Holiday Notes

Remarkably little is going on today.  In fact, when stories like the movie Black Panther are the “above the fold” content on websites, we have to breathe a bit easier.  No planet killing asteroids in view.

Still, the bashing of Donald Trump for his latest (what media call) “tweet storm” (which you can read for yourself over here) is in full swing.

As we have explained previously:  The reason the MainStreamMedia has such a hard-on for Trump is his direct Tweets give him a way to communicate with the public without the crooked toll road operators of media being able to cash-in.  You see, people really want to know what the President thinks (and is doing).  Before an electronically competent president arrived on scene, all before him, including Obama, played the game with the national news syndicates.  That gave them lots of power (the only way to learn about the president) but MORE IMPORTANTLY it gave them what amounted to proprietary content.  And that kept their whole shitteree from imploding faster in the face of alt-media which is as good a source as any oof the MSM’s any more.  It’s all from the same press releases, after all.

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Even more apparent to those of us who look at content aggregation and analysis as grown-ups.

Our commercial-free news content site (maintained for Peoplenomics. com and readers) is over at

There, 24-7. you can scan a selection of RSS feeds…without ads and link-bait in the sidebars and the only thing I will eventually add will be a pop up for Urban and Peoplenomics.

RSS feeds are problematic for the MSM.  Without putting out feeds, no one in their right mind would wake through all the BS on most sites looking for the one item that’s of interest.  On the other hand, most of the stories in news (the few that do have personal impacts) can be summarized in one sentence.

That brings me to the hand-wringing left which is still trying to repeal the Second Amendment.  Take NPR with “Trump To Talk About ‘School Safety,’ But Will He Do Anything About Guns?”  Dumb.

For one, the President can’t repeal the Second Amendment.  Two: Neither can Congress.  Three: What drugs was the perp on?  (No one talks about this, notice?  Reason as we see it is Big Pharma owns not only media but half the Swamp, too, so no one wants to piss-off the BIG SPONSOR in all this crap).  Four: How many cop visits to the (alleged) perp house with not a single charge or shrink involved?  WTF?

Sadly, the Left won’t address items like these – instead they will play with the agenda which is for unseen forces to continue school shooting (which are eerily similar) with the did-arm America agenda.

This fits uncomfortably well with our notion that perestroika with the Former Soviet Union (FSU) was simply a tempo-shift in how wars are waged nowadays.

You see, in the past, people like Hitler went for the gusto in their own lifetimes.  In other words BIG and RIGHT NOW wars.  Since the Russians are master of what game?  (Chess, you idiot, wake up!) They likely looked at warfare like the Chinese.  Play slow to win.

If you play fast, out come the nukes, the genetically-selective bio-bombs, the EMP and first thing you know, there’s only a burnt-out cinder to fight over.

No, slow war is better!  The American Left (which the Russians founded and funded) is still alive.  And since all politicians (all parties except maybe Tea) are corrupt and don’t actually FIX A DAMN THING, it’s easy for the Russians to intimidate and or the Lefty’s here to push things along toward the ultimate socialist world that China and Russia are moving toward.  Leaving only enough capitalism to give people hope, but with money comes an obligation to get  with the Globalist Party and work for the merger.

But slowly.

That’s why the media is frightened of Trump, as we figure it.  he may actually get that and unlike his “raised by leftists” predecessor, may be willing to screw with the plan.

Take that earthquake in Mexico a few days back.  The headline 7.2 Quake, Mexico City sort of tells it all.  The MSM has a real issue with this kind of report:

First, you can find all the data (including the latest aftershocks) on the USGS website here.  Nothing exclusive about that.

So the gnomes of New York-based news empires have to make a choice:  Do they send a team into the area to get video clips of fallen down buildings (like you’ve never seen one?) or do they pay a royalty to some TV outfit in Mexico City that already has the video?

The media that send in a strike team of reporters will then go nuts.  “Here’ is little Jose’s mom…her son in believed buried under that pile of rubble that used to be a building you can see behind us….”

It trying to pull at the heart-strings and sometimes does.  But at the end of the day, your commute still sucks, there’s still no wall, prices are going up faster than incomes, and both political parties are time-wasting sinkholes for the public attention.

