WhoTF do the democrats think they are dealing with?


OMG…this NY Post headline says sums up the antics of this clown posse of tone-deaf SJW lefties:  “Trump slams Dems for backing health care for undocumented immigrants.”  And amen and NSS.

Look:  This is a financial website.  But the stockyard stench from this socialist insurrection led by ex-Obamites has to end.

Now the social media and search giants are partisan – all part of our Digital Mob Rule we have been telling you to brace for.  Well, it’s here now.  Digitalntes who use social media instead of rope.  And who have jacked the platforms.  All payback because Donald Trump went ‘consumer direct” and screwed with the left’s journalism-control business model when he set up a Twitter account.

Twitter has become a major threat to freedom with their latest left-wing takedown: “Politicians’ tweets could get slapped with warning labels.”  When an ‘open’ social platform begins censorship, we call that a Social Media Putsch.  Grand historical rhyme off the Hitler-Ludendorff-Putsch, except this time instead of Hitler, we get barnyard leftists and SJW’s replete with retweet and repost software.

You can’t seriously believe We the People can’t read when old Bernie concedes he wants to raise taxes on the Middle Class, can you?

There IS no free lunch.  The previous Depression was where the lie-behind-the-next-one was planted.

That LIE was that ‘prices go up’ and this is pandered by liberal economists as Faith.  Got a surprise for you:  Most ‘faiths’ are wrong.

The HUGE underlying TRUTH is that the purchasing power of money goes down.

Let’s say I have a beautiful Chateaubriand hot off the grill here at the ranch.  You wanted dinner and said you would pay.  So, there it is.

Comes time to square up and you offer me One Trillion Zimbabwe dollars.  I pull a Glock and ask AYKM?  You figure Ure doesn’t f*ck around, so out come a quad of $20s and we part pals again.

What is the difference between a four US twenties and the Trillion in Z-bucks?  Bunch of zeroes.  That’s it.

Another example?  Sure…

1973.  George buys a nice four bedroom, three bath, on greenbelt, view home 8 miles from Microsoft HQ.  Paid $43,950.  Today, this home carries a Zillow estimate of just over $729,000.  Sure looks on paper like a $685-thousand bankroll of home equity doesn’t it?

Ugly Reality #1

We need to back out the buried ‘inflation’ – watering down of our dollar by the spending-crazed House – to see just how ‘real’ that gain is. Just adjusting for CPI Inflation, it should be $253,449 and that’s assuming 2.2% inflation for this years fraction.

The $432.5 of more or less  real gain?

Oh, that’s because of?  (Location, location, location!).  The tech biz in the Seattle area has driven prices moonward.

Point is?  The house still has the same number of square feet, the same two car garage, the same greenbelt out back, and the same fireplace insert in the basement.

Only two variables have changed significantly:  The surrounding demand due to proximity to exploding growth industries.  And watering down of money.  Money today buys less than one-fifth of what it did in 1973.  About 1:5.75 or so.  Almost one-sixths as we continue spending into oblivion.

Reality #2

The Keynesian lies about the ‘general level of prices’ is a sweet lie.  But lie, it remains.

There is no free lunch.  Can we screw people who bought Student Loan Asset-Backed Securities? (SLABS)  Oh, sure.  But what these kindergarten politicians think is that they  can screw people with zero consequences.

Let’s see how that ‘tude has worked out in the past, shall we?

Bubble in the Stock Market, 1929:  Pricked by NY interest rates rising and unmet margin calls.  Things snowballed.  FDR”s socialist solution?  Make up money (deficit spending) and start a war with Japan in addition to taking on the Nazis. Make up lots of money, sell war bonds, deficit spend.  Way to go, liberals.

Bubble in the Internet, 2000:  Pricked by running out of greater fools to keep the bubble alive.  Things snowballed.  As damages grew to $5 to $7 trtillion in tech stock losses, along came 9/11 (my, how convenient!) to cover things up.  War on Terror story begins.

Housing  Bubble Pop of 2009:  Massive losses of personal net worth.  Pricked by excess supply and no-doc loans, collateralized mortgage obligations going tango-uinform.  Solution?  Print money, Bring on Syria!

Rather than vote for any of the clowns paraded this week, we have a simple proposal.  Let’s see if the House can fix something.  Dems control it – so show us some freaking leadership.  Fix something. Just one thing.  Put the resource on the border to seal it up.

Here’s the news flash for the demagogues:  A lot of us Middle of the Roaders would take the dems seriously if they could just run a viable moderate candidate.

Shoving charges of racism, keeping the border unfunded, spewing SJW-bs, calling for higher taxes, reparations, partial birth abortions, supporting Iran’s nuclear ambitions, going anti-Semitic, selling fraudulent ‘climate’ data, teching sex in grade schools, and trying to screw people who bought student loan assets just does not cut it for most Americans.   Ones who  think, anyway.

The hell of it is, we’ve been marginalized down to a mere handful.  We’re screwed and very unhappy about things.

Personal Income as a Mood Swing

With that little bit of gastric sourness done, perhaps this morning’s press release on personal income and expenses will help:

Personal income increased $88.6 billion (0.5 percent) in May according to estimates released today by the Bureau of Economic Analysis. Disposable personal income (DPI) increased $72.6 billion (0.5 percent) and personal consumption expenditures (PCE) increased $59.7 billion (0.4 percent).

Real DPI increased 0.3 percent in May, and real PCE increased 0.2 percent. The PCE price indexincreased 0.2 percent. Excluding food and energy, the PCE price index increased 0.2 percent.

Personal outlays increased$62.1 billion in May (table 3). Personal saving was$985.4 billion in May and the personal saving rate, personal saving as a percentage of disposable personal income, was 6.1 percent

Short week ahead – three days for many people – since Thursday is the Fourth and why not make a four day weekend of it?

Trends and More

Energy Drinks Have Become Wildly Popular With Teens. Here’s Why it’s a Public Health Concerned.  Oddly, we found this in  Time.  Thought sure it would be in  Wired.

If you’re following our discussion of the “rent your life” business models as the asset-stripping of American continues, see the latest as Rent the Runway, Nordstrom team up to boost convenience, attract customers.

Print! Markets brace for crucial G20 signals.

Market could scream higher as Fed H.6 90-day change annualized in 3.8% on the money side of things.  The older time series (first table) it was running 2.7% annualized and when the money is easy,, so are the bull runs…often.

We hope American liberals will take the time to read The Highlights of Putin’s ‘Liberalism is Obsolete’ Interview With FT.  But, can they read or just troll?

And for the several writers that punish themselves by reading this site: Arizona sleuth says FBI misidentified jump zone of DB Cooper: report.

Have a great weekend and  moron the ‘morrow.  (this site does look good on phones, you know!)

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