High News-Noise Monday

But not a lot of substantive change seen today.  My buddy (the major) and I were talking Friday, as friends of 65-years will do.  He was stuck in Seattle’s big city traffic enroute to guest lecture.  I was having a sip and reading my Kindle Fire HD 10, on the screen porche and listening to the wildlife.  Birds are awesome in East Texas this time of year.

I made a note to contrast noise floors people experience based on where they live.  My buddy was able to get great fish and chips on his way to the lecture.  I miss fish and chips terribly, but not brake lights, pot holes, a stadium tax, high local option sales taxes, gas that’s 80-cents a gallon higher than Texas, and more.  If you hadn’t sorted through the ramble, the first point this morning is about noise floors.  When you’re in the middle of the herd, it’s hard to figure out the agenda.

Out here, we chill and try to see probable futures. We told you last week, it was OBVIOUS that Trump (on advice of a very savvy Gen. Mattis) would hit the Russians when the markets were closed.  And sure enough, right on plan… Even the Washington Post had to admit that since then, “...not much has changed….”

(Continues below)


Still, if you are paying attention to signals down at the noise floor, you know the Russians have something up their sleeves.  Perhaps giving some high-performance torpedos to the Syrians, in order to attack the source of the cruise missiles.  No telling…yet.

But, perhaps not for several days, even a week, while they are reporting readiness for an international inspection team to come look at the “gas attack” site.  To be sure, there are claims that gas has been used 86-times in Syrian fighting. But, we agree with that report’s conclusion that the missile attack in response will do little (if anything) to change the trajectory of the Middle East.

  • Russia still views Syria as it’s “pet” regime.  Much as the U.S. holds that view of Israel, down the road a ways.
  • The Russians also have parked a chunk of their assets in Tartus, down the Syrian coast.
  • There may be future oil and gas to be had in the region.
  • There’s the internecine warfare within Islam, although Sunni’s are by far the majority with just over 68-percent.
  • And there’s the pending development of the Leviathan gas fields offshore from Lebanon.  In order to get to market cheaply, a pipeline to Europe makes sense.  And Syria, along with Turkey, are keys to the route.
  • The Neocons are still in power in the US State Department.  They’ve been playing a non-stop mantra of “Regime Change” for some decades.  You see the leftovers of the Project for a New American Century still clinging to their agenda now entrenched in the Deep State.

All of which leads us to intelligently look ahead.

When the alleged gas attack site is inspected, the Syrian military strike may appear.  In response to that, Russia will likely move into more (if not all) of Ukraine.

However, Ukrainian officials are trying to make small moves to push Russia to the East as we read in “Ukraine Interior Minister elaborates on plan to return occupied Donbas.”

What’s curious to watch is how Ukraine is talking-up punishing of “collaborators” (with the Russians).  Odd because something like 70-percent of the country speaks Russian and has since Catherine the Great put Ukraine under Moscow’s control.

Americans and other westerners often don’t understand Russia which has been a global power longer than the U.S.  In Catherine the Great’s time (which ended in 1796) Russia was a huge power seated in Moscow:

“In the south, the Crimean Khanate was crushed following victories over the Ottoman Empire in the Russo-Turkish wars, and Russia colonized the territories of Novorossiya along the coasts of the Black and Azov Seas. In the west, the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth, ruled by Catherine’s former lover, king Stanis?aw August Poniatowski, was eventually partitioned, with the Russian Empire gaining the largest share. In the east, Russia started to colonize Alaska, establishing Russian America.”

Having dealt with the Turks in the past, the Russians continue to have nationalist dreams of restoring national spheres of influence.

Thus, when Russia makes its play, either directly in response to Western-proxy Ukrainian moves (Donbas), or whether indirectly through their Assad regime in Syria, such a move will happen when Western markets are at a crescendo high and set to decline, anyway.  Thus, the sense of Russian power would be amplified.

