Coping: The Cool Part About Aging

imageHere on the far side of 67, I have to report that there actually is a very cool part of aging that doesn’t seem to get much attention either in pop psychology, nor in the MSM treatment of the condition.

This all has to do with some very personal woo-woo, but is makes for a fascinating read.

It began for me back in about 1992, or so.  I was off sailing in the non-crowded areas of British Columbia, twice, when traumatic things happened to my youngest children.  In both of those events, something traumatic happened, I dreams about it, and the traumatic nature of the events became clear only when I had sailed back to Nanaimo, BC and called the ex-wife.  She related the events.

In the case of my son, it was a dream about him being dreamed in an orange jump suit.  As an old reporter, I knew that meant only one thing:  Jail.  It turned out to be the case, but I don’t remember if that was the “repel down the side of the Warwick Hotel (12 stories) or the naked streaking of the girl’s dorm at the University of Washington.  His quest for adrenaline seems sated now by working in medicine and skydiving.

The other case involved my youngest daughter.  In that one, the dream was about her appearing in a dream where she was wrapped in a green flag, and there was a black spot on the flag.  The flag was a medium green, not a dark color – more the color of traffic signal green. 

You can imagine my surprise when I called the ex and was told that the daughter has been taken to Group Health Hospital in Redmond, WA for an emergency appendectomy overnight.  Aha!  The green “flag” was a surgical sheet and the black spot?  The color of blood on a surgical sheet…

I’ve documented a lot of other such events.  Probably my most news-directed dream was the report I called “Irwin Allen’s Dream” that I posted one morning 18-hours before the Deep-water Horizon oil rig disaster.  Yet there were several key elements to the dream that fit – the fire on an oil rig, death, and a reference to Cornwall, which turned out to the simple “the wall” which is what supply boat skippers call the forest of radar images offshore.

The cool thing about aging is that I’m slowing down enough that it is becoming possible to grasp a bit more from these dreams.  I’ve made a conscious effort to just accept them and, when seems appropriate, post a few notes about them.  Otherwise, just accept and nod at the information that is delivered – whether in a dream or waking state.

I won’t bore you with all of the dream/adventures.  Although seeing detours on a road trip in a dream state, only to waken, take off driving, run into the closed road and the detours…that was a piece of work, I can assure you.

The cool thing for me has been the leaning to touch a bit of this personal woo-woo in the waking state.  I described a technique I tried out with good success in a Shreveport casino several weeks back in a recent Peoplenomics report.  Admittedly, that one involved the use of alcohol, but it wass still a very interesting “Trial” to hold.

Other times, it’s fas more subtle than having a slow machine bless you.

For example, about a week ago (Wednesday, or so) I had just finished posting a Peoplenomics report and for no reason, out of the blue, the name of this fellow named “Bruce” who I’d met on the cruise came to mind.  The feeling was strong that I should call him – although I hadn’t talked to him since the cruise in March of last year.  In fact, he hadn’t even crossed my mind.

Yet a couple of days later, come to find out through a common friend, that at exactly the moment I was thinking about him, he was having a heart attack.  He’s doing fine now, but I’m not sure why or how this connection stuff works.

It shows up in dreams in a much clearer fashion.  In the Peoplenomics report, I think I mentioned about I’d had a dream that was set on a train that stopped outside a town and people got off…and there was a lot of construction going on about.  But it wasn’t until the Thursday or Friday after that head-on train collision in Germany that the pieces began to fit together:  The construction equipment trying to clear the wreckage, were of the same “flavor” or “texture” (and color matched) to the dream I’d had a couple of days beforehand.

So the cool part of aging is what? 

I think it’s the noise floor of life, the expectations, and the preoccupying Striving has calmed down to the point where you can connect better with this whole “other way of being.”  Personal agendas, wants, desires…all that stuff adds us to soul-level noise.  The real things that matter happen at very low volume levels.  Everyone is sensitive enough to hear or see.  But it’s there’s so much other clutter of the mind that the clarity required isn’t there when young.

As you age, and as the idea that we all get off this pony-ride sinks in, you become a lot more selective about what holds your attention.  Striving and learning are great, don’t get me wrong, but there’s a need for quiet time…as measured by how long can you go without thinking of anything?  Like the weak signals from space, the man-made noise covers important things up.

Some of how “this stuff” works was included in the framework of my novel DreamOver: An Action-Adventure on the Frontiers of Reality.

At last!  We come to the point of this morning’s epistle:  I had not one, but three memorable dreams last night…and I wanted to share them all with you as they were most intriguing…and lead to a lot of interpretation.

Dream #1 involved me being at work in an airline management position.  Since I really served as a real-life airline executive and pushing airplanes around was part of what I did, the dream was at once familiar, yet not.

There was a planning problem being dealt with.  I was looking at a map of the U.S. and l9ooking at an aircraft routing problem.  A company plane had taken off on the West Coast (somewhere like San Francisco, although the specific point of origin wasn’t absolutely clear…it might have been Sacramento, but it was in that area generally – northern California.

