newsletter about the Carrington event back in 1859, the giant sunspots and the effect it had on the planet, , and there are sunspots happening now, active volcanoes, you know, our whole world could change in a day. The summer solstice is coming up in about 10 days, last year at this time, just about now, the market started heading south…

      • It was late August when the market peaked and started dropping. One person I follow for “looking ahead” said that there is going to be a lot of natural disasters coming our way over the next two years.., starting this, Summer. She is preparing – “In a hurry” – for them. [ Mainly more food and batteries.]

    • If that thing blows 1538 style excuse yourself from whatever situation you are in and while the others watch the pretty black cloud enveloping the planet max out the cards on foodies.

      G and the solar panels too. Windmill may have been the way after all.

      “In April of 1815, Mount Tambora exploded in a powerful eruption that killed tens of thousands of people on the Indonesian island of Sumbawa. The following year became known as the “year without a summer” when unusually cold, wet conditions swept across Europe and North America.”

      – Sep 17, 2019

      • Even good ole Thomas Jefferson has to take out a bank loan to get by – as his wheat harvest failed.

  15. A good morning., so far. Trade Buddy showed up early with two ammo cans full of delight. One HP Match 308 Win., and one 230gr HP 45acp. [ I rebuilt his Springfield 1911 into a pretty damn cool looking combat special.] I must be getting old – those cans are getting heavy. An hour later “The Crazy Chicken Lady” stopped and gave us a fresh, very plump hen, dozen eggs and half a pound of her new goat’s milk cheese. [ I installed a couple of wireless remote outdoor cameras and linked them to her laptop. – She didn’t want any of her friends, or neighbors to know about them – for some reason – I didn’t ask – none of my business.] When I was done, she made some great cinnamon-black tea, and I sharpened her favorite kitchen knife as we talked. A good visit.]
    – How did your morning go ??

    • “How did your morning go ??”

      I took advantage of the cool (for June) morning to pick a bunch of green beans. Washed and bagged preparing to can them, looks like about 40 pints so far. And at least that many more yet to be picked.

      I was hesitant to start any big projects, as we’re supposed to be having a rainy day (not materializing yet), but it’s good to get a start on the bean harvest.

  16. Barring anything weird., the S&P500 is going to close solidly above 4,305 – time to short ?

  17. ., and this just in
    – The New York Fed’s monthly Survey of Consumer Expectations for May showed one-year inflation expectations down 0.3 percentage point to a 4.1% rate.
    That’s the lowest annual outlook since May 2021, just as inflation was beginning to spike to its highest level in more than 41 years.
    Household spending is expected to increase 5.6% over the next year, up 0.4 percentage point from April as consumers seemingly ignore inflation.

  18. Argentina is in talks to adopt the Greenback as their currency, abandoning the Peso.
    But wasn’t Argentina getting all warm and fuzzy with China ?

  19. “With the report this weekend Meet 37-Year-Old Alex Soros, Taking Over a $25B Empire, we see the liberal “think-easy” mindset will afflict the other coast, too. You can already see it, plain as day.”

    When I mentioned this last night, I failed to mention Alex’ trips to the White House to give da creeper his weekly orders, and also that where George Soros is a NAZI (as in a real, Hitleresque fascist socialist) Alex is, AFAICT, a pure communist socialist. I’m not sure there’ll be much difference here at ground level — maybe BLM will dance the lead at the headbanger’s ball and relegate Antifa to vandalism and burning — whatever.

    It’ll still be SSDD…

  20. “Oh! Should mention I’m not the sole proprietor of this line of reasoning: San Francisco’s Decline is a Warning to Other American Cities (”

    ‘Problem is, “Newsweek” is NOT going to define the problem with the “American Cities” which is leftist, neocommunist leadership.

    Simple fix: Completely eliminate Federal “pork barrel” giveaways. Pass a federal law which states that no federal monies be used for city, township, or county projects until the mayor or governing council come up with 50% of all of the money required to build, rebuild, or create the project. Alternatively, require that the mayor of a city produce 10% out of his own pocket…

    • that’s how it is with redoing infrastructure..our town didn’t put away anything for future get a federal assistance.. they have to raise the water bill.. our monthly water bill is more than our house payment..