Vlad Putin promises “global chaos” if the West strikes again.  Note his use of the term “global” – which we take to read as “outside the Middle East.”

Did you happen to notice, just east of Turkey “Thousands of opposition supporters rally in Armenian capital?”  Not a big deal, but worth mentioning.

An attack, most likely by Syria – while U.S. markets are open – will probably be the next event in the center ring of the world circus.

Playing the market on the long side through here might make more sense using tight trailing stops.

Still Selling Warming

Our friends in Oklahoma had frost this morning, and here at UrbanSurvival’s bunker-in-the-woods, we were down to 36F overtnight.

So you can imagine our delight to read how “Global Warming” is still being touted on pages like this one.

The Atlantic currents are changing, says a German report that’s in Naure.  Everyone run from street!  Now the science folks are talking about another  “tipping point” and such…heard it all before, I’m afraid. Nothing’s tipped yet. When the sea level floods Wall Street (which was supposed to be an accomplished fact by now, I recall), please get back to us.

In the meantime, we will do some data retrieval because I can’t remember  a colder spring in our 15-years in the woods.  Or, maybe we’re just getting old (and cynical).

Record now north and near record cold here,” admits the Chicago Trib this morning.  Earlier this month, in an editorial, the paper assured readers “Climate change is a real, perilous phenomenon that the planet would be foolish to ignore.”

They stopped short of saying this is all about monetizing climate because we’ve run  out of easier things to monetize.  Besides, we have 7-billion neighbors to deal with.  Need a powerful head trip to keep everyone in line!

OK, monetizing climate is probably better than global anarchy…or is it?

Bad Food Alerts:  Eggs, Romaine

Notes from the Food and Drug Administation:

Through an abundance of caution Rose Acre Farms of Seymour, Indiana is voluntarily recalling 206,749,248 eggs because they have the potential to be contaminated with Salmonella Braenderup, an organism which can cause serious and sometimes fatal infections in young children, frail or elderly people, and others with weakened immune systems. Healthy individuals infected with Salmonella Braenderup can experience fever, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain. In rare circumstances, infection with Salmonella Braenderup can result in the organism getting into the bloodstream and producing more severe illnesses such as arterial infections (i.e., infected aneurysms), endocarditis and arthritis.

The eggs were distributed from the farm in Hyde County, North Carolina and reached consumers in the following states: Colorado, Florida, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia through retail stores and restaurants via direct delivery.”

And CDC has a warning out about chopped Romaine lettuce:

Information collected to date indicates that chopped romaine lettuce from the Yuma, Arizona growing region could be contaminated with E. coli O157:H7 and could make people sick. At this time, no common grower, supplier, distributor, or brand has been identified..”

No Caesar Salad for breakfast, huh?

Economic Data

Just out from Census, fresh retail sales data:

And then we have the NY Fed Empire State Manufacturfing report,, which says in part (from here):

“Business activity grew at a solid clip in New York State, according to firms responding to the April 2018 Empire State Manufacturing Survey. The headline general business conditions index, at 15.8, remained firmly in positive territory, although its seven-point decline from its March level pointed to a somewhat slower pace of growth. Similarly, the new orders index and the shipments index suggested ongoing, albeit more measured, growth, with the first index falling eight points to 9.0 and the second declining ten points to 17.5. Delivery times continued to lengthen, and inventories moved higher. Labor market indicators pointed to a small increase in employment and significantly longer workweeks. The indexes for both prices paid and prices received remained elevated. Firms’ optimism about the six-month outlook waned sharply, with the index for future business conditions plunging twenty-six points to its lowest level in more than two years. “

The Fed’s Industrial Production and Factory Utilizationa will be out tomorrow morning.  Fed Beige Book comes out Wednesday, but we’re in the “working part of the month” now.  Third weeks of the month are a good time to sit back ands chill.

Hardly Worth Mentioning

I think we’re the only site reminding people that ABC’sa George Stephanopolous who interviews the Trump-bashing former FBI director this week is a former Bill Clinton protoge.