The plane was headed to somewhere in the Midwest – It might have been Columbus, but more like it was bound for somewhere south of that.  But what happened next was odd.  The plane didn’t landing at its destination (Nashville, or so?) but instead circled up to the north, halfway to the Great Lakes, and then looped back, on its original course and headed back west again.  But it didn’t make it.  The flight terminated once it was turned around in this extended loop and back to (roughly) it’s original course.

OK – I have no idea what that dream was about, but it was interesting as hell.  We will, it goes without staying, be listening for reports of airplanes turning back toward their original point of departure!

Dream #2 was short and to the point:  It was about how we humans have really screwed up our plumbing.  Not like in the TG stuff…no, this was about the actual plumbing.

There was a simple message to the dream:  We should have the on/off controls for not only hand basins, but also toilets, built into the floor so you can simply step on the controls rather than use your hands and come in contact with other surfaces.  There was a reminder to always use public wash-basins like doctors and nurses do. Leave the water running, dry your hands with the paper towels, then use the paper towel as “insulation from germs” as you turn off the water and use the towel to open the door, too.  Then make the “three-pointer” into the garbage with the towel.

It is somehow an important thing to do, but not yet – this has something to do with a coming disease..

imageDream #3 was the strangest of all:  In this one, I was a bus driver persona and I had taken a bus loaded with kids (about 20, or so) to a school or university on the weekend.  I wasn’t supposed to be driving the bus – someone else was.

After stopping in the city (generic big city), the bus went up over a bridge and down onto an island off to the side of the city.  There was some kind of tourism function to this island.  The bridge was a high one and there was some current running under the bridge and I got the idea of diurnal tides causing a very slight “bowl” under the bridge.

I was also aware that one of the children on the bus was afraid of heights and was particularly worried when there was water coming over the top of the bridge onto the roadway.  But it turned out that it was a water department opening up valves to purge water from pipes that service the island the bus was going to.

Here’s an odd part:  I got the distinct impression of what film makers would call a “jump cut” and the strong awareness from some visual cues that this happened before a Wednesday night.

As the bus driving persona (who had a slightly checkered past – not quite a carney type, but someone who would have been a hood or rink in high school) I stopped to help someone with a yellow car.  Opening the hood, I noticed that there was some spilled oil in the engine compartment, but there wasn’t (this is the weird clue here) any room for an alligator.

All this has me thinking that the event with the school/rental bus and the kids will happen somewhere along the Intercoastal where there is a bridge, a bit of current running, and water running on the bridge deck from water pursing on the way to a tourism terminal on this island.

Serious Woo, Huh?

I’m not sure what to make of any of this – if anything – because there’s no real news angle to any of these items, at least in the dreams.  Just frameworks around which a future might condense.

Still, there was stranger things out there, I suppose (though none come to mind at the moment).

The One Thing behind all of these is that I can sense a media of some kind.  It’s the animation force behind all things and it is in the appreciation of this animating force developed as we age and become more open to it, that we are allowed to have larger and larger slices of the pie.

I won’t call it the “Big G” because it is not specifically personal as it is a flowing stream of everything contained in reality; the atoms that make up dreams is awkward, but it’s the sense of it.  And all the dispersed atoms constitute a great plan, design, or super-consciousness…call it what you will.

That it’s always there, flowing in life, flowing in dreams, and so on is indeed a humbling thing to behold.  If there is a “practice” to be learned from it, it’s that we have only to see this fabric behind it all and go with that flow whether in life in waking moments, or in these iMax-like dreams.

The one point from this morning’s note, is that once you have had some number of these powerful dreams-that-hold clues of the future, you will come to trust it.  As this happens, the fear of Death just sort of fades away  and the reconnection with the Flow of things both now and in dreams becomes a very high priority item.  It’s like rejoining a River you’ve been cut off from.

You can’t jump into it, nor can you pray into it (at least as most people practice prayer – which is advanced begging).  It’s more like a thankful beholding, an acknowledgement, a “thy flow be done” and a sit back and enjoy the ride…the River is always there for you.  There are elements of gratitude, surrender…hard to pick the words, sometimes.

But that, as the headline today suggests, is the really cool part about aging.  It’s like going to the movies at night, living briefly in a couple of other lives, and then popping back to “this side.”

Tomorrow, back to the more practical side of living – but this morning seemed exceptional  (three memorable dreams) and worth passing along.


Dream #3 Update

imageFound it!  Yellow bus, bridges, tourism link, water…whole thing.

Turns out, about the time of Dream #3 there was a bus accident going on in South Melbourne, Australia.

Notice the water aspect?  These images are from and their mapping tools…

Directional indications seem rotated 90-degrees counter clockwise from the dream.

imageWhole story here…  Tourism stuff nearby and all.  Not the red mark, but near there and very close to the convention and exhibition center!  Nice one, huh?  Don’t even have to wake up to catch the news anymore.

About the Alligators and the Florida part?  Well, the bus accident was in Melbourne Australia and down in the dream state that rolls into Melbourne Florida!  Where yes, there are Alligators so the Florida reference was just how dreams are not perfectly in focus.

Is that cool, or what?

Write when you break-even,


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  1. I’m not sure how you can pre-manage prophetic events until after they happen. Like the Bible Code or Nostradamus’s Quatrains, and Edgar Casey speak about future events that until they occur the words don’t make sense.

