Been a while since we’ve talked about some genuine serious woo-woo.  That’s the part of life not well-understood, let alone documented, by science.  This morning, some things science hasn’t made clear.

People have two lives.  One is the “normal” (*waking-state) that we are sharing right now.  The OTHER is the world you go to – when you are sleeping.

This other world we visit is connected to thing one by thought forms.

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Those thought forms perform an important function, I believe and let me share a bit from last night’s “birthday adventure in the Realms” because it not only explains why I am into voice-controlled computing, but also it explains a good bit about the mechanics  of the dream and outer worlds.

It was another day at work in my “other life.”  I work for a technology company there (it’s semi-alien technology) and it’s purpose is to send thoughts to this side of the veil.

The president of the company seems to be a spin on a personality I worked for on this side in high tech, a fellow named Michael.  How the technology (over there) works is a bit odd, but let’s see if I can explain it:

The Universe is a “big thought.” That was wrecked by the Big Bang though, so these trillions of tiny thoughts need to be processed into a whole again in order to bring the worlds together.  Veils like “sleep” keep them apart.  Concepts like time and distance, too.

In other worlds, think of the post- Big Bang Universe a kaleidoscope:  The Universe (at the time of the Big Bang) breaks into a quintillion sub-Realities.  Not just the obvious particles on this side of the veil  but billions upon billions of other worlds that exist like our own.

It’s not unlike the currently popular theory in math that “We are living in a simulation…”  Well, yes – but no.  We’re in  one piece of the kaliedescope, it a better way of thinking of it.  Math’s good, but there’s a danger in this top-down sim-play construct.  The problem is one of alignment between not heierarchy.

What ties the pieces together is the Great Thought.  Which is, of course, too big for words.  And it doesn’t matter because it is presently broken, slowly nibbling at being reconstructed, though spread in trillions in complete Realms.

So, there are (among these  Realms) workers who transit from one to another.

For some, it’s the waking state of Earth into the other Realms.  One of their functions is to bring across ideas, values, and words.

One conept I ran into (on that side last night) went as follows:

I’d been doing very well at assembling new thought-forms in (for lack of a better word) the Thought Factory.

So well, that I was given a new office and a job in marketing.  Office was just off to the side of the production floor where the idea-thoughts were being semi-built.

Do you know what SKD means, in manufacturing?  Semi-Knocked Down.  Partly assembled.  This is how thoughts work.

When you focus or pray on something (on this side of the veil) it comes in to the “Thought Factories” in The Realms and its assemly is started.

All run by words, but on that side the words and intentions are condensed and made partially whole and then shipped over to this side of the veil.  Intention is the powering force.  That’s why intending has been made so key in religions.

But once partly assembled constructs arrive, they still need action to become whole things.  And that’s almost magical.  It’s when when you begin to do something concert with a thought-intention, it just somehow automatically happens.  But, if you are not in alignment with the Thought Factory output, rest assured NOTHING will happen.

It’s a complex dance.

back to the adventure, though:   I go to my new office and it’s a mess.  Nice desk, furniture, view, and such, but there is some leftover….food…I guess you’d call it.  More like a residue.

I begin to clean it up and notice a non-descript cardboard box – bigger than a Happy Meal box, maybe the size of a Taco Bell 12-pack.  No markings, though.

As I picked up the box and glance inside, I immediately dropped it with a twinge or horror.  What I saw looked like several dozen writhing worms.  Bright – almost fluorescent green and about 8-inches long and half the thickness of a pencil…I knew instinctively they were looking for a ….HOST.

I couldn’t be sure that one didn’t land on my skin and immediately melt into me.

As I was trying to sort that out, someone came into my office just then and advised me to be careful with them.  “Yeah, they are grissee’s…”


“They are imperfect thought forms that live over here.  They are leftovers from the thought-factory – like sawdust of dreams, sort of.  They look for a way back to the Other Side so they can materialize (which I took to mean materialize on the waking side).  “When they get there, they keep our work from going forward.”