Sit back and be amazed by the number of re-writes of the “Here comes the Comey bash.”

Trump lawyers will be in court today trying to satop the Mueller/Just Us department’s raid on Trump’s personal lawyer’s office.

That then president Obama and then head of Just Us, Loretta Lynch endangered the Clinton email probes is less than surprising.

We are still shocked that an “investigation” into that didn’t lead to an orange jump suit for several people.  But they didn’t spend the time  the Pit Mueller has on Trump.

But no, the email paper-over has nothing to do with bashing Trump, so the left-wing media’s cover-up and deification of the democrats continues.  Whatever.

For the Day?

Dow Futures are holding +150’sh on the strong econ data 45-minutes to the open.  So we’re thinking this will be “just another Monday.”  A surge at the open on the “Syrian victory” nonsense.

Eyes Open:  Based on our work on “murder cycles” we’re about due (this week or next?) for another mass casualty event, hints the data.  The gun-grab agenda has quieted, so it’s time for another clang on that bell to see how Pavlov’s Population can be stampeded next.


Mor’on the ‘morrow. (Punctuation optional.)

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  1. You mention “Mass Casually Event” this morning and I see almost that same phrase regarding a prison riot or some similar scuffle at a prison in SC. Doesn’t fit the agenda of the deep state so may not hear much of it, but with 7 dead it might fit?

    • Prisoners are NOT what TPTB use for the DISARMING of this country…they use KIDS and others plus the bought and paid for politicians and NGO groups…(many are supported by soros …who by the way needs to be taken to Gitmo….as a clear and present danger to this country and its citizens)……..as ALL of the mass shootings show…NEVER any prisoners…..imho

  2. Former KGB operative Putin dreams of resurrecting the fallen Warsaw Pact, piece by piece, led by Russia. The Crimea was a critical part of his plan due to its strategic naval port, allowing Russia speedy access to the Mediterranean and giving it increased influence in the region (e.g. Syria). However, a blatant Russian military move further into the Ukraine is not without severe risk. Ukraine signed a charter on a “distinctive partnership” with NATO. Not a membership, per se, but still an agreement backed with military substance. Other former Warsaw Pact nations (and Ukraine neighbors) are now members of NATO – Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia and Croatia. If Russia attempts to forcefully invade more Ukraine territory, it could ignite a regional conventional military conflict involving former Warsaw Pact allies, forever driving a wedge between them and Russia. Furthermore, Russia cannot support Syrian naval and air operations while also conducting a diplomatically messy Ukrainian military operation that would likely expand to involve NATO. Finally, a Russian invasion of the Ukraine would surely result in a freeze of their gas and oil exports, combined with massive embargoes and sanctions. Their already fragile economy would be crippled and Putin’s days would be numbered. Instead, he’ll play a patient game of ‘water’ vice ‘rock’ (where water finds its way under and around immovable objects while the rock merely smashes into things until it meets a more dense object with bigger mass).

    • Sorry Warhammer, but there is no evidence out there to support a single thing you say. You cannot even stop saying Russia seized Crimea when the citizens there voted with more than 90% voting, and more than 90% voting to rejoin Russia.

      At least George no longer quotes you in his articles.

      The only thing Putin wants is peace and a Ukraine that is stable enough to do business with and not full of weapons pointed at Russia. Anything he does otherwise will be because the USA has forced his hand.

      • WH is busy and would I would still post his insights should he find time – people with no oak leaves on their collars may not appreciate it, but remember, I had equiv rank of majors at age 19 – and my respect for the armed forces view is much higher than yours…not withstanding their acceptance as an “office” some upstart kid running comms for RCA in the land of the north.

      • There are major bases in that area populated by ethic Russians – who would in the vote to rejoin Russia not counting ‘voter fraud’.

  3. “…would hit the Russians when the markets were closed.”
    It was also the eve of the New Moon, which the military likes for offensive use.