  21. “But when our own Government is arming up 87,000 IRS agents and buys arms for government agencies, the Constitution provides gun ownership as the ultimate defense against excessive government.”

    My cousin, the frickin’ Weathergal, still appreciates the Glock the FedGov provided her with, and the unlimited free rounds she’s allowed to expend at our expense whenever she and hubby go shooting.

    Don’t forget the postal workers, Social Security desk jockeys, ag agents, EPA examiners, NOAA wonks, and countless other Federal employees the government has armed over the past 15 years…

  22. At least some GPS systems will route you down I-95 from central NJ and then through the Philly area on to the PA turnpike if you’re going west on I-76/70. That’s pointless and ridiculous when you can take I-78 directly to I-81 an then pick up the Pike in Carlisle. Less tolls too. I can guess that this GPS routing will result in far more congestion by those who don’t bother to think, including some truckers. There are many alternates unless you need to be in Philly, and that’s a city best avoided when possible.

  23. On that I95 tragedy. Why wouldn’t you reinstate telecommuting /telepresence? Wasn’t long ago that everything was locked down. Seems logical.

  24. “Excessive government, did I say? Oh my: US capital sputters as federal workers stay home, yet the pay never stops. ”

    It never will George, until it does. All those geniuses who forgot the knock on effect of dropping a beer by rus on the planet may have forgotten about the shared collateral damage post event horizon.

    Welcome to the new paradigm. Its cloud based, it doesn’t require a static office, just the layer 3 access and kick ass laptop.

    Oh I expect DNS to be the next “simulated” drill. I don’t expect it to last long, as having no internet/cloud availability also means Big Bro can’t do dis:

    And there’s dis: Why would they think that an important feature on a Digital Asset / Currency / Commodity that goes for $0.52 cents per copy?

    Got Blockchain? BCN June 13th is nigh.

  25. RV sales are always an “under the radar” economic indicator for the economy. More spending money and interest rates dictate the consumers willingness to spend on high-end items.
    – RV sales are down 50% over this time last year.

  26. ‘Tis that time again:

    Witness with ‘Smoking Gun’ Evidence on Biden Died Under ‘Mysterious Circumstances’

    Rudy Giuliani, a former mayor of New York City and formerly a lawyer for the late President Donald Trump, asserted that he offered to provide a U.S. attorney with information about a whistleblower who had access to smoking gun evidence of a Biden international bribery scheme, but that he was ignored and that the woman later passed away inexplicably.

    Grassley: Burisma executive who allegedly paid Biden has audio recordings of conversations with Joe, Hunter

    Sen. Chuck Grassley said Monday that the Burisma executive who allegedly paid Joe Biden and Hunter Biden kept 17 audio recordings of his conversations with them as an “insurance policy,” citing the FBI FD-1023 form that the bureau briefed congressional lawmakers on. Grassley revealed from the Senate floor Monday what was said to be a redacted reference in the FBI-generated FD-1023 form alleging a criminal bribery scheme between then-Vice President Joe Biden and a foreign national that involved influence over U.S. policy decisions.

    GOP lawmaker introduces articles of impeachment against Biden, Harris

    A Tennessee Republican lawmaker on Monday introduced articles of impeachment against President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris.

    Rep. Andy Ogles accused the president of having used his position as both president and previously vice president to protect his family business and their alleged illicit activities from congressional oversight. “Joseph Robinette Biden has weaponized the Executive Office of the President and his years of service in the White House, to include his service as Vice President, to shield the business and influence peddling schemes of his family from congressional oversight and public accountability,” the articles read. The article of impeachment against Harris that Ogle introduced addresses her “extraordinary incompetence” and failure to visit the southern border.

