I’ve been sitting on this for several days, coming to grips not only with the event I’m about to describe, but also its ramifications for a new field of science I quite accidentally stumbled-over in the past few years.

I will hold off on naming the “new field” until my next book is done.  But I will explain the concept of “co-dreaming.”

If you’ve read my novel “DreamOver: Action-Adventure on the Frontiers of Reality,” you have a head-start on grasping the concept.  In that book….

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…a U.S. Navy electronics intelligence officer finds himself able to live in other lives during his sleeping state.  What makes it so interesting (both writing it and as a reader- I hope!) is the concept of bringing over knowledge from other “states.”

We have covered some of those in the last two morning’s of “Coping” here on UrbanSurvival.

Friday, I explained in detail how what we “pretend” is reality, the waking-state, is only one small aspect of a much larger process.

In the Friday discussion, I used the analogy of Broadband over Power Lines (BPL) technology as a useful “thought model.”

The “waking-state” is analogous to simple high voltage AC distribution systems.  Engineers are comfortable talking about AC power systems because we have evolved the tools (in the form of volt and ammeters) to measure both the pressure (volts) and volume of flow (amps).

Yet, since 1976 and Dr. Raymond Moody’s breakthrough book “Life After Life: The Bestselling Original Investigation That Revealed “Near-Death Experiences” it has been scientifically demonstrable that a) the spirit/consciousness may not be confined to the body and b) this state gives rise to certain people experiencing forms of “knowledge at a distance.”

The NDE’s are not frequent or common, for a variety of reasons.  Not the least of which are the following key factors:

  • They are similar to “waking-state dreams” which is common in shamanistic cultures, but which has been bred out of current society by a combination of imperial religions as well as reductionist science.
  • Experiences are also “noise dependent.”  The class of experience described by Moody in NDE’s is only one state.  Other aspects laid out in Dean Radin’s book Real Magic: Ancient Wisdom, Modern Science, and a Guide to the Secret Power of the Universe.
  • Subtle inputs figure into the quality of “other reality experiences” (what I call in my next book ORE’s).  Things like nutrition, sleep depth, vitamin and nutrition optimization, and a whole lot more.
  • It’s also very hard for many people to experience ORE’s because of the nature of how they sleep.  Plus there’s the matter of taking up a new practice – which I will explain more fully in the upcoming book – that will allow much better recall.
  • Last, but most important, people are not in the ‘habit of recalling dreams” in normal experience.  thus, we expect many more NDE’s happen than are reported due to the waking process which fails to respect and carry-over those experiences from other realms.

This was captured, to some degree in Monday’s discussion about OSA – other side art.  Which is what the practice of bringing back imagery from The Realms is all about.

Now to the mind-blower.


When conditions are just right to provide for vivid, lucid dreaming, and when a person can bring it back to this side (e.g. the waking-state), there’s one more aspect that Elaine and I seem to be on the verge of experiencing.

Called “co-dreaming” it’s when two spirits/souls/consciousness’s can head into The Realms and experience either largely similar, if not identical experiences while ASLEEP.

Let me tell you what it may be like as two people  approach a full-on “co-dream.”

My dream had started with a “cops and robbers” adventure story involving myself and a different spouse (not Elaine) who was not present in the house I was occupying as the dream sequence opened.  There were no children there, either.  A ‘father-figure’ lived next door, though.

Across the street was a small gang of drug dealers. Half a dozen? They were “refining product” and I was helping the “police/authorities” surveil and try to catch them.

Part of this involved leaving this house.  More like a NYC apartment.  Wide front stairs, which brought you to a porch have a story up…

Leaving,  several surrealistic scenes followed, one of which involved a food stand of some kind on a city streetscape.  Curiously, it was a hot sandwich place.  Maybe 10-by 20.  Set up so the owner/operator would be inside; customers out and paying at the order window.

There were two things going on here:  One was the shop was being used as a distribution point for people buying drugs (they would buy some food and would pay extra to get drugs).  And in the back room, there was some other illegal activity going on…something like a counterfeiting machine that was wheeled out a side door while police/authorities were given free food at the food window.

Looking in the window, I could see the equipment going out a side door at the back, off to the right and into the night.

This was all taking place in front of a hotel. The food joint was less than 100-feet to the left of the front entrance of the hotel where a doorman stood.  I decided to enter and have a look around.

There was  an elevated entry with reception desk, and then an elevated walkway through the lobby.  Not real high; maybe 3-4 feet.  Enough to give a nice sense of scale and perspective.  Down a few stairs, to either side of the walkway, were meeting rooms, lounge, and food areas.  The ones to the right held my attention.

I found myself drawn to a large conference room affair, where some kind of environmental movie was to be debuted. A bar-height conference table was surrounded by high bar stools, enough seating there for 20 people, or more.  But it didn’t look comfortable so I sat at the back on some over-stuffed couches.

As I was waiting, a very fetching woman showed up, who I didn’t recognize me.  She sat on my left.  She was wearing skin-tight dark blue stretch pants with a slash of red at the bottom, a bit longer than capri-length.