  4. Eyes Open: Based on our work on “murder cycles” we’re about due (this week or next?) for another mass casualty event, hints the data.

    George, please do me a favor. Everybody likes to quote the April 19th and April 20th ritual murder days.

    Unfortunately, nobody likes to quote the source. I pioneered this work. If you remember, way back in 2008, I first wrote to you that the April 20th date appears in Nostradamus Quatrain I-42, which I solved and that every Nostradamus Commentator has gotten wrong since its publication.


    From the Website:

    Since 2008, I have noticed many blogs referring to the inordinate amount of bloodshed and carnage that has occurred throughout history on April 19th and April 20th. I pioneered this research, and it first appeared on my website in 2008.

    April 19th is also the occult day of The Blood Sacrifice to the Beast. This begins the 13-day countdown to the second most sacred day for Satanists, The Beltaine Festival on May 1st, which requires a “fire sacrifice”.

    I discovered this sacrificial two-day period that includes Adolf Hitler’s birthday while I was trying to interpret Nostradamus Quatrain I-42. It was the long bloody history of this date prior to Adolf Hitler’s April 20th, 1889 birthday that I found so intriguing and that lends credence to its occult origins.

    Besides being an accurate prediction of the change from the Julian to Gregorian calendar system, Nostradamus zeros in on Germany and April 20th, Adolf Hitler’s birthday.

    I have provided a more recent integration of this Quatrain into the bigger picture here:


  5. “Based on our work on “murder cycles” we’re about due (this week or next?) for another mass casualty event, hints the data.”
    Always the boring 99.9999 percenters. ;-(

  6. …and never mind the record snowfall in Minnesota the past 3 days. We made snowfall records for April!

  7. Nostradamus – anyone seen that movie from decades ago NOSTRADAMUS THE MAN WHO SAW TOMMORROW ?

    Boy, did those predictions in that film prove to be bogus or what ?

    I have always found Nosty to be intriguing. His Jewish upbringing, and being forced to convert .

    Just like religious texts, im confident that TPTB would not have allowed Nostys predictions to be released to the masses, unaltered . TPTB are not gonna allow peons in society to have access to writing that truthfully explain the facts behind creation, the universe, or accurate prophecy.

    I believe Nostys original prophecies were either altered by the catholic church or nostys writing were such mumbo jumbo, that they were left in tact, because those predictions could never be used, on a wide scale, to predict future events accurately.

    Can anyone give us a few HUGE catastrophic events that will soon take place …and tell us what the event will be, where it will happen, and what day/month/year it will happen, based on Nostys writings ?

    Most of what Ive seen in regards to his Nostradmaus prophecies are what I call : “hindsight prophecy” . People wait for a certain event to happen, then they claim Nostradamus accurately predicted that event. Its kinda like shooting a bullet into a blank piece of paper, then drawing a bullseye around the bullet hole, then saying…WE GOT A BULLSEYE !

  8. George, This is important!!! Trump’s going to kill the Market. Would someone please tell him to shut up and stop acting so guilty!! He’s worse than that Durst idiot in Texas.

    Remember: These are all Republicans at the top investigating him. Completely different from Whitewater. If he’d stop antagonizing them, and acting so guilty, they will bend over backwards to avoid a Constitutional crisis!! Best, Mike.

    • Mike – trying to defend yourself against one after another false accusations is not acting guilty. For a man who was in the public eye so many years, he has yet to be proven guilty of anything after over a year of fake news. How long do you think you would last under such scrunity.

      The Constitutional Crisis is being caused by the Swamp (Democratic & Republican) who can’t get rid of Trump under the Constitution, so they have degraded themselves to acts of thuggery & are trying to intimidate Trump into not firing Mueller & Associates. They are running over your rights but you don’t seem to see it.

      The market is still strong, so your market killing comment is just left wing scare tactics. Plant an idea into the heads of idiots & let them stew on it.