    CBS News Poll: After Trump indictment, most see security risk, but Republicans see politics

    Republican primary voters say they’re far more concerned that Donald Trump’s indictment is politically motivated than his alleged conduct being a national security risk – and there’s no evidence it’s hurt his status as the clear front-runner for the 2024 nomination, at least not yet. He remains well ahead of rivals in both consideration and vote choice.

    Note that this is a CBS poll and likely left-leaning…

    Trump vows to appoint special prosecutor for Biden if he wins in 2024


    Talk about giving Biden an incentive to win…

    Voting machine printer company says Maricopa Election Day report ‘inaccurate,’ seeks correction

    A printer company says a report by Arizona’s Maricopa County on errors at voting centers on Election Day 2022 is “factually inaccurate” and is seeking a correction from the county attorney’s office. Ballot printer issues at more than 70 vote centers in the county on Election Day last year resulted in long lines because tabulator machines could not read some of the voters’ ballots.

    Okidata doesn’t say their printers didn’t go tango-uniform, only that it was not their fault that the printers shit themselves…

  27. Green Monkey DNA Found in COVID-19 Shots

    The COVID-19 shots are turning out to be more of a time bomb than ever imagined. This new discovery of the presence of green monkey DNA, including tumor-linked viral promoters, in the jabs has this microbiologist and immunologist calling for an immediate halt in the use of mRNA “vaccines.”

    Covid-19 Created In Wuhan Lab Through Classified Bioweapons Program: US Investigators

    Researchers in Wuhan, China working with the Chinese military were genetically manipulating the world’s deadliest coronaviruses to create a new mutant virus right around the time that the Covid-19 pandemic began, according to the Sunday Times, which has reviewed hundreds of documents, “Including previously confidential reports, internal memos, scientific papers and email correspondence that has been obtained through sources or by freedom of information campaigners in the three years since the pandemic started.”

  28. House Judiciary expands probe into banks sharing data with FBI

    House Judiciary Republicans announced on Monday an expansion of their investigation into banks voluntarily sharing consumer data with the FBI after previously demanding answers of Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan. The committee released letters to the leaders of Citigroup, JPMorgan, PNC Financial Services, Truist, U.S. Bancorp, and Wells Fargo in which they pointed to Bank of America voluntarily sharing private consumer data with the bureau related to transactions made in the Washington, D.C., area around Jan. 6, 2021.

    U.S. planning evacuation of Americans from Taiwan: Report

    The U.S. is reportedly creating plans to evacuate Americans from Taiwan in the event of an armed conflict or other emergency, The Messenger reported Monday. Pentagon spokesperson Lt. Col. Martin Meiners declined to comment on the plans but asserted that the government did not “see a conflict in the Taiwan Strait as imminent or inevitable.”

    • Banks won’t argue with any of the agencies..working in trash.. the one thing that amazed me was they go through random trash of citizens.. just pick a house then dig through their garbage..that was such a regular occurrence that I bought a shedder..not that I have anything to hide but hell personal letters are personal and its .. just weird.
      like archeology everything is in the trash….the hardwire information at the courthouse open to anyone …

  29. NYC private schools teaching ‘sexuality curriculum’ in woke kindergarten classes

    Posh private schools such as Dalton are indoctrinating kids as young as 4 and 5 with woke gender-identity programs and “sexuality curriculums,” The Post found. One education consultant confirms that some of the city’s top private schools now ask about a child’s gender identity and preferred pronouns on their kindergarten admissions applications. The schools — with kindergarten tuition north of $60,000 — shamelessly boast about the instruction in their online course materials.

  30. Kamala Harris Steps in for Biden as He Misses Event to Undergo Two-Day Procedure

    Vice President Kamala Harris had to fill in for President Joe Biden during an event at the White House to celebrate college athletes after he underwent a routine dental procedure. A root canal sidelined Biden on Sunday but his dentist said he would need another day to recover Monday after more work on the tooth.

    This really bothers me. My root canals (including the one I had a couple months ago) have taken less than two hours, even with a filling and, in one case, a reconstruction. Surely the President of the United States has a better dentist than I, so why two days to recover from a minor, and routine oral surgery…?

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