I knew almost instinctively that this was a “kept woman” belonging to a particular kind of businessman. the kind who has more money than morals, and who dabbled in crime on the side.

She put her right leg over my left and intimated that we were supposed to have a sexual encounter, but not right there..

We left the meeting room, and I followed her – walking on the elevated platform – past more meeting rooms and bar areas, until we came back of the hotel where there was a stairway that led up to a huge two-level fitness area.

On the way up, she told me to be very quiet as we sneaked past the open office door of a man who was busily arranging some kind of sporting event.  He was the manager of the sports and fitness areas.  She didn’t want him knowing we were about.

Then, at the end of another stair climb, we found several rooms. They were all empty.  I’d looked in three of them and the dark hall we’ve arrived from.

Just as I was about to meet her for a little yah-hah, she hesitated…and I awoke.

So much for the dream, right?  Adventure, a hint of sex, city scenes…nothing special.

BUT now we get to the ODD part.

Back on this side of The Realms (me arriving in the waking state, 3:18 AM) Elaine is making moaning noises in her sleep.

The she woke up.

“You were moaning in your…what were you dreaming about? Everything OK?”

I was in a hotel and I was there with a man who wanted to have sex with me, but he was married and I told him no way…

“Tell me about the hotel?”

It was large.  There were meeting rooms, some bars, and a couple of restaurants around it.  It was also very white on the inside.”

“Tell me about the man who was after you?”

He was like you, kind of heavy-set, but younger, and wearing a green suit of some kind.  Darker complexion.  Like (person we both know) but different…

“What else do you remember?”

Elaine was quiet for several minutes.  The she announced:

Yes.  My name was Joy Abner.”

I hadn’t even thought about my outline for a second David Shannon adventure novel in perhaps a year.  But the working name of novel #2 is “Co-Dreamers.

Like DreamOver, this was like dreaming a scene from a future dream.  I don’t make a big deal about it, but the scenes in DreamOver of lives in the vivid dream Realm are not the products of my waking state imagination.  There were each dreamed.

Is this how an “active imagination” fills in the plot for writers, or is there something else strange going on?  How about both?

To have Elaine and me both dreaming of being with others in a hotel with similar attributes (like bars, restaurants, and meeting rooms) and to have it presenting a sexual angle  AT THE SAME TIME goes past coincidence in my sense of normal..

Is this how a couple can move toward co-dreaming?

That’s when my writing plans took a major turn.  The next book, Psychocartography: Mapping Your Realms, has morphed from a “theory book” to a “workbook.”  The first several chapters are about episodes like this one.  The workbook part, however, is designed (and I’m now using it) to map personal experiences.

As the book will explain, your “being” lives in multiple realms, not only in the simplified “waking state” but also in the “sleep and near-sleep” states.

There are states where you can have “adventures” while others offer “futures” and even that rune-seeing place that I call “Seeing Your Source Code?” On this side of sleep, we have daydreams, creation space, work/process execution spaces, learning spaces, and more.

The objective seems to be the process of becoming consciously aware in each state and work on you ability to control and use it most effectively.  That involves learning to “move recall between Realms.”

Is something else going on in the “near co-dream” Elaine and I experienced?  Perhaps our minds coincidentally both dredged up remnants of an Al Capp cartoon book Li’l Abner from 1939?Joy ABNER, right?

Except, it was too Imax-like in its clarity and tactility.  Sounds, wind, tastes…as good as reality on this side, and then some.

Elaine’s not into carrying her dreams into the day, yet.  That takes a lot of work.  She’s “reader #1” for what comes from the book effort.

The process startst by remembering for a few minutes after “touching down on this side.” Then you work on recalling dreams over longer-periods.

As she dropped off to sleep, after our 3:20 AM talk,Elaine offered one more hint at how this may work.  “I’m not a very emotional personThat’s why I can go back there…”


I’d never thought about emotions as being time domain or shared reality anchors before.  Could it be that people who are suited to venturing The Realms are those who are “married” in a different way that is commonly understood by the gender marriage crowd?

Could it be that to “hook up” in The Realms that there has to be a certain level of psycho-physical energy dissipated between many Realms which then enables one person, or partners to visit?

If so, would that explain one of the roles of monogamy?  The one that doesn’t make sense if we’re living the one-way railroad, nothing matters at the End model, so popular with atheists?

There’s so much more, but we have a nominal world to go live in now.

I did want to share this with you as one of the real adventures in life.  Well-past dreams, there are Realms which as I tried to capture in DreamOver (and will do better in Psychocartography) are very much as “real” as this one, when you work at it.

Shamanism?  Delusion? Art?  Or a new kind of exploration where there’s a field trip every night?

The process may be something like this:

• First you dream.

• Then you recall.

• Then you map your Realms

• And then you visit with your Life partner.

What happens on this side then when your energetic beings can move around freely having all kinds of adventures together?

Doesn’t really matter, does it?

Space-time warps and it doesn’t “feel” at all.  When you’ve lived a day – or longer – in The Realms when only 10-minutes has passed on a close “back here” a sense of awe overcomes you.

It just may be the way out of Escape Room Earth…

Write when you get rich,