Which is why we like finance.  At least there, the little people (like us) can make a few bucks and seeing this larger picture of Medial Lords charging for…uh…what exactly?  We can have our coffee and roll into the productive part of the day.

No killer asteroids in sight.

About Financial Stuff

This being President’s Day there will be no bills arriving in the mail.

I feel especially good on days like this because I still make the corporate demons that must be dealt-with to send me out a bill.  Why ANYONE would give them carte blanche to take money out of their accounts without a review of service provided is totally beyond me.

People are dumb, though.  Just look at the voting tallies for deceivers and liars who have never built anything in their lives (other than  more government debt) if you don’t believe me.

Markets are closed.  Perhaps people with money need time to spend it?

Asia was up a fair bit overnight, but Europe is sloshing this way and that, with a downward flavor.  Gold and silver with edging down, too.

Bitcoin (Around $10,940 when I checked) was still very much “in trend channel.”  Remember, even though BTC is based on nothing more than a few lines or code, that doesn’t mean you can trade the tulip and make some dough.

But for now, the odds look to us about evenly split between going to the sub-$1000 range or screaming to $32,000.  Pick your poison, but we always take the “wait and see whassup” ‘tude.

So much for Monday.  Off to be real around here.  Ya’ll have a fine time, sorry you can get money sucked out of your accounts 24-7, but you do have choices.

“‘No Cash’ Signs Everywhere Has Sweden Worried It’s Gone Too Far.”

Of course it has!  But it’s coming here – if you fell for the bullshit of “convenience.

The slow-motion wars work because people are inherently lazy.  So rather than discipline children in schools or bankers in your pocket, the easy way  is the way to the ovens.

Or have the historical revisionists removed that from our cultural memory, too?

“Slow they will go….”    You, maybe.

More on the ‘morrow.

35 thoughts on “Holiday Notes”

  1. Parkland, in ways, is symptomatic, George. Yes, it is one person who belonged in an intensive care facility, particularly after his parents died. Quite possibly, a jail was his destiny. Absolutely, Big Pharma requires a call out.

    You have steadfastly written about American life. Life is not limited to the behavior of Mr. Market. We have found a way to escape one another, waiting for the apocalypse, while spurring it on. Facebook, Twitter, and all these means of connection have dissolved our our desire to pay attention and care for one another, face to face, in spite of our political differences. The latter will always prevail, but will we? Can we find a way to be and work together, without restricting one freedom after another?

    There is also reason for hope. For the moment, though, maybe a simple pause is on order.

    • But what is Hope? Nothing but the paint on the face of Existence; the least touch of truth rubs it off, and then we see what a hollow-cheeked harlot we have got hold of.

    • I read this somewhere and put it in my “Journal of Sounds Reasonable”…”Common precepts of rationality, such as: If one desires a particular end, it is rational to follow the means for achieving that end; if the end can be realized in more than one way, it is rational to choose the less burdensome way; if agreements between parties are mutually beneficial and each party can be given full assurance that the other will abide by the terms of the agreement, it is rational to enter into the agreement; if times are uncertain, it is rational to rank alternatives by their worst possible outcome and then pick the alternative with the least worst outcome.These precepts of rationality are guided in their application toward a particular set of ends called primary goods. In addition to these precepts of rationality and their related ends, the original position attempts to model precepts of reasonableness. Reasonable people are ready to propose principles as fair terms of social cooperation and to abide by them willingly, even at the cost of their own interests in particular situations, provided that others accept those terms.”

      • It all sounds good AI but George used to talk a lot about Resource Wars and given the rapid increase of the World population such sources of reason will fall by the wayside as resources dwindle, particularly oil. It’s good to reason with each other but as desperation takes hold we become like the mouse experiments of the 50s and 60s. Regardless of whether or not all needs are satisfied the mouse population devolved into fewer and fewer healthy individuals until a permanent decline set in not due to disease but the psychology of the environment. The only time humans are truly healthy is when there is visible evidence of opportunity for expansion, both in numbers of generations going forward and the financial opportunities to support them. This is rapidly going away. This optimism was last seen in the 60s, maybe the 70s. Since then the population has doubled and we’ve become aware of the World’s dwindling resources and spaces to live. If you’re in a major city can you not look around and see this mass of humanity using so much every day is anything but sustainable?