One thing led to another.  Got my new office fixed up and it was off to a conference.  That involved traveling to a new city – and while that world is similar to this, it has its own…well…everything.  Whole different way of physics.  Time and space are different, though Elaine and I have cruised, sailed, and traveled the mountains in the Realm.

The key message from “over there” on this visit, was that I should beware and warn others about the grissee’s because they will keep each and everyone one of us “off task.”  They are like noise to our thoughts…sawdust get blurring our “cut lines.”

The grissee’s, it was explained, are a class communicable communications disease that can traverse the Realms.  Like small gene-snips of larger thoughts, they are useless, but they grow. Sawdust between the Realms?  Who knew?

Seems some local expressions of grissee’s on the waking side is “Social media” and the plethora of causes.  God help us, everyone has a cause.

They’re all over the place.  They use resource, taking up time, but in the end are of limited purpose to the bigger…..bigger…task.  Realization and Reconnection.  We don’t need the sawdust…yet it clings to people like dirt.

Reassembling pieces of the kaleidoscope into a unified reality…that’s the real project…

Now it gets weird.  The grissee’s have influenced humans in negative ways.

Religions have done a fine job of externalizing the spiritual Realms.  But, they are not “out there.”  They are withing each of us if we’re willing to look hard enough.

If you wish to travel to other planets and worlds, you don’t need to be building rocket engines because that may not work.  There may not be enough fuel, or resource to make a meaningful run at going “to the stars.”  In fact, the grissee’s role works toward just that.

The WAY that may hold more promise is to work on the Other Half of our lives –  in our dream states – on opening those portals.

Not the gross, verbose, physicality approach.  Instead, there are ways existent to communicate between the Realms and do productive work on both sides of your life:  The Waking and the Realms part.  The tools, light drugs (such as religious practice, another of which is meditation and so forth) are within everyone’s grasp.

Not everyone can do it…yet.  It takes a fair bit of work.  You need to regive yourself all yesterdays and then go “clean” into the Realms.

See the movie Contact again. The message is there…but not clear to all.

Ancient tribal peoples knew of a Great Spirit, and more recently religions speak of God and such.  It’s all the same Whole.  What’s incomplete are those who inhabit the Realms.  Each holds the barest, tiniest fraction of the larger Whole.  It’s an immense undertaking to reassemble this kaliedescope!

I wish there was more to tell (I could describe the Other Side in incredible detail, but yours is likely different.  The Realms are countless. We each have a different Other Side to work through…or do we?

A birthday dream survived the trip back to this side, confirming a family legend.  One passed down from father to son in our family.

When you get a “good enough” connection between this side and that, it becomes clear that when you “die on this side” there is unlimited work still to be done in The Realms.

Hell of a birthday dream, huh?

If you have difficulty remembering your dreams, perhaps you haven’t really worked at them.  In order to access The Realms you need to be well-rested on this side.  You need to give yourself permission to “travel” and to “remember” and not be afraid.  We are each pieces of “the Whole” and thus unlimited in our power at the soul level.

A few morsels of dark chocolate at bedtime may help.  But, you need to be well-rested and at peace on  this side, or your dreams will remain anchored to this side, cause in the grissee’s.  The Realms won’t open.

Meditation?  Intention?  Yes, it can be done.  But sleeping enough that you dream…that’s the lazy man’s way in.  Discipline of sleep.

The Realms are full of metaphors and some tell the future.

Since the grissee’s appeared as an entity is on this trip, it may indicate that a new, communicable disease, (of communications?) may be expected shortly on this side of the Veil.

In the past, when things like a train wreck have been seen on that side, it shows up on this side very soon.

If you’re interesting, go back to our column in 2016 and read “The Cool Part of Aging” and look how Dream #3 worked out.

I saved the best for last:

Notice the date on that report?  February 22, 2016.

And today is what?

Another “alignment” is expected shortly based on past dream reports. I may not burden you with all of them, but I’m convinced that there’s a super-science here waiting to be rediscovered.

The February-May period seems to be when touching the Realms is easiest for me to bring back to this side.

Be wary of grissee’s & Write when you get rich,