  2. “(at least as most people practice prayer – which is advanced begging).”


    Looking for my inhaler!!

  3. Don’t know if you’re a God fearing man George but I believe in my guardian angel and it has been said that when a person comes to your mind, they are in need of prayer and it is their guardian angel sending out the signal far and wide for prayer.

  4. I think some of us can ‘hack’ the underlying programming of the universe, to a greater or lesser extent. If you keep getting consistent results with ‘woo-woo’, you’re probably one of those ‘hackers’.

    Over the last thirty years, I’ve approached this topic from several directions, in an attempt to pin it down. Spiritualism, religious history, science, art… you name it, I’ve studied it, or at a least, looked at it.

    I think I’ve found a few clues in science and alt science (Radin, Sheldrake, etc.) Nick Bostrom’s Simulation Argument is making more and more sense, imo. Especially when compared to digital physics.

    I’ve compiled and stored some of that research on a Facebook page, used solely for storing that material. (I use multiple back up systems, these days, on site and off.)

    From neural networks and consciousness to anesthesia to animal, bird and fish ‘murmurations’ to physics and philosophy and more, a lot of that research is stored here:

    Visualizations of some of these concepts are located on a few of my YouTube playlists:

    The material is not well organized and I haven’t monetized those accounts, but you may find that those references and resources are useful in your own research.

    Coffee…need more coffee…

    For a guy who spent most of his life working swing or graveyard shifts, waking up when you’re supposed to be asleep is just…wrong. :)

    • I recently turned 70 so, after a lifetime of searching, I have come to the following understanding.

      Source/Creator is bored and lonely. It sends out untold splinters of itself into the reality game of the Universe which It created.

      The splinters act as nerve endings and taste buds for Source/Creator to have “real time” experience of the game. As the splinters improve their gaming abilities, they also get a better grasp of the “big picture”.

      Eventually, the splinters complete their growth and understanding, and rejoin Source/Creator thus enlarging and enriching It.

      Have fun fellow splinters!

  5. “at least as most people practice prayer – which is advanced begging”

    Show that you little, to no understanding, of Prayer.
    There is much more to prayer than simple petitions.

    • I’d beg to differ…I have a pretty clear/experiential level handle on it. It’s just that (as I said) most people are in it for the begging. Or, I don’t run with enough people to have a large enough sample. YMMV

  6. If you are going to dream about the future please tell me how to dream about the winning lottery numbers. Anything else don’t help much!
    And forget about talking about prayer or anything religous to the “BELIEVERS” — they are a complete waste of time and reality or facts mean nothing to them. They are precisely the reason why the world is in the mess that it is in — and will never see nor admit that religions of all kinds have killed more people on this planet than anything else.!! Their religion is great and the other guys is baloney — RIGHT! UGH!

  7. “So the cool part of aging is what?” That you’ll get to the point that you only wish to be able to continue walking, speaking of the ‘pebble in the shoe’, all else seem to lose importance. Think about it–don’t just read it. ;-)

  8. Have you ever had the dream of being in a conversation with the personification of Death? If so, sure would like to know your POV and appearances. Just curious.

    • I’m not George, but maybe you’d like to hear about my dream? A couple of weeks ago I dreamed I was in conversation with the stereotypical Grim Reaper: black cloak, no face, bony hands. I wasn’t afraid as I told him I wasn’t ready to go yet. I still had something I wanted to do in this life. I woke up, so he must have agreed.

  9. Nanaimo BC Use to stop there to Clear Customs twice a week While flying to AK. It has a small restraint about 2 blocks from the airport where they made us a lunch to go really liked it, Our next stop was Northaway AK for Customs Then to Anchorage,, Those were the good old days.

  10. When I was young I had some good success at picking such things as winning races at the track and making money in the stock market (for other people). My ardor cooled when I found that people weren’t willing ‘to share’ though I had given them my own money to bet, on the excuse that I wasn’t old enough.

    As I grew older, I found that knowing something would be good (or bad) in an enterprise was still a problem as supervisors often only want to listen to their own minds, and when I made a suggestion later proved to be correct, to was ‘grabbed’ as someone else’s original thought.

    Now that I have retired – I’m faced with knowing, that from both personal and ‘real world’ standpoints – people are going to do ‘what they are going to do’ no matter what . . . whether it’s my nephew getting a job or getting married – not hardly as he is stuck on his computer doing fantasy sports . . . or . . . the current political season not ending without serious rancor and fireworks, unseen for a very long time. This country is way too divided . . .

  11. Carl Jung posited the “collective unconscious” and perhaps provided some insight into this with his ‘Red Book’

  12. As I was reading your three dreams post this morning, the one on cleanliness made me think about a product developed by a friend of ours in SW Missouri, along with partners, called Step n Pull. It is garnering traction in businesses where sanitation (i.e. food prep, etc.) is very important. It is now being sold in places like Lowe’s and Menards. Judging by all the cases of ecoli and noro virus lately being spread in food establishments, it wouldn’t hurt to help them out in spreading the word about their product. See:

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