  2. If the MSM would have went after Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama like they did and still do Trump, Hillary and Billy would be behind bars, and there would never have been a President Obama. So that shows how much the media is a leftist organization and is run by globalists. Also how much real news they hide from the American people.

  3. George, I am a long time reader and enjoy your info. I am also a long time student of the NWO, i have been in the John Birch Society for 40 plus years. You are correct about the communist strategy when the wall came down in 1989 in Berlin. It was all a deception to get money from the west and lead us to ‘Revolution’. This was all layed out in a book titled ‘New Lies for Old’ by Anatoliy Golitsyn, who defected from the then Soviet Union in the early 1970’s when this plan was hatched. Funney we never heard much in the MSM about this book?

  4. There is one good aspect of the “no cash” system, believe it or not. I can now tell all the pan handlers that hit on me in the parking lots that I don’t carry cash any more. It shuts them down pretty quick.

    • I ignore the idiots standing in the medians with their cardboard signs. They’re a danger to traffic. When one of these allegedly homeless people come up to me personally, I just tell them “no thank you”, and the cognitive dissonance from parsing that sentence stops them in their tracks.

      Some people deserve help, and lots of help is available, but it’s impossible to tell who is faking and who is real. I’ll help someone that offers value(that I can actually use) and seems to be trying to get on with their lives. Otherwise, “no thank you”.

      • If I have it to share I share…

        It’s the thought, or in this case, the action that counts! no?

        I’ll “judge” when it’s a burden to give and let others do so if they must when not…

      • I can somehow tolerate the volunteer fire department fill the boot drive,tho it does create a road hazard,but there’s something terribly wrong seeing the grade school moms teaching their children to panhandle on street corners for money to go to soccer competition. I would also agree that our society is much different to that growing up in the fifties. Although it does seem like only the Indians died in the western movies……till the sixties. I fail to see how the discussion never turns to the violence glorified on tv movies videos…….oh that’s right, don’t want to shine the spotlight down that deep hole. Planted carrots,dill,lettuce and spinach today.stay safe.

      • My daughter used to work at one of the large banks in town. As a teller she’d see the “professional” pan handlers come in to make their deposits … from their cars … and they weren’t hurting at all. Tax free money.

  5. George

    “If you play fast, out come the nukes”.

    The Primary Alert System diddle tone sounds.

    Everyone rushes to get their copy of the Authentication sheet.

    The Launch message is copied and verified.

    Launch keys are removed from the safe by the crew commander and his deputy.

    BMAT and MFT assumed their places at operator consoles.

    The MFT is ordered to turn on circuit breaker 103 called ordnance arm.

    At the appointed time the crew commander and deputy insert and turn their Launch keys.

    The BMAT monitors the launch sequence on the CMG-1 console.

    The MFT monitors the operation of the Silo Closure door, (750 tons of it), as it opens.

    Liquid fueled rocket engines ignite and away goes 300 tons of missile and warhead.

    This entire sequence of events took about five minutes.

    Over their headphones the crew is advised by the instructor crew that they had performed in a highly qualified manner and it was time for a break.

    That training for Titan II went on for about 25 years. The Minute Man crews have their own version.

    Scary stuff and all too real!!!!!!!!!!

    There is a Titan II museum in Green Valley Arizona if anyone is interested.

  6. And today i start paying for a medicare prescription drug plan, tho it cost at start 3 times the cost of the one pill i take without insurance, not counting the cost of half destroyed organs, cheap, but compounding penality for non compliance, not so much…soon to compound cost without including penalty, beyond understanding…

  7. “People are dumb, though. Just look at the voting tallies for deceivers and liars who have never built anything in their lives (other than more government debt) if you don’t believe me.

    Same goes for: When any battleship sank with thousand of the best, no big deal?! When bombers flew over cities and killed 60,000 to 120,000 at a clip, no big deal?! However, God forbid someone uses a handgun.

  8. George, your Question about drug involvement in mass shootings is dead on point. The question I have is do the psychotropic medications predispose a person to hypnotic suggestion?