      • Did you believe Trump when he told adoring crowds that the Bible was his favorite book of all time? Nothing shows character as much as professing one’s love for the Bible and hugging the American flag.

        “That’s my second favorite book of all time. You know what my favorite is?” he asked. “The Bible!” he said, giving a thumbs-up. “Nothing beats the Bible, not even The Art of the Deal. Not even close.”

      • Wavecrave – excellent video, thanks. Trump is someone who will not become a different person when he enters the hallowed halls of Washington.

      • Both parties as I mentioned. They all hate him because they are part of the swamp. Trump wants to eliminate & stop the thievery & thuggery of the Washington elite & do the will of the people that elected him which doesn’t make the swamp any cash.

  9. “you know the Russians have something up their sleeves. ”

    They have to!
    Even if the puppet masters were playing both Trump and Putin as total idiots in order of putting both our countries on a collision course that could disrupt all of mankind and the way we live.
    This is the middle east. They have been fighting for well over five thousand years. They live the holy Quran word for word no exceptions. Just like some countries living the old testament or Torah word for word. When president Trump laid the line in the sand and said that it was crossed and president Putin laid his line that put both countries on the course for an action.
    The U.S. even if they discovered that the puppet masters were playing them had to make a surgical strike or be viewed as weak. ( which in my mind would have really caused issues ) now we made the surgical strike. Putin for the exact same reasons has to retaliate with his own surgical strike to avoid looking weak as well.
    Now I am in no way a military strategist but that is what I see.
    Neither country could just back away after laying out the lines in the sand. What would be nice is a warning so that people can be out of harm’s way before hand.
    My prayers are that it doesn’t escalate beyond that. Then find out just who it is that’s playing in my mind I see two honorable caring leaders that are trying to do the best for their countries.

  10. “When you’re in the middle of the herd, it’s hard to figure out the agenda.”

    Said another way…”If Ure not the lead cow, the view never changes…” :)

  11. One of the few advantages of being older:

    Woke up this morning, sat up in bed, looked at the snow, falling gently but persistently outside, laid down and went back to sleep.

    TBF I already knew I had nothing “on my plate” for Monday morning, and my body waited until three days ago to bless me WITH A FRICKIN’ HEAD COLD, the worst I’ve had in several years — ‘thought I’d escaped the entire season without a cold — silly me…

  12. Wouldn’t it be better economically for both if Russia & the US got along. Look at the trillions of $ both have spent on fighting military battles because of their distrust of each other. Afghanistan bankrupted Russia. The US would be bankrupt if the rest of the world didn’t need us to protect them, & the US had not learned how to profit from war. War is good for business. The rest of the world would not support the US if we spent all our war $ on infrastructure or walls. They want war to protect themselves. US infrastructure repairs won’t help them.

    The unconstitutional raid on Trumps attorney’s office reminded me of this quote. Benjamin Franklin once said: “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” We will be getting more of this unconstitutional thuggery, and it may be directed at you in your home.

  13. A little tidbit for your kitchen pharmacy, in Japan when you get an e-coli or salmonella infection they give you wasabi in capsules, if the deal I was watching on PBS was correct they have a 95%+ success rate! That’s also why they put wasabi on sushi to kill the parasites (maybe it would work on other types of parasites…)

  14. Is FB stock a buy at this price $165 (Up @ $10 from low) or is this just the beginning of their trouble with the governments of the world. I get get a read on the stock. I thought it would drop to $130.

  15. Was there a mass shooting in late November or early December 2017? Because that was 140 days ago, and the 140 day thing is far more reliable than 420.

  16. We’ve become a nation of Gladys Kravitz gossips and snitches…all for fame and 15 minutes of celebrity status and hopefully a nice chunk of loot. The monetization of everything, even life’s most private moments, are fair game.

    All the worlds a stage and these hand held devices are there to catch somebody in a gotcha moment.

    What a horrible direction technology is taking society.

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