  9. The Remington Predator matched with a bump stock and it’s fully automatic:

    Remington is filing for bankruptcy: (due to low gun sales rom Trump’s win, they were expecting Clinton’s win to spur increased sales due to fear of clampdown on gun laws)

    • I’ve been resisting the urge to buy one of these over priced rifles for a long time. My kid finally got one for Christmas, though, courtesy of his wife and now that we have coyotes on the ranch it’s getting more difficult to say no to having one. That second shot is critical to getting the next predator that a bolt gun doesn’t afford you and there are few other semi-auto rifles that fit this bill. Too, if you have the money to blow C-notes out the end of your barrel I still think you’re nuts. It’s a waste of good ammo and a good barrel. No different from wasting tire tread on a burn out. It did it once in the Vegas rifle range and that was fun … and enough. Plus I prefer a little furniture on my rifles.

      That being said, and for what it’s worth, I’d support raising the age limit on these rifles to 21 even though it wouldn’t do a thing to prevent incidents like Vegas. The main problem is our bureaucratic agencies are failing us big time so the only thing we can really do is vote to arm our teachers like we can here in Texas and get a firearm we’re comfortable with and learn to be proficient with it. It’s all part of the plan according to Bill Cooper. See my link to his interview below.

  10. Guns in schools? We used to have marksman activities in High Schools where students brought their rifles in and put them in their lockers until needed. There was none of this shoot-em-ups in schools until AFTER the Federal Govt. took them over! To me this suggests a solution, but that’s just me.

    We also must look at the “medical profession”:
    “In 2000, Dr. Barbara Starfield published a study revealing that doctors are in fact the third leading cause of death in the U.S., killing an estimated 225,000 patients annually. Her statistics showed that each year:”

    “12,000 die from unnecessary surgery”
    “7,000 die from medication errors in hospitals”
    “20,000 die from other errors in hospitals”
    “80,000 die from hospital-acquired infections”
    “106,000 die from the negative side effects of drugs taken as prescribed”

    “However, when deaths related to diagnostic errors, errors of omission and failure to follow guidelines were included, the number skyrocketed to 440,000 preventable hospital deaths each year.”

    This is like two loaded jumbo jets crashing EVERY DAY, and no one gives a crap!

    I have had three of those on this list but thanks to their incompetence, they didn’t “get me” yet.

  11. The nation is aghast about a one day school shooting, while the USA military on average every day kills at least twice as many civilians around the world. Business as usual for the empire.

    Americans are machine gunned down in Las Vegas in a terrorist attack that would be impossible for one man to accomplish and yet there are no arrests.

    But the markets are up and you can still make a few bucks.

    Americans are like wildebeest, living in daily danger hoping that they never become the focus of any of the myriad predators inhabiting the culture. But they all get eaten in the end.

  12. Gun control…
    The gun isn’t at fault here..
    Instead we have a society where multiple jobs have to be worked just to survive even with that one out of every two are forced to seek federal assistance.
    We have an entertainment industry that bombards our youth with various violent acts every few seconds. Game shows that instead of group building skills being the winner instead the winners are the ones that use the best sociopathic skills to win.
    Where parental exposure is no longer available. The average cost of a house has a payment around two grand various insurances about the same little less. All the rest the same. Low income..well there is the two edged sword they can’t get decent housing so they are subjects of slum lords and pay more.
    Don’t blame guns.. when I was young kids brought their guns to school for after school hunting.
    It’s definitely not trumps fault jus another reason for a broken political system to do nothing constructive.

    • Children are forced to raise themselves. Being bombarded every minute with violence many show celebrating violent acts.. seen a zombie show lately..
      rape,murder,beatings and torture are a common visual. It’s only going to get worse to. What they should be doing is banning the media from exposing our children to this. Oh sure they put ratings on them but with mom and dad at work.. who’s going to stop them from watching.

  13. But what is Hope? Nothing but the paint on the face of Existence; the least touch of truth rubs it off, and then we see what a hollow-cheeked harlot we have got hold of.

  14. It is not possible to keep an unincarcerated psychotic sociopath or antisocial nutjob from obtaining a firearm.

    It IS however possible to limit the amount of damage said nutjob can do.

    It is my considered opinion we don’t harden schools and entertainment venues for the same reason we don’t harden our grid…

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